Spencer Coursen | Spencer Has Served As Head Security Detail for Celebs and Big Business Types In Addition to Running His Own Security Agency

Show Notes

The head security detail for celebrities shares how to create a family readiness program and how to keep your family safe in a dangerous world.

Served from 1999 – 2004

Spencer Coursen, retired military, has served as head security detail for celebs and big business types in addition to running his own security agency. With the sudden rise in mass shootings again, our awareness is heightened once more for our need to be safe and be watchful. The lock down of the pandemic the past year likely means many of us may may have dropped our guard. This is the perfect book for students and young people in general, Moms, men and women in the public eye of entertainment/politics/business, and mostly just every-day folks, to absorb and take the lessons to heart. We are at our least safest when we “think” we’re safe. Spencer Coursen is the go-to person to discuss day to day safety and preparedness. It’s what he does, and does well, as evidenced by the people he’s guarded.

The PDF for THE SAFETY TRAP is attached, along with a thorough and detailed press kit and extensive Q & A for you convenience. Glad to send you a finished book if this is of interest. This book is not “survivalist” thinking, or about “building bunkers,” and “hiding in caves.” What it is is a clarion call for everyone to show common sense, to be alert and aware of everything around them, and is a book that should be read by everyone! I would love to have you interview Spencer and cover THE SAFETY TRAP.

Here’s some shorter bullet points for things to talk about… 

Spencer Coursen gives parents the information they need to keep themselves and their families safe including:

*Why so many emergency response plans do more harm than good

*What parents should be questioning about school’s Run/Hide/Fight safety protocols

*The items people should have but don’t have in their first-aid kit

*The Safety Trap of parents and kids oversharing information on social media. 

* Every day activities to rethink — such as how you interact at the coffee shop or if there’s being such a thing as teaching our kids to be too polite

*How to keep our kids safe while not overprotecting them

*How to empower kids to by teaching them the concepts of “Flags, Food, Families” along with “Stranger Danger”

*How to create a family readiness plan — and a vital part of the plan that should never be overlooked

*The importance of “Safe Havens” for families and how restaurants can play a role

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