Strike the Shepherd and the Sheep Will Scatter (The 48 Laws of Power Broken down – Laws 41 & 42)

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Learn laws 41 and 42 of the best-selling book “48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene in today’s business podcast taught by Clay Clark.

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Law 41: Avoid stepping into a great man’s shoes.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “What happens first always appears better and more original than what comes after. If you succeed a great man or have a famous parent, you will have to accomplish double their achievements to outshine them. Do not get lost in their shadow, or stuck in a past, not of your own making: Establish your own name and identity by changing course. Slay the overbearing father, disparage his legacy, and gain power by shining in your own way. – Robert Greene

  1. George Foreman’s Net Worth – According to Celebrity Net Worth, Foreman’s net worth as of March 2017 is $300 million.


  1. People will always compare you to who was previously in this person’s place.
  2. Osteen was born in Houston, Texas. He is one of six children born to Pastor John Posteen and his wife Dolores. Joel’s father started Lakewood Church and Joel Osteen has grown it from 5,000 members to 43,000 members.
  3. John wanted his son to preach, but Joel did not want to and was hesitant about preaching.
  4. He finally agreed to preach for the first time on January 17th, 1999, and his father died 6 days later of a heart attack.
  5. His mixture of self-deprecation, positivity, and sticking to his proven sermon formula have produced great results for the church. In 2003, Joel and Lakewood Church bought the Compaq Center from the NBA’s Houston Rockets. They spent $105,000,000 on renovating the building. They added 5 more stories to the building to ad seating capacity. They opened in 2005 with an attendance of 56,000 people.

Law 42: Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Trouble can often be traced to a single strong individual – the stirrer, the arrogant underling, the poisoned of goodwill. If you allow such people room to operate, others will succumb to their influence. Do not wait for the troubles they cause to multiply, do not try to negotiate with them – they are irredeemable. Neutralize their influence by isolating or banishing them. Strike at the source of the trouble and the sheep will scatter.” – Robert Greene

Action Step – RIght down the names of your employees

  1. List out if they are a positive or negative influence on your office or business.

Use for good:


  1. Pulling weeds will keep them from spreading and killing all of your intentional vegetation.
  2. If you have a cancerous growth, most people cut it out and they don’t have a feeling of nostalgia for the very thing that is killing them.


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Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business coach school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot and I still see the sea and the sea that was teaching mrs. Fields trucks like to know more alright. By me, she won’t be back till it’s. My time show on radio and podcast download, don’t show what we are doing is we are breaking down the 48 laws of power from robert greene book written by robert. Greene is international, best selling a book that teaches you the power moves that people have used throughout history to gain power, and so one of the things that I have found as I as I read this book read the book. The first time I might be was going through. My head was well that’s awful, but then you read the history and you realize it’s not his opinion. He just siding what people have done to achieve power throughout history, then I was trying to explain it to a friend, and this is how I explain to him. I said you know that the program called. Dare it’s busy helping people that the kids are the dangers of drugs write? The purpose of the program was to make sure that you was a student, wouldn’t fall into drug use and abuse, and so that so they try to show you the most shocking images of people who are doing methamphetamines are different drugs or things that caused them to die at a young age.

They tried to show you pictures of people that smoke. Yeah. They did that time. Ever like my senior year in high school, they took us all to a prison just to kind of scared straight or whatever show you what it was like to get arrest as an effective for you as a business coach, I mean i, wasn’t planning on getting arrested. Are you really I would want to be there? That’s for sure, so that you and you don’t use them I mean, don’t don’t use a move that conflicts with the the moral compass that you have of me. Don’t don’t do that, but also be aware of the people around. You are always doing these movies, power movies, passive-aggressive things and so I’m going to teach you the moves of any of these moves conflict with your morality to do a bit if they are in line with your morality, then do them and I will tell you if they’re in line with my morality or not. So what is the next law of power? Law number 41 says avoid stepping into a great business coach man, shoes, and so he goes on to say what happens. First always appears better and more original. Then what comes after? If you succeed a great man or have a famous parent, you will have to accomplish double their achievements. To outshine them, do not get lost in their shadow or stuck in a past. None of your own making. What’s your own name and identity by changing course, slay the overbearing father disparaged his legacy and gain power by shining in your own way. This is new member. How there’s that scene from star wars nope, never swear darth vader is is fighting with obi-wan kenobi and obi. Wan kenobi is a.

He was a jedi foes. You aren’t familiar with star wars I would be. Is it obi-wan? Kenobi was kind of like the ninja master he’s kind of like mr. Miyagi, you know for karate kid master splinter from the ninja turtles named anakin skywalker ends up becoming darth vader darth vader says he says:obi-wan is it first, I was the learner. Now I am the master and obi wan kenobi famously says you’re, only a master of evil darth and it darth vader kills him. He slays his overbearing father figures and ready to kill him. Obi one says:if you, if you strike me down, darth I’ll become more powerful than you could possibly imagine, and what he was saying was when you kill me, I’m going to go to a metal level because with people who use the force pay go to like the the star wars version of heaven, where they can now telepathically communicate with everybody. So it’s like they become actions more powerful and they died, and so I would say is that as a as a judeo-christian? This is how I process the world so I sincerely do think this way. So I’ll make sure you get this. That’s why that movie resonates with me and I get. It is if somebody did kill me and this body and this flash I believed I go to another level called heaven a higher level of consciousness, a closeness to to god and I believe that at that point, I am in heaven, because that’s my belief of that is not a my judeo christian belief is not a suggestion to me. It’s not a feels good I’ll. Try it out for a while. I did not believe in christ. Until my business coach son was born blind and 2007, and my when you’re sweeter, kids, blind and you’ve been to the dean mcgee eye, institute and you’ve been to dr. Groves office and you been to the different places that you’ve been told by everybody that your son is never going to see again you get kind of desperate, and so why did was I picked up the phone to call my wife as a business I think we need to take a little time out and she said what you mean. I said I’m having some breakdowns, not at the office. I. Don’t think people have seen me do it, but I’m having breakdowns like in the parking lot and on the way home and I just need to go to away and she’s like really cuz I had never go on vacation, so we drove to florida, which is like a 2020 1 hour 18.

Our trip sound like that, and we were at sam’s, club and I’ll. Never forget this I’m at sam’s, club and I am checking out at sam’s club’s kind of place where you go and I used to just let the sample I’m. Like looking for samples, don’t need to know and I try to buy everything. I can in bulk I love sam’s club in there, because there was a sample of what used to be really generous samples. It’s kind of fun thanks, I go in there and I I mean like a sample of a pretzel or something I’m sure i, look to my right and I see a copy of a book called god in my corner by george foreman, which I believe is on my shelf somewhere and I could be wrong, but I believe I have a signed copy of the book. But I said we supposed to get the book and she said well. Why don’t you get the book and I said to myself? I, don’t want to get that back as soon as i. Don’t know, i, don’t know if I want to get it to you, it’s not a financial thing, and she goes. Why don’t you want to buy the book? I said:i i, just i, don’t know that I want to get the book. I i, just cuz I’m, not into religious books. At this point in my life and so I reluctantly, I said I feel like I need to get the book. Why do you need to get the book? I said why no george foreman was like a very violent mean person and according to what I’ve heard, he’s now a pastor and he actually smiles in his commercials and he’s like a nice lovable guy, but he was like known literally. This is a true story:george foreman, after the fights after he would fight in in the business coach boxing ring. He used go to bars and would start bar fights, and we try to take out as many guys as he could poor souls, and he said that he just absolutely was in the fighting cuz. He was so hateful and so and vanessa’s reading the book to me out loud while we’re driving she’s reading the book out loud while driving and in that book, george foreman explains that his cousin went in his. Where is nephew, went into a coma, and so he was not a christian and he said before his fight use his going to box that night. He said if you will heal my cousin:i will retire from boxing become a pastor, and but he said it like under his breath to himself known her. So then he gets a call, but it was before cell phones, they say, georgie I take this call. He gets the call and then the locker room, and he said george your nephew just came out of the coma and they’re like he was just now, because just now it goes yes, but instead of feeling like this overwhelming jubilation excitement realized.

My boxing career is over, so we went out and tried to fight in during the fight he lost, and he said he goes. I feel like I didn’t have any business coach strengths and he was like weird is:if I have like it’s almost like I had people that debt for certain diseases that will just wear down your immune system in the people that have aids. It’s like this, that can’t fight disease is good. I just feel like I didn’t have any energy at all, like I was just like dad out there and his trainer says why, and he says this truth or he says I think jesus christ has died, for my sins, I have to retire, and then it’s just like what so he retired from boxing and he becomes a pastor. Now he calls his manager to make sure that he has the funding available. Cuz he’s already been with saving his whole career. He finds out that his manager spent everything. Oh my gosh. She literally has no money, but yet he just retired, so he says well. Maybe I can do abc123 trying to her professions, not good at anything else, so he works down there in houston texas and become he’s e-zpass trees fulfilling his calling. They said, after about 3 years of being a pastor ministering to the homeless, in the people in houston that he feels, like people forgot his ministering to the people that no one wanted the people that can’t tithe the people that can’t give the people that aren’t the soccer moms he’s ministering to people that can’t give back. He says at that point:he gets a call from nike and they said they were shooting a commercial with bo jackson call the bono’s series and we want to see if you can be in it and he goes okay. Yes, yes, yes, I’m going to do it, then he gets a call from meineke in executive for meineke, says i, love that you smiled in that commercial. Like? Can you do that again? Cuz he’s known as being a super serious guy, so he signs the longest endorsement longest-running endorsement deal in american history with meineke parts. Then he gets a call from another guy said:i love your personality and those commercials I have a a grill, that’s really not doing well, no one will buy it and I’m calling the lean mean. Grilling machine and I can’t sell any units at all. I’ll make you a partner like I’ll. Make you an equity guy i. Don’t have any way to pay you up front, but I can do the deal. I could give you a percentage of all the sales and george’s wife says you got to do the deal I’m not going to do the deal on some tv commercial hawk and grill or selling for reals I’m.

Not going to do you need to do in georgia that long story short that grill sold so many that george buy mini estimates. You can even google george foreman net worth will put on the show notes, but many people believe that george foreman is worth over three hundred and fifty million dollars today. As a result of that deal, so I read that book and that book I said.. If you help heal my son I’ll, become a christian and I’ll sell the dj business I’ll. Do it I’ll focus on helping people? You know learn how to grow businesses I’ll, do it? I will become a christian if you will heal my son and we’re down there in florida and I’m reading a jack welch’s book straight from the gut with my yellow highlighter highlighting the book. I know that that book is on my shelf here somewhere, but I’m reading that book I’m reading the book. My son grabs my highlighter, my blind son grabs my highlighter, the business coach highlighter. He grabbed the highlighter out of my hands and he looks at me for the first time in his little baby life and he makes eye contact with me and he smiles. It’s awesome and I told vanessa he’s seeing a run on the beach. He can’t see. I told you he’d see, and so that is why I sold dj connection, and that is why I moved on to career to point out that we come back we’ll talk about this, because somebody had to step into my shoes when I sold the dj business to them and then I had to move into a new part of my career to at law. 41 avoid stepping into a great man shoes. It doesn’t have to be sinister thing where you slayer master, but it is difficult when you step into a great man’s shoes. When you succeed, anybody stay tuned. Welcome back to the thrive time show have a business question. Email is today and info at drivetime. Show.Com time show on your radio and podcast download out there who’s not familiar with what we’re talking about today.

The 48 laws of power robert greene book, the 48 laws of power, and you know but I think what you said:cuz, maybe half of these laws you and maybe agree with about half of them. Maybe not really just disagree with more than half I totally could use some the morality of them right so don’t employ those and then the ones that and that you agree with your morals on these things and you can employ them, but use all of them as a sort of an inoculation of vaccine, a shield against people using. So we want to give you this knowledge so that you can stop people from using these on you, your teammates, your business at excetera, aggressive behavior, is so common people are always trying to do it. Why were they need to do to get that power of the gi joe as a kid? The one thing that made the shows hilarious, but also the thing that made the show is so true-was that cobra commander always had a new get-rich-quick scheme. Demon patty said we are going to america by teaching the people this soda drink that they will drink was absolutely change. The wiper blade drinking it has a hypnotic singing it anymore, cause I’m too tired to even industrials, always like it’s kind of like a big bruiser has a metallic business coach head and he’s always been weak. Cobra commander rolls out at a soft drink, that’s filled with some addictive mind, washing chemical or whatever, and then it doesn’t work and then he’s like will never hear the end of this gi joes and he just keeps going on and on. She always has that move to try to take over the world. If you ever watch austin powers, it’s hilarious, but you’ve got dr. Evil and his entire ordeal. His entire goal is to do what to take over the world all right now we’re going to take over the world and you how we’re going to do that. Many me we’re going to do so later and he’s just always into it, and it just there’s I know it’s there funny but they’re funny, because they’re so true right.

The people like that there are people like that, all the time so notable cordless excerpt from the 40 48 laws of business coach power and then read law 41 to us one more time into a great man’s shoes and the excerpt is what happens. First always appears better and more original than what comes after. If you succeed a great man or have famous parent, you will have to accomplish double their achievements. Outshine them do not get lost in their shadow or stuck in a past not of your own, making establish your own name and identity by changing course. Slay the overbearing father by shining in your own way, glee i, would advise my clients not to kill their own father. That portion of it, but I want to understand this. But I sold dj connection to jason bailey jason had worked for me. Work with me started off as an entry-level dj work. His way up into the call center works way up to a manager and then I’ll do it the owner when he did that there was absolutely no way that he could ever be me. Furthermore, he had to be the best he that he could be in the chair jesus days to figure out what make what made dj connection great and what do we need to keep. But what are some things that I did that are not replicate, able and I would say my sense of humor and passion for entrepreneur, entrepreneur ship are not replicate able, because my sense of humor is it’s all about like knowledge, bombs and observations that really aren’t funny at the time, but will make you laugh later that day so difficult people say dude.

You said such and such in a meeting and then headed noon. I got it and I started laughing because that, at the workshops, a lot to steve martin excuse me I would like for you to read the story of joel osteen that I’ve written here for the listeners, because joel osteen, in my mind, absolutely did the best. When he took over for his father. He succeeded father absolute best way. Possible I was born in houston texas children born to pastor john osteen and his wife, outdoors jones father started lakewood church and joel osteen has grown it from 5000 members to 43000 number. He grew up to have 5000 members and his son has grown it to 43000 members continue jump, john wanted to send a braids, but joel did not want to, and I was hesitant about why he was a video ographer. Oh really yeah. He ran the production, he did the video to the production and he was nervous about getting in front of crowds and he frankly was a big fan of his dad. He saw his dad was awesome and he thought there’s no way that he could. We get out shine his father and i. Don’t think the thrivers know this is broken. Faith highway, I will result of angels and business coach commercials and john osteen one of our clients. He was one of my clients who’s, the guy that we worked with and he ran commercials there in houston. Texas continue for the first time on january 17th 1999 and his father died 6 days later of a heart attack about that. So your dad is a pastor of a church and you don’t want to speak, but your dad’s, please do it. Please I promise I promise you that you have what it takes to speak six days later, his dad dies and he did not go to seminary. It was not trained as a minister back to his mixture of self-deprecation positivity and sticking to his proven sermon formula have produce great results for the church in 2003, joel and lakewood church bought the compaq center from the nba’s houston rockets, that’s crazy.

They spent a hundred and five million on renovating the building. They added 5 more stories to the building into to add seating capacity. They opened in 2005 with an attendance of 56000 people, so he’s done very, very well, but he hasn’t tried to be his father right, but he does have a formula and I would encourage all the listeners to go. Watch just one just watch one joel, osteen, sermon and I’ll. Tell you how it works, starts off with really enthusiastic praise and worship comes out. There tells a ridiculous joke that you was not funny talking like that. He makes fun of themselves. This morning. One guy, says ouch, and then he gets into his call to open your bibles p, preaches a sermon and encourage everybody to find a church home and if you’re, ever in the houston area, to come visit him to strike the shepherd and the sheep will. Scatter trouble can often be traced to a single, strong, individual, the stir the arrogant underling the poisoned of goodwill. If you allow such people room to operate other supposed to come to their influence, do not wait for the troubles they cost multiply. Do not try to negotiate with them. They are irredeemable neutralize. Their business coach influence by isolating or banishing them strike at the source of the trouble and the sheep will scatter actionable I would encourage all the listeners if you own a business, to write down the names of your teammates. The names of your employees read and write down where there a positive or negative influence on the company and I would just say this pulling weeds will keep them from spreading. You know, sometimes you have to pull a weed because there’s a weed in your office, that’s spreading its it’s going to kill your intentional vegetation. The weeds are going to kill the produce you’re trying to pro sprite. So if you have a cancerous growth, most people cut it out and i. Don’t have a feeling of nostalgia for the very thing:that’s killing them right and you should have the same approach to your business and people are killing your business. You should pull them out of your organization. We come back or talk about law 43. What’s the law that I a hundred percent endorse, not an aa nefarious kind of way, but I hundred percent and doors law 43? Because, if used correctly, it absolutely has the power to transform lives and organizations


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