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This episode of the Thrivetime Show breaks down The Law of the Iceberg and the concept that success is truly and not a result of luck. Join business coach Clay Clark as he takes you through Think and Grow Rich.

Testing for the center of the universe and the thrive15. Com World Headquarters, what’s the Thrive time show alright Drive Nation Today Show is not brought to you by the good Folks at DayQuil, although it could be because I’ve drank almost three bottles today. Looking for a business coach six pack and some like that and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which is regift, it was given to me regifted to me it was a gift that was given to me by a gutter office, name, Jonathan Kelly and I hold on hold on hold On he accidentally impugned, our good friend Jonathan, he did not read. Gift of this book was obviously by somebody in 1945. Okay, I guess you got me what it was signed by Napoleon Hill himself with a blue Panda. Cena John purchased it and give it to me. That is true. That’S so exciting! Ask you to guys we have in the show. Did you guys have a Christmas gift that you gave? I want to hear the best gift you gave this year and I want to hear the best gift that you receive. Okay, that you gave in the best gift that you received this year, because really it’s better to give than receive unless we’re talking about her presents right, but it was because what happened so a little just like a business coach bedside clock. My wife found this this green o’clock. I don’t understand this: is the cutest clock ever seen? The thing is she did this in September clay, what she mentioned this clock in September and she didn’t mention it again, but I remembered I wrote it down and I bought that clock. I couldn’t give it to her on Christmas and she was so appreciative because I paid attention so that she mentioned in the conversation, and I remembered it and maybe that’s not. My strong suit is a ManBearPig, so she was happy for me for that and she got me one of these little baby.

Chiminea is like you have in the in the room. I already got in trouble. If you want to know yes already got in trouble for starting it in the fireplace you did, yeah it didn’t work and you gave a green o’clock. Okay, this is business coach impressive. You gave her the gift. How many kids did you have? One Demi Moore gets in the way of weird some people. That clock is what gets the you know that it’s pheromones going and what gets me know Joe some people that so that’s the thing, that’s what they do is ever going to Victoria’s Clock Store. You know Different Strokes for different folks clay. That’S absolutely that is. That was you know what they say we move on. I like it’ll, grow the business having success and he’s always talking about you know get drunk with his wife and I’m just like. Why would you do that? So, okay, so anyway, moving on so West? What was the best gift that you gave your wife and the best gift that you received? Oh well, so he went. He went to go, give turn around he’s at work, so we all make the same money on my wife and I don’t really do many gifts for each other. What we want to go, you know I got her. Some golf outfits and some shirts and some golf outfits really looks cute in your skin – is looking good today running right on this year. I dominated I’ll. Let him one up everybody I’m serious this year I was a deal where I and then II, my paper gift. I got a bag of cats. Ashley gave me a bad, I can in the bag, were three kittens they’re pretty cute the back. It was an awesome thing and I just I can’t take me to come out of the bag.

They don’t go back in the bag. That’S just that’s how it works. This is very true, happy one of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Where he’s talking in the book Think and Grow Rich the Timeless self-help book, he says: there’s a difference between wishing for a thing and being ready to receive it. No one is ready for a thing until he believes he can acquire it. The State of Mind must be belief, Not Mere wish or hope, open mind. This is essential for belief, closed minds, do not Inspire Faith. Courage in belief, a business coach bargain with life for a penny in life would pay me no more. However, I beg that evening when I counted mice, candy store for life is just is a just employer. He gives you what you ask, but once you have set the wages, why you must bear the task. I work for a mini Hills, hire only to learn dismayed that it anyway judge I asked of life. Life would have willingly paid rapper designer lyrics for Let something so this is what this is the takeaway. This is why I learned at this point my life. When I read this was, I was only focusing on DJing for clubs and turns out chub. Have you been to a club? It has been a really long time. Okay, so I can yesterday when you went to the club last week, 15 years ago, 14 years 14 years ago, can you explain to me what happens at a club for those of the listeners me about a blizzard out there? Khyber choose great people, don’t know the Dark World at the club. I DJ is a club cuz. I was like I was like the Pharaoh of the Egyptian Pagan army haircut. I did not do ghost I’ll tell you this. There was just when you have a DJ. I would DJ the club – and I would come home back to my dorm and government or are you and I would just stick to myself – I need to get wasn’t.

It was a Catholic school. You know I need to find somebody to confess to tonight, because I need to go to sleep well before I get ready for tomorrow night. So on that on that been yeah, I what happens at those clubs is there’s a lot of people, drinking alcohol and there’s a lot of music in a lot of people. Just kind of getting close to each other at work was not a funny Kind of a Funny Twist of events. I got a gig at the Yucatan liquor stand her with the Yucatan liquor stand. Is that the weather outside the airport in Mexico, when you land in Cancun, used to be at 71st and Memorial in Tulsa for the  business coach Target right there right there at the doctor’s Downer? But it’s there is a target right there there used to be now. It’S a sun, Sunshine, furniture and so in front of that there was a ton of up. I get it like a Jiffy Lube, but it was the Yucatan liquor, stand and see what they did was they brought in I’m sure the cheapest standby can find formica a lake okay, and then they had you, don’t false palm trees up there and they have a Kind of a Tiki Village Motif okay and they had thirsty Thursday, and I smash oh my so I got a chance to DJ there and I said what what’s my quest, what you want to do tonight. I got to just show up bring a lot of bass play Latin music in the thing is we do Thirsty Thursdays? What’S the dollar longnecks owe for any long neck drinks, it’s a long neck, long neck beer.

Also, we have a volleyball tournament and if you can kind of get people to sign up, I mean that’s, that’s that’s what we need that gets good. It feels more beverages that are mixed drinks, which we charge more for you. I got this game. What happens is that people start to form like a playoff system? Now those of you who are following college that the college basketball call bracket brackets, you have a bracket know where is each team wins? The bracket gets smaller, obviously to playoff system right and what happens if I’m trying to convince people who’ve never worked out ever release. People haven’t played any sport in at least 30 years 20 years dying and they’re they’re like hammered off of margaritas, I’m going to convince them to sign up for the Bible turn on a Thursday to the kind of people that are blitzed at 8 p.m. on a Thursday, in the parking lot for all intensive purposes of a of a Target they’re, not necessarily like, then I have volleyball bodies. They’Re, not like you forgot, the cream of the crop, no offense to you guys listening who are you? Can hamburger stay in love you, and so I will bring the trees coming up here at 8, but coconut versus the palm trees. How many people here are big fans of the coconut and then you have a team, but the guy would come they’re who definitely just showed up, and he definitely did not sign up and he’s not on a team and he’s hammered and he wants to get on The team, with all the ladies try to negotiate with him like a buddy you’re, not actually on a team and he’s like Alright. I don’t know why – and I forget your on your on that team you’re on her team go get them buddy. That was my deal and that would come back to my dorm room in like just feel off. I got stuck in that cycle of DJ before becoming a business coach.

Go to school repent go to school, DJ repent, go to school kind of a fat, bastard bastard go to school, DJ repenting! Go to school, did you take it out? I think there’s somebody listen to show right now, who’s stuck in some kind of right. Now you have your own business. Before and Wes you have consulted with businesses as an attorney. What are some of the rights that you guys see business owners getting stuck in with her just stuck in a rut, and it can’t get out of that cycle of just dysfunction. When you got it supposed to pay a little more input, then I will add. I think the most common thing I see on the legal side is people get their nose so buried in their day-to-day work that they don’t ever look up for Big Picture items, so growth, business coach advertising customer satisfaction, there’s a worried about getting there real test done every day That the leader, who should be the Visionary leader of the organization just has their nose to the Grind. What you have to do is look up and think about big picture to absolutely – and I say, build exactly off of that. When I see a lot with a bunch of small business owners and entrepreneurs is what we called it Doom Loop, where you they basically can’t scale what they do, they don’t know how to systemize what it is that they do, and so what ends up happening is That, actually, the better their business does the worst.

Their life is, yes, they lose time Freedom, they lose time with their family. Typically, everybody is having with my parents.. My parents had their own business. My whole business coach life. I poured concrete from the time. I was a little kid, but everybody that was a friend or family member of their thought. They had way more money than they did and way more time for them than they did, and so that it’s just that that cycle of not being able to systemize and scale and duplicate themselves. I would love to. We come back from the break talk about what you just said, something profound, it’s the more money you make.

If you don’t have a system in place, the worst your life gets like a bigger. Your company gets the worst. Life gets like to talk about that Doom Loop, because I have got some examples for you and I think there’s somebody listen to the show. Who feels that that do their gear you’re stuck in that dude, so common, it’s so common. We see it all the time and that’s one of the main things we do with our business coach clients and if you feel like you’re in that do, Lube come out to one of our conference. Is okay DriveTime show conference to 2-day 15 hour Workshop. You can get your tickets today for just by going to thrive time, show. Com. We come back to the break more about how to get Doom loop. It’S about time show on the radio jingle bell haha get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk. Radio. 1170! That’S all that I have give you all that alright, tribe Nation, welcome back to the conversation is the Thrive time show on a entrepreneur of the Year, sit here on a mission to get you into a great financial position, and I – and I can just I could Just I’m just telling you that there’s got to be somebody out. There is probably two or three of those actually went: five, six, seven, eight, nine ten, there’s somebody out there who definitely is stuck in this dude. Let me see what the Doom Loop looks like the Doom Loop is this tonight and I’m just going to rip on myself. So you understand it, I’m not going to rip on a client or a former client ready, but if it happens it was my cycle, but I thought it was awesome. I djed idgod to those Thirsty Thursdays at the Yucatan liquor stand. Thursday was awesome and I would DJ till about 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. because that’s when that’s when it was done, you know when we’re done about 2 a.m. and they close the bars in Tulsa to both taking a ride home until, like 3 Idiots to equipment Down I get back to my dorm room. I have in my Mazda MPV van a red maroon Mazda, MPV van with a hundred fifty thousand miles on it. I got paid if he didn’t show I get in my bed sneak into my dorm room cuz. I can’t be out past curfew, but I still think of the doors I can get in without setting off the alarm and had a pillow laid out under the blankets I looked like I was there. You know sneak in my room and get in there and go to bed set my alarm for like 6 3 hours after 3. Get up. I do my paperwork for the day I go to class and I see how my Cingular cell phone it was missing. The night I have not done the office. Missing the night over there in your shoe anyway is he would call a leads in between classes at book Advantage Airlines holiday party at book.

Another Christmas party in the night Friday night had to go someplace classy, like the Sand, Springs Community Center, or something like that. You know Friday DJ until about 11 or midnight. You know, because the kids are going to shut this thing down earlier. You know go back to bed and get up and do my paperwork do my homework to my studies. That kind of thing get up and I’ll go over to the cafeteria. Have a bagel. You know trying to find Vanessa. You know trying to check her out every time she kind of walks by my check it out when I look like I’m checking around you know about it being cloudy. Definitely looking at her derriere the entire time and then like tracks on going to get a bagel like a DJ, show I go DJ someplace class at the Sheraton, Hotel Rock The Party get Applause, get around of Applause gets a good tip from a wedding or something Go to bed get up, you know 4 a.m. or something on a Sunday. Do my homework, get ready to go to someplace awesome like the Grand Lake or Keystone Lake, or something DJ and DJ till midnight or something I lost. My voice sound much like a sound today. You know, but I wasn’t sick of the time. I just was just no sleep. I’Ve ever going to Chapel. I see my wife at Christ Chapel and she says you look awful because I need some sleep and she said what I just hope. I call all my leaves like I am on fire. I got to leave early. I will call all my eye I seriously I booked every single lead, I’m getting off of Yellow Pages like every lead, like I’m a hundred percent, and I scaled that out. You know it’s so pretty sitters like it least vesica correct me, but I think, like 20 min working out of my house and they’re all in my house and I’m just business coach booking everything, I’m I can’t compete cuz. I need something you know and I guess I can pay him and I didn’t but he’s coming in and we’re just selling stuff and then eventually I don’t know when it happened, but I think it occurred to me like I’m a bad huh. Did she tell you not yet, though she hadn’t told you she when she went for our son to be blind and then that’s when it’s sort of like the filter left. The cards are getting put on the tape it to another trip by myself, because I apply my amp plug sample of what you should not do. Yeah I mean if you changed out that story from DJing to you, no bidding and doing concrete work.

That was basically what I watched. My father go through same same thing. It’S like the busy he got the more he had to do because he didn’t know how to hire consistently and train consistently to have a players on his team that had his back. That would be responsible for getting things done when he wasn’t there, because, unfortunately, as in with most Industries, if you leave your eat all the employees without any accountability or supervision, they’re not going to do the things I need to get done, otherwise they wouldn’t be employed. They would be. Managers are business owners themselves now Wes. I was talking about you in your meeting. I believe it was our Tuesday meeting. So hopefully your business coach ears were tickling. I want not just as I was talking to about Western and I think your presents – you can probably verify this okay. Saying that people want an attorney whose fast wanted tourney Hughes fast. He probably has no clients, therefore, he’s going to be cheap, which means he probably sucks, but it’s going to take some time, and so Wes is an attorney. You know those attorneys who get in the Doom Loop of promising everything super fast, and maybe you and you were starting your career did that I don’t know I’m just asking. I mean I did lose a couple of Thing. 1. You end up taking on more than you should that’s into we work fast. You make mistakes when you’re doing new contract with millions of dollars was a good thing. Your time doing it correctly, but trying to also manage expectations. You don’t want to promise someone you’ll, get it to him tomorrow and then not deliver. That’S a yeah I’d love to do that, for you probably going to be new in the next week. When I did that to you right, then you want to have that. That idea of what you would have called under promising and over-delivering right, so hey you met. You know you may be able to get it to him on Tuesday or Wednesday.

But hey it’s going to be the end of next week. I’M really going to go. There happen yet, and we come back I want to do, is I want to flip the script, and I want to focus on just just your family, just your personal side of of life, because so many people are are field as false pressure to do this work. This insane pace because they need always get the bigger house, the more stuff, the bigger the car, the bigger the stuff, the bigger, faster, bigger faster. When we come back, I’m going to talk about my tips for A3 day work week, and I love the grind. Okay, because of psychological problems, I’m sure, but I’m just talking about, if you, if you could do a 3-day work week, how would you do it? Because I really, I really do my hope for this new year for you to listeners, for you to be able to change your life and for you to be able to have a life-changing experience. And I and I and if we start with the polarity of the concept of having a three-day work week, that’s probably extreme enough of a thought to get you to get out of that mental rut that you’ve been. If we want to get you out at Doom loop as a business owner State Radio, 1452 East, can you predict it get ready to enter that thrive? Time show on talk radio 1170. Miss. My name is hello feeling like a bully, cuz he’s on your radio. My name is Clay Clark and I am hopped up on some DayQuil. So look out. I am super excited to get you into a great financial position, but I can’t do it unless you care about your own life, unless you really do care about your own life. I can’t I can’t help you and I and I don’t know how to encourage you, but I’m scared, I’m going to give it a whirl I’m going to try, but I just want you to understand that very few people on the planet really do care about your Life other than you, so, let’s, let’s just let’s play this out for a second cuz. I want you to know what not to do and you can use my life as an example, and hopefully this helps you. When I was building my DJ business. There was no doubt that I was going to build DJ connection to be the most successful DJ company in because I was willing to do anything to get it.

Do the Kool-Aid man anything I mean I would. I would literally do anything. I would was not a show out there, I wouldn’t do there wasn’t a schedule, I wouldn’t work, there wasn’t a cold call, I wouldn’t make. If it was legal, I would do it and that attitude that they teach in Think and Grow Rich is the attitude that I had and I love Napoleon Hill, the author. I love the book. I love him. I love the fact that the whole thing I love the whole deal but look up his personal. I just look it up. Look it up in my mind. I don’t know what what value is your business life of your personal life? Screwed up I mean look it up. I mean Steve Jobs, I mean Steve Jobs. I mean cash, just awesome right, Steve Jobs, Apple, Elon, Musk. If he picks are, I mean great. I just want Steve Jobs named his daughter Lisa. Then he denied that he was her. Dad and he refused to acknowledge the physical reality that he was her father.. He denied that he was her biological father. He denied that you can look it up, but it’s crazy. It says it’s in his book.

He talks about it. He denied that that she was his daughter for the longest time it’s weird, but he felt bad about. It obviously said of all the names in the world he could have named his big computer. He calls it. The Lisa feel like cognitive, dissonance much I mean you’re in the office and he’s like here we’re going to name our computer leaside. Everyone knows that. There’S a girl who keeps Susan young girl eight year old girl keeps calling saying: hey is my dad there and he’s like. I don’t have a daughter, 9 year old girl, Tinder just true story. Could you imagine what it’s like to be? Somebody works in an office for a man who has an 8 year old and nine year old, daughter calling, and he totally denies the cheese even exist, any names, the computer after her and then years later he’s like yeah. She was my dog wonderful when he like announced, he was naming the computer Lisa. If you would like subbing, I mean horor Karl Malone, Karl Malone’s, one of my favorite basketball player, jazz love. Yeah is Jack. His huge is awesome, but Karl Malone’s daughter, I watched an interview with her talk about what it’s like to be the daughter of Karl Malone and what it’s like to did not have your dad to deny that you’re, even his daughter until you make it to the Wnba and like I think about that, I think about Elon Musk has been do divorced. The same lady twice I think about. I just think about like why, like what was the point, and so I would like to help you think and Grow Rich with your marriage. Think and Grow Rich with your business coach life Think and Grow Rich with your enzyme is going to tell you play 2.0 after selling the DJ business I kind of got to a place in my life where I’m like. You know what I’m going to do. I’M going to have like weird principles and then I’m going to just live by those principles. So one of my principles I have – and I again I I’m not perfect, but I can say I’m I’m a fair free so far as I just don’t meet alone with women suffering Billy Graham book.

I remember hearing that he’s like you shouldn’t be alone with women. You know if you’re married and I’m like it says, move that move the meantime. Yes, he just will not be alone with the woman, the physical presence, so it has to be like in an open area, so my office is there always like open. So I think it’s like I can’t can’t happen. It has been a few times my career to 3, where I like screw up. You know where it’s like all the sudden. I find myself in love with woman and it’s like, I think, about the boundaries that you need to set have a great personal life. So I’m going to start with you and I’m not saying you’re perfect for your marriage counselor, but you are a business coach. I just want you to think about it kind of want to get your take on this there’s always another sales call there’s always another deal. How do you set boundaries on the hours that you’re going to work? This is a challenge. Don’T you work with me? So it’s kind of a weird weird. I know how do you set boundaries? I know for me. I was definitely willing to go like 90 right now hours a week. How do you set boundaries on the hours that you’re willing to work cuz? You could do it mean you can work your every hour of the day and I think if you weren’t married you probably what we try for me. I would say that it’s less a thing, cuz cuz, since I work with you play I’ve told you that I bought in. I love the whole idea, everything that you’re doing it’s something that if this, if I would have known about this, if you would have been around back in the eighties on my parents started, their company would have changed, their life would have changed my life. Everything would have been different, so I told you that I’m fully bought in and I ice. My advice would be that I had this conversation with.

My wife am starting a new job, I’m going to be putting in a lot of hours, but we’re going to be growing toward something there’s major opportunities at this place, so she knew what I was signing up for and she was okay with me basically saying: let’s You go: do some crazy hours do whatever you need to do and that’s how I was able to get to the position I met today, so your wife was able to support that drink right right and end of the point I’m making is I had the the Brainpower whatever you call it to know to have that conversation when I was thinking about taking the job up here right, didn’t know what I wanted to do, just a quick backstory at the day. What you do is cool. I don’t know I’d like to do that, but you hadn’t skilled the business coach system yet right, so I had to spend you’re in the trenches called Colin learning, video learning, troll learning how to do SEO optimization, learn how to do different appointment. Just a shadow on you for a long time taking notes public typing, and so we had some really weird hours and those hours. Kent County continue on sometimes we’ll get together and do some crazy overnight. Projects right stuff needs to get done when you’re running a business, and so for me it was all about communication and setting those expectations with my wife and the fact that she’s, an awesome partner in and that we are both of our stated goal is for me To get to a place in my career where she doesn’t have to work and she’s on board with that, so we’re just going to keep cruising life tap.

If you want to keep your net worth intact, you, you know, you can stay married, do it and he’s order keeper. I want West tube to break down some of his boundaries. Are we perfect? No we’re just give me some tips. We’Ve learned throughout the years to have a healthy marriage cuz. We have talked a lot about how to grow healthy business. You grow a healthy marriage is a Thrive time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark and I’m hoping hoping that I can introduce you to a new you 2.0. Today, in a swimsuit every place, I go people all around. The phone, in my hand, Rings all day long. I’Ve been in that way, almost 5 months now. Try to pretend that it feels like back to the business coach radio show that taught Yoda the force, not a problem with the mode have a seed in the take a number I was lightning before the Thunder. Welcome back to the conversation is the radio or your podcast download. Many people have tune into the show for the first time in the last week, or so in the new year. Look for some new station, some new programming and they found our show – and I had heard rumors that they can get free tickets to our next in-person two-day workshop. Rumor has it before I let you tell listeners the secret move to get the free tickets. We got to go do this, though, is is a kind of a sense of urgency. Here we got to do this before February 1st. You got a month to get this done here right before I let you tell us how to do it West. Can you explain you ran into somebody who’s attended, one of our workshops on the phone today I was talking to a client of mine that not talked to in awhile and he mentioned hey. I heard you on the Thrive time show and I was like hey. That’S.

That’S cool and I will start chatting about it and he mentioned he’d gone to a conference and I said we’ll cuz I’ve known this guy before I said well, I want you to be honest with me what you think, and I thought he would have this kind Of middle in opinion – and he Jump Right In and said it changed his life. Yes, he said no, but he was he was he was. He said it just changes. Life is actually making a change right now, where he’s leaving being an employee to pursue full-time. What he’s been doing on the side, which is software coding, and I mean literally, changed his life he’s taking stuff to go back to doing what he really wants to do? What is streaming? That’S a win-win for the Thrive Nation, I’m willing to spend the night at! That’S great some people say you know what I want to buy a ticket. If I could prove to be a good Steward of my resources right. How could those people get the free ticket, so you use stewards of your business coach resources out there. If you will, Google Thrive time show and I’m the word iTunes or you can actually look it up on your podcast player on your iPhone or on Stitcher. The owner of the lot of stuff on my right arm show in the word iTunes Thrive time show and the word I am doing it right now and I think that is the drive time link to the Apple Store, I’m cooking it right, now.,, okay, then You’Re going to have to view in iTunes I’m seeing 369 reviews right now, that’s more than I was earlier 368 earlier, oh wow, so somebody’s getting some free tickets did it pops up when I open up and then what you’re going to see there is an option To subscribe to the podcast subscribe and then there’s going to be a little tag to the right that says rate and review rating review. Yet so you click on that click.

The Stars leave as an objective review. Let us know if there’s some things that you really did enjoy some things you like to hear more of Justinian. We want to get 2 % better everyday, so I’ll leave us an objective review and then a screenshot or somehow get proof of that review to his email it to info at Thrive, info at thrive15. Com, with your contact info, your name and phone number to Tickets for free plus book Thrive, it’s an awesome reads. Value for free just might leave it as an objective review. Let us know what you think about the show will give you an unsigned copies. What adds value? That’S the Best Buy all right now, wow. So at this is a thing, as we talk about business all the time: how to grow a business boundaries with your marriage after work place, how what are some boundaries that you are principled about in your schedule in your life? Just how do you do? It is more things I consciously have to work on, then I would say boundaries again this. So I, like you, married an angel and she is very understanding that my phone is constantly going off at the middle of the night. During dinner, clients are emailing, calling texting. All the time – and so she she takes care of everything that she would take care of everything if I let her and I have to take a conscious effort not to take advantage of that. So I have to do my part, even though I have a wife who would totally step in and do whatever she had to do to take care of me and my family went out right and I have to not take advantage of that. Rest on my Laurels. When you know stretch that extra hour or do you know, take advantage of that, and so the second thing is I have to be careful.

One of my flaws is try not to feel entitled that, since I’m working so hard that my family owes me something or that I should be treated special or that she’s not there working just as hard at Sossaman, and I think those are the two things that You know you just have to hike, I keep in the Forefront of my mind, cuz. I know myself and I can kind of rushed into it and oh that’s, nice, but I worked all day and you know that’s because you know that you you, let yourself be taken advantage of that situation. That leads to resentment and that’s just a bad road to go down. It’S it’s. It’S still, probably greedy motivation, cuz. If I do those three isn’t too bad, better that right now or later on down the road. But those are the two things I had don’t take advantage of the situation. Just. Could you ask him what’s going to help and will do anything to help you and don’t feel entitled, because you’re working hard, your family is pitching in doing their part 2 in on this and pile on with the boundaries? As let’s say, you are growing a business and you do have 20 hours of work to do it at you got 18 hours. So whenever I find myself in those situations I sacrifice by there, I set boundaries, I should say by going home at the time. I know I can spend time with my wife and daughter, so don’t work until 7, when I could go home at 5 and then come back at 9 and finish a few things up or you know, go hard or go home at 5 and then try to Hit the sack early when my daughter does well I’ll try to get in bed by 8 or 9, and you can get up before everybody else and do those things. But don’t be that person that just I’m just going to grind through until 9 p.m. everyday and miss out on your entire family leave the kids growing up in your wife will start holding that against you and that’s a whole bad deal. So if you, if you don’t have time to cut out of your schedule, cuz it’s too much to do right now at least be proactive with that schedule and take care of that stuff.

While you, I wouldn’t be spending time with your kids and wife anyways, I’ve got three boundaries that I have for my marriage that I’ve learned over time, and then maybe you say these aren’t good at all. These are bad tips of these are to me. These are very good tips, but want one tip I have. Is I don’t tell my wife anything bad that happened at the office just ever know if she wants to get into it I’ll be happy to be seeing. How was your day – and I look through – I sift through the vomit of the day for the kernel of corn and I give their that kernel of corn. One good thing, because they speak positive things about my dad will not get into a discussion about the negative X second thing: I do if it’s, maybe I really really tried to I’m not good at it, I’m getting better. I tried to be some silly excited to see my kids. I am excited, but I try to look since it excite. I see them was it that the first 10 seconds Dad? How are you I try to go, because I want them to know that I am excited to rush home to them too. I’M not great at it. I’M a probably a c minus trending towards the sea. 2 % better everyday, and the final thing that I am doing this year and I’ve been doing the last few years and in Doom is saying no to the buck. To say yes to my wife – and I do that more and more all the time where it’s like, I could do a Consulting deal to help this new brand grow. This big thing that could be awesome. It could change your life yet. Meanwhile, I’ve got incredible. Kids, who did change my life and something to be there for them yet, and so that’s that’s silly, I’m getting better at it and probably a c minus trending towards to see getting baby. Maybe Abby help Robbie this year plan for a year of your life Workshop. You can learn moves. I can change your life there, action items, that’s the cool thing about training to grow your Market in your brain. In your systems, your your HR, you’re, just every aspect of your business can be totally transformed if you’ll just escaped from the norm. Okay, I just encourage you to book your tickets for next in person. Drivetime show Workshop today, but if you don’t it’s okay, I get it. But there’s we have four ways when we have podcasts are free, download at Thrive time, show. Com to we have the business coaching, the one-on-one coaching program. Three, we have the conference is Houston conference. This account, for we have a video gallery, a video, a video library of thousands and thousands of videos of for your first month, we’re here to help you my name is Clay Clark. You can listen to the Thrive time show on your radio. It is always 321


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