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Are you trying to get ahead of the burning fires in your business? If so you have to listen in to the Thrivetime Show as Clay and Z talk about building systems, what makes them the best business coach team, and how they start their day.

  1. Meeting Elon Musk | What does the first 60 minutes of Doctor Robert Zoellner’s day look like?
  1. Dr Z –
    1. Black coffee
    2. Decide what the 1 thing he has to get done is
    3. Read the Wall Street Journal
  1. How do actually build systems?
  1. Create the Process Layer | Thou shalt own a massive whiteboard
  2. Create the Presentation Layer | Make it simple so that people can understand it
  3. This is Why We Do It Layer
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin
  5. Look at your workflow and actually ask yourself how you can improve your workflow by 3% each week?
    1. DEFINITION – Kaizen – Is the Japanese word for “improvement”. In business, kaizen refers to activities that continuously improve all functions and involve all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers.
    2. DEFINITION – Diligence – The consistent application of effort.

The best business coach program will be any marketing firms prices by 50% schedule. Your free consultation today at drivetime show.Com. Alright, you welcome back to the conversation pieces. Rob time show on your radio and we had a question that came in from a thriver, I love. This question. The question is what does the first 60 minutes of dr. Robert zoellner day? Look like what does the first 60 minutes of dr. Robert zoellner? They look like so I’d like to go ahead and ask dr. Robert zoellner. What does the first 60 minutes of your day? Look like I put on my brown robe tight with the sash I walk purposefully slowly slowly to the garden in a minute walk into the garden. I speak without words to a man. I. Imagine that I am the guard for 60 minutes are bike first, pretty good at black coffee and the schedule quiet time. What what is the one thing I have to get done today as the best business coach manager. That’s what I love to asking myself. What’s the one thing you have to get done today and then you know:i do some reading every two newspapers. Typically every morning, street journal, wall, street journal and either the tulsa world of usa today, the, wall, street journal, because I want to know what’s going on in the world. I want explain why I think you read it. You are aware of of trends and patterns, and you like to stay educated and relevant and i. Think that sometimes you without realizing this through the process of osmosis, as we talked about earlier on, the show osmosis, is where you’re subconsciously taking in data enable to draw conclusions. Other people can’t see your connection points interesting and I think that, through the process of osmosis, why you taking in this data for years you now have such as example. Were you aware that the elon musk successfully landed rockets, yes and that might or might not have an impact on your tire or distant future? Exactly right? Yes, exactly, and so you know, my good friend, jim bryant sign is up to be tell the story of nasa head of nasa. So I was up in dc not too long ago. Hanging out with him, and you know it’s i, don’t want to jinx anything but I mean hopefully he’s going to get to the appointment and then we’ll all go through he’s gone. So many steps and you guys are congress my local congressman here just pick one.

You could be the head of nasa, that’s it’s a trumpet wanting men from you know, trump and I’ve been getting what you can and what you want. I said:i just have one, you Know:i’ve helped you all these years and see my brothers are campaign manager. You always ask me, is everything you do for Me:i’m always like. No, no bro! No, never let go now. There’s one thing you can do for me when mr must come to town and you I do dinner. Invite me and I can bring along my sidekick clay and we can better together here’s what I’ve decided to do so. The show doesn’t get weird because I think a lot of people say:listen man when you’re doing cuz, it’s all about the law of attraction. Positive statements just stayed at you, you name it. You click i, want to show it weird, so I’m going to just start making this sound for the rest of the show. As you talk about whatever you want to talk about, how much do this as a way to make the show not weird then it in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in in? Have you seen the did? You ever see caddyshack there japanese going to hit the golf ball and no matter where he hit her, how he would somehow go to the hole right? That’s what’s going to happen right now.

So again, you said to your friend repeat one more time:i want to make sure that I hear that eat their here is that god hears us to anyone who may be god’s eye kick maybe like a maybe even false gods that aren’t god can hear this and maybe just say we’re not god, but apparently, with his ex program parents named ali. Apparently he is calling upon calling congressman bridenstine in the wherewithal to know that he is probably going to be the next head of nasa, also sir richard branson, who also has ties into the aerospace community. These two men have been. If you will for lack of better terms. You know calling upon him according to the according to say, hey, listen here. We we want to partner with nasa. We want to help nasa. We want you to use our companies to make massive better. You know this is all what about breathing exercises. Always ask me if there’s something you know that it’s something inside so here’s the deal next time you have dinner with either one of those too man I want to get an invite and I’ll bring along claymore fly to dc or wherever the meeting is going to be. You know the thing is you can talk about? You know you talk about your prayers come true and I’ve had to build one is my best business coach son was born blind and how can see which is crazy, which is great and your wife for the book at? What’s the name of the book now? Best business coach? I see all these are never going to powerful dean mcgee eye institute he’s never going to see the other prayer is I have to meet musky to my sweet, baby. I signed clay, clark edition mom needs because the guy struggles with motivation and focus if I gave him that I think I would rub off on it and then richard branson you throw in a little bit of that are richard sir, richard branson navigate to space, but I want to stay here.

I, don’t want to come back, I want to stay in orbit problem. We have a problem:what’s the best purple cow brand bring a camera on it, so we can get to see. If you see this, your baby doesn’t react all day. He’s got a plan. He’s intentional, and if you read his book buzz buzz book, I am, must I am elon musk. That book is phenomenal. Marshall. You read his book. Will you thought matt that book book? So he describes his dinner meetings like the meetings that you’ve described between you and z, in that it’s to the point he eats as fast as possible, so he can actually get into whatever the point of why we had dinner. Yet that’s awesome. You get to see his head in the reason why I so motivated all the time, i. Actually free role played our dinner meeting, so I’ll meet him a seal on we have. This is a doctor help administering your food intravenously, so I get four more minutes and animal parade rest of the food, and this is a musketeer I’d like to go I know you struggle with motivation to my autographed it for you, and hopefully this inspires you to push beyond mentally the earth, but in the other planets, potentially, because a lot of people and even the best business coach would settle for this planet clay. Any keys go to ever visit your home planet because we know you’re not from freeland the full scientific name is shawn menendez yes actually visit. You think your planet I think you can I’ll just keep him in my prayers that you can talk about the marshall morris. How do you build business systems there, except? How do you actually go about building business systems? Get ready to enter the thrive time? Show 3 2 1 answering the question:how do you actually build systems? But first I wanted to answer the question:what did the first 60 minutes of my day? Look like well, I’ll. Tell you what my ideal. They looks like first because my deal day right now is currently on friday and my current ideal day is on monday and it’s on saturday and it’s on sunday tuesday, wednesday thursday, not so much but monday friday, saturday, sunday or great right now for, like 2 best business coach days, I like to get up at 3 and I like to spend an hour, i, actually write it down on a piece of paper, write down, faith family finances, fitness, friendship and fun.

Actually do this and I ask myself what could I do today and those areas to improve my life, and so today, I was going to share with the drivers what I wrote down today. I need to buy pinon wood I need to call ryan and have him do a voiceover for the drag show I need to update my speaking checklist for the march of it. I need to call steve hunter with radio station to talk to him about portland i, don’t have drinks that they would come up. Coffee shops, herbals, millennials come out. We love them all. We love the fact that you or one of the most organic places in the world part we love it’s overcast. It doesn’t bother us so that I want to buy a map from from walmart and I want to make sure the team over dresses at the workshop they’re going to have. They were going to have the problems from yesterday. What is a shirt and tie I just with with men and women they’re sort of a dynamic range that, if not over clarified, they tend to go away extreme over there. I just want to clarify that I want everybody. What are you going to wear? What you were saying is I want to make sure that clarify that okay, but I also I have the buy, buy a map from walmart talk to steve hunter buy pinon wood. Do a voiceover with ryan get my speaking event checklist, cleaned up and I wanted to the best business coach team. These are things I have to do, but then, after I do that I was in the td jakes and i. Do it every single day, while I’m getting ready and like today, td jakes was talking about preparing for promotion every time, there’s a problem. You get numb to that kind of problems or high water mark it’s higher and higher number. So you will you can handle like like lifting weights, you can handle more and more weight, more more weight, more weight, yes, wait to be promoted to be crushed by the weights and I’m like oh what what? What? What, if I’m in the shower thinking to share that with myself other people.

The day, because it’s a nugget of knowledge that you it’s a profound and so I do that every single day and I I wasn’t a td jakes, because he never lets me down. He always prepares for his sermons. It is it’s a great wealth of knowledge. You shared! What do you find? What do you were you get his I type in a td, jakes sermon on youtube and he puts out a new one. It appears like every week and then I agree was td, jakes, I’d, say 99% the time and I just like to listen to his stuff. I really enjoy it and are you cuban starts is always profound. He always starts like he’s, not awake, so I will say:potter’s house, like you’re, like he hangs on the words today we’re talking about promotion and you’re going. How long is it going to take pro motion, pro motion? So it’s it’s for the motion. It is in favor of the most encouraging and you’re going I didn’t know that word meant, but you know you’re so used to be able to talk fast. They said turn with me. If you will to this verse and he reads verse and it’s like he’s illuminating it like he’s shining, a light on a verse that I’ve skipped over before and I’m going as the best business coach.

How is it possible that I skipped over this idea like how is it possible that I skipped over the fact that my homeboy in the bible had a coat of many colors and they threw in a pit as a result of standing out like how am I skipping over the fact that I was given a coat of many colors? They threw me to pet shop limited time, but a lot of room to expand our minds as a master. This owner throw one thing out there. They won’t. Let him take this one, but you’ve got to know where you’re going, what you’re trying to do with your system right and work. Your way back or you want to reverse engineer that so as you’re thinking about what the problem is, that you need to solve on a repetitive basis, something that’s duplicable. You need to start with the end in mind and work your way backwards and with that marshall take away. So I did this yesterday with three of my clients of my clients, and this was a huge deal because he did it with two and I went to stop attacking marshall has made you do this, but in the book we talked about the three layers of systems:okay and dr. Z. You built these best business coach layers like a bean dip, shiina, ringo, starr’s, real, quick I will not talk about. We was not including art shop back to you. It’s always have good clay and I in that we wrote in the start, yearbook, clay and I and not air chubb road in the book. The three layers number one is the process layered. First, you have to get out of your mind. What needs to be done? Okay and put it onto paper or put it onto action item number one go buy a whiteboard. What is in your mind on to a whiteboard number to is he got to get the presentation right so if it’s training in a video or if it’s training in a sales script or it’s training in a checklist, whatever that that system is, the presentation have to be good. Remember I want to make it not so teric pretty buddy,, it’s basic the menu at chipotle.

They could write words on the menu, but by putting it up in a succinct way. You know exactly everything costs very simple:it’s like an icon on a website. It just a simplified way to communicate a tough to understand. I, didn’t make it simple for people to get it makeup tip over people in mcdonald’s to order something off the menu. The number 1 2 3 4, 5 6 at the presentation you make it easy for people to order off of your menu of your business. That’s right and then the third layer is that this is why we do it later. You have to train on the system if you never trained on the system, if you’ve just built the system, but you never roll it out to the employees that are actually going to be using it they’re not going to know what to do with it and how to effectively do it. And so, if you talk about this, if you have meetings about it and you talk about hey, this is the connection point that were struggling and doctors eat. Maybe you give your take on the connection point? Why is it important to illustrate this up on a whiteboard instead of just talk about it all the time? Why is it important to actually draw on it with a dry erase marker, a dry, erase board and not just talk about in meetings? Hey so, and so is having a hard time talking with billy or two okay go step further to have the people with a piece of paper. Writing what you’re writing up there too. It’s just more contact point, in other words, more points of them to remember it. You would come like repeating something:7 *, repeating it multiple times or more likely to remember it. When you meet someone, you should use their name immediately back to them, so she says it went excessively then pretty soon you’ll be like you know, people they say.

I can’t remember names for easy as a best business coach. Tell me if I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learned there. You go it’s involved in part of that, so you said you did this 3 times to walk at you when there’s example that one of these examples was a a airline parts manufacturer? Okay! Alright, so are you still working working with the the members of the new jihadi move? It we told you not to work at those people so much,, and so they have the bid request the estimations and then they have to actually manufacture date, and then they have to get it inspected, assembled and sent out and there’s all these different parts, and so that, in what we just did, is how they manage their meetings. But when we put it up onto the dry erase board and said this is step 1 step, 2, step 3 he’s like oh my gosh, it’s so clear concept they use in the automotive industry in the idea with kies on is that it means improvement, continual improvement. So it refers to the idea of trying to make the workflow better more simplified, more efficient every single week. So it’s getting to be great at something is not a one-time event. It’s a it’s! A it’s an ongoing process, and so, as eric chuck continues to be shorter than marshall each week tried overtime. Maybe he could do, but it’s not as busy seriously it’s a one-time event right. Here’s a big hug ever interrupt you again in like three times but after I didn’t think about it is, is that you know when you own a business. You should always be thinking of trying to build a better mousetrap.

Another word:how can I do a better? How can I make this more efficient? You know I’ve been in businesses before where they encourage southwest a great job with this other business been great job. If you bring me a business that I get, that saves me money as the best business coach I’m going to reward, you invented, the winglet was the husband of one of the flight attendants, the winglet to the wings. They go up at the end of it. I believe that decrease consumption by like 4% or something big enough for speaking of for, if you, if you want to find the incredible 4 of the business tools that you need to make your business grow, I encourage you to go to one website thrive time show.Com. We have business coaching walmart in person, business coaching with business conference, we have business podcast, any video vault of thousands of video, practical video trainings from world-class mentor. That will teach you what you need to know to make your business grow in the show, with kind of a a boom camera signature moving signature move


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