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If you are not careful, as an entrepreneur you could spend your entire day doing non-revenue producing activities and take daily actions that will not pay you. Today, we discuss why you must stay focused on revenue producing activities to thrive in the world of business.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The team with the best players wins.” – Jack Welch (The CEO who grew the company by 4,000% during his tenure)

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  1. Training staff on how to provide highest quality service or product possible
    1. Training during lunch
    2. Never work alone
    3. Schedule time to train
  2. Training staff on how to upserve clients
  3. Training staff on how to gather reviews
  4. Recruiting people
  5. Analyzing reporting data
  6. Optimizing your schedule / Communicating with the Oxi Fresh home office


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Audio Transcription

Two men, 13 multimillion dollar businesses, eight kids, one business coach radio show. It’s the thrive time business coach radio show. Get ready to enter the thrive time show.

All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to another mind expanding and wallet expanding edition of the thrive time show on your radio and podcast. Download nosy. On today’s show, we’re talking about R p, a’s, what RPA is, what what? What we’re talking about during your work day, you want to stay focused on revenue producing activities because z, you could stay busy doing things that don’t matter and so that’s where we brought in so, so fine. Matt Kline from beautiful Denver, Colorado, the franchise brand developer with oxi fresh Matt Kline. How are you sir?

I’m doing great. How are you,

matt? If I were any better, I would be at oxi fresh. Wow. That’s how good it would be. Z. Okay. I will. I will say one thing and I know Matt and the listening audience does not have the pleasure of being where I am right now, but you do look fresh today. I look for. I like. I feel a froggy if you. You sound froggy, froggy, Matt. Here’s the deal. We’ve got six revenue producing activities that it would be wise for the Oxi fresh franchisees to spend their time doing and for the thrive nation to be doing, and so what I’m going to do is he is a. I’m going to tee up the first principle you pile on, number one and number two. Perfect. Here we go. So revenue producing activity number one is you want to spend your time training staff on how to provide the highest quality service or product possible. You want to spend your time training staff on how to produce the highest quality service or product possible met Klein. Why should we be doing this?

You can’t deliver a great service. It’s going to be really hard to grow, right? If you can’t rely on repeat customers by doing a good job the first time, you’re basically just spinning your wheels. And so as a franchisee specific, you want to spend your time in the early stages of your business, getting all the knowledge and skills that you can gather as an owner to pass that along to your technician. Right? And so for us, we have technicians as employees because if you can’t basically do that yourself, you’re relying on other people to do it for you. The best trainers have the knowledge to be able to train at a high level and then you got to be able to have measurables on top of that. How are they performing, what are they doing in their day that I can measure to see if they’re doing well or if they’re not doing well and how I can actually make them better ongoing. So don’t just sit them and train them and leave them. You got to train them and then you have to have measurable as you can keep them accountable on an ongoing basis.

Talk to me about training. I think a lot of business, um, if we’re not careful, we don’t schedule time out for it. And so we end up doing is we have a customer that comes in for the first time and the least trained person they talked to is the person who they first meet, correct. The person who answered the phone at the desk or in the case of oxi fresh men. But maybe a technician that might first greet the customer and we know Oxi fresh always trains their people spectacularly. So we’ll, we’ll pull off that example, but it would be like your, your business. I mean a person who answers the phone has not been trained properly. See Why is this such a nightmare when you’ve failed to train people? Because you spend all of your time marketing and advertising.

Exactly right. So you want that golden look. You want the phone call, you want someone to stop by, you want them to give you that opportunity. Yes. And then like you said, it’s ironic, but it’s oftentimes the least trained person that has the first contact and they go, well these guys don’t know what they’re doing. I’m Outta here now. I got a couple of super bowls for training. We have time to get Scott a couple of super moves in.

First, let me feel how it feels to do poor training and how to have a lead come in and to be bludgeoned by poorly trained. This is appeals.

Oh, I see. Back to you is a super move out there. If you’re listening going well, we don’t have time. When do we do it? Who does it, how do we do it? Here’s the move over lunch break. You buy lunch, you have your staff stay in the break room and you do training over lunch. Alright? Um, you know, we do two shifts from optometry clinic and the other super move you can do is have like a, um, say a contact Lens Rep, come in and have, have them buy lunch and then they get to do training with your employees, staff on new products and how to insert new contacts and all that kind of stuff. And so you can use your reps that are calling on you for training. They love to do it. They, they are an expert in that field. And then also if you’ve had them do it over lunch, you can have them maybe throw in

a little free lunch. Let me, let me, let me a pile on busy here. There are three ways, three ways to guarantee that your staff will always be trained to the highest level possible. One trained people during lunch, like Dr z just said, that’s a powerful thing you can do. Everyone’s having lunch, catering some lunch, boom. Train people to never work alone. I mean if you’re an entrepreneur and you, it’s you and you cleaned carpets. We were the only optometrist. Wouldn’t it make sense to have the other optometrist shadow you or the new person shadow you? Is it powerful to have have somebody shadowing you as opposed to just working alone? Isn’t that a powerful move shadow like a Ninja? Just like right there. Because you can learn through osmosis. They can watch you do what you do. It can pick up on your habits, your routines.

We’re all black and like a headband and upset Muray sword

and that’ll much, much, much. Okay, so you want to schedule time to train credit, put it in the calendar. Don’t just say we’ll get to it. Will you know what? That’s good idea. We’ll get to it. It’s good. Now. Revenue producing activity number two, Mr. so, so fine. Matt Klein in Denver, Colorado. Training staff on how to upserve clients, training staff on how to upserve clients. Some might call it upsells. I liked what you said. I called her boss. What up though? Why is it so important that your team is aware of all the products and services, all the solutions that you can provide for your ideal and likely buyers?

Sure, and I think one of the common misconceptions is that it can be a negative thing. It’s not done correctly, so you want to train your employees on how to do it in a manner that it’s helping your customers, not forcing them into something they don’t need. And so for us, perfect example is going to be carpet compared to tile and grout. A lot of people will look for a carpet cleaner, right? And then they also might look separately for a tile and grout cleaner so they may not know that we offer all those services. So while we’re in the home there to actually service the carpet and upholstery, you can all say, hey, you guys have a lot of tile here. Have you guys ever thought about cleaning that? Right? We can be a very good option for you. So now you give them something that they may want to do, they’re not going to have to call another company, but they did it in a manner that suggests that they may need it, not forcing them to something they don’t need, so that will increase your Roi and a huge amount right every single month.

If you have incentivized pay for your employees, that gives them a reason to do it every time and now it’s a habit that they formed that will increase your bottom line, but also increase their monthly paycheck so everybody wins, including the customer

so that that training

to have them understand why it’s important, how it benefits their paycheck, and how that benefits the customer. All of those things will in turn grow your business on a day to day basis.

What if somebody came into your optometry clinic and they only bought one pair of glasses and never got a pair of contacts or another backup pair or never came back again? It was just one and done transactions with the lowest possible price product. What would eventually happen to Dr Robert? I mean say you saw Dr Robert Zoellner and associates to a doctor a lot Dr Zoellner and associates, but it’s owned by Dr Louis a lot and this guy doesn’t ever teach his team on. I had an upsell at upserve. He doesn’t teach them all the ways to show the customer how they can solve more problems. He doesn’t talk about the contacts, the backup glasses, the new kinds of things you get. Well, what would happen to the business

know it wouldn’t make as much money obviously mean well, everything we sell we make money on. But the thing about is repeat customers are a wonderful way to grow a business and also, you know, you say upserve. I like that term by the way. Jim Cathcart came up with the foot is itching under the death card. It doesn’t sound as notorious as upsale them, but I think the thing about it is, is that, you know, people come in and they have problems that need to be solved and you’re there to help them solve them and they don’t know about new technology. They don’t know about new products. They don’t know about new out there and so it’s, you know, it’s your employee’s job is to educate them and let them make a decision.

Yeah. See, I’m not sure if you, uh, you, you caught them a lot, but are you familiar with Jack Welsh? I know you quote them a lot, but do you have any idea who he is? Yeah.

Yes. He was the CEO of the largest corporation in the world. He grew up like 400 percent and that’s g he, you know, he was an engineer and they hired him and that gave him this product and they said, we don’t know what to do with this, but we’re going to call it plastic

chicken. Figure out what this. Well, one of the things that one of the, the Jack Welch did when as he grows up the companies, every division he was in, he improve it dramatically. And the company Ge at the time was stagnant. It hadn’t grown in a long time. And uh, he took over and man, he grew up 4,000 percent as you said, and rocked it. And then when he retired and not so good, but jack had this notable quotable that he said that seems on the surface pretty simple, but then when you read the book straight from the Gut, it gets pretty detailed. He said the team with the best players wins and we’re like, okay, that makes sense. Yeah. But what he explained to the straight from the gut is a company that prides itself on training and empowering people relentlessly creates great players. So if you have very talented people but you don’t invest the time coaching them and training them, I mean, so you think about your auto auction, think about your team there, chuck, about just getting the cars in in the right rose to seldom can you explain for the listeners out there who’ve never seen somebody sell a thousand cars on one day, what does it look like when all 1000 cars?

Matt? No, Matt, you got to check this out of [inaudible]. Sixty six Check this out. See when you get a thousand cars in, in what does. Explain what that looks like because it is just. That is a feat. Just getting the cars in order to sell what’s 15 acres?

All full of cars. That’s what it looks like. But it’s um, when you go on the website you can watch the videos and kind of actually see it, but it’s a, it looks like a long garage and it has seven bays, you know, either side and you drive in. So basically we’re selling seven cars at a time some week six and week seven. Just depends on how many cars we have. Um, and so you drive. So everybody has their own lane, their own auctioneer, their own, their own, you know, spotter there, we call them a clerk. We have an upper clerk and lower caloric. They’re doing the paperwork and putting things into the computer as cars are coming through. And so it’s just, it’s kind of fun. It’s, it’s mesmerizing, but it’s, there’s a lot

to it. And if you got it, you got cleaned the car on the outside, right outside of the car. You got to clean the inside of the car, detail it. You got checked out under the hood to make sure it’s looking good. You gotta run the check it in, you’ve got to get it in the right order. You’ve got to get in the right place. Check the Vin number. Oh yeah. And then what? How,

and then you have your driver’s driving soon as they drive through and they parked out and jump on. The next one is drive it through. So you have, you know, a hundred guys driving cars because you need several of them for each lane. And it, it is a

controlled chaos. And if you did not train people, let’s just say that three or four cars got out of order because those things are packed in. Alright Bro. Ty, what happens? Oh, it’s okay. It’s dogs and cats living together. Acid rain. I mean it’s. What if you don’t want, if you don’t check what have you, don’t just tell, tell, Tell Matt and listeners what happens if you don’t check the Vin number and make sure the title is proper. Uh, make sure that the car has not been in an accident in the past. What happened? Just one time. If you forget to do that, you get yelled at every time you make a mistake. Somebody is upset, you know? I mean, that’s the thing about that. With that many car deals happening on a, on a given Friday, you know it. It’s almost impossible what they say. Maybe 98 percent of your people that come in for a haircut at elephant in the room are happy.

So that leaves three percent rps. Three point three percent. Three percent of our pis. I was giving you an automatically cut your hair at 33 times. We’re going to jack it up one time. One time. Exactly Rick. And you hear about it. Oh, we on this. And you hear about it over the Internet will hear about it, right? The trolls are winning. So you make one mistake. You hear about that? The 97 there do great. They’re just like, yeah, okay, thanks. I’ll see you next month. Right? I mean, they’re like no big deal because even the lord of darkness, Satan will hear about it. He’ll go, can I? So it was kind of harsh. That was large. The Internet, the Internet trolls. Okay, so matt, next, next revenue producing activity gathering reviews. Man, why do you have to stay focused on gathering reviews as a local business owner in America today?

Sure, this one is extremely important. I don’t care what you’re doing because people have the ability and they’re on their phone and their computers, whether it’s desktop, whatever everyone can with a click of a button, see exactly what’s being said about your business. So if you don’t gather and go out and actively collect good reviews from your customers, then somebody else will, right? So all you do, that three percent, I guarantee you that three percent you just talked to is going to give you a review, right? Those are people that will actively go out and try to hurt your business or what have you. Right? And sometimes it’s justified. Sometimes it’s not. You should always be able to get those fixed, the problem first and foremost. However, if you’re not actively going out and getting reviews and asking you for them and going above and beyond for your customer, then no one’s gonna know what’s going on.

So if you have 100 reviews and even if the three percent right, even if there’s three of them that are bad, that’s okay, but if you have a hundred and 97 of them are positive, then the person that’s gonna call you is going to feel comfortable because 97 other people have actually done it and gone out and spent the time and effort getting your review. If you can do on any service brand, company, any company out there including food and you can go and do a google search and see who their competitors are and see who’s doing good, who’s doing bad at anything beyond just a google search, so people are doing it actively. You need to be at the top that you need to put the effort into it and it all starts with training and then also doing a good job and then getting those reviews and asking for them while you’re doing it. Don’t wait for the customer to do it for you. They will not do it.

You have to. Basically, we have our in person workshops I want to share right now. As of right now, I’ve got 536 reviews and right now as of right now, I got 535, five stars, but z. You know what happened? I got one fourstar. Oh, come on man, come on. And I trained myself a lot. I do a lot of training with myself. Yeah, I watched an endless amount of videos. Matt, where do people get off? Given me a for Matt. Come on now. Took me off the ledge man,

and those are asking more frustrating than a four star review and they said everything was perfect.

I’m moving on now. The next, the next.

Before we go into that, there’s very important thing about bad reviews. Bad reviews should be addressed immediately and I guarantee you if you fix something wrong, you’re going to get a good review just because you went out of your way and you did the right thing and you fix whatever is going out there, so don’t ignore bad reviews. Treat them as if they are as important as a five star or even more sticks. Then reviews are reviews and you got to look at all of them and you got to respond to all of them.

Matt, I have an audio clip. I actually, I hope this doesn’t. CSI. I feel bad about this concession here. You’ll probably get over it. Put a Lavaliere mic inside. Max cranium inside is inside his gourd without his permission. And this is Matt. I apologize. This is what we call cranium. Mike Technology a Z and I work together with some of the leading optometrists to develop this it. And you want to high five. You had somehow weaves its way in through your ear hole into your cranium. So here we go. This is how you felt. This is what was going on in your head the last time you read a bad review matter. You matter. You Ready?


I’m sorry about that. I was on a little unethical there to do that. Susie was kind of creepy. It is getting kind of creepy, but if you know, it’s kind of fun because it gives insight into what the leaders in shakers and doers of this world are doing and that’s what thrive nation wants to know. Well, a lot of people are worried about artificial intelligence. So let me tell you this, any in any intelligence that you’re picking up for me right now on this podcast is a hundred percent fake. We continue artificial, so yeah, so okay, now we’re recruiting people. Point for z recruiting people. Why do you have to? Why can you never stop recruiting great people at Dr Robert Zoellner and associates and all of your company. Oh, this cylinder brands. What can you never stop recruiting good people? I’ll tell you why. You want to know why? I want to know why you’re in your break room and everybody that comes in, I would notice is the highlight

of my day. I love it. I love the fact that your paychecks and that you always have a smile on your face, your from your firm, but you’re nice and I like a perfect mattress. To me. I saw it. I’m describing it the next day. Next. Oh, by the way, this is the very last day. I’ve got an offer for an extra fifty cents an hour down the road. In fact, I’ve pluck it out. Right?

And I love the kind of crying where it’s like a. are they going to suck it in? See sprinklered crying? Oh yeah. Here’s the thing about it. Everyone of your employees will do what’s best for them. They will quit you in a heartbeat for another dollar an hour, and you might say to yourself, no, not mine. No, no, no, no, and I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to the people that those other people because there’s employees will. So you always have to have the pipeline. We call it in the pool business with priming the pump. Priming the pump. You familiar with priming the pump. Educate us about priming the pump. Priming the pump means is that when you flip it on, that pump is a pump is going. It’s going. It’s kind of like those hot water heaters that are instant hot. Oh, they circulate to talk to me about that. So you turn on the handle and it’s like, Ooh, it’s warm, you know, you have to wait for it to heat up by priming the pump means you always have somebody in queue. You’re always looking for your next best employee and that’s the way you should run a good business. Z, the other day, one of your employees got offered an extra twenty five cents per hour. Matt, is it ethical that I. I’m Michael his employees without his permission. Do you feel like that’s okay that

I think it’s okay.

Okay. And this is what they heard is I put a mic in their ears, will take the cranium Mike cranium and this is what, this is what they. Somebody came in and said, I’ll pay you twenty five cents an hour more to come work for me and this is what they thought to themselves. They said, self wow shredders find believable.

They have a sound effect.

So they’re in their mind like that. That’s pretty. Yeah, it’s amazing. The same soundboard. Okay, we move on now. Now Matt, point five and six. For the sake of time here, analyzing and reporting data and optimizing your schedule. Matt, why don’t we have to analyze reporting data?

Yeah. Yes. It was some sort of metrics to understand where you stand. I mean you have to know what’s going on and whether that is, you know, like reviews are a metric because you can actually put them into something and see a trend. But for you know, and I’ll speak to oxi fresh specifically is one of the best things about occupy that we’ve already set up the infrastructure to automatically give you the reporting. So when we talk about the reporting with oxi fresh that you need to use it because it’s already sitting there for you. So whether it’s looking at marketing and understanding where your best on investment is, and, and more importantly than that, where your worst return on investment is so that you can actually make managerial decisions to make that one that bad, right? If you’re just throwing a bunch of money and you’re looking at your bank account and you’re saying, well, I’m making some money, you know, it doesn’t mean that you’re successful.

It just means that at that point there’s enough thing working and enough things that artwork and that it’s coming out in your favor, but if you are diligent and you’re looking at the numbers and you can have action items that go along with that to make each one of those things operate better, you can even dive even deeper into zoning a territory. So I spend, you know, 20 less miles driven per day by just making some changes and so if you do that and you extend that over a year and then you extend that over multiple vehicles, now you’re not only more efficient in your day, you can do more jobs, but you’re saving yourself on money and your technicians are making more. So all of those things, reporting is extremely important. You just have to schedule it in your day to to look at it. Don’t just set it. You got to keep looking at it,

forget it, forget it, forget it, but then you’re going to end up living in a van down. See if you set it and forget it. This is what’s going to happen to you and your business.

I’m going to go out and I’m going to get the world by the tail and wrap it around and put it in my pocket. Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re probably gonna. Find out as you go out there that you’re not going to amount to Jack Squat

a little bit harsh, a little bit harsh, but that’s what’s going to happen if you set it and forget it. Point six, Matt, optimizing your schedule. You agree? You have to optimize your schedule Z. Why do you have to look at your schedule on at least a weekly basis and say, am I doing what I should be doing? Because that’s how you get stuff done. Come on. If you don’t wake up in the morning and know what your most important.

Thank you. Need to get done that day. Listen to me, my brothers and sisters out there, go ahead and radio podcast land. Come on now. Open those doors close up now for a moment. I’m talking to you when you’re talking to. I’m talking to you. I’m talking to thrive nation. Now listen, if you want to get something done, you want to have a little fun, you’ve got to scheduling. Hey, can I get an amen pig on your schedule and then you can look at your schedule and actually do what it says to do that day.

That was kind of harsh said up until then, up until then it was nice, but then you get kind of went dark. Met Somebody out there saying, you know what? Listen to your guys. I want to buy an Oxi fresh. I want to buy a business. I want to buy a job. I want to create time freedom and financial freedom. I’m tired of working for the man. I want to be the man. I want to own my own business. Matt, what are the steps to connect with you? How can I learn more about buying an Oxi fresh and how much does it cost?

Fill out the form that’s going to be. First and foremost, we need to start having conversations. I need to learn about you. We’ll go through that process. Doesn’t cost you anything, but once we get into that, we’re going to talk about the investment piece. Thirty $7,900. Get your license, your territory, your equipment, your training here in Denver, Colorado. We’ll talk about an operating capital budget somewhere around 20 to $25,000. So very low cost business. Very important to go through the due diligence with myself and my team. The goal here is to have enough knowledge to eventually, you know what, let’s come out and let’s explore more further in Denver, Colorado. Um, so those are the steps to doing it. I urge anyone that’s interested to go out the sex. Let’s start having a conversation and it’s free to do that. So it could be the next step to the next stage. You life,

thrive time, forward slash oxi fresh. That’s thrive time forward slash oxi fresh. Check it out. And I’ll tell you what, Z for limited time when you fill out the form, we can pretty much guarantee you a good time with Matt Klein. Think about that. Bathroom stalls are right for a good time. Call this number, you can go miles for a good time for a good time. Go to thrive time. Forward slash forward slash Oxi fresh. Fill out the form and you’ll escape from the norm. If they fill out the form, Matt, can they at least get like an eight by 10? A headshot of you signed? Would that be too much? Too much, too much to ask for? Or maybe you and your and your basketball. Get up back in college. Maybe doing a jump shot. I mean you gotta have some things like, come on man. Do you have someone to throw it in there? Eight by 10 glossies or something like that?

Yeah, I’d probably have to start paying people for that.

Alright, well you heard it here. You heard it here in thrive nation, go to thrive time Forward Slash Oxi fresh for a good time with Matt Klein. Matt client as always. Here we go. Three, two, one.


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