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Join us as business coach Clay Clark breaks down the next section of best-selling author Napoleon Hill and the book Think and Grow Rich. If you are looking for the best business podcasts, the Thrivetime Show  is for you.

My name is Clay Clark and the former ussba entrepreneur of the year and I’m joined here today with the tallest business coach. I know a man who does not look down on his client, so no he coaches them up, but he’s a very tall man, Marshall Morris. Or how are you super tall and super not on DayQuil today you know what I’ve had enough DayQuil to kill a goat. Today, but I am, I am back I’m here and point during the broadcast. I pass out just leave you alone I’ll just pick up. I want to know that I went out while I want to know that if I had to choose how I die so I doing the broadcast and they just leave me there on the floor until the radio break until the radio until you get to the show Of the end of the show, the podcast put up on the podcast player after it’s been the podcast player, and you got me focused on getting it out to the right people and make it your tie and tie Vinny move my body out, and then you you. I would like to tell my kids: I seen a lot of people want to do. They talk about open, casket or closed-casket. I just want to be cremated.. You talk about your kids about all the time. Yeah I tell him. I want to be cremated and I want to be shot up in a firework, while the song Firework by Katy Perry’s playing really cuz. It’S the thought. It was total eclipse of the heart that you wanted to know. What I want is when, when people are seated, I want roll out the barrel, the Beer Barrel, polka song, played as guess or seated cuz. I’Ve heard so many people who are bad comedian say why was it important for a funeral here? I love. You have a bad, it could be level comedian kind of warm up the crowd. Yet you don’t even want a good comedian now and then I will look like at 8 level, comedian. That goes a second okay and then I’d like to have a really passionate speech by a southern baptist kind of a TD Jakes kind of guy, and I only shot up into a firework Saigon. One client real quick and he actually shared with me that he had the opportunity to go down to see TD Jakes for New Years, leading up to the New Year in the countdown he said it was one of the most amazing things that he’s ever seen in His life he loved it, he loved it.

At least we got to go breaking down, Think and Grow Rich. The 1945 edition of a classic book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, where Napoleon Hill is teaching the success principles that he spent a lifetime Gathering. He studied some of the world’s most successful people during his life and times, and he broke down their systems. Their moves are strategies into the book Think and Grow Rich I’d like for you to break down this excerpt from the book. Here we go, but the successful application of the business coach six steps does call for sufficient imagination to enable wanted to see and understand that the accumulation of money cannot be left to chance good fortune and lock. One must realize that all who have accumulated great fortunes first, that a certain amount of dreaming hoping wishing Desiring and planning before they acquired money who’s talking about he saved that you have to there’s a lot of planning dreaming. Hoping wishing sorry there’s a lot of stuff that happens behind the scenes that people don’t maybe see at the surface, can you talk about observing successful people and maybe how all the stuff that happens below the service that people don’t see? What was the law of the iceberg? Okay, let’s pick on Steve Currington for 500 green Lamborghini people love to see it when people love to see it and, in fact, regularly will have candidates come in for a group interview they’ll be like who drives the green Lamborghini. Oh, my God, that’s impressive! I want to go. If you want to meet him, you can actually meet him up here at 4:35 in the morning. You can he’s here every morning at 5, 430 or 5 and they’re like what and they’re like. This is incredible that you actually up here at 4:05 in the morning, but nobody sees that right. They see him driving around, maybe to dinner or to go out to a movie or enjoying the time, Freedom that he has now that he’s grown a successful business. But what a lot of people don’t see is the time that being put in behind the business coach scenes. The effort that’s been put in behind the scenes of resources, the things the all-nighters. Why don’t most people see the all-nighters well cuz they’re happening at night when people see, if you want to see these things, the larger part of Iceberg, every single business owner that I know has put in the hours outside of the time that everybody else is in Order to achieve the wealth that they have a free copy of our book, a start here. So if you’re listening to the show right now, you can get a free copy of free, ebook copy, free download of the start here book. It’S it’s the world’s best business book. It’S a compilation of the world’s best business books all into one easy to read easy to digest book and it’s free to download for you right now. It’S listening now! If you download the book it’s about 550 pages long, it’s a it’s an Amazon, a bestseller, but the thing about that book. That don’t think a lot of you realize is it will take you probably just to read it cover-to-cover.

I don’t even know how many hours I mean. What would you bring that 550 page book to really be paying attention when you’re reading them until I could 25 hour weed and 25 hours is a 30-30 Maslow reader? I know that I’ve read the book Mastery by Robert Greene and I am reading it again and I’ve spent like basically the last 3-4 months reading the same book – that’s probably closer to 6 months, but I’m obsessed with the book and I’m really getting into it. Because I realize that that’s what I do, I really look stupid to master something, and I am curious about other people who don’t want to move on to the next gig cuz. It’S not normal to want to stay on the same gig and I want to learn more about people who want a Mastercraft and that’s why I’m reading that book will start. Here, though, is there people want to master entrepreneurship, but it’s a 550 page book which means to read it could take you 30 40 hours, I’m going to ask you you and I worked on it together. How many hours do you think he clocked on that thing? I mean just time what you put into writing that book. Maybe no one sees it was about 16 hours a week, 16 yep for about 2 months, right so 8 * 16 over a hundred some odd hours. I feel like this is my thing I feel like. I did I started, did I start it and I sent it to you and then you sent to me. Then we started yes, okay, so I think I might have just a little bit more than you on the book. Maybe no maybe 30 % more, but I bet I wrote it send it to you. Then you added to it right and then I wrote it sit back and you wrote, wrote wrote The Challenge. The challenge. Is it 16 hours a week right? But that’s not my job, nor does that your job. Nor do we have time to go, or is that your second right, and so we did it during the week hours of the morning in the time when other people are sleeping, we went, we wrote the book and now so many people get the book and they Say, oh my gosh, this book is phenomenal. Wait we went. We actually just got a business coach

commitment letter. So at the beginning of the book, there’s a commitment letter to say: hey. This is going to be the year that I implement the things falling in this book. I’M not going to read this without actually applying this to my life, bring the books to apply with your honey, that’s right, and so there’s a commitment letter that somebody just submitted to info at 5:15. Com, and it’s awesome.

People are actually reading this and it was either a listener. I haven’t had a chance to connect with this person, yet he sent it today, but it’s people are hearing about it on the show. People are going to the website. They’Re downloading it’s kind of like My Big Fat, Greek Wedding. It took off kind of slow and it grows over time Republic album where I like just gains momentum overtime in the Same album out for four years in a row. So I just encourage you not yet downloaded the book get the book, but then you get the book understand that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours were devoted at the time put into the book to give it to you for free to do that. Will you can buy the physical copy on Amazon, but the free one the business coach e-book is to help you change your life number to tell you this age, 44 Think and Grow Rich. What I have in my hands right now, the 1945. This Edition came out in 1945. It says never in the history. Never in the history of America has a man drink, more DayQuil. No, it doesn’t say never in the history of America. Has there been so great an opportunity for practical dreamers as now exists the six-year economic collapse as reduced almond substantially to the same level, a new race is about to be run. The stakes represent huge fortunes, which will be accumulated within the next 10 years. This is 1945, but there’s never been a better time to start a business such a great time to start a business or to grow a business what’s great about the economy, the technology.

Just from your perspective, as a business coach, what makes it. History, what makes it a great time in American history to grow a business there’s like never before there are more resources and access to information. Then it is the most in history, and so you can literally learn anything at your fingertips blows my mind. Maybe that’s the DayQuil, so you can learn anything that it is that you want to learn on the Internet or or or My favorite is find somebody that knows how to do it or is currently doing it, and you can go learn from them so, rather than Just having to figure it all out yourself, you actually can reach out to people that are that are building a business, which is why I never sleep. You want to look so bad. I mean it’s just a thing of like you’re such a access to America’s most pale male books that I read all the time now. I love it because back in the day, I’m having access to books with Andrew Carnegie was growing up. He was like a huge deal to have access to books right now, no big deal, but I love. I love the books at 6, gingerbread Jamboree this next excerpt. It says if the thing you wish to do is right and you believe in it go ahead and do it put your dream across and never mind what they say if you meet temporary defeat, for they perhaps do not know that every failure brings with it the Seed of a of an equivalent benefit wow, perhaps do not know they do not know that every failure brings with it.

The seed of an equivalent success explain how adversity behind every adversity there tends to be a seed of an equivalent success or benefit. Well, you have to understand that if building a business was not difficult, everyone would be doing it up that that’s right and so you’ll find that in everything. Okay, I was actually thinking about this yr ideas, not valuable. Why are ideas not valuable? Why is the execution the most valuable thing as a part of a business I’ll tell you what it requires? 0, investment, no time no effort to have an idea, none at all, but it takes a ton of diligence, a ton of consistency, a ton of resources, a ton of diligent application and research. In order to see an idea to its execution. Execution is worshipped as powerful. Stop at the execution is really where the value is that when we come back, we are going to be breaking down the book Think and Grow Rich from by Napoleon Hill. If you have yet to buy your tickets for upcoming conference, you can buy your tickets today. If I go to thrive time, show. Com and then clicking on the conference’s button, the tickets are, and its two-day workshop has the power to change your life. But it can’t change your life if we would be, if you don’t show up so buy those tickets. Today, at Thrive time, show. Com, I’m going to get some DayQuil from the center of the universe, it’s business coach school without the BS dr. Robert zoellner, with us, alright Drive Nation. Welcome back to the conversation to my name is Clay. Clark, Timothy, I don’t sound like I’m talking to my nose, but I’ve had enough DayQuil to kill a small goat and I am excited to be here with you. That., The holiday cheer, the holiday festivities be cold weather, the frigidus, the my body’s inability to maintain a core temperature.

I believe it all worked against me to lower down by my tolerance. My immune system – and I believe that I have been infected with some kind of disease – is causing me to feel sick, and I hope you by tomorrow morning. I am perfectly fine, but I don’t know anything about the human body, as relates to DayQuil and its ability to fight off disease and in fact that it doesn’t actually help the body. All it just helps mask the symptoms, really believing that I’m going to get better as result of taking DayQuil as a form of delirium are saying. I want my business to be successful and I have a business Colt. I got busy. This cold got the fever. You know something to the core cause of why I’m sick. I want to mask the symptoms by taking business DayQuil, which I call a business coach credit card, it’s going to keep getting further and further in debt, or I’m going to get further and further something or farther away from the symptom. You don’t know what the cause of your business problems are, and so what you do is you just mask the symptoms with business dick? Will you fill up your calendar with business DayQuil? You need to go to the chamber to feel more important. You go to the networking event to feel more important. You write your mission statement down. You have a lot of meetings. You gather the team around you talk about the future. You talk about teamwork, you talk about org charts, you talk about leadership, you talk about everything except for sales, know you’re talking about who ordered the by the deal to be a I drink or whose birthday didn’t get acknowledge or how everyone feels about how you feel And the only thing that you don’t focus on is sales, which is why your business will fail.

This is a story about somebody else out there who has who’s been masking the business symptoms. Easter dis is that with business DayQuil, what? How did? How do you use a business coach help him get down to the root? How do you get my check up from the neck up? How do you do a 13-point assessment and help them find what is truly causing their business just suck, but yet they don’t sell vacuums. So you know you probably need a business vpac. Well, here’s the deal with the business z-pack. Is you actually have to change something in order to experience change physically change, something if you expect to experience change, so I’m going to give one power move I’d like for you to give up our mocha me the client we are doing a self-assessment with this is About 18 months ago, you’ve seen the scenario their topping. Google, their phones ringing all the time, but what they want is more Brandon, Brandon Brandon. That’S why I asked the question I said: hey you know, are you guys calling your leads anyways when the phone rings? Do you answer the phone and then went up to and Fields on a form? Do you call deletes your phone answer the phone and do you call your lease? I think about respond to the leads that come in from your inbox, email or from the phone, and then do you actually answer the phone when it comes in. Do you call the leads and we found out turns out? No, they don’t it so, just by answering the phone all the time and by calling every single lead we brought in about 10 % more sales, 50 %. More then, by calling all the people back, who didn’t leave a voicemail cuz turns out. Most people do not leave a voicemail turned out turns out. We just start calling the people who we missed the calls we increase sales Again by about 10 to 50 %. These are moobs. Will you can’t beat, but it’s like it.

Sometimes it’s hard to see. What’S hindering your growth when you’re that close to it, some manager right now needs to hear this. This is the question that you must ask of your salespeople number one number one. How many outbound calls did you make today in metaphysical kind of way or an actual specific like where you picked up the phone, you dialed the number, and why ain’t you had so how many times did I dial the number? Did you dial? How many did you have any is like how many times was I supposed to dial the number well I’ll. Just tell you right now, our team up here in the Thrive 15 dot-com office, OK of the call center team that we can manage. They do on average about 275 calls a day. You are a growing business owner, you’re, improving the business coach systems you’re starting to do the call scripting and providing the resources for them. Maybe you say I would expect them to be able to do half of that. Even a hundred, so you need to immediately start asking your sales team, how many call the deck and then once you do that. What number to that number 2 is that you must start recording the calls. You know it seems, like you said, record the calls. Yes, so you must be able to listen to the calls that your team is making, because I kid you not, you were going to find that your team is saying crazy things stuff on the it’s almost hilarious, but it’s at able to edit together a full entire Radio show of Just recorded calls in the crazy things that are several. That is not a real fails golf, so I know no none of the listeners would ever do this, but it’s none of our lesson. But how are you doing I’m fine? What do you want? I’Ve heard that this week, okay I’ll report, it called when you were coaching one of your clients.

They called in the meeting, and you heard the conversation of said. How are you doing today – and this is what do the customer service reps and how are you doing in being able to show the client that rhyme he was like? Oh no, I had no idea and now we were able to fix the problem. So is it really healthy discussion, but you as a business owner, must start recording the calls and ask your sales team how many outbound calls per day to book your tickets for our next in person today Thrive time, I’m show Workshop next. One is in February. Com. Get your tickets by the way to get two free tickets: all you have to do is go on iTunes and leave us to leave us a table subscribe to the podcast and leave us an objective review. Just subscribe to the podcast on iTunes find the Thrive time. Show on iTunes subscribe to podcast, leave us an objective review and as soon as proof that you did it to info at 3:15, will send you free tickets to our next in person today, 15 hour, Thrive time show workshops on your radio, make sure you never miss A broadcast by signing up for the Thrive time show podcast make sure you never miss a broadcast by signing up for the Thrive. Time show podcast two men: 13 multi-million-dollar business is 8 kids. One business coach, radio show it’s the DriveTime business coach radio show. Oh yeah tell us all about it. Many all black nation welcome back to the conversation. What is the drive time show on your radio? My name is Captain clay, Tiberius Clark and I’m on a mission to get you into a great financial position. I’M also on a mission to get through the day. I have taken enough DayQuil to kill a small goat, but yet I continue on and chop. I tell you what man do you got me all different kinds. We have the equate here, and it was one of them so much quill you’re, like a porcupine here, West attorney in my in my life, but he’s also a witty man down today Think and Grow Rich page 47 of Think and Grow Rich.

The self-help classic and I was given a copy of it and original Edition a 1945 signed edition. It’S a little pain. Should I take note to that you’re right. I should take notes in it. It’S I’m rereading the book for the first time and it is phenomenal. I’M like rereading it like a decade after the first time. I read it feels like the first time. I guess it’s been so long, I’m reading this book and I’m going there are so many good nuggets of now. That’S what I’m going to do on Today Show is I’m going to read the Nugget of knowledge and I’m going to have West Carter break down. What it means to him is a successful attorney in town. Let’S get his take on it and I want Eric chopped always be the Monday Morning, Quarterback kind of what up guy wear, no matter what he says. You’Ll have something more profound yeah what he said, but you would send me up behind somebody like Wes here. Okay is right again: it’s a thing you wish to do is right and you believe in it go ahead and do it put your dream across and never mind what they say if you meet with temporary defeat, or they perhaps do not know that every failure brings With it, the seed of an equivalent success, Henry Ford, poor and uneducated dreamed of a Horseless Carriage, went to work with what tools he possessed without waiting for opportunity to favor him and not evidence of his dream, dream belts, the entire Earth he has put more Wheels In business coach operation in any other man who ever lived because he was not afraid to back his drapes Thomas Edison dreamed of a lamp that could be operated by electricity, you can where he stood, to put his dream and actually, despite more than 10,000 fell, he stood by That dream, until they made it into a physical reality, practical dreamers do not quit Okay West Carter.

What is that? How do we make the action words that mean to you and to the listeners out? There are two things in there that caught my ear. One is: failures, are learning opportunity so when you fell, you’ve learned a lesson and instead of getting all sad and pouting, you can take that lesson. Learn it and don’t repeat it second thing I heard in that little nugget there was sometimes people haters going to think you’re crazy, but just sometimes crazy is brilliant. It takes a little crazy. Sometimes they just said on page 47 of Think and Grow Rich of the 1945 ignition system for harnessing the intangible force of evidence that he did not dream in vain may be found in every wireless radio in the world wherever Marconi’s dream brought the humblest cabin in The most stately Manor House side-by-side it made the people every nation of the earth back door, neighbors that gave the president of the United States immediate by which he could talk to all the people of America at one time it on short notice. It may interest you to know that Marconi’s friends quote on quote: had him taken into custody and examined in a psychopathic Hospital. What? Yes, when he just announced that he had discovered a principle, but you can send messages through the air page 48. The adventure of the long-distance radio friends in the point was saying this is like what the president use back in 1945. I can dance mix, Marconi’s, okay, guys, here’s the deal. I can use the airwaves to communicate where I can talk here and I can communicate that via the airwaves. I just thought he was crazy, so what you just said is people might think you’re crazy. You can’t mention the clients that you work because of attorney-client privilege.

I can say, and Winters King you guys, represent really the who’s who in business in a lot of ways, I mean you guys, have a reputable firm. You help people with business law in all aspects of their legal issues and Winters, you guys, let me know or doing some big things have you ever been in a meeting with somebody who is is, is a genius by the world. Standards has done very, very well who maybe people thought was crazy. Very often, those who are Visionaries is usually how I refer to them. Baby they just like spew out these great ideas are not always the best on following up on him, but the idea people are so important to the process of anything, that’s important and they just spit out my big ideas, and some of them are crazy. Some of them are brilliant; hopefully they have some people around them, helping them decipher, which is which right. But it’s the dream worth the people that think big, think outside the box. Those are the people that end up doing magnificent thing. If you’re a home run, hitter you’re going to have some strikeouts, that’s right same kind of principle. What I took from that passage play was that you’ve got to go for your dreams. On that same vein, people are always going to think you’re crazy and when you’re going for those dreams, don’t let people put their goals or there restrictions on you because they’re, not you if they were, you you’d, be there when you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing And to do that you’re going to take constant action, you’re always have to be moving forward. You can’t stop it’s hard to steer a parked bus right, so you’re going to have to take constant action and revise your course. You got to measure and then revise York. Don’T just keep going down a dead-end road if it’s not getting you where you need to go work shop that does really designed to help people that have big goals, big Visions, but are struggling to break it down into the small steps needed to achieve success. Chubby people want to get free tickets to this Workshop. How can I get to Workshop tickets for free?

Because I like for you to explain two listeners for two reasons: one cuz you know about into because I need some more day. Quill there we go okay, so, first of all, if you would like to come check out, our next in person Workshop is going to be February, 16th and 17th, that’s a Friday and Saturday West. In case you were wondering there February 16th and 17th, and if you want to free tickets, they’re they’re normally each, but all you have to do – is get on. Google, okay search for Thrive time show search for Thrive. Time show on Google in the word iTunes. Okay, there’s going to be a link that pops up at the Espy Thrive, timelink you’re, going to click, it click open, an iTunes of your blue button that says open an iTunes. Then you have to subscribe. Okay, you want to subscribe. Leave a review. Leave us a review in objective review, screenshot that review and email it to info at Thrive. 15.Com. I wanted to break more. I wanted to break down. It was even more Taps about what to do. If you’re, an entreprenuer in the world thinks that you are crazy, because he is a top-level attorney which means that he’s working with some of the top business Minds out there in this region and I’m sure, he’s dealt with some people who have been labeled as quasi Crazy by their friends and family how to get some Dayquil you back after the break. I think that I found myself a cheerleader make sure you never miss moving on up Friday, so we are moving on up everybody listening today. I just want to encourage you. I just want to edify you wanted to let you know that you have what it takes to become successful and that’s why we’re teaching all the principles in the book Think and Grow Rich today.

But what happened was 4 / Christmas in a lot of times, people get you these Christmas gift and a lot of times there they’re, not it and then release their quick there. You know, I don’t know why everyone. I know thoughtful gift, get a gift though, but maybe cost a lot of money, but it may be isn’t worth a lot to you. We have one that’s made me, doesn’t cost a lot of money. It’S worth a lot. I don’t know how much CP I spent on this, but I got an original signed, 1945 edition of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The book that changed my life but haven’t read the book. I mean on 37 now and I had to read this book for like at least 10 years, and I thought I’d read the book dozens of times when I had it, you know yeah and I’m not kidding. I have probably given away. You know more than a thousand copies of this book. You love to give this look away. I’M just going home. I got the stuff in here and so powerful that when we need to do is we need to go page-by-page going to break it on the highlights of this book is lot of people that are busy. I get it haven’t, read the book, I get it, but I want to make sure we make an actionable and make it relevant for today and something to read from page 49 of Think and Grow Rich, where it says. Remember to that. All who succeed in life get off to a bad start and passed through many heartbreaking struggles before they arrive the turning point in the lives of those who succeed usually comes at the moment of some crisis through which they are introduced ourselves again, the turning point in The wives of those who succeed usually comes at the moment of Crisis through which they are introduced to their other cells, and so, let’s, let’s go and break that down there. So is a business coach. I think you’ve seen this pattern now, but a lot of times people don’t look for a breakthrough until they had a break down. I just typed it on to my notes. People wait until that moment.

Why, and how can you help the same reason that people have the mentality they do? A lot of people do about their own health. They just put things off that they should. They know they should probably be getting checked out or they should be working on. But it’s not a big inconvenience at the moment and whenever you have a literal breakdown that becomes a giant inconvenience and that warrants immediate attention. So that’s why people weigh and then didn’t take action. Finally, then, but there you can you don’t have to wait for that break down. You can start doing this stuff today, so you don’t get to that point now. West car. I would like to ask you this because you are an attorney and in as an attorney with Winters you you represent. Some of the top attorneys are tuna top clients in the region in the country, and it seems to me that most people, don’t ever ask me for a good referral for the attorney until they have a breakdown. That’S very true, but yet I feel like they should have a break through and have an attorney such as you previous, to having a problem and every business owner says: I’m not going to have any problems until they do get sued, and then I refer them to You and I’ve learned over time, specifically the last like 2 or 3 hours. I’Ve learned not to give out your cell phone number when I’m referring you because I’m a slow learner, but I’m a strong referral. The point is, why do people typically not look at for attorney until the stuff hits the fan the stuff whatever? That stuff is why I think some of it is what Eric mentioned witches convenience they want to just take whatever somebody takes in front of their face and sign it. The second thing, though, is cheap.

Very they think he’s cheating on me. I don’t want to pay someone to look at this for me and myself holiday break. I get a emergency call from a client that we work with, for I don’t know a decade to decade, so it’s not like we’re, not accessible, know each other, but they had bought a building for me and our building without letting anybody look at the purchase agreement. The guy on the other side of the contract is a very experienced real estate person Savvy, and so I get emergency business coach call at night over Christmas break that everything is going south and there’s problems and we got blown up. Then I said why don’t you know you’re buying it and yeah, so you know that that’s just it happens all the time. I think it’s just people assume it’ll be fine. What you sign up to get over what to do it or they know the back of their head, they should, and they just don’t, really want to spend the money to do it and tell her you want to say see through things in my life, where I I am guilty of this the same idea: the same concept: I’ve I’ve found myself and multiple times my life, this ugly overtime and have his lesson last. What how it is is it you begin to think that you know what, with my infinite intelligence, with my experience, my knowledge, whatever I don’t need to have an expert, I don’t need to have an account, so I can just go. Do it and see what happens? Is you build a cheap website that doesn’t get ranked Google, you don’t know how to optimize the site you to get cheap photography done you get cheap design done.

You get tick popped up to I just I can maybe this year new me it’s a it’s! A new me it’s a new year, you know new business, I am interested baby and then having somebody is a business coach to help me what what is the? What are you do? Can you explain kind of what that process looks like we take a two-pronged approach with her clients that one is every client we work with it’s a rush to revenue, we’re doing everything we can figure out to do to get you more money as soon as possible. It’S at every page of our Boom book that we teach at the workshop right, and so it’s all at the same time, we want to do every process that we’re doing together. We begin with the end in mind, so we have a touch it once mentality. So, let’s hey we’re going to build this whole process. Let’S turn it into a system, and so the hard thing for entrepreneurs is to take that big idea of okay. I have this whole. You know product delivery system in place, but how do I see no scale? This, how do I do this? While we help clients, take those big ideas and break them down into action? Will items and really help manage them through this cuz as a business owner is not. I know you don’t really have anybody there helping you do that, giving you feedback a lot of times. The feedback that you do get is biased. It’S it’s! Yes, man is this. It’S that so it’s it’s awesome to be able to have a partner. We really, if you are sold his partners with their clients, because your success is key to what we do in the book Think and Grow Rich on page 51, Napoleon Hill says there is a difference between wishing for a thing and being ready to receive it. No one is ready for a thing until he believes he can acquire it. The State of Mind must be belief, Not Mirror, hope or wish open.

Mindness is essential for belief, closed minds, do not Inspire Faith, courage, Emily West. What does it mean to be close-minded? I mean if, if you’re not putting out there – and you are closed, minded entrepreneur, how would you describe data me what it? What does it mean when your mind to be a close minded client? What does that mean if you’re doing a close-minded client as an attorney and it with a client? Specifically it’s usually they boarded prejudged the situation more off of the not it’s a very negative context. They have prejudged it in and nobody can change anything to make it better. I think we’ve been with businesses and entrepreneurs that are coming in fresh a lot of times, they’re just they’re, not they don’t have enough self-confidence to see the big picture that this idea could be more than a side job more than Moonlighting. More than just a side. Hustle that they could go Bigger, Better Batter with it. That was for me. I just take it in the thrivers. My wife is just an unbelievable lady, but one of the things that I did after selling DJ connection is so many people were asking me, you know, could you help me grow my business and I would help him do it and then they would say that is Awesome, my friend needs help with her business that help her and then they take. This is awesome.

Could you help my friend, then Vanessa noticed that I was spending more and more time, helping more and more people that I wasn’t related to and she said hate? Maybe you should start charging for that. No, I didn’t even know that the business coach thing was a thing right until about 2006 and then I started discovering Bill Campbell and I discovered the bill Campbell was the business coach for a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, who’s. The coach for Steve Jobs – he was a business coach for Jeff Bezos with Amazon. He was the business coach for the Google, The Google guys Larry and Sergey and Eric Schmidt, oh my gosh. These are geniuses and they had a business coach it in in so I started looking up what a business coach does, and I thought that’s what I’m doing, but they’re not providing the back and support if they’re working with you already have a big system, a big Company in place what about who’s helping the little guy – and I realized it – wasn’t such a thing until I decided to build the Thrive time business coaching experience we come back, we can write down more about the book, Think and Grow Rich. They just the Thrive time. Show on your radio


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