Search Engine 101 – Fighting How Search Engines Work | Dealing with Death, Taxes and Google

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Are you winning on Google? Can your ideal and likely buyers find you online? On this best business coach taught episode of the Thrivetime Show Clay and Z will go over what you need to know to win the Google game.

  1. FUN FACT – Larry Page and Sergey Brin create Google in 1996 to provide users with a tool to find the most relevant content possible when engaging in a search query.
  2. FUN FACT –  The Google company was launched in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin to market Google Search, which has become the most widely used web-based search engine. Page and Brin, students at Stanford University in California, developed a search algorithm – at first known as “BackRub” – in 1996. Originally the search engine used Stanford’s website with the domain They formally incorporated their company, Google, on September 4, 1998 in their friend Susan Wojcicki’s garage in Menlo Park, California.
  3. They did not create Google to grow your business quickly.
  4. They created guardrails from the very beginning to keep get-rich quick scams and con-artists from dominating search engine results.
  5. The following 4 variables control your Google search engine ranking:
    1. The most canonical compliance
    2. The most Google reviews
    3. The most mobile compliance
    4. The most original HTML (hypertext markup language content)
  6. FUN FACT – You can’t outsource your search engine optimization to a firm based in India anymore than you can outsource raising your kids or training your staff.
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Audio Transcription

Attend the world’s best business coach workshop, led by America’s best business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did it and your contact information to info at thrivetimeshow.Com. Welcome back to the conversation we’re talking today about search engine 101, if not a bigger level were talking about helping you if you’re somebody who’s looking to today show and you are fighting with how search engines work out taxes work, how death works go works. These are things people want to fight against the concept of the earth’s gravitational pull changes explained this to you on a very simple level. Larry Page and Sergey Brin created google in 1996 to provide users with a tool to find the most relevant content possible. When engaging in a search query, they did not create google to grow. Your business quickly they created guardrails from the very very beginning to keep get-rich-quick scams in con artists from dominating the search results. So there are four factors that will affect an impact. Your rank that have always affected impacted your rank and then i, gotta change and they’re. Going to be updates, they make to keep out scammers, but I’m going to give you the 4, and then it just sort of want you to know them. It’s up to you to sort of deal with the profundity of the best business coach. There’s no there’s nothing else to talk about. They have them. You have to follow the canonical compliance between jet to follow the rules that they have established, which, if you will email us info at thrivetime show.Com, we will run a report on your website and show you what is wrong with the website. If you don’t want to use our firm, you could use a tool called or seomoz.Com they’re, both certified your google certified businesses that, basically it just like a car and automotive repair shop. They might be certified by lexus or mercedes or toyota to work bunch vehicle and you plug your best business coach car. Do a machine. We have the check engine light and it tells you what’s wrong. Seo semrush.Com in in MOZ, will do that for you, so you have to follow the rules and for sake of the podcast link, you don’t have to worry about knowing the mall right now. But if you email us info at thrive time should I come will report for you or you can use / semrush.Com. You got to follow the canonical rules. The second is, you have to get the most google reviews. Whoever has the most reviews gets to be top and you might be saying to yourself why doesn’t seem fair I’ve been in business a long time or you might say to yourself every time I get a review. Google takes away. You know where that is it’s, because google reserve the right to review the reviews, and then they reviewed it doesn’t seem real or seems like it was contrived.

They can remove it. Sophie gmail account that was used to write the review. Isn’t an active gmail I can review it, they can remove it or if you are on social media or some other platform asking people to write a review for you in exchange for something or you’re busy, paying them to write a positive review. You can ask for an objective review, but if you pay them or for a positive reviews and they can remove it, the next move is the most googled, the most mobile compliance, those google mobile compliance. If your phone doesn’t look good on the most updated cell phones and mobile devices ipad, they can remove it in the final it’s whoever has the most hypertext markup language content has the most words for into that on other best business coach podcast. You can find at thrivetime, show. Com or in our in-person business workshops. What happens if people didn’t say? Okay, you know what I’m going to do. I’m going to hack imma be the first person in the history of the world to trick one of the world’s biggest companies. He didn’t see that this is where this is where it becomes a universal thing. So what did I notice, how google works, but I’m going to become the first person in the history of the world to trick the billion-dollar mega billion dollar? What are the world’s most valuable brands eia me and my small business? We are going to trick google by outsourcing to a firm in India who’s, going to write articles for us, and then it doesn’t work see what is going on in the mindset of somebody who believes that they and their small tile company they own their small dentistry. They are small business. Have the resources in the mindset needed to trick google? Well, here’s the deal I would like to have i, don’t know what percentage, but I would like to have the about all the money that is spent on people trying to trick google turns out. It takes longer to get rich, quick cuz. It really think about it. I mean how many people are paying thousands of dollars to some hey we’re going to optimize your website where we need to go to repair street thousand dollars a month and will give you microwave a burrito with promise within three years. You’ll be top of google tablet, google google amoebas of 6 inch or my name is Thomas. The problem. Is that there’s so many guys out there that that say they are an expert expert in optimizing and getting to the top of google, and you just listen to him. You might go to your. You might save yourself. That sounds convincing. Big words and obviously i, don’t know what they are and I don’t want. Someone like that I don’t know what they are. So I can ask any question.

So it’s just kind of impressive I’m I’m not going to ask him, show me examples because happy rude and if you were to download you go to thrive time show.Com, you can download our ebook for free that the start here book, where we cite everything you can see it all now here is where I want to get Ryan’s. Take on this as an entrepreneur and chips chips. Taking this as a business coach, I see, I also want to fight taxes, death so don’t say stuff like you’ll, say hey, buddy, your company’s big enough now you’re pulling in a hundred grand a year. Six figures and I want to make sure you understand this. The more money you make, the more uncle sam takes the more because it’s a progressive tax system, so the more you make the more they take and then they see they say. This looks like I actually talked to a guy and he’s going to help me set up what I call an s corp, it’s a subchapter, s and I am able to I am able to actually write off more so I can take a salary. That’s a little less than I would even take distributions, and you know how it is I’m only $18,000 a year salary. They don’t want you to know the secret, but I was reading. This kevin trudeau book called the secrets to that. The rich. Don’t want you to know, you know. That’s all I got this guy and now I’ll be going away for awhile somebody who’s told you. They found a secret best business coach tax loophole and they’re, not in account scam, artists out there in every profession and if you own a business trust me, they know the buzz words to say if they know how to do it. I got scammed early on a microphone hero. How I got scammed Iraqi dinar I fell for it. Oh no, it’s a multi-level, it’s all about. No, it was it was the guy came in and he said hey listen, I’m I’m doing the paper sacks for the pharmacy right down the road paper. Sacks and and I’m selling ads on said paper sacks-and it’s just right over here. So therefore you can then have a prominent spot on here for $50 its reason I’m only in town this week and I do this all of the nation factors. Others I’ve done in other cities, covenant in the gathering area and I called said pharmacist and I said hey, hey, buddy ad for a bag is going to make you so you put your medicine. Think it’ll bags got my little add-on there. He goes yeah yeah he’s going to do that and it’s seems like a pretty good deal. You know so you know I get my bags, you know for free, and then he sells I give him the right to sell stuff on the back right. Now, that’s a pretty good deal to go back out there and it’s the telltale, scam, pitch I’m. Only here today and it’s just the sky be right. Now around and I’ve got to be in Kansas City tomorrow I got a big deal., they’re $50 each. How many bags is going to be asking like 10,000. Do you leave when guess how many bags you print it always tell people whenever you’re printing on a sack you’ve got to watch the numbers? Guess how many bags did you did this? Not to guess you got to watch that I guess how many champion to take a guess at how many bags are printed. Zero I just mean rhinebeck. That would that would say these that have a stamp I feel like right. Now you like a man with the biggest cranium and a sense of peace, and you pay $350, you probably at 9000 you no sex. No, he pay. He did none of the nap since camp took my money and ran so they would happen when I bless him. Then what happened to trying to sort things out of Florida right now so I’m thinking?

How do I find this guy? How do i, how do I exact revenge just justice? It’s a nice way to say it right in the car, so call it, and course, lady answered said she can tell she’s got to bounce to the kid on her on her hip. You now and background screaming and hollering I know she doesn’t know who this guy is. She was another company that is a false thing that it had to die. So hang up the phone number to try, calling to say hey, listen, I might like an outstanding invoice. I need to send you some money and I’m. Looking for this company voice changes immediately set down on the ground to know the address I got upset. Local police department gave him all the information he took care of his child stoner before you know what you know now. Did you ever get scammed on something for you? You know you wanted the success to happen faster and so maybe a hired up a not real service or you eat. All you mean. Where are the kind of got you ever get screwed or are we? The only ones have been screwed yeah yeah I was actually paying like best business coach $600 a month or something just for like tracking. So we could do the SEO high boo yeah. We didn’t actually get to the SEO cuz. We had to trust that the company are you guessing a company? Guess I wasn’t screaming out random song, but yeah, so we were just paying for tracking, so we would know if the SEO is working and some of the time we had no idea so I’m like okay. Why can’t do my own this? You? If you heard other people say that yeah you’re, not the only video i, just want to make sure you understand, this drive nation the more money you make, the more uncle sam’s going to take some work of an accountant make sure you pay your fair share.

We can argue about whether you think we’re paying too much or not, but you don’t want the irs chasing you search engines if they worked the way that most people wanted them to work, the business owners, one of them to work, then consumers wouldn’t use it because of anybody, could get highly motivated. Stumbleupon $20,000 and pay a certain infirm to write 1000 articles tonight and be top tomorrow. Then people would not trust google anymore. So google has a vetting process and I would encourage you just to just calm down understand that death taxes are going to half a dozen text going to happen and you cuz don’t get rich, quick, scam and skinny embrace that sometimes it takes longer to try to get rich, quick, rx, podcast management, 101 other than good intentions like the best business coach and bad results will ever happen, see without follow-up. Nothing other than good intentions and bad results will ever happen for your business manager can I get real and raw reduce 3 to what


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