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Are you investing copious amounts of your time training people about basic human ethics, and the various world-views you must have to not go to jail? While driving home from the Thrivetime Show World Headquarters in the “Hummer of Love”, Clay Clark breaks down the importance of not investing your time being a life coach for your employees unless you are a life coach and how to know who should hire.

Jack Welch’s 4 E’s:

ENERGY: NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Energy is the ability to go, go, go–to thrive on action and relish change. People with positive energy are generally extroverted and optimistic. They make conversation and friends easily. They’re people who don’t complain about working hard–they love to work. They also love to play and overall just love life.” – Jack Welch (The former CEO of Jack Welch who grew the company by 4,000% during his tenure as the CEO)

ENERGIZE: NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “This is the ability to get others revved up. People who energize can inspire their team to take on the impossible–and enjoy doing it. The ability to energize is apparent in someone with an in-depth knowledge of their business, who sets a powerful personal example, and has strong persuasion skills.” – Jack Welch (The former CEO of Jack Welch who grew the company by 4,000% during his tenure as the CEO)

EDGE: NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Having edge means having the courage to make tough “yes or no” decisions. Smart people can assess a situation from every angle–but smart people with edge know when to stop assessing and make a tough call, even without all the information.” – Jack Welch (The former CEO of Jack Welch who grew the company by 4,000% during his tenure as the CEO)

EXECUTE: NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Being able to execute means having the ability to get the job done. It turns out a person can have positive energy, energize everyone around them, make hard calls, and still not get over the finish line. Being able to execute is a unique and distinct skill. It means the person knows how to put decisions into action and push them forward to completion, through resistance, chaos, or unexpected obstacles. People who can execute know that winning is about results.” – Jack Welch (The former CEO of Jack Welch who grew the company by 4,000% during his tenure as the CEO)

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Audio Transcription

All right, thrive nation. This is business coach Clay Clark and I’m driving home. And My, uh, Kim Jong Iun themed Hummer on this fabulous Friday headed back home to enjoy some wonderful time and financial freedom with my incredible kids. Uh, shortly after returning home, I’m going to be going to nothing Bundt cake to pick up a gluten free cake, a gluten free cake. That’s right. A gluten free cake for my, uh, for my daughters were celebrating their birthday tomorrow. The twins were getting a big water slide, inviting over about three dozen people. It took to Camp Clark and chicken palace to celebrate the birthday of the twin girls. And then, uh, last night we watched the giants versus the, uh, the giant, the New York football giants versus the, the Cleveland Browns, the Cleveland browns. And, and, and what could have perhaps been the most incredible, uh, most important, not unimportant preseason game of all time.

Uh, we wagered on pretty much every aspect of the game. I invited over some great business coach folks, probably 40 5:50 people over there and uh, we had enough meat for, for 60 people. 40 great people over there watching the game. Had a great time wagering $1 to two to $3 on things that just don’t matter. We had a great time doing it. And I say all that to say I enjoy time freedom and financial freedom for, for a great many reasons, but one of the reasons I enjoy time freedom and financial freedom, one of the causes of the time freedom and financial freedom that I enjoy is I just don’t hire idiots. And if I do hire an idiot, that’s my fault and I’m going to quickly move on and replace the person. And so I just finished up my final  business coach session of the day and the client I was working with, you know, is great question.

He asks, Hey, how do I know what kind of people to hire? You know, clay, I’ve seen you guys do a group interview one time, but is there a certain parameter? Are there certain things that you look for when you hire people that say, yes, there is and they’re not? They’re not. These aren’t original ideas. This can be found in Jack Welch’s book winning. It’s called the four e’s, the four e’s. What are the four e’s? Again, that’s Jack Welch, the CEO of Ge, Ge who grew the company by 4,000 percent. During his tenure, he wrote what some would call, what most would call arguably the number one management a book of all time, the number one major book of all time book. It’s called winning by Jack Welch. In that book, he identifies the four e’s and this is what you want to look for when you’re hiring people, but just to sort of sum it up before I get into the four, if you wouldn’t want to go have a coffee with the person, you wouldn’t want to hire the person you know.

It’s the kind of person you. If it’s not the kind of person you could spend a significant amount of time with, you wouldn’t want to hire. If, if, if, if, if you’re not the kind of people that you would allow to watch your kids, then you wouldn’t want to hire them. I mean, if you had to have someone watch your kids, if you had to, if you’re in a bind and you would not allow this person to watch your kids, then you shouldn’t hire them because it’s going to be a disaster. You’ll have different values, different worldviews. If, if whatever is keeping you from wanting to hire them to watch your kids at the. If you had the little inner thing inside you that says, I don’t want to hire this person to watch my kids because I just don’t like the way, Hey, I’d have questions about.

I just just get the willies. If you get the Heebie jeebies, if you get that feeling like there’s no way I want to hire this person, then then don’t. Then don’t do it and you got to be selective, which is why you have to do the group interview every single week, every single week. I interview an entire group of people Wednesday at five every single week for all the companies. I interview a group of people, every candidate. I interviewed them all at the same time every week, Wednesday at five. We interview every single candidate for every position all at the same time. Why you might say why? Well, because the statistics are not good. They’re not good. Ain’t got magazine reports. Over 80 percent of people lie on their resumes. Eighty percent, 80 percent. The US Chamber reports at 75 percent of people. Seventy five percent of people steal from the workplace and most do so repeatedly.

Other statistics that blow my mind. Did you know that almost 10 percent of the American population uses elicit drugs? What I think about that, so I wouldn’t want someone to come into my house that they use illicit drugs. I wouldn’t want someone coming to my house and they’re stealing from the workplace and I wouldn’t want somebody coming to my house if they’re lying on their resume. So I say all that to say, you only want to hire the kind of people that you’d want to have a beer width. Have a coffee with. Share any kind of beverage with someone who you feel comfortable allowing them to watch your kids. So what are the four e’s? Well, here are the four e’s in number one. The people you hire have to have energy. Energy, energy, energy. Yes. They have to have energy. Well, what kind of energy?

Well, they have to have the energy where you and say this person doesn’t appear to be asleep all the time. You know the draggers, the Mopars, the people that just can’t conjure up the editor. Those people, you don’t want them. You don’t want low energy people, low energy people don’t do well. And whether it’s because they got up, you know, medical problem, or it’s because they’ve got a psychological problem or whether it’s because they’re just, they stay up too late night. They stay up late every night playing video games or whether it’s because I don’t know. It’s because you want to hire people that have good energy. Energy. Yes. Energy. I should write that down, right? So energy. The second heat, people have to have the edge edge. Yes. The edge being they’re willing to stand up for their values. You have to find people that are willing to stand up for what’s right, even though it might not be politically correct.

In fact, in our culture, most things that are right or not politically correct, because that offends people for having standards. Standards are offensive. I should write that down so edge. They get stuff done. Even though it might irritate somebody, they’re willing to stand up for their principles. That’s edge energy. They bring an energy to the workplace. A positive Mojo to your daily Dojo every single day. Fosha the third a claim. What’s the third e? They have the ability to execute. Execute, yes. They have the ability to execute. Who does your. The person you’re going to hire, they have to be able to get the job done. You know, if there’s somebody who has all sorts of energy and they’re just coming to work every day with crazy amounts of energy and they, they’re, they’re very strong with their values and convictions, but they just can’t install the windshield glass.

They just can’t hammer the nail. They just can’t maintain the car. Then it doesn’t matter. They got to have the energy right, they got to have the edge, but they got to have the ability to execute and the fourth he. This just in from our Home Office, it sounds a lot like energy. It is energize. They have to have the ability to energize the folks around them. You have a wife? I have third job. Does it require a b? The ability to energize people. What kind of business are you running? I mean, what kind of restaurant would you want to go to with low energy people? You know, people that look at their asleep. What kind of business would you want to go to? We’re going to the business coach call center. Would you want to work in with low energy? People were kind of church. Would you want to go to with low energy people?

What kind of movie would you want to watch with kind of concert would you want to see with low energy. I mean everybody appreciates positive, enthusiastic people, and the word enthusiasm comes from the Greek word, meaning theos in Theos, God within God. Within. That’s where enthusiasm comes from. So that is what you’re looking for when you hire people. That’s why I interview them all all at the same time. That’s why every single time I find a good person at group interview process, I then scheduled them to shadow me and they shadow me for a couple of hours just to see if they’re a good fit for the culture. And if I like them, we hire them. That’s how it works and thrives. Thrive nation. I hire hundreds of people. I’ve hired thousands. I know you’re going to have to hire hundreds of people. You may even have to hire thousands, but that is how you hire good people and that’s how you know whether somebody is a good fit for you to hire them to come work in your business.

And remember, this business exists to serve you. A business exists to serve you. How does the business exist to serve again now who? Who is supposed concern? The business. What I mean overall? Who’s the business supposed to help you? Are you the owner? A business exists to serve you and if you’ll get the word buisiness, if you look at the word buisiness, buisiness is spelled B u s y n e s s b u s y n e s s. In other words, business is spelled with an I, B U s I n e s s b u s I n e s s. So a business exists to serve I. It exists to serve you at business. Business exists to serve it myself. Now buisiness is where you don’t know why you don’t know why you’re hiring people. You don’t know why you’re following system. You don’t know why we’re doing what you’re doing.

You just run around with your hair on fire and did you go to enough chamber of commerce events and enough networking groups and your read enough books written by chronically dysfunctional people that do not have the time needed. The time freedom needed or the financial freedom needed to invest a copious amount of both time and money into the watching of the giants versus the Browns preseason game or into ridiculously high water slides to celebrate the birth of their twin babies. If he’s to be talked to enough people that are dysfunctional and that are loyal to the idea of not having time or financial freedom because there are so loyal to principals and systems that don’t work, then don’t do that system. But if you want to create time, freedom and financial freedom, that is how you know who you should hire to work in your business spelled with an I.

My name is Clay Clark. I’m the former United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the year and a current business coach and I am honored to serve you, but we can’t help you if we don’t get a chance to know you. So share this podcast with a friend, share it with a family member and if you ever get the time to do it, you ever get the energy to do it. The, the desire to execute the edge needed to say, you know what, I’m going to say no to this, to free up time to do that. Uh, I’d encourage you to book your ticket to the next in person. Thrive time show workshop, which you can find out more about by going to thrive time And if you’ve already have a, if you already have to our podcast and you’ve already left us an objective review on itunes, just email us proof that you did it to [email protected]. And we will send you two free tickets to our next in person. Thrive time show workshop as always. Three, two, one. Boom.


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