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Are you looking to set up call recording in your office? Business coach Clay Clark breaks down the best-practice call recording systems on the planet and some of the nitty gritty involved in setting up your office for call recording.

  1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – (Used for Total Lending Concepts)
  2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – (Used for Elephant In The Room)
  4. AMPLE EXAMPLE – (Apple iPhone recording)
  5. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Call Recorder App (Android Phones)
  6. FUN FACT: “75% of employees are stealing from the workplace.” –
  7. FACT: You can only expect what you inspect.
  8. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “It’s really hard to improve the performance a football team if you don’t watch the game film and break down specifically how they can improve. You cannot give people vague feedback to improve specific issues.” – Clay Clark
  9. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Only the paranoid survive.” – Andy Grove (Co-founder of Intel)
  10. ACTION ITEM – Set up your phone recording system
    1. Approximately $300 upfront
    2. Approximately $100 per month

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Audio Transcription

boom and business coach baboom. What is the word boom mean, so many business podcasts listeners have set over the years. What does the word boo mean, and why do you say it all the time? What is wrong? What is wrong with you. Is, a boom! Is it a is it a? Is it. A part of a interrogative statement is a declarative statement. Is it is it hebrew is greek? What is it? Boom stands for big, overwhelming optimistic momentum, overwhelming optimistic momentum. If you are not somebody who brings the boom i, don’t have it in common with you. If you’re talking about everyday i, wake up everyday and if you’re not excited ready to go, I will try to show you how to be excited ready to go, but if you’re not i, don’t want to hang out with you because I don’t want you still in my mode, you don’t have to say yes, man, hey you get off, my cloud that one! That’s it miss boom was. Is it john barnett, my dear friend and partner, with oxi fresh up there in denver? Yet have you met him more than once or twice send me to be tomorrow off to do it? Cuz he’s he’s kind of a fascinating creature. He is warren buffett, like he’s very specific linear, strategic strategic, and only that just super heart of gold, wonderful, christian, guy laser but john. Whenever we get something done, he always says when I say and it just like. We do that and it’s like it just feels good like having something done, yeah and there’s some people that did just don’t feel that excitement when something gets done and so for them. It’s kind of like from a boom to a i. Just i, don’t know i. Just so are we starting said boom all the time, and then people always ask me dude. Why are you always so excited? It is profound when you are above the ground, you know, and so, when your bored with your dad, your a noun, but when you’re alive, you know it’s profound, because you can be a verb. Think about that. I made your dad you’re kind of like well they’re there. They are there.

There that’s their bottom in the ground or above the ground. If you’re alive, I mean think about the opportunities are just being alive, I mean geez just over my dad when he was alive. That was awesome, he’s not alive. It’s it’s like you can do on the earth. You know when you’re willing to live and I love my dad and i. Don’t and I don’t mean that to like you, no joke about his death, but I think it’s like. If you don’t joke about it, you can’t get through your laugh when you’re crying about it feels like it is an unbelievable gift. My wife today is:it really is so chapped. What’s the next? What are we talking about now? So we’ve had a lot of clients. Ask us know:how do we set up call recording what is call recording was the business coach purpose of the day we’re going to get into setting up call ricardo come on now, I’m, so excited okay. So, let’s get into it all right. So we can. We talk about something previous shows before you get more the details you want to reach out to a company called ringcentral.Com and you want to reach out to company called clarity voice.Com. Anyone reach out to a company called 8×8.Com anyone reach out to a company called tape, a call remember you always want to have the rule of three and then at least right did you have the actual resource on the show notes for the apple phone chapel. You have that animal off hand, but what you do I call this. The rule of 303 is the rule of three works for everything, except for marriage, so you’re married before mary. This is the move, but it’s what I would do in college? I went on a lot of dates, a lot of dates. A lot of dates are the dates, but I didn’t want to settle right. I wanted to marry a 10, because I’m at 2 I thought the average could be 6 or 7. So I went on some dates.

Somebody who I am attracted to I want some who’s smarter than me. I want some more diligent me also wiser than me. I want somebody who could be a partner for life and so I went on. These dates were going to come one day and I wanted to stay in. This is what I thought this girl was awesome. She was just awesome on the second date in the second date. It was like she forgot that she was awesome and she got real and I realize all of a sudden. It was almost like a she started talking weird to like she would talk like as as, though a normal midwestern woman, but then on the second date, I tell you what no one’s going to talk to me like this I thought. I did two people talk to me like that I will go, I will beat. You have no idea what you’re doing with it I’m going it’s all of a sudden. Did you become like very stereotypical, like rosie? What’s the girl for you in lopez yesterday envelope at rosie, lopez, hispanic, ground and rosie perez? That’s very succinctly:all the sudden she was like on the business coach phone with someone i, don’t know who they think I’m talking about, but I swear to you I will. Let you know that’s what I’m home hearing her talk and she’s going and then I said, and then they said and I was like. This is how she talks to other people, and now you are tell you this.

You don’t and I wanted to come in front of me. That way is the hike on a date with another girl and she was just a great day. We thought things were going great. She just looks like a 10. She smart, lady i, just did a great thing. Then she says:i have a question. I said what what do you think about in the question itself? Let me know that the whole judeo-christian worldview that she professed was just a facade and it she was not real the real deal smoke. So you want to have multiple options before you make the decisions I’m telling you right now your options so back to that real, quick tapeacall, that’s the one! That’s for iphones and the call recorder app for an iphone application for an iphone and call recorder app. That is the one for the android phones, 8 x, 8, x, 8, x, 8, x, 8,. That’s a great one for plugging in a voice over ip phone. It’s information protocol, it’s a phone that plugs into the internet right clarity voice is great as well as I use for elephant. The room in ring central is what steve uses for total lending concept. I think they have a pretty good app to eight dan ringcentral. They have a great program that used by farmers insurance. So but again, why do you record calls? Will, according to the united states chamber of commerce 75% of employees, steal from the workplace? That’s three out of every four and andy grove, the co-founder of intel said only the paranoid survive and I would say it’s really hard to improve the performance of a football team. If you don’t watch the game film and break down specifically how the business coach team can improve, you cannot give people vape feedback to improve specific issues. So how much does it cost i? Don’t know I’m going to rip these people I would say approximately $300 up front and then like a hundred dollars per month per line. Cuz you’re not doing it you’re losing way more money than that I guarantee it so charles and his final minute of awesome.

Have you ever recorded your employees, calls and or set up a video camera and discovered them not doing what they said they were going to do on camera. We see stuff like that. All the time I almost actually I’ll pull up. Camera is quite snap pictures and then send it to the manager and say we need to make a change. Just doesn’t pass. The funny looks test. So this is this is the thing in bartlesville and I’m telling you your business wouldn’t work. My business is wouldn’t work, no businesses would work. If you don’t record the call you got to do it in a little bonus thought you should set up video cameras with audio with with audio and the program I would use. The two I would use is available at lowe’s. It’s called nest right, chuck nasty. There’s a nest and I think you can get it for like $500, not bad, and it works really well super ridiculous. Clarity I mean you can just the details. business coach Awesome. The sound is great. That’s how you do call recording


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