Search Engine Domination | Learn How to Make Millions with Online Marketing (Part 2)

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Have you ever wondered why certain websites rank higher in the search engine results? Clay and Z break down the proven best-practice super moves that they have used to grow their empire.

On average, Google now processes more than 40,000 searches EVERY second (3.5 billion searches per day)! – Forbes

  1. “Before we started working with Clay, we might have eight evaluation lessons in a month. Maybe one or two in a week. But now, at this point, we have eight this week. Eight evaluation lessons this week. Just tomorrow, we have five evaluation lessons and our schedule’s getting so packed out that we’re borderline running out of room to even to schedule more evaluation lessons, which is why they are also helping us duplicate what I’m able to do in getting other coaches involved in the hiring process and gets into a lot of other levels of things that we are currently working on.” – Levi Nickson (The founder of Tumble Smart) – See their success at
  2. Last August we had 114 new patients compared to this August, we had 180 new patients. And it’s just at the end of the month, when you count that up, you just can’t deny what an impact that this new Business Coaching for Dentists marketing approach has had on our office. In June last year we had 85 new patients. In June this year, we had 126 new patients. It’s just astounding. Before, we were trying to implement our ideas, but we didn’t have access to a videographer, a photographer, a website designer, search engine optimizer. Through our new digital marketing plan, we have seen a market increase in the number of new patients that we’re seeing every month, year over year. Our average is running about 40 to 42% increase, month over month, year over year. ” – Dr. April Lai (Partner with Morrow, Lai and Kitterman Dentistry) – See their success at
  3. “My name is Roy Coggshall. I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I also have a place in Marina Del Rey, California. Actually, I am a client of Thrivetime and Clay’s helped me move the numbers on two of my businesses. One of my friends was his client and he helped his marketing go up 1200% in three months, so that’s how I got hooked up with Thrive and Clay Clark.  I’ve got two automotive businesses and I’m a technician by trade, so this is a whole new field for me, so really enjoying to learn about people and about marketing, systems, and processes.” – Roy Cogshall (Founder of RC Auto Specialists and Roy’s Garage) – See their success at and
  4. “Learning how to put a website together, learning how to optimize the website, learning how to blog, learning social media because we had an old school website and I think we got maybe 50 hits a month. And then once we improved our website as part of the business coaching for bridal shops program from Thrive, our optimization we started getting more calls and more calls. And I mean, I think our highest number so far has been up in 3000s and I think that gets more phone calls, more people walking in the door. Obviously more customers to us that we can speak with and sell our product. I believe that the training that you get here is probably going to be the best money spent.” – Jennifer Thompson (Founder of Facchianos Bridal) – See their success at
  5. Super Move – Your website must be mobile and conical compliant.
    1. Canonical – The canon (The canon of the Bible). The first essential rules that Google developed.
      1. You have to have effective <h1> </h1> tags on your website
      2. Your site has to be hosted on a server that is consistent (Godaddy)
        1. If you don’t and your website is down, your Google ranking could tank.
      3. You have to have title tags
        1. You want to tell your customers what they are getting into before they click on your link.
      4. You have to have a proper Description
      5. You have to have a proper Keyword
      6. You have to build your website on WordPress
        1. Invented by Matt Mullenweg by using polyphasic sleeping.
        2. WordPress has templates in place that makes it easy to create a website.
        3. Custom coding is complex and expensive.
  6. Why should you invest and optimize your website?
    1. It is called Return on Investment.
    2. You have to spend some money for knowledge

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Audio Transcription

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You don’t see it the other day I was listening to our podcast because I want to make sure the quality controls there. Sure. We have some errors from time to time, but I just want to make sure that the show is working right and, and I went on this crazy new thing called the internet. What fight. I know. And then I thought, wait a minute, I go on this thing a lot. Yeah. And for the first time I thought, you know what? I wonder, I wonder is the of our ability as the thrive time show, I wonder if my ability as are the owner of a marketing firm. I wonder if my ability to always be top in Google for all of the companies I’m involved in, if that has anything to do with my success. I started thinking, I doubt that. I doubt if you Google Tulsa men’s haircuts and we come up top at elephant in the room or it’s doesn’t matter.

Or you know, if somebody googled my partner’s business oxi fresh, if you Google carpet cleaning quotes and they have 150 how many reviews today, Andrew? Carpet cleaning quotes. Go search that. How many reviews does Oxi fresh now have? Let’s take is he wants me to guess. How many do you think? [inaudible] 64 what do you say Andrew w what is the guest or what happened to reviews? Do they have how many reviews? They have? 157,186 Google review. I got to think, and I wonder if being top in Google with 157,000 reviews everywhere in the world, does he imagine if you typed in optometry in anywhere in the world, you are top. That’d be cool. Now I’m wondering if that impacts his sales. I wonder if he’s doing well because of that or is that an anomaly? No, I take away. It’s a new, it’s a new world order out there.

It’s a new game and us old dogs or dog or been around a long time where you remember back when all you had to do is get the beggars ad, the foam that you teach about the three little pigs. You talk about the three legged marketing stool. We talk about this even right now as we speak right now, you have billboards that are up all around Tulsa and you have radio commercials and you have Internet marketing, my friend, why would you have all three? The TRIFECTA, why would you not just have one? We see when you’re out fishing down in the hole, you put three poles in the water. You’re more apt to catch you a fish. Uh, when you’re out fishing in the and the, and the, and the whole. Yeah. Is that, is that a us? Are you referring to ice fishing with Bjorn will?

Yeah. Bjorn, this fan. Have you been ice fishing before? No. No, I have it. Can I tell you about it real quick? Oh, please do. Please do. Because I know you, you spend a certain amount of your time up, up at the great white north. I’m going to pull up a video so you can see real quick cause this is true. True, true story. True story about ice fishing. I’m putting more lines in the holes we’re talking about here. So did you go ice fishing animals say Minnesota. Um, and let me, let me type the word augur after it. Um, okay, so this is a in Minnesota where you have somebody who’s getting ready to go, uh, ice fish. Okay. Now I have never been ice fishing because I grew up in Oklahoma and when I was like 12 or 13, I got invited to go.

So for the first time in my life I go ice fishing. The first part of the experience that freaked me out was that we drove onto the lake. Yes. With a truck. Oh yeah. NowZ , I don’t know about you, but when you are ice fishing and you are, you’re in a truck, a large [inaudible] driving on a lake, would that freak you out at all? And I disliked about it freak out factor. So then the guy were smear on the ice. I drove onto the ice with my friend’s father, Ron Roush into our for on it when in an f two 50 truck in the middle of a lake. And then he proceeds to get out in Auger and he, does this, listen to this way, doing MCU it up here

or is she a competition was sweet, wasn’t it? Oh, she edit that out. Andrew. I saw you drawing halls. He doesn’t have to wait for you to start. This guy’s curse a lot. We’ll auguring y’all ready for this? There we go. Versus Jiffy SD 60. I, this is a honky version. John Henry on the left here on my left. Here we go. [inaudible] is a guy, John. Ready? One, two, three. Go. These guys


flippantly digging through the ice while the truck is parked right next to them. So smart. So I’m going smart. Um, are we drilling a hole in the ice right now? And they say, yes, we could. Could you fall in? And this is, I remember, I’ll never forget this. I remember the statement was made by one gentleman. He goes, well, not, not very often. Not very often going, no way. So then you look at the kinds of houses that they put on the lake. I’ll pull it up real quick. This is,

they’re like shit, right? They drag on there. Oh, it’s more than a shed. Don’t call it a flat screen in there. Oh, you got me on. Oh, he’s fitted out. I’m like, look at this damn flat screen TVs. Glug, Glug, glug.

Give a few, you can sleep in there. And then occasionally you’ll drive by a house that did this. This is a nice house.

And they sleep in their houses. Oh my God. I’m like, have you ever been sleeping? And then the house started to fall and get me into the ice. The ice underneath you started to collapse and your house went and they go, ah, not really. I mean, it’s gone down a few feet before where I got panicked. I’m like, so you just woke up and got out before you died in a frozen Tundra and they’re going, yeah, yeah, yeah. Pretty much. If you’re from Minnesota or you know, Minnesota and this is how they handle it, you’ll say, so, um, what are we going to do in the light and Ice House? Now that we’ve been, now that we’ve been out here for two consecutive days, drilling holes everywhere, trying to find the right eyes and putting an house out there. My next questions, he is, what do we do now?

We have what? What, what did you get those lights down there? And this is the response. They said, oh, I’ll go on and get some beer. I’m going to go to the town. So my friend’s father, I’m like at the time, like 13, he goes to town and he comes back with a ton of Molson ice. This Canadian be, oh yeah. Alright, now it’s time to do this. Ah, you know, let’s do it. Let’s do an l talk race slow and very, oh it just get started. Oh. Rawson Darfur saw and then um, don’t you know in, you know, oof thought, that kind of thing. And they’re just talking and I’m going, who brought the hot dish? So, or do we, cause in fishing’s you typically go, this is, this is fly fishing. There’s little action there. [inaudible] action for their action is you put the Blue Line in and then you do nothing at all except drink beer fort days.

And you know why? Because you’re watching a TV screen that shows the fish below the water so you can see they’re around, but you can’t cast or there’s no, there’s no action. And they don’t want you to talk because you don’t have to scare the fish. Right. So now you’re sitting with a grown man in his forties or 50s streaky bolted eyes while you’re freezing, half to death, waiting for a fish. And you can see them on the screen and there’s nothing you can do to make it go faster. Oh my goodness. That sounds like a fun day. And then in the event that they get a fish, what they do is then they clean the fish right there. These are real men here. Oh, they’re not going to take it to the store that does this? Nope. Nope. And then they’re going to cook it right there and it has bones in it.

Yeah. Z. Yo, almost like you’re a wall. I though, and you’re almost dying. I mean, I seriously took a bite at a wall light. It’s like, ah, ah, because there’s bones everywhere and never one. Yeah, no one told me. That’s how you eat fish. You see, the whole thing was not a good experience. He, I wonder where it went bad. I mean, so much fun. I mean every step of the way. Now, unlike ice fishing on today’s show, we’re going to teach search engine optimization. NowZ , we can now with today’s technology, you can see where the fish are. Yes, the customers. Yes. You can see where your potential buyers are. Unlike ice fishing, you can do something about it. You can reach out and grab up. You could, what you could do, we’re going to teach you the equivalent of putting three lines in the hole.

There you go. We’re going to teach you the equivalent of dragging the entire lake with a net to catch all the fish. Come on and we’re going to give you the Acoma throwing in sticks of dynamite option. That’s an optional, which leads me to my final fishing story before we start this show. Uh, z. Do you ever go fishing? It? Not very often, but I mean, I have been dateline Minnesota. I’m 12 again. I go back there and another one of my friend’s fathers said, hey, if you would like to go fishing Clayton, I’d like to take you. And I said, oh, okay, yeah, let’s do it. He says, well, don’t you and I’ll take you out there, the Isis Melton. And so when the ice melts in Minnesota, it’s great fishing time because the fish come up to the surface looking for food. Oh, you the EITs, nicest Melton there on Lake Washington and there’s lakes everywhere.

And so we get out there on that boat and where, and I’m going, what do we, what’s the goal? He said, well, the goal is to try to catch some fish. That’s okay. That’s fair enough. This is it. I’m, you know, just unbelievably bored out of my mind by the way. Mosquitoes out, you know, just ever. So I’m flying around, just try, this is try not to dig emotionally, you know, kill myself. I’m just so bored out of my mind. So, uh, Ronnie, Ron, Mister Rohn, he drops me off and says, Hey, um, we’re going to go to town real quick, get some food, do you want to go with, do you want to? And they admitted. So they say, do you want to call them wit? You don’t have to column width on General. You want to come with, they always go to town and they say, come wit Qaqc, come with but come with me.

It’s all you want to call them. We have to, we’re going to town in town. Just means they’re going to a place of commerce, any place, anytime you go to town that means a place where they sell something, right? We’ll go on to town, don’t you know, in Darfur. And so he said, do you want to come? You want to come with? And I said, oh no, I’ll just keep fishing. He says, okay. So I got out a net and I put the net in the water and I can see the fish, you know, cause they’re swimming all around and near the surface. And I got like, you know, 2030 not a hundred but you know a lot. Okay. I put them in a bucket. How big were they? Ah, sunfish they were like football size. Okay. Ish. Maybe half the size of football and I put them in the bucket and then I put another Netapp and got another bucket and I just kept kind of doing this by game.

Well, I’m a good fisherman. Oh goodness. Stated goal was to get fish. Yep. I’m getting fish. There you go. They come back in the truck, they turn off the truck, they get out there and they say, oh no, oh no. What? Or are they dead? I’m like, yeah. I mean, I didn’t bring the water with them. They’re all done and they’re all like flapping around the ones that are still alive. He goes, oh no, there’s like a crime against humanity. He’s like, he was witnessed to fish holocaust. Oh yeah. Then he explains to me that there’s a limit. And I guess there’s like a man ethic and fishing that the fishing police, there’s like a wild commissioner or something. Who regulates how many fish and adult man can get? Yeah, the Lake Rangers. So I’m like, uh, what happened? They go, oh no, cause it’s like a big fine, I guess it’s like nasty.

Oh, if you get like more than limit, it’s bad. What was the limit on him? Did you ever hear? I don’t know. But if something, like I had personally gotten like 50 times the limit, all of us combined and like 30 minutes and I was so proud of my achievement. Oh sure. And he’s like, Oh God, you can’t do that. We’ve got to get rid of them. So I did another fo Paul, because he went, he went does, he had to go get some stuff to clean the fish and all the night and he’s doing and he said, do you cause you got to get rid of him. He was so mad. Oh yeah. Gotta get rid of them. Oh No. And I’m thinking, okay, okay, well you want to get rid of him. So I set him on fire. I’m sad about fire. Yeah, I just had gas and I’ve made a big fire pit and I just set them on fire and burn. Oh my God, I have never been, the guy wasn’t a yeller, he wasn’t a cursor. He’s not the kind of guy that would curse me out, but he looked at me with those dad death eyes. You have ruined

my life. Well, I mean and I felt bad and I’ve never gone fishing sense. Anyway, we’re going to teach you how to fish with dynamite. Had to put three poles in the hall and address that, like to get all of the fish. It is the search engine domination conversation with the C and the z.

Some shows don’t need a celebrity in a writer to introduce this show. This show down to math eight kids, Koch created by two different women, 13 multimillion million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the thrive time show.

Do what?

[inaudible]. Yes, yes, yes and yes it is. Yeah, it’s been, see when z is next, this to

me sir, how are Ya? I am fantastic. Clay, you’re looking, you’re smelling and looking really good today. You are smelling and looking like 1 million bucks. I’d say that it is that good cause $1 million is, you know, you know money’s kind of dirty and on people I know you’re looking and you’re looking and smelling like dirty currency that’s been exchanged between hands of people that can pitch treasury. Yeah. You look like construction. You look like $1 million that’s been exchange between construction workers and people at brothels. Wow. I feel so dirty. You’re looking, I feel so much better today. Thank you. Wow. Wow. There you go. That’s pretty much a passive aggressive. Just show. I know I wanna I want to ask you this because a, the listeners out there want to know, what does a typical weekend look like for you? Well, good question. This weekend. You know, it’s, I haven’t seen you now for awhile.

It’s now two 56 on the day. We’re recording this Monday. I don’t know what you’ve been doing since uh, I had a really big weekend. What’d you do? Um, Friday evening my son and my middle child graduated from optometry school. Really? Yeah. Big Deal. Woo. Shadow. Like you. Yeah. Another doctor to optometrists. Yes. That’s impressive. Dot Three. You know what, I was reading a ladies’ Home Journal and they read that. Uh, they said that, uh, any of the time you have a business partner who produces kids that uh, two of the three of those kids become optometrists. Your friend must be the man did that ladies back there and they get to get a mega point for that. Turns out I didn’t read that Lady’s Home Journal. I just made that up. Oh, thank you. So I did that on Friday and then I ended the weekend, um, Sunday with the big watch party at my house, which I do on Sunday evenings for a game of Thrones. So you got together? We only have, yeah, there’s not many shows left. So big, big dinner. And how’s it going to end in your mind? The show badly. How’s it going to tell us? Tell us. Give us your predictions. This shows recorded here previous to the last episode. Right. So only,

I don’t think Dinair is going to make it. She’s, they’ve just, they’ve turned her into, into Craig Craig, which is disappointing at Bass because she, you know, she was that she came from nothing. She, she pulled herself up by our bootstraps. She started from the bottom and now she’s there. Right. And you know, she’s got her own little dragon and everything and I drank. I just don’t think it’s going, I don’t think it’s going to end well for her. And um, it’s unfortunate. Really. Yeah. I don’t want to do any, any spoilers from set the tone and people were there. Uh, the parts usually 10 to 12. I’m trying to think how many were, there was the no talking rule in effect where people texting and talking each to each other during the watching of the, of the show. There’s no, there’s no talking during the show.

So you guys, that’s it. That’s a hard, it’s hard. That’s a hard rule. I’ve seen this rule be enforced. Yes. And it was my nephew’s 80th birthday. So we celebrated his birthday. We looked at a watch party and uh, there yet, but sending nights, it’s kind of like everybody comes over to my house anyway and that’s kind of our family night. It just so happens with game of Thrones on, that’s what we do. Zylander ranch? Yes. This is at the REC and Z ray. Okay, nice. Nice. So you’re at the zone of ranch watching game of Thrones. Jonathan kelly and I this weekend. John, will you tell doctor, see what we were working on this weekend? Uh, we were working on a book and do book. Oh, fantastic. And this book, John explained that it’s a working title right now. We’re working through the title, but search engine domination, the specifics that the tips, the trip, the tricks and the secrets of making millions online.

Come on. That’s it. Right? You were working on, I was working on Ladies Home Journal quilting for you. That’s what I was really like, we were on miss miscommunicated. Let me tell you what John did to you or you good quilter because I’ve, I’ve, I can crochet. Oh yeah, I’ve always want to learn it. Let me tell you what John did to me and let me tell you, let me say I was dirty. This is the dirty money. This was a dirty move. Oh, John says, well, we’ve got a conference coming up here in June and uh, if you have the book done, we have a lot of people always asking for you to write another book on search engines because the first thing we did is called start here. And in that book, see we teach the search engine to moves. Oh yeah. But people are always asking for a book just about Seo.

And so he’s like, you know, if we get it done or this weekend I could not type set it and I can, uh, um, you know, get it there for the conference. Now does he, did you, did you, did you sense the manipulative nature of that? And I mean, getting to sit in certain kinds of manipulation is good, but I mean, you just, did you sense the manipulation of the puppet master? I feel manipulated or prison and he, here’s the step one. He just wouldn’t pull in hillside. Napoleon Hill says a dream. A goal is a dream with a deadline and goal. Right. Is it dream with a deadline? I love that. I love that. So he floated the deadline idea. Oh yeah. So he goes, well, you know, if I get it done by Monday, sure you get it done by Monday, then we could have it out by the conference.

Well, I mean, you know, I mean if, if one, it’s definitely giving a deadline too is it’s calling me out going, you think I can’t write a book this weekend? You sign up. But that’s why it’s like you set it up so well, I did what I do. I did write this in my system. Grindr. I opened up the, uh, the, the liquor cabinet that consists of your buck, Hugh brought over. Oh yeah. That’s nice. Go on. The, I go on the drip method. I put on the blinders, which is what you do is you just drip meant poor man’s Margarita and you just, you, you drip on it though all weekend. So you’re, you’re never really, you’re not driving anywhere. Not going anywhere. What you are is you’re an author mind. Oh yeah. Now see if you ever played video games. Yes, I have. Yeah. You know how there’s kids once the kids, 30 year old men who you see them on a Monday. Seriously, you’ll see a 30 year old man on a Monday and you’re like, great, how was your weekend? Or Charles or Chuck Chuck, how was your weekend? And Chuck will go,

Oh, that’s great man. I just stormed the castle. Got It playing all weekend, man. Finally gotten over that next level. I couldn’t find the password. I hit unlimited seven. Wait a minute. You’re a grown man and you spent all weekend playing video games like, yeah, I almost beat the game. Oh Man. I got into this war online with this guy from

China where the headset thing, where, what are these games where you can talk smack via the headset?

Did you, did you ever see that? All of them now, did you ever see that South Park episode where the guys were down there grinding in the basement on this, on this gay, but they never left the game. And so the mom would come down and feed them. And what you bring a bucket underneath at times, I mean it was like what is the funniest thing? And it was just uh, they, they uh, there was this one guy that was dominating the game dominance and they had to be at the periphery g building up their characters. They would kill him, you know, they finally got it to where they can take your bod. It’s the funniest. Yep.

Hey, the last time I played a video game I was like 12 or 13 or some age, whatever the last time I played a game where I was like this, this is, I got to stop and I’ve never really played since that time. But man, I this, this game, Sim city. Oh. Oh, I’d never played dying but I ate that the last time I played one. Oh No, you guys might’ve heard of it. Uh, the Oregon trail. Really? Yeah. I Hate Sim z. Have you ever Seen Sim city? I know the concept. I’d never played it. Let me just show you real quick why I hate to build a city right. Well, cause you’re doing it. You can still, we get started and this is what happens is, so you go here, I’ll a Google search and you build up cities, but then you’re this, the point is is to make armies to go civilization.

Yeah. They’d go, you know, Sim city. This is why this game is such an addictive, horrible game that’s just unbelievably fun to play and just terrible because one, you start off with a piece of land and it looks pretty real. And it says, all right, you got, you know, a total, you’re the mayor of this new town and you’ve got a total of like $10 million to start. Right? What story, what a bargain. You say, what? What store do you, oh you get to open four stores, let’s say, so what stores can you open? Okay. And you have a population of 25 people that moved to town, right? And you have to actually, it has to make sense. So you have to tax people at the right rate. And these jerks have thought of everything. So if you, cause I learned to play games by messing with the rules.

So if you raise the tax rates up to 90% these jerks have thought about what happens. So literally when you raise the tax rate to 90% nobody works. They just quit working. Then you’re the tax or they leave town. Yeah. And when you lower the tax rate down to like 4% then the economy’s booming everywhere. And then like when you don’t have police, there’s violent crime everywhere. And when you put too much police, people start moving out to the woods. It’s so crazy. That game. I hate this game, but it’s so good. Oh my gosh, they must be capital. Let’s look at it. And then you feel like, and then you feel like you’ve accomplished something. So all weekend, you know, you finish. I was like 13 I was 14 I think I blacked it out z. But someone says, well, what’d you do all weekend? I said, Oh, I built this unbelievable city in the night.

It occurred to me. I’m a nerd. What? Wait a second. What were your first four buildings? This is, I’m just, I can’t, I do remember. No I don’t. I just remembered that this game was the best game ever. Cause that’s why I love building businesses. I love building real things. Using the laws of cause and effect to the game that the rules that the government has given us so much that you, that you’ve learned from that then see that’s a good thing. It could be, but it just, it felt like a great thing. But then I realized that I didn’t actually do anything. I just played a game where it’s like reading a book, you learned something, learned some principles that you learn the principle exactly that you learned down. Talking me off the ledge. I felt pretty bad about my, so let’s just play right now. Let’s do it right now.

So what I’m gonna do here, Andrew’s, I’m gonna have you start reading some testimonials and green. Now these are from real clients that I have really worked with over the years. And I need you to read them with z enthusiasm where, where his doctors, he won’t boo you. Okay? Cause if you bring that weak sauce so you know that weak sauce, I hate that non offensive. In a meeting he talks to me about how they hate it when a competent person is quiet in the meeting, like you ask them a question and you say did you get it done? And they go, don’t you hate that lack of confidence. I disliked that. I like it when people are confident. Yes they they articulate, yes. They pronounced yes. They project yes and they communicate effectively. Directive. Great pronunciation. I’m going to ask you a question I’m afraid can get there. I just switched it up there. You’re going to head straight in my ability to mispronounce things. Okay. You Ready? Read these testimonials in a row with a lot of passion. I will cue up the the music and Dr z shall bring echos, sound effects, distractions, actions, whatever wants

to bring. All right, go for it. Before we started working with [inaudible], we might have, we might have had eight evaluation lessons in a month, maybe one or two like I don’t like, I don’t like it yet. I’m like, I want to call it off like I don’t, I don’t like, or we need to know who he is first because otherwise I’m listening to a testimonial and I don’t know who it is. Sorry. Let’s try again or upsetting. So Levi Nixon, the founder of tumble smart says before we started working with clay, we might’ve had eight evaluation lessons in a month, maybe one or two in a week. Wait, Quakers, me, she’s Smu. But now at this point we have had eight, this Craig eight evaluation this week, just tomorrow we have five evaluation lessons and our schedules getting so packed out that were borderline running out of room. I don’t like those testaments to good.

Let’s do another one. That one to January. I care that I [inaudible] factors. The company’s called Tumble that’s where, let’s do another one. All right, so this is doctor April lie doctor. There is MLK. It’s different in my industries. Yama doctor and my doctor doesn’t work for doctors only work this soul. This SEO system only works for tumblers and pizza places. What’s the next one? Next one? Yeah. What’s the, what you could give us the D Dr Law. Give us that one. Last August we had 114 new patients compared to this August we had 180 new patients. Oh my goodness. As that. You’d think that’s a lie.

All right. And it’s just the end of the month when you count that up, you just can’t deny what an impact that this New Business Coaching for dentist marketing approach has had on our office and it says here they had a 42% growth is what it says. Perhaps Z. Someone might say dermatologist cause the growth can, you know, go too slow to too big. Likes will never work for dermatologist. Will just no, no, no. I’m just had a growth on, I might look so much growth. [inaudible] could be benign. Mlk what’s the next one there, Andrew? I don’t, I don’t know. The listeners are unsure whether we can trust you. They’re just, oh the next one is from coming in from Roy Coggeshall, the founder of RC auto specialist and Royce garage and his website. It’s our RC auto and the garage wow. And on Roy on credible uncredible. Well, Roy says, my name is Roy conch shell and I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I also have a place and a Marina del Rey, California. Actually, I am a client of thrive time and clay has helped me move my numbers on two of my businesses. Uh, Roy says on, or one of my friends was his client and he, and he helped his marketing go up to go up 1200% three months. See, I mean in that, in that, and as you imagine a company like a Shaw homes and they’re building homes,

brand new house, the average house is a $300,000 house. If does imagine and getting, when you say a 1200 times more leads, let’s make that real for the listeners because you’re, you’re a math guy. Yes. So by them getting 10 leads, now what’s 1200% more? What does that mean? Well, let’s see 100% so they get 10 blue beat would be another 10 so 100% growth would be 10 more leads, 400 ounce, 1200 of those it’d be 1200 more leads or mean 1200

times 10 would be 120 more leads. So you get 120 more leads in three months. Is that a lot of leads in relatively speaking? Yes for that. Yes. Nosy. I’m not going to ask you about the specific business cause I respect your privacy. You spec not privacy, but you are always, you’re always building businesses aren’t you? Why not? And do you not have no brainers for every business? I believe it’s one of the things you’ve got to have, you know, and that we’ve talked about that on several shows and I, I think that think about it is, is that when you have a new business out there, if you’re listening, please listen. If you have a new business, you really have to incentivize, I mean really, really, really incentivize you, fool you instead of just saying, you know what, we’re really, really, really good looking.

And we’d really appreciate you coming in cause you know we’re really something special. You. Oh, you have to have that call to action. You have to say, listen, I’m going to give you X. I’m going to make such a good deal that you can’t resist. You must come in. It’s like that. You know, it’s like that tractor being, you know when you get negative with dk star. Yeah, I remember that. Like the no brainer. The death star is a no brainer. You get in that, you get in that, oh people pull it out, pull out, pull out the gun. I can’t, I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. To get your likes your elephant in the room. I mean, it’s a dollar for the first haircut. Thank dollar deal is hot. It’s hot news. So hot. It’s hot. I mean people see that. The kid standard, half of them think what’s the catch?

I’m just curious as to what’s going on. I’m going to go in there and I want y’all, yeah, almost. They come in, they’re expected to bait and switch. Oh yeah. And then when they leave it’s a dollar. They tell everybody. Oh yeah. It’s incredible. It, it’s not a scam. That’s not a scam. I remember I’m reclaiming scam took good term. I’m sorry. It’s not a bad deal. Yeah, wait, no bad could mean it’s not, uh, not positive. It’s not, it’s not a not negatives mixed to Vega to pick up growth. It’s could be benign. I don’t, but nine it’s can’t, which is, I don’t know. If two negatives make a positive, then I think the Patriots need to pick up Dez Bryant.

Isn’t that what we need to do that, hey, let me, I was listening to the problem solving. I have some really hot information out. Totally speculative in nature and patriots podcast. Okay. Don’t talk to them. They’re looking at players that they can pick up and players that have a connection. So a really cool stuff. They lost a lot of their coaching staff this year and they just brought in a former player to Rod Mayo to coach the linebackers and stuff. And he’s all in, he’s a great Patriot guy. He has the hotel here in town and uh, Richard Van Noy one hotel. What are you talking at the Mayo Hotel. Ah, Kyle van Noy is very, very good friends with certain people around the league. He’s one of their players and it just

looks like that Kyle van noise, some of his connections might be joining the team and some other guys connections. And there’s three names they floated this weekend that are making me cry that are pretty powerful. Oh No. Sue his entire career, his that. He always will go over for the big bucks. He always has said, I’m going to consume. Yes. He says he’s always going to go for the big bucks. He’s like, I want to get paid. That’s his whole deal. Oh yeah. And he’s been been apologetic and it looks like that. Recently, some of his conversations have said, my entire career I wanted to get paid. Now I want to win. So he’s changed what he’s been saying, which makes sense. But his whole career, he said, I want to get paid. And it’s like Randy Moss, Randy Moss always want to get paid and all of a sudden they’re like, you probably got three years left.

And he’s like, I want to win. And he went to the Patriots for nothing. Right. So it looks like sue could be very close and then all that’s just what we need and then check it out. Apparently some dude connected to the team has floated out that Dez Bryant has been working out in his being. Maybe uh, you know, can he give us one last run? And I loved as Brian on the cowboy on the, uh, on the patient when he joined the St and then like got hurt his ankle or, yeah, same Wiki. A sign for the saints. He was out for the season, but he’s got great hands and they wouldn’t be expecting them to be a burner. He just has to catch the ball, which he can, he can do well, so target and a great locker room guy to no, no he’s not.

But the thing is people change. See, they become different people on the Patriots. Well they, they’ve just put them next to Tom Brady in his locker and they’re just, you know him the whole time I’m convinced that you and I could join the Patriots in bill would look at us and say z, you are going to become an all pro quarterback. And you would say, ah yes sir. And next thing you know you’re going to be a slot receiver. Cause that’s what little white guys to do that. So I come out, got slow guys that just do what they’re told to think about. Matt Cassel, a guy who never played a game in college. How do you not play a game in college? How do you not start? How does that happen? And then you get drafted, you’re a perpetual backup and now you’re leading the Patriots to like an 11 and five record of the year.

Tom Brady’s out. Unbelievable. How in the heck is like Jonas gray running the ball, looking awesome and then he sets the record for the Patriots. Then he’s off the team. It doesn’t matter how every years, seriously, I have no idea who’s going to be on the team. It’s so exciting. It is exciting. And as usual, um, there’ll be, I’m sure member last Jay wrote again last year on Mike, you were like, I don’t know this year, I think this year he’s clinging to his principles too much and it might be too hard, but that last year because they started off slow, I don’t recall that clay, I, they’re always told every year those first you must have here again, you must have made that up. You’re talking about doctor B, Doctor C different guys. You rate us another, tweet us another testimonial because I think the listeners are there. Some of them were saying, I don’t know if this will work for my industry.

All right, so Jennifer Thompson, the founder of Foshee Anos Bridle, if our says learning how to put a website together, learning how to optimize the website, learning how to blog, learning social media. Because we had an old school website and I think we got maybe 50 hits this month. And then once we improved our website as part of the coaching, she was never, uh, since you’ve been working with me, she was before you write this [inaudible] nine, one eight, four, eight, one eight, six, nine, seven. Great Lady. Yeah, she’s awesome. Z, it turns out the bridals, the bridal business, you can make more money if you’re top of Google and the bridal business. Imagine that. And Z, the optometry business. Imagine now, except if you’re in Tulsa in Tulsa, I’m all, I will teach you all the tricks needed to make your website go down the search engines to get worse.

Z. See, all good people reverse business coaching. If you’re an optometrist in Tulsa, Tulsa only in Tulsa, Tulsa, you want some map? A lot of other cities around the world available. Yeah, but if it in Tulsa, you just get ready for some nonsense now. Well, the thing about it is we’re at thrive nation. We’d try not to, you know, if you’re, if we’re helping a dentist and in Louisville, we’re not going to have another dentist in Louisville. Why that? Why is that? Well because we’re, we’re, we’re, we have a character’s kind of wheeler. Well it is war, but you know, we’re not gonna work against ourselves. So you, whoever you are against to as first first come first service, get fat, hogs get butchered. Come on. That’s that is was so we will start this war against our soaps. Yes, we were out. You go to that corner of back to back.

They faced each other, drew their swords and shout at each other. Oh, nice. NowZ , what I’m going to do right now is I’m going to teach one super move that will change the lives of our lists. We’ll, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll want to take more time. What time, what time? Tomorrow you’re going to try out a super move today. One super move today that all of us just can apply at one of what John, we have like a hundred tips in the new book. I wonder tips. I wonder if the super moves that you’re going to, the one you’re gonna throw out today. I wonder how many people around the country have paid an exorbitant amount of money to learn the super move. Not from us. Cause we don’t, we don’t try to talk to a lady the other day who’s the top in the world at what she does.

Right. And she literally, as we’re getting off the call, she goes, hey, by the way, how do I get top in Google? And I’m like, ah, just kind of a cause. This is a top Cutco control, alt, Google. Cause there’s so much to share mockery out there. And Jack has three shirts. I’m going to teach one move, John. Oh can, I would like for you to break down the details. Oh, here we go. So this is the super move. Okay, well I’m going to give it just a little, I’m going to give a little, I’m already going to give you a preemptive. Here are the moves and I’m going to Andrew try to keep up with me. I’m going to give them move and then the details and then John will break it down. Okay. Okay, here we go. Your website must be canonically in mobily compliance.

You’re what you must feel. They canonical and mobile compliant website, your website has to work well on mobile devices and on Google and z. When I say canonical canonicals, how Google refers to it. It’s the cannon of the Bible. Essentially. Those first essential books, the Canon of Google, Google, which was, which was created by Larry Page and Sergei Brin out of there, uh, when there are phd’s at Stanford and they built it on the Stanford Server, they have defined what a good website is. And as far as I’m concerned, they are the gods of of the Internet. Okay? Because before that, no one used it. So I’m going to do a search real quick for the word dog. All the listeners do a search for the word dog. When you do a search for the word dog, you see that Wikipedia comes up top or near the top. And right here at John at the top left, there’s a big word that says dog.

True. How big is that font? A. It’s pretty large. It’s their h one tags with, they’re called h one. Okay, so let’s start there. You have to have effective h one content on every page of your website. Now, John, why? Well, think of it as a, if you go back to your college days or even your high school, right in the paper, the title of the paper first. And so essentially it’s telling Google, it’s telling the users what the following text is going to be about. Step two, these are all steps under this canonical idea. Your site has to be hosted by a server that is consistent. John, turns out if your website disappears from Google more than 2% of the time, Google, make sure website disappear from the rankings because Google doesn’t want people going to a website that’s not consistent. John, why should you host your website on Godaddy and not with some local dude?

Well, one go. Daddy has 24, uh, 24 seven support. And so if it ever goes down for any reason, you can call them at any point. They also do a frequent backups of your website. So we’ve had a couple of people have lapsed in their hosting dozens, you know, thousands, a bunch and a so you can call them up and just have them restore it back. Uh, but having that a 24 hour support, it’s awesome. Three, you’ve got to have title tags. So if you go to the elephant in the room website as an example, by type in Tulsa, men’s haircuts as most people do. You find us. We’re not just one in Google, but we’re number one. And then we’re there again in the organic and then we have the videos that come up. Oh see look, we’ve got four, one, two, three, four, five of the listings for Tulsa men’s haircuts.

No we don’t. We have six cause I spelled it wrong. Six of the 10 z. That’s pretty good. That’s dominating. Now Z, you have to have this thing called the title tag. You see it up here. You see it’s highlighted blue text in the Google search results. John, why do you have to have a title tag that it follows Google’s rules? What’s the safe thing is again, when you Google something, you want to know what you’re going to get into when you click that page. And so it’s just a snapshot of what the page is about before you actually get in there. No, John, this description text right here. Why does the description text have to feature the keyword? Why do we have to have someone’s up? Someone’s out there taking notes. Get your h one text, right? Step one, step two hosts that thing on Godaddy.

Step three, get your title tag right. Step three, get the description right. Step four, get the keywords right John. Why do we have to get the Meta title tag keywords and description, right? Why can’t we just make stuff up? Well, everything has to match. And so Google is trying to serve the user. You, the Googler, a Google, um, you know, the most relevant search that you’re looking for. So whatever you’re looking for, they want to say, Hey, this is, uh, the, the authority on that term. And so that’s why your, uh, your title tag, your descriptions, your h one tags, all that has to match. And be relevant to the search. Now, John, what if I’m fighting fighting this idea? I said I want to host my website on a local guy. I don’t want to build my website. Next step. Next step, Andrew, you got to build your website on wordpress to be economically compliant.

Google loves wordpress. They love wordpress. John, why does the website created by Matt Mullenweg who happens to be friends of the Googlers? Why? Why, why after Matt Mullenweg Jay Z, check this out. Matt Mullenweg wanting to build the perfect website, right? So he researched Google’s rules and he personally did this thing called polyphasic sleeping. Wow. What? Which is what, um, polyphasic sleeping is the same thing that Thomas Edison did when inventing things. It’s where you work for four hours and sleep for 20 minutes and work for 40 hours and sleep and you never actually sleep eight hours. Wow. And he did this. So he’s in like a hypnotic rhythm to create wordpress can now a guy you’ve never heard of named Matt Mullenweg created wordpress and he designed it to be exactly what Google wants. John, why would a website rank higher if it’s on wordpress? Well, like you said, it’s exactly what Google wants.

So if you just follow the rules, wordpress is really awesome because, uh, they have these different templates in place and so you don’t actually have to know how to code. And uh, so, uh, you can just, you know, find a template that you like and go from there. I certainly learned a dumb tax on this. He, it took me about a year of two years, five years, four years to learn this, but custom coding. It’s so terrible. See Cause you never know because you never know what your coders are doing. Oh, I know. Can they break the site on purpose? Ah, wordpress is so great because we can teach anyone to do wordpress. John, it’s so great. Right? But what if I’m out there listening and I say, Zee, what about their listing? And I understand the rules. Now I understand the right, I understand. Got The rules.

I got the roof baby, but I don’t want to do the rules. Well then you pay the price. Well, beings may be for you. How, how often do I see? How often have you sat down with somebody who you did not reach out to? You did not call someone and say, Hey, I want to coach you because you’re not a coach. You know what I really want to coach? See, I had a contractor, I’m one of the houses I was working on years ago who had pulled me aside and say, Mr. Clark. Yeah, how do I get to the top of Google? And I would tell him what to do. Oh yeah, and he would refuse to do it. What makes it sticky would refuse to do it. I don’t know why I ask you then. I’m just saying that’s what I’m saying. What is going on? That’s crazy. Why would somebody ask and then not do it? Help us sort it out. Because what happens is is that it’s too difficult. Oh, and their minds too difficult. It’s kind of like, how do I get the top of Google and you’re like, well, there’s 12 rules and the first is can nautical. Now you’ve lost him. Economical. They’re like, eyes glaze over like a

donut and they pass out, throw up and next thing you know you’re in the Er with them. Uh, trying to get them

fluids back in their body. I would like to share how I came to have this knowledge. You want to know, Oh, this is scary. This is what happened. Okay. I was paying an Seo company like 5,000 a month and not going to the top of Google tried under company 5,000 a month. They were coming in two thousand four thousand. So you’ve seen shady vendors, you know? Oh, I specialize in shady even. So I reached out to a group of Oklahoma State University students who are studying coding at Oh, at Osu. Okay. And this was the offer I made. I said, hey guys, John you to the group interview. We have a lot of the candidates have show up. Yeah. And I said, you guys are all web developers from Osu recent graduates. Do you want to work your interns? Do any of you know how Google works? And Z?

It was like I asked him, Hey, could you play sound effects of crickets, please? Oh sure. Cause none of them had any idea how it worked. Really. None of them, because they don’t teach in a college. It’s not in the syllabus how Google works. Wow. So I said, what I want you to do is download all the websites. I knew enough about that you could download them. I said, download all their source code and analyze it and look for common denominators and highlight it with a highlighter. John, why would that be an effective strategy to find out who’s topping Google, download their sites and highlight with a highlighter or anything they have in common? Well, you can look at what, uh, you know, the, they’re doing that similar and then just copy it. And that’s what I did. Yeah. It saved me hundreds of thousands of, no, we’ve now hired Bruce Clay from time to time. And John, what is it, 8,000 a month for Bruce Bruce? Yup. $8,000 a month. Recently we recently paid brucey 4,000 a month, right? Uh, I think we’re at six. Six. Oh, it’s a good deal. So z were Bruce Clay, the founder of search engine search engine for dummies. He right there, he wrote the book, right? Z, why would I pay a guy eight grand a month, optimize a website because it’s a,

it’s kind of return on investment. There we go. I in other words, when I talk to people that have businesses say I can’t afford, I don’t want to advertise that silly. I mean word of mouth viral. I’m just going to put a link out here. I’m going to wear a tee shirt that says my business on it. That’s all I [inaudible] he’s at the park pathway. Frisbees at the park right there. Think about it is the money you spend, you know the return is going to be much greater than what you spent. And that’s what advertising is. That’s what marketing is. That is what spending money on your website. And that’s basically what that is. I mean cause nowadays I remember back in the good old days, clay, can I reminisce for a second? I do it. Yeah, but you play me some reminiscing. Let me get it. I got some good music here.

We thank you. This is this, this song. We’ll take you back to a time when people were people. Oh my gosh. And life was simple, simple. You had the yellow pages. Oh, talk to me about it. I had a phone number that you try to pick out to make it clever. Anyway, it’s fine. Is 2020 and it was just a contest to see who had the biggest budget. Exactly. Love that. Wonderful. Name. Your company. Eight dash something. You’re really aggressive. It’s AAA. It’s a great time. Oh yeah. I’ve been going around going, why are these businesses starting with, hey, it got you the first in there. Right. But better than that. The one with the biggest ad got to go first. Can I tell you to move? I did. I mean, that’s strong. Think about that. The guy with the biggest ad got to go from, what’s the mood?

Tell me them. I bought the biggest dad. Oh yeah. And to have the smallest ads. Oh yeah. So I had DJ connection was one company. Oh yeah. Then always and forever wedding DJ service one another. All the way to a wedding in wedding ventures LLC. Oh wait, I was in the fund, the top 10 and yellow pages. I was three options. Oh yeah. So I can hold that business. Oh, you got it all, you know, make sneakers. It was, oh, that’s the moon now. Now if you’re out on my goodness, I mean, think about, think of how many reviews we could have had if we’d Google was around 27 years. We had a lot of videos. We would meet somebody. I mean, would it be, you know, we’d kind of like 6 billion reviews. Is that even possible? Now, what we’re going to do right now is we’re going to have to wrap up today’s show Z. Oh no.

For All our listeners, I have a free prize. Here we go. Okay. Email Info at thrive time, Okay, got info at thrive time. Show, thrive email, email right now at this very moment. Email your website to us right now. Okay. And then when you do that, I will have a member of my team take approximately two to three hours to run a report on your site. Oh yeah. The first to tell you how you’re doing it. We’ll run it through the battery of tests or 37 different areas we’ll look at. Yeah. And uh, we will call you and walk you through what’s going on. Now, how can someone listening to this show right now, not get excited about that, Tammy, I think right now our listeners are smart. They’re doers. They, they’re gonna, they’re gonna take advantage of this move. Why wouldn’t they? But the people who listened to other podcasts won’t, you know, that’s how much we love our people though.

We love our people, we love our people, and we want to help. We didn’t mean that’s pretty cool. So what do you find out if you don’t know there’s a problem? How can you fix it? So let us have a lot of problems. Very specific too, right? Maybe. Maybe not a lot, but problem me. Seriously. Usually there’s about 200 specific fixes they need to make, but they’re all fixable. They’re easy to do. Yeah, they’re easy to, there’s a lot of problems, a lot of problems. So we’ll see. Let’s end the show with a boomer. You Ready? Three, two, one, boom.


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