The Success Mindset 101 – The Stoic Mindset Needed to Win

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Growing a business can be emotionally draining if you let it be. Business coach Clay Clark breaks down the stoic mindset you must embrace if you want to be both emotionally and financially healthy as an entrepreneur.

Question – “I’m grinding hard, how do I know if I’m close to a breakthrough?” – Thriver

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” – Thomas Edison

STOICISM – DEFINITION – The endurance of pain or hardship without a display of feelings and without complaint.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 5:10

Stories of Grinders:

  1. Fred Smith first came up with the idea to build Fedex in 1962 while he was attending Yale University, yet it took him until 1971 to start the company. The company did not make a profit until 1975.
  2. was started by Jeff Bezos in 1994 out of his garage. In 1999 he lost $719 million. It took Jeff 9 years to turn a profit in 2003.
  3. Ted Turner purchased his first cable network in 1970, yet it took the man nearly a decade to launch his big vision CNN.
  4. ESPN was founded in 1978, yet the company did not make a profit until the mid 1990s.
  5. Tesla was founded in June of 2003 by Martin Eberhard, yet it took Tesla over 10 years to turn a profit.
  6. It took James Dyson 15 years to create his first Dual Cyclone vacuum cleaner, which did not hit stores until 1993. He created 5,126 versions that failed before he actually created a prototype that worked.
  7. Thomas Edison created 10,000 failed experiments of the lightbulb before he created one that actually worked.
  8. When Alexis Ohanian and the Reddit founders started Reddit in 2005, very few people were using the platform so they created fake accounts to create the look that they had a bunch of traffic. Using their bogus accounts they worked to create the overall tonality and the direction of the discussions that were on the website. Once traffic grew to a certain size, they no longer continued using the fake accounts.
  9. The founders of AirBnB secured their initial funding as a result of creating and selling their own cereal.
    1. When the founders of AirBnB ran out of money, they sold cereal. They actually bought large amounts of bulk cereal and put together cardboard boxes, and created limited edition brands of politically themed cereals called Cap’n McCain and Obama O’s and the Breakfast of Change. In less than 60 days they sold 800 boxes of cereal for $40 a piece to generate over $30,000. They later commented that they had big success selling the Obama themed cereal, but they ended up eating the McCain cereal as food since they couldn’t sell it very easily.
  10. Steve Jobs –
    1. In 1968 at the age of 13 Steve Jobs cold calls Bill Hewlett and lands an internship working for Hewlett Packard.
    2. In 1969 at the age of 14, Steve Jobs meets Steve Wozniak.
    3. In 1972, after working together for 3 years, the pair develops a device that allows the user to make phone calls for free called the “Blux Box.” It turns out that the technology was illegal.
    4. In 1976, 4 years after working together the pair create the first Apple I board and they share it at the Homebrew Computer Club.
    5. On the 1st of April, 1976, April is incorporated.
    6. In 1976, the pair begin to sell computers out of the Jobses’ garage.
    7. In January of 1977, jobs convinces Mike Markkula to invest in Apple and they hire Mike Scott to become the CEO. Wozniak is forced to leave his job a Hewlett Packard to join Apple full-time.
    8. In 1978, the Apple II becomes the first mass-marketed personal computer.
    9. Age 19, Steve Jobs lands an internship working at Atari.
  11. Jesus was killed at the age of 33 for sharing God’s love with the planet.
  12. Matthew 5:10 –
    1. EXAMPLES –
      1. Apostle #1 – Simon, AKA Peter: Peter was crucified upside down
      2. Apostle #2 – Andrew was tied rather than nailed to a cross, so that he would suffer longer.
      3. Apostle #3 – James was beheaded by the Romans.
      4. Apostle #4 – John passed away peacefully in Patmos and was the only Apostle to not die a violent death.
      5. Apostle #5 – Phillip was scourged and then thrown into prison and crucified.
      6. Apostle #6 – Bartholomew was beat by people and then they crucified him.
      7. Apostle #7 – Thomas – He was killed with a spear.
      8. Apostle #8 – Matthew was stabbed in the back.
      9. Apostle #9 – James – He was beaten and then stoned before being killed by being hit in the head with a club.
      10. Apostle #10 – Thaddaeus was crucified.
      11. Apostle #11 – He was crucified.
      12. Apostle #12 – Judas hung himself.
  13. ACTION STEPS – 3 Steps To Improve Your Business
    1. Step 1 – Document what works – systemize
    2. Step 2 – Hold the team accountable to the systems
    3. Step 3 – Pay yourself 1st
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Audio Transcription

Presenting the world’s only business coach school without that bs with optometrist can’t entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner, and he ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark get ready to enter the thrive time show on talk, radio, 1170, adventure time show on your radio. My name is clay clark on the former ussba entrepreneur of the year since you’re on a business coach mission to get you into a great financial position and right now, I can tell you this. If I could capture this smell and put it on the radio, we would have many more listeners. It’s incredible. We got pain, wood burning, we’ve got grill voles out there burning it’s just it’s a great smell. There’s three fires that I counted last the firepit, the chiminea and the fireplace yes be any better I could not know. We have a question from a thriver that was emailed to us this from a thriver in nashville, tennessee, who’s an eye doctor, and he  writes I’m grinding hard. But how do I know if I’m close to a breakthrough? Well, I’ve got a lot of things, I want to share with you, but I want to make sure that all the business coach listeners know every time we do this broadcast every time to do be just podcast. My goal is to help coach you up and not talk down to you to help lift you up to help advocate to help you get to where you want to go with that being said here we go in order to be successful. You’ve got to develop the stoic mindset. What does it mean to be stoic I’m still at susan? We could do entire other shows about the origins of stoicism.

But the point is it’s the endurance of pain or hardship without a display of feelings and without complaint. Another way to look at it from the judeo-christian mindset from a book called the bible on matthew, 5:10 rights and reads here by blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness for theirs? Is the kingdom of heaven are repeat blessed? Are those who are persecuted because of righteousness for theirs is the kingdom of heaven? What is that mean? It means that you probably will grind your entire business coach life. The goal is to get to a sustainable grind, because the word promotion equals problems, so we can example, let’s say that your dr. Robert zoellner and you have multiple businesses or your lee cockerell, the former executive vice president of walt disney world, resorts, warrior, myself, you and multiple companies, let’s just say, under any circumstances, that the proportion of problems goes down as we grow the business as we as are mermaids grooming lounge is it example. We are cutting thousands of haircuts per week at least every couple weeks of haircuts. Do you think it seems likely luke luke owen’s here at the hub jim, your special guest you’re, not a hair professional, but if you’re over for cutting hair for a thousand people? What percentage of the time do you think it’s likely that we would mess up at least 10% I would say we shoot to be at 2 to 3 scentair rate ridings. Out of every hundred haircuts we do about 2 to 3 is about the lowest acceptable normal, which we try to drive for a share with number to go on facebook, because I wanted to get myself worked up and get myself distracted. I’m now, I want to read him for the drivers out there, the actual commentary. So we pull this up and we just one second I’m pulling up okay, elephant room. As of the time of this recording, we have 384 facebook reviews that I know of and I hear. This is a total, but this is just recent reviews. Look at those reviews. As a company grows, we get more and more reviews, both good reviews and bad reviews. So why don’t I just pull it up and then go through the treasure trove of reviews, reviews, I’m, scott, blosser rights, love this place go and see jenna to be a. She is money: michael guyton rights, mandy cuts my hair and has a perfect job every time how they recommend. Mike king, writes mandy the fantastic job, the downtown location, justin rights love this place. Megan was excellent stylist. These are ones in the last hour and we go on and on and on and on and on and on, but here’s the deal once a month we asked our customers wants to gather sincere reviews from our actual customers right.

That’s what we were here push for as a business coach program, that we don’t we don’t do it every single day. What happens is what do you think what happens chop on the days that we don’t or the weeks were not making? It consisted push to get great feedback. I know what happens. What happened to squeaky wheel gets ugly head the bad reviews, because the only people with enough energy, if you’re not out there, actively trying to build google reviews, the only people taking the time to review your business are going to be upset for whatever reason so anyway. So philip goes on here in begins to write what appears to be a probably of a long book. I mean good job till of what is startup bella, it’s nice that he started to ride along form book in the first two pages that were devoted might be more content in the average adult rights in a year. True, to write two solid paragraphs, I mean that really shows your location. Thank you for the chapel joking cuz he’s a certain generic, but whoever has the most content gets beat up in google, and so all I’m saying is we’re getting more bad feedback, not as a percentage they’re not getting more as a as a percentage were still getting about 2 out of a hundred people whose haircut we mess up and now there are thousands of customers are getting more complaints so, who is to be promoted into eventually get to a place where you turn a problem, then that is a disingenuous colts not possible to what I would say if you’re listening out there-and you say and am I close to my breakthrough, one you have to understand it’s still.

is the only thing that I can possibly encourage you to do. That is sincere as a business coach. You must embrace the concept that you must endure pain and hardship without a display of feelings without complaining, because matthew 5:10 from the bible instructs you that when you are righteous, you will be persecuted. That’s just what happened. So you said why you do not get specific where she took today can’t text, because you just send text to take your jesus was killed at the age of 33. The same number to jose canseco, baseball fields in athletics, simon, aka, peter was crucified upside down, andrew was tied rather than nailed to a cross with the suffering would take longer. James was beheaded by the romans john got away lucky he peacefully passed away and was the only apostle that didn’t die if I went deaf and then a thrown into prison in crucify, bartholomew was beat by people, and then they crucified him tell him killed by a spear. Matthew was stabbed in the back james of beaten and stoned before being killed by being hit in the head with a club that is, was crucified, and then we just go on. So. What am I saying, I’m saying that the apostles, the very business coach type people that set the example of what you’re supposed to be like to drop everything and follow christ they were persecuted, which is why in the bible, it doesn’t promise that if you serve god, your life will be easy. I, don’t know where people get that message, i, don’t know where people get that., you’re judeo-christians, all the time when I turn from my wicked ways and I dispose of christ I do understand. Why I’m having problems, because it’s said specifically it was. It shows you that of the 12 apostles 11 died in the not so positive way in the very leader of the christian movement christ, he died at the age of 33 of a violin. Then. You might say you know, get off the religious example fred smith. This is the guy who came up with fedex jumping arenas, the fred smith story. He first came up with the idea to build fedex in 1960 to 1962, yet it took him until 1971 to actually start the company last I checked.

That’s 9 years in the company did not make a profit until 1975. If you want to do math from 1960 to 1975, it’s probably cuz he’s not as good of an entrepreneur as I am or maybe jeff bezo fred amazon.Com was started by sir jeff bezos in 1994 out of his garage in 1999 luke. He lost 719 million dollars. That seems like a lot of money. Bedtime daddy. We only got ted turner, okay, ted turner, put ever heard of them. I purchase his first cable network in 1972, launched his vision of cnn espn esp osmosis founded in 1978, yet the company did not make a profit and tell the mid-90s, cuz I didn’t have good management. It’s like 20 years tesla tesla, tesla, spacex, elon, musk, right tesla, founded on june of 2003 old by martin, ever heard that right, yeah everhart even harder to wake. Okay, we’ll talk to tesla over 10 years to turn a profit. These are all people that obviously don’t have. Their crap again did not hit stores until 1993 and he had to create 5126 versions that failed before he actually created the pros of it. Actually that we don’t deserve to have ir quality, better entrepreneurs, a little man by the name of don’t know how little he was, but thomas edison, yes, girl,, yeti, yeti, thomas, edison created 10,000 failed experiments for the other light bulb before the normal man named thomas edison. It is what it is. That’s what it takes. Life is hard. These are. These are all not business coach examples that apply. Could you read me another one at a time when I can relate to you know about this guy who founded reddit? Okay, it started in 2005. Only a few people were using the platform, so they can created fake account to create the look. They had to get a bunch of traffic, so they’re like out there just finding ways to go right to have to build it, to make it look like they’re super busy and so using a bogus account. They work to create the overall tone ality and the direction of the discussions that were on the website couch, because no one was on his website. Right. Give us another example:i still am not believing are at. It takes a long time to build success. I want to have success and like a month or two I’d like it. If I got to have big success in like a year, i, don’t like the idea of incrementally getting it by better i. Don’t like the idea of guys, you know the japanese philosophy of continual improvement. It kind of makes me think of that question.

All the time like how, how did you get arms like that or this or whatever and people think that it just happened overnight? It was through hard work and diligence, consistency that produces those results and clay you’re. Looking for an example, but unz give them all the time of your story, you know a person might look at where you are at in your life and say:wouldn’t that be nice I hate that statement you guys went through the mud, you did the work and you continue to do it to do the work just because you’re successful you didn’t stop now. If you were listening to the show right now and you’re asking the question:how long does it take to be successful if you’re, one of our business coach clients on average, it takes about 18 to 24 months to completely flip a business in to turn it around and did get it into a positive zone? So we come back and get luke owen’s take on the turnaround we were doing at the hub gym as well as I can get eric chupps take on some of the business coaching clients that he’s worked with directly to improve their businesses about more entrepreneurial pioneers that struggled for duplicate state.

Do you need help growing your business? Take the business coach challenge. That’s right time. Business coach program will be any marketing firms prices by 50% schedule. Your free consultation today at drivetime show.Com, all right back to the conversation, is the drive time show on your radio or break it down the success mindset 101 you still at the mindset needed to win stoicism, which will probably go get into a origins of stoicism on a future showing where it came from and who it believes and stoicism and I’ll. Just say this I love the opportunity to sit down and meet billionaires with abby and many millionaires and I can tell you that they almost all embrace stoicism, which is the endurance of pain or hardship without a display of feelings or without complaint. As an example, if you are a judeo-christian and you spend way too much time watching the prosperity message, you may believe that if you are a christian, you will not endure pain. However, if you actually read the bible, read the bible i, don’t read the bible I just watch motivational, christian speakers, cuz i, don’t watch the bottom watch motivational speaker spot to watch the actual reading. The actual bible I mean who would actually read that book. I just watched the motivational speakers well in the bible matthew 5:10, it’s an old book, it reads:blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness for theirs? Is the kingdom of heaven i? Don’t like that story at all? I like it seems very nice. Well, then, you think about this. For a second you say:okay, well, I would like examples of maybe the apostles. We start their okay, I’ll i. Would like to hear about the apostle Side:i’m sure did they all live, wonderful prosperous lives and they all had a lot of income because they all named it and claimed it. They all just had success. They all binded the demons right I’m going to call richard, roberts, 1, 800 he’ll, send you a prayer cloth in both money coming. You thought you’re in your in your right. If you, if my money come, if you mean aka, peter was crucified upside down, andrew, what’s not nailed to a cross with tattoo across that he would suffer longer. James was beheaded, john was patty, passed away, peace ball, good job, john philip was squirting and thrown into prison chords for that was beat by people, and then he was crucified. At least he. What does it sound? That sounds nicer, though, as opposed to being crucified upside,. All these people died. A horrible death in jesus christ himself died at the age of 33.

That was a long time for people back then, because a lot of them died of polio come on. I’m. Just saying is everybody who is a devout follower of christ died in a painful way, with exception of what you say? Well, if it’s going to take one of james dyson, who made the dyson vacuum, 5426 versions of his invention take over the vacuum that work at thomas, edison, 10000, bill experiments come up with one that work if it took jeff freaking bees us 9 years to make amazon work. If it took 11 year that she 13 years make fedex work. If it took ted turner over a decade to make it work and if it to espn over 15 years to make it work, then what hope do I have, because I was just looking and I realize it took that slept in years to make it work. I’ll tell you how I’ll tell you this is the hope you have it takes about 18 months to take a typical small business and make it profitable and turn it around if you’re, in the toilet, okay or if you’re, in a growth phase, what you want to have fast growth, rapid growth. So here are the three things you have to do. If you want to make your business grow step number one, is you have got to systemize what works at the document? What works job you have to document? What works right document won’t work. So how do you know what works? Will you actually have to test? So let’s go to the hub, gym:dateline, broken, arrow, oklahoma, downtown oklahoma, the, hub, jim luke? How long has eric chuck worked with you in the thrive business coach program we are at about a year now and I would say we’re about to a level where we’re getting to a few gold points in terms of numbers of members. That will allow you to start to finally pay yourself. What you’re worth after how many years have you been running your business before we ran into you almost 12 years, and that was one of the things that I had to learn is that I could not operate on the exhaustion from 12 years of hitting my head against the wall and had to come with renewed vision after starting to work with you guys. So you? How did you reconnect with us out how the hell that occur? I came to the conference, a friend of mine that ended it and said:hey man, you need to you need to go there and I thought man is going to be another thing and I got there and it wasn’t at all. So it turned out not to be a scam. From your perspective, as a coach like two or three that you go, okay, that works to generate more customers, yeah well, basically, I’ll. Take it back to that very first time that I met with luke after the conference by the end of the meeting and I said. You know, I think you asked me a question if, like what do you want to get out of this, what it? What do you want to get out of this if I decide to join with the program and I want to get that? Look off your face man, but it was like an intense.

The stuff is not going right and I’m going to do whatever the heck it takes to get it going right and I’m, not saying that I don’t care about luke’s emotional state, but I want to know because obviously he’s a happier camper. So how was your weekend see that? But the radio shows it’s hard to exactly. What did you do differently? We started exactly what you just said:documenting systems and the main thing we started doing was tracking tracking the systems we had in place tracking the advertisements are we getting leads? Are we following up with those leads, so here are, is example of stuff that I’ve seen personally that you guys have done at the gym. What is you guys have started an aggressive online business coach reputation management campaign specific to help you guys come up top on google and to have your real customers right? You real reviews on google or near the top and google advertisement that generates leads through online advertisement. Now step 2 is holding the team accountable to the cisco boy and that part is tougher, but the process, as a canadian say, holding the team accountable to doing what works just. Why is that tough for most clients to hold your team accountable? What you know what works? Why is it hard to hold him accountable fire some folks? Well, and you have to be willing to be held accountable yourself or you there, luke of holding the team accountable. Well, it’s it’s adopting that idea of stoicism right. I cared more about these people’s emotional state that I cared about my business .. So! That’s a ticket to failure, so step 1 know you document systems at work. Step to you have to hold the team accountable to what works, and now 3 in this is the fun part.

You have to pay yourself first, the prophet first right by yourself. First and see what happens is as the company grows. You need to pay yourself. First, you cannot live below the poverty line and under pay yourself and hopes that someday you’ll eventually pay yourself. You have to begin to pay yourself what you’re worth, because you paid your sub zero for a long time if you’re a business owner chuck if you’re a listener than listen up to what the man is saying right now, I see this time after time after time, and you have to pay or some time after time exactly it’s just your humble you’re, a grinder you’re, a business owner, your entrepreneur. That’s what you do. That’s your mind said, but guess what you got to eat food you got to have a place to live. If you got a family got to provide, so you got to pay yourself first and then working in the budget, don’t be a hog right, don’t be a hog and take all of their reserved from the business coach company. But you have to pay yourself something that way. Once the company is making money, the systems are the bill to pay. You next segment talk about systemizing. It must be nailing it before. You speak in the system, eyes and mail it before you scale. It


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