Success Only Comes to Those Who Have a Magnificent Obsession – Part 1

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If you are looking for the spark to ignite your business then you have to listen in to this episode of the ThriveTime Show as business coach Clay Clark breaks down Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and why you must have a Magnificent Obsession to have success.

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Timelines of success

  • Tesla – 10 years to make a profit
  • Amazon – 7 years to make a profit
  • Walt Disney – lost it all 7 times before hitting success
  • Thomas Edison – 10,000 failed experiments

Action Step #1 – You must decide that you are not going to quit until you get there.

Action Step #2 – You must obsess your way to success.

Action Item #3 – List out your competition and find out what they are charging.

  1. List out the benefits they offer
  2. Rate the customer experience (all customer contact points) from 1-10
    1. Website
    2. Branding
    3. Office experience
    4. The marketing
    5. The advertising


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