Sales 101 | Call Your Leads Until They Cry, Buy or Die

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Struggling with sales? Trying to find a way to get people’s attention and gather leads? On this man cave edition of the Thrivetime Show Clay and Z get deep into the weeds of sales.  

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” – Seth Godin (In 1998, he sold Yoyodyne to Yahoo! for about $30 million and became Yahoo’s vice president of direct marketing.)
  2. Step 1 – Get People’s Attention
  3. Step 2 – Generate Leads with No-Brainers
  4. Step 3 – Call, Text and Email Your Leads Every Day
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Without sales, your business along with your high virtue, high ethic mindset of not wanting to annoy the buyer will go to hell and you will fail.” – Clay Clark (Former United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year)
  5. Step 4 – Work Via Appointment Only and Follow-up Until They Cry, Buy or Die
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Audio Transcription

Get ready to enter the business coach thrive time show friday should have you ever been stuck in the area of sales struggling to generate leads. This podcast is for you, so we’re titling. Today’s podcast sales 101 get people’s attention generate, leads with no brainers and call those leads until they cry by or die. Number one get people’s leads. Will the new seth curry seth godin 1998? He sold his company called yoyodyne to yahoo for 30 million dollars. He became the vice president of yahoo’s direct marketing department, and he says marketing is simply a contest for people’s attention. Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.. One leads with no brain, make sure you’re not getting this mixed up. If you’re not getting people’s attention than your marketing is not working. So if you aren’t doing their attention over complicated, then you’re, not you’re, not marketing, effectively clean a mattress store, put up a sign, flipper in front of store, is flipping the mattresses around flipping signs getting people’s attention that that that works, I’ve seen a company throat allow people to throw rolls and the restaurant to get the attention what’s up with injuries. I believe i. Think you can throw rolls I’ve seen a steakhouse say if you could eat a 72-ounce steak, get to have it for free I’ve. Seen places dentistries put a dental practice, put a train in front of their store to get your attention. The dental depot I’ve, seen restaurant hamburger places to go as a purple cow print and seem to get attention just get the attention to overthink it to your coach will help you with this. By the way your coach will help you, through this step to generate leads with no brainers. We talked about that on the previous business coach podcast, but you got to generate the leads, and if how do you know if your deals are good deal, if people filling out the form, if you’re not filling out the form, people aren’t going to call the business up and say hey there, tiger I didn’t fill out the form, because your deal wasn’t compelling enough to step 3 in this is the part where I want to get into into this. You have to call and text and email your leads every single day for without sales, your business, along with your high virtue, high ethic mindset of not wanting to annoy the buyer, will go to hell and you will fail step for work via appointment. Only when you finally get do when you finally do get somebody on the phone, then you want to set an appointment and you want to follow up until they cry by or die start getting people’s attention.

Attention I’ve been in business for a decade, I’m not getting their attention. Hope somebody navigate the mental labyrinth of the of dysfunction that says I don’t want to be unprofessional. I don’t want to get their attention I’m, not getting their attention currently, but I don’t want to be unprofessional, i, don’t know what to do. You know kumbaya the lovely business coach song oh yeah and around the campfire back at camp takatoka. We should sing kumbaya about getting along and, and you know, moving forward as a team, and we all together ever write kumbaya moment I tried write. The problem is:is that a lot of people understand kumbaya and they take it into the business environment by yacht. Just united up the pies big enough for us all people. We can all get a slice of that pie and it’s all okay right it so anything that would rock that boat. Anything that would upset my competitors doesn’t really add to the kumbaya moment and that’s why, when we did one of our one of my favorite by the way radio shows, if you didn’t hear this week with every radio, show the podcast and and then all the podcast podcast. What’s going to talk about clay, six books is an entrepreneur you have to read. You have to read, write and I brought in a bonus 7th, because that’s my move, that’s what I do whenever it’s! What I do when I have a value to the situation right, heart, of, war by sun tire in the tunnel, chinese war book about the 13 principles on going to war and winning in a tank with a purple cow concept is so awesome if you could drive by field at the field after feel that I promise you just spray painted cow purple, put out there pete if you’re listening, I think that’s okay, it’s organic purple, paint that will wash off in the rain from plant toxic about it. By the way will you verify that for me, thank you for the making of purple cow sign of the cows out the inside of its body. It’s dan’s out, though we had this culture now of not standing out. If you know he will open, then we’re all you know:you’re, not a boy or not girl, you’re, a bigger person and I’ll drink coffee man. It’s all good. We can all have a hair bun, it’s all good man, it’s just the way. It is life, we’ve dummy kit, damn so don’t say. No so now I’m, pissed and just conform conforming to form right before it’s, so the purple cow concept is just the opposite. You want to make yourself so crazy out there. The people can’t stand, but look at you and literally shoot know what to do. If your listing right now you want to restaurant, you don’t know what to do talk to west carter to make sure you do it, but just go with the purple. Calcium, like purple cow hamburgers, by your store, big what the heck from the purple cow, purple cow print southside by cow in painted purple, put out front of her business coach storage. So quick, we got the we got the best purple meet with state taxidermy, a live cow and then died at the body purple.

We got the chopper, let you know everybody says:okay, I read seth rogen book I’ve listened to some of your videos, I get it I need a purple cow butt, i, don’t i, don’t know what to do right and that’s the fun thing about being the profession that we are, because we have people from every business come in here and we have guys that train dogs, we have attorneys, we have accountant, we have arenas, I mean people that sell cookies. I mean you name it. We deal with the business of hockey team and we sit down with them and we help them come up with her. Then, once we do that, you make an offer so sweet that it generates of leads if you missed how to do that with a podcast about it. Now here is where the fun begins. When somebody feels out that form any form for a business i. Have you put a poor man elephant the room today? Let me see:what’s going to happen. We’re, going to give you a nice business coach call, one call going to send you one text, you call me i, don’t understand. What’s peyton list robert elephant in the room, men’s grooming, lounge, how’s it going I saw you fill out a form i. Guess you want to schedule your first haircut, yeah I was real I drove by and saw a sign out. That was stuck in the road that said first haircut, a dollar too kind of intrigued mean I thought I’d check it out. So you heard about it from the signs. Yeah I saw a sign there on I went over there, broken arrow to the shop before no I asked a couple of my buddies and no one’s around. So here’s the deal. We have an experience where everybody says I’m a bad experience was awesome. We don’t want to take our word for it, so we do. Is we bring in the first haircuts? Just a dollar you’re not happy get the dollar back and that there’s no cats or no up cell and we have a membership models. Do you like it? You can reserve your spot we’re typically booked out like every hour of every day, though so as far as times I could get.

You in I could do today at 4 or friday at 2, but we don’t take walk-ins cuz. We are always booked out. So what time were you guys? Friday I need to try to you too matter fact, and and I’ll put it down on that and I’ll text. You confirmation. What store do you want to go to louie’s at 65th and lynn lane address? This is clay with elephant the room when’s a good time to meet it took to recheck, and if you don’t answer the text that we sent an email and we do it all at one time and then we do not stop calling until we cry by or do we bring the kids? What do you mean by that hot lead? I get on your website. I fill out the form, but I am hot sauce potatoes hot later and now the only would just be me coming in is just just getting into my schedule. You know, and so he done, the fish is jumping into the boat. You can see if not make sure and steer the boat. You want to make sure not to hit with a paddle exactly got loaded car, but now they write it down or ticket lie for you, but without sales. Your business, along with your high virtues to a changer high ethic mindset of not wanting to annoy the buyer, will go to help. You said h, e double hockey, stick I’m, just saying you you realize, like it doesn’t matter, I don’t want to offend you. I want to bother I’m just telling you your competition doesn’t mind doing it. I can’t just pass business coach workshop I’m a be one of our coaches said this. The workshop cuz I asked I said:what’s the most number of times, you’ve called somebody who’s attended this workshop and she said 52 and in the break the guy comes. Let me see you guys did call me like i, don’t know what that means. There is no limit man. If you hear about that for we’re going to call you at the machine gun not going to stop until we reach you and when we work with clients-and we get them over this kind of fear or whatever this thing is this block that stopping them from doing that and I can almost every almost every time they realize that the client goes. Oh, my god I’m, so sorry, I totally want to hear from you guys. I just didn’t recognize. Your number I didn’t know who you are people do not respond to voice mails anymore. If people don’t recognize the number, they don’t answer the phone, and you can’t just do one of the three you had the wolf wolf call the text to email, the fax, the facebook just send them everything I have to add cast. What are we talking about small business finance 101 and refusing to look at your numbers will not help you with top k-9 hop on this business coach show with the I’m excited not any further ado 3 2


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