Search Engine Domination | Learn How to Make Millions with Online Marketing (Part 1)

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Everybody uses search engines to find the products, services, and solutions that they are searching for, yet very few people actually know how Google search engines work.

Everyone Uses the Internet, Yet Few Know How to Market Effectively Using It

According to research published by Pew Research in March of 2018,  77% of people now go online on a daily basis to find the answers, solutions, products, services and connections they are looking for. However, from my personal experience having personally coached hundreds of brands to help them to increase their value by hundreds of millions of dollars, I personally discovered that less than 1% of the clients that I have worked with, knew how search engine optimization worked before I taught it to them.

How Much Would It Be

  • How much would it be worth to you for your business to be at the top of the search results displayed by Google?


  • How much is it costing you to not be at the top of Google search engine results?
  • What terms are your ideal and likely buyers typing into the Google search bar on a daily basis to find the products and services that most closely relate to what your company offers?

Game-Changing Results

  • “Our internet leads in a 4 month period of time have gone from around 10-15 leads in a month to 180 internet leads in a month following the system.” – Aaron Antis (The marketing director of Shaw Homes – See their success at
  • “We’ve received over 100 Google reviews, increased our Google rating and we  now have more money in the bank than we’ve ever had.” Dave & Tricia Rich, Pappagallos Pizza – See their success at
  • “We had our highest grossing month ever. We started from scratch and we now have 267 reviews and we’re climbing the Google search engine every day. Now we are up double over last year.” – Dr. Breck Kasbaum – See their success at
  • “We just set records for the best day, the best week, the best month, the best quarter and the best year last year and it is only January 30th.” – Christ DeJesus, Breakout Creative – See their success at
  • “We started 2 years ago with 600 members and we just topped 1,700 members. This program saved my life.” – Luke Owens (The founder of The Hub Gym – See their success at
  • The number of customers we’ve had is up 411% over last year. We are on the top of Google. We went from non-existent to the top page following the system. – Jared & Jennifer Johnson, Platinum Pest & Lawn – See their success at
  • “We’re the largest basketball facility in the three or four State area. We have people that call us from all over Oklahoma because of our website. My time has been freed up tremendously because I’m not involved in all the little things. It’s just streamlining your business so it’s not taking just all of your time away from your family. My wife is very important to me, my kids, I’ve got to have some of that as well and as a business owner if you allow your business to eat you up well it’s not really worth it. You’ve got to have a value of life as well. We wouldn’t be where we’re at today without Clay Clark and the Thrivetime Show team.” – Don Calvert, founder of Score Basketball – See their success at

You have the mental capacity to learn this.

Throughout the years, we’ve worked with and personally coached thousands of busy business owners like you and in every case, we have been able to teach anyone who is sincerely motivated to learn how to dominate search engine results. We know that search engine optimization is currently the most affordable, proven, and powerful marketing strategy available and we believe it to be a huge issue if you do not know how search engine optimization (commonly referred to as SEO) truly works. Search engine optimization should not be viewed as mysterious or overwhelming. It should be seen as just another core daily task that is executed by your business every day

The 4 BIG Variables That Impact Your Search Engine Rank

  1. Canonical Compliance
  2. Mobile Compliance
  3. Most Content
  4. Most Reviews

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Audio Transcription

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You know, doctor z just just this weekend, I, uh, I use the internet. Have you used the Internet resultant? Whoa, Whoa, whoa. I was thinking, I thought, you know, I use the Internet on Saturday. Thank you Al Gore. Because my wife had to get a rental car because her vehicle’s getting repaired and I thought, well I use the Internet there. And then Andrew, we had a guest on today. We just interviewed Dr Dan. Yep. And uh, we went on, you went on Amazon to buy his book, right? I did. And then Z, we went and bought Neeley’s book. One of our guests, we bought her book and then Z. Today I Google searched a, a thriver who’s in Australia to find his phone number. Yup. See, I use the internet today. Did you use the Internet today? Did you think Al Gore? Well, I didn’t, but I probably should.

Listen, this is thinking right now. Thank you. Thank you Alvin. Thank. Thank you. Now think about this. See if everybody’s using the internet out there. If everybody’s using the Internet to find the products and services that they need, the solutions they’re looking for. Okay. Wouldn’t it make sense to know how to manipulate the search engine results that you could come up on top of the Google? Oh, top of the Google? I would go to, I wouldn’t it make sense? It would be, it’s the new move. I mean back in the day we could just get the biggest ad in the phone book and we were first. Now that doesn’t work well here we’re doing, this is episode one and Andrew put note on this. This is episode one take note over there by your your workstation area. Okay. I want to keep track of them. Okay.

This is show one Z of a 12 part series we’re doing on how Google works. So like a dozen shows. That’s almost like a doesn’t. It could be a Baker’s dozen. We might give a bonus 13th show. Let’s do that. So Z, do you think the show could be worth some money to somebody out there if that they actually have or anything? They applied it and actually put it, put it in motion. I was thinking about this the other day. I had a client that brought this up and they’d written down a number and I said, what’s this number? And they said, I think clay cause it there we did a show about the trillion dollar business coach. Uh Oh yeah. Bill Campbell, the business coach for a Steve Jobs and the business coach for Apple. Uh, the, the current CEO Tim Cook and the business coach for, um, Zuckerberg and the business coach for Google and Eric Schmidt.

And the book title is called the trillion dollar business coach. But this guy said, I think I was thinking about your clients you’ve coached, I think you have added $1 billion of sales to their bottom line. Wow. 1 billion. Wow. And just this particular guy’s businesses like nine to 10 times larger, and it’s only been six months of Google domination. See, that’s the conversation. Just six months of Google domination and he’s growing the sales. Well, it matters because that’s the move nowadays. I mean, I, you know, it’s crazy, but he’s got their smart phones, they’re googling businesses, they’re looking at it, they’re believing what perfect strangers are saying about that business. I want to rip on you and me together just by myself first. But you can just kind of be on the, on the rip on ourselves bus. Is He, the year was 1999. 19. My wife works for you.

Oh, you have the optometry clinic going strong. Kylie who still works there today was my wife’s manager. Yeah. And people would leave. Thousands of people would lead Z. I bet you, I bet you throughout your career you’ve probably, uh, as a, as a optometrist you’ve probably treated or your clinic has over a million people. I would think that’s probably accurate. And up until from 1999 when I first met you, I don’t recall you and I ever talking about Google reviews. No, because it wasn’t a thing back then. I don’t even remember us talking about it in 2012. No, I don’t remember. In fact, I don’t really remember it being a frontal lobe. Oh my gosh. Holy Crap. This is important until about 2013, 14. Right? Z. Why didn’t you get any Google reviews? You bad, bad boss. What are you getting Google reviews up until 2013.

Well, cause they were to think, no, Google wasn’t a thing. But remember when we were on the Bloomberg, the Bloomberg interview back rubbed back then when it was called backrub initially Google’s called backrub. And I remember though, we were on a Bloomberg podcast and I remember talking to the person who books the interview and they kept wondering if we were real. That’s the move. Are you real? And they’d get this, this person who was vetting me, they’ll get a PR company who’s trying to get me on Bloomberg. They’re like, Mr. Clark, we’d love to have you on the show. We’ve really, we enjoyed one of your books. We found, we read the book, Make Your Life ethically like that book. Um, we do like what you’re doing. We’d like this thrive concept, but we can’t find any evidence that you’re real. And I remember thinking at first I wasn’t mad, but I’m like, what, what?

And so I said, well, under what criteria, what do I need to do? And I said, can you type in 1609 South Boston, this is 2000, like 1314 ish. And they go, yeah, what’s that? I said, that’s my office. Oh, you have an office? Wow. And I’m like, well how did, what’d you think ahead? And his PR guy says, well, I thought it where you’re one of those home based business life coach guys. And I’m like, why? I get it. I appreciate that. And he says, um, do, how much revenue do you do an elephant in the room? I mean, are you doing, you know, is it, you know, like four or five barbers? I said, um, well, it’s multimillion. So it’s more than a million in more than 2 million. So I’ll give you that. I gave you that. And he’s going, well, can you tell me exactly how much is that?

I really don’t want to talk about that because, um, I’ve competitors, but they want to buy me. They could talk about that. Maybe you sign an NDA, be more. But then they’re like, well, what is your partner do it? And I know you remember this interview, but I didn’t involve you in this ridiculous vetting process, but they’re like, what does your partner do? I said, he’s a optometrist. And he’s an entrepreneur. He’s, and he said, what does he do? Where can I find it? So like Google doctor, Robert Zoellner and associates. I think at the time honestly you had like maybe 12 reviews or something, maybe nine reviews. Cause it was like too is like 2013 and you had something like 13 reviews or something stupid and they were all bad. And all my bet reviews for elephant in the room were bad because it wasn’t a thing I needed to maintain the, I didn’t know about it and it wasn’t coming up top and search results.

Right. So here are you are you and I both had like 13 reviews, all of which are bad z, why didn’t we, why do you by default only get bad reviews if you don’t ask your happy customers to leave you good reviews because the emotional ones, one emotion drives reviews and when you have bad emotion just they can’t stand it. They’d got a Pr Guy, he was born yesterday. He was like, oh, seem like you guys have a PR problem. And I’m going, excuse me, what he’s going you guys, I mean your gap, bad reviews on your businesses. I mean, do you not take care of your customers? And I’m like, [inaudible], we are the largest hair business in Tulsa. He is the largest optometry clinic. What more do you want? And he says, well, what are their businesses? I mean obviously you guys are having a tough time with those ones, but yeah.

Yeah. What other ones? And I’m going, okay, have you type in Regent Bank? That’s the bank that doctors Eleanor invested in. And he’s like, what percentage owner is, yeah, I don’t find them anywhere on the website. And we just went on with this ridiculous, it was like I was being an equity inquisition z. It was like I was being on trial on behalf of our resumes because it wasn’t verifiable. Isn’t that crazy? That is crazy because it’s just crazy. So I remember I came, yes, at Z, I’ve got an opportunity, we can get an article written about shooting the Tulsa world, talking about the business ventures you’re involved in. This will Andrew. This was disease reaction. He was like, okay. I mean bring it on. What, what, why? It’s the most people who don’t have a successful business crave being in the media. They want to be in the Tulsa.

Wow. Yeah. And here he’s going, well why? And I’m like, because it’ll improve our Google trail. So when people search for us, they can find us and find were real. And I remember you just being like, okay, whatever, but you weren’t excited about it and it wasn’t like your achievement to be in the Tulsa world. You wouldn’t made it. I made it. I’m somebody. But just when we got then article in Google reviews, people started going, these guys must be legit. They must be. But because up until about two years ago we, we weren’t interviewing celebrities consistently. Yeah. People still were like, does it work? Are you real? And because you don’t buy a new Maserati every week, you have a massive, right. You have a nice Porsche, you drive. How long have you had the Porsche? It’s 2010 so, so, but why would you not buy a new car?

You could, you could you have an auto auction? I could, I mean, you could buy a new car. Before I had showed everything seriously. You could buy a new car. You could buy a new car, be Friday shirt and you could take pictures of yourself in a private jet. Uh, hanging out with ty Lopez in, in all these single women. You could do that. I could, you could be on youtube in front of a pool talking about I made all my money overnight. It’s crazy. Look at it. Automates some of success right quick, uh, thing. It’s a g get filthy rich scam. Now why, why, why, why do you not devote your time to selling? Get rich quick hype? You know what I think you’ve changed in my mind. I think I, you know what, what I think I decided and pepperoni epiphany and that is, I think I’m going to start doing that.

Why? Why am I not? That’s a very good question. Why am I not, you can sell out of it. I mean, come on now. Seriously. Does he talk to me though? Why are you, why are you not know the secret move? Why are you not online doing these ridiculous marketing videos where you’re standing in front of a house, you’re on, pull your leasing cars, male models, cars, you’re leasing. Why aren’t you not male models? Male models releasing. See, there was actually a thing you can do. It’s called poppop crowds. Ah, and I guess in La, if you want to look like a celebrity, you can actually do a popup crowd. And I know about this because a guy went to college with, started a company that does it and he was like, oh my gosh, people call me all the time. It’s crazy. And I’m like, get Outta here.

He goes, no, it’s like Uber for crowds. He’s like, so you’ll have a guy who’s a nobody who’s trying to try and look like he’s somebody. So he will literally think about this Z, take a girl to the movie, right. And hire people to act like they’re taking photos of him when he gets out of his car. Oh yeah. Even though he’s like a B actor from a B movie, that isn’t a thing anymore. Right. But he’s taking some girl who was born yesterday on a date. Oh, he’s 40 she’s 19 he wants to look like a big deal. So he’s literally paying me to act like I am as Paparazzi. How crazy is that? That’s the movie. It’s been done. Z. Those are the moves they work. But again, why have you been at such a very bad boss and not have just dedicated your life to fame and media articles and press releases and Google reviews when to do it.

Recently we had to embrace Google reviews against our will because of how it impacts sales. But outside of that, you and I haven’t really gone after why? Why are we idiots? I know I just better use this at my time and I enjoy doing what I enjoy doing and oh and chasing that. Right. You know what? I probably should hire someone to take my picture though. Paparazzi. I mean who doesn’t like little pop Razzi over here. Pictures of looking at good. I tell you that on Photoshop needed there. I mean, think about you though, that if I hired someone to take your pictures that have to use windows, extra wide lenses to fish, big fish islands taken from 400 yards away, you can get the my, in my head in the photos, the majority of certain kinds of lenses. What kind of Lens? Andrew? 18 millimeter.

Yeah, that snag team, whatever it takes. 17 two small, 17th way too small to fit in the cranium. This large. Yes. No. The good news drivers is this craving. This large cranium is large because it’s filled with knowledge. You’re not going to get in college. We’re going to teach you on today’s show how to make millions of dollars. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, backup. That’s if you have a business, if you care, and that’s if you listen to us and that’s if you implement, but this could be worth a millions if you’ll do it. Wow. Okay. Could be, this is part Andrew. This is show number one of 12 of 12 don’t don’t beat me up if there’s more shows because we, the last time we did a search engine deep dive, the thrive nation got crazy. It got crazy. It’s not. He further ado, back to the show.

Some shows don’t need a celebrity in the writer to introduce the show. This show to math eight kids, Koch created by two different women, 13 moke time million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to thrive time


[inaudible]. Yes, yes, yes and yes. Thrive nation.

Today’s show, I am fired up to be here with you because we have the man, the myth village, and the good chiropractor of choice for people with a sound mind all throughout green country. It is Dr. Brock. How are you sir? I’m great. Clay, how are you doing then? I admit I’m, I’m fired up for you to be here. We’re gonna be talking about search engine optimization. We’re right stuff, but in a, in a kind of a, a way, you, you’re kind of optimization guy. You’re right. Absolutely. You kept keep the spine in line. Yes.

All about nerd central nervous system optimization.

Well, what I’m going to do is, because normally we talk a lot about business growth and we’re going to talk about how to optimize your profitability by optimizing your website. Today that’s we’re going to focus on. But let’s talk about how you optimize the human body. Pointed to the skeptics, the doubters, the people out there that don’t see a chiropractor on a weekly, monthly basis. The value of having a chiropractor practice.

So for me, it’s very simple. Every cell in your body has a nervous system component. So there is a nerve that connects to every single cell of your body. And by affecting the central nervous system, we’re able to optimize how it functions and thereby optimizing your entire health. So it improves your wellbeing functionality of Oregon’s your immune system, uh, muscle function. That’s why all athletes have chiropractors. Um, there’s really no aspect of your body that’s not positively impacted by Chiropractic. Okay? So there’s the claim. The claim is that a chiropractor will help you improve your physical health, your, your being, your wellness. Um, can you give us some testimonials? Maybe share with us an example of somebody that you have seen. It could be in the past 10 years, five years, two years, maybe the last week. Somebody who was previously in a bad shape physically and after coming to you consistently over a given period of time, they now are in a state of wellness.

Absolutely. Yeah. I mean it’s really hard just to narrow down to, to pick out one story. Um, but uh, one of the things that was really fun the other day is one of my patients that I’ve seen for awhile. We’ve been working on her with um, some headaches and some lower back. Um, so some very bread and butter type issues that chiropractors often work with. But um, she’s doing great. Um, she previously did not have any children, was having a little bit of trouble conceiving and uh, through Chiropractic care and, uh, her taking care of herself, she was able to, uh, enhance her own body’s ability to function more properly. She did get pregnant. Then she has had her baby, which we worked with, with her through her pregnancy and help that process be easier and more pleasant for her and hopefully for her baby as well.

But then the other day she actually brought in her baby to make sure that, uh, he’s doing well and, and, uh, on the right track also. So that was a, just a fun, great opportunity to do as well. And we do that quite often. But then also I had another lady that told me she’s been dealing with headaches and a stiff neck for years and years. And, um, and with the first adjustment, she came back in the second, uh, actually she cried on the first adjustment just with the idea, the hope that she would one day not have to have headaches.

No, I haven’t had except that that’s a big deal. That’s a huge

still, I mean, if you’re having daily headaches, um, it’s just debilitating. And she had tried talking with the neurologist and even talked to a neurosurgeon. She’s been on all sorts of medications and, uh, just had not found a solution for her. And so, uh, that first visit, just the hope, uh, made her cry and she came back on her second visit and just said, um, they weren’t completely gone, but, uh, that she had only had two headaches a in the week that a, in between that I had seen her. So she went from daily headaches for over a decade to having two in one week and she was just hugging my neck, screaming my praises. Um, it was just, it was so fun, so phenomenal. And then, uh, since that was a couple of weeks ago, she’s now not had a headache since our second adjustment.

Jason, I have to say this, uh, I have to not nice to complain about our guests on the show, but I’m gonna, I have, I have a complaint. I want to log this complaint officially on a man law, uh, article seven dash four three two, a my, this is my official complaint. Number one, I have to, I have complaint number two, uh, two complaints here about doctor [inaudible] to two parking plan. Complaint number one, keep blows my mind. Yeah. He calls me, he causes me headaches. I think about that. That lady gets relief from headaches. I get headaches, right. That is a complaint. Complaint number one. Complaint number two is there is a lot of rumor, a lot of speculation, a lot of controversy surrounding his name. His last name. Dr Brick. Can you go on the record and share share with the listeners out there. What is your last name? My last name is cass bomb, so it’s kind of like rock the casbah listen to that. I was going to say that. Listen to this. His name. Your last name is what again? Cast bomb. How do you spell it? K. A. S. B. A. U. M? No, no. Think about this for a second Jason. Alright. You know I’m a shameless marketing branding guy. You are. Think about this. How much easier would it be to market? This manifests was is at, this is the name of his pack.

[inaudible]. Here we go. When we get there we’ll get there. We’re getting there. We’re in there. [inaudible] so

much easier. It’s good stuff. Think about it though. Said go to rock the Casbah, Wouldn’t it be easier to get him business? Oh absolutely. It rhymes. People we’re going to have to happen. Yeah. We’re going to have to have a new website and you should change your, you should change your last name but to be Kaz bomb cause that’s what people say it. Very few people know what the song’s about and writes. But rock the cat, that’d be easier to just visit to get your spine line today by going to rock the Kas that will be hot. Oh yeah. Why does he continue to go white doctor Breck. Dot. Khan. It’s so much harder. Whenever we have a show sponsor, Jason, it’s my duty to get the great people out there to go to doctor and to schedule their first exam. Right and at first adjustment there, first x Ray, it’s all how much Dr Brick.

It is free. Well phrased. He has a pretty hot, that’s a good no brainer right there. Great. No bread, but he refuses to change his name. It’s just ridiculous. Now on today’s show though, we are students silly talking about profitability coaching and search engine optimization. And I will try to reference rock the casbah him as much as possible today. Um, but it just gets stuck in your head, doesn’t it? If people could spell it, that would probably be great. Rock the Casbah bomb rock and look cause button. I get to [inaudible] [inaudible] book. I just, that makes me want to just go see a chiropractor right now. Okay. So now we’re talking to Jay today, Jason about search engine optimization. Yes. Now Jason, to make it easy for you, I have put to their list of 21 clients that I’ve worked with who to content of the topic of today’s show has changed their lives.

Yes. I’d like for you to read each one one by one we, we’ll break them down because this is going to be a multiple part series about search engine optimization. So Jason go to the text and green the game changing results and read the first testimonial testimonial number one. Our Internet leads in a four month period of time, have gone from around 10 to 15 leads in a month to 180 internet leads in a month following the system. And who said that? That was Mister Aaron Ansys over at Shaw homes. Think about any home builder called Shaw homes. Uh, these guys show homes. I have now become the largest home builder in Oklahoma. Oh yeah, the largest in Oklahoma. Can you read that testimonial again please? Oh, absolutely. Our Internet leads in a four month period of time, have gone from around 10 to 15 leads in a month to 180 internet leads in a month following the system.

Now, Dr Brick, how has internet marketing impacted your business structure, It has helped us a ton. Uh, I was in the, somewhere in the abyss, the obscurity of the Internet, um, just a year and a half ago. And, uh, I was, I was essentially nowhere to be found online. And so since working with you guys, I have a great, a beautiful website and a ton of Google reviews and we’re having every day I have patients that come in who ever either have either found us via online search or have vetted us via Google reviews. And so even if they found us somewhere else, they’re all going online to research. And so it’s making a huge, huge impact. Now, if you are out there today and you have a sound mind and a piece of paper and a pen, I want you to write down the following answers, the answers to the following three questions.

I will read off the questions and I want you to write down the answers to these questions. So question number one, how much would it be worth for you today to be at the top of Google search engine results? Now, if I was doctor Breck and I know I’m not, but if I was, this is what I would do and uh, uh, this is what I am doing for elephant in the room that you would change your name first for you. First off, I would change my name. Let’s get that out there right away. I would change my name right away to rock the casbah. My name is doctor rock, the Casbah Dr [inaudible]. Now, what I would do though is I would get to the top of Google search engine results in cities before I open. Yup. Right? So as an example for elephant in the room, um, if you do a search, Jason, I’ll do a search real quick so you guys can see what I’m doing.

Let me pull it up here and you need an evening. Okay. I’m do a search for OKC men’s haircuts. And what’s really neat about this is we’re top in Google, but Jason, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this or not, but we started doing search engine optimization for Oklahoma City one year before we opened up there. Yeah. We were getting reviews in shops before they were open. Why? Well, it’s better to have traction early on. That way you’re not playing, keep up. People would call boop, boop, boop, boop, boop. Oh yeah, I’m looking to get my hair cut. Elephant in the room. Where are you guys located? And we’d said, what? We’re going to be opening up soon here in about six months now. What’s really neat is for doctor Breck here, sir my friend, you, we could begin and again, optimizing for and say big spears, South Tulsa, broken Arrow or wherever you want to be in the future, but you’re there, which is really cool because then the phone starts to ring and then you grow out to it, you know.

Um, do you mind sharing with the listeners, Dr Breck, your, your plans for the future? Are you going to have a 4,000 rock? The casbah them, a chiropractic centers? Are you going to have one big corporate vision? Are you going to have franchises? What is your vision for the next three years? That’s a great question, clay. Um, I think you’re, you’re the visionary and so, yeah, I don’t, I haven’t thought about 4,000 yet. That number hasn’t come to me, but yeah, I think, um, you know, definitely expanding and growing. Um, I’m having a ball, I’m loving practice. I really enjoy helping patients and I want to help other chiropractors, uh, be able to do the same and um, just help more and more of the population. And so, uh, we are looking to very quickly start expanding. Oh yeah. New Locations. Um, and I have patients that are driving from a more than an hour away.

And so I think we can help make their process easier by, uh, coming closer to them. Now the second question I want you to write down the answer to is how much is it costing you to not be top of the search engine results? Think about that first. That one hurts a little. How much does it cost you to not be top Dr Brick? Um, before you were on Google? Yes. Contrast. And I’m not asking you to share it, the listeners the actual revenue amount, but can you contrast what it costs you in your mind to not be findable on search engine results? It’s really painful to think about. Um, honestly cause you’ve actually lived it before and after. Oh

yes. It is a stark contrast. Um, because again, when I said a moment ago about even if people have been referred to me, Yep. They still go online to confirm what their friend or their family members said, hey, you should go check out this person. Or sometimes I’ll get a notice that somebody has recommended me on Facebook. And so, uh, that patients recommended, but then there’s five other recommendations as well. They then go and start checking out Google reviews, uh, because they want to know, you know, what does the rest of the crowd say about this place, this person? And so when I didn’t have any kind of reviews, I didn’t have any presence. I lost that a question before it ever came up to me.

People ask me all the time, they say, clay, why do you freely, almost like in a cavalier way, why do you give away your systems? I know there are so many search engine companies that charge 8,000 a month, 12,000 a month. Why do you actually give away these systems that other people are charging four to $8,000 a month for, well, one Iceland securely want everybody out there to prosper. And I know that, excuse me. Wow. Wow. Getting very emotional. Um, when I give away the knowledge, only diligent people will apply the knowledge. True. So even if I give the knowledge to nefarious stupid people, they won’t implement the system. So it’s, it’s almost a litmus test. If you’re a diligent doer, then you’re a good guy. But if you’re an idiot and you don’t implement the system, then you’re not a good guy anyway. So it doesn’t matter.

I can literally give the system to every chiropractor in Tulsa and only the diligent guys would do it, right. So all I can say is one, I freely give away the system because I know that it works. But to, um, altruistically, I want to help people and this system took me years to develop. All right. Now the third question I want all the listeners to ask themselves is what terms are your ideal and likely buyers actually typing into the Google search engine bar on a daily basis? What terms, what, what are they searching for? And you might say, well, clay, I used the keyword planner and I would say, um, one stop talking like that too. Um, I don’t want to stop talking like I talk when I use the Internet. Stop it. Stop Westbury. What? Anyway, stop doing it. Okay. But once you to do is I want you to think about, so for elephant in the room, Jason, as an example, yeah, I’m going to show the listeners, have a bunch of examples.

Let’s type in a jinx. Men’s haircuts, jinx men’s haircuts. I’m pulling it up on the big screen of integrity and we come up top and I might think of like, um, I dunno. Uh, what is the thing? It’s, it’s, it’s a a barber shops in Tulsa. Let’s see. Are we are, we are not actually a barber shop, but maybe some people would search for Bart Bart barbershops. Oh, there we are. But we’re not actually a barber shop, but I still want to be top for that. You might think of like man buns, you know, man buns in Tulsa. You might say, well what are the top for that too? And you might say, I am looking for men’s haircuts near me. Inner out were there, so I want to be top for everything. Yeah. Stop believing that people only type in one phrase, stop it. And if you read the book search engine for dummies, they clearly lay out in that book, chasing that 70 think about this.

70% of people surveyed said they searched for a different term than everybody else. So they asked, said they ask a hundred people a blind study. They don’t ask them all at one time. They say, what word would you type in to find a haircut? And they, and it’s 70% of respondents have different answers to why is that important to know Jason? So you can figure out which you can figure out how many different keywords that you want to be a top four because you don’t want to just be stuck using the same one. If you think everybody’s searching the same thing, you could be completely off base. Every chiropractor in Tulsa was fighting for the keyword. Chiropractor Tulsa, right? It’s pretty competitive, very competitive. But if nobody’s searching for, find the best chiropractor in Tulsa, right? It’s not competitive. Yeah. So winnable, that’s a powerful, a powerful idea.

Um, Jason, if you don’t, do you know if you’ve searched for up bill Belichick’s number one fan? Do you know that I come up top in Google for that? I knew that you come up top for another patriots related term. Let me see, Bill Belichick’s number one. Number one fan number one fan. I can’t even spell Bellacheck without having Google, correct? Oh yes, I know. Topping Google, Bill Belichick. You know you will be on the show soon. Yes, I’ve been working on that for years. People say you’re a sick man. How much money and time to that costs? You owe a lot. But let me tell you what worth every, it’s that. I mean, I want Bill Bella chicken. He, you know, you know if your bill Bellacheck there are, there are psychos out there that run around running around into Gillette stadium, waiting for Bill Belichick dial up to get there in the morning and when he gets there like, Oh bill, yes.

Smell like a winter bell side. My admins, people just who want to be bill Belichick’s friend, right? Oh absolutely. You know, one night after he sits down after another victory, he gets out a little beer and he goes, Bill Villa chick’s number one fan to Google. Here you are. Who is that sick freak. And then he’s gonna see me and he’s going to say there is clay Clark then sick for you. I have actually received a cease and desist letter from the Patriots before heavy. Yes. Really my wife saw it in an email. Is that frame somewhere? I know the thing was I thing is it was, it was a very emotional time in our lives where when your, your favorite team is saying stop doing what you’re doing. Um, but I think I have email founder a and asked John tomorrow email founder wrote about about it because I think we might have it.

Gotcha. And if we do, we should frame it. That’s powerful. I think it’d be awesome. Am I not framing that? All I’m saying is if you’re out there today, think about the key words. Ask Yourself, what are the, what are the words that you were, um, uh, competitors, uh, or what are the words that your, your potential, ideal and likely buyers are, are searching for and what are the words that you’re, their competitors are optimizing for? So we’re, we’re going to pick on Dr Brick in a positive way today and I’m going to type in Tulsa Chi Rho

Predator. And when I searched for that, I can see Doctor Brett cas bomb right there. Rock the cat’s bum rock the casbah. I see him coming up top in the Google search engine results because I scroll down to the bottom. You see his words down here, Dr Brick? I do. What you would want to do is copy all those words at the bottom that are called searches related to Tulsa Chiropractor, right? You’re going to want to copy those and paste those on a word document and tell your coach or your optimizer team or yourself or whoever’s writing the content right to work on those words too. Absolutely. And then you click on the suggested related terms at the bottom and then it will pull up more suggested, really re re, re, re, re related terms. And then you will do it again and again and again until your head explodes.

And you will dominate search engine results. And that’s how you come up with the keywords right there. Very good. That’s how you do it now. All right, Jason, give us the first public reading the texted yellow please. As we as it relates to profit coaching one on one and search engine domination on this rock. The Kas bomb edition of the thrive time show. Well everyone uses the Internet yet few know how to market effectively using it. Wait a minute, everybody uses the what? Everybody including babies use the internet. Continue according to research published by Pew Research in March of 2018 77% of people now go online on a daily basis to find the answers, solutions, product, services and connections. They are looking for what people don’t use the Internet, uh, the Amish, unless it’s Rumspringa. And I’m gonna argue with you about the Amish real fast. Let’s do it.

This is war. I can argue this all day. I went to Nappanee Indiana one time and you know why I went to Nappanee Indiana? I couldn’t tell you to buy an aluminum trailer. Oh, I bought that aluminum trailer Amish man. Right. Because I was the main barn. I was visiting my wife’s family for the first time in Kentucky, and I thought since we’re in Kentucky, I might as well buy my trailer there or call it back. So I googled that Kentucky trailers and then I discovered that aluminum trailers are lighter than the traditional trailers. So I thought, let’s get in. Aluminum trailer. Turns out the highest and most reviewed at the time. This is like 15 years ago. The highest and most reviewed trailer company was near Kentucky. Not In Louisville, but near Kentucky. And it was a company owned by the Amish. Yeah. And do you know how I found them, Jason?

Ah, Google. Yes. There were some using Google in their computer in The Bahamas who do not use technology? No Seo Brother has a Kyle, what are you doing over there? Nothing. I’m just optimizing my website. I don’t know why they would. I don’t know why. I think they sound kind of like Scottish or something, but I love my brother a, what are you doing over there? You’re doing something dirty when I’m using the Internet to optimize my website, but I swear I was. I’ve only did it one time. Brother has a Kyle. You’re watching TV. No, no. I’m not saying I just optimizing my website. Brother has a kia or you in butter. What are you doing behind that? Butter churning. Oh, I’m just optimizing my website later. This guy’s trying to support his family here. Right by using Al Gore’s Internet. Alright, please continue reading from me.

Texting yellow, you know, you know, fun fact, before we get back into it, if you ever ask Andy to say aluminum, he’ll say Alemanian are you kidding? No, that’s a British. The British. Yeah. Andy, by the way, is that guy. He worked with us at DJ connection at the age of 18 and he still works with us today at the age of 38 weeks. He cannot, he cannot escape me. Nope. He is a beautiful man. It was five kids. He’s trapped in your phone. By the way. His kids are not white because he’s not white. And a lot of times my kids and his kids hang out and sometimes, uh, as I’m a with the kids, the grocery store, we get funny looks cause it’s like five white kids, five non white kids. And people ask a lot of times like almost scared. Are Those your kids?

I got to take my balance. Got to keep a balance. That’s right back to you Jason. Alrighty. So 77% of people go online. However, for my personal experience, having personally coached hundreds of brands to help them to increase their value by hundreds of millions of dollars, I personally discovered at Lee Ert, uh, discover that less than 1% of the clients that I have worked with knew how search engine optimization worked for before I taught it to them. This is a, a, an idea that has blown my mind over the years. I have spent years teaching people how to optimize websites and I’d gone, I thought for Awhile there, Dr Brick, I thought, you know, the people that I’m teaching how to optimize a website too. The reason why they all don’t know how search engines work, it’s because they’re coming to me to learn. That’s probably why, you know? Yeah. Therefore, the reason why they don’t know how to website is because they’re coming to me to learn this.

If they didn’t know, they wouldn’t come to me. Right. But then I got asked to speak for Hewlett Packard, a Maytag. Um, Valspar O’Reilly auto parts. Oh, exp really? X P a realty. Oh, O’Reilly. So good. Um, rock the cat’s mom. Right? But I go to these conferences, Maytag university, and I’d go out there to speak and I noticed that nobody knows how search engine optimization works, right? Nobody. I think it’s less than 1%. I mean, Jason, of the people that you know, think about the people that you know, that our photographers, dentists, doctors, lawyers, family, friends, cousins, whoever, clients. How many people do you know outside of the coaching program that I’ve taught directly, how many people do you know that actually know how search engines work? This is gonna sound super sad and negative, but everybody that I know that has a small business or business interest outside of the coaching program, 100% of them have no earthly idea how SEO works in that crazy. They’re not registered on Google, they don’t get reviews, they have no idea what content is like. It’s seriously, if, if I hadn’t started working for you, I would not have known. And this is what’s crazy. I want everyone to go to youtube real quick and look this up here and I’ll pull it up on the big screen here. Um, I went to speak all the time in Vegas. This is a highlight of me. I’m speaking in Vegas for the International Community Bankers Association. To find this video, you search on Youtube for Clay Clark International Community Bankers Association.

And this is me speaking here and let me just skip through it here. By the way to get the video footage. I made the videographer stay up with me all night after I spoke, so we got super sick footage here. This is us going up the escalator, but then the at Caesar’s palace. Oh, awesome footage anyway, right? The systems I’m going to teach you today are not based on theory. They’re based on things I’ve actually done. First thing there, it is speaking in Vegas. You know his knowledge without application rooms are, do you want to win or do you want to talk from all over this? Great. What are the, all of these people don’t know how search engines work. That’s a big full room. These are, there’s thousands of people attending a workshop, bankers and none of them know how Google works, but you now the listener as a result of today’s show, you will know how it works and you will know the lyrics of rock the casbah.

That is a promise I will make for you on today’s show. You will know the lyrics of rock the cat. No one’s known them for 35 years, but today we’re all gonna look cause ball. Who wrote. Oh right. That’s what we do. That’s how he’s saying. That’s perfect. That’s how we doing. All right, so now, so now Jason, here we go. Read another game. Changing headline from Papa gallows are our testimonial number two on our list of integrity. Papa Gallo says, we’ve reached over 100 Google reviews, increased our Google rating and we now have more money in the bank then we’ve ever had. We now have more money in the what? In the bank than they’ve ever had. And the name of the company is what? That is. Papa gallows pizza in a Florida Satellite Beach, Florida. Dave and Tricia rich. Great business right there on the ocean.

Bam. Next. Oh, oh, oh, oh. We have a testimonial from someone we know. I think here. This is all, I think this is a text here from some guy who maybe he’s in the studio today. Can you read this? This, uh, this is a text. Yeah. So, uh, so this one says we had our highest grossing month ever. We started from scratch and we now have 267 reviews. Oh, wait a minute. Oh, are you Dr Brick? How many reviews do you have today? Now, I think it’s two seven, two, seven and again, it has impacted your business. It has greatly impacted our business. Now Krista, hey, Suze, a thriver from San Diego. Writes what Jason? We just set records for the best day, the best week, the best month, the best quarter in the best year last year. And it’s only January 30th oh, the Huc, the Huc. They’ll have gym in broken arrow. Luke Owens, the founder of the hub, Jim in broken Arrow, been in business for over 10 years now he’s thriving.

He went from 600 members to 1800 members and he says, what? So Luke, the Viking says we started two years ago with 600 members and we just topped 1700 members. This program saved my life. Oh. And then Jared and Jennifer, the storm and Mormons from Oklahoma, the unbelievable platinum past. These guys have a pest control company. They write what the number of customers we’ve had is up 411% over last year. We are on the top of Google. We went from nonexistent to the top page following the system. Oh my God. Just platinum pass. It’s platinum dash pest now we have another notable quotable go, go, go. The more of a long form a piece of literature from a doctor from doctor are good for their doctor of basketball. Dr Dawn Calvert to the founder of score basketball at score B, he writes what? We’re the largest basketball facility in the three or four state area.

We have people that call us from all over Oklahoma because of our website. My team has been freed up tremendously because I’m not involved in all of the little things. It’s just streamlining your business so it’s not taking just all of your time away from your family. My wife is very important to me. My kids. I’ve got to have some of that as well. As a business owner, if you allow your business to eat you up well, it’s not really worth it. You’ve got to have a value of life as well. We wouldn’t be where we are today without Clay Clark and the thrive time show team. All right. Think about this for a second. If you’re out there and your business is not thriving and you’re just barely surviving, perhaps you should take notes. Perhaps you should now write down the specific steps that will teach you.

So Jason and you scroll down to the bottom of our notes on today’s show. Profit coaching one on one and search engine domination part one. I want everyone to understand four big ideas. And then on the next show we will dive into the details about those four different main ideas. So there are four variables, Jason, that impacted your search engine ranking. What are those four variables? Those four variables are Google canonical compliance. Yes, mobile compliance. Yes, the most html content and the most reviews. Now behalf of all the listeners out there, or we put, we put a microphone in the minds of our listeners and a 95% of the listeners just said, please explain what those four ideas are. Again, read them off one more time worked because we are taking notes. Yep. And then explain what they each mean. So that is canonical compliance.

Can mobile compliance most content and the most reviews. So starting with most reviews, having more reviews than anybody else in your industry. Okay. Um, the most content html content is the number of site map articles that you have when people search a specific keyword. How many words do you have to have on a page? Um, Google would like you to have 350, but you should always shoot for a thousand. Okay? And so what happens is when somebody searches for a keyword, Google indexes Indian all pages of content on those websites to rank who has the most mentions of that. So the more content you have, the more keywords you have expressed, the faster Google finds you, and the higher your rank on there. Ooh, get reviews and you get reviews. Well, a first part is you’ve got to ask. So what we see this, this, this, I think, I think none of our listeners were blown away here, but somebody’s friends of our listeners are blown away right now.

You mean? You mean I have to do a good job? Yeah, you should start by doing a good job. This true story. I was working with a contractor years ago. Sad story, sad story. And this guy, he comes into our meeting, he says, clay clay, he says, the doctor, Becky would have laughed if, if, if it’s like a Seinfeld episode, he goes, it’s so hard to get Google reviews. And I said, well, you know, you’re getting a ton of leads and you’re getting a ton of jobs. What’s going on? It’s like all my clients are upset. And he says, how do I make the bad reviews go away? It’s true story. And I said, yeah. And I said, well, why don’t we get to the root of the problem? How do you, how do you, uh, why are you doing a bad job? He goes, what? And he was like, he was like, and John and I are like, is this guy being serious right now?

And I’m like, no, seriously, like, how bad of a job are you doing? He goes, well, I’ve got a deposit for one big job. I got in there to replace the windows to his lake house and I got a bunch of money up front and I got the money and I started working on, I realize this project’s over my head and I said, what’d you do? He said, one just ghosted. And I’m like, oh, so you ripped out the windows out of a guy’s house, put the tarp up, took the 80 grand or whatever and then left. He’s like, yeah, I way under bid, he’s upset. I quoted them like 80 grand. Turns out it’s going to cost me like 75 grand and I’m going, so you just ghosted? Yeah. And I go, can I ask you something? How often do you do that? He starts telling me about a string of LLCs over the years, how he’s gone into business, out of business, changed the name of the company and he goes, and the other day somebody was so upset they actually spray painted on the side of my vehicles.

I suck. I’m like, they wrote, you suck. He’s like, did they wrote really horrible things like con man or scammer with spray paint. Nice. On the side of all of my auto wrapped vehicles. Wow. And I’m going, ah, do you know who did it? He goes, I have an idea. I go, did you screw them over? Well, yeah, but the thing I need to know, how do I get good reviews? I mean, it’s crazy. Have you seen the Seinfeld? Did you, did you ever watch Seinfeld Ductile? Oh, absolutely. You ever seen the Seinfeld where um, somebody asks a lane and uh, uh, Jerry if George is a good person to date and they explained that he’s going to love him and leave him. Yes. And he gets super upset, upset, and he says, you guys, how dare you talk behind my back? You told them that I would love them and leave them.

Where do you get off? You can’t say that about me. And they’re like, well, you do. And he goes, I know I do, but I want to be the one to tell. Right. So you have to do a good job, right? Yep. Now, um, Jason, recently at elephant in the room, you see me do it all the time. Yeah. We do little upgrades. We do this little upgrades. Great. Great. So let’s talk about the business cards. What kind of business cards to be roll out? About three months ago we scrapped the paper cards and we basically, it’s minimal. So it’s just our logo and our website on the back. It’s got the thrive time logo, thrive time website. But what makes them different is they are all metal cut and laser etched and they also function as a bottle opener. It’s, we have metal cards now.

Oh yeah. The guys like them. Oh they love him. Do you hear good things about him? I hear great things. And as that Tivoli expected, when you go to great clips for a haircut, do you expect the Middle Card? No debit card. Do you have a card like that yet? I haven’t. I didn’t pick up the last time I went. You need to harass the team or we need to harass you. We ain’t gotta go. We gotta get you a card. Oh yeah, they’re super easy. But you are already in my phone, so I’m happy that I want you to have that, that bottle on there. But at a time of need when you have a bottled water and your shop. Why do I have the glass bottle coke. Okay, now, uh, the Mitt, oh yeah. Talk about the men’s jeans. So we have this Guy Ashley, he turned, he usually makes a beeline for the butter mints.

He came in on Friday. He turned, he looked at them and he saw that they were now the Andes mints. He looked at me and he goes, Hey, what did you do? I go, oh, I mean we just updated our butter mints. Now we have Andes mints. He goes, I know, but whose idea was this? I was like, well, clay thought we needed to have something that was going to take it to the next level. And he’s like slowly walked over and he picked it up and he goes, he’s got extra points in my book. Oof. He was just like, he was so adamant about how that little bitty change was such a huge upgrade. I thought he was going to be upset that he’s just the guy who loves the butter mints. It’d be. By the way, if we have someone like that, we’ll get those to just batters.

Let’s talk about this to the playlist. If you go to Eitr um, I’ll pull it up real quick here. A lot of our listeners have said over the years, they’ve said, well, one of our, uh, um, uh, customers have said, if it walked up to our front desk and said, Hey, the music you play overhead, where’s it coming from? And you’re like, whoa. You know, online, if you don’t know, but I want, I want to play that playlist right now. This is a verifiable, true hundred percent story. Um, I decided to go ahead and create what’s called Clay Clark radios. If you click it, it now takes you to the radio and you can listen to what we’re listening to in the stores right now.

And so we have the, and I make, I choose every single song that’s on that playlist is up there right now. If you got EITR and you click on clay Clark radio. True Story. I know of at least 50 people that listen to this now in their offices. Oh yeah. We have tons of opposite. Just play it like, um, we have a guy who was an accountant. He’s like, oh, I just play it on my computer. And people come in and like, Oh, do you listen to you say clay Clark radio and I pay, it’s like $1,000 a month for that. And customers love it. Oh yeah. And the only, the only drawback is we do even one elephant in the room, franchise commercial per hour, and we weave in one commercial per hour to attend a in person workshop. Yep. So, but I’m saying is those are little things. The online booking little,

Nah, I’d like to brag because a friend of mine just the other day was bragging about the paraffin hand dip. Yeah. Um, he just, he asked me, he said, do you do the upgrade? He goes, man, it is amazing. He goes, it’s the move is the move. I mean he is. I, I think he likes the haircut, but I think he’s going for the wax. I’ll be honest, he’s kind of a high maintenance guy. I love him, but he’s, he’s a little high maintenance but he loves the hand wax

and that and that and the hand wax was my brother in law. Justin’s idea to do that. But this is what I want the listeners to understand. We provide haircuts. The mints are extra. Yup. The online music, extra, the online booking, extra the metal business cards, extra the paraffin, extra [inaudible] got massages extra. Ask yourself today, ask yourself today if where your for your chiropractic business for your automotive repair shop for your, what can you do extra? Because it is the law of reciprocity that states that when you overdeliver, people feel the need to give back to say thank you, to refer you to do something to reciprocate the good deed right now when you do just enough or not enough and then you ask for a review and let me give you an idea of how not to ask for a review. The other day I hired a service, um, uh, that came out to my house and did a terrible job.

I’m talking about the worst year and you might say, well clay, what kind of service was it? I don’t want to say cause I don’t want anybody out there too. Um, spray paint the sides of their right. Yeah, it’s a radio shows. I tried out to ever say something negative about a particular business, but it’s big business did terrible job. Just God. Wow. Ah, expensively bet too. Then they automate a text that comes to me. Oh yeah. It says rate today’s experience. Now I did not do it. Let me tell you what Satan said to me. I believe that God speaks to you if you’re a Christian. I believe those. Satan’s trying to talk to you. So I believe God said, don’t leave a bad review. My child for all of us have sinned and made mistakes and you don’t want a bad review either. So don’t leave a bad review. And I’m like, wow, I’ve heard God’s voice for this. For the first time that I realized it was just me talking to that voice. But then I turned to the left, which is decided, I think we can be the ride at defense if you’re left handed or right handed. But I turned to my left and I, and I, I see what appears to be Satan and some like, uh, say Tan. No, it’s his stated. Um, so, uh, Cobra committed. Yeah.

So good. Anyway, so I, so I said, oh, what’s that? What’s that? Say? Tan Dark father of death. And he says, here’s the dare. Leave a bad review. You can do it now. It’s so easy. Cobra. I dak

and I think to myself, I kind of want to do it now. I can say, I honestly never left a bad review about a business online ever. So if you look at the impressed with your, uh, self control. So if you look up my name and you find the reviews I’ve left for companies, uh, you could find one today. You could look up, uh, you can look up. Okay. You can look at buffalo wild wings and Tulsa and you can see my reviews of Buffalo, buffalo wild wings and that’d be broken arrows when I’m looking for, let me pull it up real quick here. Okay, got it. There you can see the review yet they have 798 reviews. Oh yeah. And you can see my review. I wrote incredible wings and TV screens. Try the dry rub and it was good. I wrote that though.

But if you click on my name, you can see all the reviews I’ve left and I’ve never left a bad review. But you can’t automate asking for reviews. Jason, why? Well, because the last thing you want to do is ask for review from somebody that you have either royally screwed or made angry, right? Yes. Yeah. You don’t want to, you don’t want to invite a terrorist, so just destroy your business. This would be like you automating your review process. Let me tell you how stupid this is. This is the equivalent of, you know, we have the gun show in Tulsa. He’s there. If you guys ever been to the gun show a couple of times. I have a couple of weapons. Um, but let me explain how the weapon process works. When you go out there and you buy a rifle, I have a rifle, I have a glock, some weapons.

When you go and get a glock at the gun show, right? You have to provide your identification and they verify who you are and you fought piece of paper here, piece of paper there and they’re looking for like they’re going to look at your police record and if you’ve gotten violent crime at all ever, you’re not getting the gun right. If you’ve had any type of assault and battery in your p and your past, you’re not getting the gun. If you have psychological issues you’ve been arrested for recently or public intoxication, you’re not getting a gun, right? This would be like you automated your reviews would be like giving people, letting people who buy guns and then give him the gun and then say on your way out, we will check to see if you qualify to get a gun or not. That would be like screening people for guns after you give them a gun.

So you want to buy a gun? Here you go, sir. Now if you’ll go to line number two, we can do a psychological evaluation. If you don’t pass, just bring it back. Step one, you buy the guns. Step two, you get the bullets over here. Step three, we’ll see if you qualify. Right? That makes no sense. No, stop automating and review process. Stop it. Cause we all, we’ve all had a bad day with our customers. We’ve all headed it. Elephant in the room. I can just say this, if we caught a hundred haircuts today, somebody is going to make a mistake, right? It usually once a day. But you know why? Because we’re not perfect. Nope. We’re human. When I built DJ I, I, man, I tried to make it perfect, but you know what? We’d usually make a mistake for every hundred weddings we DJ, we’d usually screw up two or three [inaudible] that sucks.

I mean it’s the best. We’re humans, right? Well, well how did you screw up a wedding? Well that’s a really tough crowd to please. And let me tell you, we tell you the worst, the worst weddings group I ever didn’t. If I had, if I had automated reviews all could have ended it before it began. Okay. Um, for your wedding, did your wife dance with a Dr. Beck? Did Your Wife Dance with her dad? It is honestly like the biggest regret of our wedding. They did that. We did not have a dance. We didn’t have a DJ. We probably would have met, uh, you know, two decades ago had we had, uh, cause we got married here in Tulsa. Yep. And, uh, at the height of your DJ connection time, it was 2001. Yeah. And or at the beginning right where you were going and a that still today where I’m coming up on 18 years, um, we did not have a dance or a DJ or like six.

No, but thank you and I are about the same age and we got married about the same time, but as I just celebrated 18 years this week. Wow. And, uh, but this is what happened is a bride calls me, boom, hi, I’m from my wedding, my dad and I’ve been practicing a dance together. He never dances. He never, so he’s been practicing for months and I want to see if he could play the way you look tonight. And I said, okay, I’ll get it early rookie Dj, I didn’t know to clarify the artist. So she said the way you look tonight by five by a Frank Sinatra, I think I said okay. She said, I think new rules with the DJ connection. I changed the rules to be where we would verify the song. Like play it back to you or let you listen to it to verify it’s the same song.

Right. So I said, ladies and gentlemen, family and friends gather around. It’s downtime. But the father and daughter dance, the bride will be dancing with her dad. It’s gonna be an incredible time. Now he has been practicing a dance for several months here folks. And let me tell you what, let me tell you what, he is a phenomenal, phenomenal dancer. He’s just phenomenal. And everyone’s laughing cause he doesn’t dance. Somebody don’t folks, he’s really been practicing here. So like cue up the song and I and I again, it’s been awhile. It’s either it happened this way or the other way. It was either a or B. I think they wanted the Elton John version. So it’s like, so I can explain, hey, you know there’s something about the way you look tonight. Takes my breath away. That’s how, that’s the song they wanted. But instead I queue up just the way you look at it and I, and then everyone’s looking at me like, oh cause the father of the bride has been practicing this dance for months.

Looks at me with the death look, I know that this is before download music. He had to buy the CDS. So you didn’t have it. I got nowhere to go buddy. I’m like, oh. So as a Dj you got two moves. One, you can hide behind the booth, but then everyone knows where you went because there’s no trees. There was no secret door drew. Right. Or you can stand up there and take bullets. [inaudible]. So if you’re at a wedding and you get booed, it’s pretty rough. But I’m like, oh, at least a gentleman apparently have the wrong song there. Apparently they wanted the Elton John version. My, I could, I could sing it for you, but uh, we’ll come back to here. We’re will sleep and get that music cued up here in just a few minutes on might. My apologies folks. And you hear it from the back


you hear like just little people in the back going in the fall of the brides looking at me with that death look. Yeah. And the bride comes up to me, makeup totally smeared running. Oh Man. Down the dress

like, and then

people were coming to me, you Bruce, who’s almost like, instead of hearing the father daughter dance, it was almost like a Hitler impersonator was hired who was like, you know, it’s like a Hitler impersonators there and near, it’s like the mind comp fits being writ written read instead of the Bible. They’re reading from mine comp instead of it’s, it’s, no, it was not good. It was horrible. It’s like you decorated the gift for the bride with like swastika packaging or something. Anyways, that offensive. Oh Man. And then as the wedding continued, my wife, I sent her out to try to find the CD at best buy. Of course, best buy’s not open at nine o’clock at night. Now I’m just telling you that was the most uncomfortable thing ever. And had I had automated reviews. What kind of reviewed think I would’ve gotten like a 12 page poetic, it would’ve been paragraphs and there’s not a cooling off period yet.

We automate reviews. You don’t give a customer a cooling off period, you contact them at their most agitated, not good. Okay. So Jason’s the four variables that impact your search engine rank the most are what? What, what and what it is. Canonical compliant. Yes. Mobile compliance. Yes. Most content. The most reviews. Okay. So the first one is what? Canonical compliant. That means you follow the established Google rules. And you might be saying today, clay, Clevis, clay, tron, Menendez. I don’t know whether my website is compliant or not. Mm. And I might say stop crying about the wedding. It’s been about 15 years, but I want you to email info at thrive time, [email protected] and we will run the report for you right now. We will check for you. Wow, and I will give you an official score. I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it.

It’ll take my team about an hour and so if 50 of you fill out the form right now, understand that you are are, are wrecking my life in a good way. We want to help you but it’s going to require about 50 hours of work for the team, but we will do it. You might say, why do you do it? I do it because there’s really no way on an audio only show to show you visually what’s wrong with your site, right? But every report really helps. It’s all color coded. It works very well. Email Info at thrive time, we will tell you if your site is chronically compliant, Jason, what’s the next variable? It is mobile compliance. Now again, if you email info at thrive time, we will tell you whether your website is mobile compliant. Now, let me give you some tips and some tips, some pro tips, some hints, some ideas here real quick here. Bonus, bonus ideas. Here we go. If your site built on wordpress, that is a good thing. True Dr Brick, if you ever had a website built, not on wordpress, I have. Oh, it’s like invisible. I W I was invisible. We built on flash. Um, it was, uh, through wix. So what? I don’t know what their platform is. I’m just telling you, if you’re out there today and your website is not built on wordpress, you might be a good person, but you’re going to lose.

Also, if your website is not hosted by go daddy or a reputable, a hosting service, I recommend Godaddy. You definitely are going to lose the game and you’ll lie, Jason, why you would lose the game if your website is hosted on a private server that’s hosted by some guy, well, you’re not going to be able to update it. It’s going to either stay archaic or they’re going to have full control. There’s really too bad reasons. Dr. Bright and guests. Why you want to guess why having your website hosted by some random dude is not good one. You’re never going to get ahold of him. Um, yeah, that’s, I mean, I know if you ever have a problem, you’re never going to get ahold of him. Yup. Um, I dunno the second, let me tell you from a search engine perspective, one, okay, anytime your site goes offline it impacts your Google rank because Google doesn’t want sites that are on and off all the time coming up in the search engines.

So if you’re having your website hosted by a guy and let’s say the power goes out and Tulsa, right? Go Daddy has your site backed up on all different servers. So even if the power goes out and Tulsa, the server that’s in Vegas is still on, right? If Vegas gets hit by something, the, the, the server that’s, there’s servers, all server farms all over the country. So that’s reason one and two to Dr Bricks point. You can get a hold of somebody all the time. Yup. Um, and bonus, reason number three is let’s say that I have a company and a Dr Brick. I said, hey, to save money, why don’t you and I boast, both of us host our website on the same server. All right. What if my site is an adult website and you don’t know about it, right. And your site is a pure great site.

If my site has a bad ranking, right. Call a toxic site, it affects all the sites on the server. All right. That I did not know. Yeah. So there’s actually a guy in [inaudible] site does not work independently of the other sites that are gathered with it. Yes. This is a true gross bad story. There’s a guy in Tulsa who I worked with years ago who had his site hosted by a local company in Tulsa and his site just wouldn’t rank and I’m like Hoosiers site hosted with and I looked and he basically had his site shared with a company in Tulsa that, um, he was aware of. But on the same server, there was an adult website hosted on that same server that was littered with viruses and issues and nefarious backlinks. Yep. And it killed the rank of all of the sites. Well, you just cannot work with an amateur when it relates to hosting your website.

Jason, what’s the next variable? So the next variable is the most content. Now again, a content, I don’t want to beat you up on an audio only show, but if the end of the day you have to have more content than anybody else in the world about that subject. If you want to be top in Google right now. Uh, Jason, there are two primary ways that we would suggest that all of our listeners out there write content. And can you share with the listeners what those two ways are? Yeah. So you could either sit down and type up the content yourself, or you could record a podcast and have it transcribed to an actual article. Or You could pay a SEO service to do it for you. So you could either a write the content yourself or be, have someone write the content for you, right? I’m doctor Brexit.

Do you write all your own content yourself or do you have somebody write the content for you? I have someone write the content for me. So does our team right for you? They do. Okay. Um, and that’s what we do for elephant in the room. My team writes for our company elephant in the room. So the same team that writes for Dr Breck writes for me a full disclosure there. Now, some of our clients are very few, almost none of our clients, but some of our clients, um, almost none of our clients but some of our clients. Um, and as I think about a client, I, I struggle to think of an example, but uh, okay. Yeah. Let’s, if you type in Tulsa tumbling lessons, I’m going to do a search here for Tulsa tumbling lessons. Um, coach lever, uh, this would


um, this particular gym we have worked with coach Levi and we did write for coach Levi. This particular gym is called justice tumbling and they write their own content in the form of podcasts. So I’m going to go to, I’m going to search here, I’m going to pull up their website. I’m on now. I’m now on justice tumbling after having first searched for Tulsa tumbling. Then I put my mouse over the about us and I scroll down to the podcast button that you can find on justice tumbling and there you can see their podcasts. I’m going to hit play on it real quick. Here we go. Let’s see what kind of audio we get here. This is the history of tumbling.

Whoa, whoa.

We’re listening to their podcasts on our podcast, a dream within the dream. Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. And so the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis, we are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breaths slur. And we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And then they do a podcast every day. Yeah. What does it say? 116. Yeah. Wow. Earth Day. That’s awesome. Are these guys every day they’ve been working with you for 116 days? True. Now look at their reviews. Let’s type in justice tumbling. Tulsa will send me reviews. These guys have justice Thomas Wrestler. Do you? I do. You small world fellow tumbler. I am a former tumbler. You still don’t know. I tumble off a diving board into the water.

I don’t know if you’re a sneaky tumble. You Golf on the weekends. Speak away. Gymnast. I’m just tumbling. So, and it partly the warehouse buying the cheerleader later on. So it uh, you’re a gymnastic gymnast as a kid? Yeah. Like a actual, you know, gymnastics gymnasts with the different apparatuses. Are you serious? I’m serious. What was your, uh, is your thing, uh, who’s your top competition, your top thing you did? Well, I was young, so I had just gotten to the point of competition when, uh, we moved and I had to stop. But, uh, what I enjoyed the most was, uh, actually the parallel bars. Really, really, I was going to say either parallel bars or rings with that upper body. Come on. So you, you know, rusty, uh, yeah. You were a tumbler. [inaudible] do you know who is the guy we had on the show?

The warrior. The warrior, the warrior. The warrior or Justin Wren. Justin wren? No, pick me. No, but he was, he’s a warrior. He’s a warrior. He’s a, he’s a beast. It’s the a gymnast. A gymnast. The warrior who claims to the peaceful warrior. Ah, okay. Have you seen that? Have you seen that before? The peaceful warrior? Have you see that movie? I have not. We had the, uh, the guy. That movie is about Dan Millman on the shell. Yeah. I did not know him. Get out of here. You know Dan Millman is, well, how do you not know who? Dan, you’re a former gymnast. I don’t know him as was what I was, do you know of him? I know of him. How can we, let me just, this is Dan Millman or here, look at this deck. Dan Millman right here. We’ll get, we’ll Ellucian. So on for years.

Now we’re listening to Dan Millman on the Lewis Howes podcast. This is podcast within a podcast. Some people take longer to learn a skill than others, but those who take longer often learn it better than those who learned it quickly. Like for me, I’m 39 I’m still trying to learn the spread eagle. Okay, so Aaron Cross the Iron Cross of 39 years old. Can I do it? No. So the point is, those guys are getting reviews every single day over there. Justice every day. Yup. Every day. I don’t think people realize what I mean by that. I mean, every day Jason looked at me, right? How many reviews does just as tumbling now have, they have 153 Google reviews. Interesting. How many podcasts did we say they had? A 116 and how many reviews? One 53 they are the perfect client. One a day. The perfect client. Now I want to make sure the listeners get this. Do you understand, Mr Listener, Mrs Listener? If you only do a 15 minute podcast every day and get one Google review a day, it will take you a total of 17 minutes a day and you will make millions of dollars. Let me, let me, let me try this again. Wait, it’s worth millions of dollars. Millions of dollars. Let me, let me get out my megaphone where I’d give them a good subtle tip shuttle to plumb your phone. Ring Up.

Someone said, adjusted my aesthetic. What if you just do a 15 minute podcast everyday?


and you get bored with you. One day he will generate millions of dollars of revenue, millions of dollars of additional revenue. No. Yet you might say, I don’t have the time. Just not sure it’s worth my opinion. That’s why you’re not, if you’re saying that to yourself, that’s why you don’t like this podcast. Right? True. That’s why you don’t like business you, you hate me. That’s why you’re not making millions. Right. In that. If you, if you say, I don’t have the time to do that, that’s why you are a medical marvel. You have an opportunity to soon to work in the, in the, the, uh, the, the circus community as being one of the few people in the world whose head can be fully, um, uh, in, in, inside of your rectum. And yet you’re still able to function as an adult. I mean, it’s impressive if you think about the flexibility and the gymnastic trading you must’ve received.

I’m not sure that if they teach that at justice tumbling. If you want, can you say I’m here? I want to know. Can I give you, I’m 42. Um, I listened to a podcast about success and I don’t actually want to have success and show that I can still listen to the shell button, have a justification for being unable to do anything. Um, they told me I do, I gotta do a 15 minute podcast every day and I got to get a review every day and I don’t have those 17 minutes. So if you guys can help stretch me and teach me how to be more flexible, I want to put my, my head, my cranium all completely up my anus and I want to just see if I can get stuck there and if you could help me make it where I could still breathe and not die.

That’s all I’m asking for. Is that something you guys teach? Um, I said as class you offer, I don’t know if is that? It’s kind of like a forward roll, but just stuck in there. I mean hop midway. I’m just saying why would you listen to this show and not do that? Come on man. Was like you were saying earlier, you could give anybody any idea. Why would, why would you give this away? Because you’re giving it away to the people who are going to implement it. There’s so many people I don’t understand. Help me, help me. Listen her. Why would you not do it? I don’t know how to do it. Get outta here man. Come to a workshop. Listen, we’ve got a smoking hot deal right now. Let me tell about this. Smoking hot deal we have, right? Oh yeah, yeah. Ah, Dr Breck, you’ve been to workshops. I have, it’s $37 to attend a workshop that includes food for both days and the workbook and all you have to do is go online right now and leave a review about the thrive time show podcast on iTunes or on Google. That’s it. You leave a review and you get a ticket for $37 it’s a great deal. If you’re saying, I don’t know, I don’t have the time. I do. Oh, I don’t have it. Well then what you do is you just buy a ticket for $250 Yup. Hmm.

Well then what you do really need the workshop might, I mean I just don’t Jason, I mean you’ve been to the workshop, took a break. You’ve been, we sat there and up sell people at the workshop. No. What kind of crept did we teach at the workshop? Dr Brick? Well actually the first workshop I saw, I was impressed that you were giving away this information right here about search engine optimization. I thought that there would be a catch and that there would be a price. There would be a a second seminar potentially that okay, if you pay for this one now we’ll actually give you the information. We’ll give you the real content, but this is a a sales pitch now. That’s what I thought going. Everyone thinks that. Yeah, but it was absolutely not. I’m like, wait, I need to be taken like detailed notes because they’re, they’re giving the information right here right now and so yeah, my pin was, was burning up.

I just feel like there’s somebody out there who’s wrestling with this idea and you’re going, wait a minute. You said this could be worth millions to me million and you’re thinking, wait a minute. Meal. How could it be worth? Well, Jason, now, how could this idea be worth millions? Well, the idea can be worth millions because if you implement these systems, if you are the most reviewed, if you have the most content, you’re going to show up number one in Google. When people search for eating terms related to your business, which is going to generate more leads than anybody else, which is going to generate money and profit. Air Go your millions. Now

maybe you’re out there and you’re saying, wait a minute. I have a basketball coaching program.

Truly had no customers, but I’m really good. I mean, if I throw on a suit, I can become Batman. The Batman of Google optimization [inaudible] I now made copious amounts of cash. I’m not a doer. I’m a doer.

Greg, you got to what? Why are you wearing that Batman suit? I’m not Craig. I’m pumped, man. You will change your life. You’ll literally transform it to a new entity. True. It’s crazy how this will change. You want to show up at work tomorrow or in that Batman suit? I don’t know you. I’m inspired. I don’t understand why people wouldn’t do and I don’t get it. Help me, Jason. Oh, they just don’t have the time, Billy. I just hear it all today. I teach people the system. I year after year I do it. Let me try it. Let me tell how unsuccessful I am at this five. Probably taught the system now verbally at workshops to over 50,000 people. And I probably only have,


400 millionaires I’ve made.


I suck. I mean, and I tried and I’ve tried being funny at workshops. I’ve tried to be an intense, I have tried every possible scenario. I’ve tried. Uh, Jason, I have an ice sculpture at the workshop you do. Can you explain why I have an ice sculpt for the workshop. You have the ice sculpture because it symbolizes your slow decaying death if you don’t implement the systems right. And it’s still even with that dramatic effect. I’ve tried having a band. I’ve tried serving great food. Yup. We’re going to serve great for the next workshop. We’re going to have a band. Um, I’ve tried making the workshops funny. I brought in guest speakers. Like the guy used to run a Harley Davidson kin. I brought in, um, uh, you know, I brought in, um, kin the band who used to run, um, Harley Davidson. Um, I’ve brought in Michael Levine.

Oh yeah, the former PR a head who ran a Nike and he did all the PR for Nike and Michael Jackson and Prince. We’ve, we’ve, we’ve, we’ve woven in celebrities. Jason, what do, what do we need doctor Greg, what do we need to do? Doctor Greg, what do we need to do right now to get the listeners to be doers of the word and not just hearers of this search engine optimization conversation? What, what do you collect when you try to hammer to the head? I have not tried that. I think that’s the biggest thing. I think it’s just density in ourselves. You know, we’re, we’re sheep and we’re, we kind of go with the herd and we’re, we’re done. We don’t want to take that proactive step to change our lives. I’ve heard people say, I mean, I’ve heard Ken Schmidt, uh, for who ran Harley Davidson, a great guy who came to the workshop and spoke.

Um, I’ve sat down with him. I’ve sat down, Doctor Zelner, I’ve sent him with a lot of great people. And what I have found is that the difference between the successful people and the unsuccessful people, it’s really just one thing that the successful people scheduled time to do it. And they do it. [inaudible] unsuccessful people say, I don’t have time. Right. When I say there’s just one other factor and that’s just, um, it’s the discomfort. You know, it’s, oh, that’s not me. I don’t know how to do that. Um, and, and you just have to get out of that mentality. You’ve got to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and, uh, and do the thing that somebody else isn’t willing to do. That’s the difference is those who do have and those who don’t won’t. And, uh, and so, you know, yeah. It may not be in your wheelhouse.

It may not be something you’re totally comfortable with, but you can get comfortable. You can learn new skills. Uh, you can grow as a human and do new things and learn from the challenges of it the first time you do it. I’m sure it won’t be great. Uh, I’m positive of it. I want a hundred percent sure you’re not going to do it right the first time, but you’re going to get better. You know, and that’s the thing is you just take one step and get better. Now, Jason, I want you to read here about what the song rock, the casbah is about. Oh, happily. And then I’m going to read the lyrics, the listeners. All right, so rock the casbah is a song by the English punk band. The clash released in 1982 yes, the song was released as the third single from their fifth album combat rock.

It reached number eight on the billboard hot 100 chart in the u s there’s second and last top 40 and only top 10 single in the United States. And along with the track Mustafa Dance, it also reads number eight on the dance chart. Keep reading a rock. The cows ball was musically written by the band’s drummer, topper Heden based on a piano parts that he had been toying with, finding himself in the studio without his three bandmates hidden, progressively taped the drum at piano and bass parts recording the bulk of the songs, musical instrumentation himself, rock look, cash bar or rocky look cashbox this origin makes rock the casbah different from the majority of the clash songs, which tended to originate with music. And what did I go? Hm. You scrolled and it threw me off. Oh, written by, um, the streamer, uh, Joan songwriting partnership. Upon entering the studio to hear he ends recording, the other class members were impressed with his creation stating that he or that they felt the musical track was essentially complete.

From this point, a relatively minor over dubs were added, such as guitar and percussion. But what is the song about? Well, let’s find out. You want, okay, I’m going to read the lyrics to listeners. Okay. Says, now the king told the Boogie man, you have to let that Raga drop the oil down the desert way has been shaken to the top. The shake. He drove his Cadillac. He went a cruising down the visit. The museum was a standing on the radiator grille. The Sharif don’t like it. Rocking the Kas Bach rocking the Casbah, the Sharif [inaudible] hey, on rock and look. Casbar rock the casbah by the order of the profit we ban the bogie sound degenerate. The faithful with the crazy cats boss sound, but the Bedouin, they bought out. Do you let your camel drum the local guitar picker got his guitar picking thumb as a serif.

He had cleared the square. They began to, well, the Sharif dolike, you’d rock the Casbah, her rock, the casbah show. Rico Laga Hare. Ah, rock book ball Ruck vocabs box. Now over at the tipple. Oh over the temple. Oh, they really pack them in the, in the in crowd say it’s cool to dig this Chintan thing, but as the wind changed direction, the temple band took five. The crowd caught a whiff. Oh, that crazy. Casbar jibe there. She’ll receive go laca head rocking the cows. Bach who rocking the Casbah Repo [inaudible] head freaking rock. The Casbah freaking rock. The casbah. The kink called up his jet fighters. He said, you better earn your pay. Dropped the bombs between the minarets down the CAS ball weight. As soon as the Sharif was chauffeured out of there, the jet pilots tuned to the Cockpit Radio Blair. As soon as the Sharif was out of there, the jet pilots weld.

The Sharif TDOT like it rock the casbah who I can look as mother Sharif. [inaudible] hatch. Yes. Rock. The Caspar freaking rocking the casbah. He thinks it’s not kosher. Fundamentally he can’t take it. You know, he really hates it. So the Song El tit, the song about the song is about drilling for oil in the Middle East and how the Sharif is not down with it. And once the Sharif pieced out, there’s a war began. That’s this is what the song is about. No one knows that. Let me tell you what the song is about. Now the song is about getting your back and your spine. Get your body and your head aligned. Get over to Dr Dr Brick, what’s your last name again? Gas Bomb. The song is about getting your body, your body. Get your body sends a weird, when you say it that way, get your body over to our good friend Dr Breck.

Last name again please. Cast bomb. Yeah, and go to the website. [inaudible] dot com go over there. See what’s cracking. Get your back adjusted. Get your spine in line. The first consultation is how much money Dr. Brennan. It is very. And you get an adjustment. Yes. An exam. Yes. An X ray. Yes. How much is the therapy? How much does it cost? It costs you nothing but a little bit of time. You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna end the show. On a high note, I’m going to queue up the audio from justice tumbling. We have a thing called hit. The Gong in the office were anytime one of my clients stopped losing money and they start becoming profitable, they get to bang the Gong. So I’m going to queue up the audio of those guys. Banging the Gong going. I was going to say, if you’ve been to justice tumbling and you did the move with the forward roll, now come see me and we’ll, we’ll help you pull your hair right back. Nice. And now you can be profitable. Well, we like to end every show with a, with a three to one the boom. But before we do that, before you rock the Casbah, let me queue up the audio of justice. Tumbling, celebrating, celebrating, getting into the end zone. They’re not celebrating the idea of getting in the end zone. He did. They’re not at the one yard line celebrating.

We know how to get in the heads out. A lot of people celebrate that. A lot of conference

says celebrate the idea of getting into the end zone. Are you guys excited to get me in zone?

You can do it. People run around. I’m excited. We’re going to celebrate. We’re gonna celebrate getting into the end zone. So without any further ado, here comes the audio clip. All right, homies, real quick. These guys are no longer losing money. They’re making money.

Justice Thomas [inaudible] Marrero.

Oh, me client we’ve ever had to podcast every day. Every day they’re podcasting really are

hit the gong. You hit the Gong and you do a victory lap.

They’re going to hit the gong into a big three lab. Here we go.

Oh, hello. Good. Go for it. And Rusty, you got to, here we go. There we go. He’s going that way. Oh, now here you go, ma’am. Yes. Yes. Victory Lap. Heritage. Yes. Oh, here she comes. She’s going down. Oh, impressive. Not losing money. Thank you, Lord. Thank you. Jesus. Close. Greg. Oh

No. Donny further ado, what.


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