The 11 Proven Steps to Becoming a Financially Successful Author

Show Notes

Do you want to become a financially successful and sustainable author? On today’s show Clay Clark breaks down the proven path and 11 specific steps you need to take to become a profitable author.

FUN FACT: “90.8% of people on the planet earth who search engines use Google platforms.” 

Step 1 – Choose an Optimized Amazon Book Category

Step 2 – Gather Objective Reviews On

Step 3 – Schedule Professional Headshots

Step 4 – Shoot an About Us Video for Your Listing

  1. Create an “About Us” commercial 
    1. Example – 
    2. Create an emotional connection with the ideal and likely buyer
    3. Explain what you do differently
    4. Create a no-brainer advertisement
      1. What is your name and what is your role with ________?
      2. Tell me about what makes _______ different from _______?
      3. Tell me a little bit about your story and why you are passionate about your customers?
      4. What is the no-brainer offer that you are making right now?
      5. If I’m watching this video what do you want me to do right now?
      6. In case I missed it, what is the no-brainer offer that you are making?
      7. What is your phone number and web address?
      8. Why will I like my experience with ______?

Step 5 – Create a PR Kit

  2. Eat at a caloric deficit
  3. Example – 

Step 6 – Make a Dream 1,000 List of Podcasts to Appear On (Readers Are Leaders)

  1. 500 rejections per month – 5 to 10 appearances
  2. Podcasts – 
  3. Blogs
  4. Getting Their Attention – 

Step 7 – Create a Hot / Conversion Landing Page


Step 8 – Sell 10,000 Books Using This System

Step 9 – Build Up Your Google Trail


Step 10 – Land a Literary Agency 


Step 11 – Work with Agent to Write a Book Proposal 

Bonus Step: Agent Auctions / Sells Book to Publishers

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