Take Control of Your Business with Goals, Roles and High Quality Souls

Show Notes

What would happen if Michael Jordan and BJ Armstrong found themselves sharing the starting 5 lineup with Beavis and Butthead? Are you struggling to gain traction with your business despite taking massive action and having a fiery passion? 

Kris Antolak – a 9-year veteran who is now the Vice President of OXI Fresh. He runs the level 10 meetings and drives the agenda for the company overall.

Jonathan Barnett – Founder of OXI Fresh, the CEO, the visionary of the business and the man focused on the innovation for the brand.

Roman Barnett – Matt will not answer this question, call Matt out about this off-air.

Mike Burton – A franchise developer who helps speak to potential franchisees about the franchise opportunities.

Matt Kline – Franchise brand developer leads the franchise sales department, and he also works on enhancing the marketing assets of OXI Fresh. 

Kelli – She manages the scheduling center, hires quality representatives and manages the team leads.

Rob – A franchise coach and he’s the in-house Director of Cleaning Systems.


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Audio Transcription

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to compete in a highly competitive world of business with a starting lineup that consists of a few good players and Beavis and Butthead Welton. This show is for you. Ladies and gentlemen, on today’s show, we’re talking about how to take control of your business by clearly defining the roles and hiring people who have high-quality souls.

And now the starting lineup for your Chicago ball man. Starting at the shooting God from North Carolina, number 23 Michael Jordan, and now the starting point guard from the University of Iowa. Great. J Armstrong. Now the starting center for your Chicago bowls. Apparently he’s not here tonight. If you had to take me day, okay, we’ll be playing full-on five tonight. However, filling in tonight to the position of small phone Tang, his first game of basketball ever.

Yeah, and now you’re powerful from another high school.

I’m an assistant manager, sir. Is there something I can help you with?

Yes, yes, yes and mighty fine. Matt Klein, welcome onto the time show. How are you, sir?

I am doing wonderful. How are you?

May I, I’m excited because it sounds like, uh, based upon the fact that you’ve told me and I can just sense it. It feels like you’re in a Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, Florida or is my current

you are. Yes. So I am at a conference for the entrepreneur source if they coaching, um, too basic, it’s another franchise, but they help place individuals looking for a franchise brand with the correct franchise for them and their backgrounds. So, um, they’ve been a very good partner to occupies for a long time. So yeah,

Ben, Ben, Simon, Fort Lauderdale for a little bit now our Fort Lauderdale update. I want to decode what you just said. Matt and Matt, tell me if I’m getting something wrong here, but uh, Terry boom, boom, Powell started the entrepreneurs source. It’s a organization that helps people who want to buy a business too. They want to buy a franchise. It helps them find the correct franchise. Am I, am I, am I paraphrasing what you said correctly?

You are. Yes. So, you know, um, for instance, as a coach, they might go to a veteran, um, type situation where people are exiting, uh, the military for instance. And then they’ll have a show where the coaches can go have a conversation with that veteran, what’s going to be their next phase of life, right? What investment they feel comfortable with. And if business ownership be a good thing and then, you know, they kind of go through that process and find the franchise that meets the needs. Cause some people are good at some things and, and others and, and so we go through the whole process. So they are, um, responsible for bringing qualified people to franchises that, uh, should be a good fit.

This is a thing I want to talk about today. By the way, if you’re out there and you’d have not listened to our podcast interview with Terry, boom, boom Powell. I’ve actually, I don’t know if I told you this man, I have actually interviewed him. True story for over 24 hours. Did you know this?

I did know that

I, yeah, I’ve had over 24 hours of interviews with me. I interviewed him first in Charlotte and then again in Fort Lauderdale. I have spent a lot of time with boom, boom pal. And if I’m correct, I believe that he might have sold as a free, they don’t want to be called brokers. So you can’t even use the word broker, but they don’t want to be called brokers. I can, cause I’m not, I’m not a franchise. A guy like you who has to be politically correct. I call them brokers. [inaudible] you can’t say that, but Terry is like a middleman that matches you up with the right franchise. And I believe that he is a coach, AKA not a broker. He has, I believe, placed over 10,000 people with a franchise. Am I correct?

Oh, it’s gotta be like, yeah, they’ve been a bit, this is our 35th year

and now and also boom, boom Powell. Uh, he, he’s a man. He loves cars. He loves cars. I do know he has some beautiful cars. I think when I was in Florida interviewing him, I believe he had a car shipped in to be with him, one of his favorite cars. So he has some beautiful cars and boom, boom Powell. Uh, I didn’t he help? Didn’t he help sell all the, uh, or many of the franchises for great clips

that I do not know.

Okay. That could be hearsay. That could be, Hey, isn’t he great? Isn’t he great at paint ball?

I don’t, I would have to ask,

isn’t he quite a pool shark?

There’s my desk.

It doesn’t, he have his own, it doesn’t have like a bowling ball with a Rose in it.

Okay. Okay. Well good. I’m going to try. I’ve got a whole bunch of things. I got a doctorate.

Hey, will you do me a favor? I just, seriously, can you write down just two questions for him? If you can ask him today, maybe on some hotel stationary real quick. These are two questions. Ask him if he prefers to be called [inaudible] Kung Powell or boom, boom and Powell. Just say clay, just dying to know. We were talking about you on the show today and like, I think he doesn’t want to be called either one, but if you could just ask him if he prefers now to go buy Kung Powell or boom, boom, Palo is trying to remember which one he wanted. Yeah, no, no, you will. You’ll do as you’d use the Trump move, you’d say, I don’t want to ask this, but I’m getting a lot of pressure and some people would want me to ask, you know, and then you just say someone you won’t like by the way, who occasionally referred to you as a broker wants to know, and then that’ll take it to an all time. Okay. Now we’re talking today about where I’m, I’m just gonna ask the listeners this question. Are you struggling to gain traction with your business despite taking massive actions and having a fiery passion? Think about this again. Are you struggling to gain traction with your business despite taking massive action and having a fiery passion matter? Have you ever seen this before where somebody is working really hard but going in a circle? Have you ever seen this?

Yeah. Um, you can, can, you can see it a lot. Um, especially for, for um, people that are starting businesses and they really don’t have a lot of support to lean on. Um, you know, you start doing repetitions, things that aren’t necessarily good for your business. You just keep doing the same thing instead of being able to really kind of shift and make sure your time is working. So yes, I see this happen a lot.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to walk you through it and they all happen to rhyme today, by the way. So those are going to love this. Listeners are going to love this because we have a tips that rhyme and whenever I have tips that Ryan, people tell me, clay, when you give me tips that rhyme all the time, that not only do they sound good but they, I they, I get, I get them stuck in my cranium and I can do them. So here we go. This is how to take control of your business with the following three things here, goals, roles and high quality souls and goals. Roles like, like Brad, no goals. Like a specific, like a, this is a goal I want to achieve. This is an aim. This is something I’m going for a roles as in your specific lane you’re trying to stick within. And then high quality souls like good people. So let’s talk about Oxi fresh corporate for a, and we talk a lot about the franchisees, but let’s talk about corporate. You are in Florida right now. Who’s with you?

Uh, Chris, our vice president, Mike who’s on my team, uh, who’s a franchise developer. Jonathan, our founder, um, and his wife is also with us here in Florida. And the rest of the team is back in the home office in Denver.

So Chris and TOLAC, I believe that’s a N T O L a K if I believe correct. Chris, Chris, Angelo and TOLAC and Jonathan Barnett. And who else is with you? Mike, Mike Burton and his black Rob with you.

Uh, rod is not with us. He’s back home at, uh, he’s actually training new franchisees right now, um, that have brought in more employees out to, to get trained.

If you could ask black Rob if he’d prefer to be called black or Rob base, that’d be helpful too when you’re on that list of asking people things now for special K a AKA Chris, ask him if he’d like to be called special K as well. But for Chris, can you explain to listeners what his role is?

Yeah, so Chris, um, Chris is a great asset. So, um, before I kind of go with that, we are extremely lucky. Um, and we have had very little turnover in our, in our franchise, in terms of our business. Um, I’ve been with occupies for five and a half years and I’m one of the newest members of the team. Um, so Chris has been there for nine years. Rob has been there for 11 years. Um, and so our team is very, very steady, but Chris has held many hats. And Oscar, she started out actually as a call center rep calls. Um, just like if you called in right now and look to get your carpet cleaned, you’re gonna get sent to a call center rep who’s going to take you through that process of booking. That job started there, the manager of the scheduling center moved over to development, started doing, um, development, say us for Oxi fresh, then ran the development department. And then essentially I took over the development department. He became the vice president. So he oversees the operation, the development. He also owned several franchise himself. So, um, he is, uh, very, very important to the process.

I believe that Chris, and tell me if I am correct in saying this, I feel like Chris is sort of like bill Bellacheck is to the Patriots. I feel like John Barnett is kind of like Bob craft, you know, but, but Bob craft previous, previous to any allegations, okay, this is a pure, pure blameless of, I bought a white sheep Rob craft. Uh, not as crafty as craft, but he’s, Chris runs the day to day stuff. Right. And he executes the plan and, and you know, John, uh, you know, Doug made the decision to put, to promote him a well deserved decision. Right. But John, John’s the CEO and founder, but Chris is the, he runs the, a lot of the day to day aspects of the business overall. Am I correct?

Yeah. So he really kind of helps. So, um, more than anything, uh, he’s a voice for each department. So in terms of running what we can set our level 10 meetings, right? Keeping us accountable in terms of what we’re doing on a franchise facing level, but also just in terms of, um, you know, spending a lot of time with those individual franchisees. So he’s kind of where the buck stops. So if there’s something going on and the team needs a little bit more of assistance, uh, he’s really gotten to a point where he oversees each department. Um, and very much is involved day to day with each piece of those departments specifically on the franchise facing part. So he deals a lot with the ops team and our franchisee

and and exhort on the same page. Level 10 is from the book traction by Gino Wickman. That is the system you guys use and he drives the agenda. So whenever you have things that get done, you know whenever you have like your weekly agenda you guys prescribed to the level 10 meeting, which is where you have a very specific plan. This is Gino Wickman’s book, traction I’m referencing here and Chris drives that agenda to make sure people leave the meeting with homework. They know who’s going to do it when it’s going to get done. You guys even go as far as to rate the quality of the meeting itself. On a scale of one to 10 you do all that. And then John Barnett, how would you describe what he does now? Is, is he the, the, the, the, the, the Lord of, of rhyme. Um, does he work with boom, boom Powell on his different introductions. You’re like Muhammad Ali used to have a lot of different intros. They would say, you know, ladies and gentlemen, the heavyweight champion of the world flies. Like I bought her flies. Things like a B. You didn’t have the whole big intro. Does that, what John does now? He kind of like a hype man for boom, boom Powell or what exactly does John Barnett do?

I don’t know how much M and a going through introductions together. Jonathan, Jonathan, our founder is very much our visionary. Um, he is, um, I would say more than anything, he is the one driving our innovation. Um, and not so much in the cleaning process anymore cause we’ve got that pretty down. Pat and Robert Lee handled that piece with the, the chemist. But Jonathan is, I would say 90% of what he does is focused on, um, internet marketing, marketing automation, um, our single sign on backend platform. So his real goal is to drive automation to our franchisees so they can be better on a day to day basis. I mean, he is on the phone with, with Google representation and Facebook. I mean we’re currently in the middle of building a Facebook chat bot. There’s very few companies out there that even know what that is. So Jonathan, thankfully for occupation or franchisees, he is way ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, the next phase of marketing. Google. So he’s very much that to us.

Are you a, as John do you know, as a guy who’s really proactive, do you know, is he, is he right now leading the charge to get you guys set up on the new social media platform called Bookface?

Bookface um, yeah, so he, he is, uh, when I say that, um, our founder, we’re a privately held company, uh, and it’s very nice for me as not only a franchisee but someone’s development, uh, department. He is 100% involved in the day to day, right? Even though we’re going on 13 years here. So when I tell you that he’s pushing the ball forward, he is baking our vendors that are typically, you know, I’m going to be, you know, marketing vendors. We’re making them do things that they’d never done before because Jonathan understands the, the backend like coding for instance. So we have a lot of, a lot of, uh, huge benefits by John’s knowledge on that.

Here’s the thing, you, you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re dodging the question and I’ve coped with a new app. Uh, Josh, I’ve, I have, I’ve talked to, I talked to you about Bookface. I, you have no clue. It’s an incredible app for entrepreneurs there. What you do there, you, you make a, you make an account. I haven’t got the domain registered yet. They’re mad. I don’t have the domain. I don’t have a team yet. It’s more of just a vision right now. But you go on book face, you’ll download the app and right away it will, it will crush it. It will, it will download a series of viruses that will make it unable. You’ll make it unusable for you to use all other apps and you’ll say, get back on the phone and book something. That’s what it crushes all other apps go Bookface it’s a great app for entrepreneurs and then it will also taser you somehow.

Now talk to me about Roman Barnett. Jonathan’s dog who has a massive cranium. This dog is huge. I have snuggled this dog on multiple occasions and I have woken up with us with a smell and there’s a smell and I’m going, what is this smell? Cause I forget for a moment that I’m sleeping in John’s basement. So I turned to my left, I turn to my right, I look to my right. I don’t see my wife. She’s up having breakfast with Vanessa, John’s wife, and my wife’s name is Vanessa. So the Vanessa’s are having breakfast. I turn and there’s a dog head. I’m, have you seen Roaman’s head? You’ve seen the dog. Had you seen Roaman’s head?

I very familiar with and I was actually around Roman and he was a puppy and he is thought to be about 170 pounds.

And, and I have it. I can eight and one quarter size head. I have a huge head. I bet you Romans like a 16. That guy, his, his gourd is massive. Maybe. Maybe. How big of a hat did you, does? Does Roman now where

a man is huge, he wears like an umbrella for ad. He couldn’t, there’s no hats.

What does Roman’s role, what does he do? Does he ever come up to the office? Does he ever pontificate or is he totally, is he allowed on the premises or what? What’s, what’s, what’s his role?

They don’t allow dogs anymore. It might’ve been his fault.

Okay, now, now, okay. So Roman, I’ll just put here, I’m like, I’m going to put on the show notes here. Um, Matt will not answer this question. Will not answer this question. Um, this question, call Matt out about this off air. Okay. Now, Mike Burton, um, what does Mike Burton for certain do? What? What does Mike Burton do?

My burden is on my team. So he is a franchise developer. His main role is to essentially take people that are interested in AKI fresh through the entire process of information, gathering validation, bringing them out to Colorado for the actual training. Uh, Mike is very unique. He’s very good at what he does. He knows Aussie fresh in and out. He also owns five territories in three different States. So a very good person to speak to in terms of ownership style. But his main thing is working with me and my team to make sure we’ll bring qualified candidates that can really take this business and become very successful entrepreneurs.

Okay. So he’s, he’s a franchise developer. He is speaking to potential franchisees about the potential franchise opportunities. Am I getting that right?

Correct. Yep, exactly.

And then, uh, Matt Klein, uh, Matt Klein, uh, a male model. I’m reading, I’m reading, reading the profile here that I sent myself earlier this morning. It was pressive writing here says Matt Klein, a franchise brand developer chooses not to use shampoo, has beautiful hair, a very muscular man. Um, okay. Despite being not very tall, could play division one basketball all time leading score and Colorado a high school basketball history during one year. Um, and is the kind of guy that uh, should my relationship with Vanessa not workout will be my plan B. I’m just, I’m trying to, I just thought I hit delete there. Bed. I’ll, I’ll, I’m just kidding. So tell her listeners, what are you doing despite being the male model figurehead of the company? I know you’re, that’s why you’re praying for my marriage so much. You’re like, make it work.

I also do what Mike does. So that’s my main job. I, um, take people through the process. Uh, I head up the development department. So not only am I doing that on a day to day basis, taking individuals through the process of becoming franchisee, Rocky, fresh, but I’m also working on our marketing programs as well on the development side, right? Updating our content constantly because as we evolve as a company, we need to be able to show the value of that to people that are looking to, to buy. It’s off and fresh and become, um, you know, entrepreneurs. So, you know, I have a little bit more role there in terms of the development department, but my main job is to make sure again that myself and Mike and our team, uh, we have a new gentleman, Andy, uh, you know, bringing the most,

you took him from me, you took here, useless in here. He is like been my best friend for like 19 years. And let me tell you what, he calls me, Andy calls me and Andy has worked with me on a couple occasions and he says, Hey clay, would you go work at Oxi fresh? I said, absolutely. He says, is it, is it a good opportunist? It’s the best. And Andy knew John from, he played basketball with them at oral Roberts university and he’s, he’s, he kinda really irritates me cause he’s handsome. He looks like Rick Fox and he’s articulate and he’s got that British thing going. So it’s like, thank you for calling Oxi fresh. This is Andy. And then people are like, yeah, I want to talk to the British guy. I mean, Andy’s just great. And then, so Andy says, would you go work there? I said sure. And then it occurred to me, I was playing basketball, my pool this Sunday. I realized Andy wasn’t there and it got weird cause I was out there for a good hour before it occurred to me that he wasn’t playing with me. That guy is great. Gosh, how did you get him? He’s so good. I hope it doesn’t work out with you guys.

Well I certainly hope it does.

Okay now. All right, that’s fine. So now Kelly, tell me what is, what is Kelly doing? Rob? What does, what does Kelly do? What does Rob do?

Yeah, so Kelly, um, Kelly also a member of our team that’s been there around 10 years. She essentially runs our scheduling center. So she is the head of that department. She hires and trains and reports back on how that is specifically doing every day. So she’s got what herself and then she’s got several team leads. The team leads are the buffer between her and the actual call center reps. Okay. So there’s always a manager on site, um, in that scheduling center. So she’s doing everything. She’s even reporting to individual, um, uh, call center reps into, uh, how quickly they answer the phone, what their closing percentages are, what their upsell percentages are. Right. And so to me, I believe she has one of the hardest jobs there cause she keeps about 20 to 30 people in that scheduling at any given time.

And you guys are booking, I mean with 400 locations ish. I mean you could be booking in a busy day, maybe 8,000 carpets, 4,000 carbs and you would be looking a lot of carpets in a day, right?

They are booking, they’re booking, you know, um, in an hour,


So, so, but she’s got to make sure that they are trained. Um, so you gotta make sure they’re speaking the language of, of AKI fresh. They can articulate our processes and how we’re different because a lot of of what people are doing is they’re trying to find the best service that they can get. So being able to be that frontline of defense for our franchisees and book jobs at a high level and explain our cleaning system, give accurate quotes on the individual franchisees and their custom schedules. Right. So she, she’s very, very good at her job. She’s got that thing working. Um, extremely efficient.

Can I, uh, one thing that Kelly, does she make sure that nobody’s speaking like a Romulan or cling on to your [inaudible]? Is that right? I mean she makes sure people are speaking English language or whatever language that of color might be using. Is that, is that correct or am I, am I off, am I off off get my game here? Yep.

Romulan is not, not one that that’s um, we, we don’t get that very often, but I’m sure she could train someone to do that.

Can I cue up audio real quick of an employee that I heard that she had to let go for, for doing this to one of your, this is, this is now again, I have no, I can’t prove this. I just have heard that this, uh, when Kelly pulled the call and she heard one of your reps saying this to one of your customers, she had to let him go. Let me, let me queue it up. Let me just see if this is it. If this kind of language would get you terminated from the call center


would that get you terminated or is that okay?

Uh, you might get a one get out of jail free card.

Let me play it again. I don’t, I don’t, I don’t know if that’s still allowed. Okay. Now, Oh, now tell me about Rob. Rob bass, a K a black Rob, AKA Grankowski. What does, what does Rob do at Oxi fresh?

Yeah, so Rob, he’s been there as long as basically Jonathan, he was their first employee with occupy fresh, but he’s done many things. So he basically is, he does two things with us right now. So he is the, um, in house like a director of cleaning systems. So he works hand in hand with our chemist in terms of developing new products, um, in terms of equipment, as things evolve, right. Our, our cleaning system is always getting better. Um, we start off with two, um, two machines and two products in 2006. Now we have about 30 products and five different cleaning systems, right? So over time we keep all of that. He is the resident expert on everything, AKI, fresh products and equipment. So he does that, but because he knows so much about that part of the process, he basically evolved in the company. Now he’s our franchise coach.

So when a new franchise comes on board, Rob is going to essentially sit that person down and he’s going to basically roll out entire coaching program from compliance, like insurance all the way down to your local market and how you actually clean, right? So he’s going to be working hand in hand. He does this for about three to six months with each individual franchisee. Okay. So we want to be way more proactive on our approach to launch rather than reactive when someone needs something. So he is such a huge key to an individual when they first start the business because there’s no loose ends. Right? It’s very, very customized and very to the point, matter of fact, here’s when we’re going to meet, here’s the things we need to get done by that point. So everything’s goal-driven. And then he works with each individual franchise. But again, you know, everything there is to know about the cleaning process. So he’s doing a lot of things while he’s doing that coaching program.

So just so we’re clear to the listeners, get this, we’ve talked, we’ve talked about Chris and his role, uh, running the day to day. The vice president John Barnett does the CEO, the visionary Roman Barnett and won’t, uh, Matt won’t answer it. It’s ridiculous. It tired of her. Today’s guest, frankly, uh, Mike Burton, a franchise developer who, who speaks to potential franchisees about the opportunities. Uh, Matt Klein, just a beautiful guy. Just great, incredible, gorgeous. Uh, Kelly manages a scheduling center and Rob, so you’ve got like, you know, seven of you get counting Roman there and Roman does a lot of the dirty work. You don’t typically talk about it. So you’ve got seven people that are all working together. Well, one, one dog and six people. Um, why are you in Florida? And then Josh wants to ask you about their roles and what they do and how do you keep, cause everyone there and Oxi fresh is on the same page going in the same direction.

You guys all know the goals, you all know your roles. You stay in the lane and that is why it works. You have high quality souls. Everyone knows their roles and you’ve got those goals. It works. It’s not dysfunctional. It is awesome. It is great. But what are you doing in Florida? Are you guys a Komen beaches with your little magnet thing you brought last member commitment delivery. Remember last year Matt, where I was like three or four in the morning. I was up and I’m like, Matt, Matt, what are you doing? I could, I can see this guy by the water’s edge going

the [inaudible].

You can hear the metal detector. And I chase after my come back here, come back and hit n***a and the guy sprints off. He looked a little taller than you. Um, but I could feel attention when I saw you later that day. And I felt like that was you. You never looked back. So I can’t confirm that with you or not. But, um, are you, are you there for the metal detection convention again? Are you looking for wedding rings on the beach? What are you doing there?

Mostly a gold bracelet.

Oh, nice. Okay. Okay. Well what do you, what are you doing in Florida?

Okay, so we are here for the 35th, uh, conference for the entrepreneur source, which we talked a little bit before. Um, they add new coaches, right. Um, to the team. So we take the time here to really kind of get those coaches, uh, very acclimated with our franchise specific to how we do things, right? Why an individual person would want to choose this as a business.

No, they go, wow, go

back home. And wherever they go, they basically can talk to people about AKI. Fresca benefits our scheduling center, you know, variety of have ownership styles, unlimited income, so they can actually

spread the word about AKI. Fresh being a very good business after for, for Pico. What we’re doing here. Does John Burnett know you’re on the ocean right now? Does he know you’re not at work right now? Does he know this? Okay. Uh, Josh, uh, what questions do you have for, for Matt back client as he reports to us from the beach and flow rider? Uh, two questions, Matt. So first of all, so since you’re the, uh, the, the one of the newer members of the team, do you still face a lot of rookie hazing? Yeah,

I don’t, I’m five and a half years in. So even though I’m on the young, we got some new guys that we can haze, but not about three years in the hazing really stopped and I, I shut a lot less tears now.

Well, that, that’s a good thing. That’s a good thing for the Kleenex supply. Uh, but on a serious note, the real question would be, so with so many people being there for such an extended period of time, and I think a lot of our listens listeners could really learn from this, what would you say is the, the main aspects that keeps quality people around as a culture? Or is it pay? Is it benefits? What would you say you all had there at Oxi fresh that did a lot of our listeners could learn from to keep quality people?

Yeah, I think it does need to be kind of a mix of everything. We’re very fortunate that most of our staff, um, we’ve been friends for a long time. Um, there’s certain members in the team that we did not discuss today, like our entire marketing staff, but we’re fortunate, you know, we have a culture, uh, of success. We have a culture that, that likes to have fun, right? Most of us hang out, uh, you know, outside of work as well. But I think in a franchise space like AKI fresh, you’re able to each individual market and the people that you can see how you got, how the business is evolving and everyone’s involved with it, right? You get to share successes throughout the year that I think in, in, in other traditional type of businesses, you maybe don’t get to do that. Um, the other thing is everyone’s invested, right?

We have individuals that are relying on us to be successful. Um, but yes, the pain has gotta be there. People have got to be comfortable and happy. They gotta be able to celebrate wins. I’m in a franchise space. There’s opportunity with an AKI fresh to grow. Uh, we promoted from within, just like Chris, with almost every level of our franchise. So as we promote from within, those people will know more about the business than hiring someone from outside. That’s, that’s Jonathan’s philosophy. Um, and we’re not, we’re not perfect. Right? So there’s, there’s also times, I mean, we argue about stuff and, but at the end of the day, you know, we all are very fortunate that we get to come to work. A lot of us consider each other friends. Um, and we’re all going down the path and we all want to be successful. And a lot of our people actually own franchises as well that actually worked with an AKI fresh. So there’s all sorts of ways, you know, that we can really kind of develop. But you got to find key people that are capable, that want to work hard and that have realistic expectations, right? So we try to do that. Um, with hockey fresh

now you, uh, um, I I hate to bring, I hate to bring it up. It’s probably too soon. You ever had like some people, Josh made Whitney Houston

jokes too soon. Yeah. Some people, something I wouldn’t do that. So I’ll say that this might be too soon. But you were a, um, you were ha John asked you, he said, guys, we’re going to go out there and we’re going to be networking with boom, boom Powell with Kung Powell and we’re going to go out there and we’re gonna, you know, make some great connections. And Matt, I’d like you to write the, the, the, the, the, the pep talk. And so Matt is like, sure. You know, he had like a week or so to prepare and met Matt. This is all hearsay. This is all who hall and hearsay. I haven’t talked to Barnett about it. I haven’t talked to you about it, but I just have a feeling, you know what I mean? And so this is audio. I believe of you talking to Chris and Roman, uh, today getting ready for the booth, you know, Roman, the dog. And Chris, uh, getting him ready to get out there and meet some people. And I want you to please explain to me why you would say this as advice to your team and, and, and maybe how you’ve worked out your differences. Because the team was confused after you said it. So I’m going to cue it up. Let me, let me cue it up real quick here. Here we go. Babies, before we’re done here, y’all be wearing gold plated diapers. Does that mean mat?

You know, what I want to do is get everyone’s attention. Before I was, you know, presenting, occupy. Okay. Now final couple of questions here and then I’ll let you get back to what you’re doing. Um, well, you got a lot of people out there again, who are struggling to gain traction because they’re, they’re passionate. They have Matt there, they’re very passionate, you know? Right. They have their, they’re taking massive action, but they’re not getting traction there. They’re struggling because they don’t have the right people on the team. They don’t have the right people on the team and they can’t get anything done because they’d have the wrong people in the wrong roles. They and they ha they know their goals, but they don’t have the right people on the, in the right roles. They don’t have high quality souls and so you’re stuck with, you know, your son in law, your cousin in law, your neighbor in law, some guy you know from college and nothing gets done because there’s no accountability.

There’s no to do that. There’s no to do list. There’s no to do dates, there’s no followup, there’s no level 10 meetings. It’s just getting together and talking about ideas and knowing that next week one of you will cancel on the other one and not show up or someone will not do their homework and it’s, you know what I’m saying? Man, you’ve seen this, this, this functional loop. What advice would you have for somebody right now who finds themselves running a company where they’re the owner and they’re doing all the work and it’s like a Michael Jordan is the Chicago Bo’s starting point guard for the Chicago bows. Is BJ Armstrong.


Now the starting number two, the two guard, Michael Jordan


starting center, filling in for bill Cartwright. Beavis what? And now the starting small forward for the guidance. Scottie Pippen, your very own Butthead and now starting filling in for your, he didn’t show up either folks. Still we’re going four on five with Beavis and Butthead and DJ Armstrong and Michael Jordan versus anybody. I mean, you know what I mean? A lot of people have like a Beavis and Butthead and Michael Jordan. You know what I’m saying? Help. Help somebody out there who finds themselves with the starting five that consists of two solid minds and three idiots.

Yeah, very important. You got to have measurables. So when you’re looking at a business, if you can’t look at what is, so let’s just say it’s a task, right? We’re trying to get these tasks done. You have employees that are in charge of getting the tasks done. At the end of the day, you should be able to say if they got it done or if they didn’t get it done right and if it got done to the level that you want to. So you got to have some measurables out there to allow yourself to really kind of see how your employees are performing, right? And you can do it in two ways. You need to find people that are going to be good for your business and Excel, or you need to train people that maybe don’t have that skillset. If you hire someone they never change and you never manage them and you have no measurable, they’re going to have a pretty hard time trying to Excel, right?

So you’ve got to, you’ve got to create a platform for them to be successful. You’ve got to create the measureables for you to be able to see how they’re actually performing their jobs. Right? And then you have to be okay with letting people go or moving people to what they’re good at. Trying to change someone’s behavior is very difficult, right? So you should be able to understand who your employees are, what they’re good at, and more importantly, what they’re not good at. And if you’re not going to train them on their fault, shift them to a place where they can really thrive with what they’re good at.

I have audio of a, somebody that I think you would fire Matt and then I’m going to cue it up real quick and let’s just imagine that Oxi fresh expanded and decided to take over a restaurant. You know, just set this to that happen. You know what I mean? Oxi Fresh as you can see the parallels. I mean Oxi fresh cleans, carpet and restaurants have bathrooms that need to be cleaned. It’s the same business really. I mean both have employees and customers. I’m gonna cube the audio and tell me if this person would be fired and, and why they would be fired. I’m like, just let me just give me a 90 seconds man. This is my, my find my final tough question for you. Okay. Cause again, we’re asking the question, what would happen if Michael Jordan and BJ Armstrong found themselves sharing the starting five lineup with Beavis and Butthead? Let me, let me queue it up here. Let me, let me play this. Here we go.

Yeah, check it out. Cool.

Hello. Oh huh. Good, good. Oh cheeseburger with mu catch-up. I’ll also help. Oh, Oh,

Oh no. Then

some onion rings with moose salt and shut.

What would happen Matt, if you had somebody in your call center who acted like that to customers, cause you know there’s a business owner out there who’s like, don’t joke about it. It’s too soon. Talk to me about it.

Yeah, I mean you, you should certainly be able to, um, you know, if things are not running the right way in your company, I don’t know how that Beavis and Butthead lasted so far.

But anyway,

well you gotta be able to understand. So the call center is very important, right? That is the lifeline to how we book jobs. If somebody is wasting opportunities, whether they’re lazy or they’re not trained enough to answer the phones, right. That’s a very thrust that’s not going to last very long cause you gotta be able to close the deal. I mean we’ve done all the work to get those people there. So you have to either find people that are qualified, you got to train them to be qualified. And so you gotta have your thumb on the pulse of your employees, understand what they’re good at. Again, you got to make sure that you’re keeping the measureables and always looking at their performance. And you should be providing a platform for that employee is going to be better and you want to hire people that are going to be moving up in your company, right? So don’t be afraid to, to move on to somebody else because in the long run it’s going to help your business grow a lot, right? Dealing with problems from employees that aren’t,

man, you are a, you’re a, uh, a source of wisdom, man. I really do appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to join the Thrivers each and every week. And if you’re out there listening today and you’re sort of finding yourself in a spot where, where you feel stuck and, and you’re saying, you know, I, I want to, um, maybe buy another business. Maybe you have a company right now, you have a company and you’re saying, you know what? I think I need to diversify a little bit. I want to, I want to maybe have a little more diversity there. Or maybe you, you’re wanting to start a business for the first time. If you look at the statistics, you’re gonna find that according to Forbes nine and a 10, startups fail. But if you look up the stats and franchising, nine out of 10 franchises work.

And so, uh, for Oxi fresh, I can just say this objectively. If you’re looking for a proven turnkey system, you got it. If you’re looking for a history of success, you got it. If you’re looking for Beavis and Butthead customers, either they don’t, they don’t, uh, they, they don’t have it. If you’re looking for low startup costs, they’ve got it. If you’re looking, looking for cutting edge carpet cleaning technology, they got it. If you’re looking for Matt Klein, they got it all that’s there. And all you gotta do is go to thrive time show.com forward slash Oxifresh. That’s thrive time show.com forward slash Oxifresh and you can fill out the form and the company that has the highest rated and most reviewed carpet cleaning business and process in the world will call you. They’ll reach out to you, Matt Klein or Mike or Andy or a member of the team and they’ll talk to you about it. They’ll send you a franchise disclosure documents so you can look over a document that’s regulated by the federal trade to see if it’s a good fit for you. And then they’re going to, then they’ll schedule a discovery day if it’s a win win to come out to Denver. Beautiful Denver, Colorado with the Lakewood area and you can a tour of the operations. See how it works. And Matt, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it’s a 57,000 right now, all in to get an Oxi fresh or am I off?

Uh, it’s called, so 38, nine up front. The initial investment and then you want to have about 20 to 25,000 in operating capital. So very close. You know around 60,000 is a good number to think about.

You know what they say you want to have about 60,000 again. They say do you want to have about 60,000 they say you want to have about 60,000 that’s what they say. So Matt, thank you so much for joining us on the show, my friend. And do you like Beavis and Butthead? Honestly, I mean is that like a one of your favorites in a hot button show? Cause it’s really, it’s a crazy show but I don’t think you can watch it without laughing or is does it have that same hip hypnotic effect on you?

I never, I just couldn’t get past the [inaudible]

they’re grown. Okay. Check this out. But you know,

if you like it and I guess you can always YouTube it.

Hey, real quick, just listen to this. Tell me if this does it like this part.

Are your shakes made with real milk and ice cream or do you use that reconstituted shake mix stuff? Yeah. What do you mean? Yeah, you use the shake mix or yeah, you use the real stuff. Yeah.

It doesn’t work on you Matt. You’re that you’re, you’re that much of a comedy snob that you expect people to be talented and have Welsh, Ron, good characters. Come on. Are you a bigger,

just remember the young man I,

it is such a terrible show but it’s new. But I tell you what, I’ll tell you why if some loved it, but no one will ever, uh, make a show as good as silver spoons and I’m going to just leave it there. So, Matt, thank you so much my friend. And if you’re out there listening and you’re struggling to achieve your goals, find the right people in the right roles. Find high quality souls to find those goals, find those high quality souls like to have up there at Oxi fresh. Matt, have a great day.

Awesome. Thank you so much.

And now without any further, ed do,

yes. I’m trying to ask a very simple question. Here. Are your shakes made from shake mix or from ice cream and milk? We have vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Yeah. Forget it. Forget it. God, can’t you idiots answer a simple question. I’ll go somewhere else.

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