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Matt Kline (the Brand Developer for Oxi Fresh) breaks down the notable quotable from the best-selling author Michael Gerber who writes, “A small business (should) create a standard against which all small businesses are measured as either successful or not to upgrade the possibility for all small businesses to thrive beyond the standards that formerly existed, whether stated or not.”

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4 Mega Bonus Points Of Oxi Fresh:

  1. Oxi Fresh is EPA certified
  2. No hoses
    1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 90% Of Startups Fail: Here’s What You Need To Know About The 10%
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The older I get the less I listen to what people say and the more I look at what they do.” – Andrew Carnegie
  3. Quick dry time
  4. Having good people

MYSTIC STATISTIC – “67% Desire More Ownership Of Their Success”


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Audio Transcription

Z on today’s show, we’re interviewing Matt Klein, the brand developer of oxy fresh, and he’s talking about setting the standard in your business coach industry, how to take your industry to the next level, z. You did that in the world of optometry and Tulsa. You’re the first guy to say, hey, maybe we should be open seven days a week because people have vision issues seven days a week. Why is it so important to set the standard in your industry? Well, because it’d become the leader and when you want to become the leader, because then it’s much easier to navigate. Just like with the Oxi fresh now there we’re working on 400 franchises across the country. Through you. They brought innovation to it. So they brought, you know, they don’t use a lot of water and they, they have FDA approved cleaning products or your kids and your pets can be on the carpet immediately. Their environmental protection agencies, the most, uh, certified most or clean carpet cleaning service on the planet. So what they did is they, they brought some innovation which then allowed them through their marketing and through their tenacity to then get out front and be become a leader and sit down. With any further ado, our exclusive interview with Mr Matt Kahn.

All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to the conversation. It’s the thrive time show on your radio. And I just want to point this out for our listeners out there, we have got two powerful reasons to celebrate. So let’s do the lesser of the two first. Okay. Reason number one is right now I have it pulled up on itunes of all categories in the world. The thrive time show is now the world’s number one podcast for this moment in time, as of the time of this recording. Now if you listen to it when it’s released, we may be in the top 20, top 10, but Z, we’re consistently in the top 20 and we’re number one right now ahead of Dave Ramsey, ahead of Gary Vee. It’s, it’s, it’s mind boggling. It really is because you think about it. There’s five over 530,000 podcast. I mean, that’s a lot of podcasts.

We’re on pace to have a million downloads in December. It’s incredible, Bro. Thank you. Thrive nation. I’d tell you what, it’s really, it’s really fun to think that somebody out there that the, my mother is downloading this over and over and over. You know, we’re down to your mom too with butter Japa with clay’s, with all three of our moms. That’s probably a third. It’ll download right over to matt. Now I want to make sure we’re getting this out there. For anybody out there who has subscribed to the podcast, we are giving you a free ticket for our next in person workshop. Okay, so here’s what you have to do. All you have to do is you have, you’ve already subscribed to the podcast. If you haven’t gotten to do it and now you have to do is just leave us an objective review and send us proof that you left us a review by emailing us to [email protected].

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Well, a lot of listeners say, you know what, if we’re going to have this sort of odd odd time, this odd filler time, I need some more cowbell. So okay, so here we go. So this is what I’ve got here. The next workshop is a December seventh and eighth. That’s right. December seventh and eighth and Harbor Day. You stopped when you stopped painting mandos quarters now z. The second reason to celebrate and really the only reason for our Christmas party right now, we should. We should let a couple of. We should put their name and have we ever wanted. And they maybe come to our. What if we invited them all? I don’t know. We have. We’re gonna have like four or 500 people now. Anyway, you know, secretly you want this to happen. You want to have you come to the workshop. You can come to the Christmas party. That’d be so much fun. Think about it. That would be, that’d be like a bip. We don’t have to like get them a full meal. I mean, come on, we get some drink tickets. Boom. You’re into it. Little carrots. Hell ranch can come. Participate in the dance contest. Just stretch bottled water. You mean losing the race it. I’m excited. I’m excited. Today is that we’re interviewing matt always in line. Klein from Denver, Colorado. The franchise brand developer with oxy fresh. Sir, how are you?

I’m doing great. Congratulations. Thrive team. That’s a great example.

No, let me tell you this. It’s not like I led the state of Colorado and scoring while in high school like you did because honestly if I could have just lead my team in scoring out of an excited.

Well, just like your podcast. My Mom and my dad were pretty much.

I wanted to watch him back then. Oh, nice. Nice. Okay, so what we’re talking about today is a concept from Michael Gerber’s book, the most successful small business in the world, and Chubb. I want to put a link to this book. It’s a great book. It’s a very easy to read book. It’s called the most successful small business in the world. Michael Gerber and his book on a chapter 10, he writes, a small business creates a standard

against which all small businesses measured as either successful or not to upgrade the possibility for all small businesses to thrive beyond the standards that normally informally existed, whether stated or not. So as an example, Matt and then I want to go, go to you hear Dr Robert Zellner opened an optometry clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Previous to. Oh, what year did you open up your optometry? Nineteen 91. But previous to opening up your optometry clinic, people weren’t running around looking for the first optometrist in the history of Oklahoma or Tulsa to serve them. There was already a other optometrists. Correct. But you came in and you broke the model and you said, here’s the deal. Crazy idea. We’re going to be open on Friday until what time it. What time on Friday? What did you mean? Seven o’clock. So 7:00. Other optometrists usually mail it and like at 3:00 they’re shutting down a lot of more.

Even closed on Fridays. And you said because this just in a lot of customers are off at night, then you said crazy idea. Saturdays we’re going to open it. What time? Dr Z? Nine to six. Nine in the morning? Yes. For him. For a doctor, where do you get out of town and so this just in you opened at 9:00 AM on a Saturday until when Dr Deanna Saturday and other optometrist said what they that’s they want to that you’d want to be open on Saturdays. Is it ethical? Is it. Hasn’t people love to always just bring up the ethics of. Oh, is it ethical now? Sunday now. Sundays you guys decided to be. I mean again, the lack of ethics to. We open on a Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Funday are you kidding me? Twelve to five. What time again? It’s convenience to five. There’s usually at the one business coach location a line of people waiting to come in the door because you know people are off Sunday.

Nobody else is nobody else. But you just say that you are open seven on a Sunday. Yes sir. I did enter an Oxi fresh Matt Klein. You guys had Oxi fresh, I’ve known John Since College at Oral Roberts University. I remember John Telling me I want to credit carpet cleaning system that will clean carpets using one 10th of the water of everybody else. Not Not 10 percent less, but one 10th. Talk to me about how Oxi fresh is able to just break the carpet cleaning model and make it super green, super friendly. How have you guys been able to do it?

So most people think about carpet cleaning. They think about two guys showing up in a big huge van dragon, bunch of hoses to your home and basically on average using 40, 50 gallons of water because of that water usage, you’re going to be left with 24 plus hour drive time. So very invasive process. That’s what people typically think about. They’re going to shut down their homes or they’re gonna have to get their buildings cleaned on Saturday morning.

It, you have limitations there. Um, you know, what we did is we created a more efficient cleaning system. We, we went back to the drawing board, we figured out what products are going to be able to clean the actual carpet fibers the best. We didn’t just try to, you know, use what’s already out there and try to add on it. We created our own system through trial and error and making sure that it’s EPA certified safe for kids and pets. But the process in itself is what really makes it, um, you know, a value to the customer because we need to come in, there’s one person, it’s less invasive, you don’t have to worry about multiple people going through your home. It’s a one on one relationship between the actual technician and the, the, the home owner or the manager of the building and you don’t have to worry about hoses being drugged to your house. And like you said, we’re going to use about one to two gallons of water and a five room home. And because our products are so efficient and so powerful, we don’t need to use all that water. So it’s just a total change in how people look at carpenter. That’s why we have such a huge repeat business because they’re not going back to that old archaic way of 24 plus hour drive times. Um, so we just create an entirely different way of doing something, a more efficient, more effective cleaning system.

There are four mega points that you just broke down there. I’m going to break down each one of these mega, mega port first met you. Remember the game? Gallagher Gallagher?

I do.

You ever had back in the day if you were good at video games, you just had to hit the buttons faster. Like contra or I mean if you just hit the buttons faster, a or B, a or B, a, b, a, b. That right there is up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right Ba. Select start gets you unlimited life in Contra. So I’m going to go and queue up for Omega Point. Sounds real quick here. That’s one. That’s two, that’s three. And okay, so here we go. Idea number one. You just said your EPA certified. A lot of people aren’t familiar with what that means. A lot of people just heard Dr Z, how are you? So Epa certified that stands for the Environmental Protection Agency Certified Matt, what does that mean? Cause I remember how excited Jonathan was when Oxi fresh was finally awarded the certification.

Yeah, it means that we’ve actually gone a step above basically giving ourselves a seal of approval, which a lot of companies do. They basically just say we’re approved and we’re agreeing, but there’s no real value behind that. So we actually gave it to a third party EPA to test our product and in and they gave it a label to where it is safe for kids and pets, you know, they can be on the carpets immediately after. It’s not going to harm them. Um, and it just is going to go in line with the way people are thinking about food and products and what’s going into their body, what’s going into their home. And so if you’re not investing in those types of products, you’re going to be struggling because that’s, you know, people are looking at those business coach things right now. So we went a step above just saying we’re a green company. We actually had the EPA prove it and now we can put that label on our products,

so epa certified. See, that’s a big deal. See. Have you ever had any of your companies, have you ever had to work with the EPA or work try to get something approved by the EPA z over the years? No. I have not personally worked with the government, although of course we have permitting and permitting the irs, the state. By the way, in Tulsa, we never have issues that you’d have in other states, other cities. So in Tulsa, I mean we’ve got the best inspectors, the best members. We don’t even know what road cones are. We just, I’m just being lazy. I want to make sure listeners get this. When you are out there dealing with the government in any capacity, it’s very hard to earn that approval. So to be approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and probably Al Gore personally, that’s a big deal. That is, that is a big deal.

It’s a big deal because that gives people, you know, that allows them to upfront go, oh, it’s safe for my kids and my pets. To be on the carpet immediately after. That’s huge. They passed some standards. This next idea you talked about was no hoses. Now Matt, I know you haven’t spent a whole lot of time in Minnesota. Does it a Dr Z. have you spent a whole lot of time in Minnesota? Just briefly, twin cities. Let me educate you about this real quick. Why did you, why did you go to the twin cities, by the way? Why did you go? How was it mall of America? I’m trying to remember why. I don’t know. I think, you know, in my head, here’s the thought. Where’s the most random place to go? And I went there. You go there to see the world’s largest mall. No, I was there doing it, but I was not there specifically for that song will be in the key of Prince.

And I would like for you name that tune name because prince was from Minnesota. Yes. Uh, and prince was basically prince kind of owned Minneapolis. I actually was at the mall of America one time and I saw this man about five foot one walk by with an entourage with like high heels on the president. He named a mini prints seriously when I was at the mall of America when he walked through and it was like the whole mall was his entourage. Like 10,000 people are following him around locking. It’s almost like he’s the drum line leader of Minneapolis people glide paper. So here’s, here’s, here’s a song and the prints. Do you want me to? Yeah. Oh, that’s easy. It’s purple rain. Purple rain. That’s amazing how you knew that I’m crap. Match on their show. Cars were talking about the purple rain. Purple Rain, purple rain. Okay, so man, purple rain. We’re talking about oxy fresh. A big idea. This is a big idea for the listeners out there. Know hoses in Minnesota. If you hate somebody, you called him a hoser. Are you aware of this, Matt?

I am aware of this.

If someone in Minnesota is his spited you, you don’t like them, you’ll say, oh, he’s a holster. A holster. So thin is it? Is it kind of an anti hoser thing or we talked to us about why having no hoses,

a few things, but first and foremost, for the actual franchisee that owns the business, you don’t have that multiple people and multiple people in the vehicles because hoses damaged stairwells and they damaged corners of homes. You don’t have to worry about that thing, but also in areas where know temperature is very cold. You don’t have to worry about trying to unravel hoses and worrying about, you know, stiff, you know, just like the hose out and your yard. If it’s 30 degrees outside or 10 outside, you’re going to have trouble with that. So first of all, we don’t want to have multiple people in a home at one time. That’s not a great feeling for someone specifically. You know, our, our typical customer email 27 to 57, one or two kids, right? You don’t want,

when your kids know you don’t want the Wu Tang clan showing up at me, you wouldn’t mind like odb or one of the leading members of the Wu Tang clan and you have to approach with the method man. But you don’t want what the whole. I mean there’s too many guns continued. I know you didn’t say that, but I said that. So continue about what I talk about why we don’t want so many people in the house.

Yeah. Just because you don’t want to have people, you know, it makes the customer uncomfortable and it’s not necessarily for us. We can get one person in there and get them in, get them out. We don’t have to use the hoses because we don’t have to use hoses because our machines not attached to the actual vehicles. We can actually operating the vehicle that’s between 15 and $20,000. So when you talk about your upfront investment plus your scale-ability costs, it’s extremely low to your competition’s going from one tech, one vehicle to two texts to vehicles three, four, and on and on. You don’t have such a huge expanse where you spend a whole year trying to pay off that vehicle before you start making money. It’s very quick. You can make money. You’re talking about a two to $300 payment a month.

Now the your vehicle is joining us on the show. His firm represents td Jakes, Joyce Meyers. You guys represent Craig Rochelle, by the way, just finished devouring his newest book. Craig Rochelle, pastor of life church west. You’re on the show and you work with a lot of business owners and according to Forbes, 90 percent of business owners fail. True. How often do you unfortunately get asked to dissolve some business model that that didn’t work? Some idea that failed some partners in a disagreement. I mean, how much of your. How often do you deal with those kinds of things?

I’d say probably about four out of 10. Within the first 18 months. Come back either with it just failed or probably even more commonly that the partners are at each other’s throats. I want to just call it quits.

So when you hear about a brand like oxy fresh with 400 and it mad if I’m. If I’m incorrect, please correct me and my friend with.

We’re almost there.

We have three 90, two point seven, three, I mean are we, are we have close to 400 franchisees? Are we right now?

Franchisees? Add additional territory. Last week we had two gentlemen here this week going through training, so the combination we should be at 400 by.

How many franchisees did you award in the last two weeks?

In the last two weeks we awarded for new franchisees and then we also had two individual franchisees, one from Maryland and one from Cleveland, Ohio. Expanded second territory.

So we won’t have a good balance. The West, I want to ask you this because you, you see this when you, when you, if you were, let’s just say you were advising a client and they came to you and said, hey, I’m looking to buy a franchise and I know you’re not a franchise consultant or a business consultant as my attorney. Uh, and you look through the franchise disclosure document and you see that there are 400 successful locations and you now know that there are three 85 and you know that there are nine and a 10 small businesses that fail and it’s 55 grand. Would you look at that as kind of like a objectively? Is that a favorable thing and negative thing? What, what would be your thoughts as an attorney because people will come to the attorney and go, hey attorney, I’ve got a question. They’ll ask you questions about anything not related to law. They just wanted to come to you as the source of wisdom. What would your be your thoughts if you’re looking at a franchise disclosure document and you see the 385 successful location?

I think that’s a very positive thing. I think any, whether it’s picking a franchisor or a vendor, you know, looking at their past record of success is a huge metric on what what’s gonna follow to become with it and then the lower your skin in the game, the less risk you have. So when you combine those two, that’s a very positive thing

no matter what to ask you this quick dry time. I want to go back to west then I’m gonna go back to you. So wes, quick dry time, you and your wife you’re giving to give incredible business coach life.

Thank you. I do. I kicked my coverage by far.

By the way, I’m trying to get it wife approved to invite a bunch of people over and at the time of this recording we are going to be. The Patriots are playing at the undefeated chiefs who have an incredible quarterback right now. This guy’s getting it done. My homes is the real deal. He’s the real deal, so it’s the three and two patriots going against, I believe, the chiefs and picking a wife approved and vital bunch of people right now and I’ve met your wife on numerous occasions. She’s a great lady. Well, thank high standards. I agree. And so I. I don’t know what she sees in you. I don’t get it. I don’t understand why she would marry a guy like you, but the point is, the point is if she can, if she’s calling around and she said, hey, carpet cleaning company a. They cleaned the carpets. It’s wet for a day, company B, it’s going to be dry and met. How long does it take to dry the carpets with the system you guys use takes two hours. Spot treatments were all wanting to do. Who Do you think you or your wife would be likely to go?

Well, I think that’s a no brainer. I think you know, young kids. Pets. What carpet? Rainy season. I mean it’s a disaster waiting to happen on brand new, shiny, clean carpets if there. What?

Have you ever been told not to walk on the carpet. So for an entire day. Because you’ve had them professionally cleaned. Is that happened yet? It has. Isn’t it a weird around in the kitchen all day and in a weird day hasn’t been here. Have you ever had that happened back in the day? You know, you’re at the house, the carpets are cleaned and it’s like we cannot walk on the carpets today. Has that ever happened to you? Do you recall that way back in the day, but we wouldn’t have a professional claim. We’d just get rent. Rent when target never paid a professional carpet cleaner. Well I’m talking about when I was a kid. No. What about, what about as a married man or as a man, you know, with the house, with the kids. I mean, did you ever. Have you ever in your being clean where you couldn’t walk on the carpets for a day?

I’m actually, now that I think about it, yes, but mostly you had hardwood hardwood floors that some of the rooms would be carpet and so you’d have know back in the day. Here’s the deal. We’re talking to a guy who’s too successful. What’s talked about? Let’s talk to people had carpet west. You had some carpet. I got lots of cars. So you grew up with carpet. I can tell you that. Let me tell you the movement. When you can’t afford new carpet, what you do is you take the new piece of furniture you bought and you put it on the spot where the carpet is no longer there. There’s concrete exposed. When the concrete, the stain is exposed. What you do is you take that coffee table, you got at a garage sale and you put it on top of the concrete exposure and that becomes. Then people say, why do you have a coffee table? To the far right of the room with a man? It’s a conversational piece and for Ligand dentures were there for a month because man, preach the good news of why people are shocked when they hear that, hey, in two hours, your carpets dry.

Yeah, just for that exact thing that you guys just said, you know, the normal thought when people are going to get their carpets going is that it’s going to be something that they’re gonna have to shut them down for a complete day where you’re going to have to make sure that nobody’s in their office for a good, considerable amount of time. So there’s enough time for it to drag and it just goes back to trying to, you know, find a solution to what I consider a problem in this industry, um, to do something better with better results. Right? It’s not just getting one drug one hour dry times and it’s getting one hour dry time with better actual cleaning results. And if you look at our reviews across the country, it will show that, right? I mean, we’re not impervious to mistakes and things like that, but if you have a good train tech and they’re ready and they’re paying attention to detail, you are going to give that customer a better service, um, with, with, uh, a more effective cleaning process in a, in a low drive time than there ever used to. And that’s why, you know, having a business model that you can lean on customers that you’ve already used to grow your business, if you know that a certain percentage of companies or customers that you’re going to have this year you’re going to have next year that allows you to be able to have confidence in growing and hiring more people. And that’s what we want to get to.

Z, by the way, this just in a very, very sexy.

You can put up the big screen right now. There’s 142,000 google reviews for

wow west side connection. That’s a winter, winter after dinner. That’s impressive. So, so the final point I want to hammer home is you talked about having good people. One person shows up at your house to do the carpet cleaning. They’re in a uniform, they’re dressed to impress. These people look sharp, but I have a horror story. I want to share first check because I’ve hired other carpet cleaning companies. Let’s hear it and I’ve actually hired other movers and I want to focus on the. I hired recently. Oh, I think I have one company. It’s called like to, what’s it called? Two men and a truck now. There’s like seven of them. I don’t know how seriously. What’s the company that’s really good as the two men and a truck is out. There’s one I love. It’s two men and a truck. I think it is one. That’s one. I’m not sure what the one you love. Come on. Chop. Chop. Chop. Gone to one of them. Get outta here. I mean it up. I’ll mean there’s. There’s too much trouble. You’re supposed to know what I’m thinking because I used to compensate for my lack of knowing what I’m thinking. You don’t know and I don’t know. To truck to truck is the company that I use because they do a great job. Do you have a two men and a truck? A franchise out there in Denver. Matt, do you have one?

Yeah, yeah. I think there are a nationwide franchise. I see them every once in a while on the road. So yeah, we definitely have them here. I, I believe I say that definitely with about nine years.

Definitely mate. Definitely. Maybe. But I think saying is every time I’ve hired that company they do a great job. They got $264. So here’s what, here’s a question for Matt. Hold on a second. Since you had the franchise out there, and we have it here, if you, if Oxi fresh franchise was went into the cage, the octagon and two men and a truck franchise went into the cage. The octagon just like made a big UFC fight not too long ago. Who in your opinion, how, how fast would oxi fresh? Just beat them down because I’m taking a big question. Well,

I’m going to tell you, we got some pretty big dudes in our office, so I would be in

the actual company. Excellent. Against Saki fresh. Yeah. I mean the actual company. Not, not people. I mean the actual business coach company. I know it’s hypothetical, but I, I’m thinking I’m thinking it’s probably not going to tell you guys that you wouldn’t just throw punch. Yeah,

it’s a, it’s a great culture there and did verse so it could. I would have to. I don’t know. I know they’re all I can say is every time I’ve hired these two guys and a truck, it’s been a great thing. So my wife says, Hey, we’re moving across

conor mcgregor myself. Right.

Just jump over the cage. Probably am I want to eat together during the chest, you know,

my wife had forms me. She says, we’re going to move across the street. We bought the house across the street. We’re moving. I’m like, okay, cool. We literally bought the house across the street, you know, so I call person. I call number one, not available to men and a truck. Next company, Naville. I hired this company and this is the true story. It’s, it’s terrible. It’s horrible. But it really happened. These guys show up because it’s like planned. It’s planned sciquest. Have you ever dealt with plan c movers? I have these guys show up and the guy says, all right man, why do you want to move the furniture man? And I said, hey, you know, and I right away I pick up on the roster vibe. That’s cool. But he’s high, which I don’t know if that’s cool, but he’s just like, so mad.

What do you want to move the couch? And I said, I want to move, uh, you know, I’m showing him and this dude is this, this shelf right here, this is a show right behind chip. He’s like, okay, well where do you want us to go? And I said, we’re going to go downstairs. So he backs up and he backs up toward the man cave is. And apparently he says Monica, it would have been cool. So if I backed up to the front door man and invite you over here, and it’s apparently it’s calculated, it’s like extra 15 steps. So to the guy, and I said, really, are you bitching? You know what man? Like he’s pissed now. And I said, are you bitching like I’m paying you guys, so I’ll just move the shelf by myself, the shelf. I said, have you heard the Oh, for the show or the Elf on the shelf is a new book.

It’s a true story of Vanessa. Watch me. So I pick up the shelf, I move it myself on my back. I carry it in and I said, could you please shut up and just move stuff? And he goes, you respect mine. I respect no true story. The rest of the day I had to carry things with him because he kept saying his back hurts. His head hurts. He was tired, he was hungry. I had to get Brahms. I brought it to me. She’s hungry. He said he was thirsty. I brought him water. Listen, shut up. You’ve seen me during the day. I don’t drink water. I haven’t had water in like 50 years. I don’t drink water. I’m 37. I don’t drink water. I don’t take. I never, I’ve never, I’ve never had a lunch break. Never. So you’ve never seen me leave for lunch. We chuffed when I drink dayquil and this weak sauce boss is coming to my house and as soon as he’s.

And you know how women are, women say could you move it here? And so they moved the couch and then once they move it, they go, could you move it over here? Because you know how women are, they want to get it in the right spot. You say you’ve seen this. I’m sure they’re over on the couch. Just brings back a lot of like, uh, can you move over here? And as long as I’m at the one moving it and as long as I’m tipping the guy’s an average of $15 an hour, I think it’s cool because I imagine they’re getting paid something per hour. And all I can say is I trust the franchise of two men and a truck. Can you talk to me about the value for both the consumer and the Franchisee of having a proven brand like oxy fresh? Because I’ll tell you this, if you hire oxi fresh to clean your carpet, you know what you’re getting every single time. We talked to me about the value of knowing you’re gonna. Get a uniformed, properly trained, Oxi, fresh professional every time. I love it, but I’d love to hear your take on that.

Yeah, it’s very important. I mean, do you get your carpets cleaned in California or New York or Canada? It’s going to be the exact same cleaning. Now what you really want to make sure that part is very trainable. It’s very systematic. We have all the training techniques right there and the learning modules and all that. That’s fine, but you want to take it a step further. It goes even to the point of answering a stones, that initial conversation, right? It should be the same conversation for, for every single customer, with a variation of what they’re looking to be done for you. You can recreate that every single time. Then you can actually look at your results and your closing percentages and time on the phone. Right? It’s not deviating from that every single call. So one called seven minutes, one calls one minute, you want to be efficient as possible from the moment you get on the phone with that customer to closing that actual job, putting it on the schedule, having your technician call that customer and have an open line of communication because not every single job is gonna be the same, right?

One of the things that happens in our industry is having some ability to upsell, right? Getting more services than they typically wanted in the beginning because they see the value and they see what you’re capable of, right? So that may change a business coach job, but that’s okay. It’s having an open line of communication with the next customer saying, hey ma’am, I’m going to be there in 20 minutes. Um, can I stop? I’m gonna stop by the gas station. They get you a copy, right? It’s just opening a line of communication, realizing that you’re not just there to clean their carpets, you’re there to make their home better than when he got there. Right? And it starts from the very first point, how you interact with that customer. The day you’re going to get your carpets cleaned, giving them complete updates as the days going on and showing up with a logo hat, logoed shirt, nice slacks, nice shoes that are covered with booties, actually shaking that individual’s hand, making them feel comfortable with a required walkthrough before you start cleaning to set expectation. Setting expectations is something every company should do specifically in the service industry. So if there’s a carpet that can’t be cleaned because of damage prior to you getting there, you should let that customer. Yeah,

you’ve seen that. Can you real quick, because you own a franchise. Can you explain the craziest carpet you’ve ever been asked to clean? There’s gotta be somebody who just dedicated on their carpet has asked you to come. She, it’s like, what’s the craziest carpet you could you own? You own. Not only do you sell franchises, but you own your own oxi fresh franchises. Explained the craziest carpet sinner you’ve ever heard. One year. Text explain.

Yeah. So it’s actually not the devastating or the blood or anything like that. Um, we had a guy literally changed his entire engine out of his vehicle in his living, so he got a cherry picker, took the entire engine out, rebuilt his entire engine. I believe he changed the oil in his living room

and he expected us to come in there and clean it. In that case, what color was your carpet before you start?

Right? Luckily it was oil color

in a case like that, you know, and the funny thing is, of course he was actually renting the property, right?

Know those of things.

These are, are crazy, but just go back to that, making sure that your professional, making sure that every single customer that you get in contact with realize that you’re the best at what you do. And if they don’t feel that way, then you did something wrong in the process of cleaning their carpets.

Can you play? It’s like we teach our clients and, and all the coaches, teachers that overdelivering is the most selfish thing you can do. You’re going to generate referrals, which are the cheapest type of business you can get, right? You’re not having to bring them in with ads, you’re not having to educate them. They have a friend or a family member or a trusted person in their life saying Oxi fresh is the way to go. So overdelivering is the most selfish thing you can do. The booties, the booties. I’m just trying to get a visual

on the food. Well, that’s good. Good. Move on that cloud. Just clean gloves. Two little white gloves and booties. That’d be good. And what and what color is your uniform? I’m just. I’m just trying to picture a dude walking in cleaning my carpet right now.

Blue Polo slacks, a blue hat. If you are the owner, you want to have a red polo on.

Oh, there. That’s how we power. We call that the power polo. Like a power tie. If red’s a power pole. I. Interesting.

Okay. I want to make sure we get back to this idea. Why don’t you. Everybody gets out of this podcast today and grasp this idea. If you are going to start a small business of any kind and you want to actually make enough money to create time, freedom and financial freedom, you have to take Michael Gerber’s Co to heart where he says a small business, he says, a great small business creates a standard against which all small businesses are measured as as either successful or not to upgrade the possibility for all small businesses to thrive beyond the standards that formerly existed. Whether stated or not. That’s what Oxi fresh does. It’s taken carpet cleaning to the next level and a mat. For anybody out there who says, you know what? I want to get time freedom. I wanna create financial freedom. I, I’d like to own a business that does well.

Maybe I don’t know if I’m committed to buying an Oxi fresh, but I want to learn more about doing that when they go to thrive time, forward slash oxi fresh. That’s thrive time, forward slash oxi fresh. What can they expect to happen after somebody fills out the form to learn more or if they want to make it difficult to track, they can go to oxy and that’ll make it more difficult. But if you fill out the form and you ask for someone to reach out to you, what’s the next step and how much money does it cost to actually buy an Oxi fresh franchise?

Sure. So as soon as you fill that out, this process doesn’t cost you a penny. You can go through the discovery busienss coach process with us and make sure that the business may line up with what your goals are down the road, but once you fill that out, you’re going to get plugged into our system. You’re gonna get an email, um, the space you just going to kick you off and start learning about oxy fresh. You’re never going to get a text message. If you’re able to get a text message just introducing us to you and trying to figure out a time and you can either reply to the email or the text or we can set up a time or you’re going to get a call from Mike or myself and we’ll get you on the phone. We’re going to try to set up a time for a call.

We may speak right then, uh, either way, our biggest goal is it gets you on the phone so we can start to learn about you and what you’re currently doing and what got you interested in franchising with oxy fresh. And then from there it’s going to be variety of conversations. Um, document sharing, making sure that this model lines up with what you are doing and vice versa. You line up with this model, right? Because there is a two way street. We want to make sure we’re getting the right people to tell them this business and take us to the next level. And then we’ll talk about like the financing piece. Thirty $7,900. Our franchise fee. That is, do, it can be, um, given to us in all sorts of forums. People have the money, people go through funding, we have extremely good funding partners that we lean on to help our, our franchisees get the right type of funding for what they’re looking to accomplish and we’re going to go through all that.

So 37,900 is your franchise fee. Uh, we were very different. That includes your protected territory. All the equipment that you need to serve as carpet and upholstery, about three months worth of product plus the training. Uh, we believe in us investing in you as well. So we will fly you out to Denver, have that obligation to see everything, go through the discovery process, meet the individuals on our team. That is the 37,900. Okay. Um, in addition to that, you want to have about 20,000 for operating capital insurance, local marketing vehicle if you are not doing the job at the beginning, employee costs. So you know, very low investment, um, but taking it through the process doesn’t cost you anything.

If you’re out there right now and you are curious about dipping your toe into the figurative water of oxy fresh, I would highly encourage you to go to the thrive time forward slash Oxi fresh until the forum today, and we have. We have time here real quick or our final segment of today’s show. I’d like for you to be able to brag on a franchisee out there or maybe someone who just bought an Oxi fresh or someone who’s been a veteran of oxy fresh. Somebody who’s really having. I want. I want the big Oxi fresh one of the week because chop, it’s now time for. Okay. Matt, what’s the win of the week at oxy fresh?

Yeah. This was very easy for me, so about three months ago we had a franchisee sign on become a franchise. He was actually a technician for five years from one of our franchisees in Virginia. He saved up enough money to buy his own. He purchased on in the Upper Marlboro market of Maryland. Again, has been doing that for about three, four months. He now has evolved as a Franchisee, is growing very, very fast. He’s already moved probably one of the fastest people do it to a second territory in south vc. So going from a technician to an owner to a territory. Yeah,


in under six months. Very impressive.

Z, you went from a dishwasher to an optometrist longer than six months. Was it six months? Talk to me though about how cool that is that somebody went from a technician instead of running around, just complaining going when my boss probably makes it turn in money. So He’s already east coast so we could’ve talked like, I swear my gosh all the time. He makes all this money. I’m over here cleaning carpets, but instead this guy got serious. You got focused. He said, I wonder how I could do this myself. I mean, see how cool is that to go from a guy cleaning the carpets to guy owning a franchise that the Z. that’s awesome.

Well, as we know, you know, Forbes is kind of our Business Bible and, and they, they tell us that 67 percent of the people listening right now to this podcast radio show, whatever form you’re listening to it right now, 67 percent of you want to do your own thing. Now, what’s fun is, is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You don’t have to try to go figure some concept out. You don’t have to, man, if I could just figure out a widget to make the world want. No, there’s franchises out there. This big one of them that is successful has a great back back support. It’s great, great marketing. I mean they, they want you to succeed. So you’ve got a team behind you built into this thing and it’s very affordable. And so for that young man to get the vision and to see what’s his first name,

a deal,

a deal for a deal to see the deal in front of him. Um, Jojo podcast in the world. Big shout out to a dealer. You don’t have to see a young man. That’s what we’re all about though. Just to kind of individuals we want to coach, those are the kind of people we’re trying to reach. We’re trying to say, hey listen, you can do it. You can do it. There’s a lot of resources out there. We want to be your mentor, your business coach. We want to help you in that process and help you get connected with guys like Matt who you know you’ve got the motivation, you’ve got a little bit of money you’ve been saving. Matt’s got the vehicle to get you there to get you the time freedom and financial freedom. So let’s, let’s play. Let’s make a deal. Let’s go.

Here’s the deal. I, I don’t want to. I don’t want to pressure the listeners out there. If you have a job and you could be silent, you don’t like the job jogging. If you’re young, if you don’t like your job and you’re saying to yourself, you know what? I want to have financial freedom on. I’m not going to say that you would be a moron to not go to thrive time Josh, you’re jumpy. Brought their love, their job. I’m not going to go so far as to say you’re a freaking idiot. No, you wouldn’t. Who is just beating herself with a DM. Stick on a daily basis. If you don’t go to thrive time,, forward slash oxi fresh to learn more. I would never, I would never know you would. And you’d take the high road in your class. You’re the most humble man in America, I would say is why don’t you fill out the form.

It’s okay buddy. I mean, do you just go to the thrive time show that forced us oxy for a Ford Slash Oxi fresh. He fill out the form. You might learn something. I mean, no, no pressure. I’m not going to go as far as to say if you don’t fill out that freaking for people, people around, you’re going to say what’s your problem when we’re going to do. I’m not going to. We wouldn’t, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t have said that. So Matt, thank you for being on the show. And I would say you are a great American and uh, I appreciate you for taking time out of your schedule to be here today. And Chuck, did you have a little making carpets again, making carpets great again. What? I’m not. What a non political time. Hey, hope and change if you have more or we can just call cabinet corporates. I don’t know if you want to. If you want to make your carpet supreme, go to oxy and fill out the form. Learn more about buying a franchise. Met Climber in the show with the boom. Here we go. Three, two, one.


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