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Are you looking to no longer exchange your time for your money? Note that 70% of all companies and 100% of home businesses are sole proprietorships. One person, or two, and that’s all, operate the business.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Page 3 – The Most Successful Small Business In The World by Michael Gerber – “Note that 70 percent of all companies and 100 percent of home businesses are sole proprietorships. One person, or two, and that’s all, operate the business.”

How is creating a “job” as a technician/business owner different than the typical Oxi Fresh franchise owner?

  1. If you are an owner operator it is hard to duplicate yourself while creating the systems and keeping up with the workload. When working within the Oxi Fresh systems, I do not have to make sure my website is up to date, I do not have to worry about hiring an admin staff, I do not have to answer the phones. Not only does the Oxi Fresh team do those tasks for me but they do it better than i can.

How does Oxi Fresh make money when giving away so many resources?

  1. You have to remember that these processes and systems do not fall out of the sky. There is a $395 monthly fee and 2% of revenue that goes to the national ad fund and to support research and development on the corporate level.
  2. This is what you get get for $395:
    1. You get an entry level employee for 26 hours.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Page 3 – The Most Successful Small Business In The World by Michael Gerber – People that get stuck in their business – “They are doers doing what doers do. They are what they are, but nothing more than that. What they do seems to be how they are defined.”

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Page 4 – The Most Successful Small Business In The World by Michael Gerber – They are told that the idea of going out on their own is to do what they love. And once having done that, everything else will come their way. Unfortunately, it isn’t true, and never has been. That’s why most businesses fail – they are businesses at all. And because the people who own them, run them, and depend on them don’t really love them for very long, if they ever did

If I am interested in owning an Oxi Fresh what do I do?

  1. Step 1 – go to and fill out the form
  2. Step 2 – Matt or Mike will call you to see if you are a good fit for the brand and if the brand is a good fit for you
    1. You will eventually be presented with a Franchise Disclosure Document.
  3. Step 3 – Go to Denver, CO and do a discovery day where you will meet the team and see what the process looks like
    1. Franchise Pricing:
      1. Franchise fee = $37,900 ($34,110 for veterans)
      2. Operating capital = $20,000
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Audio Transcription

Grabbed the duck tape and mentally prepare yourself for yet another mind expanding knowledge bomb from America’s number one business coach, Clay Clark.

All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio and podcasts. Download. And on today’s show we are joined with the man, the myth, the dude without the negative attitude, the king of all things franchising. It’s Mr Matt Klein. Sir, how are you?

I’m doing great today. How are you?

Matt? What have been your ducks in there? And I’m excited for man. I’m excited for Matt because, well, I mean I’ve been reading, I’ve been studying a lot of Mohammed Ali intros and so they’ll get longer over time and pretty soon you’ll have about a 40


Yep. Soon you’ll have like a 14. Here’s the. I promise that next week your intro will be at least one minute long and it will ruin the entire time. Okay. That’s my commitment to you. That’s my commitment to the Oxi. Fresh update is going to do it. I’m on the record. Okay, so here we go. Now match. What I want to talk about today is technicians versus business owners, technicians versus business owners, and this is. This is kind of the idea according to the book e Myth, this is Michael Gerber, the bestselling author of the e myth, and one of his books, the most successful small business in the world. Champ. This is on page number. Let me see here. Page number three, page number three, Michael Gerber rights note that 70 percent of all companies and 100 percent of home businesses are sole proprietorships, one person or two, and that’s all operate the business.

These people, these, these businesses are populated by owners working for a living that are working at a job and nothing more, but of course that’s all they’ve ever wanted to do. All they ever wanted to do was to create a job and to create control over their personal income, to create a place of work to create a place where they can do what they know how to do. Now, how is that different than the typical Oxi fresh franchise owner’s mindset or somebody Oxi fresh franchise owners? I’ve met that by the business model to create time freedom where there is actually people in the same industry that just have a job. Can you, can you got to contrast the idea being a business owner versus being a technician?

Yeah, certainly. And that’s one of the things you just said there is very important. You know, I always laugh when I tell people, you know, I realized that, you know, you’ve probably never woke up and dreamed about owning a carpet cleaning company and I realized that I certainly didn’t. Most people haven’t, but it’s when you understand what the model can do, understanding what the infrastructure has, when you actually start the business from the right, if you’re doing everything for your company, it’s going to be very hard because you have to figure out everything as you go and then you’d have to try to figure out the systems to, to basically remove yourself and still operate at a, you know, an efficient level. And that’s where a lot of companies fail. Right? With a high pressure, I feel very fortunate to be able to own this business as well as run these businesses where I don’t have to worry about, you know, if my website’s going to be operating today and as things change, I myself have to hire someone to update them for me.

Right. I also don’t have to worry about, for instance, hiring an admin staff. This one’s so big to me because I don’t have to answer the phones myself. Right. I don’t have to go out there and hire someone, train them for two weeks. Shit, buy them for two weeks. As we look for calls to come in and being able to have them speak professional. That is so important because right now I can have people that are more versed in me speaking better about carpet cleaning. Even though I’m the owner and I know everything, there is no about this business. They are still doing this. Such a higher level than I could ever do or higher for. You know, it gives me time freedom back, but also I’m more efficient than if I try to do it myself.

Matt, you, you are hitting on a hot button there and I want to contrast Matt Story to the story of starting Dj connection. Chap. Okay. This is what my typical day looked like. Mat, true story. Here we go. Here we go. We’ll get into story time. Here we go.

Matt, I would typically wake up at 4:00 AM and I would write search engine content until nine, eight at 9:00 AM. I’d have my staff meeting at 10:00 AM. I would then begin quote unquote work now. I’ve been up since three or four. I am writing search engine content now. Man. I’m not a trained coder. I’m not a trained web developer. I’ve spent the first six hours of my day optimizing my website. Then I’ve got to train my staff, which consisted of a man named Garrett who is perpetually high to teach him how to answer the phones properly and I had to train all my djs and by the way, Matt, none of this was documented,

was written down. It was like a verbal tribal knowledge, so there was no phone scripts. Not Kidding. There is no phone scripts. There was no search engine optimization process. It was all in my head and Matt, I am not exaggerating. I would work at least nine hours every day before noon. Just kidding. My voicemails returned, checking my emails and optimizing my site every day. Wasn’t that fun and that was my personal hell Matt, until I could finally afford to hire a web guy and let me tell you about this web genius. This guy would charge me six grand a month there, Matt, six grand a month to maintain my rank in Google and if I wanted any changes at all, it was just under $200 for any modifications matching it. And if I wanted to make a print piece like you guys had oxi fresh, if I’m a franchise owner, I get to choose from tons of different options of print pieces and proven, you know, billboards or print pieces or business cards.

It’s all laid out. It’s all templated. It’s all designed. You have the proven systems. That work is all I ever wanted to create a print piece. I had to call a design firm in Tulsa and for the low, low price of about two grand a month, they would make a print piece and it would take about a month to get it done. He was unbelievable. I mean, I, I just. That was my and I, you’re talking about hiring somebody a man. I had to also manage the people. I had to invent all these systems from scratch and if somebody buys an Oxi fresh, you give them all of these systems. So how in the world is Oxi? Fresh corporate make any money. I mean, you’re giving people, you know, just. I mean honestly, millions of dollars of research and development and proven systems. How does the Oxi fresh make any money with the 400 locations when you’re giving people that many great systems and processes?

No, we don’t just have these resources that come out of the sky. We built them over time. We’ve invested in them and we’ve concentrated on them. So there is no, there are monthly fees that go along with a franchise and a lot of people say, well you know, $395 a month is a pretty big cost and I say who’s ever run a company before? Right? And you try to do this on your own because what you’re doing and you’re paying that money anyways, I don’t care what anyone says you’re paying that money, it’s just a lot harder to track because it doesn’t go into a basically a fund. Right? So you know when you pay, for instance, for oxi fresh, two percent of your sales goes the national advertising and Technology Fund, right? This is an audited bond. It’s very important. It’s by far your best return on investment because for two percent pay as you go pay scale, you are getting an entire backend office technology suite that, like you said, has cost us millions of dollars to develop


But because we have so many franchisees, you know, it’s a little piece of a, of a, of a much, much bigger pie that helps everybody around the country be up to date.

Matt, let me real quick, let me just freak out for a second on this because this is you. You’re a very measured Jeff, a very measured calm guy. I’m going to freak out for a second. I just want to go crazy. So Matt, let’s say I have an Oxi fresh and I’m one of the top performers in the country. Okay. I’m just on fire like I’m just the best ever. So let’s see. I do a million dollars a year of revenue. Okay. A million bucks a year. Two percent of a million bucks. Chubb is 20 grand, right? I just want to make sure we get this. I had to web coders working for me at one point. Matt, two developers working with me when I was growing my businesses to each one made over 100 grand a year and our total gross revenue is really did 4,000 weddings a year.

Do you? I want to make sure our listeners get this. I was paying. So Matt, if you had came to me and you said, hey Mr. Dj connection. I own a carpet cleaning franchise. I’m A. I’m a brand developer for oxi fresh and I’ll let you a fire lay off, get rid of those containers to web guys that you never quite understand what they’re doing. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll let you lay them off and for two percent of your income and I’ll do it for you. I would’ve said yes. Yes, and you said, how much is the monthly fee? How much is the monthly fee? Roughly? Once you buy an Oxi fresh like per month to cut to be a franchise owner.

Three hundred $95 a month. Dude, franchise support. Come on. Onboarding specialists. We have individualized people in each category that will be able to answer any specific questions, whether it’s marketing, cleaning system, online marketing compared to print marketing so you know those fees that we talk about, our, our, the reason we are allowed to be on the cutting edge of technology and be able to answer the phones for you and do all those things, but getting time freedom. The flexibility. It doesn’t come from the sky. It comes from having the resources and automation already set up and that’s what we’ve done.

Let me tell you what you get for $395 job, but I want to get your take on this is what you get for $395. Now again, I know Denver thriving economy, things are going well there. Maybe the cost of living is different. They’re man, but in Tulsa for $395, you get an employee for about 26 hours. Who’s the entry level employee? You know what I mean? I can get an entry level employee who knows nothing about branding, coaching, search engine optimization, certainly nothing in the way of proven strategy or consulting advice. Like I get an Oxi fresh. I don’t get any of that for about three or $95 a chip. You know this. I can hire somebody that I can find right now that that works as an entry level Barista at starbucks. I’m not banging on entry level a Barista positions there. I mean, if there’s a guy doing that job, that’s great.

You got to start somewhere to go and rate, but I’m just saying you talk about paying someone $10 an hour and then you add in the taxes you take out in the office space for them. I mean, Matt, we have a big team in Tulsa. Uh, you can’t get anybody, anybody, you cannot get any, any skilled person at all to support your business in terms of marketing or a coaching or consulting for anywhere close to anything less than $7,000 a month in Tulsa. That’s Tulsa now. That could be different in Denver, I’m sure in Denver people worked for free and people are willing to work for three cents an hour, but I mean it’s, it’s at least seven grand for someone who knows what they’re talking about. Now if they come with a backend team to support them, that’s going to be about 10 grand a month.

Chapter some top level consultants in Tulsa for about 10 grand a month. You get a guy and a backend team chat back to you. Well, and I, I came from the other side of it. You had the two coders that we’re making 100 grand on those guys. Freaking high. We didn’t have the resources yet to have the coders, so guess who was doing it? Oh me, you’re the wordpress guy that’s building a server for our five person office that you know I should have been bidding more jobs to get more revenue coming into the company, but I didn’t because I was an idiot because I didn’t have $395 systems that I could buy into like this. So you’re either going to spend your time or you’re going to spend your money and this is an amazing value with these proven systems. Matt point too, I want to tap into your wisdom. This is also on page three of Michael Gerber’s bestselling book, the most successful small business in the world. People that get stuck in their business, he described them. He says, these are doers. They are doers doing what they do. They are what they are, but nothing more than that. What they do seems to be how they are defined so that if somebody buys an oxi fresh carpet cleaning franchise, they don’t have to be a carpet cleaning guy. I’m a carpet cleaning guy forever. I mean they, they can have time freedom and they don’t have to actually sit there and cleaned carpets all day.

Certainly not in the very beginning. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do it at one side or the other. Right. I mean, I get, well I want to do them and I want to do in the beginning until I get my business off the ground. Excellent. You can do that. No problem. A lot of people do that, but there’s a lot of people that say, you know, my time is really spent wisely if I’m doing jobs beyond just learning and being an expert on doing it. Right. Because if my time is spent doing jobs, I’m not doing all the other things to make my day really, really efficient. Whether it’s talking to a property manager about the unique proposition that we have with our cleaning system that will give them a huge benefit when they use it. But I think that time is probably spent a little bit more, they’re doing a job, right?

So with us, because of, again, that call center because of the way our cleaning system is set up and very ease of use in terms of training other people because the marketing and most of it is automated, you know, at least on the, the residential front, you do not have to do the job. I mean, I’m speaking to you guys right now and I have things happening with my business. Jobs are being booked. Um, my technician just texted me and said, Hey, it’s 12:00 job, just move to one. No problem. Right? Constant communication. But I’m doing multiple things at one time and, and I’m not scaling at that because the systems, again, we talked about systems are set up to where if I go on vacation, right, I may be personally, I’m not building my business that week, but my business isn’t taking a backseat. They’re still operating at the highest level as if it were. If I was there. And I think that’s very important. Technology is a great thing.

Now, Matt, you you on page number four of Michael Gerber’s bestselling book, the most successful small business in the world. He writes, he’s explaining why entrepreneurs get stuck in that position where they just own a job, but they don’t have time freedom. He says, they are told that something’s entrepreneurs. They’re told that the idea of going out on their own is to do what they love and once they do that, everything will just come their way. Unfortunately, this isn’t true and never has been and that’s most businesses fail. They aren’t businesses at all. They’re just jobs. So I. There’s gotTa be somebody out there listening right now, man, there’s so many out there that you’ve helped over the years. Somebody that’s occurrent Oxi, fresh owner that you could think of, and I’m not asking for their specific name or their specific territory, but there’s gotta be somebody out there that you could think of that had a job where they were exchanging their time for money and they were able to buy an Oxi fresh and now they have a business, maybe multiple territories and now they’re making six figures, but they have been able to achieve the time freedom.

Can you think of an example of somebody who went from owning a job to now owning a successful oxi fresh, maybe even multiple territories?

We have had this happen several times. The one that I am closest to you, because he was actually five years ago, he was one of the first people that I brought through Oxi fresh as a development role. Wow. Excellent guy and a family man, and he basically said, I can’t keep doing this. I can’t spend time with my family. I can’t. I’m not getting up everyday and saying, man, I am excited about what’s going to happen today. He was reading every single day. Right? And he took. He took an approach of not going cold Turkey and he said, he said, I need to find something that can let me step off but not leave. I don’t want to leap yet. I’m not that comfortable. I’ve got to take care of my family. So he actually did the approach. You have a little bit cmis and t little harder.

What he did is he realized that very soon after we bought the franchise, he goes, my time is spent better on this and where I want to go, which was occupied then going to work every time. So he needed just a little bit of confidence and then instead of taking six months or a year, he was off and running in like three months and he just needed to get his ducks in a row and make sure he didn’t leave his company in a bad spot. But now he owns multiple territories. Just bought a vacation house in Charlotte. He lives in the New York area. Right. So this guy is doing things that he’s doing the dream. Right. But he didn’t just buy the franchise and not do anything, you know, he treated it as if he, you know, the time was in the day. And so he used that time to grow his business. And I think that’s one of the things that people, you know, don’t put enough stock in, is that your time should still be used growing the business, but your time is better used in areas of growth rather than trying to set up everything from the beginning. You’re not starting from scratch, you’re utilizing your time more wisely. And he did exactly that.

Well, what I want to do as we wrap up today’s segment, I want to talk about getting the ducks in the row. So if I’m out there listening today and I say, okay, I may be interested in this Oxi fresh business. So I’m going to do Matt, is I’m going to do kind of a step one, two, three, and then you fill in the blanks and slash or correct me because I’m probably missing something here. Okay? So step number one, you go to thrive time, forward slash oxi fresh. And you fill out the form to information, or if you want to make it difficult to track, you just go to oxy and that makes it more difficult, but we’ll still find out who you are. But if you go to thrive time forward slash oxi fresh, you can fill out the form when you fill out the form.

I’m a guy by the name of Matt, step two or a guy by the name of Mike. Step two, they’re going to call you and they’re going to figure out your goals. They’re going to find out where you want to go. They’re going to figure out if Oxi fresh is even the right fit for you. Is it something that even makes it, is it, is it a good use of anybody’s time to continue the discussion? Now, somewhere between step two and three, you’re going to be, uh, presented with this thing called the franchise disclosure document. And you’re going to discover all the costs of opening a business. What makes them different? It’s kind of like the rule book, uh, of Franchising. You have to have it in your possession. You’re required by federal law to have a franchise disclosure document, injury in your hands for 13 days before you can even buy a franchise so you have that document, you can read it, it’s very transparent. It goes over all the numbers, how the company markets, what makes them different, the history of the company, and then you’re going to go to denver a step three and do a discovery day where you get to go to the offices and see the call center. Meet wonderful people like Matt, meet technicians, learn how to clean carpets and then mad if somebody wants to move forward after step three, what does it cost to get in the game?

Broken down 37,900 is our franchise fee. Got It. That includes equipment, territory, and training. If you are a veteran, that franchise will cost you 34,000, 110. There’s a 10 percent discount. We very much believe in, in that piece in veterans. Um, so that gets you your franchise, but then you want to have some operating capital. You want to have about 20,000 or so for operating capital stays with you and it can be a line of credit, cash, whatever, but this is what helps you run your business. This will help you get off the ground and start cashflow. Things like insurance, local market. I’m a low cost per month vehicle two to $300 a month, right? Employees, if you’re not doing the jobs in the very beginning. So you want to have two sections upfront, investment, get you licensed, training everything, and then you want to have some cushion there to get your business off the ground and cashflow.

So again, step one, you fill out the form at thrive time. Fresh tip to Matt and Mike are going to give you a call. Uh, what does that first call look like? I mean, are you, what is it, a 10 minute call? Is it like a one hour call? How long is that first initial call?

Sure. Well it can, it can vary, right? Some people come to the table looking at oxi fresh and all that sort of stuff. That’s great. That’s fine. Some people come with just nothing, right? Clean slate. So first thing, no matter what is going to be really just having an instructor call a, I want to know exactly what’s going on with you, what’s got you going down this, what’s motivating you know, what your circumstances, because when I get all that information, then I can speak directly to you because you’re going to be different than somebody else. There’s not one single franchise. It’s the same time. So understanding that and working back from there as important. Um, and then we’re going to go into, you know, the benefits of occupy fresh and very simple, just kind of an introductory call, 10 to 20 minutes if you want to extend that over an hour.

We love that. We love engaged conversations. Um, so, you know, particularly 10, 15, 20 minutes and will really kind of get off to the races. And then after that document sharing and looking at maps and going over at deedee’s and getting you to a point where you’re saying, you know what, Matt, this is what we feel comfortable. We want to make sure where I want to make sure that you know that this is what it is and there was no red flags. Let’s come out to Colorado and let’s tie this thing up and make sure we can be good partners.

I mean, you give people a full transparent look at the whole thing. I mean, you get to go. They get to see the call center to get to meet, learn how to clean the carpets. They get to see the ECO friendly carpet cleaning technology. I mean that’s a pretty much like. I mean you’re looking through a glass window. I mean you’re seeing the whole company. Am I correct? I mean it’s a very transparent, very eyeopening. I mean there’s no. You’re not hiding anything. The call center’s not in a hidden remote location. I mean it’s very open as an not

sure. We take a little bit different approach to this. When we find somebody and there’s a good fit, we actually will pay for them to come out because we believe in each party having a skin in the game and we’re investing in you as well. So when we come out, it’s not just for people to learn about Oxford, it’s to meet the individuals you’re going to be working with, whether it’s Aaron on the marketing program, rob on the cleaning system, cameron for a commercial, right? These people are going to be a resource for you. So we need to make sure there’s a good fit there too. And you know, yes, you’re going to see the technology platform and how we book jobs. Now, the call center works with you and interaction is into your business. Um, how the cleaning system works. So it’s a, it’s everything from individual people, the clinic system, technology, marketing. We’re going to get into every piece of that, um, that business. And then you are going to say, yes, this makes sense to me, or no, it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, that’s okay too.

Now Matt, we to in the show with a boom and I realized in, in Colorado, you guys have mastered the art of saying boom, bringing the boom. That’s not difficult, but jumping, I’ve been going through a kind of a rhythm therapy class together were Caucasian and working and we’re trying to become rhythm sensations and we’ve been working together. So chop it’s gonna be a three, a two, and then, uh, when we got into the three or three first, the two, the second one, then we hit them. We hit right there. You’re ready to chat with Matt. Are you ready? Oh, sorry. Maddie, you ready? Okay. Here we go. Three, two, one. Boom.

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You can learn leadership taught by the iconic investor in two time NBA champion, two time gold medalist and NBA MVP, David Robinson. You could learn in public relations taught by the PR consultant of choice for Nike, President Bush, President Clinton, Prince Michael Jackson, Nancy Kerrigan, and Charlton Heston and countless other world class mentors and my friend. You will gain exclusive vip access to get a behind the scenes look at our businesses, including the elephant in the room. How does the systems work? Dr Robert Zoellner and associates. How do the systems come together and the xe? 60 six auto auction. Okay, so what does the world’s most effective and practical business school cost you? Well, if you went to the University of Tulsa and studied at a private school, you won’t learn anything that will help you to start or grow a real business and it will cost you $40,221 per year. Now, if you went to oral Roberts University where I personally went to school and studied business at yet another private school, you still won’t learn anything practical there either.

That will help you to grow a successful company, but it will cost you $41,024 per year. So let’s do the math. That means that the thrive time show business school without the BS experience is $39,993 less per year than the University of Tulsa. Again, that means that the Thrive Time Show Business Coaching program is $39,993 less per year than the University of Tulsa. And that’s why we’ve made our program exclusively available for just 2,500 people like you at a cost of just $19 per month, which comes out to old lopping $228 per year. Are you kidding me? No, I’m not kidding. You thrive nation. This is your opportunity to experience the world’s Best Business Coaching Program for $20 a month. So why wouldn’t doing according to studies conducted by Nielsen, other people, not you, but the average American is watching tv five point two hours per day and consuming two point three hours per day of social media.

And so they don’t have time to invest $19 per month in a coaching program. Did you know that according to Forbes, 88 percent of the world’s rich people spend 30 minutes per day reading and studying on how to improve their practical business skills. My friends, I’m a father of five kids and I know that my kids get to enjoy the fruits of my financial freedom. Not because I’m a genius, but because I know the proven systems. I took the act three times. I had to take Algebra three times just to pass. I got kicked out of college. Trust me if I could do it, you can too. My friend. You have nothing to lose, but you will lose by default if you do nothing. So are you going to act and take advantage of this exclusive offer before all 2,500 spots are taken? Or are you just going to become yet another sad example of the 90 percent of American businesses that fail and the 70 percent of Americans according to Gallup that hate their job, reserve your spot and enroll in the world’s best business school [email protected]. It’s just $19 a month. Reserve your spot and enroll in the world’s best business school today at thrive time., my friend. It’s just $19 per month and there’s only 2,500 spots available. Do not miss out on this exclusive opportunity.


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