Setting Up Merit Based Pay | How to Hire Quality Humans – (Part 4)

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You have to incentivize your team members to accomplish tasks that actually grow the business and not just put in their shift. Clay Clark will teach you all about merit-based pay and how to create key performance indicators on this Thrivetime Show.  

Downloadable – Perfect Meeting Agenda:

  1. Rules
    1. Same time
    2. Same day
    3. Every week
    4. Same agenda
    5. Start and end on time

MYSTIC STATISTIC – “Small businesses make up: 99.7 percent of U.S. employer firms, 64 percent of net new private-sector jobs”

  2. How do you identify Key Performance Indicators
    1. Incentivise people to do a better job instead of just put in the time.
    2. If you are a Contracting Company hold people accountable for:
      1. On time
      2. On budget
      3. Are the customers happy?
  3. If you pay someone hourly pay and they work over 40 hours with merit-based pay do you have to pay them overtime pay?
    1. Yes
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Audio Transcription

Welcome to the thrive time show on talk, radio 1170. Yes, it is I thought about you all about you all about you all about. You show on your christian business coach radio and have driver that emailed in a lot of questions about how to hire new employees. He had a lot of questions on how to hire new employees were working through all of the steps step. Number one you’ve got to set that group interview in stone in your calendar get that group interview that has to happen every single week. We do our group interviews every wednesday at 5 p.M. Interview all the candidates at one time it works now. The next move is once you bring somebody on board. You got to have your onboarding documents arranged and christian business coach organized to have them all digitally saved in backed up I told you, the 7 documents that you need to have on the previous second, and because I’m, a benevolent dictator, if you come at 2 or in-person, workshop i, will give these documents to you:saving 2000 upon thousands of dollars of legal fees. To have so many great things for you and catch up. We have the write-up forms we give to all of our listeners to attend our workshop, the actual he doesn’t do their job. How do you write somebody up? How do you do that? I? Have the write-up forms for you, I have the i-9 forms for you.

We have the direct deposit form, have a confidentiality and non-compete documents with the policies and handbook for the w4. We have it all for you, but we can’t help you. If we don’t get to know you I would definitely recommend you book your tickets for the june drive time show. Workshop then want you to the group interview every week. Now. What you got to do is every monday i. Do my rrd meeting at 9 a.M. But you have to have a team meeting every single week now adam as you’re growing your tip top location out there in owasso oklahoma you just hired your first guy I want to look at william or willie or bill or billy. Are you hired this guy? Are you going to call willie and billy going to call this man he’s got a lot. He has a lot to work with. It will goes billy. Okay, then, are you christian business coach guys going to have your weekly team meeting yet? Not officially, now can I tell you what’s really really weird, but really really necessary, really really weird and really necessary. When you have a team meeting and you have a total of 2 people, that’s when you need to have the meeting the most companies. Don’t do it that’s what a small business owner won’t do it, but that’s when you have to do it because it feels weird when you work for a business owner where there are 10 employees or less.

You feel like you’re part of some weird platoon that might not return from the moon. You feel like you’re on some weird spartan you’re, not sure if it’s a real thing or not when you work for a small business and 65% of the job that have been created in america over the past decade, will put this on. The show. Note have been created by small business owners out of 10 people. Listening to this show work for somebody who is a small christian business coach or business owner and if you work with a business owner and they do not have a weekly team meeting, it gets really weird so I’m going to give you the rules here for the team meeting and will put this on the show nuts and have to be at the same time on the same day with the same agenda, and it has to start on time and end on time. I’ll repeat the rules at the same time, at the same day, every week same agenda, I just start on time, and it done time-and here is the agenda for the meeting. I’ll put it on the pull up on the big screen here. So you can see it here. So what you do is that meeting needs to start on time to save. In my case, we have a team meeting always starts monday at 9 a.M.

It always starts on time, because it’s set the precedent for the way everything works. It’s on time on time, respect each time you want to start off the meeting with good news, and the good news is like here are the things that happen this week. That are good, and sometimes you have to conjure up some kind of good news, cuz you’re having a bad week, you got to what’s good. Do we have a review that came in from a recent dog training client? Was that good? Do we have a happy christian business coach customer here? I have a birthday party here, not dead. You put a little game game game of suffocation. If you will, in our meetings, have a little fun, so we might have a we might have an arm wrestling competition. We had a water bottle, taste off challenges to couple weeks ago. Is it something that’s not a name that beverage will do, name that where do name that tune here soon I’m going to send the endless endless game at least 5 or 10 minutes? So you have some fun. It’s got to be up. They have to have all the fun in the office, and this just in for all the boring bosses out there make your work fun whistle. While you work yesterday about that, if you got people that are whistling her singing around your place of work, your office, your restaurant, whatever that is, that means you know, you’ve got a good christian business coach environment and good culture going so good. How do I get to the chorus of the song and it’s like all of them are-are openly not knowing the the verse right in their belting it out.

You know you haven’t realized. What was supposed to be done last week hit our numbers. Did you do your job? Did you get the reviews? Did you close the deals? What’s your conversion percentage you go over, everybody has to have a number and you follow up on those numbers and you make sure that everybody is doing their job. You follow up on this road when you’re getting the reporting. Both the clothes are talking about in the, next step, when your first implementing this at this is new for you. You need to set these expectations, so these people know what numbers they are going to be held accountable for get weird when they show up and you’re expecting them to present numbers and they didn’t know it and they probably didn’t do it. So let them know and say:hey I am going to hold you accountable every week in this meeting to these numbers so come prepared as a christian business coach. Then you identify and you discussed and you solve problems. There’s a problem use. You identify the problem, you solved, the problem discussed the problem and you assign the to do list, everyone leaves meeting knowing what they need to get done and then next week you follow up with what you decide last week you just over and over and over over and I would say it,, but it’s been doing things over and over correctly we did.

This to this is a christian owned automotive repair shop that we have the honor of working with its rc auto specialists, these guys a christian business coach or owned business and if you have a ford vehicle, large truck up some kind of large ford vehicle a truck. Do you need to get that thing fixed chip? What what? What are some of the things they do it at rc auto specialists, so they were on basically there at 80, combined years of experience working on ford, so they’re your ford specialist. They can go from the fiesta all the way up to the powerstroke f350 oil change service repairs, whatever you need done, these guys are located over at 5822 south 107th east avenue in tulsa. Their phone number is 918-872-8115 again, that’s nine one. Eight eight 28115 and their website is rc. Auto, specialists., com, rc, auto, specialists. Com repair. Today, I’m going to give you a copy of my book. Thrive you get that thing. All you had to do was go to rc auto, specialists. Com for driving a ford truck and need to get that thing fixed check out our good friends at rc, auto specialists clark sent you and will give you free copy of my book thrive. They also work with a company called little loves and they are at non-profit. They support orphans across the company across the globe. So you guys work with him and asking to help out some kids that need help too, and they do a great job every single week. That’s what it takes to grow a successful company, so you have to have a weekly team meeting or your follow-up every single day, every single the break of milwaukee.

To the final step you need to take to onboard new employees, and that is identifying the christian business coach key performance indicators that every employee is accountable for everybody has to do. Everyone has to know their what they’re going to be held accountable for or they’re not going to hit the mark stay tuned at the drive time show on your radio. We’re talking about employee onboarding attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com, alright ride, nation. Welcome back to the christian business coach conversation in a driver, the emailed us to info at thrive time show.Com, and they had a lot of questions. I’m going to read off their questions and we’re going to answer the question to one by one as we’re talking all about hiring a new employees how to onboard new employees. So the first statement is hate:i have a company, it’s been in business for 20 years, but it’s always, but just been my wife. How do you figure out the best way to set up merit-based pay? Okay, this merit-based pay? Is this your paying people for doing their job well and you’re, paying them less for doing a poor job? You pay for performers, less and great performers.

More until you have to do is get the figure out. What is the number that you can hold somebody accountable for so I’m going to give you all sorts of examples, their tribe nation, and hopefully one of these will resonate with you. So if you would say you are a couple that builds buildings, you build a big bill at church’s, you build schools, you build commercial shopping centers, the three metric she want to hold your let’s set you hold people accountable for would be what getting things done on time. You were hold people accountable, for forgetting the project done on time. You want to hold people accountable for getting it done on budget or under budget I need want to hold people accountable for the christian business coach reviews that they’re getting from the customers are the customers happy. Those are the three things on time on budget and are they happy in your case out of you guys, train dogs, so you would want to go over all the customers happy. Are they giving us a review? So if I work for you and my job is to train dogs, you, let me know the headless every customer, if you work with, should be happy and therefore, if they leave plus a positive google review as a result of you, training the dog I’m, going to give you a bonus and then I would say to you most employees would say, but what they don’t give me a review, then I would say within you would say:well, if you did a really good job will be motivated to want to.

They might even go as far as to make a gmail account just for you, but I’m going to give you a bonus based upon if they’re happy or not, based upon the google reviews not based upon what they said to you, but based upon the google reviews. Second I’m, going to give you a bonus based on your conversion percentage. So if you do we tip top k-9, can you tell all the listeners what your special as you guys, offered tip top canning your ear, your no-brainer offered. You guys offer each and every week out there tip, top, k-9 owasso know we offer our first lesson for $1 i. Think that I hold a value. The dog is starting to jump on me. The dog is starting to no longer be a puppy. It’s it’s hard to annoy me and i. Don’t know whether I want invest the money in hiring tip, top, k-9 or not because I ice, it could cost a lot of money. I’ve heard some trainers or thousands of dollars. I, don’t know what my price would be you’re saying the first, the first time the one for the first lesson is just a dollar when you do typically do your first lesson for a dollar. What percentage of the people that do the $1 trial typically become a christian business coach customer for you, I think right now, I’m looking at like over 70%, 74 yeah, so you’re upset means it’s 7 out of 10 people are so impressed with the training that they’re signing up to be a client and by the way, that’s very high elephant in the room where, like the first haircut for elephant room is a dollar and we used to get 6 out of 10 people to sign up for a membership. They like it so much 7, 1/10, very high, that’s very good!

So that’s a good thing, but all I can say is. If I worked for you, you would say clay. You have to convert at yeast and you have to set the number and most people only do the minimum standard. So do you have to set the number that it’s acceptable? Another example just give you examples. I am a huge tim tebow fan in a tim tebow apologist, I love when he played in the nfl for the broncos josh mcdaniels, the former quarterback coach of the patriots became the head coach of the broncos and decided he would gamble and sign tim tebow and tim tebow completed less than half of his passes, which is terrible. That means that if you’re throwing the ball to tint your front of all 10 times, he only threw it in the hands of his christian business coach receiver 5 out of 10 times. No. No, he didn’t he was like 4 out of 10 times. He had many games were watching the game or he completed, like 3 of 15, passes to start and they somehow came back in one, but like you kept the complete the passes at least 60% of time. If you want to play in the nfl, if you want to do it with one nfl not for long, then you just complete three out of 10 there’s a number.

If you played baseball there’s a number, you had your batting average. If you want to go to the hall of fame in your professional baseball player, you need to be at 3:33 need to get a hit a third of the time. But what is the number? What’s the number to you want to try these numbers into things that make the company money or push the company closer to their overall goals right, so you want incentivize the people not just to put in a shift not to work their time, but, like you like saying, let’s say, you’ve got salespeople. Okay, guys, you got to make 100 outbound calls every single day, because that directly leads to money. Coming into the company example of a company that works. There knows their christian business coach number and it disappears even numbers. These guys build schools, they build churches, they build buildings chip. What are some of the buildings at william, williams contracting has built over the years. My friend do they have built. It looks like when we pull this thing up here, he’s pulling it up right now. Folks, he’s got he’s, got a university carefirst pharmacy in tulsa and broken arrow northside, vet clinic in muskogee is really increase.

Just to see the okmulgee county judicial authority same thing with hilldale they’ve got a new $8000000 public schools facilities. I have often thought about traveling to okmulgee just to see the new jail annex I’ve done. I, don’t have a big curiosity to see the whole jail. No, just me and I’ll tell you why it’s because the good folks at really have built this building, getting the project done on time, getting it done on budget or under budget right right. They did. Anyone make sure they get a great review as a result of doing a great job, and it through these guys at williams contracting. If you’re out there and you said, I got to go to school, I got to build a jail annex man I got to who doesn’t want to do. We have any listeners that don’t want to add a jail and exit on my personal goals list for year. Ever since I was a teenager, the only issue I have with shut that with this show sponsor is i, have a hard time saying the name, it’s very hard to say, williams, why you saying like that was contracting. Why am I saying it like that william williams contracting? Are these guys website is wilcon will dashcon. Comets will khan.Com phone number is 918-682-5511 again 918-682-5811 and these guys be there with their no-brainer that they’re offering to that people? Is there going to get a loaner a realistic, but the beat up people they’re going to get the christian business coach owners are realistic budget within 3 days, okay, they’re going to give you a realistic budget drive-thru been trying to build that that a building for your business, like it mean if you’re out there you go i, got to add on a jail annex on to my building now and we are the jail or do you want to add on it out of jail annex on to your church by ones when I get one free, month.

That is what they’re going to give you a free quote, and you all you got to do to get. You quote a realistic budget within what we said during today’s broadcast. If you do it, then we’re going to give you a free copy of my book thrive and their phone number is 918-682-5511. 918-682-5511. Add an annex on to your jail just to let you know what it. What these guys do. Their goal is to exceed the owners expectations from start to finish. Okay, so if you are out there and you’re looking to build a new building, you got to get ahold of him. Www.Quill.Com will – khan.Com 918-682-5511 for your jail annex today, never talking about how people try to keep it together. If you get an hourly base pay and it bonuses based on the work, do you have to pay overtime? Yes, did you put them on a salary? Then you can pay them a salary there, a green to work as many hours as it takes to get it done, but if you pay somebody hourly and they work overtime, you have to pay them overtime, because there are laws that do that true, and so you might want to put the person christian business coach salary with a bonus or you pay them bonus per thing. To get done that to that works says when we hire a new employee, what are the logistics needed? I thought we covered that. The next question is what software should we use? I believe I covered that you, when he’s paycom.Com more paychecks, hire them to do the payroll tax deductions.

For you, it’s just a better way to go. That’s right! We want to serve you and want to help you want to help. You grow your business and it can. We try to bring on real clients, real business owners on today show on, under the shows that what you can hear them and meet real people just like you who have gone from the bottom to the top or from the middle to the top I want to ask you better question for you, as your growing tip top k-9 owasso. Did you ever think that you would be making this much money in a work week? No, not at all, not even close. How does it feel now owning your own business as it feels so real? How does it feel to own your own business? It feels really great one Thing:i’ve noticed that I do when I go to quick trip for i, see all the other guys. You know they’re, obviously working for somebody else as a christian business coach, like man, i, remember doing that. Stop canine tip top k9. Come check them out. You can schedule your free. Your your $1 first training today at tip, top k-9 adam, thinks be on the show. We are going to end the show with a boom, but for everybody. It’s about time should I come for the podcast, the 101 coaching the conference is the video library saw their thrive time show.Com. Now that too,


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