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Thinking about working with family? Listen in to Part 2 of starting your own business and find out what Thrivetime Show host Clay Clark has to say about working with family and pitfalls to watch out for.

What is your advice to someone who is wanting to start their own business?

Have you ever worked with your family?

  1. Step 1 – It’s very likely that the employee is not going to do a good job.
    2. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.
  2. Step 2 – Agree on how it’s going to end
  3. Step 3 – Judge them based on what they do in the workplace not their bloodline.
    1. Yes, and it has only gone well with two of them.
    2. The other 4 were fired and we no longer speak, because management exposes dishonesty and a poor work ethic.
    3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship.” – John D. Rockefeller

Get ready to enter the thrive time best business coach show it’s all about you that we bring them back to the conversation on your radio. My name is clay clark in the former uss, be a entrepreneur of the year sit here to grip, to get you into a great situation financially and to teach myself how to speak. The english language, but we are talking today about lanolin answering one of the things I want to do is I want to do some vocal exercises to do to get my really my advice to someone is wanting to start their own business and I gave you my tips. One is don’t start unless you’re, okay, with working for a minimum of 60 months without pay or praise to don’t quit your day. Job in three put your bias and budget on branding marketing and selling 15 subjects as soon as possible, I’m going to brag on some clients who was want to start up 18 months ago, full package, media. Comm check them out. If you google dallas real estate, photography, you’ll notice, they come up top in the google searches. Do you realize he to 10,000 hours of business and just like a couple days? That’s awesome, which means that he’s now on pace to do more in, like 2 days that he used to do in like a month or a year, I’m just saying like what he started in 0 business and now he’s doing what he’s getting into weeks of twenty thousand a week and 1 million dollar revenue goal this year. You going to do it and I’ll tell you how he’s able to do it he’s doing it because he didn’t quit his day, job breach and he still hasn’t quit his day job as a paramedic right, yes and then, and now I’m telling a bunch I’m saying this is really pretty out. There really want the shortcut they want to quit, that they say I just want to focus on my business and I could be more clear-headed and yeah that be great, that you can afford right now. So another example, another example after I work that summer I do construction and I worked for the retirement home during the next school year. I got a job at target and I got a job over at directv and I got a job at applebee’s.

Now full disclosure I think it kicked out of our you. First, so I went to oral roberts university and I wrote a parody song about the school’s president that he did not find to be as funny as I did and a buddy I recorded. It lives on forever and then put me on youtube as the oru slim shady of you search on youtube, and so we did as we felt we recorded the song and a buddy put it on the student voicemail systems. Every single student. You get a voicemail, the red, the red flashing light and if you click into you have a message from dean boyd’s office and you hit play and it’s every single student kept getting that message:posted them, cuz I’m, going to hacked into the system. That is one of the craziest stories. I’ve ever heard awesome, but terrible me to liters apartments there at 60 set was. It was right behind the marriott hotel, which is now the crowne plaza off of lewis and 71st and lewis. In tulsa live in the apartment second floor and I couldn’t afford food really. So my wife and I had this move. My wife didn’t eat a lot of food but she’s on the meal plan at college. So vanessa said just before we got married. She Says:i’ll bring you like a bagel a day. Oh yeah I can do that, so she bring me a bagel eat. That bagel was my mail. You know that I would go to my job at like applebee’s applebee’s. You had a crappy shift of the terrible later so I can get a job. I might think. My schedule is a lot of times from like 3 p.M. Until like 9 or something, but before that I worked over there at a call center, west, telecommunications or answer the phone for you know, directv or or a newport news, just a variety of magazines. That kind of thing and so I would work there. I think my shift at that place was something like the best business coach time at 6 a.M. Until like 2 and then at 2. I remember:i had to wear a polo at that job I had to where I got the pole over the brand. We were calling for the time that I would bring my other than enough time to get a thing done. So I decided to do. I got to bring my target shirt to the call center job, so I would keep the red shirt. This is a huge breakthrough for when I first started managing my time. So I didn’t have time. I thought too, I’ll eat right, so I thought you were going to do. I’m going to bring my target shirt. Is a technological breakthrough to the other job I’m going to hang it up in my car, so I hung up in my car. I had a really old, beat-up, 1989, ford escort, so I would make calls till I finished up that shift. I didn’t get into my car and I would switch to change shirts while driving I’ve done that moved to a stoplight at sweatshirt. I did every day and then I had time. While I was in the parking lot, they might be late. I was at target and I would have time to make calls from the target parking lot on the days. I work there or from the applebee’s parking lot, and they gave me a lunch break. If you didn’t have time to call my leads any time that people go to lunch, I’ll just go call miley.,

my, car and I could usually book like one event a week and I needed to buy, yellow page ads in the yellow pages advertisements we’re just over $2,500 a month total, and so you understand I’m making like 10 bucks an hour, 7 bucks an hour. So if you take what I was making at applebee’s, you got it all out those working 80 hours a week, maybe maybe 80 hours to 80 hours, I’ve never made more than 10 bucks an hour. So maybe after taxes like 6:50, my ad was 2500. So if I got any bookings at all, I would take it. I just came out. The fancy punch out here I think that money would go to buy more equipment. So you know 30% of that money would go to pay for that ad I just had to pay the bill multiply the fish just bought by the way then I had a little bit left to pay that apartment in my apartment was a bungalow. The cheapest thing I can possibly get over there at lewis which is not an ideal place for the best business coach. And how are you near, or are you all right behind what what is now the crown chase apartments and I are behind what was now at the crowne plaza and that a part was me like five hundred bucks a month and that’s what I did I just barely made it, but I kept pumping money back in the ads. I made myself a commitment that, if I ever got it to where I can book a show a day and do it consistently for like 4 weeks i, don’t have quit my job, so I can book one a week and then it was a going to get school under one. We got back like 3 and I’m like dude I’ve ever lady, who I look more like that book. You listening and ryan both. How are you ride be out h, a I thought was both of you quickly. Correct me that front of me, that is both outfits as much as you I didn’t realize. That was a japanese tradition. Tradition was at the bride and the groom go to each table and they make a toast with the family. Today is the bride and groom the bride changes? Gowns andrew? Did you ever do photography for it at a japanese wedding, I actually did not do any come on down and she will then go with the groom to a group of tables and we’ll post every tables lee. Those stayed up until we thank everybody for being here, and we just want to thank you. Uncle charlie, uncle kevin for doing this and aunt nancy and boom boom and they take a shot and then have to do a few tables and they go change, clothes and then come back. So then the bride I’m not kidding, but we probably change what 5 * 6 * at night, but about the 40th table.

Do you see what’s going on he’s like micro shots, but it’s like you are? Who are you i? Don’t know what happened so then, on sunday, going to I’m djing at the royal dragon, which is by magoo’s number 57 I’m bluffing dj, the dj was the one time a week. I got that front. Some other rock in that party, it’s like probably 2 a.M. You know, but the problem is right. Cuz I got a now load, the other dj and cuz that dj’s djing, so my wife would load the dj and meet at the 96th and riverside the mini storage they’re. Still there right by brahms we’d meet that’s where I met, andy, matheran, all the guys to load in we vote in the equipment loading. The equipment, my wife, loves, loves, equals you wait for me till like 3 a.M. And get there any storage meter, it’s cold or hot cuz. There’s no air conditioning there meet her at 3 a.M. We go back to our house and busy. Sunday was like our only day together, so I can go to believers church of the time. Typically and I’ve looked terrible and if you want to run through hope, you, like the price i, think this guy’s like a raging alcoholic or has some real problems, because I was like always looking horrible, yeah I never went to sleep, you know and then I can’t do anything. Cuz I got nothing to laugh at the end of the month, but I had more best business coach leads. I just kept doing that, and it took me about three years to get at cycle for 36 months. You know after I started getting a bunch of weddings. I got to read book one a day. I quit all my jobs. I left every single job on good terms, still stay in touch with most of those people. Today they know who I am I worked at tax and accounting. Software is on my jobs. I keep upgrading to better jobs, I kept getting promoted, I worked at target as the front desk guy in the electronics area and I was a jerk when I first started, I was charged, read, napoleon hill’s, think and grow rich and I started learning his principal different self-help books and so I started. Just really really trying to greet every single customer with the best customer service. You could possibly give him a call. I knew that if I over deliver I’ve been shelby, overpaid, I just get hung on that promise and I also kept knowing that if I over deliver god’s watching and I kept saying it I know that if I ever deliver, somebody I don’t know who it is. But somebody will offer me a job i, don’t know how it’s going to work, but I’m going to do it. So I got a name of todd. Starkey came in to the target, electronics department and i.

Remember this specifically, he came in. He said:hey I’m, looking to buy a handy cam to get burn their own dvd to dvd burner on the camera on my gosh, and he says I want to know which one you’d recommend and I said. I will todd. What’s this for us to manage my wife and I said so what what your name is. So? What’s your name I said:i hate that he want to buy is a little bit i. Think beyond what you need. I need the camera. You need there were here, it’s easier to do it and I got to do, is click the burn button and it burns the dvd for you, it’s easy to buy those dvds or not a rare kind. I just I think that the movies, like you, really know your product like what’s your deal, that’s what I mean. Why do you work here? I’ve never met somebody here at target that, like is on it. Like you, I seen you a few times. I know if you seen that I’ve been a few times like you help everybody. If someone says hey where’s the michael bolton cd, why can’t you walk them to it and it says where’s, the bathroom, you walk them to what you show me or you’re. Just like what is your deal and I said:i want to start my own dj company and I need to I need the income and he goes well. How much do you make here and I ate something an hour? He said it. Tax and accounting software I can’t promise you the job and I’ll interview. You were looking to hire an intern and will give you 15 an hour done and I’m like this order. Pizza and subway for all the employees and a lot of people just leave like half the food, so I would go at the end of the work day. I’d stay late and then I would go to the kitchen. It was at whatever was left i, bring it home yeah that save me, like 50 bucks a week as the best business coach and from dying I’m just telling you that’s how it was when I got my first big holiday party, we couldn’t really afford it for me to buy new glasses in my glasses.

I have really beat up by dj the crap out of dr. Z’s holiday party and at the end of the show, i. Don’t know if you remember this, but he came up to me like young man, I appreciate you doing a good job. You know your wife’s done a great job for me. He tipped me like three hundred bucks and that’s like the money that I needed to make it that way. It was like grimes awesome today and you want to start a business, don’t start unless you’re, okay, with working for 60 months, without pay to don’t quit your day. Job put your bias on branding marketing and selling 15 sub things as soon as possible. We come back what are next time we talk about. What is your advice to someone who’s wanting to start their own business just overall like what is your overall, you got any tips on it and have you ever worked with family with your family? It’s a question. A lot of people. Ask me all the time have you ever worked with your family? Yes, I have! Does it always go? Well? No but I’ll explain to you what it’s like to work with stations drive time to show on your radio, no broadcasting for the center of the universe and the thrive15. Com world headquarters of time show all right right, nation and welcome back to the conversation at the drive time show on your radio. My name is clay clark in the for ussba entrepreneur of the year fired up to help you get to where you want to go, and we we had those questions but I emailed. So much too. What is your advice to someone is wanting to start their own business? That’s that’s! The question. We’ve also been emailed a lot this week. Have you ever worked with family, and so I won’t have time together, because it just makes sense from my vantage point, because I think that most people start business with family because they don’t have any other option. That is true. So it’s like hey, you know, I Guess:i’ll have her do accounting she’s, your wife and you can’t afford a full-time accountant and I will I say this. I appreciate the best business coach resourcefulness of that I also think it can go well, but I’m going to lay out the criteria for doing self-driving a successful family work relationship, okay, step one. You got to understand that when you hire family or anybody, the statistical probability that an american employee will do a good job is not very hot. So let us put statistics on the show notes, so that I am not just pontificating an opinion that I have okay. So, according to the us chamber of commerce 75% of employees even the best business coach employees, steal from the workplace 75. Now, if you’re trying to do the math, that’s right! That’s right! That’s 300! Out of 400 or that’s like 75 i. Don’t know why it’s almost like / century that 75 cuz, that’s what it means is percent you’re at right. That’s a real thing! That’s a good in the show notes! Not chuck! Would you look at the statistics of the percentage of employees that lie on their resumes according to forbes, because I don’t want to make up a percentage here. I do know that 75 to 35% of employees at the middle you hire through those people are going to steal from the workplace. Put what percentage is is forbes an ink stain from employees that lie on the resume potential candidate. What we’re looking real I can come on working and you’ll, find it and come right back to you find it will get into it.

Okay, now that’s in our office when we do an interview for any business that I’m involved in. If you had 10 candidates, only 7, not even 7 I’d, say only like 33 is animax 7 – last week was a bad week, but overall I think it’s about three of the ten candidates. There are on time consistently so 7 out of the 10 or not even on time for their own freaking job interview. So again you you ask I mean what’s the what’s the advice of working with family, what is the cleats probably not going to work out unless your family happens to be a unique breed there? So that’s! That’s! That’s concert number one to you got to agree going into it that you’re probably going to have to fire this person. So what you do is you go ahead and take the time to agree on how you’re going to fire the person you’re going to disagree? This is what’s going to happen when it doesn’t work out right. Three, you got to judge him based upon their work ethic and not their relationship to you search up I’m, going to have you kind of break that down okay, so step never want I just want to embrace this that this is. This is the step one on it sure we’re getting this idea. Okay, is it it’s more likely than not it’s very likely you just let me embrace it. It’s very likely that the person who works for you is not going to do a good job and then your family, because 75% of employees are still from the workplace according to the us chamber of commerce, and why is it important to embrace it’s very, very likely that the person who you hire is not going to do a good job? That’s your job is to make sure, and that’s just how life goes right now, and so, if you’re thinking about hiring family-and you have this mindset, you’ve got to understand. I. Think. Another thing you just said was that exit strategy, how important that thing is from the get-go, because there is a high likelihood that this person is not going to perform the way you need them to perform, and you can’t let them come into the workplace with a sense of entitlement because they will infect everybody else that make sense. The 85% of employees lie on their resume. 85%. I just tried to get these ideas. 85% of employees are lying on their resumes. Okay and 75% of employees are stealing from the workplace. Now the question was have you ever worked as family? Yes, okay, so best business coach step one, it’s a very likely that employees not going to do a good job, okay step to make sure you get this, make sure that you embrace. This is how we’re going to part ways it go ahead and agree on how it’s going to end agree on how it’s going to end. Somebody should agree on how it’s going to end. Why am I repeating that? Because people say oh it’s going to work out, though they were my brother, my cousin you’re, my neighbor all right now step 3, step 3. This is so big. You got to break this thing, can understand this. Okay, you have to judge them based upon what they do in the workplace, not their bloodline, because the you’re going to create an unbelievable culture of animosity and hypocrisy.

When you promote your freaking brother to be in charge-and he has the worst work ethic you’re going to create a huge problem when you make your sister, the head of something that she’s terrible. That being said, your sister should not be penalized penalized and kept from being promoted. Civic she’s your sister, if she’s great she’s great, and there is no debate, but if she is late, she’s late-and there is no debate-ask if your brother, whether he be your brother or brother from another mother, if he is constantly stealing, let me tell you what he’s retired so the question have you ever worked with your family? Yes, john d rockefeller he’s a notable quotable chuck. Could you read the rockefeller? A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship day, a family member who you love, founded on business, is better than a business found on a feeling better than a business founded on a family member. You left for my meeting because I’m hired now to date will say like a dozen and i:don’t speak to any of them at all anymore. What there’s outlier so there’s a couple of them. There’s like three that I don’t completely dislike and I couldn’t ever see them again, physically, emotionally mentally or on social media again, because the things they did at work were so egregious so terrible so awful that you check it out. It’s weird when an employee weirton your office steal something, but it’s really weird when that person is related to employee, is like trying to steal customers from you. But it’s really weird. When it’s your cuz, it’s really weird to have an employee whose a deadbeat dad and doesn’t talk to their kids and you’re going wow. You are like a really bad person. You hear them talking horribly about their ex-wife and their kids like a twelve-year-old like talking bad about their kids, but it’s really bad when their family, so business is like you’re together with these people a lot of hours a day, and let me tell you what I like if you, if you bring somebody in your business or going to see their character real quick, so that is my best business coach advice for working with family. So if you want to no longer speak to them, then it’s probably a physical good chance, we’ll still that’s my advice. Should the profit be on any business or product a great question to answer.



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