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Do your goals seem to drift? Are you always setting goals and not reaching them? If so Paul Hood with Hood CPAs is going to break down how and why to set measurable goals.

Segment 1 –

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “What gets measured gets improvement.” Peter Drucker
  2. MYSTIC STATISTIC – About 1 in 4 recent marriages are likely to end in divorce.
  3. Action Step – Start saving now
    1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – “How Teens Can Become Millionaires”
    2. Step 1 – Go to
    3. Step 2 – Say no to something and schedule your one hour consultation
    4. Step 3 – Meet for an hour of power with the proactive CPA’s at Hood and Associates
    5. Step 4 – Create your actionable goals in the meeting
    6. Step 5 – DOMINATE LIFE
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Inspiration is the reward. Inaction is the giant. Action is the sword” – Clay Clark


Segment 2 –

  1. Step 1 – Make realistic goals
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – You need to overcome the tug of people against you as you reach for high goals. – George S. Patton
    2. Paul Hood – Make sure that the time of your goal is realistic
    3. Clay Clark – It actually takes longer to get rich quick
      1. Wealth from get-rich-quick schemes quickly disappears; wealth from hard work grows over time. – Proverbs 13:11-13
  2. Step 2 – Build your reputation day by day
    1. Take small steps and get better 2% at a time
    2. “Do not steal. Do not lie. Do not deceive one another.” Leviticus 19:11

My name is blake clark I’m, the host of the best business coach thrive time show you can hear daily monday through friday, from 12 to noon. Right here on talk radio, 1170 and inside the studio. Today we have paul hood with us. We have eric church up a business coach with us. We have andrew bloomer, be soon to be married man, so bloomer looking out over the distant future, hear you’re getting married with it within moments, with an hour pretty excited it’s going to be together and not have to drive to get to each other’s house. Until you, no more questions for you on the hot seat, I mean right now. Would you want to get married? Why most marriages don’t turn out? Well right? Most of them fail most of them. The sadistic lady statistical show i, like the most marriages, won’t work in the ones that do work. People use your miserable, but they stay together. That’s my motivational talk for you, so why in the world, would you want to get married? Why would I want to get married if it’s just a lot more beneficial to start our life together? Now it’s as opposed to waiting on something that we want to start working on together now and that’s were younger and growing. We want to be able to start that and be able to work together now, as opposed to starting a later final tough question. Why would you not wait to get married until you’re like 40, and everything is perfect when the timings right we’re not waiting here like 45 cuz I mean, do you think about it? I mean you’re, probably I’m, not you, but most people are the age of 25 are probably still more on. You know what I mean they’re still like a third grader, usually can’t really want to like have a typical 3rd graders and especially not the best business coach. You know what you would want to like chess with them. You wouldn’t want to you know the strategic strategy partner had isn’t fully developed, yet I mean so it 19 I mean how you’re just now figuring how to drive a car you’re. Just now telling me to 45 it’s going to be a lot of wasted time and it would be a lot harder to you to wait till we’re 4:45 would rather you don’t get started now, so I’m going to circle back to paul hood.

Now this is good. This is good, so get a great marriage. My wife and I have a great marriage. I know:paul paul paul on his wife been married a long long time in a long time. I love marriage that work me on it. There are many many people that are they. They put, they shouldn’t start investing now their money, because the timing is not right. You’re too young. They got to wait in a few more years they had a setback, a few thousand dollars and they don’t understand the compound interest of having a relationship set up early with a financial planner and getting that money working for you. The part when you get your take on this and we can take on this absolutely. Why do most people not take action when simply 1 hour meeting with you and literally 20 minutes of paperwork that someone on your team can help him fill out, could guarantee them becoming financially independent, financially well-off pick it up, they would have a big nest egg if they would just meet for a maximum and I am not kidding a maximum of an hour and a half with you. Why do people not do it? My man well, I think part couple reasons. People like i, don’t think like to procrastinate, but they make excuses, and you know one of the things we do sometimes just saw those problems you know you come in, should I pay the credit cards off I want to get my house paid off on paying my car up before I started, saving that’s it, or invest in mutual fund. That’s exactly so. I Don’t care as the best business coach! What that you have. We can show you how to work through that and but, but even while working through it, but something back, you got to stablish you don’t even 10:00 americans, it’s in america, america america, it’s it yet we have it so well. It is so easy to be medioc, mediocre and i. Don’t you know i, don’t like that, and you know what this is. Our great country we’ve all been blessed to be be born here, and you have to start savings now, i, don’t care what your financial position is. You save now because it’s a bit what it does is it hold you accountable and it if it it it forces you to reduce your lifestyle took to where it should be. You should not live on more than 70% of what you make like. So here is a portable from your book on page 37 of it look under the hood. The book says:make measurable goals set measurable goals, peter drucker, the legendary management expert says what gets measured gets improved. So one of the goals that you the one of the goals you have a hood cpas to meet with every single person and to automate there safe things in a way where they were making a realistic time line and we’re saying:hey, whippersnapper, you’re, you’re, 19 you’re getting married you’re, probably you know andrew I mean. Are you? Are you still going to high school? You mean when somebody 19-and you say, let’s set aside 3% of your income and you could pay sit out and you can say if you just made like a 10% interest rate 7% interest on your money for the next 30 years.

You could cast a a vision for him or her eyes and you can show him how had the age of 65. You would have about this. Much that you can do that with people wanting things we do. Is we work backwards on it and say what, if you do wait, look at the ramifications of waiting, dave ramsey post of the study, one time of to 18 year olds, one started saving immediately safe for 10 years. The other one didn’t start saving for 10 years, but then save for 20 more and the guy that say for the first 10 years, ended up at retirement having more money, so the quicker the better it’s never too late much like it is never to late to hire the best business coach. You got to start now in clayton on these measurable goals. At one of the workshops we did for business owners. We talk about what are your goals with start with the end in mind, and one of the participants said well, I just want time to have fun, and so that is not a measurable goal. So then we had to go through. What is your time worth? What’s it going to cost to buy back that time, and then we start putting together a plan that was their goal to make it measurable, though we had to put a dollar figure to It:i’m not asking for a specific person’s name. Was it a man or a woman? There was a female and she just wanted to have time to have fun.

Yes, she’s wanted to enjoy life, she’s working a lot and she wanted to buy back your time. I just want all posters out there to know. That is one concept that I don’t understand, but I know that most people do. They won’t have time. I, don’t know what to do. Whenever I go on vacation from being the best business coach client, so I just busy getting your the waters edge in miami I wait to come back home i, don’t get it i! You look at your watch like every 10 minutes and forbidden to do so. I go there and I’m just i. Just I can’t handle people say that most people say they want to have fun. The sock shop I want to get your take on. This is head of a quote from jack canfield on page 38 of look under the hood paul’s book here to successful people, maintain a positive attitude and positive focus in life, no matter what no matter what is going on around them. They stay focus on their past successes, rather than their past failures and the next action steps I need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals. In this case, this woman to have fun, rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them. Where do people get off the wagon here to chop them in your business coach? You work with clients, we help them build the systems in the process where the people get off, where two people kind of lose their traction blue clues or focus a big problem. I see where people begin to drift as they haven’t mastered their schedule, so they haven’t blocked out time every week to meet with an m in your f6 goals. Your goals with your faith, family fitness, friendships, fun excetera. Then you are not going to get them done. So you have to be very intentional with the with your time, with what you’re doing otherwise I promise 10 years will go by and you’ll turn around you’ll say:oh my god, my kids. Are you going to become great at singing? Know your schedule and he talks about this all the time still laying gratification saying? No? No! No! No! No! No! No! You haven’t you have to know riley i, don’t know, don’t know riley’s auto parts, that’s impressive! Stop dripping you got to set your goals and then block out time in your actual life to do those goals. These are just concepts that are they sound, so easy going to help make it very practical step number one I want I want. I definitely want to be successful. I want to set measurable goals, step one go to hood. Cpas. Com go to put cps.Com, you might be saying i, don’t know how to use the internet to a job. I would say you’re going to do as you’re going to get a browser on a computer. Carpal tunnel typing hurts my finger, go to hook, tbh.Com, step to schedule, schedule schedule all I have to say no to somebody say that arby’s one day, arby’s the pirate’s favorite restaurant, it’s a notice, say no good hood cbs.Com schedule a one-hour consultation with paul hood and when you schedule a consultation to be greeted, do we treated well they’re going to give you a free copy of warren buffett’s book snowball? Even if you decide not to work with her at cbs.Com, you get the book which, if you read the book, implement the strategies, will change your life. Then they’re going to meet with you for an hour of power, an hour of power. Now no one hour, I think I’m upset because I got high pressure me know, but they have a core philosophy that you do need to automate your savings right, and so they can help. You set some very measurable best business coach goals that can help because it measurable goals, but now the next thing to do is help you make actionable, can help you take some extra going to say here are the options a b or c, and someone says they’re going to they’re going to push everybody that to buy an annuity I’ve heard I’ve heard that my whole life policy, you know what we’re going to do is I’m going to be pushing a mutual fund thing. Every single customers different. When people leave you give people actionable items you can you give people specific things? They need to do.

That’s exactly what? If it’s not? Actually, that’s not really a plan play, and it’s kind of like this and it’s a self-perpetuating thing once you get started, it’s kind of like clay, if you, if you have ever gone through a process of trying to get in shape and lose weight, you know when you’re not doing what you need to do. You hate getting on that scale, but when you start a plan and you’ve got it it’s working and if you’re excited to step on the scale. So we want people to be excited open. That bank statement to open their investment statement to see. Oh, my gosh. What did we do this this month and how much how much for the week we will long, but you got to take that first step in that first step is for us to get together design a plan find out about who you are what you want, what you want to accomplish, what are your goals and then we design a plan to get you there. What’s your what’s, your notable quotable about an action is the giant. Yes, what I said:soul timing or workshops, but people people all the time. They say I’m waiting to be inspired by just looking for here’s. How it works. Inspiration is the reward. Inspiration is the feeling you get as a result of doing what you didn’t want to do, but you had to do inspiration is the reward right, but in action not taking action is the giant in action. Just not taking action is the giant and action taking action? That’s the sort to inspiration is the reward, but in action is a giant in action. Is your source on that scale supposed to perpetuate nina 80’s perm, going on I mean just a tight perm and you might want to straighten it out. I mean you really realize you know what my hair says:i don’t care, but you want to straighten that out. You know what paul hood will help you get it straight pretty soon, you’ll be looking like you’re from this decade. You be looking like you’re from this decade homie, but if you got a big nasty, if you have that jerry curl, if you got that you’re like the rick james, if you’re, if you were like the rick james of financial planning right now-and you want to just straighten it out-make a straight and narrow plan I encourage you to go to hood cpas. Com and to schedule an actual one-hour consultation. You also get a free copy of warren buffett’s book. The skirts called snowball. Warren buffett book still want to get it while supplies last I’m. Just telling you what to get the book claim it. Now we queer to go to the commercial best business coach break.

You got about 2 or 3 minutes go up there and hood cps.Com claim that book. We come back. We’ll talk about making realistic goals, making realistic goal. Does it mean to me what’s a realistic goal? What’s not a realistic goal? I mean? Maybe if you want to save enough money, so you can buy your own planet that might be one. You might want to listen to the coast to coast show and they will teach you how you can or you’re trying dealership and meet ghosts that were too close on a different day and you could buy her on planet. But on this show we talk about practical, actionable knowledge stages. Look under the hood with bother. Have you ever found yourself running out of money before the end of the month? Are you saving enough for retirement? Are you getting ahead financially tulsa? If you need to look under your financial hood, you come to the right place. It’s a look under the hood with tulsa’s number one cpa and every way! Drive nation, alright, 1171 cpa and everywhere hood cbs.Com he’s been serving thousands for over 20 years and had cps.Com. My name is clay clark on the former united states small business administration, entrepreneur of the year we got eric the best business coach team member catch up on the show today. What’s and andrew are videoographer who, typically behind the camera, making a rare appearance, is a baby page 39 to the book a page 39 ever look under the hood with paul hood. Unrealistic goals are not goals at all but fantasy and only serve to create frustration which leads to quit on the process. Hey goal to have 10 million dollars at 65 when your 55 and make 100000 a year, probably isn’t real unless you are lucky at the lottery goals that stretch you and force you to dream. Big, however, are not necessarily unrealistic. The determining factor as to whether a goal is realistic really boils down to whether the steps necessary to obtain the goal are realistic, dream big, the breakdown that plan that would have to be put in place to achieve that goal, seek advice from a qualified business coach in a proactive accountant to work the numbers and analyze the plant. What you absolutely do do not do is ask your neighbors or family or friends what they think george patton piles on. Why is george patton polygon? Isn’t he the us general, who served in world, war, ii and says you need to overcome the tug of people against you? As you reach your high goals, you need to overcome a jug of people against you as you reach for high goals. You need to overcome the tug of marketers. Try to take your money, he’s overcome the tug of credit card companies trying. What do you buy things? You don’t need. You need to talk to me. How do you help your clients overcome the tug of people against them as a reaching for their high financial goals, because that was some good stuff who wrote as you like, I’m, going to take some notes on that? You take a nap and you know what I find out clays a lot of times.

The goal is is more, the timing is unrealistic. You know, if somebody you know it was willing to work or not. I think anybody I know I’ve seen I’ve helped I’ve experienced anybody can be a millionaire. You know it and it’s not always about money, it’s what the money can do. So if you want time you want freedom, you want, you know, you want cars, you want gil private school. Whatever ladies yeah I know I going to retire, lopez lopez no I did not have to watch him because I there’s nobody in the world that I just stained and every way more than tai lopez. You got to be realistic. I want to make sure you get this cuz. This is a massive idea. Somebody gets this. This could change your life. Okay, it actually takes longer to get rich, quick, so I’ll give an example. Now we have charles cole I just stepped into the studio here and his business a colaw. Fitness is doing very well at three locations. One in topeka right franchise, maybe should reach out to matt. Colaw fitness still be doing that out tomorrow, but in the future, but colaw fitness, okay, that three locations-and he has an amazing cpa by the way, probably 15 years. Okay, they were 15 years. You worked as a guy okay, he is thousands of members for it to the listeners. Get this if you google joplin jim’s, to do a google search for joplin gym with you, okay job, when jim tai lopez? What are you google, joplin, jim’s i, know tai lopez couldn’t do it cuz? He can’t pay attention that long but to but so we type in now. That’s that’s gyms joplin, jim j. I m s. Joplin james, 92 reviews. As of the time we’re recording right now, wow 24-hour fitness has 27 and girlfriends fitness has to explain this to you. You build your reputation day-by-day, not based on what you say, you’re going to do, but based upon what you do now:tai lopez! If you go to youtube and type in tai lopez jet just haven’t tai lopez jet this jackass. He is there on he’s on the phone he’s holding up talking to me:cuz I’m! Sorry, hey, hey, hey I’m, just getting back from this warren buffett conference. Yet she says that I’m getting back from the warren buffett conference. I was just talking to these girls about these books. First off there’s no alternative universe, where one man is on a plane with nine scantily, clad women who are showing cleavage everywhere. Reading best business coach books, it’s not going to happen, I’ve been saying it I’ve been married a long time and you don’t. You know what the best way to die of avoid. Temptation I don’t go around it. Let me tell you what I was checking out and I was dating my wife free kid books. What the crap and there’s like nine girls on this boat or on this on this jet, and they just got back from warren buffett house people even know who he is or how to spell warren buffett they’ve been reading their freaking books. He does another commercial.

We stand in front of a lamborghini going yeah I just got back from the lamborghini store, but I don’t know how I did it. This system and I’ll teach you my system and the system is very easy. There’s 67 steps now each one of those steps I want to. Let you know I’m not trying to sell you, but each one of those 67 staff has a step with in it and if you’ll just sign up for my program, you can become a tai lopez certified jackass within like 90 days, but proverbs 13:11 reads:dishonest money do windows away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow. The new living translation i, like that one better says well from get rich. Quick schemes quickly disappears well from hard work grows every time, I don’t care what job you have right now, but if you will just meet with paula and go to put cps.Com, you automate your savings little by little. This is a proper proverbial idea. Proverbs 10:4 says god blesses the diligent and punishes the slacker. If anybody approaches you about a get-rich-quick move to get rich quick with an open house, get rich quick with investing in something andrew. We’ve had that discussion before about get rich quick. What was my advice to you? I’ve! Never done it before freaking way from that’s me. Just me with a cpa or somebody. Please do it before the week’s over and commit to save 3% I’m talking about saving 97% just set aside 3% and you will for sure be successful, am I missing something to be with all you do it man I know it’s not confident enough. I, don’t think some water on that man start the process. You take small steps and all the sudden the steps to make money real, fast and short-term pain leads to long-term gain, and if you can make a few sacrifices today and be diligent and what you’ve been giving and in work with somebody knows what they’re doing can a blank, because the time’s going to go by fast, regardless and might as well make it work hard for you, I have a really offencive I’m in my keep going here. You know the shake weight shake. What is strong, we are device to you held it in an obscene way and it’s late and you’re supposed to lose pounds. What is holding the way to those people wrapped up 40 million dollars in sales, and it doesn’t work as the best business coach. You know why cuz people want 8 minute abs, you can’t freaking. Do it I wish I was passionate about this. Just go to hood cpas. Com schedule a comb consultation, i, won’t i, won’t be there, so I’ll be down I’ll, be down in my dog, being taught calm down, calm down, but I can’t be calm.

Cuz I see so many people ruining going from one get rich quick scheme to the other in this just in it takes longer to get rich, quick, paul I see this all the time. Just take the time to be diligent in create actual wealth, actual plan actual steps to do these things. The money that did people invest in these look get rich, quick schemes on the time you don’t. We could double quadruple triple that, but it it starts slow, but it it I’m telling you i, promise you come see me put. Cps.Com will show you how that snowball, literally like the time of warren buffett’s book, that we’re going to give you how that works, how you pushing pushing pushing on something it starts at self-perpetuating. I got a message out. There. I was a little bible, verse for a tai, lopez and right now, I have one for him or anybody out. There is trying to steal your money. This is from leviticus 19:11. It reads:you shall not steal an ordeal, false lien or lie to one another right, so it was happening. Leviticus 19:13. You shall not oppression, a burn or rob him. The wages of a hired man are not to remain with you all night until morning and slave to the idea that you’re going to get rich quick. It’s not going to happen, so you got to schedule an appointment that I do not care. I, love, paul, hope, I mean that sincerely i, don’t care who you meet with an accountant this week, I’m just telling you yes, I do endorse paul hood, yes, he’s the only accountant. Also I would steer you toward, but I’m saying i, don’t care if you already have an account that you’re not just me with them today week before my brain, explodes, meet them and then just schedule a consultation in automate your savings just save 3% of your best business coach income, and you will be for sure a successful person, paul hood cpa play in a lot of times. People say why can’t afford a bit one of the first things that we do is we do a deep dive, I’m going to brahms, stop going to show them how to cut expenses. Cutting expenses is giving you a raise. Look for where the money goes. There’s a lot of leakage that happens with with people’s money. They just don’t know where it’s going. So we often time our goal is to save you 10% of what you’re spending all ready so that we can save 3%, that’s supposed 7% in their pocket and you’re, giving everybody a copy of a snowball by warren buffett. While supplies last go to hood. Cps.Com get your book schedule your one-hour consultation. It will change your life, that’s that’s! Andrew! Bloomer and next week we have charles cole, all with colaw fitness special guest joining us on a look hood with paul hood


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