Search Engine Domination | Is Your Website Hiding from Your Potential Customers?

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Proper Google website architecture + proper Google mobile compliance + reviews + most original relevant HTML content + most high quality backlinks = top of Google search engine results.

FUN FACT – 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. – 

FUN FACT – How Google retains more than 90% of market share 


How Search organizes information

Before you search, web crawlers gather information from across hundreds of billions of webpages and organize it in the Search index.

The fundamentals of Search

The crawling process begins with a list of web addresses from past crawls and sitemaps provided by website owners. As our crawlers visit these websites, they use links on those sites to discover other pages. The software pays special attention to new sites, changes to existing sites and dead links. Computer programs determine which sites to crawl, how often and how many pages to fetch from each site.

We offer Search Console to give site owners granular choices about how Google crawls their site: they can provide detailed instructions about how to process pages on their sites, can request a recrawl or can opt out of crawling altogether using a file called “robots.txt”. Google never accepts payment to crawl a site more frequently — we provide the same tools to all websites to ensure the best possible results for our users.


Organizing information by indexing When crawlers find a webpage, our systems render the content of the page, just as a browser does. We take note of key signals — from keywords to website freshness — and we keep track of it all in the Search index. 

Google Myths:

  1. Only the big companies can win
  2. Reviews don’t matter
  3. It doesn’t matter how much original search engine content you have

Search Engine for Dummies by Bruce Clay 

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them.” – W. Edwards Deming 

Mystery Shopping 101:

  1. Mystery Shop yourself weekly (preferably daily)
  2. Mystery Shop your competitors weekly
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Audio Transcription

Search Engine Domination Is Your Website Hiding From Your Potential Customers? Facebook Thrivetime Show

Stop and think about this for a second. What would happen if your company was suddenly able to generate exponentially more quality sales leads? That would be incredible. What would happen if your company came up at the top or near the top of the Google search engine results? Quill. I would just feel overwhelmed with all that pissed ass. How many thousands of dollars in lost sales or millions of dollars in lost sales are you missing out on? Simply because your potential customers can’t find you when they go online to search for the products and services that you offer. I refuse to fake that thought because I don’t want any more business.

Some shows don’t need a celebrity in the writer to introduce a show, but this show does to me. Eight kids co-created by two different women, 13 moat time, million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome

to the thrive time show.

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Thrive nation. On today’s show, we are beginning

the search engine conversation. Let’s, let’s begin the search engine conversation and Jason, before we get started on today’s show, I’d like to ask you why D, why objectively? Say you didn’t work here. Say you weren’t a coach. Say you hadn’t worked for me at elephant in the room. Say you just had no idea who I was. Why do you think that knowing how search engines work is vitally important for everybody who owns a business or who wants to? Well, because the vast majority of everybody who are your ideal and likely buyers, that’s where they’re doing their shopping. That’s where they’re doing. Their research is online and if you don’t understand anything with search engines, people can’t find you people. What did you just say? People can’t want, they can’t find you. You’re invisible and this is what I would like to share with the listeners out there before we get into chapter one of the new book search engine domination is it is absolutely not healthy.

I mean healthy is not healthy for you to not know how search engines work. I’m going to put the statistics on the show notes today. I’ll be very detailed in the show notes. You can find them at thrive time, but well over 90% of consumers re buy products after reading a review. They read reviews before they buy something and they begin the search for the thing on the internet, on the internet. Now Jason, back to you. I’m going to have you read from chapter one my friend. Yes. So chapter one, search engine domination. Everyone uses the internet yet few who know how to market effectively using it according to research published by Pew research in March of 2018 77% of people now go online, um, a daily basis or on a daily basis to find the answers, solutions, products, services and connections they are looking for.

However, from both our personal experience and having worked with thousands of people to help them increase their company’s value by hundreds of millions of dollars, I have personally discovered that less than 1% of the clients that we have worked with knew how search engine optimization truly worked before we taught it. So let’s talk about that. Um, do you, do you agree with that? That, let me, cause you, you have clients you’ve worked with now you’ve been with me working with elephant in the room and now uh, with me doing the business coaching for about what, three years? Three and a half years going on three going on three years. They’re on three years and I feel like, um, I, I’m, I’m saying less than 1% of the clients have a, have a familiarity with how the internet works previous to working with me, but D D do you agree with that or do you think that that’s a more people know how it works or, I would say 1% is fair because I thought I knew how the internet worked until I started working for just elephant.

And you taught me the importance of like Google ranking and then getting in and learning more about it with you and John were talking to my clients. I have similar conversations where they think they understand it, but when you start telling them about, you know, keywords and SEO and all that and it blows their mind. Let me, let me share this with the listeners out there. This is what’s dangerous. It’s so dangerous. You have to, you gotta watch a sale be dangerous. Is it that it’s nothing’s worse than thinking. You know how it works, right? That’s dangerous. That’s scary because people, what are some of the things that people say to you where you know, they’re wrong, but they think this is how Google works because I have known how Google works since 2001 probably 2001, 2002 since I’ve, once I really invested the thousands of hours needed to learn how Google search engines work.

Um, but how, how, what kind of things do people say to you about how Google works that that is maybe wrong and then they just think that’s how it works? Well, one of the things that’s been scary to me is, um, the quote is so funny, I won’t say who said it, but um, when people tell you that will actually, Google doesn’t care about reviews, that doesn’t help your website rank at all your reviews or your, or you don’t even have to have a business page in order for your website to show up on Google. That’s a scary one. Okay. Notice scary when I hear, and these are, these are Google myths. One is they say only the big companies can be top true. Only the big companies can win if you heard that before. I have. Okay. Another one would be is that Google reviews don’t matter, right?

Oh yeah. You hear that all Down’s very popular. Another one is that it doesn’t matter how much content I have. Have you heard that one? Yes. How often do you hear that? So much because most people just don’t want to do it, but they’ve been told so it says it’s like a double edged sword. You don’t want to do it, but then people have also told you, Oh, the content doesn’t matter. You don’t have to have a thousand words. You don’t have to have 500 words. They’re just trying to get stuff out of you. What about it doesn’t matter if the contents are original or not, if you heard that. Yes, and I will say that’s one of the biggest myths that will get you very hurt in the long run. So you mean if you hire a marketing company today to help you and then they actually copy content?

Are you, are you saying that is, that would hurt a business. It would definitely hurt a business. Google knows everything. What about people saying I can copy content but Google can’t catch me? I would say whoever told you that it should be taken out in the streets and shot. Okay. There they’re very simple programs. I mean, um, you have found for your clients personally that that’s happened, right? So this is, let me read you a little, a statistic here from a business insider, the article is titled how Google retains more than 90% of the market share. Check this out. Thrive nation, 90% 90.8% of all humans use Google for search, for searching for things. 90.8 now 4.3% of people choose to use YouTube, which is owned by Google. What? Yes, 4.844 4.3% are using YouTube, which is owned by Google. 1.3% of people are using the Google maps.

That means that more people are using YouTube to search. Then Yahoo and Amazon combined friends. I’m just telling you, you’ve got to look at these statistics. I’m putting the links on the show notes and if you want to know what books to read to vet what I’m saying, read search engine for dummies by Bruce Clay. Search engine for dummies. A great book to read. If you want to learn how the internet works, check out that book. Search engine for dummies. Jason, please continue reading during the pages of this practical action oriented and game-changing book. We will teach you the specific steps that you need to take in order to begin generating leads and making money as a result of learning how to dominate search engine results. Now let’s talk about that for a second. We have the, you can download the free ebook version of the search engine domination book right now, the Kindle version.

You can download that for free 100% free right now by going to Amazon. Why would we do that? Because people need to know this. It’s important. No w w if it’s so important, why don’t they teach it at college? I would have a hard time trying to answer that question. Doesn’t make sense to me. Why don’t they teach it on the campuses of college if it’s so important because people make it, this is a theorial thing, but plus they don’t want you to know how to do it because then that’s how they beat you. Okay. So anyway, whatever, for whatever reason they don’t teach this on college campuses. And why wouldn’t, why wouldn’t you go to a marketing seminar where people only teach you a little bit about how it works? Just a little bit. Because if you want that third and final step, you want to go ahead and come to the next conference cause that’s where, Oh that’s where the real knowledge is.

Okay. Please continue reading. So the next is a quote that actually backs up the article you were just reading. It says almost 90% of consumers said they read our online reviews, which is funny because Google retains 90% of the market share continue. Search engines are used by vast majority of people to find the products and services that they buy. Yet very few people truly understand how search engines actually work. Search engines use electronic devices, commonly referred to as spiders, robots or bots to crawl and scan the vast internet in search of the most relevant content that they can display to search engine users in order to do this search engines, index or catalog and sort the information that is publicly. Okay, let’s, let’s, let’s get that right there. Let’s make sure we’re breaking this down. So when we say index, and I’m not trying to put you on the spot, Jason, but what do you think that means?

And I don’t expect you to be a search engine. A master. I’m you. You do? Uh, I would explain how our co, our, our, the relationship our coaches have their clients is this, um, somebody has gone to the top of the mountain. They’ve made their way up to the top of the mountain. They have made a path and now they have trained a Sherpa, a guide to hold you accountable and to walk you down the path. I would describe what you do as a Sherpa. You lead people down the proven path. I don’t expect you to know how we came up with the path or to be the, I’m the inventor of the path, I mean a Z. And I learned the path by running through the minefield of life and somehow making it to the end. And then now we’re, we’ve created a, a system that you can follow, but what does it mean in your mind to index the internet or to sort it?

Um, so for my understanding and how I believe Google works from what I’ve read is when they’re indexing, they’re doing a deep dive and just culminating, downloading, searching through every source of material that has whatever topic that you type in. So like if you’re, you’re on Google right now, typing in something to search, they’re going to try and find each and every bit of information and rank it based off of most helpful or most important to least relevant, but still has that information. So they’re just kind of pulling all their resources to give you every little bit of information that pertains to what you searched. Would you be offended if I actually read a notable quotable from Google itself? Would you be, would you be okay with that? I’d be more than okay with. Okay, so, and by the way, do you think that Google is a credible source to learn how Google works?

I would say so. Okay. This is what Google writes on forward slash search for it slash how search works. Ford slash crawling dash indexing. I should put that on a shirt. So this is the fun, notable quotable from Google. It says before you search web crawlers, gather information from across hundreds, hundreds, hundreds of billions of webpages, and organize it in the search index. The fundamentals of search says the crawling process begins with a list of web addresses from past crawls and site maps provided by website owners site maps, which means somebody should write that down. You gotta have a dot XML site map. What you gotta have a dot XML site map. What does that mean? Listen, listen to me homies, write it down. It doesn’t matter what it means. Have a dot XML site map. Have it on your site, and have a dot. Have an HTML site map.

HTML is the site map. Hypertech, hypertext markup language, language, hypertext, markup language. It’s where you can see the site map. Go to a bottom of one of the sites I built. Go to score B, right now, score B and go to the bottom of it and click on the word site map and you’re going to see the HTML site map. There it is. Boom. Now the XML, that’s the site map. You can’t see like x-ray, you can’t see it, but Google can remember x-ray, how, this is how I remember how I remember it. X rays, like something you can’t see without the machine, so you can’t see the XML sitemap unless you’re like in the machine lets you. That’s what, that’s what Google sees, the XML, the HTML. That’s what you humans can see. H like HTML, like humans can see. Humans can see the HTML X. Only the x-ray can see it.

So again, the crawling process begins with a list of web addresses from past crawls and site maps provided by site owners. You don’t, Jason, remember that website I showed in the meeting a couple of weeks ago? The lady spent like it didn’t, it wasn’t like $100,000 over $100,000 but was quoted about 100,000 less so bad, ma’am. If you’re listening and that’s you, I feel bad for you. I’m so sorry. But she’s been over a hundred thousand dollars paying a local Tulsa company to build her website for her, a huge firm. And you know that it didn’t, MRI showed you guys it didn’t have a site map on it. Yeah, and you couldn’t find it unless you put in the exact address because it doesn’t have a site map. That’s like not having an address. Work with me folks. If I wanted to mail you a letter, if you want to mail me a letter right now, you say, clay, I hate your show.

I’m going to mail you a letter right now. I hate your show. I freaking hate your show. I’ve always hated your show. I’m going gonna send you some hate mail. I sent you some anthrax. Well, if you send me hate mail, send the hate mail to 1100 Riverwalk terrorists in jinx Oklahoma and uh, uh, suite 100 because they had a suite right there. Or just Google search. Thrive time show jinx. But Jason, why do I have to have an address so people can find you if we ever hired someone, we ever interviewed somebody before and we interviewed them and then after interviewing them they said that they, they said, what address do you want to get your checks mailed to? And they said, I don’t have one. I haven’t run into that yet. Oh, very confused with that. I will explain to you how often this happens.

A lot. Probably once a month. Okay. And then I said, well why not? And they say, well, I’m going through a transition and you say, why not? What’s going on? And then you find out there’s like a drug thing. They’re changing their name, they’re hiding from the law, breaking the knob, hiding from the law that the dead ended breaking the dog. There’s, if you have a website that doesn’t have an a site map, Google can’t find your babies. Come on now. You got to get that billboard to be seen. Don’t build that beautiful billboard and put that in the woods. I’ll put that in the woods. Don’t do it. No, so again, the crawling process begins with a list of web addresses from past crawls and site maps provided by website owners. As our crawlers visit these websites, they use links on those sites to discover, discover.

Wow, there’s new website. Wow. I’m quoting Google. We says, let, let me do. I’ll quote Google using like a sock puppet using my hand. They use links on those sites to discover other pages. They have to have site maps. We got to do it. The software pay special attention to news sites, changes to existing sites and dead links. Computer programs determine which sites to crawl, how often, and how many pages to fetch from each side. We offer search engine console to give site owners granular choices about how Google crawls their site. They can provide detailed instructions about how to process pages on their sites. These are called call requests or they can opt out of Cron altogether using a file called robots dot TXT. So as an example, if I had a fabulous gallery of nude animal art, what? Like if I had photos of my cat 13 cats and if I had photos of my cats and I’m like, these cats are naked and I don’t want anyone to find those webpages cause they’re nude, right?

Then I could make sure that I designate in the site map, don’t crawl these pages, don’t find these pages. Or I could say please crawl these pages, but by default, guess what Jason? What’s that? Most clients when I first meet them, yeah, their sites aren’t even being crawled by Google [inaudible] meaning the only way someone could find it would be to go directly to your website. This is so IM important. Okay. Let me read just a little more from Google. Then we’ll go back to the book. Organizing information by indexing. When crawlers find a webpage, our systems render the content of the page just as a browser does. We take note of signals from keywords to website freshness and keep track of it all in the search engine index. Jason, I’m gonna read this to you again. I’d like for you to break down what this means because this is powerful.

We take note of key signals from keywords to website, freshness, freshness, and we keep track of it all in the search engine index. What does it mean? Freshness? My understanding is you’re uploading something constantly or you’re making it a tweak to it, which means you’re never done. It’s called Kaizen. It’s the Japanese concept of continual improvement. Yeah, cause they mentioned back in that last section, you’re reading about dead sites. What you mean? I can’t just pay a web guy to write content and stop. That’s right. I don’t want to brush my teeth that again today. I did it. I take a shower, I did it last month. I don’t want to talk to tell my wife I love her. I did that you last year. I mean you’ve got to have, anything that you have requires a responsibility. You’ve got to tend to the garden baby. You can’t just write content and leave it.

Pastors, doctors, dentists, lawyers. Listen to me again. When crawlers find a webpage, our systems render the content of the page just as a browser does. We take note of key signals from the keywords to the website, freshness. Jason, back to you with the freshness. In fact, here’s an example of how Google works from Google itself. The software behind our search technology conducts a series of simultaneous calculations requiring only a fraction of a second. Traditional search engines rely heavily on how often a word appears on a webpage. We use more than 200 signals, including our patented page rank algorithm to examine the entire link structure of the web and determine which pages are most important. Who created page rank? Larry Page, who’s Larry? Page co founder of Google. You mean there’s 200 signals? Yes, Jason. Wait a second. So what happens if I don’t know what those 200 signals are?

I mean, what if, okay, let’s, let’s, let’s, let’s try it this way. What if I said to you, Jason, Jason, there are 200 criteria which I use to determine if I’m going to hire you. Yeah, but you don’t know what they are. And one of them is always wearing a red shirt, which you said it was just for a random example, and you show up to the job interview without wearing the red shirt. Why can’t you get the job? Because it wasn’t wearing red shirt. I didn’t meet part of your criteria. Right? But think about this for a second. Does anybody know that you should wear a red shirt? Not inherently. Right? So you have to know these two hundreds. You got to know this is what, which is why you should download the book today for free. Search engine domination. Get that beast on Amazon right now.

I talked to a guy yesterday who attended one of our conferences and guess where he was? Where? Argentina. Oh, and guess what he’s doing in Argentina? Was he doing, he was teaching a man how search engines work. I guess he bought some of the books and was going down there. Oh, it’s hostage. The people in Argentina, how the internet works because I guess there’s nobody down there who knows how it works either. So if you are stuck with your business and you’re not in Argentina or if you are, give us a call. We want to help you download the book for free. Jason, continue. We then conduct hypertext matching as most important or or sorry. Uh, we then conduct a hypertext matching analysis to determine which pages are relevant to the specific search being conducted. By combining overall importance and query specific relevance, we are able to put the most relevant and reliable results first.

Wait a minute. We put the most, what? First? We put the most relevant and reliable results. First. Did you say that you put the most relevant and reliable? What sources first? Come on now, baby. Now relevant is determined by the freshness. Whoever has the most content, babies, the words that the words related to the subjects that you cannot stop, can’t stop, won’t stop. P Diddy and quotations. Bad boys for life. We a go and know where we a go. Nowhere cause we bad boys for lie boy. I continued organic search one-on-one. Most of the people on the planet who choose to use search engines to find the products, services and solutions that they are looking for are not inclined to sift through pages and pages of search engine results to find the results that they believe to be the best. In fact, most users refuse to ever even consider the search results found on page two of most Google search engine results.

Now if you’ve, you’re, if you right now, if you are on page two, it is long overdue for you to move to page one. If you have a dead body, a dead, not a real dead body like you have like a, you know, bad news. But then on page two, maybe you want good news on page one, bad stuff. Page two, good stuff. Page one, stuff you’re trying to hide. Jay’s, when was the last time you went to page two? Do you go to page two a lot? Um, the only, the last time I went to page two was like in the early development of a coaching client site. Just to see where they were ranking. Yeah. Other than that though, like my personal searches, I hardly go past the map for my Matthew Slater a show that I’m going to be recording this weekend where I explained to you how a member of the new England Patriots as the captain of the team, he’s been to seven pro bowls.

He’s been on the team for 13 years and he’s a receiver and he’s only caught one pass. So I’m going to have that show coming out soon. But I went to like page two, three, four, five to really find that good stuff. Yeah, that hard to find stuff. But if you have something that you want people to find, you got to go to page one. And by the way, your bad boy for life. Um, um, it makes me want to play this following sound clip. So I’m going to cue this up real quick. We’ll do kind of a bad boy for life. Kind of a brief mental timeout here. Then we’ll come back. Let me, let me get it queued up here. This is a, okay, let me hit play here.

Live local broadcasting from the center of NAU and the thrive world headquarters. It’s the thrive time show. We’re going through the plot

and we’re back. Okay, Jason, please continue. In years past on other search engines, you could just pay to have your website ranked higher on search engine results, but Google decided to change everything and create the absolute best search engine results possible for users when they decided to, to not allow businesses to pay to play as it relates to dominating organic search engine results. Although you can buy advertisements using AdWords, Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin leveled the playing field for people like us that did not grow up with silver spoons in our mounts when they decided to fill the majority of their search engine results with non paid search engine results and content. Sorry, what did you just say? [inaudible] just go back. I, I get, I’m, I’m, I, you know, I’m a dyslexic man. I struggle sometimes with reading. I have to hear it again. I can read, just repeat the last two lines please. Yeah. Um, Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin leveled the playing field for people like us that did not grow up with silver spoons in our mouth. Oh, I know what you’re doing. Wait a second. Here we go. The Thrivers want to hear this song face to face. A couple of first spoons. Go on. Thrive nation. Here we go. Cranking it up. I’m bringing it up. Here we go.

Oh yeah, I’ll come on now. Come on. Thrive nation. You’ll have a drum. You got me. Drum sticks. They’re right down the table. Let me get my cowbell turn beach Dave. Oh yeah, here you go. Can we go through our mission? We go this, that’s what you want.

Check this. Move out. Ricky Schroder, silver spoons.

Best show of all different really in American history, some upset is silver spoons and not, I’m not going to put words in the thrive nation’s mouth, but I can tell you there are many Thrivers out there all across the nation. Planets. Are there other, other planetary systems who are right now rejoicing that the word silver spoons was said in the book, but please continue reading. So for those of us that weren’t born silver spoons in our mouths when they decided to fill the majority of their search engine results with non paid search engine results and content that is, or that was created by diligent people who are actually willing to invest the time needed to create Google compliant websites and content. Now why don’t we do this? Why don’t we for a second kind of, um, mentally doggy that cause I think we have to sell that book at the conference.

I may have a book to sell, maybe one of the books we’re giving away. So I can’t, I cannot dog you the page, but mentally doggy that page and flip and just find a testimonial that book for, find it. Find a, a testimonial in that book from a real client that we’ve really worked with. Maybe a picture of them and tell us the name of their company, the name of their websites, the Thrivers out there can, can verify it and then read, read a notable quotable to us. Oh, so we have a success story from our pal, dr Brett Bob. I love dr Brett Castbox. He’s the man. Yeah. So his notable quotable when we started, if you put my name in exact or if you put my name in exactly spelled correctly, you might’ve found me on 20 pages back. So we started from scratch and now we’re climbing the Google search engine each day. That’s a nice new thing. People come in and are like, Hey, I saw you online literally from a year and a half ago to now we’re up double. I know what, because couldn’t be here today. Is it, is it fair if I cue up a another testimonial from a guy? Uh, this is a guy named Joe Berbee. It’s back to basics building. Big shout out to back to basics building. I love that. BBB, back to basics building here. Uh, Joe burb. Let me, Coupa is, this is Joe Gerber here.

My name is Joe. My company is back to basics builders.

Everybody stop for a second. Stop what you’re doing. Cause I’m about to ruin your page two status. Google this guy please. I’m gonna. Let me queue it up again. This is the remix. Listen to this. Here we go.

My name is Joe. My company is back to basics builders.

Look him up real quick. Thrivers come on. You’re all paranoid. You don’t believe me? I don’t believe you. I don’t play myself. Thrivers none of us can trust each other, right? Cause we’re conspiracy theorists. So look him up real quick. I’m not cute. Don’t go. Don’t make me play it four times. Let me play it again here. Here we go.

My name is Joe. My company is back to basics builders. Perfect. And Joe, how has being top in Google impacted your life and business? Well, we have pre pretty much consistently getting between four and six leads every week. And uh, it’s, it just looks completely different from last year. How last year we would go weeks upon weeks without putting a deposit into our bank. And that’s just not the case anymore. Every week I’m visiting the bank with more money. [inaudible] boom. Okay. How long did it take you, Joe, once you started in on the Google game, how long did it take before you started seeing results? We started seeing a really positive results after about three months of working with [inaudible]

because Google is looking for the consistency in the freshness. You can’t be top because of a one time event. People out there pushing Botox, people out there, dentistry, people out there selling anything online. You’re trying to sell something, cabinets, upholstery, dentistry, photography, videography, outdoor kitchens, outdoor living pools, everybody. You’ve got to understand how people selling houses, people selling Keystone Harbor, they sell.

This is Dustin Huff. I’m with Keystone Harbor Marina. Um, we joined thrive, uh, back in January and have been working with these guys for about seven months. Uh, during that time period we have, uh, moved up our Google rank through reviews and SEO processes that we’ve, uh, uh, compiled through these guys. Our leads have gone from about four week to now 106.

Thrivers I know that some of you are out there are doubting that it works. So you have to just go right now to Keystone What do they sell over there? Like boat, boat rentals and the do boat rentals. Um, jet ski rentals. They’ve got, um, Airstream cabins. Lots of cool stuff. But it’s like, but my industry is different, so it’s different. People don’t use Google find me because I’m a hand surgeon. Yeah, well people use Google for everything. Oh, Shunda let me hit play. Let me, let me keep playing. This is Dustin Huff talking to you.

65 a week. So the process to now, these guys are leads have gone from about four week to now 165 a week. Needs have gone from about four weeks to now. 165 leads nights have gone from about a week to now 160 leads have gone from about four week to now. 165 maybe, I don’t know.

No, maybe. Maybe somebody out there says, this is not impressive to me. You know, this is, this is easy. This is, this is, this is too easy. This is too money comes to me too easily and I just listened to this show for the heck of it. I don’t actually want to benefit from this stuff. Um, but I, I choose to believe our listeners are, are a different breed, Jason, and they want to have success. Oh, let’s go back. Let’s go back to the book. Let’s go back to page. What page are we on? 34 page 34 yes. Okay. Continue reading my friend designed one-on-one. Okay. You must obsess over the concept that your website only exists to provide solutions for your ideal and likely buyers and to help you make a profit as a result of providing those solutions to your ideal and likely buyers. Many business owners spend every dime that they have on creating a visually incredible website that no one can ever find because it does not follow Google search engine compliance rules. Repeat that last line. Most people want a mini business owner spend every dime that they have on creating a visually incredible website that no one can ever find because it does not follow Google’s search engine. But Dustin hub with Keystone Harbor here,

he says, we try to, you’ve got to balance it out. It’s be tough to do this on the fly. Let me see if I can do it here with Sue. We got here and with some strength,

so the process works. We start week, so the process works. So the process works. So we process works. So we started back a couple of the process works. So we started back a couple of years ago and began the process and began the process and wait for about six months and, and then stopped, uh, under about six months and then stopped for about six months. And in it stocks, uh, I will tell you from experience you from experience, once you begin, you have to stay with it. Once you begin, you have to stay with it. Once you begin, you have to stay with. And once you begin, you have to stay with. And as long as you continually do this weekend and week out, month in and month out, you’ll continually grow. You’ll continually grow month out. You’ll continually grow vow. You’ll continually grow your only views and you’re getting a week out, month in and month out. You’ll continually grow, play, grow your reviews, and you’ll also continually grow your revenues. Kept me kitchen excellence. Important to stay with. Just so grow your revenue. So it’s, so this is not a get rich quick scheme. I would say stay with it. Google reviews are paramount and content is King. As long as you stick

with it, revenue will grow your business growth. Oh, I was sick. Dustin Hoff, the mega mix, right to that sick dude. That guy, he’s sick. Heck guy’s sick. Is he? Have we checked him for swine flu? We need to. Dustin’s the man. He is the main. Continue my friend clay has personally employed and fired well over a dozen web developers. Wow. Getting right back into it. What developers who refuse to grasp this concept because of their fascination and preoccupation with building websites that were visually incredible and virtually undiscoverable by search engines. The Google domination equation. All right, so for all of our math fans, proper Google website architecture must follow Google’s canonical rules plus proper Google mobile compliance plus reviews, plus most relevant original content plus most high quality backlinks equals top of Google search engine results. Okay. So repeat that again to the equation. Someone, some there is trying to take notes on this.

They’re trying to write this down so repeat it one more time. So the Google domination equation is as follows, proper Google website architecture plus proper Google mobile compliant. Proper what now? Proper Google architecture. Proper Google website architecture website. Proper Google website architecture. Okay. Plus one plus proper Google mobile compliance plus proper Google mobile compliance. Got it. Okay. Plus reviews plus reviews. Got it. Plus most relevant original content. Most original relevant, relevant HTML content. Okay. Most high or plus? Most high quality backlinks. High quality backlinks. Got it. And that equals your top of Google search engine results of Google search engine results. There it is. Okay, I got, I got it. I said it’s proper. Google website architecture plus proper mobile. Google mobile compliance plus reviews plus original relevant HTML content plus most high quality backlinks equals top of Google search engine results. Correct. We’re going to stop reading right there and then I’m going to say all this works, but you can’t get reviews if your product’s terrible.

And so we have a thriver that just just emailed us right now. I’m going to pull this up here. Ooh. Oh, this just comes in from a a, a, a, we’ll just say a doctor. He writes, if you use this, paraphrase it, anonymize it and fancy it up. But feel free to use because this could be a really good ask. Clay, anything. Well, I think it ties into search engines because if you, if your topic Google, but your product sucks. I mean, it’s not gonna work. We have, I have a self destructive competitor that just opened up a clinic in the city where I operate and provide surgery where he’s doing cataract surgery surgery with no anesthesia. Whoa, crazy. Look at this. Give me an email that’s crazy. Crazy. He has just one referral source in the city. The guy, uh, at this ghetto Walmart who sends him about 75 to a hundred cases a year, enough to generate 50 to 75,000 a year.

And this is not the patient population who would do well without anesthesia. Did I mention his anesthesia free cataract or is in a shopping mall, a couple of stores downtown from the, anyway, anyway, this is a, this has a low likelihood of success. There’s only two routes for success or to attract clients outside is referral source through either direct to consumer advertising like LASIK ads or if he poaches my dream 100 it took me four and a half years to build loyalty among this group. I’ve done the majority of their patients eyes. I take them out to dinner once a month and I bring them donuts and candy each week. Anyway. I’m paranoid and really nervous about this guy because he’s success could be an existential threat if everything went wrong. How do you monitor competitors and threats early in their development and how do you systemize mystery shopping?

New compact competition threats weekly, monthly. When do you measure like you would measure ad spend on the ad tracker? Okay, so I’m going to do Jason, does that question make sense to you? It does. All right, so let’s do mystery shopping one-on-one and I’ll take some notes here for you. Jason, please explain what we have mystery shoppers that come into the elephant in the room. Ooh, it’s got to make sure that we are doing everything that we need to or um, it’s always good to have like a fresh pair of eyes because like we use our, Ooh, I see what you’re doing. You’re tying into the whole life thing. We have to get back into that cause that competitor, I’m just, I have questions but um, for your secret shoppers, which is great was I’ve met a lot of them over the years and I still don’t know who, probably 95% of them actually are, which is good, but it helps us.

Um, it’s like your second pair of eyes in the store cause like management and leads and everything. It’s our job to make sure we’re executing, but we’ll get used to following those checklists off a cliff that we may miss something in the background. So like somebody’s attitude or the music volume or somebody weird up front. And so those guys kind of keep us on our toes and let you know exactly, Hey, as a customer, this is what I’m experiencing. That way you get feedback from us and you get feedback from them. And it’s not just trusting one source. We all intuitively know this, but w Edwards Deming, he’s the, the uh, very, uh, claimed re successful economist business consultant during his time. We all know what he says is true. I’m gonna read it to anyway, he says profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service and that brings that, bring friends with them.

Let me repeat it again. Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service and that bring friends with them. That’s what brings profits. We know that, right? Repeat customers. Yeah. So step one, I would recommend that everybody listening out there would have a mystery shopper in your business everyday. So much rent that down everyday. I believe every day. Now if you can’t afford it or it’s not practical or whatever, it looks like at least weekly. Somebody needs to be calling your phones. It’s not you and seeing what happens. True. Somebody has to come into your store who’s not you and give you objective feedback and you should pay them and great companies like Southwest airlines, Disney world, quick trip, they all have mystery shoppers. Why don’t you, I know you the listener have one, but you know your friends, people, people, not util listeners, other people. So one mystery shopping one-on-one. You want to mystery shop yourself weekly, preferably daily too. You need to mystery shop your competition


preferably, but if not weekly [inaudible] so, so important. Why do I have people mystery shop my competition, Jason, so you can see if you will. One, you want to make sure that you’re that we’re always offering a superior product, but it’s always good to see what other people are doing because if you want to be the best, you have to find out what the best is doing and then do it better than them.


there it is, but mystery shopping is super important. If I can give like a real world example, one of my clients I meet with a Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Wednesday, one of his businesses, he was worried that the front desk wasn’t tracking their leads properly. Yup. Cause we’re now going through the process, getting everything back in order and he noticed that his numbers were in but theirs weren’t. So like, okay, well how do we fix that? And he’s like, well I don’t necessarily oversee that department. And I said, well here’s a quick thing you can do. You guys have a form you can fill out online, right? And he goes, yes and I’m going to fill it out. So I filled it out, put my real fake name, Buffalo, my real phone number, your rap name and my real, yeah, it’s a, it’s Jerome because you can shorten it.

Jay or Jerome Romero cause you can, Oh yes. I’ve said Jay Romeo, it’s awesome. Nice. Anyway, I put that in and we waited and it’s been, what, five days? And I still have not got a call back from that lead. Oh boy, that’s, that’s not good. But he knows that now. Next time it’s like, Hey guys, if we’re going on a week and we’re actually hurting for business right now, how come nobody’s calling these people? I want to make sure people get this. Okay. W Edwards Deming, he’s an engineer, a [inaudible] a professor is his job as a statistician was to look at the stats as a professor, was to teach the stats as an author was to write about the stats traveling around the world teaching what these things mean. He actually got hired, um, uh, by the U S government to help them. And the U S government, they use the department of census today still uses, um, a lot of the systems he set up.

But anyway, he, this guy had a ton of success and he said profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your product or service and that bring friends with them. That’s w Edwards Deming. So if you’re out there today and you’re looking for the action steps, what do I need to do as a result of this show? One you probably need to get out to a workshop because the workshop, we’re going to have this, uh, next Friday and Saturday. I don’t know in this show comes out, but if you’re going to have, I think this show, this show right now is going to be released I think on December 13th. So we’re way ahead. But I would recommend that you would book your tickets today to attend an in person thrive time show workshop and the tickets are 250 bucks. Get them there. Boom. Um, cause you can ask questions and how often do, I mean it seems like I, I would Jason, how often do the people who attend the conferences have questions?

I mean it’s like everybody, I’ve been to every conference since December and there’s not been a lack of questions every time. Like you’ll be in the middle of one of your like sections and somebody will immediately raise their hand. And what’s funny is you will break whatever dialogue you have. Mixer in the back. You had a question about search engines. I was like, yeah. And every single time you have the whiteboards up and you don’t leave Friday or Saturday until all those questions are answered. So it’s super helpful. We’ll stick around. I mean we’ll, we’ll stay late if we need to. I mean we’re going to do we’d, but you’re not going to leave without the answers to your questions. And that is so important for you to know that it’s not a conference where we’re walking on hot cause we walked on hot coals.

We do have a lot of fun, but we’re not walking on hot coals and bouncing volleyballs around talking about our purpose, our conferences for people who have found their purpose and just want to know the specific steps they need to take to make more money and more time freedom. And if that’s you, get your tickets [email protected]. Now if you want to get a good deal on those tickets, if you want to save, save some money on this, you want to save it to mind even as saving the money. All you gotta do is a subscribe to the thrive time show podcast. Right now I’m on iTunes, uh, or, or you know, or your favorite source, maybe Spotify for you, maybe I heart radio. And then just leave us an objective review and screenshot that review and email it into info at thrive time. email a screenshot of the review to info at thrive time,

If you can’t figure that out, you’re not, you’re not a bad person. You can leave a review on our Google map. Whatever you want to do. Then send us, send us a screenshot of that review, send it to info at thrive time, info at thrive time, and we’ll make your tickets available. For right now they’re only $37. So instead of two 50, it’s $37. And we charge you 37. Cause Jason, we served food both days. We do and we provide workbooks, a lot of handouts. Uh, can you describe the food that our listeners would experience on both days? Oh man. So, um, shout out to my dinner from last night. Actually one day we’ll do a Antolini. So all their awesome local pizza and salads can’t go wrong there. That coal fired pizza or something. It’s like a, it’s a great pizza. So yeah, it’s awesome. All right.

And then we have a, then we have Los Cabos. Mr Hood’s favorite. Yeah, the Mexican restaurant. They provide food there and so it’s a great place to meet other entrepreneurs. I’d say the average net worth of our attendees is over a million dollars. Many multi multimillionaires or there, um, owners of very successful companies is a great place to meet people. Uh, West Carter, the attorney of choice. His law firm represents, uh, TD Jakes, pastor Rochelle, um, uh, Joyce Meyer. We’ve got, uh, the, the one of the largest home builders in the country who speaks regularly. We’ve got Michael Levine, the PR consultant of choice for Nike Prince. He was awesome. Uh, Michael Jackson. He’ll, he’ll be attending in December. There’s so many things to see and do a book your tickets [email protected]. My name is clay Clark. That is Jason Beasley. And we’re going to wrap up today’s show as we always do with a boom. Without any further ado. Great.


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