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Tune in to hear Clay Clark talk all about how technology affects our lives and business in good and bad ways.

Question from a Thriver – At this point in your life is technology more of a help or a hindrance in the way you do business?

  1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – Is Your Smartphone Making You Dumb?
  2. Step 1 – Technology cannot automate diligence
  3. Step 2 – Technology cannot eliminate jackassery
    1. Clickfunnels – Killing sales systems
    2. Social Media – Killing marriages
    3. Smartphones – Killing human interaction
    4. Accounting Programs – Killing people checkbooks
    5. Technology – Killing people’s basic memory
    6. Google Wallet – Can’t pay their bills because they can’t remember their passwords
    7. Smart Automation for you home – Can’t get into your house or change the temperature because he can’t find his house
    8. Netflix or any other technology that drags you into it over and over.
      1. BOOK – Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products
  4. Step 3 – Technology That Can Help You
    1. Call recording of employee calls – Clarity Voice or 8×8
    2. Video recording of employees (with audio) – Nest
    3. Google Suite of Products – Google Sheets, Docs, Gmail, Calendar
    4. Flat screens – Signage is more affordable and easily changeable
      1. Multiple screens at workstation to increase productivity
    5. Uber – Traveling for work made easy
    6. Buy airline tickets online – You can order tickets and know the prices from you office or home.
    7. Square – Easily charge you clients
    8. WordPress – easily updatable websites

often times you can’t fit in all of the answer to all the questions on the radio show and people want to know how to sign up for business conferences. The radio shows only live 2 hours a day, and so what you have to do is you have to? If you don’t ask yourself, as if there’s any podcast producer as a entreprenuer, is it worth doing? Do you actually want it enough time to get done during your normal day? Is it? Is it worth doing? Well, this podcast to me is not i, don’t view it as a job I view it more like a mission because I see the impact it makes in the lives of so many people, and so I would just encourage you to know that if you, if you own a business and people, are asking you questions are for helpadvice and you can fit it in during your work day. Do it right? We talked about goals and if you can’t fit it in during your work day and ask yourself, is it worth you know the extra mile? Is it worth going in doing it on a weekend? Is it worth it in for me, i, absolutely love all the drivers and so I’m taking time out of my schedule on the weekend to answer your questions because I really care i, know, eric chuck cares and to answer your question, the question was the question that came in was at this point in your life. Is technology more of a help or hindrance we go so here is my core thesis and maybe chuck and turn it into some actual show notes. But here’s my I’ll try to speak. Call me on this. When I went to highschool I stayed at a friend’s name:joe joe, caseyjoe casey was in my wedding and i. He served us proud in the united. States, military and joe was a good guy, good friend and so joe to this day, if he were to call me or email me or whatever you got a hold of me, I would take the call because I like him and I want him to do well, because he could use a friend who’s invested in my life and so I’m just in his life. We have that relationship and I’m going to try not to have a complete breakdown. They. Do this right now, but I’m going to attempt to go to facebook. Oh my god I’m, going to facebook and so like today, I haveit, says 99 plus messages that I haven’t responded to.

So the question is:is technology more of a hindrance or help to you again just check this out? Mac has just sent me a message. Shannon has sent me a message. Nancy it sent me a message. Ian has sent me a message. Michael has sent me a message. Grant has sent me a message. Eric has sent me a message, not this eric. It wouldn’t hurt. But here is the message we have. Somebody sent me a message. It says I must join and watch so does. I must join in watch. I must do that. Something important attachmentsomebody who is a friend of my enemy continues to email me about why I’m mistreating your cousin, then we have this other guy having some big event do I fired. Who wants me to attend his big event? We have. This is somebody who I don’t know who this is but I’m sure I wouldn’t like them, and we just this-is a guy who I blocked from my phone I’ve blocked from my email, I bought and now he’s sending me a message on facebook we’ve got another person who is screwing me who just sent me a message and it didn’t suggest. We just pulled up the reason why these people just keep going this guy, who screwed me and sending me a message. I, can’t think of anything positive you about this person who I just recommended, we fire cuz i, don’t do a good job. Send me a message. This person will not stop calling me ever no matter. What please give me a minute by minuteso, again, I i, don’t have. The question is it:is it a is a hit more of a hindrance or a help? To me, I see zero point at all have having seen those messages and I am now pissed off as a result of seeing them. I don’t want to see them. I don’t give two craps about these people who are sending me messages right, so i, don’t and then again like we can set up your phone to remind you when your appointments are grown. Man I know when my appointments are I print them off on a piece of paper. I, don’t want anna, my reminder so again these all these apps need reminders and he’s social-media thing might ask you for me:is it a hindrance or help I would say as a relates to a smartphone, the article want to put a link on it,. Is your smartphone making you dumb i? Would a hundred percent answer in the positive? Yes, a smartphone is making everybody dumb. You do not need to get messages from people (unless they are about our business conferences of course). You went to highschool with you didn’t if I wanted to continue a relationship with you after high school, you know what a gun called youi didn’t to. The silence should be profound. I, don’t want to reach out to me or I would have reached out to you, but with the social media, works and text messages and email and all you can really just bombard yourself with messages from people that you don’t choose to receive messages from email text, social media. To me, those are all one big giant step backward for mankind.

They ruin relationships, I know i, don’t men who have got divorced and the core issues started based on their facebook habits like, who were they talking to the third? Did they used to date on facebook I’ve? Seen that happen, my friend jim, you know where my supercar buddies that drives literally like he didn’t shut down his facebook, but he like, like it’s still around. If there’s like a like a red bull herb as his profile pic, because that was happening. Cuz people would see his thing and in these women would message him. That’s what I love aboutemma’s his wife’s was like what is going on and he just said shut it down and you won’t catch him on there anymore, like he literally had some guys can’t do that now. My facebook is:will post things that I believed to be positive encouragement, so I’ll have john do that for the for the tribe nation and if you don’t like it or not. I, don’t ever be posting negative or positive encouragement, but i. Just I cannot I just email, horrible, social media, horrible giant, step back I’ve noticed it. Take texting technology terrible clickfunnels have made sales people retarded I’ve noticed the dogs companies try to make babies very fancy. Automated clickfunnels, I’m, cheap I’m, sure you’ve seen this, but you’ve seen sales people that have tried to automate the idea. Okay, what will do as well? The customer fill out this form instead of talking to them and then we’re going to go ahead and send them this email instead of talking to them and then it’s the application that we were in the code is to remind us to text them. Instead of calling them and saidwill you got it right here on the show notes, technology cannot automate diligence, okay and as a salesperson. Let’s like one of the key things you have to have your not going to have. If you can’t have yourself reminded a little message on your phone or on your computer screen is not going to help. You remind remind you to do that. It’s not going to work, should I say, step 2, yes, jackassery right, so somebody who is choosing to behave poorly and they say I have a hard time calling my lease the core issue. They don’t call their sales lead. So here’s one thing I want to jump in here because certain technologies right now, some technology. If you use the technology the way it’s supposed to be used, it can work. Let’s say you have some jackass we going on in your call center. You can record their calls. You can know what they’re called volume is with technology and that’s how I wanted to in the shows of technology that helps write about technologyno I want I want to complain, but I want you to stop being destroyed by being consistent and it can’t eliminate jack astor’s I’m going to list under step 2 chap I’d like to list out the technology I see destroying office. It’s okay, one is clickfunnels, i, see clickfunnels destroying office is where you’re trying to automate yourself process your try to make it a drip campaign. That’s going to convert people for i, see that just killing businesses, killing literally destroying all sales. Learn how to improve your sales during our business conferences that you can go to for FREE!.

Another thing killing marriages I see is social media killing marriages. I see all time. The great one-upmanship of facebook I see that I just I see it happen. The next thing, I see i, see smartphones, killing human interaction, killing conversations killing time with your kids. I, see smartphones, absolutely destroyed, i, see accounting programs killing your knowledge of how much money is in your checkbook I see people bouncing checks all the time because of their their fancy, mint.Com account they don’t update and now because they’ve got this fancy mint.Com account that they can’t log onto by the way cuz I can’t find the passwords. Now they don’t know your basic math i, don’t know the balance of their checkbook I also see technology. Oh yes, I do i, see technology i, see technology, killing people’s basic memory, so people don’t know how to get to their friend’s house, and I saw it happen. They’re dead, as young man who said to me, they said:hey I need to follow you to the man cave to record because I don’t know where you’re located and I said to the young man he’s probably in his thirties. I said young man icer. You follow me yesterday and the day before and he goes yeah, but I was using my my google map thing. She doesn’t even know where he was, but he drove 15 miles at all. He has no clue. I’ve had people I’m, not exaggerated employees been passed in the internet and they’re not making this up. They look search up. I’m almost done listing all the ways you can ruin your life and technology of going. They can’t pay a bill because they switch to google wallet and they can’t find your password I thought. Employees call me and say:i have the money in my account I just can’t get it because I know I can’t log on. Is it possible? You could give me fifty bucks, I’ll pay tomorrow, i, just honest I can’t log on and I need to wait till monday to get ahold of the bank, because I can’t find my password if you met somebody who couldn’t find their password or login to the online banking and therefore couldn’t make a baby seen. This is a lot exactly. Why will my son turn 18 I drove him into remote part of oklahoma I took his phone I slapped him in the face and I left and I said. As I was driving off. I was like that, it’s a bummer, we haven’t seen that kid in like a year and a half but I mean his mom.

Have you seen this before? Yes, yes-and it’s not just with the google wallet passwords in general right and this can limit your life. If you, if you are set up on some technological spree, where you can try to automate every bit of your life, you spend more time and have more anxiety just trying to freaking log into the things. Then it was worth just doing. The work in the first place, I have more keep going. I have more i, have a friend who uses the amazon alexa to automate his house and he could not open up his garage door or turn on the heat or turn the tv on, because he somehow made his house smart automated and something happened where something I don’t know what they could have got messed up, I’m not kidding. He could not find the password. You cannot open the garage. He cannot make his house warm, nor could he turned on his tv, so he has on a weekend. He has to wait till monday to get a hold of some tech company he’s in a cold house, can’t leave cuz. The garage door was closed, no tv and probably no internet, I think technology by and large is destructive. Did he actually by doing that automate his boredom i, don’t know I just I’m, just too I over all over all that bomb overall i, don’t like technology technology that I do like and I’ll list those off with one hand of help me that has been a help. Chub try to steal your thunder minute ago, so, I’m, sorry, that’s! Okay! Is a company called clarity voice, clarity, clarity, voice or 8 by 8,? That’s a phone systems of those are phone systems that we go over during our business conferences. They allow you to record your employees, calls so you’ll know what they’re saying when talking to customers and every big company of american express. Does that target record your inner your interactions, avenue when you shop there they have cameras in the store, so they’re recording you to cut down on theft, so I can’t I would run in that technology is great, I mean video. Cameras are great. So again, the program I would recommend clarity, voice or 8 by 8 in a video recording I’d recommend a company called nest nest and that will really really helps eliminate gossip 45 customers. Ask those kind of things. Cuz you can film what’s going on at all times, things I think that just a google suite of products, so I would say specifically google sheets has made it where anybody now, essentially what you can afford it or not, can have a free access to a program like microsoft excel, so I didn’t google sheets as powerful, yet it allows people that didn’t previously have access to excel can if they can’t afford it allows them to do that. Thing is carville’s gmail, because that allows you to create business emails affordably.

Another technology. That’s really helpful! For people as your google calendar, that’s powerful, allows you to know. What’s going on with your office on google sheets that replaced word, that’s a powerful technology has helped a lot that technology I want to share with you. Guys are google docs. The next thing I want to share with you guys, is flat screens flat screens, have made it affordable to put up signage back in the day. I mean printing. A big sign would cost you. You know if the restaurants and it’s been $500, putting a printing out a new menu. How did the big menu board I get chipotle to have the physical boards right? That shows the price of things out all digital, so they can just change it. On a whim. I went to chipotle, then I noticed I thought to myself. I wonder how long it’s going to be until they go a hundred percent digital cuz I still had some printed signage yeah and it’s so much more money in a screen. Today’s, like $3 and fifty bucks-and you can just keep changing the mass at 7, actually have more screens at your work place. You can get a ton done with more than just once again you’re on some tvs for a hundred twenty bucks at best buy, it’s so crazy ones. I want to put that on the technology can help you quite a bit. It was done by carnegie Mellon shows that you can improve your efficiency dramatically by having multiple monitors up, so you don’t have to close a document completely and then open up another document so having multiple screens is powerful. Other technology, it’s really really helped me and business is uber uber because you might go into a city or you’re traveling and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of waiting for a taxi and the uber drivers get rated based on her performance. So you have a good driver. Picking you up in a black car, you can pay more for a kind of a nicer car. She can be picked up an suv for about the same cost of it would cost you previously to ride in a taxi and instead of being a taxi where the driver smells like body odor, you can be actually in an uber black car riding in style in the vehicle smells good. So that’s a powerful tool much like the business conferences we put on. Another technology, that’s a bang and I’m, just listen up technology that can help you, because these are things that can absolutely help you. The ability to buy airline tickets online has just dramatically improved. Cuz I used to have to drive down to the airport and I would take you to stand there. What yeah I did now you’re trying to understand they’re available with lights with a verbal conversation, it’s hard to see right there, that’s a powerful thing so again, I do technology as a sword and a sword could be used to really really a help and I empower you or it could be used to hurt you another technology.

Square, all the credit card processing systems. Chop square is powerful. The ability to charge somebody by just plugging a little thing in your phone, that’s powerful wordpress is another technology, and now it makes it affordable for anybody to update their own website. So we build beautiful websites for arthritis clients, but now, through wordpress, you don’t have to be a coder to know how to update it. Like me, actually can update my own website now. Wasn’t something I asked you chop and when I ask you steve, if there’s any technology that you feel like have really really helped improve your efficiency to bring up before this year and I also like for you to go without a little add something to the list of technology. That’s been distracting you or hurting you or not helping you. So we can look at the question was with your technology at this point, in my life is more of a help or hindrance inside like for you chuck to the list out anything that you feel likes. Helped you in any technology feel like has hurt. You see, what’s going with the technology that has helped you I’m, going to just pile on to the old google suite of products, because I use google sheets for my to do list every day, I use google calendar on my computer and my phone, so that I always know where I need to be what I need to be doing. The gmail system at all just ties everything at one spot that you used have a planner and then you have to go find your word document. So everything is just tied into one spot, so it’s made my life much more efficient, cuz i, just I have one place. I can put everything I know exactly what I need to do and then I would say technology that, with that is a hindrance that I have to pay attention to. In my life it’s things like netflix, cuz I can get into some weird documentary or some cool show and I’m one of those guys that will just bend watch if I don’t like pay attention. Next thing, you know it’s 3 a.M. And I want to make sure that you specifically the way that the technologies been created as it’s created to be addictive.

You to watch the next video facebook the same. What you choose the same way, it’s all the same way that the creator’s literally built into the system to work off of how your brain fires and how you get little rewards in your brain by getting notifications and a pop ups, and all of these things so they’re trying to get you stuck on there and you got to know what put this on. The shelf off will put this on the show notes, but there’s a book called hooked which explains to you, the addiction of technology and how the companies have intentionally created that, for you and the best example I can give you is on facebook. If you have the app on your phone, the application on your phone will be a little red. It’ll pop up, that’s the worst. That will let you know that somebody has said something about you and because the human nature being humans, whenever you go to a restaurant and what to say that you don’t know anybody at the restaurant. But someone says the name, eric or clay. You immediately have a curiosity, I wonder what they’re saying about me:i, wonder who said that and so facebook actually created an addictive loop where they let you know, if anything has been said about you or an organization that you care about, and so now you always feel this urgent, like. Oh, my gosh i, wonder what they’re saying and sometimes is bat yeah sometimes are ripping it, and so now you feel like. Oh, my gosh I want to check in to make sure my reputation’s good it so make sure that I’m not missing missing out i, want to make sure I’m not missing an update about my favorite sports team or my artist I want to make sure they don’t miss out i. Think you’re missing out on your life, because you constantly going to miss out on these little updates. So I would encourage anybody. Anybody if you are, if you just be honest with yourself and say, is technology helping me or hurting me. We weave recommended certain technologies that helped and we’ve also warned you about the ones that hurt steve question I have for you. Is there any technology that you feel like? It’s really helped you this year in the last couple years, it’s really hurt you yeah call and video recording has been huge and helping us cuz. We record our calls out. We did learn that I thought try to save some money initially right on the video recording that I thought I could just read lips can’t do it. You know, I was like i, don’t need audio shop, I was so I would watch the video and I’ll be like i. Don’t know right so I would encourage you to just buy it and buy it once and get something that works. We use ringcentral for for call recording and it works pretty good as healer and garbanzo beans, the bad riplet liberty think so I think call recording, has been huge for us and then I’m going to jump in the google boxes. The same thing in my whole life from all the google sweetie services I use google docs, just like stepside google sheets. For my to do list. I learned that from you guys. That’s why? Why do you want to optimize your life? The big? The big thing you can do is you can ask yourself on a daily basis, what is my biggest limiting factor, and if you write that down and realize you know what I now know, what my biggest limiting factor is.

I, just don’t know how to do what what to do about it. I don’t know how to solve the problem. You got to go to action steps. You can do one. You can email us to info at thrive time should I come. You won’t answer the questions for you or to is you can find the thrive time show podcast on itunes. So just do a quick search for the drive time show on itunes. Do a quick search for the drive time show on itunes and when you do a quick search for that you’ll find us there listed on itunes, go ahead and subscribe to the podcast and then give us an objective review. Just tell us how we do it tell us that we’re going to let you know that you to review, and then we are going to send you two free workshop tickets. Now you have to email us your contact, information and proof that you did it to info at thrive time show.Com and then will send you those two free business conferences tickets. Really, the tickets are $100 a piece I’m with the scholarship we have going right now. If we were to ship from paul hood to the tickets are lower right now than they normally are, but they’re $99 a piece, and we give you two copies of the boom book, which lays out the 13 steps. The doctors and I’ve use the 13 moves, the 13 steps to the proven path to building, 13, multimillion-dollar company. She got the two books and the two tickets at $240 value and they’re going to have to do is leave us an objective review, since it has proof that you did it to info at drivetime, show.Com, steve, chupp, thrive nation in the show the boom, if possible, stuff. So now that he further ado here we go to both


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