What to Do If Your Spouse and Family Does Not Have Any Drive or Passion Towards Anything

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If you are running a business with a spouse or family members, you need to learn what to do if they are not motivated to get things done. Listen in as Clay Clark and the business coach team break down how to deal with this situation.


It’S business coach school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur dr. Robert Zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay clark, alright, bye, Felicia. Welcome back to the business coach conversation, we’re opening yet another question answer your question from those of you out there who have chosen to participate by emailing info at thrive15 and what are the reasons why we don’t make the show a call-in show. This is something that people brought up. Could you guys make it a call-in show and maybe a little bit of having like a call and show where we might do, that is kind of a bonus feature on the weekends or something yeah? But I don’t do it is because of questions like this email, this a question and it’s a tough question and one to be answered and a way where you know we care. But I don’t want someone to like recognize your voice and then to say: that’s my husband right, I mean so a voice modulator to make this possible. The question was this: what to do if your spouse and family does not have any drive or passion towards anything? You know so you’re an ambitious business owner. What do you do if your spouse or family does not have any drive or passion towards anything? So it’s! Okay! That’S it that’s a tough question, but I know that I can help you okay. So here is the first. The first thing I want to put in your head and make sure we get this verse down, but there’s a Bible verse that talks about in Proverbs. I was there is no vision. The people perish so here’s the business coach verse where there is no vision the people perish, but he that keepeth, the law happy. Is he what what? What where? What verse was that that was, it doesn’t say: 17 /, 29 17 through 19, the people perish, but he that keepeth, the law happy. Is he when you are married to somebody and they don’t know where you’re going? So if you’re, a man you’re married to a woman – and she has a big business idea, but she doesn’t communicate with you – it’s really hard to follow a vision. If you don’t, we are going for the same reason.

It’S hard to be on a road trip and not know where you’re going to go next. We’re heading west Proverbs, also talks about Hope, deferred. I, like it, pulled that Bible verse to know where you’re going Steve you, you manage a team of people at total lending Concepts. If the employees don’t know the vision of a company, why is it hard for people to stay engaged yeah? I think people everyone wants to have a mission in a purpose and if you don’t have any accountability, you don’t have any. I guess, like you, said, a vision of what you’re wanting to do with the company and nobody really understands and everybody kind of Wonders, Amos aimlessly, I’m going to start with, assuming that you need to apologize, whoever you are the listener, I’m assuming that if your family Is not know, I’m starting with this, I’m saying it’s probably because they don’t know your vision. I see that is a business coach, probably half the time where it’s just they don’t even know what you’re talking about so you’re. Like guys, we just hit number 5 on iTunes which, by the way we did last week, that’s right over 5 iTunes right in the chart world. But you know, then, if someone doesn’t know what iTunes is or what the chart is, or what number 5 means. It’S hard for me to get business coach motivated, so you really do have to articulate the vision. I would encourage you to articulate the vision to be very crystal clear with where you’re taking your your marriage family, your business, be very clear about that sit down with your spouse and go over that and what you got over that then I want you to do This next we go to Bible verses, that kind of heavy on the Bible, verses But Chuck. Can you read the bible verse Proverbs?

13. 12. 13. 12, when we get back to Hope, deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. Is like when your boss promises you he’s going to give you a raise some time, but he never does, and he just keeps saying all will talk about it. We’Ll talk about it, we’ll talk about it, we’ll Circle back we’ll Circle back and I get that. Sometimes you really do you can’t answer the question cuz, it’s not the right time or temperature, the right environment to do it, but you’re really does irritate everybody, including your family, and it was typically. We are the meanest to the people. We are closest to go. That’S real stuff right there, usually you talk to your spouse and you say things to her with a tone that you would never use with a client with a client you never be late, but with the spouse you’re, always like with a client. You never raise your business coach voice and say seriously quit talking to me about that, but with a bow, she would not anyone listening. Only me, the broadcaster has ever done this and you just never done at Steve’s never dies. Whenever I don’t know me, I only I’m the only one who’s ever done that to me about it, so I’m assuming that is the problem that you have articulated the vision and you are actually not differing hope, you’re saying here’s a timeline for it, then then, if They’Re still issues, this is some negative feedback for you to pull in hell. He says the PB research, the 31 major causes of failure, Napoleon Hill, the best-selling author, the personal princess of the late great Andrew Carnegie.

He wants wrote Reason number 15 for failure wrong. Selection of a mate in marriage: this is a common cause of failure. The relationship of marriage brings people into play into contact. Unless this relationship is harmonious, failure is likely to follow. Moreover, it will be a form of figure that is marked by misery and happiness, destroying all signs of ambition. What thanks for that Napoleon Hill? My business coach actions stepped, I would encourage all the thrivers to do is husband’s Ephesians. 5:25, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her, I’m saying is be absolutely committed to sharing the vision and not deferring hope and sharing that Vision over and over. You have to be the DD fire of Desire that you have to go to ignite that relationship. You have to be the one who starts the Romantic momentum. You have to be the one who fixes the issue. Each of you, kids, don’t complain about the issue. You want to how to spell diary of the fire desire that is required. That’S what it is. So here’s my little little store here for you. I often take my kids to Barnes


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