Stoicism, Managing Humans, the 3 P’s of a Successful Business and More

Show Notes

Why does the stoic mindset always prevail in business? On this episode of the Thrivetime Show podcast, Clay Clark will be getting into stoicism, management, and what the 3 P’s of a successful business look like.

  1. How to control better the little mistakes that photographers make?
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – If you insist on perfection then you cannot scale beyond what you can personally do.
      1. If you can accept a 3% error rate then you can scale.
      1. STEP 1 – Set up weekly training
      2. STEP 2 – Set up weekly recruiting
      3. STEP 3 – Analyze your numbers once a week
    4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Perfectionism is often an excuse for procrastination. – Paul Graham
    5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Stoicism doesn’t concern itself with complicated theories about the world, but with helping us overcome destructive emotions and act on what can be acted upon. It’s built for action, not endless debate.
    6. Serenity Prayer – “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time; enjoying one moment at a time; accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it; trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will; that I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with Him forever in the next. Amen.”
  1. The balance between the business coming first and the business serving us but also listening to needs/wants of the employees?
    1. BOOK – The Gospel of Wealth
    2. The Business Exists to Serve You
    3. Business Creates Endless Friction
      1. People
      2. Product / Service
      3. Profit
  1. Am I weird if I play out all my conversations in my head (scripting my answers and theirs) before I actually have them?
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you are going to be honest then you better be funny” – Lee Cockrell (Former VP of Walt Disney World Resorts and Manager of over 40,000 Employees)
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Take a minute: look at your goals, look at your performance, see if your behavior matches your goals.” – Kenneth Blanchard (The One Minute Manager)
    3. DEFINITION – Dissonance – The inconsistency between the beliefs one holds or between one’s actions and one’s beliefs — compare cognitive dissonance.”
  1. Do you honestly believe that everyone will screw you eventually?
    1. FUN FACT – “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.” –
    2. FUN FACT – “85 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Resumes.” –
    1. ACTION STEP – How to not get screwed
      1. STEP 1 – Review your numbers weekly
      2. STEP 2 – Install call recording in your office
      3. STEP 3 – Install video cameras with 2 way audio
  1. Is it weird to think about all the conversations you had the previous day and how you could have responded differently/better?
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Take a minute: look at your goals, look at your performance, see if your behavior matches your goals.” – Kenneth Blanchard (The One Minute Manager)
    2. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 70% Of Your Employees Hate Their Jobs
    3. MYSTIC STATISTIC – Forty-four percent of adults say they either could not cover an emergency expense costing $400, or would cover it by selling something or borrowing money.
    1. What do you do when employees become entitled?
      1. ACTION STEP
        1. Step 1 – Do a group Interview every week
        2. Step 2 – Nip It in the Bud if Possible If you have replacements
        3. Step 3 – Fire When Ready
  • NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Take a minute: look at your goals, look at your performance, see if your behavior matches your goals.” – Kenneth Blanchard (The One Minute Manager)
  • NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Goals begin behaviors, consequences maintain them.” – Kenneth Blanchard (The One Minute Manager)


  1. What to do if you get a bad review?
    1. Make sure to not lament on things you cannot control
  1. Why is there endless business friction?
    1. Things that will never improve:
      1. You will always have an upset customer if you provide more than 100 products per day
      2. If you have more than 10 employees you will have someone be upset every single day.
      3. A customer will be upset every day about how much you charge.
      4. You will always be upset about how much taxes you pay.
      5. Someone will always leave a “gift” in the bathroom.
      6. Someone will leave trash on your floors
      7. Every day someone will owe you money and not pay you
      8. Every year you will be in or potentially in a lawsuit
      9. Every day someone will touch the glass and leave prints
      10. Every day someone will steal your stuff is you have more than 50 employees
      11. Every day someone will claim they were overcharged if you have 100 customers
      12. Every day your stuff will be broken
      13. Every day someone will emotionally attack you
      14. Every day someone will write something horrible about you on social media
    2. MYSTIC STATISTIC – Five Reasons 8 Out Of 10 Businesses Fail
    3. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 90% Of Startups Fail: Here’s What You Need To Know About The 10%
    4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. – Proverbs 10:4
    5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow. – Proverbs 11:13
    6. Familiarity Breeds Contempt

“In relationships, the problem is not with familiarity, but more about that to which we’re acclimating. For example, disrespectful, dishonoring, and negative energy all too often become familiar territory in relationships. These are the elements that cause contempt. Perhaps we’d be better off saying mediocrity or unhappiness breed contempt.” –

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Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the business coach universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot, as hell ppp, the cnib, the sea that was teaching piston seal trucks like to know more all right. If it’s not time show on your radio and it is clay clark in the former uss be a entrepreneur of the year and I’m joined here with my co-host today, mr. Eric church, what I bought a business coach and we have? We have some intelligence in the studio. How. Are you today, my friend I am wonderful awesome questions from drivers, 8 questions and I really been attempting to not answer these questions for like the last week, because I wanted a bundle them all up into the the same show, because I think that if I’m, not careful, I might sound negative when I answer this question, does your job is to help keep me? You know when you go to the bowling and you and your kids about your going like 5 year olds and three year olds will put the bumper to bumper to bumper’s. Keep the ball from into the gutter guard. Rail is to get us out of the gutter there, but but dr. Sibley’s managed a ton of people over the years. I’ve managed a ton of people over the years and you manage a ton of people over the years. People have cereal, so we could buy depot. We are not careful. We could go into the gutter say things like I hate people, troll better, the little mistakes that photographers make.

This is a thriver out there that has a photography business, how to control better. The little mistakes of photographers make and so I’m going to give an business coach idea. I want you to put this on the show notes, I’m, going to bat this around we’re going to battery on dr. Sibley and I can get into this okay I’ll be california. If you insist on perfection is my dick, then you can only scale beyond what you can do. If you can accept. If you can accept 3% aerate, then you can scale something. So this would be an example that I can take is not very positive for most people but like for a haircut place elephant in the room we cut hair for thousands and thousands of guys we’ve got yesterday that comes into our store, who writes on social media that I don’t care about our clients because he did wasn’t happy. He just writes i, don’t care and because he has been gifted with a facebook account. He now can write whatever he wants for the lord on high and I called the guy wasn’t sure there was no I called the guy, because I was told about it and I deal with all my burning fires on the way home. So I try to personally deal with him. If I can’t I am not exaggerating, I called the guy 30 times, and you hung up on me once and he won’t talk. Cuz he’s a champion of the keyboard, and but yet he won’t talk on the phone, so I had to go to business coach bed and get up today, hey with a stoic mindset, meaning that I can’t concern myself with the emotions of things. I cannot control and I have to focus on what I can control. So mr. Photographer out there I would say that your action item is you want to spend a ton of time training your team train, train, train, train train, that’s the training, training, training and recruiting training and recruiting training recruiting, but dr. Simony mean after you’ve trained and recruited, and then you you’re doing the best. Don’t you have to kind of like forget the rest, if you absolutely drained it to the to the best level and affection is what’s the what’s the volunteer?

Well, the balances and getting back to what you’re saying about you know these and -2 or 3% of the people that take your energy. So we got to move on. You know move on to those other 97% that are so wonderful and some fun to treat or guide over man eat or whatever the case may be right, but perfection is what I think I’ll choose me asap. So we want we want. You want to aim for perfection I’m, just trying to make sure the listeners get this michael jordan I read recently reading a business coach book called 11 rings, that’s about to phil jackson and in coaching michael, jordan and and what that was like, and one thing that phil jackson points out and in that michael jordan points out:is it michael shot about 50% from the field. So when he shot a basketball champ, he only made the basket 50% of time when a tattoo right. But yet he missed a lot of shots that could have allowed his team to win the game and he talks about how you just have to the mindset of like you. Just don’t worry about dwell upon think about the shots. You miss, but there’s a lot of people there so obsessed with perfection and they feel so emotionally down when they make a mistake that they should not be an entrepreneur in my mind, absolutely so how to better control the little mistakes of photographers make I’m, giving you the specific example so step 1 chuck will want to set up a weekly training with your team. That’s it! That’s that’s step one! Every single week right step to you, set up weekly recruiting every single week. Every single week when I ran epic photography, we recruited business coach people every week every single day every week. Every week we do it. You know why we do it because every week, so it’s going to be moving on someone’s going to graduate some was going to get married, someone’s going to get divorced so much going to move.

So it’s going to get upset business coach tummies going to take a new job and if you are building your business on house of cards you’re going to lose it. So you set up that weekly group interview. We have a lot of shows. We talked to you. We would teach you how to conduct a weekly group interview, but we do a weekly interview with all the candidates at one time, step to set up weekly, recruiting and step 3 analyze, your numbers once a week-and this is like I’m just telling you I’m teaching myself here I’m at this-is something that I am really good at now. But if i, if I am not careful, if I’m, not intentional I will let that negative, 1% or 2% upset me I’ll train people’s, like for the elephant in there. I’m, just telling me the guy who just goes on a rant about how much of a lot we don’t care about our customers. It ain’t got to me because you just kept going and going into it like defriend them in whatever well I’m saying is yeah I mean when you put your heart and soul into something and you and then people just spend the whole day complaining on social media about it. I mean yeah, that’s a little bill bill frustrating, but at the same time only if you give business coach energy to it and so i, don’t i, don’t know it. Don’t you send me whenever you know you had a complaint about an employee who work for you or you ever had a problem in the past. It wasn’t that you was your direct to work if it was an employee on your team. How did you emotionally handle that well, I have had hundreds of them boys over the years and I think that some of the people are just a joy to work with, and then you have those negative few that cause trouble and you either deal with it quickly wipe and let go of that idea and that problem or you can let it fester and it will be contagious throughout your entire office right.

So what you have to do is just nip it. Let’s get this problem done right now, get it out of the office move on, make it profitable for some knowledge bombs for you, I’m, paul graham. This is the guy who built airbnb, dropbox reddit. He says perfectionism is often an excuse for procrastination. Well, I see this a lot with. Not just aren’t even my daughter right like chill want to not go, do brush your teeth, yet cuz she’s, getting everything perfect like people want to talk about. How was not ready and I can’t launch this site. Yet I can’t go. Do this new service, yet that I know is going to be profitable and they’re really covering up for the procrastination that really just not wanting to get started for whatever reason, but they business coach label it would prefer cuz I’m. So going back to what we were talking about. If you got, you got to be able to accept that you’re around 3% error rate. If you want to scale something beyond yourself, you just have to accept to be a certain amount of air that are bladder and epic photography. We won the award from the knot.Com and you can go to website to go to epic photos., and you can see the awards who won the awards pretty much every year with exception, I think we missed one or two we won the award from the knot.Com is the best photographer, which is like the best wedding photographer in the industry every year.

But that means said this is what’s crazy chuck if we would do a hundred weddings. You know it would just ruin their wedding, like the weather. Mom would call me crying and yelling and screaming and would not stop at least one it be like 3%, yeah I’m, just saying, though. Just, that’s just how! If you’re going to wedding photography, I mean we have to talk. They’re doing their best, but if the mom feels like that, they’re not wasn’t good enough. We trained and trained and trained, but think about me how many business coach humans out there if you’re cutting hair, if i, if i, if I’m a master at cutting hair, is it likely that I’m going to cut a hundred people’s hair in a row without making any mistake at all know, it’s the mind that you have to have is stoicism and stoicism doesn’t concern itself with complicated theories about the world, but with helping people overcome the destructive emotions. So you can act on what can be acted on it’s built for action, not this endless debate. Another example offer that you did to the other day of christians out there. There was a prayer that was written many many moons ago in a lot of people say it they be there in two other books, written about scott, the, serenity, prayer I like to call the stoicism printer. But it’s the same thing. God grant me the serenity to accept the things. I cannot control the courage to change the things I can and the business coach wisdom to know the difference living one day at a time enjoying one moment at a time, accepting hardships as the pathway to peace. Taking as he did this simple world as it is not as I would have it trust in that he would. He will make all things right if I surrender to his will that I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with him forever in the next. That’s what I go back to that’s like the well I go back to and I can just tell you yesterday, cash yesterday, it was just like I was getting hammered with a hammer and just as it was absolutely pelted with complaints and one of our company.

Just just it was like the same number percentage-wise of complaints you would have, but it was a massive there’s, really violent minority who just decided to just spend their nile off just going off, y’all yeah I’ve been so again. If I didn’t have that mindset, my head would explode. You feel terrible I get draper on you when you call a blanket, so you can go to bed on your family time. That kind of stuff just gets in your head. So the idea of stoicism of being able to get over things and not be swayed by emotions throughout your day. So important as you run and grow a business and I feel every monday morning. Emotion, I feel every monday morning. You so excited to see me soon so excited to run into the business coach office and to go into the bathrooms and to see how phenomenally clean it or I took my own. It’s, like the feeling you feel before. Santa the night before christmas christmas bathrooms I agree. I, get it i, get a joy, I’m going I wonder what kind of gift they’re going to give us in chap every time I go to the restrooms I’ve discovered that the good folks at the classic janitorial service, these guys have left, does incredible incredible business coach gift, it’s classic when you’re not there and they clean that thing up. Get ahold of these guys. If you got a space that you need to get clean and stop wasting your time doing that you can get ahold of matt v, classic clean.Com, v classic clean.Com or call him at 918-671-2046 one more time it’s 918-671-2046 they’re, actually offering free cleaning of your high traffic, was going to shampoo your carpet possible. What time should I sent you 918-671-2046 these guys they work with the dupont.

They work with google. They work with new star i, don’t know, i, don’t know your own bathrooms in urine entrepreneurs, probably not your highest and best use so right to what the big companies do do it. We do call her good friends at classic, janitorial, 918-6711 2046 via 321 boom. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show have time show on the top of the charts in the category of business or business. Topics like we are dentist appointments and we go so fast that you might get motion sickness patch of the bad mosquito bites in florida. Oh, yes, tribe, nation, welcome back to the front time show on your radio when I pride, myself on making new and innovative intros. Whenever possible, I hadn’t heard that little street fighter represent. Another thing is rhyming with the word ninjas it stuff that you have to think about it. So what what fruit rhymes with ninjas its oranges, yet I have to go with us. That’s an old business coach man. That orange is the only word that has anything that rhymes with it. Easy thing to rhyme with a job is just keep throwing throw us verbal challenges. We will perform lyrical cartwheels to have no other discernible talent. That’s all I can do today about answering the eight questions that a listener listener tablet. It looks like there’s, maybe three or four listeners that just pelted us with the same kinds of questions and I think they’re great questions, but chip I want to make sure the show doesn’t become a negative show true, because all these questions involved in some way shape or form embracing stoicism.

Okay, that’s it it’s some point, I’m going to happen. I’m teaching, stoicism i, don’t like that. I just I want to be a winner and express myself and I want to talk about my passion and that’s cool. But what happens if you play football you’re going to get hit, it happens, you’re going to get hurt if you’re not tripping or you’re, going to get hit you’re going to get hurt at the part of the game. That’s part of the game, so we were trouble.. The next question is the next week? To the balance between business coming first in the business serving us, but also listening to business coach need, slash want of the employees. So what’s the what’s the balance they retire right? There’s a book called the gospel of wealth by andrew carnegie woodchuck a way to put a link to it on the show notes. Looking to paraphrase it’s a great book in the book, it should not be paraphrased. You should buy that book by the way. It’s about 40 pages, long, total, it’s andrew carnegie’s book called the gospel of wealth. You need to read I promise and ready to go so good cuz. He was the world’s wealthiest man, and so we decided I’m just going to write some things that would hopefully help aspiring entrepreneurs and what are things he talks about. It are these things called the three-piece 3-piece to the business has to have great people write great people. It also has have a great product and it also has to make a profit. So, let’s play out the situation, dr. Sibley, if you have great people, have you ever had somebody hired over the years? It feels like they’re not being paid enough of course. Yes, so, let’s just play it out, looks at your number. One goal was to focus just on your people, so you raise their wages as high as possible. Eventually, what were you going to have to do if you pay your business coach people? A lot of money? Well, you’re going to have to look at your bottom line, and maybe you don’t make any money at all and as a result of paying people lot, so you say, I’ll probably raise prices will be do that now your product or service is not viable, cuz you’re charging too much correct, and then, if you don’t have profit the whole thing guys.

So you have to have profit right and you have to go product that people love and you have to have the people. So the customer will always be irate with you. The customer will always be the most finicky of the three areas. The customer gets immediately I rate if their services, what they want they move on through the employee, is probably the second most irate if they feel like they’re, not been being paid well, they move on. But yet so true, if you don’t make a profit you’re, eventually going to run out of gas time energy and you are going to die, broke and so I’m going to focus on each one of these peas imma have chuck, go first chevy ever work with a business owner who’s. The nicest business coach person in the world and they pay their people great and they have products that are awesome, but they don’t make any profit at all and therefore they live a very sad for poverty, a life of poverty as a result of never making a profit sad because a lot of times at what I see is that it is really hard working people but they’re so caught up in the day-to-day business, they haven’t blocked out time to review their numbers weekly. So they go years and years without really knowing that they’re not making a very good profit. Now they’re trapped inside a business that they can’t get out of right out any money. It’s a terrible, terrible, doom loop have you ever seen dr. Sibley, a business owner, that’s obsessed with profit and therefore they don’t pay their people at all. Correct I’ve seen that. But you got to pay your people, but your people don’t really understand your overhead.

Just like your clients or patients right i, don’t know you’re over here. You better know you’re over yet and there’s nobody out there sympathizing with you as the owner. Nobody out, there is the oh, no one gets you, and this is this is something that I hope that the listeners you guys cannot take this idea and marinate on it and then, if it really really irritate you I I hope it’s not. It’s not like. That’s why we have the shop here to keep me out of the gutter today. The reason why country clubs have walls is to keep most people out. I thought it was the opposite to the business coach reason why I live behind a wall and the reason why I very rarely leave my house in the reason. Why is because most people do not understand my world, you and I’m not trying to convince you of it. So I was going to a church in tulsa and it says the person next to you turn to the left. Turn the right, I’ll greet somebody. Let him know how you’re doing will take 5 minutes to greet everybody before praise and worship starts. So I turn to the left to the left. There’s a guy right. There I had to fire I’m like how you doing turn to the right. A lady I had to fire her. How you doing person behind me is somebody who is a bride for the one of my business is dj connection back in the day that I dj’d for who is basically very very, very related to have with our service like loved what we did for her.

So I can’t handle the three different emotions that are going outside tap out. I told vanessa I’m going to go to the bathroom when she knows that scope I’m not coming back right, cuz I’m sitting like an enemy territory, so I go to the bathroom and I’m going to the bathroom. Tell me about man long time. Yes, I’m urinating and you don’t know me I’m standing at the urinal. Is it cool to introduce yourself to a third party like right there like anybody? Even if you do know each other, it’s not cool to really just kind of have any type of conversation to finish your business and you don’t do you avoid the nice watch, I’m, going to the restroom and i, hear hey and I’m like not looking but I’m turning around I’m talking to you so I know and I turned and there’s this guy and the guy says I want you to know. You fired my daughter and we go to the same church as you guys. Okay, and it’s just ridiculous. You call yourself a christian and you fired my business coach daughter and I hope we do after weddings, we surveyed the bride and if the bride to bride rates of photographer on a scale of 1 to 10 and 10, be the best one being the worst I get a bonus if they hit they scored high and it looks like your daughter and i, don’t know who she is, but I guess she got fired because she scored low. That’s how we do it. We fire a lot of people, so she seems to get better talk to me or better at the skill or whatever, and he just continues to go off and then I discover is it tulsa, texas, florida, san, diego places I’ve been often are filled with people that I fired. That’s what I have to do is sometimes just wear a hoodie wear dark sunglasses, because the three pieces of possible to make all three parties happy to endless cycle of friction, and that’s why andrew carnegie decided to retire and other part of business. It’s an english dorsiflexion is expenses and one of those expenses. His office supplies. All of us need to get office supplies in to go pick him up and bring him back. If you want to save business coach money and time on your office supplies, we come back from the bar i. Tell you a little bit about a good company called onyx imaging at sonic’s imaging.Com,

you guys take care of her printing supplies or office supplies. Stay tuned for drivetime show on iheartradio 321 boom. Make sure you never miss a broadcast by signing up for the drive time show podcast the answers you will ever ties. Who is the sam? You is the name of the bird that the action in must happen. Now you got to win the claw machine that has gone before you with no excuses all trap, nation think about that thought for a second, the scoreboard is the truth. If you’re running a business, how most people keep score as you keep score by the dollars in the bank, if you’re a business owner is how many dollars in the bank do you have at the end of the game at the end of the week? That’s how you keep score. I know that that’s weird-and you might say I know you care about is money. Another 3 pc got to have a product that people love. You got to have great people and you got to have great business coach prophets to end up with money in the bank, so you have to wow your customers. The most selfish thing that you could do for your bank account is to wow your customers right it true. You have to wow your customers to pay you the most, but at the end of the day you determine who wins and losses based upon how much money is in the bank. It’s the scoreboard, and that’s it that’s it. That’s all I want you to think about. I talked about before the break a little bit, but one of the ways that you can make more money is to spend less, and so, when you think about what are your number one reoccurring expense does that are not helping. You grow. Okay, i, don’t mind paying money for things to help me grow, but things that are just like dumb things things you have to spend money on. You might say you know what we have coffee.

We serve coffee for a client who would have really great coffee, but we also want to minimize the expensive possible. So forthright we switched over to imperial coffee i, like imperial, coffee, i, think the tim’s family is a great family and it made more sense for us to do that as opposed to keurig cups, cuz, it keurig cups, more expensive and imperial copies less expensive and better. Every business owner has his office supplies office supplies office, print cartridges, print toner. These are things like you have to get these things, but I don’t know if you’re super passionate about paying premium prices, but I have your day going to office depot fighting through traffic with chuck. If you want to get stuff delivered direct to you to save some business coach money, if you want to get ahold of guys at onyx, imaging onyx, imaging.Com, onyx imaging.Com, like clay, was saying, bill do sam and next day delivery price matching on your office supplies one of the big hidden cost that companies have is when their printer goes down and your ear-and it goes down, goes around comes around you’re. Losing me at the printer is going downtown, actually bring you a loaner printer for free and they will take your printer and fix that thing so that you got all these things fixed. Okay, so get ahold of him at 918-627-6611, 918-627-6611, your one-stop business shop. For all your needs, question number 3 am I weird the listener rights am I weird. If I play out all the conversations in my head skipping my answers and there’s before I actually have them, no I would say that that’s wisdom. I would say that the wisdom, I i, really am probably more of a stoic mystic. Then I share openly, except for right now. I guess:i really, really really really really really really really and calculated.

With my conversations because of his give example, vice president of walt disney world resorts, he want said to me clay. If you got to be honest, you better be funny I thought about that. He managed 40,000 employees and he says if I’m going to be honest, I better, be funny. So let me get. Let me just give example:there’s a business coach person I used to go to church with who their business is absolutely a stupid idea. Now there, a good person I separate the idea from the person your business ideas stupid. Furthermore, there lazy, if you take the combination of lazy and stupid now what is a home fellowship where they used to ask if we would pray for their business to. Let me walk you through how this would even feel honest, guys, I know, cuz their business model. I’m not kidding me make like $0.10 profit per item they sell and they would have to sell millions to ever break even or to make any kind of income at all their goals to make a hundred grand a year or something and there’s making $0.10 or working every weekend every night with this stupid product and they’re business coach lazy, and so they said at the home fellowship church, but I remember. This is just so hard from this is this is the stuff that freaks me out yet they said you had a lot of success in business. It seems like there’s an anointing on you and anointing, and so could you pray for us I’m thinking to myself is one thing to Myself:i’m thinking, there’s no way that you’re going to be successful at that business brother, more than tired from your day job, but i, absolutely absolutely absolutely absolutely get some carrots, so I can get up. You know and go get some keratin that when I’m getting carrot, that’s code for like what am I going to do. God knows if I’m lying I don’t want to lie to god cuz god.

Like me, I know what you’re doing. I’m like trying to think of what to say. I think I left a baby in my car at all I’m in the bathroom and I’m trying to like cuz. It’s do you pray at the end of home fellowship so I’m. Trying to like they’re going to have a plumbing problem. Is he’s gotta I’m in there like trying to think of ways or 9 minutes if i, if I can delay the prayer time so I’m in that bathroom and I’m flushing a lot I’m not kidding this happen. I’m flushing I have to get the sound of water to think this guy might have fallen in. What’s going on and I’m just trying to get awkward, cuz they’re going like hey, hey. Are you up you, okay there but yeah yeah, just just played some oysters. Are there? Okay, they’re can come back in 45 minutes or we’re going to go ahead and pray without you, okay! Well, if you have time, if you have to another, successful opt out of a prayer, so I’m going to have to do. Doctors have a beer at a business coach patient, it’s just making you crazy or an employee who’s, throwing the wrong, and if you were to tell them the truth, it would blow their mind it. So you have to just avoid it or how do you get those difficult situation? So I typically go get carrots and then I run to the bathroom prayer. We all have those situations where we have employees that we hope can carry the ball for us, but the biggest expense in any business is turnover of employees right. You business coach train, so that retraining breaks the continuity that you establish in your business. So I try not to fire but there’s times where you have to and when you do fire, it really cleans the air and things start flowing again. It’s right like this one bad apple is spoiling the entire barrel that works does and I would just say you need to take a minute to think about what you’re going to say before you say it:kenneth blanchard, the best-selling author of the one minute manager he said, take a minute.

Look at your goals, look at your business coach performance and see if your behavior matches your goals, because if you don’t do that, you’re going to experience this thing called dissonance and dissonance, is an inconsistency between your beliefs and your actions when you’re done having beliefs that are not flowing parallel with your actions, you’re going to feel like a feeling of guilt, and you feel bad you’re going to say things, you don’t mean and you’re going to your going to. You got a turn and you’re going to post something on social media. Regret you just you just i, just encourage your buddy out there to just be very, very measured about what you said. You can bring measured about what you say. So, yes, that is a good business coach movie, also encourage you to look at your account and make sure your numbers are on track, make sure you’re not drifting and go to hood cpas,. That’s hood, cpas. Com today, cooler than the other side of the pillow is the drivetime business coach. Show me the fuel to make you want to go with him to start up a big tomball that will teach you the system to increase ship. List to optimize self x people. Next, to me, it’s easy on staples and you can too, if you unplug the cable all right right. They should we have for answering a ton of questions today from the tribe nation. Thank you for emailing us your questions to info at thrive time, show.Com, where we insert each and every question that was emailed to us. If you email again info at drivetime, show.Com you’re going to get your question answered on the air.

If it is about business, if you want to email me about flat earth, maybe we leave that in my blue not going to go there, though. If you want to email me about recently, somebody was wanting to know whether I thought it was a good idea to go to space or not and see. When you ask these questions or opinions, you know until you get into opinions, I know clay, that’s a great idea into fact. What’s going to happen, what’s going on, I asked a question that to me I want to know:should we go to space or not, but one I’m, not an expert in space travel but I am, is i, am a business owner and I’m good at growing businesses, so I just stick in that topic, but I want to give you my answer. What’s this what’s roleplay, if I keep my answer, then you’re going to feel immediately certain way. So, let’s say absolutely I think we should go to space I mean despite the fact that our business coach country has tripling debt that is skyrocketing exponentially due to runaway government spending, and we have people that can’t read and ghetto and redneck communities all throughout the world and the fact that we have a large percentage of people that have no discernible job skills and the fact that we have people that are living under bridges and overpasses and we’re involved in a lot of conflict around the world. We should take the majority of our resources that we don’t have in print more money and spent all of that going to space. Then you would have to say to yourself:are you not aware of budgets? Do you end up yet? If I said now, we should not go to space. Now it’s a waste of time, then you would say:are you kidding me you’re killing me the spirit of innovation? That’s all I’m saying is that’s not the kind of stuff we get into. The show me get into specific best practices that will help.

You grow your business and so his next question. It’s kind of mean by like it’s question:do you honestly believe that everyone will screw you eventually now? I have said this on the show repeatedly and I will say it again, and hopefully somebody will get this idea of stinky in here 75% of employees, according to the us chamber and cbs news do what temperature they steal from the workplace and most do so repeatedly. So that’s that’s it. That’s a fact that they lie on the resumes according to ink, going to ink.Com, okay. So now that we’ve really positive things and people don’t like to think about this I want a big picture of a big arena. Good seats, 1,000 people are here today and god by the way is, is watching and we have a little electrodes on your head that will. It will basically explode on the screen if you’re lying. So we know you can’t possibly you know we have these electrodes. It’s amazing system, her, if you steal from the workplace, please stand up, stand up. You know if you said if you lie on your resume at 85%, write 850 out of the house right. That’s what that means is that now, if you hire people work, but you hire people I believe that yes, i, think everybody will eventually screw you, except for the people that never will so I would like to share positive business coach examples. Devin has worked with us devin. Will the rav4 I don’t know how long now the woolly mammoth says they don’t give any idea for your yeah basically came to work for free cuz. We weren’t hiring the time you want to work at to prove himself as a business coach coder to work for free for a couple weeks. That’s a good first step to show you have character, never screwed me and so he’s not going to cuz. That’s his character. You know I mean so you think I’ve worked at marshall for 9-year yah99, that’s john, 6 about aldi tucker right now.

So again, if the people that never screw you they’re not going to screw you, but those shady people, those people that are 75% the population of business coach people they’re going to screw your. So your job is an owner. Is the sip through that cesspool called resumes, look through the vomit called resumes and find that kernel of corn and then just eat that two-week on mystic worldview. You go back to dr. John sibley, sir. You have great people that work for you, the question religion or was do we? Do we honestly believe that everyone will eventually screw us as a business owner? Can you can you share your told you about the human race now that you hired a lot of people over the years I mean? How is that shape your worldview I think that about 5% won’t career 5% recordable. That’s going to be a bowl of optimism that I’m going to start saying, I’m going to say 5% of people won’t screw you dash dr. Johnson by 5% of the vomit, is corn, say no, it’s okay, so I just want to encourage you out there, though, if you’re it. Here’s how you keep yourself from being screwed, you go to hood cps.Com right, then I want to put these on the show notes cuz. This is how you prevent yourself from being screwed. Okay decided. Yet if you did go to see, if you guys. Com, let’s say you didn’t, you already have a different account. You need to look at your numbers every week, cuz the numbers tell the story. The numbers tell that story, you’re going to know who’s, doing a good job, so in south tulsa, where my business is in south tulsa I have an business coach employee that did their job right. 22% of the time this week went on the average the average person works for us does a 97% success rate 22% so that it’s a number thing the second movie have to do. Chapter I mean that’s all you got to do it.

You have to install call recording in your office. You have to do it because of you don’t record the calls what’s going to happen. Is it’s going to be a bad situation? That’s going to occur or who has already occurred and you’re not going to be able to show what was actually said. So you’re not going to be able to put a lot of times. Employees at work, movie or he’ll, say I was on the phone with this guy trip and trip. He says to me:i, like i, am not happy with your services and I’m very irate and I’m not. And. You sound like trevor to me a call I wanted to. Let you guys know. I was a little frustrated today and I wanted to see. If it’s, if it’s not inconvenient, i, don’t inconvenience you guys, but I want to see if I can get a business coach refund. That wasn’t happy. I’m only do this, so you go back to the employee. You say what happened to go seating man by the name of trevor. He was on the phone with an e eyeballs that was intent to go back to listen to call again play it again. I was just going to see if there’s any way possible. I might inconvenience at all, but I can get a refund that be great tomato tomahto. Then what happened actually trying to cover their own business coach tracks? Writing right. Also install video cameras tripwire having video camera, so powerful I had a client that just did this this last night and it was awesome because now she was able to leave town to a trip she had to take and she got to log onto the camera and see that guess what one person or team was not following any of the scripting.

They were talking bad. Whenever customers would leave the room, I mean come on, so she found out what was going on was able to nip it in the bud like dr. Shipley silly said earlier, so it’s it’s a huge thing and you have to do it. It’s not unethical house that I have a good friend. That is a dentist here in town now and I kind of coach him with his business plan and he put cameras in his office. Guess what happened! 28% increase in tvs patient visits. People know they’re being watched, it’s, so powerful. So you say:do you honestly think you’ll be screwed eventually now? Why don’t think everyone’s going to screw us dr. Sibley says 5% of employees will not screw you now. You know that’s a positive quote right:there, chuck, not everyone person, won’t, there’s the gutters, nothing on gutterball right there! That’s what your ours now chipotle. What? If you do, though, those cameras in your office you’re going to discover you might have an business coach employee who is a pest, but if you don’t have an actual pasta, roach emmaus I’m, a mosquito in your mojito, a snake by your lake ants in your pants up by your knees. What do you do we just hired these guys at my house, paxil platinum pass in lodi got to get hold of platinum. Pest & lawn call him at 918-376-0857. 918-376-0857 get a free, termite inspection, $200 off your first treatment, platinum. Pest control.Com 918-376-0857. Welcome back to this right time. Radio show the place where the business coach world finance all of their business, coaching and marketing solutions for less than 8:25. For our learning more and more about what are the earth is flat or not passed professional athletes you can purchase white or not, but I do care. That is not black. Does it bother you, but do you ever think about it? Oh, no i! Don’t i! Don’t understand yet I need help me help me help me help you everything that everyone is interested in i, don’t care about it, i, don’t think you need help for that.

One of your superpowers, I literally don’t care about pretty much what everyone else cares about. So it’s funny cuz like me with that. Just forget to know you, the last few years here just to cover this because I think it’s an entreprenuer. You have to care about how businesses work and you have to be obsessed about doing a good job which I think no one else cares about i, don’t think anyone else cares about this I think people view their job is like a means to an end. But it’s not something that day it says in the bible. You should work as unto the lord made the most people just don’t care at all about their job, and if you bring that mentality into running a business, it’s not going to work and I think my superpower that I did god has given me is I sincerely don’t care about anything that most people care about some of the list of things. I, don’t care about the california residents are mad by far-left i? Don’t care i, don’t care government you get smaller because it allows business coach freedom, but I can’t do nothing about I can just vote twice about another one man paralyzed fighting for his life after a coral snake bite i, don’t care i, don’t care because because chuck, because I can’t do anything about it right-and you know, there’s somebody-this is a store right now think about how many people are going to die during today show of a snake bite or some shark attack, or it happens every day every minute. Every second, you know about the snake bite. It says u.S. Jets intercept to nuke, capable russian bombers again, I have to choose not to care cuz.

It would take my joy to know that I I do know. There are russian submarines that are getting very close to our coast and has been a lot of coverage here. Chuck did you know about the nuclear submarine to do about that not a whole lot? The russian nuclear submarines have actually been seen it right off of the coast of florida. So this is talk about bombers. I mean i. Just want you to know. If you’re the president united states hats off to obama hats off the trump, how do you guys sleep cuz? You have to know all this stuff I mean every day you’re like a terrorist alert. I mean you’re, trying to talk to you before I talk to his daughters about to go out tonight today we’re going to go to that we’re going to go, watch a movie and then I present I think I’m going to go cuz. It’s like you’re, never done the constant stream of of data, carrie underwood, sad story, you know it’s just there and I think if you don’t turn off the social media chap you don’t turn off the the online interruptions in your day, it’s not possible to be successful as an entrepreneur, let alone to be thoughtful, and we have a listen to ask this. What does next question and it’s bit that sounds like it’s coming from a thoughtful business coach person who was thinking about what matters and they’re thinking about the things that they can control? What does execrate step in the right direction? To be successful, entrepreneur apps that show chuck go ahead and set. Is it weird to think about all your conversations you had the previous day and how you could have responded differently or better? With those business coach conversations with you, my friend you can you everyday I mean your you want it. You want to master chiropractic care chiropractic care in a few for how long over 25 you and you always going to get better correct every day every day.

So do you often drive home and take yourself? How could I have adjusted that patient may be better? What could I have said better? How can I encourage them more than you think about these things? Are you just as soon as you finish, work. No, i, think about those things right, I think about those things we all have to get better, but people and healthcare I mean no to people on the site. So you have to learn to tailor, make your treatment protocol or your treatment plan how to treat this patient and get their health back, and sometimes it takes a little extra time in your brain thinking about. Maybe I should do this or try this because they both have worked in the past, but that may work better for this patient and it made me work better for the other patient. Can I tell you guys what I personally like to have only 15 clients, cuz i, think about him all the time right. So the other day, I thought of a move for corey mentor with trinity employment. He has vendors, he works with, and customers that are are a big deal for him and that he wants honor them in in find a way to tell them. Thank you and remember what I suggested. Why don’t you go to the trophy store and buy a trophy that this is move? I’ve used a lot okay, I had to think about it was taking a shower, I know it’s weird, but take a shower and all that move. Somebody ask me a question on thursday I had the answer for him like monday, it’s getting ready for work on monday night, so do what you got to do, what you got to get the trophy store and you just some more order:a crazy, huge trophy for a cheerleading event or a wrestling event or bowling or business coach or whatever, and it’s going to be huge and the customer won’t pay for it or if the name is engraved in properly insert going to have that thing all the trophy stores you need to go in there and get one of those right.

That’s like a bowling trophy or something, and then at the top of it, take off the ornament that has the bowling guy or whatever and have them put on a dog. You know, and then you get my truck at the top dog trophy and have them put their name on there. So he’s like no, no, no! No! No! No! No! This is a mobius you’re crazy. We know that this move. These are moved you, okay, he does the movie his wife took a flight. Is it why, for the office, people took a photo of him, giving the top dog trophy to a guy and that customer? What do you do with a 6-foot trophy you laughing your wild, and you remember when you put you to put in your car and strap it down, I like to work with just a few number of clients person. That’s what all of our coaches, who work with us work with the maximum number of 15 clients as well, because you’re thinking about your clients, all the tilted cuz you care at the end of the day right when you’re thinking about how to get better too, because you care about the people that you work with and work for, and you want to do a good job. So I think this is a very, not weird thing:drive nation person who ask this question, but is it weird if you think about those conversations from the previous day, you know why most people spend their entire day wondering about what’s on fox news. Do you know why? That is because they don’t want to think about these things. They don’t care about their job. I am looking for a distraction that will take them away from the mental action of trying to think about their jobs. Act talk to the average american and it’s never going to change by the way.

This will never get better. You have to embrace it according to gallup and I’m, stuck with this on the show notes here:okay, we’ll be stuck here, a little happen, 70% of americans hate, their jobs 70, and you don’t show up why why 70% of americans hate their jobs because they don’t have the ambition to get out and become an entrepreneur, and they don’t have the education or they don’t, may not have the dryer and there in a mundane type of setting where they’re not really stimulated. For this, if you hate your jobs, if you hate your job, here’s one of the reasons, if you don’t need to be managed, you’ll become a manager, but if you need to be managed, then you’re going to be manager and then so it’s somebody comes up to you everyday and says:hey, hey talk that shorten me a picture of! What’s going on, you make sure you’re not typing and shorthand. We want you to write the long for me to keep using business coach acronyms I’d. Keep you cannot make up. Acronyms I need to do right here at 12:07 and your lunch break into nicer when I get home and watch a bunch of crap that I can’t control it. So I’m going to go to the casino energy energy cup energy, casino, casino distraction, alcohol, casino, then, where do the federal reserve, the average american has less than $400 saved 400. That’s a real statistic at the casino having mojitos right trying to win the evening really need anything really needy needy needy also got to lottery tickets I’ll just take i. Don’t normally do this, but I’ll take to busy guy in front of me. There’s a hilarious he’s in front of me and he’s obviously completely addicted to gambling right and he’s about my age and he’s with his kid and I’m, not I’m, not not going to pass judgment with them and I’m not kidding.

He goes where i. Normally this guy cuties like you, would you would you like anything else today, so I want to scratch whatever tonight I’ll take I’ll take 2 of those people behind him. So then I get up to the line to buy my stuff and he’s back. Cuz he’s got to get some more. Oh, my gosh I get the hummer and I’m like I like to observe human behavior I just like to enjoy people-watching so I’m watching this guy, and he just keeps doing this cycle and I’m telling you you won’t. You wouldn’t do that cycle if you’re an business coach or entreprenuer, because you would be happy to be a good steward of your finances, you would have to entrepreneurship. Teaches you so much about man! Money! Managing emotions are just so much good stuff there. But the question is:is it weird to think about your conversations you had the previous day and how you could have responded differently? No, but if you don’t you’re a sick freak, if you don’t think about how you can do better at your job, you’re you’re, just a real sick freak I mean you’re running around there without pants, dressed up like cobra commander on a tuesday. That’s what you are you’re a sick fridges with numb and dumb does not even thinking about going out if your nude bicycle rider in downtown tulsa, you’re, a sick freak I mean you’re eating wood glue. Why are you doing little your eat your eating, glue made for what you’re evil year? That would not tree what kind of guy who’s staples your mouth shut? It’s weird, your a sick break. Are you going to meet you you, but you need to do, is get it together? Job if I’m serious, though, if you don’t try, you don’t ask yourself:how can I have done my job better yesterday? How can I spoke you’re, a real sick right when you’re obviously not going to get better either?

So you are now a drift. You have no a man you’re not getting towards your goals in your life and it’s just something that you know. Dude I make it intentional right, making a plan hey on my way home I’m, going to think about these things or drink 20 minutes of my bed of time in the morning, I’m going to think about my previous day actually planted into your day. But if you do, there is no choice, but to get better I’ll be one minute manager book was recommended to me by the way, by a chick who is the head of quiktrip. He says in his book take a minute look at your business coach goals, look at your performance and see if your behavior matches one more time take a minute. Look at your goals, look at your performance and see if your behavior matches your goals, think about somebody that helps you stay in the line. Some of that helps you to not get a drift physically. That’s our good friend dr. John sibley, on today show and handsome by dr. John, sibley. Can. You get ahold of him by going to his website. At dr. John, sibley., combats, dr, j, o h, n s, I b l e y.Com or give him a call at 918-749-5741 if you’ve got back pain, neck pain, nausea, plantar, fasciitis, posture, problems,, asthma, restless would have scoliosis problems since use the contact +87-495-741-9187 for 95741 or dr. John, sibley. Com, going to have to say something to 918-749-5741. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show kick it. Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can i. Guess you can. This is click clock on the mic and can myopic focused uncle, finish and I’m focused on the mission beach, the skills and kitchen the plans broadcasted from lance to the back to the portland?

And now my friends, you got two fans need to see. It, and I’ll be to see her yes, and that would stick it like that man, damn yes, yes, yes and yes, tribe, nation! Welcome back to the drive time, show on your radio and podcast download, listen in tulsa I’m, not sure if you’re aware of this, but I wanted to tell you. Thank you. We actually are now in the top five. As of the time of this recording, that’s what I wore podcasts in the category of business in the whole world and there’s 530,000 podcasts in the world on itunes, and where are we raking right now in the world number 53 of all categories in the world in the entire world around the world around in circles like you said what that means is eyes and. You haven’t subscribe to the podcast, yet we encourage you to do so, and if you subscribe to the podcast on itunes we’re going to give you two free tickets to our next in person. Thrive time show business coach workshop now check this next workshop was our workshop by coming up here. What is it didn’t in june, 22nd and 23rd friday saturday, the 22nd and 23rd? It’s a friday and a saturday today, 15 hour workshop we have had great feedback from everybody everybody just in enjoyed. It I want to share his story cuz he couldn’t be here today, but he could be on the google writing reviews i, think he’s outside doesn’t know he was able to write reviews and because I I want to deal with this. One talk about this workshop and got to the workshop late couple hours late and left a couple hours early and spent the majority of the workshop on his cell phone. Talking to whoever in the great irony of our business is that we at the workshop as we teach you how to focus on your business phone and it’s a workshop to me.

You have to work 45 minutes. Should we take a break, he literally couldn’t take a break from making calls. He just would make calls all the time, and so after making calls quite a bit during the conference, I had to walk up to him. I said:hey, hey, boss, I was going to say i, don’t know how to bring this up to you. Try going to kind of light, here. If! You could turn off your phone cuz when you’re on the phone people in the back. You know that the here yet they hear what’s going on, only the ring thing, the buzzing dipping tingling, went into I need you to just cut, and he says I’m going to movie theater movie theater before and have somebody was at the theater who continues to make cell phone calls in the theater. It’s happens and it’s the worst, and so we do if you’re an owner like me, you kick somebody out and if you’re a troll likey you go on google and you write a bad review and so I just want to encourage you out there. Mr., you know who you are i. Thank you for it at school. As you can go on your profile, you can see all the companies use left review and none of them are organizations that really i, wouldn’t you know, probably not i, don’t know I’m, not a big fan of so I’m, just going to say that you you, my friend, thank you for being transparent and I’ve been transferred back now. We know who you are thank you, but that we talked about this. We have to answer your question to the listeners. Have they were talking about the answer, the questions that you have in a lot of questions today or are tough question? They all kind of come back to stoicism. So what’s the next business coach question? Are we going to get into what do you do when employees become entitled if three specific moves that will fix this problem? If you do the moves to fix the problem, if you don’t you’re screwed, it said his interview every week.

One do a group interview every week, I talk to a woman this week, who has a call center and she had a rep-would work with her for about a year as a call. So I was like 5 people that answer the phone in the van in her office at the medical business and she put up cameras just like we tell all of our clients to do, and she was shocked about the horrible things people said about her husband and her when she wasn’t present and I suppose, because you know they’re entitled they feel like you owe them a paycheck and they’ve never been held accountable and so she’s like. Oh, how do I fix it? I, so what you can’t fix it today, would you do to start interviewing now, cuz you’re, behind going to start interviewing, never stop. I was going to have more business coach candidates than what you could possibly know. You possibly need the second. If you want to nip it in the bud as soon as possible, if you have replacements and what doctors take me to break this down just a minute fire when ready. When ready, why do we never stop recruiting first round draft picks, I’m, always looking for a first-round draft pick now, I’ve got my pretty much a dream team. Now the dream team I have the greatest staff right now and it’s such a blessing for me, because I don’t have to think about all those administrative thing.

My head is strictly on healthcare. Yes, because everything is being taken care of what you doing, what you love right. It is, and I’ve got the dream team, but I had to work to get that we’re always looking for first round dress up to you want to nip it in the bud if possible. If you have replacements I want to make sure dr. Sibley can share this with I’m sure and you’re off. I should never gone into your office and talk to yourself. I got i, have to fight with that person, but you didn’t have a replacement yet and I’m sure you’ve never had to put up with somebody until you could buy them. I’m sure this is never happened, but there was out there who want to immediately fire people soon as they catch him doing something crazy. Why is that a recipe for disaster? Will you just can’t do that because it it it’s like a conveyor belt. Your business is like a conveyor belt and there’s a product that comes off the conveyor conveyor belt, and if you go ahead and fire someone without having a replacement, then that conveyor belt or profit or the number of patients that you see slows down. So you got to you got to think this through hey she’s, doing something or he’s doing something better than no one there. So that’s why I think the group interview is so very, very important because you’re always looking for that person. He is absolutely imperative to your business coach success that you never stop doing. That group interview stop doing the interviews. You are absolutely going to lose now chap. Why do you only have to fire ready when you’re ready? Why do dementia park, like a lot of people, are just afraid of it? You got to plug those weeds out of your garden or they will spread they’ll contaminate your culture and the wind ready part is what dr. Sibley was just talking about. If you’re, not if the company is not ready to systems, aren’t there the person to replace them isn’t trained up you’re going to find yourself to having to do that job or the ball get drafted. That’s a good way to have an endless schedule and no time for them just by flying off the handle and firing people.

Whenever you feel like it, you know, if you want to hire a contractor, that’s not going to fly off the handle. You want to hire a company to go out there and help you build your commercial building with excellence. You want to color are good friends and will.I.Am. What is will I am’s contract? Wait I think that’s williams williams williams, 511 918-682-5511, if you want to add on to your building to your guys, are going to your church, your pharmacy, whatever you’ve got there going to get you a quote within 3 days and their goal is to exceed the owners x vacation every time will dash khan.Com 918-682-5511 williams contribution agenda world’s best business workshop led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing is proof that you did it and your contact information to invoice drivetime show.Com thrive nation, welcome back to the conversation is the drive time show on your radio and I’m going to ask you. A tough question to a doctor said was right for answering the questions for the listeners today. I want to ask you a question and I want dr. Sibley to have the same question. Asked cuz I I have a strong opinion on this I’d like to like to get your take on this in our culture. Today, 88% of people read reviews, yes, previous to making a purchase 88% of people 8888 wow I mean wow, think about how I think I refused shape our decisions, we’re going to go eat what resort we’re going to go to movies movies. What price are going to buy right, but yeah I asked you the listener and I would ask you this job, but ask you the doctor said:wait:what percent of the time do we as consumers right positive reviews? We as we as consumers or me as consumers?

I personally, don’t ever write review so I would say:maybe one out of a hundred people goes out there and they become a google local guide or they’re like really into providing feedback. So a very, very small sliver of society actually leads reviews. Why? Because people are busy, people have lives. You know you go out and have an awesome, broccoli, cheese soup in a bread bowl at panera, and my first thought is not having to get on panera’s google. My listing I do my business listing you know:i can give them a 5-star business coach review. So that’s kind of you know you just move on to your day. You wrangle up your kids and you get out of the restaurant. You go to your next think. So by default, the only people out there leaving reviews are the ones that are upset because they need that cathartic release. They would they feel like they want to get that out into the world. So you do you. Let you take issue with people that write negative reviews without telling the business owner I think they should write. I, think you should tell the business owner first right. Do you think it’s unethical to write bad reviews about a company without first informing them that you were upset? So you can say whatever you want, you can ask about the legality of jacked up idea. I would not do it to wright’s beauty. It’s a bad idea for to write a bad review about a company without first having previously expressed your discontent and allowing the company opportunity to fix the problem. I really do because you’re not really giving the company a chance to explain or apologize or fix the problem.

That’s what we want to do. We want to get the problem fixed and not get a bad review. I think that people is a culture, because so few of people have a successful company statistics. Okay, 90% of small businesses fail 90% of small business start-ups. Topics of a business is over all fails percent of startups fail, but the ones who are not a start-up. They feel 80% right. Think about that. 90% startups fail, 10% 15% that are still left. Almost none of those companies ever make a profit, so you have like two to three percent of the american businesses out there ever make a profit, so it’s very rare that you’re going to find a successful company and I think that, because most people have never built a successful company, they immediately go off on businesses and they forget that the families at the business supports and they forget the hard work, the owners putting into it, and they just immediately get up there. I’m out judgement and I was social media and all the different things are out there. People are allowed to write whatever they want with zero and it would if it was zero accountability. Do you do you want me to read like a tulsa, world article or you’ll watch a youtube video, your notice, like just a horrible, hate-filled speech that follows these article to be seen these things? Yes, does it bother you, of course it does, but I leave business coach reviews but I leave a review when I’m allowed nice buy something, but I don’t leave a review. A negative review because I want to get to the manager. I will go to the manager and talk to him and say:hey, look. We can make this place better right. We can make it a lot better if we’ll just serve your patrons better. Think that way, and so I would just tell you that you’re listening right now is a business owner and you’re going gosh I have a bad review. That guy attended my conference on his phone. It was on his phone and he would not stop getting on his phone and he was complaining and he was you can’t let it take. Your joy write any of your joy.

Even 1% of your driving, if you let it bother you at all, and you screwed up and actually scaled a successful company you’re going to have a hate parade, I’m serious, like you’re, not if you-and that was the hardest part for me of growing dj connection-was knowing that if we did a hundred weddings a typical weekend, we would do a t at the peak 80 weddings. So that’s one or two out of three percent right I would screw up one example:there was a lady who worked at a local bookstore is a big prominent bookstore and I love buying books to the bookstore and I said:hey. What’s going on in first grade sentences that way can I help you I said yeah I’m. Looking for this book, I go get the book number. What book it was by go, get the book and come back and we’ll check out and there she is a bride that we provide. Entertainment for and I’ve been in business for about 4 years. At this point, so I said:hey megan how’s it going over her name, megan how’s it going you ruined my wedding. Alexis, a line of customers I’m like well I’m, really sorry, I mean I’d, be happy to give you a refund or just no, no, no you’ll get what you deserve. I told everybody:how much I hate you and your business coach company and I’m like okay, I’d like to give you refund it’s not about a refill. You can’t redo it wedding, just continue to slam them. I realize. If she’s going to hang on to that for the rest of her life, then I can’t do anything about it, but I at the time. I didn’t realize that right away so for weeks, I tried to call her lamenting return, make it right and she wouldn’t let it be right because she doesn’t want it to be right because she wants it to have no solution. She wants it to be an endless grind, because she is not happy with her job. She wants to take the joy out of my misery, loves company right. It does love company until I just wanted to tackle another somebody. After listening to we say what I also immediately as soon as I see a bad review.

My immediate thought is, and then let it go, I give myself like 5 seconds and it’s just something:i had to learn over time and we come back from the break up with the endless friction of business. Because of you run a business. You will never get to a place where there’s not friction and I want to talk about the three sources of friction that never end i. Think I could be helpful, for somebody also I need to get that oil change. Chucky is at so much friction your engines kind of burned up the battery issues, the transmission problem, all that grinding, your heat and air systems are worn out. Your suspension and alignment needs needs some more. It allowed to go visit, our good friends at rc, auto, specialists 918-872-8115 is 918-872-8115 or you can check them out at rc, auto, specialists., com, rc, auto, specialists,, again 918-872-8115. You guys have been in business. They got combined 80 years of experience for all ford powerstroke diesel repair get ahold of those guys 918-872-8115 right next to the world. Last video store in the family video off elm in broken arrow. To claim your tickets to the drivetime show today and erected business workshop for free. All you have to do is to subscribe to the drive time show on itunes, leave it at ejected review and send his confirmation and in drivetime.Com to claim your star international star registry, alright trap. Nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the thrive time show on your radio, and there were answering questions that you, the listeners have been asking and in some of these questions are just their inherent when they could come across as negative, be like to show me with positive uplifting and so we’re going to do here. Jobs I might have to break into song. You know matt midler from a distance.

The ocean meets the sea and it has richard I have no idea do do do do i, believe I can fly, I believe I have to get into like all positive stuff. In his final question is this is kind of a dark question. This is like the darth vader. It’s real, though. Why is there a list? Business friction the darth vader I want you to put this on the show notes. All the listeners can embrace this. These are things that are never going to improve on the fire loft and it says it’s going to happen. You’re always going to have an upset customer every single day. If you provide more than a hundred services a day or product today, every single day you have an upset customer, that’s what to every single day. If you have more than 10 employees, you will have one of them that is upset about something they could be upset with the other co-worker they could be upset with the weather. They could be upset that how come some gets paid more, but they’re always going to be upset. You have a business coach customer. That’s always upset that you charge too much. Regardless of how low you charge. You can put you can’t lower your prices low enough, you cannot. You cannot you’re always going to have frustration about how much taxes you pay I want to explain this to listeners. The trump tax cuts recently cut taxes, or did they thought so travel? You need to go to write off your travel when you do to a business trip you get to go. He can write off entertainment and travel. That was a thing they’ve removed and large part the ability to do that as part of the tax cut, also because of my income and where I’m at I actually pay more taxes, so I could be upset about it, but instead I still look the embrace.

What I cannot control I am so I cannot control, but there’s more than more things, somebody’s always going to leave you a gift in your bathroom. If you have more than 50 employees, I went to the bathroom at a job after classic, clean and clean that thing and check for you in there. In the day of the nausea, were you in there jeff for the sit at the smell was yes, I can just smell no I’m explaining how life works folks this? If you’re the public restrooms call the courtesy flush when you’re doing what you do you flush as you go. This is just got to know somebody left a gift and it was so horrible smelling right and then, after someone left now this is what happened. I deal with this, then somebody else came there and stacked stack again. Yes, i! Would you do that? What is ryan I’m saying it happened to every month? Other example. These are just things gift stacking somebody. Somebody leaves toilet paper or trash on your floors. Every day it’s going to have their, never they’re, never going to stop you never going to stop it every day you can have a customer, owes you money, but doesn’t pay you every day, they’re not going to pay every year, you’re going to find yourself in a lawsuit or a potential lawsuit, or somebody threatening legal action, because of something that they are wrong about every single day, someone’s going to touch your business coach glass and leave marks on it, because they’re glass touchers everyday someone’s going to steal your stuff. If you have more than 50 employees, lot of headphones actually watch the game camera years ago, put on the headphones and then walk out of the building wearing them. Amazing big headphones, like the ones i, have on right now, every single day, every single day, if you have more than a hundred customers one’s going to claim, they were overcharged every single day, if you’re more than a hundred customers, someone’s credit cards going to be declined and they’re going to pretend like they didn’t know about it, they’re never going to come back and pay you every single day.

Your stuff is going to break someone’s going to drop your camera and break like a $700 812 newland I left one of my hobbies. I love every single day. Every single day, every single day somebody is going to emotionally attack you every single day, every single day, sooner teams going to try to miss a deadline every single day, something to write something horrible about you on social media, horrible about you. If you have more than a hundred customers a day, so you want success, i, say:promotion equals problems, so you want success. I, say:promotion equals problems. So you talk about success. You want success, you want you want success. You want to grow that business I’ll grow your business I’m not worried about, though I’m worried about growing you because you, the kind of business coach person you have to become to run a successful company that has to happen before the successful company you got change of the person. Proverbs 10:4 would Say:i’m writing this to you lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. This is another proverbial quote:proverbs 13:11, dishonest money do windows away, but whoever gathers money little by little mix grout. So dr. Sibley, if you had started out as a chiropractor day one and you were giving the client load the patient load that you have now from day.

One could you mentally handle it when you day one? If you started hate day, one I start my business office and have huge staff, no experience I would probably made everybody mad. They would have had to wait. It’s a learning process success as a learning process and as you grow thank god. You learn those skills that you can handle more and more people efficiently. Okay and that’s why they come back. Are patients your clients? They vote with her feet, right, ass, walk out and never come back. So if you would have dr. John, sibley. Com, dr, john, sibley. Com, you can learn more about dr. John sibley. That I would encourage you to go in there and just see it see the process see the mechanism see how he’s chiropractic business runs. An inch up. I had a really really weird friday. Can I would like to just share what happened on friday with you, dr. Sibley, the youtube friends, the top 5 all podcast listeners, an itunes, keep it private. Okay, I’m excited about this private conversation, private conversations that happened and I will share in a big way. So don’t you guess who they are okay, but is that a person who I helped them go from a start-up to being a multimillion-dollar business and they don’t work anymore at all cuz the system in place? They, let you don’t have to work true story and this person began crying and I said what’s going on and she says:i don’t have a purpose and I said I thought it was like getting time. Freedom and financial freedom, but I have it. I literally do not have to work anymore at all and I don’t know, because only so many vacations I can do and I just i, don’t have a business coach purpose and I said you need to think about your f6 goals. Your goes to your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship in your fun weekend, put it on paper and put into the counter just true story:just haven’t not exaggerating, probably 3 hours later and I don’t have it i. Have this talk probably once a year of the clients what they help a client get the massive success at always, it goes there right. No less than 3 hours later somebody else same situation, then I went out for lunch and probably one of the craziest, maybe coolest craziest conversations ever a person that I know very well reached out to me and Said:i’m going to lunch is that okay, they said hey I would like for you to take over my company I’ll just give it to you, and you can just pay me true story.

It’s a huge company, yeah I’ll, just give it to you and you can just pay me residually cuz I can’t handle the emotional stress. I cannot handle the complaints. I can’t handle the firing and I’d like to just have you take it I’m, so I’m going okay, okay and I know this person well right, but I honestly think that their emotional health, it’s the best thing in the world and I said:let’s think about this, because it would make sure you’re making a wise decision. You know it’s not, but he thought about it a lot and it was like a long time. So I honestly think it’s going to happen. I think I’m going to run cuz. It’s just like it’s, not the person, the bad person, it just grew toothache, roof too fast. Emotionally, the quality of the work is there, but they just emotionally can’t handle that. It’s okay, if you’re listening out there today and you’re going to cash, it I need help emotionally managing people you’re, not alone. That’s a huge reason. Why I’d encourage you to book your tickets to our workshop at cuz? We walk you through that and let me see what I know the way I go. The way I show the way I’ve been through it. I’ve been screwed dr. Sibley, sprint, screwed, chopped and screwed I want to rendezvous with you to help you become successful and to keep your head from exploding. I’ll just take your medication works plugged in, but you can find a business coach podcast you, video trainings, the workshop tickets and the one-on-one business coach. All their thrive time should I come as always


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