Save Time by Scheduling Recurring Weekly Meetings When Possible

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Clay and Doctor Zoellner break down how to increase the efficiency of your business by scheduling recurring meetings for your hiring process and your staff training. They also break down the importance of outsourcing your janitorial service and dating your significant other out on regular dates.

  • Schedule recurring weekly meetings for group interviews

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “One of the challenges of running a startup is solving critical, short term problems without neglecting long-term ones. Recruiting is a long-term problem; it’s almost never the answer to the problem of the month. Clearly, you need to have the right talent on board, but it’s not likely to solve the key problems your business is facing right now. Yet the longer you wait to do the long-term things, the more likely it is that you’re going to die from something that requires a longer time frame to be solved.” – Reid Hoffman (The founder of Linkedin, one of the original founders of PayPal and the venture capitalist partner with Greylock Partners)

  • Schedule recurring weekly meetings for staff training

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The key is found in training. This is not a one-time event either. Practice plus practice plus more practice creates real habits that make the marks in creating top performers you can rely on.” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author of the Ultimate Sales Machine)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule, the law of the vital few, or the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.” – The famous Italian engineer, sociologist, economist, etc.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you have a sound mind and you own a business that is sufficiently profitable you should not do your own janitorial work, mow your own lawn, buy your own supplies at Office Depot or do anything that you can outsource effectively if you are taking highly skilled people away from their core task to do it and you are not passionate about doing it yourself.

ACTION ITEM – Make a list of the non-revenue producing activities that you are doing and ask yourself how you can stop doing them…list them out and eliminate them as soon as possible.

  • Fun – Schedule a date with your wife every 7 days, schedule a vacation with your wife every 7 weeks (3-day vacation), schedule long-term vacation every 7 years (1 week cruise, something epic, etc.)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “What gets scheduled gets done.” – Lee Cockerell (The former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed 40,000 employees and 1,000,000 guests per week)

  • Schedule weekly recurring meetings for accounting

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” – Dave Ramsey (New York Times best-selling author and national radio show host)

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Audio Transcription

Get ready to add her that thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170 broadcasting live from the center of the business coach universe, its business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner, with ussba entrepreneur of the year clay, clark passionate about today’s topic, because we’re talking about 14 super moves. Should you use to enhance the efficiency of your life and so kind of the rules of engagement today, I’m going to see if the move and I’m going to get a doctor’s ease, way and I’m going to let this guy on tell kate about why the mood works and how you can free up massive amounts of time. So here we go the first move. Is you want to schedule weekly meetings, if possible, for anything that happens in your business? What are those things would be like group interviews, and so you think about the efficiency of the move. If you’re going to interview people as a group every week see why not just a great one time hey, this is the time we do it every week. It’s a what what. Why would why not just have a different time? Every week, when I just every week, we’ll see what happens? It’s the easy button, your to your staff, gets involved in it that you’re the one they see people out there they’re recruiting your recruiting. You can you have one? It’s not what what time is it this week and what dates were doing an interview at 5 you’ll do a group interview and I are at friday’s, you meet a guy like marshall you’re trying to recruit marshall and marshall says what time is? What time is your interview? What time do you interview people, you could always say every wednesday 5 p.M. Be there looking sharp and on time, and we will get you an interview and if you don’t do that, you got to call your assistant call the office. Call the team hey when we doing the interview. What are we going to do on a wednesday afternoon? It’s awesome show up at the headquarters for 55.

Yes, in about 5 or 10, you can see some painted kid come running running to the building videos about being on time and it’ll being where you say you’re going to be. Is it not I’ll make you laugh when you go to the airport, and you always see the sprinter, the airport in our group interviews, you’re, guaranteed to see somebody pulling their hair run as fast as possible. Only to discover that the tsa people will not let you through airport security superfast, just because you’re late is the time of the flight every minute. My brother calls me and says I plan to go. Dude we’re business coach boarding right now in wood, river, valley, park and I wouldn’t have made it, but you did make it. I did baking. Next move for increasing the efficiency of your life is scheduled for staff training, optometry clinic you have to train people on how to sell efficiently. You have to train people on how to run people through the systems and processes. My wife back in the day was once your test, prep yep. She would have test prep. Her is what you do is a test. Pepper is like the nurse in a medical office. You know they take all your stats, all your vitals. They they at you, some history, questions to ask you and they run you through the different pieces of equipment that they can operate and then do some cheer skills if there, if they’re, trying to another word you’re like the nurse that sees you before the doctor sees you today are, we would call a pre tester and then they load the load, the patients, and then they also grab when the when the doctor’s done, then they receive the patient to get them where they need to go in scrubs and out of scrubs. Oh hey, 2 things. The second thing I remember, is it that I guess the third thing is i. Remember that she was very prepared for the job she said:honey I have to blow a puff of air in someone’s eye and she’s afraid of human eye. What’s that phobia called when your afraid of phobia phobia, my wife was so afraid of this. Jobs are job with the kind of dilate the pupil, but she was trained. Kylie was her boss and kylie is still there as a testament to your management skills, she’s 18 years yeah, and so do what she’s going to do now.

I got the impression that some small businesses just kind of train people on the fly. If they train of it all right. Why will a lot of people don’t see the value in it and they they have they? They think that since they know the job too well, it’s it’s obvious for the person that you just hired and that’s far from the truth, knowledge people anymore I mean answer. The phone skills is just:how did it how to sound good and what to say is it’s challenging cuz? Nobody, nobody talk to the phone anymore, never want him, but he’s always texting. You know a smartphone step to pay attention when, on the west coast, emoji 🙂 hand, clap with a starbucks. That’s how people doctors days right with all the business coach emojis hieroglyphs you. Could you share that out of a coil from chet holmes, the best selling author of the ultimate sales machine, with a frog make for training? He says the key is found in training. This is not a one-time event. Either practice plus practice or practise creates real habits that make the marks in creating top performers. You can rely on the stage to you, my friend, but I know. This is something your spiritual, your the tim duncan of of small business right, so I working with the team down in new, orleans, delreka, research or call you I was talking to them today about this.

But the committing to the ongoing training mentality is so important because now you’re actually training them ahead of something wrong going on in your business, and so it’s always a bad deal when you’re like oh my gosh, this is a crisis. We need to train i. Have a very good i, have a super boot for that. You may say to yourself and when we do it and how can we do it and how can I work into the schedule? Most employees get up a time to go to lunch, and a super move. I’ve learned is to do the training over lunch. Yes, do what you do is you bring food and you pay for the food? Yes and you do the training over their lunch break I’m at the super moves. You can do 2 o’clock for the hour anyway, so now you’re feeding them, so they don’t have to go anywhere and get the food and do all that were you just give him like a little little little little insert little talk, I needed any work done for a while about blending me to winter burger at burger into a blender and drink it like a chafing on the products. I. Do that I love the way you taste i, don’t know what the difference is, so we can make it happen to general. What you could do is there in your profession. If there is some experts, our company, that does business with you, that they can also offer some training, so it doesn’t have to necessarily be you doing the training. That’s it was super business coach  movies. Have them come in by lunch and then have an hour to train on your people? Are the master, the master of efficiency? You really say no a lot and one of the things I think every listener should do what you should ask yourself right now. What are some things on my list that are a complete waste of my time as an example, i, don’t recall the last time, I’ve seen you mow a lawn I’m. Not watching, are you out there I mean? Are you? Are you doing your own laundry I must confess. Are you I must confess at my horse ranch every now and then on a beautiful summer day, I’ll go out there and be like forrest gump hotmail. Yard for nothing that yard i. Just read my way, I put on my ear, my ear, pods and i. Just don’t want to use it and I just listened to that song. Why are you and me going fishing in the dark. I, like your tractor i? Think during the break.

Ask yourself this:what are you doing on your schedule that you can outsource to? Somebody else. Wants one thing on your to-do list, for you think you know what I could probably pay. Somebody else to do that, so I can focus on my core business. French show on your radio, attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t your contact information, so you can point thrive, time, show.Com, all right right, business coach nation, walking back to the conversation is the drivetime show on your radio and podcast download, and they were talking about the 14 super moves to enhance the efficiency of your life and business update. I was thinking about it. A lot of our listeners make a lot of money. I, don’t know any listener that can make more time, except for doc brown, dr. Brown. What are faithful listeners he’s created this delorean meets time. Machine., pretty, awesome time is your:what is your most precious asset? It is because we all get the same amount. You know 24 hours a day. What planet are you from the days? I mean two weeks little longer and the days are longer right on this planet require 5 hours of sleep, no direct sunlight and no hobbies outside of working.

That’s the secret song, knowing if somebody’s from the planet of play, tron in in clay tron, recently gone kind of undergone kind of an aiming for an overhaul makeover correct. Well, we want you want to be pc, which is why we make an attempt to be pc once a month. Yeah I think that’s fair. What we’re all about everyone guns and gold america! Here we go we’re talking about some more efficient and one of the things you could do is you can make a list of all the non revenue producing activities that you’re doing and ask yourself? How do you can stop doing? This is called the pareto principle, the famous italian engineer, economist. He says you should spend 80% of your time doing the 20% of the things on your to-do list that move the needle the most. Is he break it down like an italian accent? You should do 80% of your time doing the 20% of the things that only you can do fast, if at all possible, so example would be. If you are small business owner with 10 employees or more, and you find yourself as a business coach cleaning the bathroom all the time. Maybe you should hire a janitorial service there you go. What is what is things that we did dr. Robert, zoellner and associates staffing to listen? If that doctor is doing anything, but in an exam room we missed the mark. If he’s in there playing you like paperwork right, I’m paying you $12 an hour and and I pay him a lot more than that and peace out, dispensing contact or see you or be texting. Free testing clean, the bathroom I think anybody else can do that. Gets me up in the day, I posted note. Little little note you haven’t been there. You walk in and you’re greeted by somebody who’s, not they’re wearing scrubs, though so it’s kind of tricky it’s tricky.

Then you are greeted by somebody who will then that they any mr. Clark clark said you wanted a big reach. You then you go back and leave the test pepper blows a puff of air into your wife back in the day back in the day and then babe after they do that they take you to the next room, which is kind of where you go and actually see. Do you see a doctor that pull yes? Would they take you to that room and they do some other testing on you? That’s in that right now check your vision. We, how are you saying, 20, 22, 23 24 with that with and without the prescription? I can see this poke you in the eye and tell me when it hurts., yeah. Doing, that people didn’t like that. So i, don’t know why but I patches, though it was good me last tuesday i, don’t know why I thought it was part of the normal exam. But the point is:is that even with your not only yourself but I’ll, take your employees you’re going to have some there higher-functioning some that maybe have specialized skills, and so you need to make sure that they are doing what it is. They can do and not being caught up. The my new show that had somebody else can do we have a wonderful member of the thrive nation, the companies called classic janitorial services classic yourself saying:i am I cleaning the toilet, so here’s the deal again if your company has I would say 10 business coach employees are more and your company is producing. Some profit may be time to outsource the janitorial services. I mean z. You could be spending your time, cleaning a toilet. You could babysit noble cause. You could make the porcelain palace your new headquarters for your your corporate empire minutes before meeting the porcelain palettes. Lord knows I clean toilets before so. I have to find yourself as part of your daily checklist, doing this and you’re ready to outsource to a company that is competent and we are confident in go to the classic clean.Com. It’s the classic clean.Com. Their phone number is +918-671-204-6918 671-204-6710, it’s the classic clean.Com, the phone number is 918-671-2046 and if you add up all those numbers, what is it equal i, don’t know another number for dead, something yeah. Isn’t it and you you studied, trust, and you had a major in mathematics, both of which are true, okay. So now the next thing you want to do.

If you want to become a more efficient person, you want to schedule a date with your wife or your friends, whatever activity you’re into so you got a schedule time for the family in the front seat. Why do you have to schedule time for fun if the problem is it with the f6 lifestyle that we preach? All right, you can’t ignore any of the apps. If you ignore them for too long, it will reach up and bite you where you don’t want to be bet, your kids, you got to spend schedule time with your significant other. You guys special schedule time with those are in that little inner circle of you, because I delegate, the raising of my children, is that something that you would recommend absolutely get a nanny. You know me, president of walt, disney world resorts, who wants manage 40,000 employees, marshall and 1 million guests per week. He says what gets scheduled gets done. You work with a lot of business coach client to a very successful companies who are doing well over $1000000 2 million 3 million dollars a year of revenue and this phenomenon of what gets scheduled gets done and the simplicity of this idea. Never it never ceases to amaze me can’t break it down why you have to schedule what you want to get done right. So what I see a lot is:there’s a business owners that get really ambitious.

They really want to knock out so many new action items, things that they’re excited to implement into their business. They make up whole big old list, a pro-con list. What do I do do i, do this or do I spend my time on that and what they realize is at the end of the day, when they’re ready to implement it’s time for dinner, then it’s time to start the kids to bed and then it’s time to do family time at the other obstacles and they never actually get around to getting it implemented. So what you got to do is you got to get your calendar and block off in your calendar just like any other appointment weather be seeing a patient going out in cleaning a commercial building whatever it is, you got to block it in there like seeing a client to implement action items to get things done at the block in your schedule. Schedule weekly recurring time to look at your account, and you know dave ramsey, who could not be here today. He said a budget is telling your business coach money where to go instead of wondering where it went. Can you have to schedule a specific time to do? One account right now. Somebody needs to hear this and that person is the person that is not looked at their county for the past 3 months. I want to buy a challenge to me, it’s more of like i, go by feel about how I feel and I feel really good about. My debit card got declined, but I still was talking with a business owner earlier today and I said:what is your numbers? How close are we to breaking even this month and he goes well i, don’t get i, don’t get those reports to my account and send it to me? I, don’t need to talk in to operate your business, having no idea what your numbers are is crazy, so you need to know specifically how much money has there been deposited into the bank and how much money has been spent from the bank account every single week.

I! Never look at my body or my numbers. Well. Well, that’s. Why was it john mayer chop? Your favorite artist is what he wrote that song your body is a wonderland exactly it was an ode to dr. Zoellner. We come back I want to hear about your cuz you’re. How old are you right now 5383, but yet you continue to get in better shape every day, you’re irritating everybody, listen to the show, the war on gluten jim ownership there now clients of ours and so yeah yeah. It’s just kind of you know I’m supposed to be your old man. You know maintain a healthy body weight. What are your tips? How many push-ups can you do? How much can you bench talk to me about your cat, striation I heard a joke yesterday? How many push-ups can chuck norris do? Do you know 7 all of them? Chuck norris, chuck, norris jokes, when we return enjoy your toothbrush? Is your name


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