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A very common issue with every business is finding top quality employees and team members. On today’s podcast version of the Thrivetime Show Clay Clark will get into the details of best practice hiring and recruiting.

    1. Create an Organizational Chart
    2. Create Clear Expectations
    3. Provide Weekly / Scheduled On-Going Mentorship and Training
    4. Provide Merit-Based Pay
    5. Fire Idiots
    6. Be a Leader That People Actually Enjoy Working For
    7. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Employee loyalty begins with employer loyalty. Your employees should know that if they do the job they were hired to do with a reasonable amount of competence and efficiency, you will support them.” – Harvey Mackay
    8. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Data developed in a study for the U.S. Office of Consumer Affairs suggest that satisfied customers for consumer services in their survey were likely to tell five people. On the other hand, dissatisfied customers were likely to tell eleven other people.” – The Service Profit Chain – James L. Heskett, W. Earl Sasser, Jr., and Leonard A. Schlesinger
  • 11 Attributes of a Successful Leader


    1. Attribute #1 – Unwavering courage based upon knowledge of self, and of one’s occupation. No follower wishes to be dominated by a leader who lacks self-confidence and courage. No intelligent follower will be dominated by such a leader very long.
    2. Attribute #2 – Self control. The man, who can’t control himself, can never control others. Self control sets a mighty example for one’s followers, which the more intelligent will emulate.
    3. Attribute #3 – A keen sense of justice. Without a sense of fairness and justice no leader can command and retain the respect of his followers.
    4. Attribute #4 – Definiteness of decision. The man who wavers in his decisions shows that he is not sure of himself. He can’t lead others successfully.
    5. Attribute #5 – Definiteness of plans. The successful leaders must plan his work, and work his plan. A leader who moves by guesswork, without practical, definite plans, is comparable to ship without a rudder. Sooner or later he will land on the rocks.
    6. Attribute #6 – The habit of doing more than paid for. One of the penalties of leadership is the necessity of willingness, upon the part of the leader, to do more than he requires of his followers.
    7. Attribute #7 – A pleasing personality. No slovenly, careless person can become a successful leader. Leadership calls for respect. Followers will not respect a leader who does not grade high on all of the factors of a pleasing personality.
    8. Attribute #8 – Sympathy and Understanding. The successful leader must be in sympathy with his followers. Moreover, he must understand them and their problems.
    9. Attribute #9 – Mastery of detail. Successful leadership calls for mastery of details of the leader’s position.
    10. Attribute #10 – Willingness to assume full responsibility. The successful leader must be willing to assume responsibility for the mistakes and the shortcomings of his followers. If he tries to shift this responsibility, he will not remain the leader. If one of his followers makes a mistake, and shows himself incompetent, the leader must consider it is he who failed.
    11. Attribute #11 – Cooperation. The successful leader must understand, and apply the principle of cooperative effort and be able to induce his followers to do the same. Leadership calls for power, and power calls for cooperation.
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Welcome back to the thrive time show have a business coaching question. Email us today and info at thrivetime, show.Com and claim doctors. He will answer your business. Questions live on the air, alright tribe, nation, welcome back to the thrive time show on your podcast download. This is another deluxe ultra special super sized ultra organic cleated in gold. Yes, the ask clay anything. Only natural hormones are joined here with the critically acclaimed, the well-known the the man, the myth, the legend eric chopped business coach here with marshall morris. What’s all the listeners can always download for free at 5 time show.Com? If you want to buy a physical, tangible copy, you can get that at amazon.Com by searching for the start here book in the name marshall morris, do we have a special guest with us today, mr. Harley liechtenstein, a recent graduate from oral roberts university-and you have been shadowing me last couple weeks couple and you have some questions. So what is the question you have today? My friend I do well, you know it’s soon. In the next couple weeks, I’ll be starting to coaching some of my own clients right with redmond growth. Little start off with some contractors and I know a huge worry with contractors just having trouble, hiring good quality people, and so I know.

You’ve talked about this a lot before, but I want to be able to assure them that no matter what the market may lack with good business coaching employees or maybe be difficult to find, how will be able to give him the trust that our system works well, first off again, if you’re listening out there, you should never trust anybody about anything ever so i, all right, good podcast! You know that is not a healthy idea. It’s a sure way to get screwed right, I mean you really will lose I’m going to modify that you should verify everything that you here. You definitely have to verify anything. You hear me what happens if you don’t do that you end up making really poor decisions based on emotional arguments. You should go verify everything yourself. What is the source that you’re, citing let’s go see that source? Is it a credible source in churches? Today, there’s churches today that are all across this wonderful country that are teaching things that are not actually in the bible. You know what churches I mean so I mean if you go to church I mean to the bible itself, is supposed to be sort of like your rule book for the depth of the judeo-christian faith, and so to not be listening to your own rule booker or be listening to a pastor. Who doesn’t even cite the bible I mean. That’s that’s weird, so I would just encourage you to one I mean just just:don’t trust people blindly, okay, so now I’m going to prove to you what I’m saying, okay, so I’m going to give you a lot of stuff to help him put this on the ask clay anything show notes at the bottom lyrics I got a lot of stuff I’m going to be sitting here. So here we go. One embrace at 75% of employees are stealing from the workplace. This is cited from cvs and the us chamber, then I want you to embrace that that 75% of employees do not want to do a good job, because they’re, stealing, okay, 75 35% of employees are stealing according to the us chamber and then a gallop gallop.

Does it’s called employees, employee, disengagement? Okay, they do a study on engagement of employees are trying to figure out. You know the gallup research folks there we noun for being the best research on the best research groups out there and they find at a staggering 87% of employees are not engaged. So 87% of employees are not engaged at 87% of employees. What percentage charlie 87% of what employees are not engaged? Why I don’t care they’re, not 87% or not, engage? So now you would have been stats there. Other stats out there about what percentage of people are lying on resumes so need to talk to you about this line. What percentage of people are lying on resume to make you think about? The inc magazine 85% of employees are lying on. Their resumes at 85% to 85% of employees are lying on what harley resumes? Who is what percentage, 85% and I’m getting this from, where I’m getting it from ink magazine? So, let’s review on the top 75% of employees are doing what harley are there they’re stealing from the workplace? 87% of employees are what they are not engaged and 85% of employees are what you were going to interview a hundred people today. The cool thing about it is a lot of people have a match or the people who steal are also not engaged and lying on resume. So weird, but I’m going to throw it out here. If you hit a hundred people a day-and you said, I want everyone to stand up, real, quick and if you are not lying on your resume, remain standing in that room of a hundred business coaching people only 15 to keep standing mind-boggling anymore with our culture to interview people on a one-on-one basis right. So what you have to do is to do a group interview, and we have a lot of trainings about that. You can find the podcast. Your coach can help you implement that. Will you do a group interview and marshall winter when it when a resume comes in? When someone applies for a job, you immediately do what invite them to the group interview and delete the resume. That’s right, and then you interview at the same time. Why marshall, because about 30% of them are actually going to show up so I can are typically. The liars. Do you get this understand this freaking idea? The kind of person that is late to work is a freaking liar.

It’s the same person write. The person is late. All the time flies all the time. It’s the same person, so you don’t even need to interview them. So we had this on a friday I think we had 9 people who were supposed to come for an interview for elephant, room, i, think 9 I’m, not scheduling, 9 hours of one-on-one meetings wouldn’t be prudent, so I scheduled it one time all those nine people to showed up one of them. His name is noah and he shut up on top covered from ms muscular sclerosis. She had a problem was the general eating away at his spine, and so he wasn’t able to walk for a long time and he’s last job he’s worked at disney, world well and I said to mr. Noah I said:is it a problem for you being on your feet all day, cuz he’s he walks with a little bit of a limb, and he even said this pleases. You know no, in fact, I walked at 5 miles a day at disney, it’s just part of life and then explain to me his business coaching condition. You know, but like the hill just walk the kind of person that would use that as an excuse won’t walk, he was totally able body. So I could have lied about being on your feet all day. So no a big kudos to you I can’t wait to have you on the team. Hopefully you are who you who I think you are because it looks like you’re, a good guy step number to you. Have them shadow you if you like them any shot of me, so I gave noah $300 of cash and I said you’re, so I want you to do I want you to put the bonuses for employees into these envelopes, write their names neatly on the envelope and put cash in the envelope, and he looks at me and he goes.

You can kind of see what he’s thinking. I go and there’s cameras everywhere and if I see you stealing, then you’re fired put your $12 cuz your strippers, our working here potentially and the control box cash and so no adjust diligently knocked it out, and so at the end of what a 30-minute shadow I said, no here’s the deal I’m going to have you come to work next week. I need you to tell me a date and I’m going to check all the background. I want to call your references, and if anybody on that list is not real or you’re lying anyway, you’re fired, says everything weird about that resume and he says no and then we’ll call him and that’s the process, and it said it’s easy to work. So you say:well, i, don’t believe it! Okay, if this is cool. This is cool. This year’s christmas party, how many people are approximately at the mail hotel for our christmas party this year me if you had to guess when the ballroom see that’s pretty big mark, had to be 250 to 300 and doesn’t like half of them work. Half of them worked here, the other half didn’t their spouses elephant team as well, so I can buy anything that looks like I’ll, be there too. So we’ll probably have you know, i, don’t know 400 people whatever, and so, if you don’t believe, it’s just come to tulsa oklahoma and meet our team, which is why I encourage you to come out to a workshop, and we have great people. Do not have a great team. Marshall is pretty spectacular, but it took a long time to get there in so you’re not going to overhaul your entire team in one week.

But it’s piece by piece:i have to tell people that a lot cuz I have clients when they come into the office. It’s kind of womb and there’s energy everybody around here is working getting stuff done there hustling and have to remind them that yep marshalls been doing group interview for three and a half years every single week, and it’s taking a long time to whittle that team down to the to the group that we have now as an organization we’ve been doing. This whole group interview thing for 18 year right so now what I’m going to do jobs I’m going to fire off an appointment, was 11 attributes of a successful leaders. What you find people! These are the 11 things that you have to do to keep good people and I’m the business coaching fireball, rapid fire and i. Think for some reason, you and I are on different, show notes I’m going to hit the share button just to make sure I put these at the bottom of the show notes, so you’ll be able to find a successful leader and marshall provide a little bit of a color commentator. Little caesars bob costas little, caesars, johnson, ernie, irvan I’m, going to tell you what move is and then you can add some color commentary of yourself and your occupation. Do you have to be ultimately confident you have to know 10 times more than everybody else. You got to just be confident in your knowledge and preparation is what will create your confidence self control, the man who can’t control himself. That’s right. You have to have that self-discipline. Self-discipline is always one of the top attributes of successful people. No one wants to work for you, cuz you’re, freaking, idiot, you’re, late, all the time. You better start that from the group interview I’m just saying, if you’re the person is chronically late, no one wants to work for you. Only late people will want to work for you dude every time. Somebody needs to hear that message. I’m telling you. If you are late, nobody will work for you, there’s going to say this guy’s in a hole and guess what nobody cares, that you ran through the parking lot I have I haven’t talked to so many people about this business owner, hey how come I can’t recruit good people I’ll go through this 11 with him.

These 11 this list of 11 attributes of leadership by betty, pauline hill, it’s in the book laws of success, and you want to get to like three four five, six big out. That’s me:i used to always be late, so I buy definition was an idiot after me, number 3, a keen sense of justice. Do you got to be balanced in fair, but also hold people accountable? A definition of decision move number for this is jack welch’s, 30 edge. You have to be able to make a decision and for better or worse live with the consequences. When is the plans? The successful leader must plan is work and work. His plan failing to plan, is planning to fail number six of a successful leader. Do you have to have the habit of doing more than paid for what are the penalties of leadership? Is the necessity of willingness upon the part of the leader to do more than he requires of his followers? So that’s! That’s! That’s all that last part again, this leadership, orgasm here hatchery number 6, the habit of doing more than paid for one of the penalties of leadership is the necessity of willingness upon the part of the leader to do more than he requires of his followers. Will it in here’s the thing over delivery is not a one-time event. It’s a reputation of excellence, where you become known as the person that is always over-delivering, and therefore you will be over paid a pleasing personality. No slovenly careless person can become a successful leader where the guy who years ago, who he kept, comparing himself to one of our clients that want them to think about the business coaching, it’s kind of fun is that you have one guy back to back, so we’ll have a guy like tom the siding guy who’s, always on time, get out job done and then after him you can have somebody who’s a knucklehead okay, so things are back to back clients who were there back to back and it’s so funny cuz. The one client with out this way would happen every time the store at 16th and boston.

The diligent client always got their first, so diligent client. The meeting wraps up and she’s like thanks a lot clay, we’re kicking butt. This lady is selling millions of dollars of real estate. Every meeting she leaves like. Thank you. Awesome, I appreciate it. We’re talkin google we’re making money soon just closed another deal, so the client who was negligent always was right after that meeting and we would end our meeting like at like 9. Their client would never get there till like 9:10 to the other. Client would just stick around and hang out here and ask you some more questions until the other client gets here and so one day the negligent client it’s up. There speak in the hallway in the negligent klein. He says he was getting any value out of this program and I just watched it happen and she says yeah and he goes well I mean it’s doesn’t seem like anything gets done and she goes i. Don’t know why I never see you or do you even come to your meetings and he was like well i. Try to make most of his I’ve been with clay for 2 years and I’ve never missed a meeting and I’ve never failed to get any item on my to do list. I. Do it every time I pride myself on doing that, he’s like oh? How do you find time to get up like at 3 or 4 in the morning weird and it just hilarious? Cuz homie got schooled, so homey walks into my meeting I wash you too hey I got to apologize. I know, I won’t even shown up like a third of the meetings. I. Don’t do any of the action items but I think I’m ready to get serious, but he’s just like I mean it’s so funny, but it’s like so again, if you’re, just a sloth, no one’s going to work for you, I mean never ate sympathy and understanding. The successful leader must be in sympathy with his followers, and you must understand their business coaching problems. You got to first, seek to understand, then, to be understood. You got to understand what are your employees going through? What is the root of the problem and then implement what it is that they need to be done so years ago when it snowed? We had massive massive snow and I talk to you on the phone. I cannot come to work today and I said to the guy. What’s going on, that’s why I took videos of what’s going on. Tell me what the deal tell me the deal my car is stuck on the side of the road and I I literally can’t get there and I’ll go where you calling me from he says beside the road didn’t have any extra money, so my wife and I said I was on the phone to the guy said one I’ll have a wrecker pick up your car, your tow truck and tow it to repair shop and I’ll. Just take care of the repair of his problem. I’ll take care of it and I’ll pick you up cool man thanks a lot i, probably 1/2 years of loyalty right there and so I took the car to the repair shop in a battery that went out. You know, is a small two wheeled vehicle on a snowy road, and he got stuck in the battery. Wasn’t working very well anyway, and we got the spark plug. Does a couple little fixes, you know and I’m driving home from work and to the automotive repair shop to get his car and he says, can I ask you why you did that and I said well, i, just I care.

You know and that’s my thing and he says well what are you doing for christmas this year and then I said cuz I just wanted to all the time. All time low, hey. What are you doing for christmas? That’s why I said he asked me:what are you doing for christmas and I asked him I Said:i’m curious? What are you doing? He says all my family lives in indiana, so I was going to spend it by myself, but he starts crying and I said. Why don’t you come to my house for christmas and are you serious, yeah I won’t buy you some stuff, we’ll pretend we’re related to be fun and like that made I’m serious and those moments, my wife sees them happen. I see them happen and I’m only saying that on the podcast, because I have done that kind of thing for probably every single person that works for us at some point, there’s always like one, moment, one, defining connection 111 young lady. She said her husband couldn’t find a job while back so I said. Okay, is he good yep? Is he a good guy yet? But it’s a good resume boom. You here’s the deal! If you will call these businesses and use me as a reference. I’ll get him a job today and I spent my time on my friday calling to get him a job and I definitely didn’t that 500 times, I mean literally I’m at pride. In that $500 up front to help someone find a job we have to. Just people have to know you give a crap if it’s just like all you do is care about them getting to work now, I only care if you care, so it’s a two-way street. So if you don’t care I’m not going to run around caring about the plight of every human in the world, have you ever seen like so hey, I’m stuck in the snow clay can’t come into work. I’ll come pick you up, but we’ll wait a minute hold on I like that, obviously business coaching lying when I said, I can’t see straight, but I had a dream about. Colonel sanders I lost my car last night. That’s why people don’t want to work for someone marshall they’re, not detailed attention to detail. You got to take copious amounts of notes and be detailed to the nth degree. Willingness to assume full responsibility. Successful leader must be willing to assume responsibility for the mistakes and shortcomings of his follower marshall. This is i. Think the the good idea. The good example of this would be phil jackson phil jackson had some superstar teams ever a matter of talent. He had talented guys, but when he didn’t win when they lost in the different finals, or is it if they didn’t win a game? He took full responsibility. I did not coach the team well enough to get their gregg popovich’s done this.

Does it bill belichick is that has lebron goes to the spurs to be fun, to see him on the spurs coach team. I think it would be a humbling experience for him. Do you feel like that? The current coach of the cleveland cavaliers nobody’s doing vicky has a good job, I think he’s very much like erik spoelstra. Just. Let the kids do whatever it is. Let them do whatever it, which is why, which is why I think they’ve been successful in the past so so going to the spurs i. Don’t know that that kind of organized structure would be good for I would love to see him on the lakers with a whole bunch of young players just alley-oops everywhere, and him school, the young bucks I could see it being a lot of fun. Those guys are spending a lot of energy and he’s just winning I be really fun to watch. That would be a great flashback to the first time that he was with the gap there. She goes to the spurs, but we talked about assuming responsibility. Bieber watched a press conference where popovich has lost or bill belichick has lost. The coach of the patriots will say:i got out-coached today and I have to get more focused. That’s right, you’ll, never say why are teams xorware bunch of idiots are my guys on my team. Now they’re doing the other day. We had a lady on our team who her meeting started late and she was late because she was like I went up to the business coaching client. I said:hey I am so sorry that she’s running behind I gave her an extra task and I didn’t give her enough time to get it done. So I’ll go ahead and get started for you. Then after meeting started, they had to meeting the meeting’s over the person walks out of the meeting she says, hey thanks for taking one for the team their time. It’s always just I mean that’s what happens so it’s just that’s the move and the final attribute is cooperation. The successful leader must understand and apply to principal of cooperative effort and be able to reduce his followers to do the same. Leadership calls for power and power calls for co-op formation. That’s what it’s! What stephen covey talks about? It’s an interdependence! Okay, you got to work together towards the, gold, vision, but you can’t work together with the common effort unless you have an aligned vision. If you are listening right now, we just taught you how to recruit people, but you will not keep anybody at all. If you don’t mail, all 11 of those attributes and I’m telling you specifically the one that I struggled with the most and I still struggle with today is number to add to remember to which is self-control, because I cannot stand mediocrity and it’s my natural default to go tommy lasorda or what is it to bob knight chair-throwing freak out yelling kind of my default little flare-up rhyme, like this.

But i, do think because I’m intentional I will think about it. I can pay it I need if I want to freak out and i, never freak out like that. Irrationally don’t do it where it’s like oops I freaked out now I go I’m going to freak out tomorrow morning. Here we go and then I’ll call I agree in advance of kind of my boundaries. It’s a prepared freak out and I’ll. Tell you how I came to grips with that in the bible I’ve discovered that there is a thing called righteous anger where jesus flipped over the tables in the church cuz. He was frustrated that they guys would not stop selling things in the church, and sometimes you do have to show anger or sometimes you do need to laugh out of control you’re having an out-of-control laugh, but what’s not acceptable as you being at the workplace, always being late, always being drugged up, always being disorganized. That just won’t work. If you’re going to scale a business coaching company, and does that answer your question i, like it boom tastic lee, does


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