How to Spoon Feed the Media News Stories (With PR Expert Michael Levine)

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PR guru Michael Levine (who has worked with Michael Jackson, Prince, Pizza Hut, & more) & Clay Clark talk about why you need to understand that in life & business there’s no one coming to save you. You must figure out a way to save yourself.

  1. No one is coming to save you.
    1. You must figure out a way to save yourself.
    2. The calvary is not coming.
  2. You cannot get something for nothing.
  3. In every business relationship there is a buyer and a seller
    1. Which one are you?
  4. The first job of the seller is to figure out what the buyer wants.
  5. The second job of the seller is to figure out a way to get it to them.

Welcome back to the special limited edition, the exclusive the platinum series, the gold business coaching series, the. What is a a rare opportunity to break down a public relations works with the the outside. The silver fox of the pr world is yes to silver series. Yes and michael levine the most successful pr dude in the history of the plant, guru the man, the myth, the legend. We had a chance to interview him out there in southern california and asking him specifically everything that I’ve ever wanted to know about public relations. He is a new york, times bestselling author for different times. He works with he’s working michael jackson he’s worth of prince he’s worth of nikes with the pizza hut at work with president bush, president clinton. He knows his stuff and during this particular podcast interview, we ask him about pr and he chooses to talk about how it’s important that you help yourself hear what he saying:there’s powerful. If you’re going to be successful, founder or a successful person that starts a business, you have to have a sense of urgency with the way you operate, and if you don’t have what he’s talking about here, if you don’t understand the concept that nobody is, there is no back-up plan for nobody’s going to come. Save your butt! If the bacon ain’t cooking right, do you see that that’s it’s it’s dangerous at the average american is not aware of how much gift wrapping affects our decisions, or are you cuz?

You know you you’re part of the gift wrapping, business coaching process. Do you kind of? Let me know what your thoughts listen top of my list is not that they don’t know what the tiffany theory is. I got other problems with so I’m concerned of the reason that I want to talk to people. The reason I want to talk to you besides being asked, is I want to try to get some messages out to people not only about public relations but about life and about how to how to take a bad hand of cards and claim well and if you’re sitting around, if you had a bad hand of cards right and you’re, waiting for brock or oprah or cheney or bush, or need to come and save your good. Nobody is coming to save you about the government. Not me not your mommy, not your father, not your twin you’ve got to figure out how you can save yourself and if you don’t know, but he’s going to be sorrier than you. I grew up in a financially challenged environment where we were homeless. But you know, we’ve been on spore, yeah and I would say that it was just the mentality of people in the town. I grew up in no one really thought that they could do something big, and it was a big thing for me. Realizing they’re right. The calvary is not coming to help. No, no, and if you and you’re rich now, remember you got to keep that idea in your head right. The calvary is not coming exactly the moment:human history, where politicians are going to be trying to blow smoke up your saying they are coming they’re going to give you a bunch of free and say nothing I want to say to you today is going to be more important. What I want to say to you right now and that’s it thomas jefferson, had it right. The worst day of any man’s life is the first day he starts looking to get something for nothing, whether your man or woman, gay straight black white young old, if you’re sitting around scheming, how to get it for free.

You got a big problem. You may not even be smart enough to know you got a big problem. The worst day of any man or woman slide is the first day you start scheming on how to get something for nothing. Let me ask you this because your ear entire career, you, basically how you talk about in a pr 2.0. You say that every day we do the journalists work for them coming up with ideas, devising angles showing them why they should do stories on her business coaching clients. We tell them what’s news, we get them to agree. Nobody came to you, though, and said hey. Will you do this? No journalist came to you until you do this work for us, but you basically realize that this was an itch and you started bringing the work to them right, because you have to stand there and listen to the listen. My dear friends, listen to this every business relationship right, not most every business relationship, there’s a buyer and a seller right. She got to figure out who the hell are you at the bar the cellar? Then, once you do that, if you got to answer brains, you got to try to figure out if you, if you figure out that you’re the seller and this guy’s, the buyer yeah right, you better first I understand something fundamental:the seller works of the buyer and seller location. Get it to him tells wrong with you right. So there you go over there, the buyer, the obligations first to find out what they want. Saginaw application to get it to. Let me break it down to just make sure that I’m getting it here, I work at the local news station I’m in my twenties and early thirties. Some like that everyday I’m. Looking for a story I’m trying to please my boss, you call me with the story-and you say:hey:here’s. A spoon fed story ready to go about a business and I’ll cover it cuz. It helps me do my job, but they’re also helps me sort my boss and you’re. Just looking for the buyer and the seller, win win


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