Talent Sets the Floor, Character Sets the Ceiling | Ode to Employee of the Month (Devin Woolery)

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Clay describes why diligence, coachability, honesty, trustworthiness, and loyalty are at the core of all great employees.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Talent sets the floor, character sets the ceiling.” – Bill Belichick

FUN FACT – “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.” https://www.cbsnews.com/news/employee-theft-are-you-blind-to-it/

Integrity – The state of being whole and undivided

  1. Diligence – Steady, earnest, and energetic effort : persevering application
  2. Coachability – A person’s ability to implement constructive criticism
  3. Honesty – Free from fraud or deception: LEGITIMATE, TRUTHFUL
  4. Trustworthiness – Worthy of confidence: DEPENDABLE
  5. Loyalty – Giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution
  6. Tenacity – The quality or fact of continuing to exist; persistence
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The most successful NFL coach of all time. Bill Bellacheck rights talent sets the floor character sets the ceiling. Think about it. Talent sets the floor, character sets

the sea [inaudible] duct tape and mentally prepare yourself for yet another mind expanding knowledge bomb from America’s number one business coach Clay Clark.

You are listening to today’s show and you are an employee or you aspire to let’s say in the future, work with me as an employee. Um, or you maybe own a business and you’re saying to yourself, I manage a lot of employees. This show is for you because we’re talking about what makes a great employee owed to our employee of the month. Mister Devin Woolery. Devin Woolery is one of the key team members of our team up here. And on today’s show I want to describe for you a why diligence, loyalty, honesty, coachability, trust, worthiness, loyalty, and tenacity. All go into making a great employee. That’s the, that’s the recipe for a great team member, the recipe for a great entrepreneur, the recipe for a great employee. All right, so here, here is the recipe. There’s a six part recipe to what makes a great employee. And two, what makes Devin such a great member of our team?

The first area is diligence. Diligence is the steady Ernst energetic effort, steady Ernest and energetic effort persevering application. It’s that steady application of effort over time. Um, I do not care at all about a talent show that can be excited to come to work for a day or two, but then can’t seem to figure it out or longterm. We’ve had so many people in the web development department come and go over the years while Devin Woolery is just at the office diligently doing what he’s supposed to do. So many people that have brilliant ideas, people that have a lot of talent, people that are good at coding, people that really are smart people, but they can’t stop doing stupid stuff. As an example, I’m just gonna list off some of the issues that the web developers that I’ve hired over the years have. Okay. Just, just as an example, one week, many of the web developers we’ve had have had drug problems.

They, they literally cannot stop doing drugs. They can’t stop doing, uh, specifically. They can’t stop smoking pot and then when they aren’t smoking pot, they are doing other hallucinogenic drugs and they’re going off into the woods to attend festivals like burning man. They just can’t stay sober. And other issue we’ve had with coders in the past is they just can’t stop having relationship problems. They just did come to work one day, they’re fine and then they meet some girl at a bar, they take her home, they think that she might be pregnant and now they’re having a hard time having personal issues. It goes on and on and on. Meanwhile, Devin is just consistently knocking it out. Now, some of the coders might have more natural skill, maybe more formal training, but Devin just content continues to consistently get the job done day after day.

Coachability, it is so important that that a person can take feedback. This is a person’s ability to take and to implement constructive criticism, a person’s ability to implement constructive criticism. Think about that. Think about how valuable that is. When I can work with Devin Woolery, he asks me a question. He says, how can I get better? And I can sit there and tell him what to do. I can tell him what to do. And then he actually implements what we tell them to do. He says, how can I get better? And if I tell him he implements it, he does it. He’s not a justifier. We’ve had so many coders come and go over the years who justify it. It’s a, it’s abundantly clear. It’s abundantly clear according to all research, all data out there that wordpress is the best out of the box search engine optimized web development program on the planet.

That that’s, that’s the proof. It just is wordpress. But yet there’s coders out there that are pigheaded and they want to build a web platform on.net okay. So then you build the website on.net for their project and working on, well then halfway through they go, you know, I kind of feel like we should, uh, should have built it on a different kind of coding language. Why don’t we, why don’t we try PHP? And then they go down that path and they have more issues. Then they come back and say, you know what? Now that we’ve spent, you know, six months working on a project on PHP and.net why don’t we come back and use wordpress? It’s unbelievable how non coachable, almost every coder we’ve ever had has been, except for Devin. We’ve had so many coders come and go. It’s unbelievable to me. Honesty, honesty, free from fraud or deception.

Do you know I’ve had coders who, you know, coders are good, they know how to minimize their windows and kind of hide things and work on the dark web. You know? Do you have any coders I’ve had that have ordered, legitimately have ordered prostitutes from the workplace, seriously have gone online in order to prostitute or or, or drugs or both or who have arranged affairs online via computers and minimize screens and hidden windows and incognito modes and dart modes. It’s unbelievable how nefarious so many of those coders we’ve hired in the past have been, but yet Devin continues to be diligent, coachable, and honest trustworthiness. Oh Wow. This is an essential quality quality. Number four that makes Devin a great employee, being worthy of confidence. Being dependable. You have any days, Devon just hasn’t shown up to work. Um, zero Jiminny Day. Do, do you want to guess, how many days do you think the average coder that we’ve hired has just not shown up?

I mean, if you said the average coder that I’ve hired, uh, let’s say there’s 30 days in a month, how many of those days per month do you think the average coder that I’ve hired has just not shown up? Just for whatever reason you would say. I guess I would say 10% or more. It’s unbelievable. And you might say, well, why? Why Clay? You must be a bad manager. That’s what it is. That’s what it is. Well, okay, let’s look at the stats here real quick. Okay, let’s, let’s look at the stats across the whole, the world, the whole system, not just me, but all the employees out there according to the CBS News, is study them by CBS News and the U s chamber. 75% of employees now steel from the workplace. And you think that just is limited to them stealing tangible goods? No, they still time. They don’t come to work.

They pretend to be sick. They, they have constant personal issues. 75% I’ll put a link to the, on today’s show notes, but Devin doesn’t steal things. Devin is consistent. He does what he says he’s going to do because he is trustworthy. Loyalty, the character trait of giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution. Do you know how many coders have used me, have used me in the projects I’ve worked on to fill up their, their, their resume. Oh, a lot people come to work for me and then they go, well, now that I’ve worked for you for, you know, nine months or so and I’m gonna do is I’m going to go out there and start a company that does exactly what you do with one of your companies behind your back, but I’m going to do it better.

And then Joe, those employees have gone on to actually build a successful company. These coders, these, these geniuses, none. But they all go out and try. Oh yes, they do. Why? Because they feel like, oh, I could, I could do it better and I’m just going to sneak behind your back and do it on my own. Rather than saying, you know what, a boss, I’d Kinda like to start this new venture. Do you want to team up with me or do you have any feedback on it? Or what are your thoughts? Instead, they try to do it behind my back, but Devin does not cause Devin Woolery is loyalty, which means he gives or shows firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution. He does it with his wife, by the way. He does that with his church by the way. He does it at work.

By the way, check this out. Devin is diligent at work, but he’s also dilligent at home. Wow. I wonder if that’s called integrity. You know the word integrity has so many different meanings to some different people, but what does integrity actually mean? Well, the word integrity comes from the word integer in it and the word integer is bisque. A number that is not divisible and that’s exactly what Devin is. He’s divisible. He is who he is all the time. This guy is an unbelievable, a great guy, a diligent man, a hardworking man, a a guy that I call friend I. His integrity is is great, but his integrity is what I believe describes all of these traits. If you had to describe all six of these traits, at the end of the day, we’re calling it integrity. People with integrity do a great job at work. By the way, people without integrity are constantly having affairs and marital issues and personal issues and they’re constantly having issues because they have had a lack of integrity consistently.

So again, integrity, the state of being whole and undivided. Look, let’s, let’s hold three cap. What makes Devin Woolery a great employee? One, it’s the diligence to, it’s the coachability three. It’s the honesty for it’s the trustworthiness. Five, it’s that loyalty in six. The final trait that makes Devin such a great employee is he’s tenacious. He’s got that quality of that continuing persistence. He pushes on well past the time when most people would have quit and that my friends is what makes Devin Woolery this month, employee of the month, and now with any further, I do three, two, one, boom.


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