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In this episode of the Thrivetime radio show business coach Clay Clark is going to be covering the specific steps you need to take to make sure you have the best year

Question from a Thriver – What are the steps to make sure that you have the best best year this year?

Set F6 Goals for Your Life:

    1. Faith Goals (Clay Example – Attend Church every single Sunday)
    2. Family Goals (Teach Aubrey how to DJ, teach Havana how to optimize a website)
    3. Finance Goals – (Clay Example – Do not have one because goal has been fulfilled)
    4. Fitness Goals – (Clay Example – Only eat meat and greens. Workout 3 days per week.)
    5. Friendship Goals – (Clay Example – Develop deeper relationships with the current people in his life.)
    6. Fun Goals – (Clay Example – Have his phone off from 2:00pm Friday until Monday morning)
  1. Schedule Your F6 Goals Into Your Calendar.
  2. Say “No” to Everything That is Not On Your F6 Goal List.
  3. Bonus Tip – How to get in the news:
    1. Look up all the reporters that cover the particular kind of news
    2. Write press-release
    3. Call ALL of the reporters



Alright, you welcome back to the conversation. Is the five-time show on your radio, today’s podcast about somebody breaking down the answers to the questions that you emailed us to info at thrive time should I come we’re trying to determine if the smell in my studio is the actual burning fire, chuck stevens attempted to to use the what was it like? A small like elephant shaped some type of device to eat, to burn pinion wood and somehow it smells like burnt plastic i. Think we have to throw that away, just throw it outside, just throw it away. I don’t need it in here just to get it out of the room. It’s all good, throw it awayhow to set it on fire get out of here, we’re moving to i, just throw it as far away as possible break in half great. So what are the specific steps that you need to take this year to make this year your best year in plastic, elephants inside your room? So what are the specific steps that you need to take this year to make this year your best years, I have three specific tips and I’d like for eric church up to break them down so step number one f6 goals for your life and chep I’m, going to going to show the drivers my goals this year, and that way we have some kind of bases, at least an example. Okay, do you want to set a goal for your life of the following areas? Your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship in your so fake, north face. My goal this year is to attend a church service, aka, river, city church in owensboro, every single Sunday in owensboro kentucky to watch it online or be there every single, sunday and believe in pastor, brian gibson and his vision, and so that’s something that I’m into so again. As far as example, on the show notes, here mine will be to attend church every single sunday attend church, every single sunday at owensboro faster as a result of going every sunday, also I love the business conferences we put on. But for me it’s a personal goal. Ii as it relates to family. My goal is to teach my son this year, how to beatmatch I’m really into teaching my son, how to beat match of what I make sure that I teach aubrey the dj skills and I want to teach havana house search engines work.

So that’s a family again so this year, I want to be able to teach aubrey how to beat match and I want to be able to teach havana house search engines work, because my son wants to be a dj and havana I want to teach her how to optimize website, because I wanted her to learn that skill. Very few people know that skill and I wanted to learn that scale before she turns 16 said something that I want to do as far as finances the financial goals this year, my financial goal for this year he is i, don’t have a financial goal for the year. I want make sure we get that somebody might go for that area and make our business conferences the best in the world. I don’t have one, because I already make as much money as I want to make I don’t want to make any more money. Can you get a financial goal for me? Then what can you have someone else’s financial going on with dr. Z on this, but he really likes to have fun at your goals and I think you should I just don’t, because I don’t want to acquire any more money when I want to do is I want to be left the freak alone, except for finances. In order to make more money you took, we have to engage with more people and I love the people in my life and so I just want to build deeper relationships with clients, logan paul, hood, I love working with paul and I’d like to see paul hood expand his empire I like to see steve currington and expand your empire I’d like to see tip top k-9 expand their empire more deals. I! Don’t really want to do the more investments more projects. I just want less fitness goals. For me this year, I just want to only eat meat, so eat meat and greens and it works roughage every single week, I lose another pound and all I do is just eat meat and greens and then I just workout 3 days a week. No bread, no candy, no candy, no sweeter name for like 4 weeks now for briggs works out. If I want you on a sunday but i. Just that’s my fitness goal in the friendship. My friendship goals are to develop deeper relationships with the people that I have in my life and since I have a couple. People in my life on the show I’ll give example i, like eric trump, meet me at work to see now for about 2 years that little to you and i, like you and I i, met your wife and she’s, a good person on this year that your daughter and your parents, and into my heart, because in my life as most people screaming and so, and it just has to eat it, has to do with. When you make more money or you have businesses, people are always trying to get some of that get some of it, and so they typically try to get below the armor and then screw up and so I friendship goals. Is it to have better relationships with guys like devin woolery, guys like eric church up and you might say, but their employees you make me want to have a better relationship? I thought. You said your boys close enough for two years, I’ve been with us for 4 years.

If he wanted to screw, me could have done it by now, and so my goal is to relationship from data being more of like a employee to more like a partner relationship and whether how how I make the math work, how we do it, but it’s more like as we grow, we all as we grow up. We grow. We all share in the success of that, because I really don’t have a desire to ever start. Another venture at all and I’d like to have the teammates be kind of like a employee stock ownership. I think is what’s in the future, where the employees who work there get a chance to own the company or building something like that fun goals. My phone goals are to have my phone off from 2 p.M. On friday until monday. So an example. Yesterday, I failed, my goal and I realized I over the weekend. I failed my goal to do that because I in the moment of passion, when working with one of my clients they said, could you help me get in the news and it’s so eat chocolate so easy for me to get somewhere. The news I get public relations to me is so easy and I understand the process as I can so that baby, so that the steps by the way, if you want to get in the news, all bonus information for you is you look up all of the reporters that cover that particular news when you figure out who are the people that cover this kind of story and then step 2? Is your right? Your press release right then step 3? Is you go ahead and you call the mall? You call them all, and you got to have a real news stories going to have a real press release to the press. Release itself takes me about 2 hours to write okay. So it takes me about 2 hours to write a press release. It does i, don’t know how to write any faster and then I have to leave the room and come back and look at the press release again with the virgin set of eyes to find the errors. So yesterday I’ll pay it I’ll post it on the show now they’re young. So yesterday, I just pasted on the show notes and you can register for our business conferences. Those are all the people that I reached out to you know:i called those people directly and I sent him an email, and you know what happened. Our client got in the news to actually like turn my cell phone on saturday, which I freaking hate, I hate, I hate having my phone cuz, then once I turned it on then I had another person text me i, didn’t know the number and they’re like hey. What’s the status of this person, I’d like to recruit them that I’m, like i, got to call steve and get this person’s number and it’s just like it just doesn’t stop and then because I’m, the kind of guy who I can’t let I can’t look at my inbox. Doesn’t zero or I can’t look at my text messages unless I responded, I’m not kidding, I pray, I had 45 text messages and I totally screwed.

My saturday I hated my day after I got I got a call from and when I answer I was like lord clark i, totally ruined my saturday because i, what are you doing? I didn’t experienced a feeling called dissonance, which is where my goals didn’t the line with what I was doing and so I felt what you would call it. You know guilty or anxiety that I was so pissed off, because I literally decided to cite an enema. The client said. Could you help me get the news having like that and I said yes and then I didn’t I think about my goals at that time. So I did a port 99 out of a hundred times. I’ll get it right, but this is a time where I didn’t say why? Because when the person said, could you get me in the news I didn’t they say time out? What are my f6 goals? Does typical someone asked me to do something else? A! Let me think about it this week and I will specifically call you back at this time and let you know or we’ll talk about that in our meeting right right definitely have a plant a week, but because it was an urgent thing in their mind, I said yes and because I don’t want to ever break a promise. I made I traded off my entire saturday I’m, not kidding I hated every single second of my saturday. It wasn’t part of my saturday that I liked, because I turned my phone on and I realized. Oh no, there’s 40 something on responded to text messages, so I should deal with him and it just became a tornado of law that you can look at it right. You know so anyway, I’m just going to tell you this. You got it on your goals. Now, once you have your goals, you want to schedule your f6 goals into your calendar, which was the problem because on saturday my calendar is wide open, there’s nothing on it and you know. Why is that? Why do I have nothing on my schedule on saturday and sunday, because you don’t want anything on your schedule to do it I’ll? Do it and then I screwed up my dad. The next thing is no big deal. The next step is saying no to everything. That’s not on your lipstick yeah. It was hard and wanting to kill myself up for repeat, step, 3 off rack. So let’s break down these steps. The question was:what are the specific steps you need to make this year the best year? Your your best year of these things are, is that these are all areas of your life. During our business conferences, we talk about how you can schedule your life to get more time freedom.

If you are building momentum in your you’re, actually proactive about these areas, you’re going to have a better life right, if you plan out your finances, if you plan out your fitness plan out your fun family, all these goals, if you plant them out you’re, going to have a better life in the cool things, I see with a lot of the clients, only work with or the people that are at the workshops when they learn about this system, and they realize okay, I need to set a goal and an f6 goal for every one of the categories. Everyday right. So for me, I know that my aunt patsy might like 88 year-old great-aunt was her birthday yesterday and I had it on my to do list to make sure and call her under the family section, because it was on your account, because it was on my calendar on my my to-do list right and so I did it and it was awesome. I got to tell her happy birthday and it was a good deal now. The cool thing that I see what the client is that, once you start doing this and you’ve made, you know, 5/6 promises to yourself everyday and you write fulfilling those promises. Yes, it builds a huge momentum in your life and you build confidence, and this is why I have to reset today right and you build momentum in your life and then you just get accustomed to getting crap done, I’m not kidding. This is not I’m, not teaching. You theory that i, don’t love myself I’m, just telling you that I am a scale of 1 to 10. If 10 is irritated in one is great. I was like a 17. That’s a bummer rotated with myself yesterday, because I took my day that I should have been doing other things and I ended up somehow doing press releases and I freaking hate press releases, and so even though I won and the client in the news and they’re going to do well with it I lost, so I would be lost. If you have been more proactive and followed the stuff we talked about, you still woke up late, just coaching, you here, I know, i, know I’m, just telling you what I mean when I catch you at the struggles real. We live. It like I hit the market, but yesterday I didn’t so right. Now, I’m your business coach schedule, my business conferences schedule, 6 goals in your calendar. We got that okay, we got to put it in the calendar, say no to everything. That’s not on your f6 go list. Chuck I’m, going to break this one down. Okay, guys! You got to say no to everything that is not on your list is pretty simple. If you haven’t talked about is not something you want to do, it’s not something! That’s going to further. You and your f6 goals learn how to say. No, it’s not that big a deal and you can do in the polite way. You don’t have to be a jerk right, but just be upfront and directing people. Tell me I appreciate the invitation. It’s not on my list today. I can’t you don’t have time for that. So, thank you, but not going to be there as your question. What are the specific steps you need to take to make this year your best year yet, and our next segment were to be answering the question at this point in your life? Is technology more of a help or hindrance? All my guys. Just, coming in the coming in hot


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