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If you are running or growing a business and need to learn how to handle being on the raw end of a deal gone bad and then how to move forward

I can never truly ever trust someone, however I can:
Attach myself to goals and not people.
NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” – Albert Einstein (The Nobel Prize winning theoretical physicist who introduced the concept of developing an atomic weapon to President Roosevelt. This is the reason that all Americans are not speaking German or Japanese today.)
Test the stool before I sit in it.
DEFINITION – Trust – The firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something.
Delegate and follow-up.
Install cameras in every part of our building with the exception of the restrooms.
Set up call recording on all of our phone lines for quality assurance and accountability.
Create one point of contact between the customer and the business.
Create systems where money is not handled by just one person.

Get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170 broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’S business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur. Dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Park all right about what to do after you have been screwed many times how you can pull out. How can you fully trust somebody when you, as a business owner, get taken? It would take advantage of over and over again in in Steve Currington I mean you own, your own business or you’ve been part of owning your own business. For a long time you been had you been the head of a company for a long time. How often do you get screwed, I mean if you are, If you hired 5 people, what’s the percentage that you’ve seen if you are 5 people, what percentage of votes five people are going to screw you at some point I mean I don’t want to be like Mr. Deli negative here, but you know 4.7, you know how to find. I mean a lot I’ll just say. A lot of just depends on you know depends on the person. I’M sure you’ll get a lot of really good people over time. You know you get some good ones in the UK to go through run a bad and that’s why. In that previous podcast, about the hiring system and doing the weekly interview right now from that. But you have a lot of what I have 7 moves. I want to break down with with you and the Thrive Nation today and I’d love to get your thoughts on this. So first the first move is you want to attach yourself to Kohl’s and not people Albert Einstein, the Nobel prize-winning theoretical physicist physicist, to basically introduced our president to the concept of the atomic weapon. He said we’re going to get destroyed by Hitler. If we don’t develop an atomic bomb because the Germans were developing atomic bomb at the time, so Albert Einstein at yes he’s world-renowned. If you read it physicist, but really he’s the one who was, it made sure that all Americans are not speaking German or Japanese today and he says I attach myself to goals and not people Steve. Can you kind of explain from your perspective? What is what does that mean attaching herself to goals and not to people, it’s easy, as a business owner and as a leader to to get connected with people? And I’m not saying you shouldn’t be connected with right work with you, but you need to have a mission. You know what a goal, and I call it like. What’S your, why? Right?

Because if, if you have a wide, it’s a really strong wine, you know where you’re going and you know what you’re after then really anything else is just noise. So, even if someone does screw you or does Messi around you’re still going to be laser focused on the Y right make sure I have to go through all seven of these. You want to go to test the stool before you sit in it. You know the definition of trust is that did that the firm belief in the end in the reliability, the Truss, the ability or strength of someone or something? Basically, you do not want to delegate something massive to somebody until you can delay proven themselves on a small level. Please test the stool before you sit in it. If you sit down in the store for the first time in the chair collapses, you probably don’t want to sit in that school again, the same thing with employees. So it’s very important that you don’t delegate until you know that you’re not delegating into a bisque of intention and not done this number three delegate and then follow up Steve when you delegate something. Why do you have to follow up what? Why can’t you just delegate and say: hey, do this guy’s why you actually have to put it on your schedule to follow up and put on your schedule to delegate the item Napoleon Hill in that in the book called outwitting, The Devil talks a lot about drifting Right – and I think the reason why you have to follow up is because of drifting, because I really good, employee or team member might do exactly what you tell him the first nine times or the first 3 or the first 20. But over time, when people see that no one’s watching the was checking on it that they can kind of get a little relax people will it’s just natural little happened, so you got a follow-up to make sure that it always gets done number for batting cleanup. This is a tough one. You want to install cameras in every part of your building, with the exception of the restrooms Steve. Why do you want to put a camera in every area of your business and why did so many people push so hard against having a camera? They say you know gosh, I just don’t want a camera, but why is having a camera in the building so important? In Target has cameras, Walmart has cameras, airports have cameras. Why do small business employees push so hard back against the concept of having cameras in the building? Anyone who is not does not have a problem with being accountable right. Anyone who works tirelessly on their job and does a good job doesn’t care typical. The people that care about a camera being on a more people that aren’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing, which ties into call recording Moon number, 5 setup on all the phone lines for quality assurance and accountability.

Steve. You guys record your calls at total lending concepts for quality control. Why does business coach or everybody want to set up call recording in their office? It’S a game-changer when a person employees know that every single thing that’s being done is being recorded and then it’ll also help you in coaching at an employee that maybe has an issue with something or if you know two employees get on the phone together and things Are said that they treated this way, you can always go back and listen and you can cut a defuse the situation by finding things out, recording calls, I don’t think so, but but again the people that don’t want to be accountable before what they’re doing will have A huge problem with recording calls: why do you want to create one point of contact mood number 6? Why do you want to create one point of contact between the customer in the business? Why? Why is it so important that the business in the customer communicate through one point of contact and not through every single member of the team because it for me it’s it’s more streamlined, there’s less chances for there being an error or there being a problem, and then There’S less people to depend on in that system, useless people to check now moved over 7 crate systems were money is not handled just buy one person sleep.

Why do you want to make sure the. Just one person in every single business handles money? They the business coach don’t need still don’t collect the money from the customer and deposited why you won’t have multiple points of contact involved when money is handled. If I had a nickel for every time, I’ve heard a story of a very highly trusted: employee, embezzling money or taking money. I’Ve heard – and everybody has heard of stories of people even in churches that are embezzling money they’re just it’s. I don’t think people wake up in the morning and decide I’m going to do this, I’m going to take some money or I’m going to do that. It’S just when there’s no it again, there’s one there’s, no accountability. Sometimes people make decisions that they may be wouldn’t have made, and then they get into this hole and then they just can’t get out of it. So I think you have to so that you can make sure the people accountable fun factoid, for your fast company did a an article that showed that 58 % of employees that call in sick shockingly are not actually sick, and you can look at the statistics. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, 75 % of employees steal from the workplace, and most do so repeatedly Steve. I think it a business coach certain point. If you have this happen to you enough, where you been screwed so many times, it becomes almost impossible to trust anyone in our listen or says after being screwed so many times.

How can you truly trust anyone? What business coach advice would you have for our listener? What I think, if you, if you operate your business on the premise that you cannot trust anyone right, then you will there are going to be people that are trustworthy, but you always have to protect yourself, because it’s your business and it’s your responsibility as the business Owner to all the people that involves a business to customers, your referral Partners, your all, your employees, that you protect yourself in the company and you just don’t leave yourself exposed, and you can ever hurt yourself by doing that, and we come back we’re going to talk About, after being screwed so many times, how can you truly trust anybody part 2? Now, if you want to get free tickets to our in-person workshop – and I know you do all you have to do – is go to thrive time, show., Calm And subscribe to the podcast and leave us a review and you will get two tickets to our next in Person two-day workshop open the DD tickets are ninety-nine dollars per ticket. Would you get your tickets for free simply by subscribing and reviewing our podcast how to deal with the emotions to being screwed?


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