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Do you need a spark to grow your business or ignite your personal life? You need to listen to this business coach radio show where Clay Clark and the team break down why you must have a magnificent Obsession to have success.

Get ready to enter the business coach Thrive time show it’s all about you that we bring the bowl. Alright tribe Nation affects the rock time show on your radio. They were talking about how successful only comes to those who have a Magnificent Obsession with achieving their goals, and I know I know that this year, this very year this year, right now, this 2018 for many of you – could be an absolute absolute game-changing. I’M going to sell all the listeners real, quick on why this year is going to be the best year for you and your business pitch it. Let’S get ready for all the reasons why we had to be positive for him convenience back in the day when I started DJ connection, I was obsessed with starting my first business when you wanted to get a contract signed a contract agreed to you wanted to get A communication between you and a client people were still mailing each other. The best case scenario was what a fax yeah I mean mail-in physical contracts. That was, I think, the time needed to get anything done was it was a lot longer. The philosophy was there, I’m the second thing that it’s kind of crazy we can do now is the economy is so much better than it was been in during the 19 early like late 1990s was already good yeah, but it is rocking realize, like how many cranes Are in the air in Dallas at the cranes, are in the air in Denver? How many cranes are in the air everywhere I mean on me, is taking off, things are growing and what’s happened? Is we just had a massive business coach tax cut? A massive car trip? Are you aware of the tax cuts that we’re just push through I’m aware that they were pushed through? I’M not aware of all of the details? Okay, so if you want to go to CNN or Fox News, what’s going to happen, is you’re going to go to read all the details of this what’s happening is: is the tax cut has effectively cut taxes fairly dramatically for businesses? Okay, so what’s happening is when it wouldn’t matter the taxes are cut, what it does, regardless of your political view, it takes less money, takes more money out of the government and puts it into the hands of the private citizen. To use a business owner get to keep more of what you make and when you have more of what you make, you probably go out to eat more you probably Market more, you brand more. You expand more and a lot of businesses that were thinking about. You know. Okay, how big big big companies billion dollar companies?

Okay, doesn’t make sense for us to expand a few more business coach jobs this year in Ireland or add those jobs in America. Massive tax cuts really do impact those decisions I Just Wan na Give an example of a draw. Is the company a d r, o l l, a trolls, the company that we use for all of our retargeting at so the ads that follow you around the internet sites that you visit a website? Lets you go to Harry when you go to the website ads begin to follow you around on every other website you go to so I hear on CNN checking out the tax cut. The ads will follow you around the company that we use a draw. Is based in Ireland Apple for all intensive purposes is now based in Ireland. A lot of big companies are based in Ireland. Why? Because of the tax laws, so guess who gets all those jobs Ireland? So we have. I really really neat thing happening right now, or the tax cuts are happening. Expansion is happening throughout this country and a lot of it is now the CEOs have realized that this isn’t a theory now that it actually has happened, let’s go ahead and start building businesses.

Let’S start expanding companies are telling you, the economy is growing the grow, a velocity over the next three years that you have not seen for a long time. Also. Also just explain this to you. There is a a sort of a and optimism right now in the economy. The economy is very much like I’m a personality where and Warren Buffett writes about this, but when the economy is fearful thing slow down when it caught him he’s optimistic. It’S like everything, starts to speed up until you’re, starting to see the business coach economy become overall, more entrepreneurial and optimistic. Also, the technology needed to start a business back in the day when you wanted to build a website, you are definitely going to be dropping more than ,000 on paying a coder who wouldn’t return your call so probably code. You had a crappy looking website and so in to get a hold of that coder and call the coder in the set of meeting with the code word to meet with a guy is different from the design of the web sites and a graphic designer designed. The look of it and a coder coat it now with the way things are set up with technology. If you have a group of pics of, you would need right now to have you get one really good, full-time, graphic designer and one really good full-time code and one really good full-time. I would say videographer, you can really do some powerful things with Brandy. Has the technology man in the technology make it videos when I first started my first wedding video company, my first commercial videography company? This is the sound that would be made after you did any action. Okay, so what you do is you would shoot the video up. You would load the content into your computer to load in the computer and then what you do.

Is you don’t? Let me refresh you’d shoot the video. You shoot the business coach content, sync it in your computer. This is the sound that it would make, and then you would literally I’m not exaggerating you to wait about 6 to 7 hours for the footage to make it to the computer. So I would go make sales calls or or close some deals whenever I come back and still rendering remember, Josh the first editor and partner, he would be at my house till 4 a.m. because of bride would say: hey. Can I change the font on the beginning of the video and you would change and forever are the photography business? I mean you used to have to the photos of take forever to upload and they didn’t look that great and you took forever to edit some now. The quality is so hot, so fast, so what then, the internet speed? Now it’s faster than ever before me think about how fast it is to send an email to pull up a website to search for something if you understand digital marketing. This is the best time, in my opinion, to be an entrepreneur in this country. Also, if you get back kind of historical or do you do well, if heat shop or cold weld, extreme heat or extreme cold, I mean I can handle him really yeah. I know you were to construct 1910. Me. I would rather be here now you wanted to refrigerate something what you doing. You forgot a block of ice and you put it in a box of called ice box.

Clifton Taulbert eloquently writes about this time in American history. When his bed, his book, called who moved the ice house, okay, we’re still getting a piece of ice and putting it inside a box in order to make a refrigerator. If you want somebody back in the day, you had, you had to call Long, Distance, long distance and it would cost extra. You know what you think might not answer, because they didn’t have a cell phone right, so the economy, I’m just telling you so mad. So much better now it’s such a such a great time to start Abilene give you one more example Like We Grown Up in the concrete business watching my dad. I remember he went from when I was a kid having a pager, so you can you’re ordering concrete. You got to stay on top of another truck why this guy was short. We got it. We just like this choreographed thing and he would have a pager. Do you have to run down to the getting go you never get in go to run down to the game. You want to work for them back then Club getting drunk and sad to see him go status on some stuff and we quit working for him as a business coach. It was kind of an Abomination. Yeah I mean that seriously. Okay, you go in there with your dad trying to get like a, and I see some beef jerky dip that Wild Bill’s beef jerky dip that you ugly to you got some baseball cards. Are one people got company, they wanted their favorite baseball player on a card when times were fun and simple, so you could go in there and then all of a sudden you’re trying to check out and you’re, seeing like looking in the Cincinnati Ohio a circle as A logo little bottles – yes, yes, somehow they had the character from the dog from Dukes of Hazzard was somehow their bear.

Man is it a good time to be a business coach, such a great time in America. But the point is he was harder to do business then than it is now absolutely, and so this might seem self-serving to you. But I just want to make sure you guys understand that the profundity of this idea right here from the center of the universe, Tulsa Oklahoma – we have built the world’s most affordable business coaching platform and for literally less money than it would cost to hire. One .25 per hour employee we now I can give you the strategy in the coaching. You need to become successful, but the back end to deliver for talking about an advertisement designer in Amazon, product, Optimizer and apparel designer billboard designer a book editor. A budget analysis call recording call scripting checklist creation, photography, video ography, drone videos, Financial, coaching flyer creation, handbook creation, landing page design, leadership, training, logo, design management, training, product design, product product packaging, design, profile photos for your staff on whole store, signage, Harry Caray, sound effects, podcasting Pricing real estate, coaching sales, coaching sales, scripting scaling, screen printing signage, all my stuff, video ography, voicemail, recording website, design, website, coding, work, flow mapping and that’s not even all for less money than it would cost you to hire even one .25 per hour employee.

Let’s say somebody may be skeptical about what you just had to say: maybe there a little bit skeptical the good thing for you, mr. skepticism, mrs. skepticism out there is that we’re actually giving away two Free Conference tickets that you can come check out. The real deal you can come to the dojo of Mojo, so all you got to do if you want to come check us out, see that it’s the real thing meet some other on Frontier. Is that we work with? Is you got to find us on iTunes or Stitcher DriveTime show? Do you find the business coach Thrivetime show on iTunes or still subscribe subscribe, want to leave us a review and objective review? We want to read those things you want to get better. We want to hear. What’S working for it, let’s not example of a review that we’ve received that I thought was very powerful. Is one person I emailed us and said I really like the shows were clay makes fun of himself because I feel, like he’s, done a lot of dumb stuff and on his way to success, and it makes me feel less alone.

You know because I, because that’s normal breakdown, The Life and Times of successful people right and there’s just a lot of – I mean the business coach show feedback. You don’t understand how powerful email and say hey. I really want to learn this new topic or just new subject your head. Yes, do a show on social media marketing or take that Chuck guy. Could you tell him to quiet down a little bit screenshot of your review? Your objective review send it to info at 3:15., going to give you two free tickets, each plus plus a copy of clay. Clarks book Thrive. So it’s a total of value February, 16th and 17th conference. If you’re skeptical of what we’ve lost enough and what we can do with our business coaching program, you got to get out and check out this conference. It’Ll it’ll show you what we really do think and Grow Rich. The original signed 1945 Edition, where it reads you are the master of your fate, the captain of your soul. When Henry wrote those prophetic word, Henley wrote those prophetic lines. I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul. He should have informed us that we are the masters of Our Fate and the captains of our souls, because we have the power to control our thoughts when we come back or Break It Down how you control your thoughts, because your thoughts will manifest themselves in your Life stages of DriveTime show get ready to enter the Thrive time show all about you. Approbation. Welcome back to the conversation in the five-time show on your radio. You can get it on the broadcast everyday or now on the podcast, download and I’ll. Be a lot of people realize the power of podcasts, and I think, when we talk about today’s topic, about his concept of having a magnificent Magnificent Obsession on page 32 of Napoleon. Hill’S book Think and Grow Rich. I think you understand the power of podcasts Napoleon rights here and by the way, the 1945. So this wasn’t a book where he says I know the next chapter will talk about podcast to be a psychology of the future. He says you are the master of your fate, the captain of your soul, because when Henley wrote the prophetic lines, I am the master of my fate.

I am the captain of my soul. You should have informed us that we are the masters of Our Fate. The captains of our souls, because we have the power to control our thoughts he should have to just at The Ether in which this little Earth floats in which we move and have our being. Is it form of energy moving at an inconceivably high rate of vibration and that the other, or that the Aether is filled with the with a form of Universal Power which adapts itself to the nature of the thoughts we hold in her mind and influences Us in Natural ways to transmit our thoughts and their physical equipment. I disagree with that. I I disagree. Okay, calm down, what’s good to keep going here, had told us all this great truth. We would know why it is that we are the masters of Our Fate. The business coach captains of our souls, he should have told us with great emphasis that this power makes no attempt to discriminate between destructive thoughts and constructive thoughts. They were just a translate into physical reality. Thoughts of poverty, just as it will with, Will influence us to act upon the thoughts of riches. He should have told us that our brains become magnetized of the dominating thoughts, what you Carmine’s and by means which no man is familiar, these magnets attract US forces the people, the circumstances in life which are hog which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thought. I am there’s a book called The Secret out there. People get a woo woo about well well, what does it mean to be woo woo, woo woo is where you’ve read a book about some metaphysical concept about attracting wretches and success, because you know you don’t want to do the work right, but here’s. What I’m saying is people that know what they want and are obsessed with. It begin to think of opportunities that begin to see the same things other people see, but they do it differently so like where you might see slow service at her as a restaurant.

As a problem for me is not too pretty where I always see slow service at a restaurant as an opportunity opportunity with which I don’t typically take advantage, because I don’t want to open a restaurant right. But if you see a business that sucks There’s an opportunity to go in there and build a business it doesn’t suck, can I piggyback off of that idea? One thing that I think a lot of people need to realize when they’re trying to figure out hate. Maybe I don’t even know what my Magnificent Obsession is. It doesn’t have to be the actual product or service that you offer your obsession. Your Magnificent Obsession can be the fact that you want this business to succeed. You want to hit your financial goals. Does that make sense like you’re, not super passionate about taking wedding photos right, yet you grew up. You know what company to the biggest photography company in the state you’re not super passionate about cutting dudes hairs like really the concept of weddings right eye.. Can I go off and I just ugly – and I think I literally almost a thousand – and I are company near Venice – I were talking about – I think we entertain front like 40,000 weddings are some stupid and what happened to discover the people obsessed they put in their Mind this of Magnificent Obsession with having the perfect wedding, which doesn’t matter what starts with a perfect guest list, oh yeah, and then it is what happens if you tell me this is funny, because what happens? Is people all of a sudden develop a odd interest in Old English calligraphy calligraphy? Would what would we no longer a thing? It wasn’t for weddings yeah.

They are hiring some lady who your name. Her name is Margaret or something or Marge. Cuz she’s, like late 60s and she said hello and welcome to Rogers customer customer invitations at what is your name? And you not talking about how many kids you want to have or where you want to live or planning out your life or deciding. If I don’t figure out, if this person isn’t fact the right fit, are we are you compatible or Sunday what we’re doing if we’re saying so what was that again Marge? Will we have 14 different varieties of parchment? Each form apartment comes with its own separate calligraphy, set up plans as we charge you it’s /bin/sh.08 per word. So if you wanted to ride dearest, beloved gas weight formula and cordially invited you, you invited you to come out to celebrate the union of Vanessa Clark and click lock. Leave it on some more of it. We’Re at the fabulous top travel at a ceremony is festivities. Will begin in the business coach food will be served, then you could choose chicken or beef in a write, these things and we mail them. Is it 2018 now or what I ask you to RSVP last year’s income or an entire Year’s income on the food serving food to a guest to a guest list that cancer, some hanger honors in people on the peripheral? You barely know Doug from work, so you invite him to the wedding and now his girlfriends going to be there because the Mayo is also affordable.

You know I had to write all of a sudden. You just dropped, I mean you, don’t spend taking your best friend out to eat. Spent, inviting some guy, you barely know from accounting date, Doug and what’s so stupid, I just don’t know what happened to the reception. Nobody gets to talk to you right. You just bouncing around your bed, so I can social butterfly trying to say what’s up hey, can you starve yourself right for 9 months, leading up to your your courtship to be a time of joy and getting to know the other person said you’re you’re like fasting And you start look like Gandhi like you, haven’t, eaten in several months and you get in the best shape ever right, because you’re going to get married, you want to look good in front of all the people from accounting I was going to get married. Then you get hit on by somebody else and have to hope and that’s when you start packing on the pounds. And so you get deeply in debt because you’re financing at wedding or your dad’s, taking out all of his savings to have to finance that that wedding and oh by the way, you would have an outdoor weddings ask to be a tent with air conditioning. Business coach air condition. Tomorrow, with a heater could use a building, you want was October, but no you want to have on the front lawn, so you can cap cap for the de pageantry a dance floor of October and it rained a little bit. You got to play it off like it’s, not a problem. I was just Alanis. Morissette knows all about 800 bucks to DJ. You pay a photographer like us ,000 to take the photos, and then you do. What was I going to look at it now? We could send people to link, we would discover they never actually open the photo link within the first 6 months. They had the phone. We come back, I’m going to continue ripping the institution of this weddings in general having wedding reception, and then you don’t have to be obsessed with photography to go to successful photography right, but you have to be obsessed with the achievement: the achievement of your goals.

So therefore, you just have to build a better mousetrap have a service, that’s better than your competition. In every way we come back or Break It Down how you can be successful as an entrepreneur. If you can just have that Magnificent Obsession with being successful, you can just stay determined. This is going to be your year. They just brought time show on the radio get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk, radio 1170. The masses had to cut off of you was on the date Wii. U, with. I can Rendezvous I’m in shape of tree that I had to prune. I had to make cuts to be your day, be at noon, so I can bring. The milk for windows are down and you will use the next Rockefeller or the next day. It’S up to you, how I remember my days back in the drawer room to try to consume for the future that I can assume the Mountaintop. Now I can conclude that you have what it takes up to YouTube success. You will today is your day, and now is your time to Captain Hook. Martin hop sir, that was before I sits at Ragtime, show on your radio, we’re talking about finding your business coach Magnificent Obsession to make 2018 the best year possible. What you have to do is you have to absolutely obsess about having success. Doing all the little things needed to become successful until I brought up the point that you could become successful in any business Niche, even if you aren’t really into that thing at the end of that nature, that product into that service – and so he was just an Example of Epic photography, which I built and I’ll give an example of specifically how I obsessed on that business. Okay, so I discovered that brides are willing to pay a lot of money for wedding photography most up or dropping over 2,000 closer to 3000 wedding photographer to know they take the photos on the Saturday or Sunday and they act like they’re like Artisans, from a different time where there are like some kind of like a union pay scale or Union schedule.

It’s almost like the photographer is his home office is like Spain or France, because he can’t possibly work on Monday, because he’s so tired. After taking the photos, you can’t rush the creative print your photos taken on a Saturday in June June 5th and somehow, like November 5th they’re, still not done they’re. Looking great here. Looking at right we’re going to have something to show you here I was going to call. You should have some ready by Tuesday yeah, it’s been like 5 months and haven’t had any communication at all, but I was going to call you today. No, they haven’t even touched them, because I know I mean just a ton believe the Rhythm that there’s that there’s like a magic energy. I want to really capture that and you’re like you’re, totally rational adult, then all the sudden you’re going to make sense. I don’t want to have, I don’t know I have bought into the false trade-off. I don’t want them to be rushed and I want to look good so, okay, I guess this is so stupid. We have all these photographers in Tulsa jacking around screwed around a bunch of idiots, not getting their stuff done at a decent speed, and I am going to be the one who puts it into it. So I went to my buddy Derek Scott, who is a photographer in Dallas Texas. Now Derek was the time I would say. I don’t think I’m slamming him or anything. I think that’s a bit. He was a photographer first in a business person. Second, if he had to be, I don’t know that you wanted to be a business called Static 6, and I would like to build a photography company. I want to the largest one in the region in the country in the state and its really easy to do that like building a wedding business for me is very easy because I know how to do it and it’s just easy. I’Ve built the party rental company that built the video company will the DJ company. So if you want to do it, I’d like to pay you 5 % of the gross revenue to teach people photography photography before, because just like with a DJ business, I want to hire.

People have never DJ before and teach them at a DJ pirate character that you have to build a manual business coach system. That’S what I do that’s, why I hired friends of mine to go to my competitors in both Dallas and Tulsa and to make a list of what they charge in one column. So this is the accident. Everybody listening. You needed Mystery Shop, your competition, so you make on your on your front, columns it to the farthest of left. You want to list of the names of your competitors, so if the time there was probably 5 or 6 really good competitors in Tulsa, they were actually a threat there. Actually, you know making profit a lot of people who are hobbyist, so there was only about 4. If you don’t make it more than a hundred grand a year and then on the next column, you want to make a list of how much they charge. So I made a list of all the things that my competition in a charge. What other prices for their packages call my Rogan all the benefits? They include ride the wave. What what? What are they doing that I’m not doing? What are the best people in town? Doing the next column I looked at me know: how are there marketing idea? How good is your website on a scale of 1 to 10? How good is the website on a scale of 1 to 10? How good is our branding on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest Tina, what it smells like cat pee, which is weird?

It’s like one of my very good friends Jamie who I paid to Mystery Shop, my competition I’ll. Never forget her comment. She goes I went to meet with that one lady and in the end the downtown area in her office was like actually is in her house, which is fine, but it smells like cat pee. That’S what you want and her husband wasn’t actually dressed for the day. Yet and I’m like oh no we’re in like pajama pants and he answered the door and hadn’t shaven or something like a Saturday. He was like to meet us in his mouth. Weird Al, weird get into that kind of situation. So I thought okay here we go. Epic photography we’re going to just be the company. Will we won up every single photographer in town and also know a discovered? My mystery shoppers told me that it seems like most of the competition at all, but most of them we’re obsessed with offering a specific style of Photography. They were offering a business coach specific style that they were into you know, so they like vintage photos. So now you as a customer have to have been to truck right. They like modern. So now you have to have modern photos. They, like you, know retro. So now you have to have retro, they want photojournalistic. So now you have to have foot odor and that’s why I thought you know where to call Epic photography, it’s your style, your story, that’s it, and so epic epic means basically someone who’s overcome Triumph, both the highs and the lows of life. Until I like the idea of that and so Eli, we went out there and I built company, and I obsessed with every detail. I obsessed with how the phone would be answered by obsessed with I first test with a boy with the branding the logo of the website, all different pieces obsessed with our trade show booth and all the different pieces we used to Market obsessed with.

How would answer your phone and what music would sound like if you John hold that I obsessed with the packages we offered they obsessed with the way we train the people that have sex with the others? By the way we determine that the address had to edit the photos within two weeks of the wedding again back to the bride you’re a tyrant, that’s impossible, because almost every single person in the office told me directly over and over, it’s not possible to edit the Photos in 2 weeks possible which can use what we offered two-week turnaround time. That’S game over game over, and so I obsessed with also making our prices 30 % less than our competition, and I agreed to pay myself a business coach flat fee per wedding and not to raid. The Copperas we have a lot of money to advertise a cute, and then we went out there and just offered tography where you said you want to get your photos back in 6 months or two weeks. You want to pay 2000 or 30 % less. Do you want a satisfaction guarantee, or do you want to hear? I did my best, you want to choose your own style, or do you want to have to deal with our style obsessed with the details we come back here at shop is going to talk about the details that we have obsessed about to build our Thrive time. Show business conferences to the lot of details. What a lot of detail work we put into building the world’s best business coach conference, and I would love for him to be able to share with you in great detail. Just some of the details that you will find at our next upcoming February Thrive time show business college business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur. Dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark, Roman, is Propel cash.

Now, what you got to be the source with the old guy started from the bottom and what time come on today without self-discipline believe in you, but not as much as God. Damn what you learned in Greece, what you burn and in due time you got money to an increase, what you earn in due time: you’ll have money to burn. That is the entire reason why we built the Thrive time, show the DriveTime business school without the BS program, our entire focus. Our obsession is helping entrepreneurs or potential entrepreneurs like you, people that want to be an entrepreneur in business help. You unlock both the financial freedom and time Freedom that you need to go out there and do whatever you want to do is spend time with the kids to spend a disproportionate amount of time at Atwoods to be able to watch all the Karate Kid movies back-to-back. Even the old are the old, the old Ralph Macchio one and then real one. We want you to have a Time freedom to ponder where was Yoda from, and was he ever actually young. These are the only have the time for them to ponder, are dilithium crystals. Actually, possibly want you to ponder what is the origin of the Klingon to think and great detail about. Why was the movie Ferris Bueller’s so good, but yet they never made a sequel, and you have to think about who we have time. To think about my mind with that right there less you want you to think about, we want you to think about. Was Chris Farley funnier than than Belushi or was Belushi fireman yet these are. These are the things you would have time to think about a real note. Yes, we work with a client who has hit some financial goals and now what he’s learning guitar? He wants to learn how to play guitar and she has time to Financial Freedom to do that. Yeah so get in shape and learn some music, go to a business coach led workshops or talking about the path to success, involves you having a Magnificent Obsession where you absolutely cannot stop thinking about the thing until you get to your success, you have to absolutely Obsessed the state of beat you This is the idea of continually being mentally preoccupied with something until you have success, because what you have success as an entrepreneur, you can go on and do whatever else you want to do with your life. It’S like just one seem to think about search up talking about some of the details. Experience at our in-person workshops that maybe some of the things we’ve been we’ve improved as we’ve gone from Workshop to Workshop. Also, one of the main things is: is you’re going to get to the workshop and you’re going to realize that, unlike some other places, some other conferences or workshops, you might have been too we’re not going to put our goals on you or anybody else has goals On you, we want to help you figure out what your main goal, your chief aim. What is it that you’re going to be magnificently obsessed about to get you to this goal and then we’re going to talk we’re going to teach? You know how you need to know what kind of finances you need to get there. How many deals do you need to make in a month to cover those hard cost? What’S your break even number? What is that? What do you mean? How do you even figure that out will get into that stuff? How many deals do you need to get to those financial goals? How much of this are you capable of doing yourself? Are you able to scale out your networking or do you need to learn how to train some people to do sales for you? Do you know how to hire people? Do you know how to hold people accountable? Do you know how to actually save money? Do you know how to be what to-do list do you know how to follow up with people with me? We could just go on and on and on, and we go over all of the stuff in detail at the workshop.

I said this before, but one of my favorite things that we’ve been doing with the workshop is really opening it up to ask question all the questions that you can get. We want to get all of them because they interact interactive because guaranteed you. I’Ve been in a business coach workshop, I’ve been in a class setting, I’ve been in the setting when I had a question, but I wasn’t even sure how to ask you it or what, but somebody else asked it and you’re like. Oh, that’s exactly what I was wondering, and so that’s one of the things I really like about the workshop is how interactive that we’re continuing to make it. Can you describe the sites when you walk into the Thrive time, show world headquarters for the first time? What is it yeah? People like this is an office. Wait. Why there’s it’s just like a giant square foot, Warehouse building and there’s a bar in there. Stuffers and inspirational quotes all over the wall. There statistics their success stories, there’s would everywhere. There’S will we know we got the award set up is always awesome stuff to look at I’ve had it described by more than one person as kind of like the Disneyland for entrepreneurs right where it’s like a museum of Entrepreneurship. You can’t really turn your head in any direction without seeing a motivational quote a case study. That’S that’s real! That’S a real companies and you’re most likely going to see some of these people walk in and out of the doors for their meetings with some of the other business coaches during the conference in our broadcast Center in the box that rocks made it to class canyonwood.

Why is he like that and it’s your bill again? So I think before I last we came, we were up there like 5 in the morning getting ready, and I literally saw you carrying around a baby chimi. A little mini chiminea. Often smoke, explain and explain this. The the overall music, what does it? What does it sound like the music in between the sessions? Yet will you do a 45-minute Workshop Sprint and then we Drake for 15 minutes where the littler, the width of the audience, the attendees of participants? You can write your questions on the Whiteboard and then we make sure we answer every question before people that threaten me. Explain what that’s what it sounds like or what does the energy feels like in there? I can just tell you this during one of the conference’s. I think three conference is it go. We had a group in from Long Island and during one of the midday brakes they were. There was about 7 of them, literally dancing in the aisle, because we got some energized overhead music playing. It’S not, you know, boring people are sleepy, we got bumped up, man Merton the Disneyland Burn yeah. I forgot yeah, that’s another thing we can prove. We got live music at these things. It was a lot of. It was awesome. The access to food me where at the Riverwalk Jenks a marijuana Left Coast, the Arkansas River. So if somebody you know comes out to the conference they fly in from out of town, I mean most people who listen to our show or anything. Podcast was much more of the world wherever yeah. What kind of food wonderful Mexican place called Los Cabos always have something good. There.

We’Ve got maybe the best barbecue I’ve ever had. My wife went to high school with the guy that owns burnco, so they’re right down the road Burn. Co BBQ that just they give you a free rib while you’re in line. Sometimes awesome amazing lunch deal where you can get for 10. Bucks, unlimited pizza and pints are in salad from, like you know, a part of Oklahoma to drive in a couple hours are driving it from Oklahoma City Friday night after the day after day. One day, one you’ve got a couple options right across the river from us. There’S the casino and hotel tons of food there’s, usually bands playing, there’s all kind of stuff if you’re into gambling, if you’re in that sounding any meaning in English, of beating a machine, a dollar for a chance to statistically win /bin/sh.02 out, that’s all paid the one Person, there’s that other cool thing is that we are right off of what’s going Highway 75 here, we’re not very far at at the drive-in headquarters, and it’s a 10-minute trip right. Downtown in a lot of people have described. Downtown is a little Austin. Texas. We’Ve got songs of artist, tons of Music, tons of new restaurants, locally owned restaurants, and so you’re 10 minutes 15 minutes away when you get downtown and we have a three-story driving range is surrounded by a net right on the river, like what 300 yards from our business coach Office I’m going to get tickets to this all right. I know the tickets. Are, I want to go, buy those tickets for 9.. Where can I buy the tickets? Are you will subscribe to the Thrive time show on iTunes or Stitcher subscribe, leave a review objective review. Let us know what you think about the show: screenshot your review and email it to info at Thrive, info at 3:15. Com. Where do you view two free tickets, each and a copy of clay Clarks book, Thrice value? We want to see you. There is no catch. We know that this system will help your business. It helps every business that implements the system so get out here and check it out of conference right now, and I don’t want to have a business coach right now and what were the four ways to say we have. We have the podcast, so you can download those most of those for free at DriveTime,

You can download to start here book the world’s best business book for free at drive time. Should I come. You subscribe to the thousands of videos of just a dollar for your first month or you can schedule a one-on-one business coach consultation, it’s all available for you for free at Thrive time show.. I am a business coach. You listen to thrive. Time show on your radio, and it’s always, but in the show, with a boom 3



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