How to Setup and Optimize Your Google Map

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88% of buyers are reading online reviews before making a buying decision according to Forbes. In this episode of the business coach Thrivetime Show Clay Clark will break down the details of how to set up your Google Map and how to gather authentic Google reviews from your previous customers to improve your sales dramatically.

Google Map 101 – How to Setup and Optimize Your Google Map

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The missing ingredient for nearly all of the 1,000-plus clients I have worked with directly to improve their businesses is pigheaded discipline and determination. We all get good ideas at seminars and from books, radio talk shows and business-building gurus. The problem is that most companies do not know how to identify and adapt the best ideas to their businesses.Implementation, not ideas, is the key to real success.” – Chet Holmes (The best-selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine)
  2. Show me an example of where I can find a Google Map to look at?
    1. River City Church
    2. Downtown Tulsa Elephant in the Room
    3. Thrivetime Show
  3. Why do you need to setup and optimize your Google map?
  4. Naming your Google map (Name of Business + Keyword + City)
  5. Uploading and naming images
  6. 3D tours
  7. Video clips
  8. Fully filling out the profile
  9. The importance of gathering reviews from real former clients
    1. Schedule time to relentlessly gather reviews
    2. Agree on a weekly quota
    3. Follow-up with your team daily
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Audio Transcription

Behind this incredible business coach microphone, we are producing audio, excellence day-by-day. Our show is so good that we have people tuning in from south korea. We are people tweeting in from guam people. Turning in right now from australia and I’ll, tell you why our show is so good or so is so good for two reasons:one because you the listeners are reaching out to us consistently in here are the questions that I have you’re saying here is a question that I have your doing it everyday or emailing info at drivetime show.Com and those questions drive the content that we produce and then we research it. We do everything we do. Every we teach you is been cited. There are notable quotable. There are statistics. There are case studies, everything that we teach. You is a proven concept. It actually works in. The second reason why this show is so good that the people from south korea from australia from canada from mexico from europe they’re all turning and we have aliens who are tuning into the show from other planetary systems to get the audio goodness. They say, I want to know how to grow a successful business, because I want to build a time freedom by style I want i, want I want my massively in large green cranium to experience the freedom that you earthlings have, and we say to you, aliens, hello, but the second reason our show so good is because we’re super humble that and the pinion sent always around the winds will change into the studio, and you can hear the peter patter of the rain outside there, but also it’s like it’s so smoking in my eyes are watering on dispatch I thought you were crying at your practice and stoicism. So here is today’s topic:here’s the topic:how to set up an optimize, your google map, so I’m, going to start this into the fire alarm, go off figure out how to put the fire alarm off. Why is we stay on live? Radio?

That’s impressive job can I get at starbucks will ask ourselves? Can we push on through with this potential fire emergency thrive nation? We can’t script this kind of stuff. This is that real. We do have fire extinguishers, but we need to get the alarm off we’ll see if we can do it. So the question is:how do you set up an optimize your google maps in marshall at start with you? Why does everybody out there listening to this business coach podcast need to know how to setup a google map and see if you can try to command the audience’s attention? Some people are distracted by the fire alarms going off with in the studio you got to go, get google reviews and optimize your google map, because this is one of the. This is one of the things that where your customers are going to find you in so I have a couple clients where they did this chris schwarz. You can watch his ass down in new orleans workers, compensation, attorney. He’s incredible, but he is been diligent to the process. Okay, he’s a diligent or you went out and got google reviews and he was paying some company thousands of dollars in order to get him to the top of google and get him on the mat and within 3 weeks of diligently getting reviews, he was able to eventually come up top on the map. Example, if you google right now, owensboro church, what’s google owensboro church, everybody, google owensboro church, by the way, eric chapa successfully turned off the fire alarm at the drive. Time show world headquarters and the camp clark and chicken palace. So here is right. Now, if you look on google, who comes up top in the google search results in the top two or top three, you see river city owensboro church. That’s not true luck, marshall their top. Why are they talking google? Did you just pay google to be up top cuz? They have a ton of review reviews. Do they have at the time of this recording 266? Now the other two that pop up on the map have a whopping 18. You paid someone from india to write a reviews for you. Can you pay it? You cannot do that or do I not stop it. Stop not good, not good, 66 review. Was you asking what exactly? How do you get reviews for someone to break down the steps right down the system so step number one, all right? How do you set up a google map? How you doing what is a marshall number one everybody if you’re taking notes, if you’re driving don’t be taking notes, while you’re driving. Richard, he was a song created an indian I stole it. I could wish much of it, I could tame a business coach cobra stop it. You got it. You got to go to business. Google.Com I get into. It is really hard to follow. It’s really hard to follow that that got to go to give me some time to walk through it. Okay, you got to go to literally, can google search, google my business, those three words and you have to have a gmail account and you’re just going to west soon, as you sign in there going to give you a prompt and you’re going to enter in your business information, you want to name it with the name of your business, what you do and your location right now. Let me give an example:if you google river city owensboro church, that is a properly named you google, map river city owensboro church, you can find the google listing for the link to it on the show jeopardy impossible, downtown georgetown men’s grooming lounge.

That is also a properly named a map, and so you can put a link to both of those now google overtime reserves the right to rename your map over time. If they don’t agree with how you named your business, that’s fine, we’ll put a link to both those. So you can see the map and you sign up for an account. What happens next marshall? Do you sign up for account and then begins the process of being strategic and asking everybody mail, you a postcard. Oh you got it. Yeah I thought you were talking about after that. So they’re going to send you a postcard in the mail okay, so it in your mailbox will send you a six-digit code. You got to put that into verify, so you can actually begin reviewing your particular business, your google, my business listing, but it’s not going to show up as you verify. Typically it takes 5 to 7 days. We’ve done this process of submitting for a postcard up to four or five times, and so, if it doesn’t come in 5 to 7 days, don’t sweat it just keep requesting that business coach postcard, and once you get that postcard, then you got to submit that code to get the postcard. What do you have to do to make sure your account is verified? You got to take the code that is on the postcard and log into your account again and I will prompt you to say:do you have the code from the postcard and you got a red bar at the top that says verify now:15 jinx account if you type in thrive15 and the word jinx you’re, going to find the thrive time show clay, clark, business coach listing know when you find that list and I want you to look at the account itself. She want to click on the actual google listing and when you get in there of all the clients we work with I would say this is probably the most updated, because I’m involved and I have a lot of pride in our business and I want to get it right, and so we have a 3d tour that the listeners can all go check out. You can see it’s a 3d walkthrough should have you seen that I have i, actually speak okay. So as you look at the map shop, I swear to you. Mark me out your life book at rr map. We have photos that you can click their interactive photos. You can see the inside of our facility outside of our facility in it. Why does it help marshall for you to fill out your profile to put the hours of operation the photos of 3d tour video? Why does all that matter? Because google’s going to reward you for the amount of thoroughness that you provide on the google my business listing, so they are trying to create the best search experience possible and if a bunch of businesses were on there, they didn’t fill out this information. It would be a terrible search experience just more proof that you are a real thing, the real thing. Okay, so I mean why? Why doesn’t tai lopez put an interactive cuz? He doesn’t actually have a place of business.

Okay, sorry I just feel like indian voice. Alright you’ve got to make sure that you thought your profile and also your customers are going to buy more from you and trust you more when you actually take the time to do these things properly and we come back. I want to get more into the details of this, but before we go to the break I like to eat your check by yura yura, why do business owners sometimes fail to realize the importance of optimizing their map to push back to you? Get right here on business coach clients or owners? Might save you know, i. Don’t really need to do that, because you know from my experience what I found it there’s not a ton of push back once you explain what is going on, but they don’t know what they don’t know. There’s nobody else out there teaching people what a google map is and how to get to the top of and what it means to optimize that thing. So people aren’t they just really don’t know how do they pay their company, my competition? How are they showing up on that map? Will let me tell you so once once you can kind of lay it out and there’s not a whole lot of pushback marshall i. Maybe jeff is a different meetings or maybe he’s a better communicator I feel like I meet. At least one of the ten people in every conference will go to pull me aside and go just have google crap actually work. It just looks like one like. Oh no I just said it from then here’s why it’s because every other web development companies telling you that you can never understand google and you don’t have what it takes to be able to understand it, okay and so being able to explain it, because we’ve actually read the books that actually contribute to the google foundational rule-breaking. That’s what happens if he’s wet people woodpecker make it to make the internet so complicated. That are our clients can’t understand. Always blogs explained it to google changes update every day every day at the date that you could possibly make. It was pretty funny because you talked about that at the conference and I talked to one client coming away from that, and they said it was it made so much sense, because I went back to my car and on the drive home I got one of those emails from my web developer. Saying up google, just post a bunch of changes, we got it. Aaliyah 4. More changes on the website goal is to show that things are broken and we come back from the break.

I want to get luke owen’s. Take on this is a special guest he’s. Actually, the the owner of the hub gym in broken arrow oklahoma to the gym. People need to google search up to find the hub gym when we need to search for in google to to check it out, broken arrow gyms or the hub gym broken arrow. So if you just type in broken arrow gyms in the google search, which is a very search, three commonly served not been named, jim, that’s a whole different not broken arrow. If people type in broken arrow gyms gyms, you can find the hub gym and we come back and want to I want to hear about how often mising the map at the gym is helped produce new clients for the hub, gym and kind of your experience working with luke and how that all works, because I didn’t or somebody listen to the show today. That literally is leaving $100,000 a year of end, on table by not optimizing their google map want to attend the legendary drive time show business coach workshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. All right talk, nation! Welcome back to the conversation to drive time show on your radio and, specifically today, we’re focusing on how to setup and optimize your google map I want to do before we get into the specifics and how to do it and how it impacted. A thriver I want to give the drivers out there a very specific example of a life change. This. This episode today could be life-changing for somebody. Someone give you a real example:trap nation. If you go to your google map and tell me if I’m wrong here marshall, but if you google tulsa men’s haircuts, and you see the elephant in the room listing so I’m, going to google this real quick, tulsa men’s haircuts once I google it elephant in the room, has 392 reviews were topping google, our second store has 209 or 230 reviews are nearest competitor, has 44 reviews, I know for a fact. We get on average a hundred haircuts booked a week per week per week from this I know, for me, I’m just going to give you the math of what that means to me so I’m, going to take a hundred a week times the average customer spend $42 with us.

That’s $4,200 a year, * 52. So this episode to me is worth 282 or $18,000 to $18,400. Now the profit margin for getting this. We divide that by 42. So it’s this equals 5200 customers per and I pay myself $3 per customer. So this actually, this particular training is worth $15,600 to me. Now as we open a future elephant, the rooms. Chef knows this. You know this I’ve talked to you about this because we open up elephant the rooms. One of the things we want to do is we want our coaches, who want to to own them. You know if your partner should have a lot of these things all over the place. So if you owned one in oklahoma city this this, this specific training would make the opposite to manage the business coach team and coach the team and all the things you didn’t. You guys know how to do. But if you bought an elephant, the room in oklahoma city to oxyfresh oxyfresh is the first franchises that were sold. There was no franchise fee, so the employees that work there could just pay whatever it cost to open it band they’re open. This could make $15,600 extra income for you or for me, and it comes to you by simply doing what we’re teaching. So now people are going to be just as move right here. I got a question for you. Yes, but some people might say I’m a professional people aren’t looking online and read reviews for professional services, it’s all word-of-mouth, and what I would answer my own question and not let you have a chance to talk and say is that it was about a week or so ago. Maybe 2 weeks ago, on the show west carter is legal Eagle was here story about how he was meeting with the three new owners of a startup for the first time in his office and he’s got no 10 years. Experience a doctorate degree of combine 60 plus years with all the partners, and he said so how’d you hear about it and they said we had some really good google review. So we called you see you like this revolution, health of you, google tulsa, functional medicine right now, revolution health, if you google, tulsa, functional medicine on your phone or whatever device you’re listening from today. If you google, tulsa internal medicine is guys 172 reviews he’s dominating google search results. So now the hub gym in broken, arrow, broken, arrow, jim’s, the hub gym now comes up top in the google search results of broken arrow gyms I’m luke. When you first heard this idea of gathering reviews what was going through your mind? Well at first it was just all the immediate issues that we had right and sort of want to. Maybe two discounted a little bit, so you thought maybe this would apply to you or i. Just saw more obvious, burning fires for me, so I thought. Maybe this is i, don’t know, maybe it won’t be worth it. So the good thing about sir lucan I’m, not just bragging on him, cuz he’s standing here. This is honestly. The truth is that he doesn’t require a lot of explanation because he understood from the business coach conference from seeing past success at clay and doctors.

He have had from seeing testimonials from other clients, ft systems actually work, and so he’s just kind of like a bull running down a path is just kind of like 8. You need to go, get google reviews and we work on this, and we said we got to work on it all man cuz. You got to get google reviews and they went out and got a bunch quickly. So we were running the ads were running online ads for the business coach client the hub. We are running on my dad’s for the 88% of consumers. If so, how have the reviews impacted? The hub I mean how many new clients a week. Do you get that done? You find you from the cortical. The internet I think we’re averaging at least 20. You no new leads per week now google states. This is from google. This is google. They have to call the canonical rules in when there’s rules you have to implement to be top on google right foot forward to showing you to 88% of people read reviews even if you’re topping google, yes, 88% of people read reviews before filling out that form basically 9 out of 10. That’s kind of a lot of people. Getting this ink magazine says:91% google says 88% it’s about 9 out of 10 minutes, a massive number so again, I want to ask you this chump hour or marshall. What’s good marshall marshall, do you? What kind of pushback do you get from a business coach clients that when they first start working with you, the trust levels, maybe not there yet with you, because they don’t know you very well. What is some pushback you get or you have received in the past from people as it relates to gathering google reviews and properly setting up their map?

Well, is it is it worth it because not everybody has a google account, and so what do you do when they don’t have a google account? We might as well just not asking anybody to ask every single customer for 8 to write you an objective, google review. What percentage will actually probably do it from your experience as a business card, say 40 to 50% and when you get a google review, google reserves the right to delete, said reviews on pandora review or so chapped when they remove a review? Why would that happen? Typically, a couple things, the other person could be falsifying a bunch of reviews. Maybe they have a gmail account that has been inactive for a long time right now. Maybe they just now created a brand new gmail account so they’re, looking for all these quality standards to make sure they’re real reviews for real companies. So one of the issues that I’ve had in the thrive time show is:we have some haters people that we are taters. We beat any marketing firms or business coach firms in tulsa that we are beating severely, and so what they’ll do is they’ll team up together and they’ll collude in vail cast our reviews and if the reviews are written of our reviews are written by somebody who doesn’t write, reviews on a daily basis, google reserves the right to read to remove the 40-something reviews from conference attendees just on google. We also put up 500 video reviews, marshall and marshall. Why do we put up video reviews? Cuz? It’s really hard to it’s hard to argue with 500 real humans in person and otherwise I’d be paying a lot of paid actors. So I can, if you’re listening right now to the shown you say:what is the action I should take? You need to schedule time to relentlessly gather reviews. Every single week you got to agree on a weekly court of your business coach, your staff, of the number of reviews. You expect them to gather, and then you want to follow up with your team on a daily basis on a daily basis. You have to hold your team accountable, luke. Why is it so important? You hold your team accountable to gathering reviews on a daily basis? Well, if you’re not tracking it on a regular cuz you’re, just going to end up sort of wherever right, and so, if you set a goal and you track it, you know where you’re headed and you know we’re going to be. You can’t manage don’t measure there, so many good reasons why you should definitely gather google reviews. Now we come back we’re going to talk about recruiting and retaining top talent.


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