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If you are planning to use a new offer to increase the amount of interaction with your ideal and likely buyers, then you have to check out this Thrivetime Show podcast as Clay Clark tells you how to test your offer to make sure it is working.

  1. Tim Ferriss interviews Mike Maples Jr. and they get in to how the picked the cover of Tim’s book.
    1. The Man Who Taught Me How to Invest
  2. Find out what the big guys in your industry are doing and be a pirate not a pioneer.
    1. Find the best 2 or 3 offers and run them.
    2. Measure the results to refine and find out which one works best.
  3. Run your no-brainer offer forever
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Want to attend the legendary business coach led thrive time show business workshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see it’s in our riverwatch offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. Alright, thrive, nation, welcome back to the conversation is the thrive time show on your podcast download. My name is clyde clark on the former united states small business administration entrepreneur of the year, and you were listening to another fantastic fabulous in ultra. Humble edition of the ask clay anything podcast. We have mr. Harley our special guest for oral roberts university on the show today, and we have mr. Eric shut the business coach hill. We have mr. Marshall morris the co-author of the amazon best-selling book start here. What you can download for free, frat drive time should i, or if you want to buy a physical copy of it and I know you do you can get it today by going to amazon and typing in the start here book in the name, marshall morrison, dam, it’ll pop up there so now any further adue. What is your business questions for harley liechtenstein? All right, then we talk to clients.

We will preach about using no-brainers right as a business coach team. It’s a huge deal and I really separate you from the pack, but we try and implement a no-brainer. What? How would you be able to test and see if that no brainer will actually work? Okay, we’re going to do my first off chaps I want to make sure you put a link to the business coach interview that tim ferriss doesn’t mike maples jr, because he explains how he tested his book cover for the 4-hour workweek, how he tested what advertisements would work. It’s called a b testing and all salty it up. Where can I get into the the overview health marshall hammered homie, or so you want to come up with the three best offers that you think are that exist. The three best and I would recommend you would have zero original thoughts that you would just type in so they say you’re a contractor in dallas you’re, a plumber in dallas, but I would encourage you to do if your plumber in dallas is do a google search for plumbers in dallas. Do a google search for plumbers in new york, do a search for plumbers in houston, to search for a big city and look at the web sites of the top three competitors in each market and see what offers they’re making and then I would look at those offers and put them on a spreadsheet and I would determine the three that you think are the most plausible that are already being offered by other people, aka you’re, standing on the shoulders of giants. Aka your it’s easier to be a pirate than a pioneer aka, steve jobs said great artists, steal, aka, you’re, not reinventing the wheel. This is what you’re doing. Then. You simply run the apps. Do you work with your coach? We design a landing page in the advertisement, make it look good and you run ads for all three simultaneously or each week.

You want a different, add and then what you do is you track results? Marshall you throw about $300 a week at each add to see which one generates the most bang. Bang, that’s how you do it marshall in so you have to move through the entire workflow to figure out what part is the bottleneck? So are people seen your ad in the first place? If you are not seeing it, then you probably need to spend more money to get in front of people. Okay, that’s why clay’s the advocating hey you got to just spend a lot of money at first to figure out what works and if you’re, listening right now-and you said why don’t have an extra $300, then I would say to you:i worked at target. I worked at applebee’s and I work at directv and what are the requirements to be a human on the planet? Earth was alive. She have to breathe oxygen. Not advertising is a bad deal on michael levine discusses it on one of our podcasts he’s dpr consultant for nike for pizza hut for the clintons, the bushes for nancy kerrigan explains it fortune 500 companies, the fastest growing companies, spend 11% of their business coach budget on advertising. If you don’t like that, dr. Zoellner, my partner, would instruct you to spend a minimum of 5% of your gross revenue, an advertisement and 10%. If you are an aggressive business owner, then what you do is to marshalls point wants to leave and you can track the first steps. You track the number of clicks. You get the new track, the number of lead you’re, getting an elephant in the room. Did you guys hear the new sound we put me off is worth every time that I leave comes in the elephant, lead within 30 seconds? That’s the goal and by calling the leads within 30 seconds. Do you know what happened this week? There are two people:freaking love it a lot for people because of the leads were coming in, but we were not calling the lead for typically like 10 minutes or so, and now we’re down to like 30 seconds and I’m, telling you what it’s magic both available could just fill out the form and they’re available to talk cuz they’re, trying to book up haircut appointment during your lunch break and you call them and pay them they’re available to go man I just fill out the form. That’s awesome. They expected to go off into the people to bass response to be high quality, and so are you have it all on a workflow that we track from left to right and we’re trying to see where the breakdown is in the system in the breakdown was the biggest limiting factor was the speed at which you responded to elite.

We were only converting about 80% of our leads in the customers and I want to get that number up to his close to 100 as possible, and that’s how that works. Answer your question, harley i, believe it does, but we can meander in two different areas. Well, it’s okay! So when it comes to business coach branding and having different promotions or different, looks for your brandon no-brainers a lot of times, clients might want to change some things move some things around trip just to the kick of it, and they should be allowed to do that and you can afford to do that if you’re profitable, but as I’ve heard preacher talks about shadow and coaching meanings, you want to stick with one thing that really works:kind of kind of I went to hobby lobby yesterday and I bought a hand. It’s made up some kind of metal and I screwed onto my bathroom door there. It is look at that hand, so awesome, so disturbing so great handle it’s. There goes to handle nice, but I bought that in any I bought it, because I can and I bought a letter z the taking over there by the patriots championship hat right there to brownsey how about a white z, that’s on the door. I bought a chuck, norris print and i. Just because I can i, don’t i, don’t I mean i. Just did I do I just and so I can do whatever I want to do so.

It’s so again if you’re, a business owner and you’re very profitable, and you coming to the meeting saying hey this week. I would like to run an ad that Says:i’m the unicorn of plumbers and new okay. Let’s do it and if you’re really successful plumber to do it now, if you’re barely paying the bills and you’re failing you shouldn’t waste time on things that don’t matter. But if you want to spend the majority of your saturday figuring out the best deal, are you can find online to buy wholesale silkie chickens? Then you could do that. I got a follow-up question quiet because I’ve worked through this with a lot of my clients in something that you’ll typically hear. The question ask is:how long do I need to run a no-brainer? How long will like do I run this indefinitely in my business surgery went just when I’m getting started or how long is it important that I’m running a no-brainer for my business coach in order to get people in the door? I talked to a lot of people about this, and this is a help me decide to make sense. If you go into a room and the room is typically 70° is like the man cave i. Try to keep it like in the 60s I’m. Getting another window unit installed, hear the man cave studio, so I can be really really cold. I, like it very, very cold, and so every once in awhile will come in here to record it’s hot, because somebody who’s been cleaning, my house or somebody who’s been in my house or someone who’s been around. The home has adjusted the temperature in it feels uncomfortable right. It feels too hot, so I’m used to a certain temperature and I would just tell you that I left work to the business owner on this and I said we should not stop your no-brainer until you’re comfortable with $100,000 of cash in your bank account, and they said, $100,000 I have never had $100,000 I know it’s not normal or healthy to have like $3,000 in your account at all times.

That’s not a move. You want to get to know you have like $100,000, so you want to run your no-brainers if they’re business coach effective until you get to a place of financial, security and I would just say that you know I mean i, don’t know what that number is i, encourage you to have at least $100,000 on hand at all times, because it’s going to be all the weather emergencies and so I would I would encourage you to run a no-brainer forever. I mean for elephant the room we i, don’t think we’re going to stop are no-brainer. I can say right now we can’t get in a lot of customers. Cuz we’re booked out all the time, so that’s kind of mean to so far as how long I mean I would never stop until you get to a place of angel security. I mean lot of businesses, never stop, I mean ever I mean papa. John’s has never stopped there. No brainer ads mcdonald’s, never stop. I would probably never stop. Moving around at mcdonald’s I mean I’m on the I’m on the hungry, ninja, so I’m no longer doing yeah, so they keep changing. It was like different names, but you know it’s like a right price right. Size, menu or something like this place is going to catch up with me,, but all I’m saying is you want to run your no brainer forever, and that is how you launch effective, no-brainer ads harley. Did that answer your question? It she worded 3 2, 1,


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