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In this episode of the Thrivetime Show business coach Clay Clark is getting into the details of dealing with different responsibilities and part 1 of thriver question about staying positive when growing a business.

How do you deal with so many different responsibilities? How do you remember everything that you need to?

Step 1 – One to-do list
Step 2 – One calendar
Step 3 – Deal only with dependable people

The business is the trending positive, but your personal situation hasn’t changed yet…how to stay positive?

  1. What is your break even point?
    1. How many deals do you need to break even?
  2. Remember it is normal to feel like it is darkest before the dawn – the last 5 yards are the toughest yards

My name is Clay Clark and the former ussba entrepreneur of the year I’m primarily only eating meat and I love it so we’re talking today about the or answering today the questions that you emailed us to [email protected] and before we get into the question, which is how do you deal with so many different responsibilities? How do you remember everything that you need to do? I want to tee up a story. I want to tell you a story, that’s indicative of the story that happens over and over and over and over with me. So the question is how to deal with so many different responsibilities. How do you remember everything everything that you need to do? Well, the story starts with a guy inside the studio today. So harley welcome to the show my friend. How how old are you at last count? I am 22 to okay, then you graduated recently met from oral roberts university last night, not even a year and i. This past weekend asked you to do what to read a 500-page start at here book. What is the start of your book, and why do you think I asked you to read the book the start here. Book is something you wrote and mr. Matthew morris road, and it’s all about speaking with business owners at business conferences and how they can grow their business in whatever industry they are in, and you told me to do that to see if I had the abilities to be a highly functioning capable person right now and now there is a reason why I asked you to read the book and I want you to know that the secret it could be out of the bag once you know why I asked you to read the book, and then hopefully this this isn’t offencive to you. It’s because when people shadow me so we’re going to join my organization or an organization like the redmond growth, if I’m the filter, who decides who gets to join the team or if I’m, the one entrusted with coaching the team or are building the team, I am not going to build a team based on house of cards. I am not going to build a team based upon house of cards, a house of intentions such a great show of verbal statements, I’m not going to build a business based upon what people say, they’re going to do because most people say they’re going to do things that they never did so many times and so there’s another recordable from andrew carnegie, the famous man who he became the world’s wealthiest man. He became the world’s the world’s wealthiest man for the title, but yet he had to start working at age 13.

So he had to start working to support his family at the age of 13. But he went on to become the world’s wealthiest man and he says, as I grow older I pay less attention to what men say:i just watch what they do well, as I grow older I pay less attention to what men say:i just watch what they do now. Somebody might need to hear that with a different tone, make it sink in as I grow. Older I pay less attention to what men say. Oh yeah I just watch what they do, but I mean seriously. This is a thing so when harley says he’s in or are you graduate i? Don’t think that means what it used to make? What did it used to mean? I didn’t college used to be a lot harder, yeah and which ones they had a degree that agreement this person is not a jackass or at least for 4 years. They pretended to not be a jack. Now I see a lot of educated idiots, I called them, but they have a degree, but they also have a degree of delusion that have a degree with a degree of a delusion that they believe that christmas is a month. They believe that thanksgiving is a two-week window of time. They believe that fall break is owed to them and they believe that they can call in sick when they don’t feel good and they believe that you’ll be too hard to read a 550 page book in a weekend. But I freaking asked you to read that freaking book over the weekend and why did I ask you to read that book, a 550 page book, which is the core backbone and the canonical rules of the thrive time, show business coaching sprint? Why would I ask you to read in one weekend the entirety of a 550 page book? Why, when I ask you to do that mr. Harley, the show that it wasn’t a jackass and do you know what percentage of people when I ask him to do it can do it today, actually will do it, take a guess:10% lower now you just guessing with no i, won’t take a warmer or colder or just keep 5%. That’s it. Wow I feel prestige, so I’m, just telling you this I see this all the time. It’s a clay, clay, clay, high school friend call trent clark I would like for you to tell me what I need to do to be successful and I say to that person here. I want you to i, want you to get the star here, but it’s free for you the listener than it is what it feel to download it. Right now. Drive time should I come. If you get the book and you download it, and you read the book all right and you apply the principles in the book you shall have success sounds easy, it sounds like you should go to business conferences. Triple minute are undeniable barbie cookies, colaw fitness, the tulsa oilers shaw homes and the list goes on.

You can read their testimonies are hundreds of testimonial hundreds video testimonials that you can see right now at drivetime show.Com. By simply clicking on the testimonials button. There are hundreds wow. If you go to google, you can see hundreds if you go to business conferences you’re going to meet people, real success story and I’m telling you that you can become successful. There’s no reason that anybody listen to show today cannot become successful, but I gotta understand it’s. So many people ask me:what do I need to do in harley, I told you this weekend that you need to read the whole book and how about how long was the whole book? It was 500 pages and I asked you. What day did I ask you to work thursday night, and when did you finish reading the book? It’s very early monday and how do I will I know that you read the book because you can check out all the highlights and that’s what men say:i just watch what they do and it’s not because I hate humanities, because I’ve been around humanity. You understand I’ve coached pastors with their churches that help chiropractors I’ve helped fitness people I’ve helped chiropractor me, dentists, doctors was everybody and I’m going to tell you. The majority of people don’t have time to read a 500-page book because they’re on facebook, once you do decide to be successful. Here are the three things you need to do:to keep track of responsibilities. Have one to-do list for your one life, to, do list step to have one calendar schedule? What matters have one to do list in step three deal only with dependable people. If you were to sit on a stool and it would have cost you’d, be a fool to sit on it again. If you ask somebody to 550 page book and they can’t freaking find the time to read it during the weekend, they will never become more dependable, pass or fail if they do become more dependable than god has done a supernatural work and their life and I am not a pastor and I am not committed to the supernatural development of people. I’m committed to teach you the proof and systems to people who are diligent doors. We come back or answer the question:what are the common roadblocks to profitability? Stadium applebee’s? Should we all went to bed which hand up again without self discipline, get ready to enter the thrive time show all about you that we bring the your radio. It’s been a really fun the last couple weeks here because we’ve been responding to questions in an email to us at info at drivetime, show. Comedy, it’s exciting, because the tribe nation ask specific questions.

That’s that’s her whole heart. That’s the whole reason why we do this is to help you get the answers to your specific question, but now we have a unicorn event:unbelievable, we have a guy by the name of luke cuz, that’s his name and he don’t do business in tulsa and he is going through the threshold of hell he’s going through the stuff. That’s in the theoretical business school says:oh, if you do this and you do that this will happen so he’s going through some stuff in doctor’s he’s gone through some stuff and pack based upon the dayquil I’m, seeing you’re going through some stuff right now so I want to do is I want to ask I want to get a tee it up here. Luke, you can ask doctors eat any questions that you want for the next hour and a half and micasa sucasa. What I just want to say one thing as we get started here at Luke:i’ve got the three things:i need right Now:i’ve got a scarf around my neck. Looking more I’ve got, I’ve got a bottle of dayquil in my hand, and besides, I should have probably mark this as to like don’t drink anymore than this or you’ll die cuz one club hemoglobin count music app anymore, the fire, don’t you i, do I do and I feel like I can survive and find them outside is frightful, but my day is so divided by the radio on the radio on the radio. Lyrics. To that the truth, you’ve got some questions. He’s got some answers. I t it at what questions do you have for doctors, so basically we’re finding ourselves in a situation where you can see things going in the right direction for sure no,, so the business is moving in in an upward momentum for sure, okay and what business is it it’s up here in broken, arrow, okay, cool and my wife and I have owned the gym for about 12 years now, and in the last year of working with thrive, we’ve seen tremendous growth and-and you know, system that will further you know into the future. So you can sort of see the light at the end of the tunnel got you, but your personal situation hasn’t changed much yet right when you say that to find another word, you have brought home a lot more money, anymore, money really, okay right, so it’s growing, but that extra money you’re putting back into the business you’re growing the business and doing things of that nature. That’s right! Let me see this up, so we can understand no context of it. Luke has a business like any business out there. It doesn’t break even point three listening here. I want you to write down your break-even point. How many deals do you need to break even i? Don’t know what that is. I’m just going to use elephant in the room is Example:i’ve got to pay a lease at south tulsa of about $4,500 a month without any customers, I also have to pay air conditioning utilities. Electricity that kind of thing the phone bill I’ve also got to pay the edd staff I mean to go there, they’re cutting any hair or not I’m, going to pay him 10 bucks an hour it. Plus I have to go to the business conferences.

What? If they’re sitting around and I paid commissions were people make a lot of money, you don’t have to be by the way. If you are a stylist in looking for a great place to work, elephant in the room is a good place for you, but we’re paying them I’m going to pay my people $0 an hour while they’re waiting not like a restaurant, where it’s like very low average hourly and then a tip based thing. It’s more of them. I take care of my folks. So in g of the same situation at your optometry clinic your building, their off memorial does a certain cost to heat it to air condition it to have it there we’ll get it by the mall and we first started working with luke. The main objective was to dig through all of them the outgoing expenses and all the incoming potential things and go to clearly got our eyes set on the break-even and I would say we’re about 6 weeks away from being into a profit zone. We can begin paying himself more than you pay yourself or probably decade, right right for sure. Okay, absolutely! That’s a perfect perfect, exactly where we’re at so my my thing right now is:you know you have. The life still happens. It’s going on in that interim of getting to a place where you are going to start making the finances, finances that you’re looking for and so I guess more than anything, it’s just how? How do you deal with that? With that? You know clay. You said last week to me:don’t give up your pot of gold for a pot of porridge i. Think I saw the biblical reference, but I’m glad that you took it to be the golden porch cuz, i, better, be more visually stimulating, but I said:don’t exchange your blessing for a bowl of soup and I’ve seen it all the time or somebody is like at the right at the threshold of success and they give in and I would say that it’s almost every time they give in almost that’s. Why guys, like z or myself, by a lot of dj equipment from djs that gave up and I just bought the stuff off of craigslist for nothing, so z he’s kind of like right there, but what are all the things that are mentally working or going against you here just so. We understand that, because I guarantee, he has the answer for you. But what you’re talking about that at business conferences?

You know how do you stay positive? How do you steady stay the course when you’re almost there, what is so bad or so terrible you’re like oh, my gosh? This is what does like the drip method. It’s beating on my head everyday, like torturing it to the whole drips of what? What? What is that so outside of you know, personal things which I can keep those separate, but that still isn’t energy drain to a point business and it’s like you, know getting the employees to follow the system without bucking it consistently, because you can see that their life will improve sure. If they’ll just do the system right absolutely and there’s the push back all the time. The hey! Oh, no, not from man what’s up today and had a lot of success. Well, you can think about it. Is it all, since we just had the super, bowl and I haven’t had a chance to talk about that much I’m not going to cuz I know:clay is still in morning I promise to work black armband I promise the thrive nation. We are going to have an eagle’s I promise. It’s friday time do a show that why the eagles are great if they won the super bowl and so nick foles did an awesome job, good character. Guy I will be doing a show, it’ll be on monday about why the eagles are. Perhaps the greatest team in america take the ussr, no no super bowl rings of the civil war. Do they have a team but that it doesn’t matter? When you see this big lineman like intercept a pass and they run the entire field. You know, and you just the last, like 5 yards you’re, wondering to themselves I mean to myself i, always win when he was big guys running back up. Is he physically going to make it? So you can just tell he is wrong:i mean he is 5 yards are the hardest. You know, they’re driving down the field ever been to no break defense, they’re playing on the nfl. You know it’s. It’s always that last push to get into the endzone. That’s why you sometimes god you. The trick plays, go to use all the different little unique and his lineup and do a normal play. So what I’m saying is it’s very normal for you to feel like I’ve got five more yards to go I see the end zone. I mean, like you, said, to the light. At the end of you see the gold lamp the the year that the green pasture-and that was last 5 years-are always number one. That’s a universal thing. So don’t feel like this or something wrong, but you’re going to process you’re going through now always will be a rain storm before the sunshine darkest before it’s done and then I think it’s actually just science number 2. What happens is when you go to forbes, which is kind of our work. Bible, business bible, forbes they’ll, put on there just horrible status, says 80% of businesses fail and I have a strong feeling that a lot of them are failing. In his last 5 yards I mean they’ve done the work. They open the business conferences that they may be reached. Maybe. They found a mint or maybe they’ve, been making some mistakes, but they have been moving the ball down the field, maybe some of them at the 20-yard line.

Maybe some of the 50 but I know that last five to ten yard catches a lot of businesses because they’re almost right there and they’ve been doing the good fight and they finally just so. You know what having a job bunch of time clock in doing something else sounds like a pretty good deal right now. Cuz I am physically drained emotionally drained question. Is you know? How do you stay positive, keep going when you’re so close to success as an entrepreneur we come back. I have three specific tips that I like to give luke and I want to see to break it down because I know. Z has gone through the threshold of hell to become a successful entrepreneur, and he probably goes through the threshold of hell once a month anyway, even though he is already there so stages. If I have time show chris, which card increase, what you got


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