Scheduling 101 – How to Effectively Schedule Employees

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Managing a growing team of employees requires you to establish a budget for your team’s salaries, to determine what shifts you need your employees to work, to build an organizational chart and to hold your teammates accountable to work when you need them to work. Clay and Z break down the art of effectively scheduling employees

Scheduling 101 – How to Effectively Schedule Employees

  1. How do you establish a weekly budget?
    1. Dr Z – Reverse engineer your goals and find out what you need to do to get there.
    2. ACTION ITEM – The percentage of revenue that your payroll should fall within is 25% on the high end and 20% in middle of the road.
    3. ISIS has lost 98 percent of its territory – mostly since Trump took office, officials say
  2. How do you create the actual staff schedule?
    1. ACTION ITEM – Negotiate the schedule during the hiring phase as part of the negotiation.  
      1. How do you convince people to work their scheduled hours?
  3. How do you hold people accountable to their schedule hours?
      1. Secret move from Dr Z – Let the staff fill out their own shifts
  4. How do you deal with managers who struggle to stay on top of scheduling?
    1. ACTION ITEM – Train your managers on the “how to” of building a schedule.
      1. STEP 1 – Tell them what and how to do it.
      2. STEP 2 – Show them how to do it.
      3. STEP 3 – Have them show you how to do it.
      4. STEP 4 – Have them show mastery of the task.
  5. When do you compromise on an employee’s schedule and not?
    1. When they have been there for a long time and are a valued employee.
  6. What are the toughest aspects of managing a large team?
  7. What are the biggest benefits of managing a large team?
  8. When are meetings appropriate and when are they a waste of time?
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Attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coaching for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did it and your contact information to an for drivetime show.Com facts about time show on your podcast download and radio. It was me listening, portland oregon! We are so excited we’re so honored to serve you i. It’s going to be a great year and store for all of us and again we’re so excited to the folks at kpam. They do that, but thank you to our friends at kpam radio, for allowing us to broadcast on your wonderful station. Z, hey pam! We were pam, trail blazers go now, here’s a question:why I don’t watch a gray whale today? Your questions you can ask all over the world from people on the left coast middle of the country, people in australia to ask if this is probably one of the most commonly asked question for people that have a business that’s doing more than 2 million a year. It’s a lot of business! How do I schedule my employees so again? How to schedule employees so I’m going to do is I’m going to do. You have to question your marshall morris, just stepping in the coop of the best-selling book start here yesterday on amazon., get your free coffee today at drivetime show.Com, first question number one:doesn’t we get from drivers all the time, dr. Z? How do you establish a weekly budget for your optometry clinic or any of your business? You reverse engineer it. What are your sales goals?

Do you have comp numbers? In other words, is your visit been ongoing? I have two thrivers I talked to today. Do every one of the questions for $160,000 a month of gross revenue, I can bank on it count on it’s very consistent growing, but $160,000 a month. How. Much can I budget for my payroll. Business coaching Marshall morris also would like to know this because he will be doing budgeting for some of our clients coming up to help to make hard budget. So this is all really good stuff. That would be great for you, cuz again with the stars your book. We document this, but to hear it firsthand from your who did great refresher for all of our listeners, 260,000 of gross revenue coming in per month. So every 4.3 weeks, a hundred and $60,000, is coming in its percent everything’s kind of based on a percentage. That’s why you can puke a ticket in reverse engineering to your into your business. Okay, on the high end around 25% on the lower end 20%, and then you can get the team you’re rocking. It set up a high-end high water mark of 25% to your business middle on the middle you’re saying maybe 20 yes, ok omido. Let me know that’s like a goal of stretch mark to go to the 20, correct and you’re the man I mean if you have something like a a oil and gas business. We’re basically you’re pulling is automated is coming out of the ground. You built this off. I got a guy maintain an hour ago. That’s a sexy. Business-to-business cuz your payroll numbers going to be way lower than that. You told me this before and I want you to to break down what you meant by this. You told me quite clark:it is very important. You pay people fairly, but do not overpay them. You, my friend, are over paying people. You want to pay people what they’re worth, but not more and I thought she was so terrible. But then you pointed out to me, you said I’ve ever defeat. The boss makes less money than all the teammates. What aspirations with the teammates have to get promoted.

I mean you, you have to pay more. As you get promoted, you can’t promote people laterally, where they’re, making less anymore stress but making less money I swear. We was fighting that internal conflict right now about over paying people. What do you say? The problem is, is when you set the bar when you hire someone, you always say i, don’t tell anybody when I’m paying you don’t know. This is between us. This is just between i, don’t don’t don’t tell, and what do they do? They immediately immediately tell somebody listen to rap music with a big boy. You can go on facebook and they immediately do it most. People do cuz they’re, not entrepreneurs, they’re, not it’s. What happened to jesus culture of what are you making? What are you business coaching doing? What are you making? Who are you what and so, if you have one or two or three or all of them and they’re making too much ultimately, because you’re that major, when you do payroll that affect your bottom line, bottom line means money in your pocket is going to do it right, so you have to get your head wrapped around with you. Don’t like the other day, my manager approached me and said:hey I I have another $30 an hour. I can spend. Is it okay if I get to employees at 8:15 or do I shut up at 3 at 10? This is such a great question that wouldn’t even be prompted. If you didn’t have a hard budget, this is profound and yet it what and I said that’s up to you, you might get a higher already person is 15 that can get more work done and then again it $10 an hour you going to get maybe a lower quality printer that didn’t mean to sound like I’m, a hard worker so I’m going to let you know what belts your decision to make can I have one just like the limited you’re limited with that money, budgeter one slight political, quick. The show notes here, because I think this is powerful, but I worry about putting this on this big screen here.

Cuz i, don’t want to start playing audio sell. Dragon just wish. I can see right here, see you soon on the big screen show. Fox, news and cnn have verified with troops on the ground that now 98% of the fabulous group of people called the terrorists have been eliminated since trump was elected 98% and they said well how’s that happening what he said to the people on the ground or he’s too told that it to the commanders on the ground. He said:listen, you guys know military warfare, okay, we’re not going to use gas when i. Can you use anything bigger than a moab, which is a mother of all bombs are not going nuclear whatever, but kill them all like you know what to do and when to do it, and if it’s women and kids-let’s, let’s see no take the high road here, but let’s kill it like you, don’t need to call corporate to get approval from me to make I just put it in the ground or going we actually can now engage enemy, which means if we can kill him my buddy over there he served over in afghanistan. He told me literally, if you got shot at you, had to get approval previously the return fire a lot of times. We would die or dying cuz. You couldn’t fire back here to wait, wait for business coaching approval, so I think if you’re giving your team of heart, but that your manager, hard budget and your tongue stick with in the bronx them to make those micro decisions should I hire 2:15 to 1:30 are three at 10 or 3:30 or 1, and you could you can look at all that when it went 30 to 8:15 or 3:10. So next question is:how do you create the actual staff schedule me? How do you actually create optometry clinic one of them? How many people are working in roughly I mean is i, don’t know exact number, but how many people are working at one of the clinics where to place each credit probably has 60 than 1468 memorial public 40 hours. How do you start making that schedule? So we are a new hire. You typically going to get evening hours your typical to get weekend hours. You can start when you start miss. Some people want that because they’re in school during the day, some people are baby part time. They can only work the weekends what’s yourself and if I break I want I want to make sure that we had a chance to marshall. You work with a lot of clients all the time that struggle to make a schedule for their staff. Do you know this is not a common problem, common problem in what are the questions?

They have a lot of times about scheduling your staff. Will it’s? How do you communicate it to them in? This? Is the one that I get the most is what do you do when they don’t like the schedule that you’ve given i, don’t want to work? Friday I want to work on that product? That’s why I want I want to bang on the drum great whales. Until we come back from the break, we’re going to talk about scheduling your staff in the migration patterns of grey national, geography mix it in there for the people in portland today, due to a show, that’s cooler than the other side of the pillow. Is the drivetime business coach show on the brackets to the park down to the move, to make the business roll provided the fuel to make? You want to go with him to start up a picture of what each of the system to cruise ship dock does google optimize x, dr. Z? This is the question we’re talking about today is if you want to earn copious amounts of cash so that you could actually have the time freedom and financial freedom to acquire a stable you’ve got operate your business at a profit, not the business. According to andrew carnegie, he wrote a book called the gospel of business coaching wealth which have you read the gospel of wealth, very, very small book recommended and I would highly recommend you check in over the weekend. Cuz it’s maybe 25 pages long, but what he talks about this was a powerful, powerful, powerful. He became the world’s wealthiest man when he said it to me. It was like it was. When you run a business, there is a three-legged stool looks like marketing stool in these three conversations are always happening happening. The employee has zero compromise and or forgiveness. They will go to ever have the best product at the best price. What started the customer? The customer customer will go wherever we were at the best product, the best price the employee always feels like they need to get paid more and as an employer. You always need to pay yourself first, so you have this argument going on, because every employee feels like their schedules, not good enough to pay is not good enough, but the only reason that you’re building the business is because you wanted to serve you, and so, when you’re up, whenever you’re done wanting to have that fight, you need to tap out. So he explains why he sold his business and I no longer wanted to argue with a hundred thousand employees about labor and customers about prices and whether I fit. What I should pay myself a profit or not lot of people when they have it would have a small business. The problem is only probably 10 of you or 20 of you and see it. Maybe some listening to this show. It has 50 employees, but when your scheduling employees, they are going to want a different schedule than what you give them. So that’s released. How do we? How do we say schedule as an entrepreneur when you’re hiring that’s what he had the most leverage? Okay, they don’t have the job yet they’re there, because they want the job and then you let them know what the schedule is going to look like going forward.

So I hire a doctor, for example, i. Let them know what their schedule is going to look like when you hire when I hired them. That’s part of the negotiations, not after you hire them because can you hire them. The deal is already set and it’s really hard to change anything. Once it’s in motion correct every time you change any of any aspect of anybody. Spay they really get irritated except you’re supposed to take it slow and payroll runs out of control right, because people doing what you’re supposed to go. That’s, okay, everybody at school, this. I, will ask if a paycheck. This helps keep what I see a lot of doing. That to educate the entrepreneur listening, who is struggling right now with your current staff to get them to actually follow the actual schedule which they have been strategically scheduled. You a super move, remove a cool move is where they let them schedule themselves. Let me tell you what I mean get away with this find me the restaurant businesses when do when I’m thinking of the most, and that is what you do. Is you put the schedule out and then you let them grab slot if I just want to, let everybody know if it did. Fridays are busy day that you guys know many of you have makeup tips and the tips of typically lower during the afternoon. So what I’m going to say to you right now, it’s going to draw straw and whoever gets if you get to choose whatever business coaching shift you want, because everybody wants a night shift. If you everybody wanted all this fighting going on all this contemplating people that they’re fighting now everybody want that shit, I’ll, let you choose and then you put it out there, people want to shift their. What does she have people making? My own house, they make the money you have more people than you can fit onto the schedule when I get the money the make of the month. Waiters and waitresses that you can actually host for the week until you have a series of ways of letting them come in and fill out to grab their shift by emily on university norty, maybe on how many points have gotten from being on time for doing great for getting people getting caught? Leaving comments about them, I mean you know you can have a system of writing them, which you should have any way of your best. Waiter is shame on you. Shame on you give me a tough conversations, pretend that I’m, an employee and I have my schedule.

Okay and you were supposed to take both, but what soccer your son, he did a soccer game at saturday at 3 I’m, a doctor who works for you, I’m supposed to work a little mergency here and I can’t work. The shift today and I want to see if you could fill in a night at bo’s game, but it’s really important. I was just a huge deal. Well, it’s really important committed to working that you need to come in and work i, don’t know. If I can do what I mean I’m, not really I mean if you might be, there’s no me, but might not be a doctor on staff at all today, I’m a man seriously I have to do this. I mean there might not be anybody here today will I take what what is it that you have to go? Do it’s a medical procedure, my wife’s having done I want to be there I’ll be present about to get off that I wanted it to this procedure. It’s very important, very critical for her a health health concerns with also report that you bring up a paycheck to your wife when she gets done with her medical procedure. So I think it’s important to come to work today. I am i, have something I have scheduled and you committed to working this day. So you need to come in all your cutting out phones coming out there I got to go from that person cuz. That seems like a habit that some have did. What you do. Is you i? Don’t say right, then, when you’re fired, if you don’t come in on business coaching saturday, why that’s just stupid right now that was not coming all the next week that I could have to go. Take ups and I’m going to have to go to work right, so I think you know what I tell you, what you go and be with your wife. That procedure think that’s a worthy thing to do and I’m going to miss my son soccer game. But you know:he’ll have another one I still graduated, yet she might have to wait to get it. She might have another procedure, we don’t know right, we don’t know, we don’t know it. So I would put it in my mind on my to do list. I would add it to my to-do list right then hire a new doctor yeah when you said hi on the new doctor. Do you mean that, like you know me to physically or you talking about like I mean it cuz i, don’t have one either good person in my mind right then I fire that person but I’m not going to fire them until it’s convenient. For me, when it’s convenient for you, yes, just the ethics of business, I thought you was a christian business owner who would loves of the gods. Come back. I wanted to come back. I want to tap into marshalls genius on this I want to happen to check genius on this, because this is a question. Entrepreneurs have all the time. How do you deal with the manager who struggle to actually make the staff schedule? You know making sure I just the practical. This isn’t a very deep idea, just go and making sure the tuesday shift is covered.

The wednesday shift just covered the friday shift is covered. They just struggle with the puzzle, pieces of putting it all together, and you had that talk once. How do you correct that behavior when I get marshalls take take take because he is an expert? He is a master of business coaching management state? Is the bronco show on the radio? Yes, it is about you all about you that we bring the to claim your tickets to the drive time show today at erected. Business workshop for free. All you have to do is to subscribe to the drive time, show on itunes, leaving objective review and send as confirmation and then drive time show. Com, to claim your star in the national star registry. We can’t help you were talking about how to staff effectively how to build an if you have a company with your doing two more than 2 million dollars a year of revenue you’re going to have to staff the company effectively you’re going to have to declare people’s hours and people are going to give you push back about those hours so marshall. Let’s say that you are managing a team, let’s say 20 to 30 people and the managers at the manager level are struggling to put together the tetris the puzzle, pieces of the schedule. You know who works monday at 9 who works monday at 5, and then who is the owner, go into the business that you seek over gaps where there’s too many people’s east app for not enough people staff? You constantly see that happening, I want to get marshalls take on it. I want to get chapstick out of your take on it. How do you deal with that situation on the first thing? Is I see a lot of business owners, weatherby sales or scheduling or whatever the case may be at counting where they are exceptional at a particular business tasks, and then they expect their next manager. The person that stepping into doing that role to be as good as them right out of the gate and the fact of the matter is, is if you don’t show them specifically how they need to do it then they’re never going to do it as effectively I feel probably 95% of the problem. Is this exact thing you’re talking about this? Is the issue most of the time in so what you have to do is you have to show them specifically how you would specifically schedule somebody, so you go through you. Do the entire process together step. One is you show them how to do it step 2? Is they do it and you’re sitting right there correcting them along the way? And so, at the end of the process, you set up the parameters to allow them to make the decisions and if they make the wrong decision, that’s fine, that’s an opportunity for them to learn, and you can correct that and change it over time and approve it by 2%, every single week. When. He was out there. I dropped you’re, not you’re, very resourceful. Super me just stuff that I do that. I think it’s common sense that I have done that. I. Think it’s common sense that you would listen.

I would say:oh my gosh you’re pasar, so here’s an example back in the day, I’m driving through a toll, booth and I realize i, don’t have a toll tag in dallas i, don’t have it towed i! Don’t have you don’t have the cash with me? They don’t accept change right. So I only accept cash for change, don’t accept credit cards, so I’m taking myself I’ve got to go pass this and I don’t want a ton of tickets going to be in dallas all weekend to go from sunday whatever, so you know, I did. What did you do? I rolled up my license plate when I drove around I thought to myself, I feel bad about it. I feel worse about it. Paying $1,000 in fines and i. Don’t have any change and they give me a question the ethics of it. That’s fine another example:the city of tulsa one-time turned off the water and it her business I had because they in error turned off the water. I call the city of you know what we’re so sorry, it’s your neighbor will turn it on tomorrow. Tell me the business required having water, shocking, chaka khan, so I had somebody on my team go down a little man hole and we went to turn the water back on yeah. There you go requires water, the used to be called business coaching devil fish, because the way live so dangerous when being hunted by whaler. So that was my uncle’s devil fish fish more than you know, sam adams, not an entreprenuer, but he weezy’s memorialize in her office here was the same atoms of same.. That hate you know the british start taxing is too much. We got to stop this and the guys are going absolutely and he says here’s the deal. Why don’t we? Why don’t we toast, with string of boston lager to the tories and the demise of the brits, the device that are eight or nine in he says, here’s the deal why we paint a red x on the doors of all the businesses that are sympathizers to the british and that way will boycott them, and then they run out of money. Dude right idea based upon the fact we’re so drunk. We can’t fill our face. Let’s do this now sam adams had a history of being drunk is he runs out there and next thing you know there’s a little while it’s going on because the british business owners are being starved out, the british throne is realizing. The boycott has begun. We don’t know who fired the first shots, but now the revolutionary war happened, there’s a there’s, a resourcefulness that is in the mind of an entrepreneur that is not found in out of the average person and I’m just telling you.

If you wanted to yell at gate resource list, it’s not going to work. I love the way that you paint, that is resourcefulness warren. Let me get on skylights. Hip hop music at famous is what russell simmons did russell simmons use. This is a true story. He went around town, he sold drugs. He paid people cash’s, here’s the deal, I want you to call the station today and what year did the devastation and request the song? These are the breaks to replied and tell him it’s. You check your hearing, all the clubs, your other stations, and do it randomly enough 78, 79 79 he’s paying people to do this, and so pretty soon a lot of people like you keep paying I’ll keep calling if you were calling yes I’m, just calling I wanted you to know you going to play. These are the breaks by kurtis blow. It is hot i. Don’t know why you want to do I’m, listen to the other station right now, cuz, it’s crazy! You guys are totally missing out and so I don’t know who should probably play. It ends up hip hop, off the brakes, turn it up to the sports. Announcer talk, show host, i. Think a lot of people try to delegate resourcefulness into marshalls point. It doesn’t work, so they are the next questions. I have what are the times where you will compromise with an employee schedule or schedule or not doctors in compromise. When will you not been there long time, they’re really value to a plus business coaching employee, then then I try to allow them to not work the weekend allowed in heaven. Yes, I treat all of my employees because I say that, because jack welch said that the former ceo ge said that talk about treating everyone differently, but we shouldn’t do that cuz, that’s what are school teacher told us and they are great, aren’t most school teachers, great entrepreneurs.

The most of them are toughest aspects of managing a large team. You managed a lot of construction employees at one time. Aspects of managing people earlier in the show, but making sure they’re following that work chart and not robbing upper-level team members or managers of their time is one of the hardest things I had to deal with. Everybody always wanted to call me or my father when they had superintendent on the job. I, don’t know if the lead singer of pearl jam knows the lyrics to his own songs. It sounds like he’s singing on behalf of all the soccer moms listening. That’s amazing how he does it. It’s amazing. Every time of managing a small, the top is aspects of managing a small team are going to be. You don’t have as many redundancies, and you don’t have as many people to fill in. Should there be a gapper somebody you know deficient or the slowing down the job. The other problem is, if you fire one person of a four-person team, 25%. You just fired 25% of you. If I could write payroll by 25% on top of that, if it’s a small core team, you probably hold them accountable. If you cared, you would have been fired. You was no longer going to have this job, but I want you to come over or not to come on back together, come on back, come on back into the palace, because I was fired, but we have in the close-quarters. But still that will you snuggle is a waste of time and when are they good genes are waste of time? Probably most of the time I haven’t been to our meeting once a week. That’s 5% of the business coaching productivity for the week right, hey we’re going to have a team I would have a team huddle every monday, starting at 7 of 8. Whenever you get here about nothing, you nothing and we’re going to spend 2 hours, and the meeting is needed then have the meeting and if it’s not needed, don’t have the meeting. Don’t have a meeting just have meetings exactly the schedule meetings because they feel like they need to schedule. Meetings I just want to throat punch him, go to podcast workshop 101, coaching and videos


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