Should I Get an MBA or Attend 3,703 Thrivetime Show Business Conferences? – Ask Clay Anything

Show Notes

Clay Clark is breaking down a question from the Thrive Nation on if they should get their MBA or if they should attend business conferences instead.

“I found the Thrive Time Show through your podcast while working to educate myself on how businesses work. I was also looking into getting an MBA for this purpose, but I think exploring websites like yours could get me what I’m looking for. I’ve been feeling like a drone in my job lately, and am trying to explore the options I have around me, find what I’m passionate about, and help others along the way. I look forward to reading your book.” – Cole

“Never ever hire an M.B.A.; they will ruin your company.” – Peter Thiel


Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Welcomeb ack to another exciting edition of it’s thrive time Show on your radio. My name. My name is Clay Clark. I’m the former United States Small Business Administration entrepreneur of the year, the father of five kids, the owner of thousands of business conferences degrees and a man with less talent than you. But yet, despite my lack of talent and skill, I use persistence to achieve success. And I’ve learned best practices by doing the wrong thing a lot. And then distilling what works. Studying case studies and being mentored by millionaires and billionaires. I’ve met George Foreman. I’ve spent time with George Foreman. I’ve spent time with the founder of hobby lobby, have spent time with the founder of skyy vodka. I spent time with a lot of big Kahunas and uh, you know, the number one pr guy in the world. And so I’ve spent time with, with, with Michael Levine, the PR consultant for Nike, for Prince, for Michael Jackson, for Charlton Heston, for Nancy Kerrigan. I’ve spent time with the former executive vice president of Walt Disney world resorts who used to manage 40,000 employees. I’ve spent time with a lot of big Kahunas and so what I want my goal is to distill the best practices to break down into practical action steps that you can apply and whenever you email me to [email protected], I feel like it is my civic duty to answer your questions. And so here we go. Any further, do another question from the thrive nation.

This question comes in hot for a man by the name of coal, coal. Your name rhymes with soul and that is great. Here we go. I’ve found that the. I says, I found the thrive time show through your business coach podcast while working to educate myself on how businesses work. I was also looking into getting an mba for this purpose, but I think exploring websites like yours or going to business conferences could get me when I’m looking for, do not get an Mba. Do not get an Mba, do not get an Mba. Do not get an Mba no matter what you do. Do not get an Mba. Do not get an Mba, a elon musk, elon musk, Elon musk lookup elon musk. And what he has to say about Mbas, Elon Musk has a strong opinion about Mbas. Um, and, and I, I have probably an opinion that it’s maybe less strong than Elon Musk’s, but elon musk’s, uh, take us pretty hot.

Also, Peter Teal, Peter Teal once said, uh, this is a Peter Teal is one of the early stage investors in facebook. Uh, he’s one of the early guys in paypal. He has a really hot take. I mean, he, I mean, I have an opinion, but that guy’s got a strong opinion. Call Up. Peter Teal has actually told silicon valley startups, business owners. He said, do not. He says, I’m writing. I’m quoting Peter Teal directly. He says, never ever hire an MBA. They will ruin your company. I agree. Most people that I’ve ever hired that have an mba or a complete disaster because they’ve spent way too much, way too much time at school and they have no clue what they’re doing. Do not get an Mba, bro. Cole just attend our business conferences. Let me, let me, I think, I think I’m coming across as Kinda harsh. Let me kind of change that.

Coal. What you want to do, if you want to book your business conferences ticket to a nick in Perth and thrive time show workshop, you want to attend that thing and he told me the an objective review on itunes or you subscribe to the podcast. That diva filled with you. It’s Freebro. If free up talking about like three 99, you got to pay for the workbook, so it’s like $27, but then now if you went to our workshop about the FDA, it took to get an Mba, typically like $100,000 pill, you take $100,000 and you divide that by $27. That means you could attend our business conferences 3,703 times. Cool. You can attend our workshop 3,703 times before you would pay for the cost of an MBA. Do not go to. Do not get an Mba. No matter what you do. Do not get an Mba. This just in, I don’t know what you’re saying. Or are you saying I should get an Mba? Three, two, one, boom.


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