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Are you thinking about introducing a new product or service to the marketplace?  business coach Clay Clark teaches you what to do first, second and third in route to helping you to build that multi-million dollar business you’ve dreamed of.

Systems or Sales, What Comes First?

Question – Thinking about adding a service/product, which do you think should come first:

A – The chicken, the work flow of what should be done.

B – The egg, the actual work and seeing how it plays out before you lay it out

What are the benefits to both approaches? Spend time laying out how you think it will go then try doing it and refine. Or just get out and do it and record the way you have the most success.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We must learn what customers really want, not what they say they want or what we think they should want.” – Eric Ries (Best-selling author of The Lean Startup)

  1. Step 1 – Mystery Shop
  2. Step 2 – One up the competition in every way
  3. Step 3 – Don’t actually sell something, just try to.  
    1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Epic Photography –

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Customers don’t care how much time something takes to build. They care only if it serves their needs.” – Eric Ries (Best-selling author of The Lean Startup)

 Learning to Say No

  1. Decide what to give a crap about
    1. What are you willing to fight for?
    2. Faith
    3. Family
    4. Fitness
    5. Friendship
    6. Finances
    7. Fun
  2. Decide who you care about
    1. And stop caring about everything else
  3. Reference step 1 and 2 over, over…

This is the thrivetime show on your radio. My name is business coach clay clark I’m, a father of five incredible humans and I am so excited to be here with you on today’s broadcast, because we are answering the questions that you, the thrive nation, have sent us now on this glorious monday. We just have 4 days left until the workshop. Now here’s here’s the thing. If we are sold out, we don’t have any more tickets left but I I talk to dr. Z I’ll talk to my wife talked to doctors, yet sky, like the holy trinity in my mind, there’s a z, my wi-fi, we talk so i. Can we get some extra chairs and there’s a deal? We are going to buy or rent more tables and chairs and we’re expanding the floor plate yet again to accommodate you. But the cutoff you’ve got you, but you gotta get those tickets like to daddy. Maybe we can accommodate for more spots, weeks band out there. So if you want to get those tickets just go to thrive time show.Com, the workshop is friday and saturday okay. So it starts at 7 a.M. And it goes till 3 p.M. At the beautiful jenks riverwalk. We have big 20000 square foot facility and right there at the riverwalk, we’re going to teach you from 7 a.M. To 3 p.M. On both days start with the branding your goals. We going to brandon go to marketing sales customer service, how to make duplicatable a processes how to build workflows, how to build systems. Are we going to have a lot of things that we’re going to be teaching you and it’s going to be just an absolute powerhouse of an event you’re going to love it again from 7 a.M. To 3 p.M. With the ice sculptures? We had exotic cars, followed by everybody, lunch from los cabos. It’s just going to be a lot of fun. We got the the band from the metropolitan. Baptist is going to be playing, I mean we just got a really an all-star event for you, I’ll paul hood, with hood cpas will be speaking a clay stairs the school teacher turn millionaire he’s going to be speaking. I mean it’s an exciting event. So again, if you want to get your tickets, you got just got to go to thrive time. Show.Com click on the conference’s button.

You can buy your tickets there. Now, if you want to get free tickets, I know somebody out there today, I want to be a good steward of my finances this year, I’m looking to save, maybe i, maybe just you just like the idea of getting some stuff free. All you got to do is go to thrive time, show.Com on itunes. So just look for the thrive time show on itunes and just leave us and objectively you’ll. Take you about I’d, say 250 seconds. Leave us an objective review and send us proof that you did it to info at thrive. Time should I come and your contact information, and we will actually we will actually take the time to call you right away and book. Your ticket, so again, if you want to get attendee drivetime show conference, you want to do that with no expense to you. All I got to do is leave us an objective review and also I did talk to dr. Z and john about this. Currently right now we don’t have some people, don’t have the ability to delete itunes review, can’t figure it out. So if you leave us a google review, an objective, google review, we will also give you absolutely 100% free tickets to our thrive time. Show in person. Workshop have a question that came in from a thriver chuck. Can you read the question that came in from the thrive nation, my friend, thinking about adding a service or product which you think should come first, which do I think should come for critical thinking about adding a service or product which do you think should come first now, systems or sales I think is the root of the question. Should we do we start by building the system when it cover this in-depth at our business coach workshop I want to get charles colaw take on this, as well as yours, a check but there’s a book called the, lean startup. That I think says this the most succinctly. It says we must learn what customers really want, not what they say they want or what we think they should want. So what it was that mean when I started epic photography, this might sound shady to you as a member of the thrive nation, but this is how it worked. This is why, to this is how I’ve always done it? I’ll always would do it. I would teach you how to do it. If you understand business you’ll understand this is how to do it. I thought that the bride’s would love a two-week turnaround because I mystery, shopped all the competitors, so step one, time, mystery shop. All of the current competitors in north marketplace i, was what step to i1 up to them in every single way. Step 3 I could not deliver on my promises and everything that I would sold would have been a complete scam. I want to show you get this, so I didn’t actually sell anything I just tried to so charles. This is what we did. We went to. The show me today with are unbelievable system. You know typical photographer takes 6 months to get your photos back to you.

We get it 2 weeks now the average photographer charge you 3 grand with our system. We can actually do it for less than $1,500. That’s half! Also we do your engagements for free. He knows you can try it before you buy us and, furthermore, because you know people get sick people to know things happen, we don’t have just one photographer. So if you hire like heather’s photography, you just get heather with our company. We have a whole team, so it were all train the same way and at the reserve a date all you got to do is pay $150 deposit once they got the credit card out and they wrote the check or if it was then I would say you know what let me just check real, quick to make sure we’re available. You know I think we’re booked on it. Might we might be booked out of that date? Then I would turn to my team as a team. We can’t book it, but we would have that’s one and so I like to sell a product before I’ve even made it, because it keeps me that it saves a headache of having to buy the equipment. Start the company from the llc higher the team know once I had 10 people. That said, I definitely want to do it then I realize we got to think. Should I call my buddy derek i, said derek he’s a master photographer I said I’m, going to start a photography, hair I’ll pay 5% of the gross revenue fuel train, my business coach team I’ll buy all the equipment. Would you do it? He said sure poop then I started looking things on my team and epic photography photos.Com this team of people, because I do honor my promises and honor my word. We actually won the best photographer awards,, but you like the look the wedding police they’re, the ones who all the bride’s formal and not., count for tographer 2011, 13, 14, 15, 16 17, and we got invited into the knot.Com hall of fame the only year we didn’t win, my own. It was 2012. That’s because I’m a jackass when the question is charles, you guys have offered tanning it. Colaw fitness you three locations, you guys offer personal trainer. You do lease to use to. You offer a lot of services. How do you know for your? How do you decide whether you’re going to enter into our offer any product or service at colaw fitness made you wait for the market to ask for it? Do you sell it for? What’s your? What’s your real? How do you know when to introduce a new product or service to co-op it I actually love what I did with fitness talk to myq got the dj business.

You love that stuff, so I love, fitness, love, working out and I knew that I could help somebody better than almost anybody that I knew could help. Somebody so I felt, like i, already know that I’m a better trainer than a lot of these guys out there. You been training for how many years before you started your own thing name to three, it’s all I’m, very confident in myself and so I thought so. I basically would tell people hey I do you’re! Just come like you talked about, I can help you get in shape. Do that kind of stuff make it 80-proof idiot proof system and I’ll. Give you a template of exactly what to do. I tell you exactly what to eat. What time to eat and I’ll train you at like you just basically show up hand in hand, I’ll walk you through everything you need to do. You didn’t don’t need to know anything I’ll give you the templates on what to do the other 23 hours of the day and I very confident that cuz I’ve done it myself as an example of it, and so I might sell it and then I go and build it once I’ve done it a couple times that I can scale. This is so kind of nail to model and then scaled. It kinda, like you, talk about near your conferences and so for me. I had make sure that I wasn’t going to sell a product until I truly knew that I could probably deliver on it. I’m, not a probably a super awesome, just business guy that just wants to sell lots of businesses, but I do I am passionate, but I am, and fitness and working out and I know that I can help business coach people better than anybody else. I know out there and I feel like I know more than anybody else, so I’m, not that I’m trying to be cocky I just feel like you started your business out of your home $115,000 home in bartlesville. In that gym. Now has how many members 1213 that I don’t even know right. We just sold like almost $5,000 in one month, so I’m just saying you guys are-are-are rocking and rolling, but the goods back to the core question from the driver is thinking about adding a product or service. What do you think comes first I would encourage you to listen to the market hope we already have customers. If you don’t it’s fine and then go out there and mystery shop the competition step on see. What’s already sell it, okay to i, don’t want up the competition in every way, with every single a benefit. Third, don’t actually sell something but try to and what you get 10 people to right Now:i’m building a limousine company, drive mission. If you know this I’m building a limousine company called royal empire limos and we have. We should do own vintage cars and we were booking. You know two to three a week right now we can have a website just google royal, empire tulsa and a royal empire limousines tulsa.

Currently we’re doing his people can book us for dirt, cheap right now and I’ll wait. While we ask is if you leave as an objective review. After your experience and right now we have 38 reviews and if I was going to get unbelievable vintage car experience, just google royal, empire tulsa, you can find us right there. We don’t have a website, yet the website to become an online like a week or two, but we do have his sales. Here’s. The thing is, we got royal empire vintage vehicles and limousines limousines right now, but we have I think a dozen we’ve denied so far, so yours truly will be buying a limousine here. In probably, like you know, 5 6 weeks am i. My master plan is to not have a vehicle and to be driven to work. That’s my number one goal is cuz. I really am a bad driver, doesn’t matter what business you’re in it does not matter. This is the process. So, if you’re, not you don’t want to invest a bunch of time and money in something, if you don’t know somebody’s going to buy it right. So that’s I’ll. Let you know sometime whenever I made the wrong choice back in the past. Okay, we there’s a thing called pervious, concrete and concrete that water will actually flow through it doesn’t have to drain. It actually flows drapes in the way that you flow through conflict. We had a job and we got. This is a new technology of the new thing is like oh, my god. This is cool. You have to go, get certified in it to be able to pour it, though, and so I took me in like for my four five of my main leave, guys paid money to go, get certified and turns out. Nobody in the next 5 years did anything like that. So it was a big waste of time to send those guys to get trained when I only needed one person to be certified for the job so should have gone out. Asking people seeing if this was actually just wait until top tire business coach know you can save so much money, I felt so bad. There’s a thriver I talk to this year. They tend to workshop they’ve, been totally loyal to the idea for about 5 years and I explained to them.

I said here’s the deal, I don’t mean to crush your dreams, but I mean this sincerely. What year I don’t want to tell you the details of it? Cuz i, don’t want him to feel like I’m divorcing, his information, but it was such a bad idea and it was a bad idea that nobody in the world would ever buy that product or service, but he personally liked it and it didn’t matter how much he liked it it. Doesn’t it’s not going to sell it to eric reads his book:the lean startup. He goes on to say:cuss words. Don’t care how much time something takes you to build, they only care of it serve their needs. This poor guy had to salter his motive is his goal was to sell enough of these things, so he could eradicate the slot. Lady slaughtering of endangered species in africa I’m, not getting his goal, was to make enough money to eradicate the killing of endangered species in africa and I had to point out to my sister’s a deal. I need you to blow up your business, so you can eradicate you starving because you are becoming endangered species yourself. You’ve got to you’ve already song I over a million dollars into this idea. It doesn’t work. You did just took some things, don’t don’t work not going to work the inventor of skyy vodka, who invented a kind of organic cottage cheese? And he told me you don’t know i, don’t know market and I see why cuz it’s too expensive for it. So again we come back with an answer. Another question from a thriver. The question is:how do I learn to say no stages of drive. Time show on your way to jump like a horse with blinders get ready to enter the thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170 broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner with us sba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. All yesterday, I facebook it back to the conversation, is the drive time show on your radio and business coach podcast download on we’ve. Had tons of people emailing say:hey can I get a ticket to the conference? Can I get a ticket to the conference? I heard this friday? Oh my gosh I forgot it and I can’t figure out how to leave an itunes review. We’ve had a few of you say this I’m at the two ways you can get free tickets right now we have four tickets left for tickets left I’m telling you the two ways to get them. One just do a google search for thrive time show and the word jinx ok, google search for thrive time, show, jinx, ok, google, search for drivetime, show, jinx or thrive15 dr-15 jinks, drive, 15, james I’ll. Give you a second to do it. Do a search for that leave us an objective review. How can you tell us how we’re doing? How are you and then email us proof that you did it? You know your contact information to info at thrive time, show.Com email, us, your contact info to info at drive time should I come. It will get you your tickets, there $99 value of to get a copy. The boom books are getting $240 2 tickets to copy the boom book right now. Also, if it’s easier for you, if you already have an itunes account, this is super easy. Just do a google search for the drive time show and the word itunes itunes and where drive time show, do a google search for it.

Leave us an objective review. Just subscribed. The drive time show on itunes, because an objective review step on subscribe, the drive time to an itunes step to leave as an objective review, email us, your contact, information and proof. You did it to info at drivetime, show. Com. We will also give you two free tickets. Our workshop is this friday, so we’re talking like 4 days from now, 7 a.M. To 3 p.M. It’s. Going down we’re going to start off talking about your goals and how to design a life you want to live and be going to branding. Do we go to marketing because sales customer service accounting I mean the whole to hold you? How to search engines work, it’s all their leadership, hiring firing it’s it’s all there. We can’t help you if you don’t attend. You know something. That’s really awesome about the workshops, they’re getting crazy and we are you and paul and marshall morris get together and you disrespect yourself so much. You don’t have a name for the band. Yet it’s building it. It’s going to be a crazy talk. Okay, I had a great uncle and his name was bubba and I asked him. How did you get the nickname bubba? He says my parents never named me. That’s how I feel right now you got to do I challenge. You had a buddy who nathan he’s. Okay, we have a working title, I haven’t run it by the other. Guys. Yet will tell tell me if he looks a lot like tall paul and the brothers talk, talk,. What are the tall paul brother boys? How do I learn to say no I’m at the principles? I want charles cole on eric chapter breakdown, charles colaw owns three locations of a multimillion-dollar franchise. Fitness business called colaw fitness. So here we go I know you only have three things you have to do. That’s it! You decide what you give a crap about. I, just write it down right now. What area is okay? So you? What do you care about? As relates to your face? Your face, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship in one of the story of the things you give a crap about just write down the things you really do care about. Okay, i! Would another way to ask yourself is what we are you willing to fight for, as example, I like president trump, you might not like president trump. If you say president trump, a bad person on facebook I’m, not going to fight for you or fight fight with you about it. Cuz i, don’t freaking care. So if you, if you like obama, that’s great i, think obama frankly was on the bedroom speakers of all time, probably better speaker than trump very eloquent guy I just didn’t want to vote for him as a business coach.

So you are willing to fight for write that down second decide who you care about. Who are the people that you willing to fight, for you don’t have to fight for every injustice I mean you don’t have to i, see people picketing all the time about every possible somebody’s going to be wrong. That means you can’t you’re number one cause can’t be making everything right for everybody, but you can’t fight all night to save endangered sea turtles because of the light pollution in miami. That’s actually I think you can spend your whole day fighting to save every dangered species. You have to figure out what you care about and who you care about. The third is you just reference step 1 & 2 over and over and over so charles. When you get your take on this, what are some things that you actually give a crap about? Give me two things that you really care enough about where you actually fight somebody for the phantom. Well, one is my my faith in my family, so you know i, believe in truly loving god and loving others and i. Think if somebody was you know, mistreating somebody in a way or miss representing christ I will take a stand for that. So you would take a stand for your religious view as a christian and then my family for sure, like if any type of harm or danger that they would ever be in i, would definitely take. Is it whatever action necessary to stop that, but you know what you you stand for:fitness, you’ll fight for that golden goose. Yes, it doesn’t get so I can own my soul and create me to break a law or maybe I can bend a rule or push something or someone, but I don’t want to break the law necessarily so I would not do that. We fight for it, but your schedule is filled filled with your wife, your church and your business. That’s pretty that’s pretty much. What you focus on when you’re not working out, run my correct on your business coach schedule. What time do you workout everyday every morning, I wake up at 5:30 and working out by 6? You see a quickie that answer:thrive nation, you so quick. He knew that answered. You see how quick this in the schedule so chop. What are things that you care about, I would say:i would fight for my integrity or my reputation if somebody is doing something as putting that everyone should do that i, drink. So, that’s something! I would definitely fight for you put in your schedule that you do on a weekly basis on a daily basis that you’re worth you’re willing to fight for this is what it comes down to. How do you say? No, you have to know what you’re saying yes to first and then everything else doesn’t matter so bedtime. Bedtime. I put my daughter goes to bed at 8. So that’s when ever I have my you know, I’m going to be finishing everything up.

If not I’ll get back up and help me help, my wife do whatever, but a bunch of us are going out tonight, bro we’re going to be in billiards. It’s like married, dude and I’ve been going to go out with like just dude, so it’s kind of like were single, but not really, and it’s like this home, fellowship gathering, think so it’s like to go out to magoo’s. Midnight. It’s not that I know you and your wife and everything would like some of those I can get the single ladies and we’re going to go out to the casino you want to go out with you later, but I got to be up if I know, where can I buy a bunch of lottery tickets tonight before we get to the break here, I want to say, if you don’t decide what is important or what you want to spend your time with, somebody will decide it for you and you will find that you have spent years or decades possibly wasting your time and your because you didn’t decide-and you know be very intentional about what it is you care about tonight for ticks, brad, I’m, going to wreck my marriage and break my business coach life and sleep in to be an idiot, and then you just be alone with your success bro. If you’re youtube


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