Small Beginnings and Big Success with NBA Player Muggsy Bogues | The Muggsy Bogues and Platinum Pest Story

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Big success always starts with small beginnings. Clay and Dr. Z interview Muggsy Bogues who shares with you his journey to becoming an NBA great despite beginning the shortest player in the history of the league. The team then interviews Platinum Lawn and Pest founders (Jared and Jennifer) about their path to small business success.

Muggsy was the smallest player to ever play in the NBA

His father went to prison when he was a child and his mother raised him by herself.

He played 14 seasons in the NBA – 10 of which with the Charlotte Hornets.

He has committed his life after Basketball to mentoring people as much as possible.

History of Platinum Pest:

  1. Who are you guys and what is your business?
    1. Jared & Jennifer Johnson – Platinum Pest and Lawn
  2. Give a break down of the business and what services you offer
    1. We have 2 divisions: pest and lawn.  For pest control, we cover things like general pest (ants, spiders, scorpions, wasps) and specialty pests (termites, carpenter ants, bed bugs, roaches).  For lawns, we do weed control and fertilization.
  3. When and how you got started in pest control
    1. Jared put himself through college by selling pest control door to door during the summers.  He saw it was a fairly simple business model and he already knew how to get new customers. He didn’t want to work for someone else so he decided to eventually start his own pest control company.  Jennifer got her degree in accounting and worked as an admin assistant in college so she knew how to keep books and run an office. And Platinum Pest was born!
  4. What problems were you running into before working with Thrive and coming to a conference.  
    1. Personnel issues – we were held hostage by our employees.  We didn’t want to upset them or get rid of them because we relied so heavily on them.
    2. Acquiring new customers – We didn’t know what marketing strategies would work, so we just didn’t do any!  We really only got new customers by word of mouth and people Googling “pest control Owasso”
    3. Converting leads to customers – People would call and ask about our services, but we had a hard time closing them.
  5. How did you originally hear about Thrive
    1. Jared listened to the Radio show and liked what he heard, but knew that Jennifer wouldn’t be on board unless she learned more about them.

MYSTIC STATISTIC – 90% Of Startups Fail: Here’s What You Need To Know About The 10%

  2. What are some of the biggest changes in your business that you have experienced since you began to work with Thrive15?
    1. Implementing checklists – Now our employees know exactly what is expected of them.
    2. We can be found on Google!!  We were virtually non-existent on Google before we started doing Podcasts and having a good quantity of content on our website.
    3. Google reviews – We have happy customers and now we just ask them to leave us reviews.  Now that we can be found on Google, people see those good reviews and it seems like they’re already sold before they call us.
    4. Scripts – When someone calls in, we all use the same script.  It’s been refined over many months but now our conversion rate is incredible, averaging around 85%. We don’t stumble over ourselves and we make sure that the customer has all the information that they need.
    5. Group interviews – Allowed us to find the right people and implement them at the right time.
  3. Explain what life was like before you implemented the group interview process.
    1. Terrible! When someone would quit, we would spend time setting up interviews, reviewing resumes, interviewing people, though many times a scheduled interview never even happened because the person wouldn’t show up!  Even if we found someone we liked, we didn’t know how they’d do when actually working. With group interviews, our time is best spent weeding out the no-shows at the get-go, get an idea of who everyone is, spend less time
  4. How do your sales numbers compare to 1 year ago before you started with Thrive15
Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the business coach universe, its business school without the bs optometrist of the year clay, clark supermarket in black san quentinis, the cn. Be, the sea that was teaching business skills, alright trap, nation! Welcome back to the drive time show on your radio. Imagine what it would be like to be raised in a family where your father goes to prison in your mother, raised you as a single mom. Imagine what it would be like to then have the dream to play professional basketball, but to grow to the heights, the maximum height as a high school senior of 5ft 3in. Despite your small stature, you have a massive heart, you’re, absolutely committed to your craft. Your mom believes in you and imagine what it would feel like to then be recruited by wake forest, where you play basketball for 1983 to 1987. Imagine what it would feel like to be drafted 12th overall in nba draft, when you are in fact the shortest player in the history of the national basketball association. My friends, have you ever felt like you had fighting against the wind you’re fighting? It’s the momentum. You feel like you, at the odds, are against you. You feel like you’re, the business coach underdog. You are absolutely going to love this interview with that with my friend and I are our guest tyrone curtis muggsy bogues mugsy bose muggsy bogues play 14 seasons in the national basketball association 10 seasons of the charlotte hornets play with the washington bullets, the golden state warriors, and the toronto raptors I’m.

Just telling this guy has the entire life to mentoring, up people who coaching people who think it’s not possible to do well in the, game of life is interview, is, is filled with a lot of great dialogue and I i. Just am super excited for you to meet the myth. The legend, the man, the guru, tyrone curtis, muggsy bogues, with any further ado our exclusive interview with tyrone muggsy bogues, hello, muggsy, hey how’s, it going I am honored to talk to you more when it was you and alonzo mourning and larry johnson and the hornets I am amazed at your your career. You played in the nba for over a decade, and yet you were the the shortest man in the nba, with the biggest heart I want to ask you. Did you actually believe that you would play in the nba when you’re playing high school and the next level, with collagen in oak river stages, trying to break down the barriers but I always dreamed I’d read it again, you don’t know how much is is true what you find on the internet, but I dread that you were raised by a single mom and that she basic had a big impact on your life and put a lot of listeners out there. We deal with mostly entrepreneurs who listen to our business coach show, who own businesses and they’re fighting against the odds to become successful. What role did your mom have in your life in terms of inspiring you or encouraging you that you could do it most of my adult life I’m on my other life nowadays, I just witnessed her go back to school. Once my pops got put in prison, I haven’t for kids, not what you know put on welfare I should not like. You know she when she dropped out of school at in 11th grade and she got. The names are going back there to get out of the ged or diploma I’m. So she can the job and andy 9455 family, and you know by being so young and witness all that.

Well so I’m going to do better for my family and just inspired me to make sure that I did well. You know the environment that I came from and you can easily get in easily influence and get caught up and get into some negative things, but you know but positive thoughts. It wouldn’t have been by my mom’s, and you know this so amazing that even thinking to go that route I dread that when you played in high school at dunbar, three of your teammates went on to play in the nba as well and I’ve. Also read that you were kind of known as the leader and a lot of the basketball teams that you played on. Did you did you believe that three other of your teammates would go on to play in the nba? And we were you kind of like the leader of the team and high school, as well as the nba, a great high school crew back then you know we all grew up together. You know we are pretty much a grub and different different neighborhoods, but yeah I chew mile radius, but whenever we can see the reggie and I grew up in the same project go david and the other was lost. My rest in peace. That was always you know somewhere. We always compete against and we were just fortunate glass to go to the same business coach high school and created one that, as they say, one the best high school. That’s ever been assembled and the beast rated by mr. Robert, broadway duration, big ambitions, is doing something you know beyond a college and high school and in their dreams, with the make it to the nba and history was made when three of us was able to go in the same draft in 87 which already having you know, a former teammate that was playing for the philadelphia 76ers. You know prior to that stuff. That was just the great you know:testing it out of each one of us characters and determination to make it through. You know that versity of you, especially growing up focus, all your attention on mentoring, kids and coaching kids in really being the mentor that a lot of people don’t have.

Why are you so passionate about about coaching and mentoring? Today, I mean what? Why is that something you’ve decided to spend so much of your time doing and I’ve been able to do the things that I was there to do throughout my career, then now having these youngsters that’s coming through. That information is always the key and you know it and then say what you know they asking for it. So you know for me to be you know to just say this. You know tell him and see you know my testimony and hate my testimony and is in witness and saying the things that I’m all about I’ll, give them encouragement and get them. Some hope that you know they can be whoever they want to be. No send a guy my size, that’s doing the things that I did at the side. That I am at anything is possible, so that’s just a gift that god has instilled in them that try to make sure that you know how you had that understanding, because you got to know you it’s true before you. You know what you know the future. You know what am i, what am I up my partner, your doctors, elders joining us here on the call I’ve got to ask mugsy on on the line here and we we just finished up to business coach game, sevens and we’re getting ready for finals. Yet again of the cleveland cavaliers and golden state warriors series by jayco I made it is a blessing to the end of watch. Any two things contain to go at each other and we know one probably last week believe that any one of them will make it an especially team playing game 7 on the road self taken two teams.

That was playing pretty good, but you know it is, and it always a better team for val’s and golden golden state, and you know they have four star players and I’m showed up and that’s what allow them to you know get over that hump against houston and then lebron was able to do what he does and he had a little help support the cavs lebron, throw yourself it’s great to be back in the day in your prime, you got to go one-on-one with lebron or say kevin durant, which one do you beat down more different specimens. You know it is you got a 7-foot an ounce instead of clay with his back towards the back and face in the basket, rihanna rihanna 3-point line, and then you know he is 69 power for which backing out day was just like magic. Dad and I would have locomotor, who has so much ability to put the ball in the back as well as make guys run the better. So it’s great to see you guys doing what they do on finals again. I want to ask you a quick question here, and that is what is the one trait that you saw you around a lot of professional athletes and that’s a that’s a lot of guys that start off. They want to be professional athlete ride to me and you go to business coach high school. Everybody wants professional athlete, you go to college, you go to even the draft and got to get drafted in and not everybody makes it what’s the one trait with the most current trait that you saw in the in the men that made it to the nba that kind of set them apart from the other guys that didn’t make it you know what is you know, something could be a little luck as well, but situation create itself and how you deal with that situation. Also, you know I love, that person know that player to separate themselves and I’ll, be all everybody has the skills that you know is always you know the obvious great things with your career.

What’s the one bit of advice that you would give to all of our listeners out there who are trying to succeed, against all odds? What’s what’s the did the coaching moment, you could give everybody a few. All hundred thousand people are listening at one time and I’ll download this podcast. What would be the encouragement? You would give them well for one you got to believe in yourself. You know. That’s where you know you don’t have the confidence within you know. This is very hard to spread in my heart. For you to go out there and cheese. You know the ultimate goal and that’s for one and then for to you can’t see your face. As you know, the fail, you know you value is called a enola going through it understanding that what it takes to overcome that failure-and you know I’m in again, you got to love you that, maybe you just you know, got to have that foundation in under foundation cuz. You got have so many people trying discount you I just credit. You I just tell you who you ain’t and who you can’t be. You know about you having that understanding that I can choose and I can be whatever he wants to control my destiny. You know, I can be what I want to do and it makes me going out and doing stuff separate way to be successful, I understand it, and then it all starts with that belief in yourself and i. Having that true business coach mindset, you know if you got to have that mindset that you know that put it out there. You can do you know if it wasn’t for that. For me, you know:i wouldn’t be here talking to you today, alright tribe nation, that a catch the rest of our exclusive interview with muggsy bogues, the shortest player in the history of the nba, can go to thrive time, show.Com, where I interview, muggsy bogues and ask him. How do you establish yourself as a leader and how do you command and demand the respect of other people in the nba when you are 5 foot, 3 and you’re, going against guys like scottie pippen and michael jordan, alonzo mourning and all these guys are playing with and against who are significantly taller than you? How do you command to the respect of your peers to be exclusive interview? Drive time, show.Com

click on the podcast button and you can find it there stages to drive time show on your radio attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing us group that you did it and your contact information to an for drivetime, show.Com, alright, tribe, nation, welcome back to the drive time show on your radio and on today show. We have a guest to guess. A jared and jennifer that have actually gone through the drive. Time show coaching program to grow their business by what was that we said. 330 838% in the last 12 months is the right. That’s correct, yep and so I can just say this and I’m not saying just because you’re. Here we talked about this a lot in our coaches meeting. You guys are diligent doors. Groupie work without a new orleans guys are diligent doors. Doors are people that business coach diligence means the study application of effort. So is it easy? No or yes, but a diligent, do or just applies consistent effort me like a choppa down, an oak tree with, like maybe an axe, you just keep hitting it and hitting it and hitting it takes a long time, but eventually that thing will fall and I think it’s a trait you’re going to find most successful, entrepreneur. Most all successful entrepreneurs that diligent sores that study application of effort.

So I want to ask you, from your perspective, sent to marshalls been working with you and coaching with you. What’s been the hardest part about the action items that he’s asked you to do whatever the parts were. You say honestly, that’s been the hardest part of his drawer where the hardest parts yeah yeah. Well. Actually it is what I would say it is scheduling time to get it done right. So when we first started working with dr I was working more in the business. I realized I need to work more on the business and then so since it hasn’t been having success. I’ve been up to transition to the bm to work more on the business, but whenever I was first starting, it was really hard because I I said that mindset of working in the business of cause-we don’t work there inside the business. So it was hard to schedule that time to work on the action items at that marshall had assigned to us, but also on top of that there’s always things that we would come up. We have 3 kids, your kids would get sick, business coach employees would get sick things always happen or they always seem to happen. But the other thing it is really accepting those excuses right, because when you accept those excuses, are you accept your own excusable? We will sometimes make excuses to kind of help us feel better about ourselves to help us feel better about not doing a certain a certain item. Yeah. We have excuse.

We have to adjust makation with a but by not accepting those excuses and just making sure that you’re going to get done really, no matter what right, if it takes a going to sleep and i, are getting less sleep going to sleep later or waking up early to grind it out. That’s what has to be done and it’s the consistent I’m effort on doing that, all on the regular basis. Then you start getting that momentum than that for them when it starts rolling, for example, that I’m dealing with right now, will you franchise a business? You have to do this thing called the franchise disclosure document and there’s 23 items there in that document, and each item has to be very detailed, very specific and there’s a lot of business coach information that goes in, and so our franchise disclosure document will definitely take me personally. A hundred hours now I have 5 kids, we do the podcast everyday I have things already signed up for, and so what I’m doing is I have a set it up where on base of the weekend, like sunday from like 3 a.M. Until 6, we do our part to my room when i, when I record the podcast I’m doing that I’m good at between 3 a.M. And 6 p.M. Everyday, just just working on the franchise disclosure document in 3 hours, chunks, just knocking it out, I’m sleeping you a 5 6 hours a night but I’m knocking it out because it needs to be done. But I quote on quote:don’t have time because I’ve already in my day, I already have a fully booked day and i. Just i. Think about this week in the power went out at our downtown store. I didn’t have time to deal with it, but I did the downtown elephant.

The power went out because the power went out an entire area, and so we had to do with that. I don’t have time, as he has time to get things done in west. Nobody has time to get things done. I want to start with you soon as your attorney, and you have a full book of business when you have as many clients as you want, but yet many great people reach out to you all the time and are interested in becoming a new client. How do you find time to execute the project for the clients that are currently paying you, while still talking to business coach potential clients? How do you find the time with you just have to make time and I think what you said was great, which is done except your own excuses. It’s easy to say:oh I’ve got a soccer practice with the kids or you know, I’m up I’m already going to be here. Till 5:30 I really want to stay later, i, don’t look it up earlier and maybe I want to watch a movie or play a video game or play a board game or something instead of getting the work done and I think it’s a lot of just having higher expectations for yourself and then on the other side of that.

Sometimes I find myself working super hard, but not making the time like, like you said about working on the business you can get so wrapped up and doing the business getting the project done. The day-to-day grind that you forget to sit down and take time schedule time for higher-level thing for the business. Where do you find time to get things done? You’re very busy and I owe you. But you’ve told me this before you take clay. If something needs to be done during the day. I put it on my list and that’s the one thing that has to get done today. You’re very business coach purposeful., going, hey I got a thousand things on my list that have to get done, but the thing that has to get done is the thing that gets done. Can you talk to me about how you find time to get things done when you were starting and then even now is your company’s of grown? May I beat up with just a little bit? Oh yeah I mean west, I love you bring it here, comes in california and new york new york people listen to it and I say what do you mean and then term is make time? Yes and I know you said it and I know what you meant, but contrary to what anybody believes in a smart as well as his as good looking at the end, you cannot create more time. No talk crash, fighting right now, I’m in the octagon. It’s tough love, tough love. I want really has to happen. Is you have to delay gratification? That’s the other stuff is taking your time. Yes, I know the things you have to say no to things the average us citizen right now you may be listening on the road. I, don’t know what is in south korea. If chuck was here, I’d have to go to korea.

Can, you google this plumbing to a shelter in the us there, watching 5.2 hours of tv and courtney nelson had a facebook interruptions at terrell hours at instagram hours, my booking my booking snap snap ice graeme, whatever instant youtube, just reading tweets about the people that are not going to write. My my my my face, which life radio you maybe want me i, don’t have the time. You know what you have the time you do the time you have to procreate the time who who what that means is delaying gratification on all the stuff. You’re doing you can’t make new time, but you can control the time you have. You have to schedule an answer. Question the quick mind at night. I’m a night out you’re, not here at morning. Mark will call you a lark I’m, the night owl right, that’s true, I’m going to interrogate jared and jennifer more about how they build a grow, platinum pest & lawn and take it to the next level, but before we do that during the break, I encourage anybody out there if you’re looking for a chiropractor. If you are looking for a chiropractor going to dr. John sibley. Comets, dr. John sibley,, he’s a great guy great chiropractor, dr. John sibley. Com attend the world’s best business coach workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving a review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com, alright, tribe, nation, welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. We got quite a show that was at mugsy bogues, the nba legend of the shortest nba player in the history of the nba. We had him on the show. Today. Now we have 5 foot 3 inches by 3 inches by 3 14 years in the nba rumors, like a foot taller than him. It’s amazing what you think I could take him. I!

Think right now, cuz I think he’s like late forties. You know, and so I’m 37 I think right now, I could I could post them up and then he would steal the ball and I would lose like I think I could lose like he would have 10 points and I would have one point. My favorite question, those when I asked him about the current nba finals. You know right. So if you missed the earlier part, you need to go back to me as soon as you have no choice or kevin durant. Laugh it up. I, don’t i, don’t know either one of them down as such a freak. When did kevin durant is like 7 foot long. It just doesn’t make sense. Stupid winners, king west, west, west, fargo, lebron or kevin durant or lebron or durant guy I have to go under and out of those two really good more about the basket step back in at 3. If you’re not that I’m going to go in tomorrow and jennifer, do you know you are the co-founder of platinum, pest & lawn. Do? You actually get in the basketball. Do you care right, but that was about it. Okay, did you have anything about lebron or neutral of nba right now, I respect that and what is you guys before, reaching out to thrive? You first heard about us on the business coach podcast radio show:did you guys book your ticket to the workshop? What was going on in your mind, previous to attending the workshop with your husband said:hey, you know we should attend a workshop. Were you thinking? It’s probably a scam, because that’s what everybody thinks, because there is so many business scams out. There are so many business scam reluctant where you going i, don’t have time for this, for you right away, excited about it and it was your mindset headed into the workshop. I was definitely reluctant and you know we’re a team in this, and so I trusted his opinion and so I thought I’d go and give it a shot.

But I was not super thrilled about doing it. Good for your husband until earlier that he listen to some shows. Had you listened to any of the shows, I don’t think I had so you just went and told you just wet and cold yep. You just said:okay, honey, I’m pregnant. Give me wheelchair romeo on in there give me a pad 2 pencil. We’re going to get this thing done, I mean so you just went with no expectations. Yes, what you think, when you went in I thought it was really different than I expected. I expected more of a business, formal situation and it wasn’t. It was a lot more comfortable, a lot more fun and it kind of threw me off and so I think that was probably a good thing. Cuz. It sent all my expectations out the window just so you know the entire reason. Why do every single thing I do there? Because when I spoke, my move, it means when you speak, you wear suit your blue suit white shirt, red tie, you go out there and you say things that are politically correct, which means they’re not business coach true, and you speak in circles, and you basically talk in bakeries and that’s the key to becoming a successful motivational speaker. What that’s your mockery, every single talk, I did the event planning to write an event in vegas for the last month. I did she said. Here’s the deal. Whole foods has recently decided to take a stance about xyz, so we’re talking about the brand with the highest net promoter score. You can’t reference whole foods also starbucks has recently taken a stance on abc and that’s kind of expensive to this group. So we prefer, if you wouldn’t talk about that at walmart, really beats up their employees until you can’t reference them and I’m like so. Basically, you want me to talk about social justice and france. My check frances, not credit anything worth talking about spain spain, statue of liberty france as google nope as facebook nope as nike nope, as toyota nope, as ford known as southwest airlines nope soccer teams. Right.

Thank you just just just checking in to get bored of all that work at ford and they’re all hanging out during affordable. That’s why I want you to do so with the conferences we teach the real stuff. So when you hear it, I mean it’s like real specific actionable stuff. I want to ask you about the stuff. You’ve learned that the top do you acquire more customers stuff, you learned. Have you applied with you with your business coaching experience. Have you learned from the conference? Your coach that allowed you to get more customers having a script is a major thing that we’ve done that we didn’t do before whenever customers call in, we always say the same thing. It has all of the right information. We were find that script overtime to make it more and more effective, and it’s allowed us to have an average and often more higher percentage of 85%, close rate, so 85% of people who call in turn into new customers talk to me about legality of call recording. You know, because the room record, the calls oxyfresh record the calls american express recorded target record. Your actual visit to target on video camera talked about the legalities of recording business coach calls and video in a retail environment, disclose that you’re going to record the call I’m in because it states have different shoes for one way. State. We don’t have to disclose if both parties, the conversation, need to consent. One-party states means, as long as one party knows everybody’s. Let me know that it’s legal to record it’s okay. If you’re going to be doing business over state lines which have been so, you could grow enough, you will I just it just sticking in a little while so I’d recommend, if you’re listening right now and you’re thinking about opening a business in california, wouldn’t do it they might or I wouldn’t do it cuz.

It’s like with a lawyer today about franchising and build walls, and that state are just like it is like 3 times 4 times as much bureaucracy to open up a business in california cuz. It is don’t be a jerk you’re, being uppity call recording is brutal in california phone call. Okay, don’t make me come over there for sure head west continue that pretty much covers. I! Think that and then video. You know that you just want to check this. The laws in the locality where you are cuz videos, you can depend on whether it’s open or not. I want a video camera in california. It’s okay, i, come back! I want to talk more about this about the hardest part about growing, a business. We teach you the systems and it might seem kind of easy to teach the systems but executing the system has got to be a little bit. Tough and i. Think jared and jennifer. A great great examples of people have executed the systems. So we can back in with jared to talk about what has been the biggest challenge, involve and actually executing the systems because jared’s, a grinder jennifer’s, a grinder, you guys are abnormal and how diligent you are and I think there’s a lot of people to make me struggle with things. I know you probably business coach struggle with him too, but what has been the hardest part about executing the proven path with the thrive time show business coaching program. It’s about time show on your radio stay 2 21 boom. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show have time show on the top of the charts in the category of business. Dentist that you might get motion sickness tab to the babbitt’s. Get me some proof box of florida three two one here come the business ninjas right nation, what facts of the thrive time show on your radio where we’re playing street fighter clips and have a good time here.

Talking about how to grow a successful company specifically were sharing the platinum pest & lawn story, because these guys are diligent doors that heard of us originally through this podcast and through this radio show then came out to a workshop and now your company’s grown, but I think you said 300%. I’m 38% in the past 18 months, I mean that’s 12-month 12 12 months and so I want to really see. Can I get negative before june helps us get positive. You know what it’s it’s, it’s my bad, but I’m doing. Good, I was all good. It turns red. Do good, cop, good cop. You have full full access to your bad cop, but you’re bad cop had on your bad cop, big boy pants on or are you wearing pants I can see your sexy shorts today in shorts, calls them out,. She called them. Oh it’s it’s shorter! Now you know I mean happy. Days are here again I mean come on larry bird short again, but we will get there at marshall. There’s a name to my wife and my business coach wife. Are you close to the capris? Then it says e I could walk into the man cave and I can either have on a capris or be larry bird short shorts, capris from i. Don’t know, I thought you were there a burn ban in the studio? That’s my wife calls in culottes. That’s what I wear to go, that I started. The company called dj connection out of my door. Oral roberts, university and I was very happy to have success. I grinded friend of mine, calls me and says:hey I have a dj company. How did you do it? I told him specifically. The steps to do I showed up I I wasn’t charging for this. I was just helping him I’d hop on a call every week with him and he never implemented anything I taught him despite the fact that I showed him what to do and I was doing it for free I’m, taking like every two nights a week, I’m hopping on the phone and he’s like how do you get to the top of google does dude? How do you convert more inbound leads I show them. How do you walk in through the steps, but you refuse to do it?

Why do you think that is I believe that in the bible proverbs 10:4 on biblical army, but it’s true 1423 proverbs 14:23 reads all hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty and certainly not anybody. We know, but other people i, just as former dj guy do you believe. If you know everything that alone will get you to success. Interesting, proverbs 10:4 says lazy, hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth, so they don’t go positive jared over here we asked you jared to start podcasting and as a way to get the top of google and affordable way. I. Just paid my team to pump out about 203 and articles a month why that is whoever has the most content on their website. That’s original and relevant a hypertext markup business coach language text or is the most text, the most words basic. If you don’t know, I’m talking about just google search, the word dog and the reason why wikipedia comes up top is cuz. They have the most original words, and so, if you want to create the most words, you have a fork in the road here either a you write, the content yourself or be you pay someone to do it and so jared his wife were aware of their budget and aware of where they’re at and where what they’re doing and if he says-and it says I’m not kidding out of like a hundred and something client will not work with any given time. This is like 1%. He Said:i’ll go ahead with content. We’re going to your house like is this? Is this a sign of the end times? I mean this is like a busy like revelation? How do you write your content for platinum, pest? Yes, those are transcribed.

Knows her put on her website I’m going to really help her listing there, but when I do it I’m at set aside time to get it done, but not only that I bought one of those actually I think jennifer bought me one of those over quarters that I just carry my car carrying my hand and and as I was going to jobs. I would just pull up the recorder and start podcasting time and time and time and time and time again, but he was really be diligent on it. When we first, my goal is to do 75 a month and I was doing that. I was in 75, 75 75 and then now it’s kind of got some point. We’re bringing in more revenue will bring more income. So I’m able to do that. Lesson myself and delegated I’m delegated out and get that get that taken care of y’all y’all helped us a lot on that I’m by doing that. But when we were first starting off, it was just that grind that time and grind way. Second, you and pump pump the brakes so you’re in a vehicle you’re driving to your site, your next business coach job. When you could be facebooking, you could be my spacing. You could be pontificating about your political opinions, ghost lifestyle, entire drive twittering to the 12 people to follow you on snapchat right. You could be. You could be posting an instagram selfie of you in the truck driving to your next job at showing how good of a driver you are rummaging through an old tv guide wondering if anybody else looks pretty easy to figure out. When the next episode of the, voice and hearing you could be give me driving by 18-wheelers, giving a hung sign.

You can buy we tickets, but instead you pulled out your recorder and you were working yeah absolutely will we knew that’s the only way to get to the top and in jennifer was great because it was what we recently had it had. Our I had her third child at that time and attendance. So she knew that that I had to make sacrifices. We both had to make sacrifices in order to get to the top, and and do that so good and I didn’t do this podcast on had my my goal for the week and there were sometimes I wanted. I wasn’t able to get to him during the day, and in this word gin was. It was absolutely amazing. It was great to have someone on board we’re both on the same page. There were times it was time to put the kids to bed I’m going to head and got the podcast done, and in so she encouraged me to the podcast, and it is those done well, not normal. Yet again, this is so exciting to see this, because this is so rare. It’s so easy I mean how many times have we have you mad at me. What kind of put the kids to bed a lot of couples that are married together, try to do a business together, an ignorant that they just struggle to work together. This is this is business coach unique. This is, this is a unicorn event and that’s why forbes we hate and that’s why so few businesses make it 9 to 10 business, because these are the kind of biscuit kind of real step if you’re missing after listen to this. You have to do to be successful, people are going to hand it to you later this guy. That’s a great idea. Here’s a check right now. That’s a super super super good thing. You want to do your some money before you ran into thrive. You guys were having some issues like all. Businesses do with personnel issues acquiring new customers and converting leads to customers I’m going to let jennifer I take the mic here. Personnel issues. Can you talk to me about how our systems and help you fix once and for all the personnel issues recruiting good people before we were working with the ride with you guys and we were kind of held hostage by our employees. We had built our business kind of around the employees that we had in their particular skills. We didn’t have systems in place, and so we didn’t want to make her employees mad cuz.

They might leave and then we’d be stuck. We couldn’t get rid of employees that really shouldn’t have stayed as long as they did, because if we did, then that would put more work on us, it would put business behind, and so after we started doing the coaching, we start doing group interviews and that revolutionized revolutionize everything, because we are holding a weekly group interviews and we were able to find awesome people when we weren’t actually looking at to hire anyone. And so we have been able to really build a great team of business coach employees who they share, sent that the same values that we do they work hard, and so that has really made a big difference in getting quality. We come back from the break. I want to talk more about the platinum pass store. Let tulsa get to know these wonderful people behind platinum pest & lawn, but before I do that I want to talk about platinum, dash pest control.Com to platinum, pest control.Com know they did good. They eradicate the beast mark labbett there, if only we would have called platinum pass to eradicate all forms of bees. Previous to that sting and tell me what you want and remove his next buyer like going to fly them. Dash pest control.Com broadcasting live from the center of the universe, it’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist, dr. Robert, zoellner sba entrepreneur of the year clay clark.

It is the pop time show that you’re pooping stop to make your hand soap super pocket bike. She is hot as hell. Be the sea that was teaching business. Yes, yes, yes and yes, what time show on your radio and today what we are doing is we have to see we have yet another unicorn, another unicorn of it. How did possible? How, if you know what I think what’s happened is:is that new well water that you’re? Why do you like a drill, a well in your backyard, but you’re well aware of your well water from the depths of the salt of the earth is attracting I mention that I can think of is attracting these unicorns with a muggsy bogues interview, the shortest player in the history of the nba is a novelty for one season or 12 days in a couple of days. After the well as well as well as made my business coach point, go get it history nba, who had a very long career on our show that we have members of the thrive nation. These guys have a start of the company that so many people want to do. But, despite the odds of me, think about this, a small business administration says it’s 9 out of 10 startups fail. Don’t know why there are thriving they’re doing well. I’m excited. Jared is going to wife jennifer on the show, with platinum pass jared. How are you doing my man pleasure, be on the on the show today jennifer? How long have you been married to this man over here almost 10 years, 10 years? So when did you guys start this platinum pass business together in 2011 so 7 years ago 7 years ago, and what is your growth rate been in? Let’s say in the last 18 months:the last 18 months. You know we really hit.

We really spiked since starting with thrive, and but before that, I was pretty stagnant, so I have you:have you increased by 10% or 20% or 39% or 9%? Jared are there such been working with thrive they’re, absolutely we’re at before. We were at we’re pretty much stagnum before we started working with the ride for about 3 years. We really didn’t move up, I’m really didn’t move down, and so is just really in a scary position. Did that to be at, but since that time, since working with thrive are at jennifer, you have those numbers right there within the last year on here we go she’s a statistician. So in the last year since we started working at thrive, our number of new customers has increased by 338% 3 + 38% wow. Now here’s the deal this backwards and i. This is what we’re all about it when we would love to help. Folks, like you, grow your business, it’s what I want to do today is I want to dive into first objectively from maya from my opinion, for mike’s experience. For my perspective, what you guys are doing well and I want to get to know you guys a little the whispers can I hear more about your company, but these guys are jared and jennifer. When marshall their coach asked him to go out there and gather google reviews, you really did not have a problem getting positive reviews, because you have a lot of customers like what you do. I want to start their. Why do you guys show up on time and do what you say you’re going to do, because I can tell you I’ve been coaching for almost 13 years and I would say 9 out of 10 small business owners struggle with that part, but you too I mean you have business coach kids right. How many kids do you guys have? We have three guys show up you do what you’re supposed to do? What’s going on with you jared? What motivates you to do what you say, you’re going to do, cuz!

That’s! Okay! That’s a big thing for platinum, pass you’re! So many pest control companies, but you guys do that and it’s really the market is helping. You get more leads yeah, but that growth is from that repeat business. What what’s going on? What motivates you guys to do the right thing on a daily basis? You know character and reputation. I was a big part of it, and so we want to make sure that that we follow through with what we say. We’re going to do, I mean that’s that that’s really big part of it, and then we also know that, in order to achieve our goals, I’m going to make the sacrifices are necessary to be able to be able to get there I’m. In order to do that, we have to get the fall through with with our commitments in and follow through with that, with our responsibilities there. What is cindy I want to get your take on this see because you are a guy who started optometry clinic just like a lot of other optometrist I would dude with the business coach dude about the dude. What time does it say on your door that your stores going to be open, monday or I’m, not going to seminar for random I’m, not sure what not sure? What time do you own island a.M. And when I’ve been to your business and your business at 9, so I want to beat the rush before on a saturday I’ve been there I’ve been in there at the 9 to 10 opens yes, I’m, just I’m just saying is having coach company now for almost 13 years. Sad story, I work at the deli years ago. She said I would love. If you could coach my business at the true. This is probably 10 years ago. I got your business.

I said:what time is your deli open, she’s? So 7 a.M. You know big trap in the morn? Oh yeah, sorry I couldn’t be here:today,, okay, that’s kind of weird go back cuz! All I was office in downtown at the time right next to the mayo hotel. By the way, i. Wasn’t that good and very short like this was a continuous like today, who was six days a week, never open two of those 6 days. There would be some random expects. Why. Are you at your optometry clinic so obsessed with honoring the times that you put on the door? Are you perfect? No, but why are you or what? Why can’t? You seem to be open every day and that’s so hard for most aspiring small business owners. There’s a lot of things you can take from people and if you take their time and waste it and they don’t forgive you very easily. So if you say you’re going to be somewhere at some time or your business going to be open to my staff either scheduled at 8:30. So even if you don’t there’s multiple ones were scheduled 8:30. So therefore by 9 someone’s there and they open the doors. Obviously right that is say that you cannot not be open when you said your going to be open for business, I mean that is the kiss of death. It’s kind of like in the business coach auto auction business right you bounce one check and your business is dead, I mean spread. The word spreads and they’re like. Oh, you can’t do the d’hermes, no good, you can’t trust him, don’t do business with them and I mean to kill a business and that business, particularly. That is the one thing you can’t do and I think remote to like that. Delia talking about you’ve got to be open. When you say you’re open, you’ve got to be a very fundamental level. The way I look at this, because this is so exciting to have you guys on the show, because I have 3 kids, you know, and so we, my wife and i, have 5 kids.

I just want to ask you as a mom when I don’t recall when my:how old are your kids by the way? What the hell is? Your oldest child he’s 6. Okay, we had a five kids under the age of 7 at one point:okay and we have the five kids everyday someones, either sick or someone is spilled. Something or something weird has occurred that could could have kept my wife from doing payroll and my wife would always do it, and so, like i, could count on her. Like a rock I mean she would somehow find a way to be ambidextrous with raising the kids and doing payroll and it was a deal where I see a lot of other couples where, unfortunately, when there’s a problem with the kids, maybe that the husband won’t do his job or the wife won’t do their job and payroll gets missed or taxes get missed or critical things get missed and I and you guys are are-are-are kind of a a couple that works together here. How does that would happens when the kids get sick jennifer? What’s your what’s your role in that, and how do you find a way to get it all done? Cuz, that’s a pretty powerful thing! You’re doing to do your consistency is so abnormal. Well, you know you find a way to make it happen with our third. I was probably about 10 months. Pregnant are youngest, was sick and you know they wanted to snuggle and watch tv on the couch. So, with my business coach six-year-old help we could have rearranged our love seat and our couch, but I could sit on the couch. Have a kid on each side and the computer in my lap, so I’d you know, could still get the things done, that I needed to so I use the carpet sliders.

So you know I’d like to at some point, because marshall has worked a lot of couples and I’m just telling you you guys stand alone, or at least in that top 5% of clients who work with where it’s like their husband, wife team and both of them get their job done. Despite having kids and i. Think that’s a huge challenge, I think i, think z i, think the home office has killed. Of the lure of the home office has killed the productivity of a lot of small business owners. It’s like they believe they’re, going to put that little, how you, when you get a new house today, hand-scraped wood paid guys to come in with chains and just watch the right and that’s where that office is and attention. Oh yeah, when you put you have something you want to do, but you’re not going to be put in that room and it doesn’t get done. It’s not normal. So I’m going to give you a chance with your jared. Can you explain what your wife does? It’s so awesome? Cuz I mean I mean this. Is rare, I i, don’t see this where husband and wife are flowing together like this? Is it some type of what’s going on? Are you guys on steroids? Are you guys at? Are you guys dating all the time? What’s happened? This is business coach impressive. Yes getting yes, it happens on a regular basis, of course, but she is doing a lot of podcast for google rankings in in in with that, with those podcast often refer to her as wonder woman or superwoman yes. Somehow she, which one is it, is it wonder, a superconductor, different character, house out invisible plane depends on the day, but she is amazing. Okay, you know I mean they still have their mom and them should be able to do in really fulfill. That role is as a mother, but not only a mother but a great mother, but the same time as she still able to help me with the business I mean she’s a full partner in the business not normal.

This is not normal. She is so much sickness is not normal normal. How is not normal I hit that I am sure not normal.. We know that is larger than the average man that we can when we come back from the break. I want for jared jennifer to bill, explain two listeners all of the services they offer there platinum pest, but also explain how they arrived at the service is still a lot of your running. A business is listening to the market. Enough people ask you how you know. Could you do this? Could you do that it? Could you do things we could do that offer and what makes platinum pest & lawn different, but before I do that while I was there too and what it meant them and just walk in them. Walking to that lets a couple segment:i know., you know I am impressed by the look of not only thrive headquarters but also my office sometime or else you know, I’ve decided you look in the mirror, make sure you look good in my break room that floor. Has it been cleaning for ever i, saw, my, reflection in, the other scripts? If you to become to become a porcelain business coach palace? If you want your floor’s to become a mirror, then you got a car good friends over there at the classic clean.Com you guys clean for dupont for for google, for new star for dr. Robert zoellner for the drive time show and for a lot of other great listeners out there checking out the classic clean.Com it’s the classic. Clean.Com is. If you haven’t, checked out the closet, cleaned out,. Are you throwing away your future? I mean I mean if you want to spend your time doing all the cleaning. At the end of the day, I mean you can touch your fashion, your passion, but if not you clean.Com one more time write that down somebody.

It’s the classic. Clean., there were janitorial service in green, country zumba fitness in is it is the truth. I thought I’d make that excuse, I’ll be up going to cut the scoreboard, the truth into a like my yoda thing:i wasn’t young! Yes, yes, yes and yes right next, to look back to the flat time, show on your radio and on today show. We have two incredible guess joining us today:busy we have jared and jennifer with platinum pest & lawn and see before the break. You were asking or saying:hey I want to hear how these guys heard about the thrive time should a business question if he was actually still alive. Give me the music charts mouth-to-mouth. He was the king of the pauses. Just like business coach deposits were almost more excited than what he said. We got a lot of positive, so good about it., the, thrive time show business coaching program will actually I jumped in one of our trucks. Only caught up in you just serviced and so I jumped in one of our trucks to go to to go I complete that service and in the radio one of our technicians was listen to 1170, and then your show came on while I was driving to pick up service and account because there was a customer and-and it was on first introduction to the show. You remember what we were talking about. The show you know what I really don’t but remember it was entertaining, but from there I knew that I need to get more information. You were basically speaking to me where, in that right we’re in that spot, where we just needed to get out,, but we needed help when you did what spot were you in elaborate on yeah, absolutely I’m?

So, basically, we weren’t growing right. We’ve been business up. This point, I think about 6 years to this time. The last three years we just weren’t going anywhere I mean or rub you say about the same or customer state about the same would get new customers word-of-mouth few people find us on google, not really many, but then the same time. Some people would move, some people lose their jobs, and so we’re just going to stay in does treading water, yeah, absolutely and so, and so that was really that was really scary for us about the show, with speaking to you, remember, specifically or just even kind of hypothetically what was saturn. You know what specifically I don’t, but what I remember is that I knew that I had to get more information. He was even saying things play with same things that make logical sense to me and how much sugar, who sang just really i, really resonated I’m about about really what to do really, not knowing that I needed help that I needed to get out of this business coach rut that were in and so from. There I made it a point to tune in to tune into that to the station tune in to the show I’m going as I did that just got more more information and I and I knew that we had a book that we had booked a ticket to the conference. Okay, so then your first really experience with us face-to-face was to the conference absolutely about the show and hate you.

You know it would be great if we, if we can listen to together and and I knew, I had to get her on board. So we book that take the conference and when we went to the conference tonight and I got to tell you, there was really no good time to go to the conference. Jen was about ready to give birth to her third child right. She’s got ready to deliver, but we know if it wasn’t, then it it really was going to happen and I remember this about jennifer. This is funny she’s, a note taker, so she’s taking notes, but I also knew this lady’s going to have a baby that you boil water. Did you say, okay on the side note us both water cuz. This girl looks like she’s, my wife and i. You know we we had with 5, kids and I know that my business coach wife is a note taker and said right away. I’m like this is a driven person because you’re you don’t want them where you at the time we attend the conference right 36 weeks and yet you’re there taking notes and that’s sort of the mindset of the entrepreneur is a little known fact, jennifer little known fact. If you ever find yourself in that situation again at one of her conferences, give me to give birth to a child. Little known fact play I delivered my youngest brother.

When I was 13 years old, yeah wait a minute. Wait a minute! Did childbirth, don’t see it, though, if you don’t have to dump it it’s a deal. I, don’t recommend it I’m just going to tear this up, because this right here is a fantastic story. This is fantastic, so my uncle uncle, who said guy he’s the cool uncle, a glass of wine and I like 13 and I’m like you’re torn. Are you sure you want to watch terminator tonight because I have an illegal copy that I made her too and I’m, like so I’m having my first glass of wine ever while watching terminator 2 with my uncle, so he Said:i’m not trying to lead people down the path of darkness I’m, just telling you what happened so I’m sitting on his leather couch having a glass of wine, my parents don’t know where I’m at I think I might watch this. How to watch a movie or two I’ve been forbidden for watches the forbidden fruit, you know, and so he hits play and he puts it in and it’s a close up of his wife giving birth.

It’s the wrong tape. I, don’t know when is white comes home and I struggle to look at her the same way ever again, of course, so I will go back to your story. You helped your mom. I did not have a glass of wine cost what was going on, but you get confused when I love, my father and I got rest. His soul or ip tech memorial day was just in this last week and he was a veteran of world war ii end the korean war marine fight about it. He worked. It was a funeral director, a mortician, and so he would be like a firefighter the scented work days on 2 days off. You know until he was working. The night shift. I was working 13 years old, shocking at a mexican restaurant at work. That’s why I was no longer daytime dishwasher. It so I had come home and it was late. I knew it was, it was late in the evening. I was watching star trek, which was after the news. My brother was still at work about her brother and my place. My final frontier, my for business coach younger siblings, have gone off to an aunt because my mom knew she was a couple of weeks away from having it. So she wanted a couple of weeks kind of nest and do the things that you do right. I was a little yes, we know because you’re the bell by her bedside 3 in the mail deliver a baby. Limerick I don’t know. Maybe maybe this is terrible story. My mom is having a baby hang up the phone, so I don’t call my dad cuz I’m going out. Where are you when I go over there deliver my brother? It’s crazy! You guys are great, show sponsors if you’re, tired of picking up your office supply to save money on both your office supplies and your toner.

You got to give our friends at onyx imaging a call or print cartridges, give her friends onyx imaging at call or check them out online at onyx imaging.Com, that’s ony, x imaging.Com attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to input, drivetime show.Com, all right, swag nation, both of you just tuning in dr. Zoellner, is telling me perhaps the most craziest or emotionally and visually. In my mind, the most disturbing story that I’ve ever heard in my entire life. The, most disturbing i, have my wife is giving birth 5 times each time, but my wife gave birth. The first time I had talked to her for djs josh and i, told josh that josh would you be willing to go to the hospital when my wife gets birth instead of me, nico’s, yes, and he said I’ll, do it I’ll? Do it bro I’ll? Do it how much you paying like $2 a day? He was sure I’ll do it, so he can go with you to the hospital he’s doing this for years. He could trust the guy will be there that way. I’ll have to see it. I get sick around the business coach human body, I get sick at hospitals. I, don’t do well with doctors. I can’t even pay your dude to be with your wife, you’re really into the deal, and then my wife is a crazy, crazy and I’m like yes, you are yes, you are anyways and she said you’re not trying to like do errands. Okay, do you want me to go to outback? If you want to go to like walmart to me, but I timed it wrong and I was there when the baby was born and it has scarred me emotionally and psychologically destroyed my mind. Oh you got no, don’t tell me.

This. I’d rather have a vasectomy with you doing it then, to see my mom said, driving so I’m talk to the operator trying to get my dad’s phone number to call the funeral home. So I can tell dad come home and pick up mom. She should be ready to go by after he comes home, regular job that takes it to case to come back a couple with a baby and it’s all top and sliced good right by there. So she leaves back as his owner hang up the phone. My water broke, he’s the baby’s coming right now and I might and you’re at well really flustered, because I’m only going on go ahead. Cause I’ve got to go my mom’s having a baby right now, i, just don’t hang up the phone and she coaches me through its her 7th and i. Was your number too and I was born in the backseat of a car pulling know! Anesthesia. What you thought I did a spinal tap right there, how to deliver a baby in your 12 13 13 13 come on come on i, just first things. First, 40 years ago, I’m 53 years ago, at the end of june, is his birthday. So tom was put here to the date. You’re still scarred psychologically to this.This car, don’t stop it! You look good, though. Thank you. So, do you, and course he’s got all the little all that business coach stuff on him in on you and him he’s dead, and you know cuz, that’s like shocking, sick boys and one girl. So it’s like you know it’s a boy, I’m, sterile environment. How can the kid live? How can I have my going to go to jail and what’s happening we save the umbilical cord for the windows. I mean these are the things I can cut all the sudden. He just starts crying screaming I’m thinking it was the most wonderful, sound I heard in my life, because I thought you know, there’s no other way for me to recover emotionally from what I just heard then to do oral segway, that’s completely unrelated, so we go birds.

Delivering your own brother from your mom at the age of 13, putnam, pest, control jared conference at come to the conference was that by the way you guys wonder the conference at 1. With your conference experience, what did you? What did you think I’m inside sounds smells what what happened. I was great. We walked in. There was a good vibe. You know you just kind of feel that they are you allowed to take or the music it just. It was good atmosphere, and so we sat down. We started listening and and and I’m glad that jennifer came with us or our came with me because it all made a logical sense to her as well as we sat down and and and then and then just just listen to everybody. You know and every speaker, I think clay spoke a lot on there. Few other guy guest speakers there as well, but but it was real real interactive. That was never one that was. There was a big help to us being so interactive where he will ask business coach questions. I’ve got the questions answered there and it was really developed. A three-legged marking, stool I’m in so I clay talk about it. We went over it then, and we developed the three legged marketing stool, I’m right then so then, what about you I mean? How was it? Would you think that the that the conference there back in may everything that was said-i am I pretty much agreed with. It was nice to hear some of my own ideas that that, were there too, so I obviously knew that it was a good fit. At that point too, and there’s lots of energy and an you know it was. It was a very comfortable atmosphere. I’d I didn’t feel like any of my questions would be dumb so better, but you can come to a conference and you can feel like i, don’t understand what you’re saying and I moved on you know, so I can idea two and three and four each other and I’ve always tried to like have the mindset that there’s no bad students or just a bad teacher and I hope with that 45-minute format.

That gave you a chance to kind of write down your questions. I, don’t remember if you guys had questions, but that’s kind of the idea of that you know is where you never feel like moving on too fast board, where we could write questions on and I know, I wrote at least two okay. It’s perspective from a coaching program. Is you guys? Are our diligent doors and I’d like to ask you jared? How did you get started in the pest control business? What was your path to getting involved in the business that will actually I paid my way through school by selling pest control door to door, so I work for a lot of companies that work for big companies, I work for small companies, I work really all over the country and spend my summers knocking doors and insulin pest control service, and so that’s kind of how I got my start in in pest control in and as I was doing this. You know I I I realize you want pest control it. It could be a great family business I can work. I can work with my family I’m. At the same time, I realize how to get the business I found out how to get the business. I was already good at that with the door door aspect, you acting business coach that way, and it’s that starred in it. But after awhile you normally not so many doors before you, but before you get your kind of had that that break down it took to go door-to-door and how that’s played didn’t your ability to just knock stuff out like podcasting content. Writing all the things are allowing you guys to have big success now and I also wanted to break dancers. Other workshops. He serves lunch at the workshops.

What is a guy who helps entrepreneurs and business right now and you might say, on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of proactivity. My accountants, like a 507 account, does not proactive, got a hood, cpas., com, cps.Com and schedule a meeting with a proactive account in two different states attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com, all right right, nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the drive time to show on your radio and podcast download. My name is clyde clark and the former ussba entrepreneur of the year sit here on a mission to get you into a great financial position, and it is always ecstasy when she is next to me, nosey we have to unicorn guess today we have a siri option of her with platinum past. Yes, he’s guys were listeners to the program decided to attend a workshop. Now their business has grown by what percentage in last 12 months at 338%, and you know it’s impressive about there, not just passed, it don’t want. Their platinum is platinum, gold, silver past that could have been more clear for him there on the on the medal count on the medal count been like you know:barnwood has barnwood past, which is a fine fine material passed in long, which, oh by the way, there was a great mood years ago when you, when you typed all that barnwood at the building next to move, somebody doesn’t want and turn it into something really cool. That’s it was over there. You go through some of the changes you’ve made since we talked about the in-person workshop was our first kind of touchy-feely for jennifer kind of listen to her show a few times and and felt a little while business coach complaints is what I want to ask them a simple question so at when you were at the workshop.

Did you laugh or did you learn more? Which ones are so it was. It was probably even i. Guess I mean there’s lots of laughs with the same time as mixed with those with what, with the learning give me, the reason why you came up with the entertainer was definitely there, so it was more of a delightful time seem to really fly by before you knew it I mean it. It was over. You know and I do that, for you guys I’ll tell you why I spend so much time, nailing down and refining the the curriculum, because when I went to college, this is literally how my professor of old testament spoke z. This is my impersonation exaggerating, is like welcome to the old testament class. Those of you who have graduated from charismatic life will know that the bible is inspired word of god and will be now going through what we would call the torah. The torah is it. Everyone is asleep, like $300 used to dance like me, or you sign up for that class and you have to take it in and then there’s no point is everything apply. I wanted, our coach could be applicable, specific actual funny, and so this would be here. The things you guys haven’t there’s a lot of things to be business coach implemented by want to go through them on fire. For this list of things you be implemented, I want to get jared your take on this implementing checklist, talk to me about the you and polly and check list and how you’re, using those in the business now, okay, great yeah, so we going to check list jennifer is fantastic day or night at organizing add together, we have it all organized and come up with check list in the in the technicians have those daily checklist when they coming into the office in the morning time they take a look at their checklist. They check them off, I even have them write down the time when they start the checklist, when they finish the checklist for each single appointment that they have, they have a checklist. I depend on what appointment is everything that needs to be done, everything from a sweeping underneath the eaves of the home to closing the gates whenever they leave and then also they that an end of week day checklist as well that it that requires him to fill the tank with gas turn in the receipts to turn in any payment information, and then also the end of the week check list as well, such as cleaning out the vehicles take care of equipment.

Everything else I’ll find you on google talk to me about how big that’s been to the business to generate leads being found on google. Oh my gosh, that’s huge! Actually earlier in may we had one week where we actually booked more new clients. Then we did the entire first 5 months of 2017, okay. So before we work with thrive the first 5 months of 2017, we book more clients in one single week. What yes, but here’s the thing the next week we beat it. We actually brought him more clients on that, but the following week on google app, you can find it I remember for work with driver decided to the google ride to google us and i, kept going through page after page after page made me start thinking. If we even had a website I couldn’t find it right and now people to find this on a regular basis, charm that people google the most find a pest control company in tulsa oklahoma, whatever search like i, think I might know. So we can figure it out. Then you go limited scripps. Could you find the key word? You’re topping google now help me help you create scripts, and that group interview talk to me about the input, the impact that scripts have made on your business and the group interview or fantastic for instance, couple weeks ago, and so jennifer was at the office. I know I’m jennifer’s at the office. While I was out on a few jobs here and there and then, when the phone rings gin really doesn’t she doesn’t really thrive in it? She doesn’t really enjoy answer the phone when she gets there, but she does such a great job and when dealing with it, but, however, we had scripts available and so when the phone rings should open up the scriptions.

She just read the script word for word. In that day, we actually book 9 compliance on that day on this, for all the way out, there anxiety is caused by not feeling like you’re prepared for a situation:water I’m not going to die if I jump off the cliff I landed to deepwater I’m, not going to die okay if I jump into the, but not knowing. What’s going to happen, that’s what causes that so having those scripts and place is it’s absolutely powerful and it frees people up to feel less stressed and in undertale is entreprenuer. They can cause a lot of stress. This interview process. You have great people working in your law firm, but how many people do you have to interview before you find one good person, man i, would say on a good hire. You might look through 40 business coach resumes and interview eight to ten people if they, if you’re, if you’re doing good on a on a good one with the low end zohan I mean. Do you have any idea how many people do you have to interview doctors before I get people on your team that do it now for you, but how many people do you have to interview before you find a good fit for one of your businesses? That’s an excellent question. I would probably if I were guessing, I could mean I can call my crew right now and ask but probably pepsi 10% I mean for our level.

I mean you know. It’s kind of like depends on what you’re hiring from or four and I like doctors and that’s a different pool, and you know I add to a little bit different skew there. But for your average-and you know, 10 12, 13, 14 dollar person that you’re bringing into to work the front desk and i, probably say you know one out of 10 at least maybe more, because it’s fighting in the in my industry, people kind of pre-qualify themselves. You know if you don’t have a lot of people come in there, that think I’m going to work in a doctor’s office and you’re like look at them going I need to know and I really love it when multiple businesses team-up. Do the group interview with the group interview process of what we were thinking about when you first heard the group interview process and maybe how to help you guys now, yeah absolutely I heard I heard it on the radio number one, but it is been such a big change for our business in a good way I before i. Usually someone would we have to let someone go or someone quit and then guess who has to fill in that role. It would be me and I would be out in the business coach field right and we have an interview lined up and so I rush back to go meet for to go, have an interview and have to have your one show up over and over and over and over again now, I just set a time weekly right now, it’s thursdays at 5 I just have him the business coach schedule and I show up, and do you have people there to talk to him pretty soon I mean it doesn’t take a lot of. It is pretty easy to tell who’s going to make it who’s. Not just from that just for that interview process, I will say this.

There are so many books out there about how to find the right person. The right questions to ask and I will just say this from my perspective, having hired hundreds of people i, don’t care about any of that crap I literally figure out. If you show up on time, that’s like 80% qualified. What’s your favorite color and I asked questions, animal which one would I ask somebody just to be funny. I said here’s the deal. This is kind of a big thing for me. If you were doing watercolors what colors, would you use tell somebody fix? It is person right away is like well i. Don’t really do watercolors, but I’d probably choose your favorite colors and I’d like to talk about expectations, compensations communication, but you don’t need to like overanalyze. You just got to the group interview. We have other podcasts about how to do a group interview if you haven’t heard them, you definitely want to tune in now. Is he knows what it in the show with with with with a 3.2 and a 1/2 boom, but before we do that before don’t get ahead of yourself and we can. We can talk about 1. If you want to add on to your building and say we don’t, doesn’t every on ford went out on their building? If you don’t want to add on your you’re, not thinking right and your offices and your church williams contract, on.Com go-big-or-go-home khan.Com book your tickets in person change your business coaching, you could have access to thousands of business coach videos they’re all. So you can listen to this very podcast right here. At drivetime show today near further ado. Here we go which of the three and the two in the one who go to what


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