The 30 Systems You Must Have In Place to Scale Your Business

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Are you unable to scale your existing business? Do you feel stuck in a job that you have created? Clay Clark lays out the 30 systems that you must have in place to create a scalable and time freedom creating the business model.

  1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 90% Of Startups Fail: Here’s What You Need To Know About The 10%

The 30 Systems You Have to Do To Scale Your Business

  1. Turnkey marketing systems
  2. Proven turnkey advertisements
  3. Formalized inbound sales scripts, pre-written emails, or sales presentation processes.
  4. Inbound sales call script.
  5. Outbound sales call script.
  6. Formalized up-selling / cross-selling sales presentation script.
  7. Systematic customer “wow experience”
  8. Scalable way to deliver without physically being there. Script out your conversations.
  9. Know your break-even, goals, taxes, and how much money you are making and spending.
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Know your numbers’ is a fundamental precept of business.” – Bill Gates

Segment 2

  1. Know your overall profitability.
  2. Cause-based marketing or public relations campaign.
  3. File organization or existing nomenclature rules.
  4. Talent recruitment and scripted job posting, inquiring, responding, or interviewing processes.
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    2. MYSTIC STATISTIC – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.


Segment 3

  1. Have an ongoing training program in place for staff.
    1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – “A new Gallup survey show that 71% of workers are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” from their work.”
  2. Being intentional about developing banking relationships or friendships with those who have the ability to invest in businesses.

Segment 4

  1. Intentionally become a leader that his employees would follow.
    1. Things to become a great leader
      1. Vision – Know and communicate your vision
      2. Wisdom – Know 10 x’s more than you team members and customers
  2. Have a management, follow-up, or delegation system in place.

Segment 5

  1. Have a system in place to motivate yourself and keep yourself engaged.
    1. Jack Welch’s 4 E’s of Leadership
      1. Energy
      2. Energize
      3. Edge
      4. Execute
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.” – Andrew Carnegie
  2. Time management system in place to block out distractions.
  3. System to ensure your overall growth is not stagnant.
  4. Making sure you are saving enough money.

Segment 6

  1. Have a proof of concept that you know people will pay money for.
    1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – The Shake Weight sold $40 million
      1. Shake Weight™ – OFFICIAL VIDEO AD –
  2. Have documented processes in place indicating how the company would eventually scale.

Segment 7

  1. Aim for financial peace.
  2. Have formalized goals for your life in the areas of Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Friendships and Fun.
  3. Have formalized or accurate checklists in place.
  4. Have effective communication skills when communicating with loyal, ongoing customers in an effective manner.

Segment 8

  1. Have passwords, processes, the service experience delivery, the bathroom cleaning checklists, etc all documented.
  2. Have customer relationship management software in place.
  3. Have a coach or ongoing mentor relationship in your life if you want to see continual improvement.
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Resources are what he uses to do it, processes are how he does it, and priorities are why he does it.” – Clayton M. Christensen (Professor at Harvard Business College)
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Most entrepreneurs are merely technicians with an entrepreneurial seizure. Most entrepreneurs fail because you are working IN your business rather than ON your business.” – Michael Gerber (Bestselling author of the E-Myth book series)
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Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the best business coach universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot, as hell ppp, the cnib, the sea that was teaching piston seal trucks like to know more i, like the conversation I display clock on the former ussv a entrepreneur of the year since you’re on a mission to get you into a great financial best business coach position and one of the ways that we do that here the drive time show is we teach you the practical steps that you need to take to take your business to the next level, so that somebody out there already has a business and their business is, is stacked? Okay, so they already are in business. There are there able to pay the bills and they’ve been blessed to pay the bills and there’s a lot of countries a lot of places in the world where it’s I mean you, don’t realize dd genetic lottery, you’ve won by being born into this country. That’s a little trees. Put food and shelter out there for your family, that’s all star are normal.

Here is like living as a king and a lot of other places right exactly so I’m, just assuming that you’re able to right now survive as a business owner according to forbes 9 out of 10 startups fail. Maybe 10 startups fail, so you’re doing something just by surviving but I’m. Assuming that you want to take your business to the next level as I’m going to walk you through 30 specific moves that you can use to take your business to the next level and so move number one. You want to have a turn-key marketing system in place, turnkey best business coach marketing systems. Can you explain the difference between as a business coach, the difference between turnkey marketing, systems versus network, driven network, driven, marketing, systems yeah turns out network driven marketing systems are highly you’re highly involved in those right. They depend on you being out there all the time now. I turn key system is something that you can set it and then measure the results. You don’t have to be involved in it. Every single inch of the way online advertisements that are target that your ideal unlikely on social media that could be youtube advertisements that could be google optimization. That could be signs like an elephant. The room, men’s grooming lounge. We put signs in front of the stores at your personal effort to bring in the customer.

Not turnkey would involve you doing all the work. So move number to move number to is making sure the improving turn-key advertisements that you use throughout the year or famine with relates to online advertising or advertising in general. Don’t turn on their ads and then they get more customers, then they can quote on quote, keep up with, and then they turn them off up hill in your car and then let your foot off the gas cuz you’re going a little too fast and start going backwards. Why do you feel like most best business coach entrepreneurs that we’ve worked with when we first meet him? Why it? Why are they? Why is it so normal for people to turn on their ads and turn them off? Hey I just got to turn them on. I got to turn them off. I! Can’t say that you know I can’t tell somebody that have a waiting list or turn down business I got to take every single thing that I can so now I got to turn my ads off cuz. There’s too many leads coming in now, the next step. The next step is, you want to have formalized pre-written emails and sales presentation processes. Can you explain what it means to have a formalized sales process, vs. It being what a typical business has by default? The thrive of the thrive time show business coaching experience as an example have a workflow. So we know where that sales process begins.

It begins with the branding in the marketing and advertising, and then it moves onto a how you’re going to reach out to those people once they call they become what we call a lead right there, a lead. Now we got to get ahold of them. Is that make sense out there over the weekend we had I want to say maybe 6, maybe 7 people that reached out to buy tickets, yet for upcoming conference when they filled out the form. That’s that’s where the marketing stops in a sales begin that I filled out the form, and now we have to do is convert that lead into a best business coach bar, so we automatically sent them an autoresponder. Email in an email tells them what they need to know to make an informed decision as to whether they should pick up the phone. When we call them, then we send them a pre-written text marshall. Why would we send them a pre-written text and email previous to calling them when they fill out a form on our website to request more information about buying tickets for a next in person workshop? So they know who to expect a phone call from i. Don’t know about you guys, but I never answer any phone calls that I don’t have the number saved okay, i, just i! Don’t do it so sending over that text message introducing yourself say:hey! This is marshall up here at the drive time to I just want to let you know that I’m going to be reaching out to you as a best business coach in the meantime, here’s a link to some of our testimonials to do all of your due diligence and rita reviews to check this out and I’m going to be calling you here this afternoon and so sending that out ahead of time and having that pre-written completely eliminates the room for error, but save so much time, and you got to be formalized because if you have two three four five people doing this for you and they’re sending out random messages, random emails that you don’t know what they’re saying:they’re, crazy, they’re going to say some weird stuff, so you’ve got a pre, write those and then give them to your team to use.

So what again again? What this mean? Did you want to think about it, hard to really really think about it on on the next level of detail and think about what should I e-mail say? What’s that text message say you want to have a sales script in for sales campton place that allows you and your teammates to scale what works, which leads me to point number, for you got to have an inbound sales script marshall. Why do you have to have an inbound to sell scrap I mean people are calling you, someone might be saying every single cause different. My business is different. You can’t scream to call my industries different. My business is different. Marshall I can’t possibly write a script. Help me, regardless of regardless of the industry having a sale strip, is so powerful because this is going to allow you to close deals and print best business coach money without having your time actually involved until the example that I use is when you were growing, dj connection. I’ve heard you tell this story before is when, before you had a sale script, you hired your first dj to answer the phones:okay, tired, the first dj to get info personal right now that is so not nice and and use just said. Okay, your job is whenever the phone rings you answer and book them. This is not at all what happened would happen if I hired a dj and I gave him three motivational books. I gave him how to win friends and influence people. I gave him a by dale. Carnegie I gave him think and grow rich the phone rings.

You got to answer. Find. The needs give benefits given and I did exactly what you just said. It was just crazy that it was almost guaranteed to be terrible right because nobody knew what to do further. More I didn’t have call recording in place so i. Couldn’t all the team accountable people to make outbound calls or just step number 5. Don’t have an outbound call skip the bottle. Your business coach can help you with this, but more so. Why do you want to have a script in place for calling people that may be called you, but you missed the call they fill out a form you had enough for your cold calling. Why would you want to have a script and place for outbound calling and inbound come? You got to have outbound best business coach calling, because by default you are going to be doing more outbound calling than inbound calls when you’re first starting out the phone is not going to be wreaking. You actually have to do. The outbound calls in order to get the inbound calls who, and so you get the outbound machine going in your dialing and smile in your calling through call the referral less. You call him through all of the lead lists, and you just do that until you actually generate the number of call back that you need in order to be busy dealing likely. Buyer we want to have september 6th. We want to have a formalized up, selling or cross-selling, or some people have a system in place where you can identify the needs of your ideal. Unlikely buyer’s offer them more than just the one thing they came in the store for the one to make.

They came to you, for you want to go, offer more solutions to the problems. Why march? This is the jiffy lube move. This is the good news, so every single time I go into jiffy lube for the signature oil change, my they always get me for something else. So so romantic on your windshield, it looks like your wiper blades need to be replaced. You have got to be somebody’s freaking in front of your plate. I. Just didn’t know. If that was something you have no filter, or do you want to risk it? Do you just want to eat? You want to take that chance. You want to let you know there was a gorilla, make it feel like you’re, a freaking, moron cuz, you haven’t, you just ask one of them other best business coach services that you could provide for the for the person or san francisco giant baseball player used to catch the baseball with his bare hand, if you want to experience baked into your workflow, as example, elephant the room, the first haircut $2 marshall, why is it such a while when people get a dollar haircut and a paraffin hand dip in a hot towel treatment in the hole for an hour? Why is it? Why is it such a while? Now it’s such a wow move because memberships are, you know, anywhere on average, on average, about 37 to to $40 every membership, but you’re getting that experience for a dollar. You know now, in a in a shameless attempt to make a profit, we do actually say hey. Do you want to become a member at the end of it in a shameless? It’s shameless premium experience $4, so it’s an example of a I was doing gear manager for epic photography supposed to be a sewing kit in every single pack, and it wasn’t-and you said, because man every time when he gets married, usually a bridesmaid or the bride they rip their dress or the lay’s or whatever, and when the photographer whips out a little sewing kit and stitches it up for him. That is a freaking wow factor right. You make a checklist for all the best business coach moments that you want to have in place. The next step you have to have to have talking with a customer you’re delivering services or an experience. You want to script out what you’re saying when your face to face. You want to script out that interaction with a customer I’ll just leave it to common sense. My man well, first of all common sense is not common come on.

Not only are you going to have to script out what you say in person but you’re going to have to role-play as well, because nobody’s going to have a piece of paper in front of them reading from a script in a face-to-face conversation to what you have to do, is you have to role-play through this practice? What am I going to say so that you can create a system? So what works for clay as a system is also going to work for me not to have to take the time to do this or you’re just not going to ever scale that business book number 9! You must know your break-even point when those taxes are due, how much money are making the losing marshall? Why do you have to have a firm grasp of the number? Why do you have to know your best business coach break-even point? Okay, so bill gave my main man okay. He says that knowing your numbers is a fundamental precept of you are going to scale a fail. You have to know the number to in-shape on, say what, if there’s a number that I know I know the number of classic clean janitorial classic clean janitorial services. Tell me why? Because these are the guys that keep the thrive time show world headquarters clean. They do all the cleaning for dupont. They do all the cleaning for google to do all the cleaning for doctor see. You should trust him to clean yours to call them today to get a free quote. The number is 918-671-2046. That’s 918-204-6918 671-2046 attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective best business coach review senior tickets by emailing, his fruit that you didn’t and your contact information. So you can point drive, time show.Com, alright, probation.

Welcome back to the conversation is the drive time to show on your radio and on today show or breaking down the 30 specific moves, the three specific systems you have to have in place. If you’re going to build a business that can grow beyond your personal capacity, so right now at this very moment as you would listen or listen to the show, as you are making a list of complaints that you want to email into info at drivetime show.Com as you’re taking note and save yourself, if this guy could make it I can definitely make it right now. At this very moment, we are cutting hair for hundreds of men in tulsa. My partner, jonathan barnett is cleaning the carpets for hundreds of people, thousands of people all across this great country website. Right now we are selling conference tickets right now and when I say we I don’t mean me because I build the systems right. That’s why I build the systems and then I hired high quality. My best business coach train, those people so that I can have massive productivity happening. Even when I am not personally doing the work and if you have felt like you are trapped inside a thing called a job know the jail be. The job means just over broke its when you have to do the work yourself just to be over broke. You really don’t own a business at that point. The business owns you doing it, free of that. You want to take note of all 30 of these steps from the amazon best-selling book start here that I wrote with the marshall morris many moons ago. So we move on now to step number 10. You have to know the best business coach count. You have to know your profit per customer marshall. Why do you have to know how much profit you actually make per customer so check this out?

Your break-even point is calculated by this. You have to know what are your monthly hard cause, how much am I going to have to spend every month in order to just stay in business before I even sell anything to me, it’s not about numbers, it’s more about building a relationship with people, and you know I’m just more about the vision you know for restoring green to tulsa and being a big part of the community overall. Well, the thing that you got to avoid is being a non-profit when you’re a for-profit business. Okay, I hate the people you just so what you have to do is you have to know? How much are we spending every single month before we even sell anything, then the reason why the profit per widget that you sell is so boring because that profit, you don’t make money as a business until that amount of widgets, the number of widgets that you sell, x the profit per widget equals the best business coach monthly hard cost. You don’t have to know this, because this is also how you can whatever your financial goal is to find out your profit per widget. You can then reverse engineer, know how. Where did you have to make to hit your goal? So you got to sell it next move over 11 you whenever cause based marketing or public relations campaign in place? If you got oxy fresh.Com, you noticed that we’ve teamed up with water. Org and so every time that you choose oxyfresh to clean your carpet, stores that donate there’s a donation made to this wonderful organization that helps provide fresh drinking water to people in need. When you go in to get your haircut, an elephant in the room, the first haircut $2 and guess what we do with that dollar, donated to the boys home in the local best business coach communities that we serve why toms shoes, you buy a shoe that give a pair of way. Why? Because it’s so important telling it’s so important! You sow seeds into your local community because it comes back man. It’s the law of reciprocity, if you’re not doing it.

That’s okay, you’re, just you’re going to ultimately as result of that greed make less best business coach money. If you want to be the most greedy thing that you can do is to support a local charity or cause and get behind that have one cause:marshall cuz, you stuck behind not 75 cause why you won’t have one cost because of the overflowing cup mentality to fill your cup first, because you cannot provide for others with that that you do not have okay so fill your cup first, let it overflow with abundance and then provide for others with abundance. Okay, abraham lincoln. He said the first step to helping the poor. It’s not become for yourself it’s creating abundance and providing for others with your excess we bring in. Are we one of our clients? So it’s got to be unicorn toy with the rc auto specialists. They repair all the ford automotive bottle bills in tulsa. He’s a coaching client as well as a sponsor of the show kevin king kevin you went into one of his automotive repair shops is a human troy walked into his auto repair. Shop. I was going to take my car somewhere else, but I just felt like this is the shop I need to take. My car to I walked in rows behind the counter asked me where I went to school, told him I got a degree in entrepreneurship and he spun around and said:let’s get coffee sometime and so what are you doing now?

What can you explain what you do out there for all the winners we have throughout the country and in tulsa oklahoma in tulsa? So it’s real interesting to me how you guys put systems in the place they can operate while you’re not at the desk. So that’s. What gets me really interested in so question I would have for you is what question do you have for us, mr. Kevin king, while you’re inside the man cave to do regarding the most recent move, you referenced? How important is it whenever you’re picking a cost, to support that it is closely tied to the industry? You’re working in I think it’s more important closely tied to your heart and something that you sincerely believe in, because what happens is that a lot of times people best business coach entrepreneurs will tie them self to a bunch of different charities, and you need to hook up to one charity and if you can tie into your industry, that’s a unicorn of it. That’s what you want! You want it to tie into your industry, and you wanted to tie into something you believe in so example of a real estate. If you don’t need a certain amount of money to hud homes, so every time that you sold the house, maybe you guys donated money aside in a certain percentage of your commission right to build a hud home. That would be the the unicorn of it, but I have to tie into houston silly as a person and then enter industry is like a bonus and if you can do both man’s magical I get it yep. So that would explain it covered here. Whenever 13, you need to have a systematic recruitment process, because you have to never stop recruiting people marshall. Why can you never stop recruiting people, and why does it have to be to turn key system? It does not involve you personally running around town interviewing best business coach people in recruiting them from various fast food restaurant. Do you have to have a system? Because you want to create a business that works without you when you have a system, it will continue to keep a player’s full within your organization, and I will continue to motivate the people that are currently working for you. This is just as much in interviewing and hiring system as it is a management system you got to have this keeps people accountable.

Can I give some of your office for becoming stagnant and beard nothing’s more weird than having somebody who quit mentally but keep showing up as the courage to quit mentally, been out the courage to actually quit showing up that paycheck. That’s right answer:you want to have high quality people and they also want to deal with high-quality vendors. That’s right and I love working with imaging. They save our organization, both time and money. We no longer have to pick up those office supplies. We don’t have to pick up the print cartridges. Chuck tell me about onyx imaging yeah, these guys they actually manufacture their own print cartridges in tulsa, so they’re going to be anywhere to 60 to 70% cheaper than the original manufacturer parts. So get ahold of you guys get a request for a printer service or an office supply quote. Call him today at 918-627-6611, +918-627-611-6611 or onyx imaging.Com to 76611 onyx imaging check them out, attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review clean your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime show.Com all right right. They should welcome back to the conversation. It is a drive time show on your best business coach radio and they were talking about 30 specific moves that you need to use to take your business to the next level. Now, before we move on too far into our system between 13 and we have a great to tulsa great tolson, who is a friend of one of our show sponsors and a friend of one of our business coaching clients there roy with rc auto, specialists, kevin, king inside the studio and kevin, and between of the break that you had a few questions for marshall about the group interview but I feel free to just bump bar this man with questions about the group interview and why we do it so sell me why you do a group interview? What’s the thesis, what do you get out of it? Why do you use it, and what do you look for to tell me about it, so I’m going to break down the process first and then the reason why for the best business coach process, okay and I’ll call on eric church up food it to share his experience, his feelings:okay, comedic relief-if you are okay, so number 1-is what you’re going to do.

If you’re going to post a perfect job post out on the job posting platforms? Okay, that’s indeed.Com.! Monster.Com, that’s craigslist.Com! You post! The perfect job post, recruiting a player’s, so I see a lot of business owners. They go well. We got a job here and tell you what we pay minimum wage and you can’t have any felonies and you got to show up at least a couple times a week on time, but really when I’m down and what you realize you’re actually hiring for a cd player. So the first thing that you have to do is you have to post a perfect job post who, which is recruiting for in a player which is we demand excellent, which is why we pay higher than everybody else? Okay. So if you can’t show up on time every time don’t show up at all, don’t show up at all, okay, so that’s the first thing is hiring for the right mentality in the right mindset, okay and so what you end up getting? Is you a ton of resumes? Okay, all kinds of people are emailing. You resumes will put on the show notes, but according to the us chamber of commerce, 75% of employees steal in the workplace and the ink magazine, 85% 85% of resumes are false. When we get a lot of best business coach candidates and apply for a job i, we have what we interview them all at one time and they have to shadow me personally or marshall, so that I know whether I would like them or they be a good fit with their temperament, would be the right.

Pic of some people have zero curiosity about entrepreneurship, and some people really really are interested in it and if you’re somebody who doesn’t have an entrepreneurial mindset or that sort of, if you’re not interested in making six figures, you really would hate working for us. If you just want a job in a check and you would not like working for any of our company isn’t so the interview put it in the group interview allows us to not have to sit through resumes not have to meet people one-on-one, who don’t even show up to the interview, went really over 70% of the time people don’t even show up to the interview. How often do you every single week and I’ve been doing it every week or three beers 3 years right and in our team that we’ve not missed interview for three years? It it’s something we doing. Are we doing this because we’re looking for great people to people you met today in the office and you just got a positive, mojo they’re. Absolutely today we’re doing our best business coach team meeting today is more on just life:optimization and self-improvement, right and I’m kind of like the resident. You know office, but I will have the best life possible in the best life now and so, like i, don’t know a lot of companies where they ask people to list their number one emotional, achilles heel and a spin. The meeting focused on improving we we heard about this today, one of our team members, okay, he said like i, just I feel like I’m, a better person not just like best business coach employee, not skill-wise, but better person working here and I thought that was so cool because that’s a testament where management is mentorship and helping them achieve their own goals. But that’s why we like this organization, cuz I’m, always the last to know two weeks, I’m going to roll right now, but I’ve read five different books, I’m just firing through just of the way there cuz she made a huge improvement, cold color and that girl set seven appointments, one more client, that’s awesome! That’s good and I said hey and I’m 4% of the way there that helps, because your mindset that you’re never done improving of people that don’t like continuum prove it would just not like our office.

The next step we need to cover heroes we fired through all 30 of these august 30th steps. You need to take to grow the business in a scalable and repeatable process. You can create both time freedom and financial freedom pointe 14. You must have an ongoing training program in place for your staff. We just talked about that marshall. Why do we do that staff meeting every single morning at 6 a.M. For the coaches and every single week on monday for the whole team, and we do on doing sales? Why we have these ongoing best business coach training programs? We don’t just wait for things to get crazy to start time, management is mentorship, come on now, helping somebody get better at their job is a way to engage them within the workplace. You look up the gallup polls and the employee engagement statistics in 2014, and it shows that approximately 71% of of all employee or either actively or passively managed disengage. The third troubleshooting the showdown, which means that 7 out of it is wild and people wonder why. That is the reason why it is is because nobody’s taking the time to actually help their team get better at their job. True, you got to do that on a weekly basis, yeah marshall, the way you said that it just seems so negative. It’s just that owns the words to seems like it’s just a lot better. Now that you got it and you have to do it proactively. Okay, if you can’t wait for there to be a problem to start planning, training, yep exactly that was clever start at like all week, and kindly show that you timed that perfect number 15 in honor of tim tebow. You got to be intentional about developing banking relationship. Why do you have to drain king? What do you have to be to have to be intentional about develop and king relationships? You probably shouldn’t wait till you need money to figure out where you’re going to get money from 100 back to being that proactive, lebron james.

What you have to do is you have to know what lender, what banker wet investor am I going to go? Pull funds from in the event that I need more fun, whether it’s emergency funds or to grow the business? Where am I getting money business owner just want to have fun? What do you think the biggest mistake is that people gotten borrow money for that is unnecessary, I would say for materialistic goods that don’t grow the business. You borrow money to build a business that makes sense, but borrowing money, things that don’t grow. The business is a huge issue, so anything that can grow up. We can we come back I want to get more into that. But you it’s not a problem. Borrowing money to grow a business. The problem is:borrowing money for branding borrowing, money for pr borrowing, money for there’s a lot of things you shouldn’t borrow money, for you want to borrow money to go to scale an existing and proven best business coach business model around happens to be a sponsor. That would be a coaching client who happens to be a proactive person. He believes it all of our listeners should be proactive about their account. That’s right, he does and that listener is paul hood with hood cpas, in the least. How proactive is your accountant if you feel like your account, could be a little bit more proactive, good, hood, cpas. Com again, that’s hood cpas. Com attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com, alright to my facebook back to the conversation is the drive time show on your radio and I wanted to take a moment here to to thank all the listeners right now. This is an exciting time for the thrive time show in the world chapters about 530,000 podcasts on the planet.

Earth life forms people from mars, other plants are, are people out there that did that other distant galaxies, far far away, that might or might not have a podcast using and we are now. What are we ranked right now? As of last time, you checked their children of the podcast in the world, all of all categories, all podcast. Last time, I looked, we were at 45, 45 jordan came back with any idea what it means. I was just reading that phil jackson book about how phil jackson is manage their the bulls and the lakers again I love that book I’m, just read it again. It just be getting so much good nuggets of information out of it in this is, what’s lead me to point number 1616 in for teaching people to 30 moves that you can use right now to grow a business that have the capacity to grow be on your personal production got. The grub is a second drawer, above and beyond. Your personal production is number 16 in honor of joe montana. Is you want to become a leader that your best business coach employees would follow? Think about that for a second, you want to becoming an owner of a business, a leader that your employees would actually follow. This right here blew my mind about 2 years, running dj connection.Com, because I was paying people well and they had jobs that I thought the job pays well and you get paid well and marshall. They get to get paid well, well, I thought in the end they have an office they can come to about. These things would be enough, but no people turns out one to work. For somebody who is a source of wisdom. I got three things. If you want to be somebody that inspires the people that work for you to have more vision, you have to have more vision, that’s what leaders have they have the vision.

They know the mission of the company and they maintain it and they drive it relentlessly home division division number to the wisdom, they wisdom. They know 10 times more than their employees do about a given topic or subject or whatever it is that they’re participating, who is a friend one of our listeners here kevin was asking a question about what kind of things you should borrow money for with the business. So I can I give you just a specific list of this sew-in in real estate. I’m your golden real estate. Yes, the key is always buying a property that is undervalued, i, think you know that right, warren, buffett’s number one rule businesses, just don’t lose money, so you’re going to get into flipping houses i, would encourage all the listeners to go into a neighborhood. That is a b-class to an a-class neighborhood, where the homes are nice, i, don’t don’t go into a c class or a d class don’t go into a section 8 I would not encourage anybody. Listening to this show to go into section 8 at the way to get started, because the drama in the quality of life associated with it is so low. But you go into like i, say:broken arrow you go into a south, tulsa neighborhood and you find the best business coach house. That’s just beat up the most beat-up house in the neighborhood will be by the house, and you get the appraisal done. You make sure. There’s. No major issues with foundations are a big thing in oklahoma, but you make sure it’s about it. It’s it structurally sound, that’s a good investment, because it’s really can go nowhere up in value, assuming you have the money needed to repair it and fix it up there. If you are in not of the game of real estate, let’s say you’re not going to have some kind. You want to focus on revenue-producing activities and I see a lot of entrepreneurs who are investing in things that don’t produce revenue, so marshall think about the clients you work with over the years.

You’ve had a lot of success and the ones who came to you kind of bitter and broken before you’re able to help them. Those are what are the kinds of things that entrepreneurs have wasted money on where you said he had to kind of help them bring the rain in the spending in that area, but you had to have them in rain, hitting up the spending. Another area, t-shirts, t-shirt, company, t-shirts company t-shirt, the company swag of vast amount of company swag ok company, visors company vinyl, siding in in logos to go up like on walls and things like that. Huge expensive offices, offices for your personal use, but I have to fight with every single customer to increase their spending on is advertising. That’s it. So you would want to advertise advertise advertise marketing and advertising getting more custom. I got one more thing that I see a lot of my clients and let entrepreneurs want to try and spend money on, but they need to, and that’s some really complicated, software system-that none of your team members right now we’re going to learn how to use anyways so just hold off on your big cr. We have 30 movies were getting through today, 17th december 17th, to take your best business coach business to the next level. You’ve got to have a management and delegation system in place, so I can explain two listeners how I do it and kevin you were shadow me today, so you can see everything that I need to get done. I push out to one single point of contact that currently is john before it was john, it was kayla before was caleb. It was jason before it was jason. It was just a matter who you push out that that that what needs to be done to that person it’s typed out and it’s a linear, then on my to do list, it says, call johnny price, all that a bunch of call john rose person and when I delegate I might put something on your digital to do list which is on a google sheet. I didn’t follow up with you before I said. Do you understand this?

Does this make sense? Do you understand this doesn’t make sense and I wanna make sure everybody knows what to do so on the way to work today, I’m calling john about 5 30 5:40 to make sure you understand everything and it throughout the day john’s entire job is to follow up. He would be what I would call middle management. His job is to follow-up follow-up, follow-up, follow-up, follow-up and he’s making sure that everything gets done and a lot of entreprenuers what they do is date. They do very well as a cabinet installer, very good as a roofer, very good as a pest control. Guy ivory go to the lawn maintenance guy, so they hire a sales team, but they don’t spend the time needed to manage the team and therefore the team doesn’t get things done, and so, if you don’t have a management team in place that holds accountable, it’s not going to work in management requires irritating at least one person every day before I got a question. Yes, I got a question for you because I hear this a lot. Okay, but first question is:is how much time would you say that you have to spend delegating in order to get hours of production out of the rest of the team averages about an hour and a half a day makes the wine out of most of what needs to be done, and then it probably john thompson’s 8 hours a day following up with that, we have probably department had to follow up with like 12 people or less right and I was at john’s house and spend the entire day falling up with 12 people doing that. So it’s 12 people’s worth of work.

He gets 12 x, 2 production, that’s right what he could do by falling up so. How what would you say to the entrepreneur, the business owner that says, I don’t have an hour and a half of my day to spend delegating. Where am I going to get that time? Where do you say like a job you’re not willing to make the time, and if you get up at like 4 a.M. And that’s a good time typically, is not a lot of reactions. A lot of interruptions in four fives are good time to 552 little bit more dangerous stuff. Cuz best business coach people might start calling soon. 6 a.M. Is really good. Nothing, but if you go to bed at 10 and got up at 6, I could be 8 hours. If you like to work out, you can still work at 5 and get 7 hours of sleep, which is what psychology today would recommend for you to maintain optimal health. So you go to bed at 10, get up at 5 to work out for an hour, and then it says 6 begin delegating and making your to-do list, but if you’re not willing to carve out the time needed to build a to-do list every single day you just need to get out of business, I mean you just need to move on in pictures, you’re, stressing everybody out here, you’re spending, all your money, you’re, probably irritating your wife, you’re, probably stressing out your kids, are stressed out your partners and you’re, probably i, just not cut out for it. I mean it’s like what, if I’m a whip, I want to be a linebacker, but I don’t like being hit with of a quarterback but I like throwing the ball I’ll, be waiting on my pastor, but i, don’t like looking at the bible, what, if I’m a husband but i, don’t like I’m spending time with my family and my wife. What if I’m a few just got to realize that you signed up for the wrong thing man? So if you can I just shut her down, there was another who never 18 in honor of peyton manning.

You have to find a way to motivate yourself on a daily basis, regardless of what anybody else at all ever encourages you marshall. You have to go to motivate yourself on a daily basis. Why is it so critical for every entrepreneur you have to do this? Entrepreneurship is the process of building a business yourself. The cavalry is not coming until you have to motivate yourself because at the end of the day, it’s yourself you either get the job done or you do not get the job done and ultimately it’s on yourself. It gets the job done. Platinum pest & lawn he’s got to get the job done. If you have a mosquito in your mojito, the craziness call the best the best pest & lawn service in tulsa oklahoma card at brenda, platinum pest & lawn. Their phone number is 918-376-0857., 918-376-0857. Look him up online. It’s platinum pest & lawn was that platinum pest & lawn attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime show.Com, all right type, a smoker. Back to the conversation. My name is clay clark in the former ussba entrepreneur of the year and we’re reading today from page 30 and page 31 of the amazon best-selling book start here, and you are in luck. We have marshall morris the business coach and co-author of the book on the show today, and you can download the e-book version of the book absolutely for free at best business coach drivetime, show.Com, drivetime show.Com, and you don’t know what to do to unlock the growth. This show is for you, it’s your move on to move number 18. You have to have a system in place to motivate yourself, so I am going to share with the listeners how I motivate myself every single day and then I would like, for you mr. Listener, to write down how you have you misses listener, how you’re going to motivate yourself because it is it. Is it not a struggle everyday to motivate yourself, daily best business coach commitment, to motivating yourself absolutely and if you don’t know how or why you should be doing that, it’s even harder.

So here is what I do everyday, when I wake up when I get up I’m a set that alarm and every time I wake up. This is what my inner dialogue is say:i, don’t say it out loud anymore, like at 9. Nothing goes off like at 3:30. Today we’re deal, I flew in from a speaking of that I didn’t owensboro kentucky and our flight couldn’t make it to tulsa long story short. We got diverted to oklahoma city, which, if you know me, every flight that I’m on somehow gets to reel in, like a cloud of doom over all flights to her driving it from oklahoma city i. Think we got into my driveway at like 2 a.M. That’s great and I had to be at work at 6 a.M. And so I set that alarm to the whole, like you know like an hour and a half to that nap was an extreme case this morning, but this is. This is actually a once-a-month, some like that happened at 9 and wake up at 3 or 3:30. But last night I went to bed at 9:02 and wake up at 3:30 a.M. best business coach Alarm goes off. I put the alarm for enough away from my bed where I have to move my body body to go, get it, and you know why do that jump so that you have to get up out of bed? Brick it up and I get those instant coffee, so I can go over there by the sink there, a starbucks in and I hate when it’s kind of got some floaties in it. Sucks I mean i, can’t I would like to know so. I get up and ice and I just I doubt it then I immediately turn on my playlist in the morning. It’s michaela playlist.

It fires me up and I take a shower while listen to td jakes. It’s going on that playlist this morning, td jakes was talking about the importance of not riding anybody off before you know how they fit into god’s plan. This message about that and it sounds like 4 in the morning almost I’m up and and I am now. I am mentally awake, equipped right and then I sit down. I just do it has to be done and I don’t want to do it, but the feeling that I get when I complete it around like 5 530 540. Where is my finish, my to do list I feel great and I’ve already got my day. Organized I’ve, designed my day, I plan, to put it into my calendar, got my to do list refined, there’s no, like cloud, am I forgetting something what am I doing at noon today, yeah I know what else I could have purposely and then, when I do is I get to I drink in the car I drive to work in the end can I call shelby on the radio star radio show on station producer I’m around 5:50 5:45 I get his feedback on the previous day’s show when I could do better what we’re doing well topics. We should cover that kind of thing and then I hop into our best business coach staff meeting as soon as I’m done with that I have the staff meeting start at 6. I should be there about 6:05 or 6:10 at the meeting start in shape used. You start the meeting. Yes, sir, what percent of the time does it just feel flat when you start the coaching camp at 6 a.M. Is it? Is it half the time? So usually people are kind of we have to get there early.

Everybody is up and ready to go, but definitely wants or twice a week. Mondays are typically that best business coach day. Mondays and tuesdays are slow, clap and here’s. The issue I have in her coaches are listening. This is why I want you guys to work on it. We talked about this I talk to me. If you want to learn about this, but the key is to be so energized before you even get to the workplace that you can energize other people yeah it jack welch talks about the forties that he looked for when he was the ceo of ge their stories. He says I’m looking for people who are energetic yes, I’m looking for a few people can energize others. Yes, I’m looking for people to have a edge to make the tough call and I’m looking for people can execute and I’m telling you what people that come to work with that mop face. Make me crazy if I got to carry that much luck. I have to carry that that best business coach energy, so I get up 2 hours before I see somebody else. If you’re listening out there and you’re struggling to motivate yourself find that routine find that way to inspire yourself, cuz I’m telling you, if you cannot inspire yourself, you must be content with mediocrity, andrew carnegie, the man who built carnegie steel, the world’s wealthiest man during his lifetime, a man who started working at the age of 13 to support his family. He said people who cannot motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity. Think about that for a second people that cannot motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity marshall. This is a phenomenon and I’ve discovered. Is that it’s so easy to work out in high school when the coach is pushing you encouraging you threatening you to work out to run, to lift weights to shoot baskets, but why is it impossible hard to do it as an entrepreneur? If you cannot motivate yourself or you don’t have an outside coach, you got to have somebody that is holding you accountable, so motivating yourself is the same thing as holding yourself accountable.

You have to be able to bring that energy because, if you’re not bringing that energy on a daily basis, that’s when that’s one business is one in lost on a daily basis. You have to bring it now. If you are self-employed in that you are the only employee in the business and you choose not to show up one day in the business. That’s a hundred percent of your workforce. Yes, you got to motivate yourself. So if you’re listening out there-and you said, i-don’t have what it takes to motivate myself. That is not good. If you’re not willing to have a coach or a mint or somebody in your life to hold you accountable and i. Don’t know too many people who are successful were willing to take time out of their day to hold you accountable unless you’re paying them as a best business coach. That’s right, that’s why you got an accountant or an attorney or somebody to push you kept. You have to have somebody to push you if you cannot motivate yourself, I would say just off the top of my head. That I probably hear that, from a quarter of my clients that I personally work with is that one of the best aspects of our program is having weekly accountability while you’re up there on mount entreprenuer by yourself. Let me tell you about a story. That’s not about me! Messing story! There’s a guy named charles cole, not to see if he’s like, 64260 or so 2:45 is big guy he’s jacked. So when he does, he gets up every morning, 7 days a week and that guy lift weights and pushes himself to the max yes, but then he eats a perfect diet everyday. He does I’ve seen him out there that can do that too. Cuz i, don’t know if people out there, who can do it without somebody coaching them so he’s able to motivate himself, which is why he doesn’t have mediocrity in the area fitness true.

But if you want to get in great shape., fitness personal trainers, there are so many people, I know who got into absolutely phenomenal shape as a result of having a personal trainer. So you were going to move number 19 as we talk about the 30 moves. You need to use to take your business to the next level. You have to have a time management system in place to block out distractions and it create the time needed to focus on the aspects of your business marshall. You know this afternoon, I pretty much turn my phone off at about noon everyday and for the time we do the show until text day, my phone’s off well you’ve already set up the parameters for when you were working on the different areas of your life. So in the morning, that’s your opportunity to get ahead and work on your meditime work on the businesses that you are operating best business coach clients and then noon. We do the show, and after that, that then it’s time for the other areas of your f6 life, which I have a big 5 big plan. Tonight you have a vehicle and I’m going to famous footwear famous footwear, another pair of the the adidas shoes for kind of coming to party with a nice white adidas shoes same same with every time, then I got to go to best buy and get a mac mini. We have a new one here, just for the other podcasts and got to that. My son’s computer is getting weird, so I got to take that to the mac store. Get that thing fixed. A lot of back focused return. The rental car that drive from oklahoma city to pay like $200 to fly to oklahoma city I got to get that taken care of, so I got to get that return dinner.

Something else I got to do, but I’m getting that done. The next. The next airing november 27th place to have your numbers written down, so you don’t become stagnant. You have to have your weekly numbers written down, so you do not become stagnant. You have to have your weekly numbers written down, so you don’t become stagnant marshall. Why do you have to have your numbers written down? So you don’t become stagnant. You have to constantly remind yourself of what the score is still in business. It is much like sport in that. If you are not keeping track of what the score is, then how do you know if you’re, winning or not? How do you know if you’re breaking? Even how do you know if your profitable? How do you know if you are putting up points on the board on a weekly basis? So what I encourage everybody? That’s listening to do is take a dry erase marker and write up on your mirror in your best business coach vanity. What is michael in write that down so that you reminded of it at least 2 times a day, so I don’t have time to mess around with my accounting, mp3 invasions and request from facebook and I have an accountant handles all that I’ve got time to make bagels what you have to do. Is you have to track this on a weekly basis? It’s not a monthly, it’s not a quarterly. It’s not an annual basis. You don’t put together an annual goal and then one day out of the entire year, somebody write you a check for your entire goal. It doesn’t work that way. You make the wins and losses on a daily basis, so you have to track it and remind yourself of it and measure your success on a weekly basis. Accounting I am a bagel aficionado. There is not an entrepreneur or best business coach or business owner that has been successful without knowing their numbers.

You must do I have time to fix some of us. Well, if you don’t know your numbers, you’re, probably destined for poverty marshall, you know what number I do know. What’s that okay. Your mother was someone else, I’m! Sorry, that’s why I say exactly what I meant the numbers every week at else in the room for payroll, you have to look at it every single week because you have to know how much cash is number one coming into the business, and this isn’t sales. This isn’t numbers are cash on the books. This is actually in your bank account because it. What turns out is, if you write a whole bunch of payroll checks and more money is going out of the business and then you have in the account. What happens? Is this thing called in overdraft is not a good thing that you have a new bounce in your step. You want to get to a level health, where you’re just feeling you’re feeling healthy. You got to bounce in your step. You get a spring in your step. You want to go visit. Our good friend at sibley, chiropractic, john, sibley., com sibley,. Their phone number is 918-749-5741 918-749-5741 or is marshall said so pintilie put a perk in your twerk visit, dr. John, sibley., com tulsa’s, everyone chiropractor and a doctor check to see if I apologize for marshalls on commercial and read them attend the world’s best business workshop led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing is proof that you did it and your contact information to info at thrivetime show.Com super moves that you can use to grow. Your best business coach business this year, more specifically reading from the start here book on page 30 and 31 of the amazon best-selling book called start here, and we are marshall morris, the co-author of the book with us on the show.

Today you can always download the e-book version of the start of your book at thrive time. Show.Com I were talking about this next move, boo, never 22! If you want to grow your business and make sure that does not become stagnant, this movie seems very easy. It seems like it’s obvious, but for some reason it’s not in the world of business, and this is this-is what I’m going to what excited to drop a knowledge bomb on somebody. Ask your customers what they want and sell it to him. That’s profound! Don’t try to sell them things. They don’t want and I see this all the time where somebody is working so hard, investing, thousands and thousands of hours and dollars into something that the world doesn’t want. Marshall. Can you think of a product or chuck? Can you think of one of our coaching clients we never had, but if other people were you thought to yourself, nobody wants that and do not mention any best business coach product to any of our clients have ever done. Is that our client I’ve ever done is i, don’t want you lying on this radio show. So this is a truth. I got truth, michelle scratch and sniff the shake weight by the shake weight do want those, but it’s not real. It is wild. They try and spot check their life. They try to try to do that. They sold a ton, but nobody actually got fixed. Can you imagine that, if everybody that bought one of those shake weights, because it was a phenomenon, can you imagine if everybody that body shake weight with actually in shape? Now we wouldn’t have an obesity, it would just be a game-changing. Families will be different to be more active, since there would be trying to do. Is I’m going to pull up this video to shake when I want you to tell me why you think it didn’t take off there and I’ll take off this isn’t needs a live! Audio reaction, part of the audio on the show, give me just a second time and it sticks out our arms.

Are you probably area that we never seem to be able to find a solution for until nap, with the shake weight, picture show at the same time.? No batteries in a matter of seconds you feel it really working your muscles and I are definitely feeling it in my chat. I am i, myself am i. Try set aside the shake weight, are, do losing weight and triceps chronic. Is the product doesn’t work? It’s everybody who bought the product doesn’t want to buy it again. There’s nobody out there that wants the product because they know the product doesn’t work but I think there’s somebody out there I want to help somebody out there you’re trying to sell the world a product that they don’t want and I don’t know what that product I want to help. I want to help somebody out there and i. Don’t know how to do in a way that doesn’t feel like I’m attacking somebody. Well, just don’t waste your life trying to sell some people, don’t want. That’s the thing, and so don’t invest your life and your time and your money and everything until you found. If this is, if your idea, your game-changing idea, is actually a good idea, because we see it all the time somebody put a year into it and $15,000 into something that is absolutely ridiculous. There’s a line between ambition and delusion and I just wanted to know your take on when testing a best business coach product.

How do you know when to keep pushing harder when to stop? What do you look for? Will you look for if people immediately get it within 30 seconds, so like elephant in the room, the men’s grooming lounge, it took us about a year for people to take for us to get good at explain to do what is right, but it’s not explain to you. I’d say it’s like a country club for men’s hair, and so when you going to the elephant in the room, I men’s, grooming, lounge charger. First haircut, $2 is kind of hard to describe the experience. But it’s like whatever your normal hair experience is * 2, * 3, and it’s so awesome. We just do the first one for a dollar, but if you like country clubs, you like the haircut experience and they leave josh, it’s awesome, so we start getting more and more video testimonials. We add that to the outside of the site, and we worked on that for probably a year-and-a-half before we find the offering to be what best business coach guys wanted book for a while. We didn’t know so I committed that I was going to spend $2,000 a week on it for 5 years to see if it would work, and so, if you’re willing to spend $2,000 a week on something for 5 years, then that’s what you have to draw the line in the sand. If I’m willing to put this much time and money into it and that’s it and for some people, that’s a long horizon like aol I’m steve case who started america online, he would tell you that he committed to doing america online for 15 years. We were going to quit until he got there. So it took him 11 years to hit his goals.

Tesla took 10 years to make a profit. Espn took over 13 years fedex to go over a decade, but those are people who committed to the long-term strategy. So you have to know your emotional capacity and if you can handle a 10-year grind, both emotionally and financially, then do it. If you can’t I’ll marshall death is worse than i, see when someone emotionally is committing to a one-week grind or a two-week grind. But they’re saying they’re committed to it to your grind. I see that that’s a bad place to be yeah. You can’t let the emotion get in the way of the motion out of the way of the motion so set your parameters, set your goals set. What you were willing to invest and be honest with yourself, with what resources you’re willing to contribute towards the big vision eye gold in what you can contribute and what you can’t. Okay, what are the parameters? How late? How many hours are you willing to best business coach commit? So I hear a lot of entrepreneurs? Bill, Say:i’ll. Ask him:how many hours are you willing to commit to working on the business? Then they go on to work as hard as I have when I don’t do whatever. You could also sacrifice every other area of your life to an end up with how to fill in when not fit, and you could do that, but how many hours could you sustainably trade-off in your life in order to grow your business?

You got to be honest with yourself about that. Are michael jordan who’s willing to trade everything off to win a championship? That’s true! If you have to have documented systems you dip systems in place, because in the event that you start to land new customers, you’re going to have to be able to fulfill what you promised over and over and over in a scalable and accurate way like a good friends, williams contracting champion wins contract in these guys they have thousands of customers from all over the world that will reach out to them, but they only take on. You know a handful of the projects there going to be a right fit for the add-on to their church. They don’t want to see you want to build a best business coach pharmacy. They want to expand a school jail annex. They want to add an annex on the ocmulgee jail, true story, but these guys can help you, but they actually we’re going to sit down with you find out your needs to give you an idea. An actual estimate within 3 is what it’s going to cost and they have a turnkey system in place, so they can manage an entire team of people chuck.

What’s their phone number who have their was looking to expand a building or to build a piece of commercial real estate, so williams contracting? You can get ahold of these guys at 918-682-5511, 918-682-5511 or look him up at will. Dash khan.Com will will dash.Com williams contract world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing is proof that you did it and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com I tried to hook it back to the conversation. My name is clay clark in the father of five human kids, I primarily has been my downtime at atwoods and hobby lobby burning, pinion wood is what I do when I’m out of those two places and chasing my wife around and I tonight, I can tell you. I am so passionate about teaching entrepreneurship because I see so many people that they’re stuck in every area of your life, because one of the six areas is out of whack. To make an example, we have family finances, fitness, friendship, fun, faith, family, finance, fitness, friendship, fun, I can’t really speak to how to become great and in a lot of areas, but the one I can help you with his finances and I see a lot of people that don’t ever go to the lake because they don’t have the money for it. They don’t ever go on a trip because I don’t have the money for it. They’ll put their kids in a decent schools that have the money for it and they don’t ever really put their kids in sports. Cleaner have the  best business coach money for it. He tells me by 1000 compromise that it’s all based on off of one area when that his finances and if you want to achieve financial freedom in time for them that’s what this show is all about. That’s all we do. This should marshall. Last time I checked the podcast is still free. You can still get it for free if you want to listen to a podcast of time, show.Com where you can find it on itunes work work shop right now to the last search.

We did right there at a 530,000 podcast in the world where we ranking last time. You checked it last time, I checked, 45 number 45 in the world, I think we’re number in the top 10 in the top 10 for businesses at right at number 6. At the moment, number six in the world of business who’s ahead of us right now, I just got to remember. I. Don’t you say we dodged that to him that if I should totally dodged it definitely not like you tell if I can help you I’m going to get a let’s hear some accurate know who who’s ahead of us and the itunes charts so move over 24 as we’re teaching you how to the death of 30 moves. You need to implement to create both time, freedom and financial freedom in your business. Is you need to make sure that you are aiming for financial peace? You need to make sure that you’re aiming for financial peace., marshall financial peace according to dave ramsey, is something very different. Then I think what the average person thinks it is treatable, dave ramsey quote about financial peace. I I would love for you to i. Give you permission. I appreciate you opening up here and doing this to me about him. Don’t get mad at me, I mean he’s a new york times bestselling author get mad him. Was it partially time someone says the best business coach truth? It could be offense, he says we buy things, we don’t need with money. We don’t have to impress people, we don’t like he says, act, your wage. Oh, that’s a good one yeah. He says it is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.

This is powerful and I just feel like that. People that I know very well continue to believe that they need to get a bigger house. People I know very well who make a lot of money, but we need a bigger house, just like I need to add on I need to add on again I need a bigger house and more and more and more people like to buy the other person see these people. They work more and more and they work more and more and they make more and more and they buy the bigger house faster car make your car faster car, better car, bigger house and they’re, not spending any time at the house. That’s pretty neat I’m in the car, because they’re always working and I would ask you. What is the point of having a big house filled with people that don’t know you. So I would encourage you to make financial peace your goal and financial peace is not the acquisition of stuff. It’s simply deciding to live below your means to dave. Ramsey I got the podcast pull up your the last year, so he’s actually wear number 7 right now or 7 is mister in a section. Sharks does a good job. People know them fine, okay and then the traitor, cub crypto podcast, the tim ferriss show, podcast npr radio, shows on mondays are ahead of the indicator by another npr from planet money $2 nba. We are ahead of war startup best business coach podcast bunch of big podcast and we having to be ahead of him, but you didn’t. You know where that is using your looks on as audio only show fives, or did you the 30 moves that you need to use to achieve success and to build a scalable business that will create both time, freedom and financial freedom for you, you would have formalize two goals for the f6 areas of your life:faith family, finance, fitness, bridgeport, put it in your calendar, talk to us about it.

You got a schedule when you are working on achieving these goals. If you have goals, but you never scheduled time to work on them, you are never going to reach them. So take your time get out your calendar schedule time for each of your f6 goals. You got to do this now. You got a checklist, moon number 26. You have a checklist in place for annie repeatable process, real estate, real estate agents everywhere work with me on this real estate agents, real estate agents. What, if we’re not asian? No real estate agents, make sure that you hear me calling out all the asians. What a real estate caucasians real estate agent go to have a checklist marshall there. So many steps I’m going to list the property on mls, take the photos to the video. Do the drone get up there, get the price is right get the square footage right. You got to do it more, so I have to double-check. Last time you got to have a checklist, because if you want somebody to eventually replace you in the business, you got to tell them what to do. You got to tell him what to do for remembering in the mind is for thinking, so you don’t want to sit there and try to think about all these things that you have to best business coach remember. They’re on a checklist. All I got to do is pull out that piece of paper and you’re going to go move 27, and this is a move that I think all of our listeners can improve on him, including myself, communication skills, there’s all sorts of books. You can read out there and you want to be 21 irrefutable laws of leadership. That would be a good one may be winning by jack welch.

Arguably the number one management book of all time you could read:how to win friends and influence people they’re, all going to show you. The people who run the world people in charge of the world are all effective communicators, be able to use your voice like an instrument being able to communicate and convey how you feel the other person to understand what you feel to hear what the other person feeling you will arrive on win-win deals to be able to negotiate in the spirit of the wind win. These are all skills that you need to learn and if you don’t have any skills by default, you’re, not a rare bird and pet. Very few people have these skills, today and book your tickets for a next in person. Thrive time show in person today 15-hour interactive workshop, you go to the workshop I’m telling we teach communication, we teach sales, we teach management and if you feel stuck in the area of personal communication in managing your team, maybe you just need. Maybe a now need a one-on-one business coach to help you become a more effective manager, stay tuned. If I can do it, I know you can too, but you must stick to it, like posted two and one morgan’s on the chorus singing that thrive time show on talk. Radio 11, sunday broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s best business coach business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner, with ussba entrepreneur of the year clayton clark podcast, download sba entrepreneur of the year I’m a contributing article, article writer for forbes, and if you just type in my name, clay clark, you can see some of those articles in forbes how you can see article and fast company about being.

If you ever look me up online, you just pull it to look for an image of me and you look at me and then you pull the picture of you and you compare. You can build your self-confidence by contrast by looking at you and realizing how beautiful you are in comparison to be chuck. That’s a great way to build. Confidence is download a picture of me make it your screensaver right and then I put a mirror and look at yourself and contrast. You always feel better. If we make your parents about a widescreen or maybe two monitors to call the real estate cranium, you ready to go so much knowledge just pack up and move that you can use to grow your business from just a job from being just a job just over broke when you’re doing everything and you’re taking it from being just that, where you’re doing all the work to drink into a business that will create both time, freedom and financial freedom for user 28, move number 28. You’ve got to have documentation for everything, including price of processes, passwords checklist marshall by. Why is it so common that almost every single client with ever worked with when they first start with the best business coach program? Nobody can find their passwords? That is because nobody’s ever taken the time to consolidate them all to one place. So they’re always spending time running around trying to reset passwords, and this is my favorite move. The ole always hit the forgot, my password move it. We never actually remember the password, it’s just every single time, I’m resetting the password, but once you consolidate your team can use it. Your business coach can help you use it. Other vendors can help you achieve things to do you got to consolidated. All time is what I see happening quite often is that you delegate creating a new account or something to a team member and then 6 months later, that person is no longer with you and you have no idea what they did was a lot going on right now and a system in place so that those team members know any time we create an account. You got to get on dropbox, download the password document and update that sheet and I’ll big big shout out there when I didn’t, we didn’t mean any disrespect for the the carl’s out there that may have been killed while courageously say keep the passwords, passwords and accounts yeah.

So i, don’t know why you just respect what you caught at carl’s and beer I suggested me to stay organized as part of the show host do not necessarily endorse to contest it come out of her mouth. Are you sorry stop making it as if chuck wants to mock dead people named carl, who proved lost the password and his? Let him let him go out on a limb. There I mean that’s where he wants to be there at 11 for the fruit, it’s alright to move on to move 29 it once you start selling a lot of things. You want to get a customer relationship management software in place. Why would justin timberlake concert? Did you buy your ticket online? How did they know that you actually bought a ticket I think they said my information or something he doesn’t want to get caught up in the middle of it? Stop that you’re so accurate with your justin timberlake, say something acapella version there now I know that you knew they were using a system, an online database that stores by information everybody manually doing it. This is this is where I see businesses they can save the most time the money and reduce the number of best business coach moving parts within their business is once you’re doing about 2 million dollars of sales that the time you need a customer relations $4 to one man, oh well, that is impressive, so your management software is really small. You can do that. Take here is you need to have a coach or ongoing mental relationship in your life in any area where you want to see improvement, because you’re going to run out of health, run out of money or run out of time before you reach your goals. If you try to learn everything starting from scratch, mark christensen, the professor from harvard business, college, right resources are what the entrepreneur uses to do it.

Processes are how he does it, and priorities are why he does it. Why is it so important to have all of these things organized you got to have all these things organized, because this is what creates value for your, since this is how your business operates. I mean the resources to asset the access to capital of the things within your business business not like to keep all of the employees what’s going on. You got it. If you are approaching an investor, is that investor buying a job in which he or she has two then go work the next day or they buying a system to produce a product or a sir michael gerber, the author of the emails, wants to come to slap a listeners around myself included with this notable quotable to read it I think I might hate myself am I truly being the definition of an entreprenuer that he described michael gerber most entrepreneurs are merely technicians with an entrepreneurial seizure. Most entrepreneurs fail because you are working in your business rather than on your business. What does it mean to work on the business and not just in the business, and where can we find the time needed to work on them going to start with the last question, you just asked him go backwards, so you find the time one of the best ways to start saying no to more things. I see this all the time that people want to be involved in every aspect of their best business coach life when they’re trying to start a business, and that is impossible, so you got a time block you’ve got to actually have a proactive calendar or you designate certain times of certain things that you know you have to get done and then working on the business is actually creating. All of these systems that we just went over somebody’s got to actually create them, while you’re not in the day today.

The burning fire of the business so in the business is doing the daily operations working on the business is creating the systems of what you can scale your business in the future, when I think of a very scalable service, a company that can offer a consistent, consistently high level of equality without the owner, actually doing all of the automotive repairs himself about a business. How do you know if a business is successful? Its owner doesn’t personally need to do everything himself for the company to work. It’s when the company has a high standard. If it’s been articulated by the founder by the owner by the boss, the division is being articulated by the owner. The owners setting expectations the owner is pushing people to perform at their past and in the team, is rising 2 meet that expectation and covenants doing in phenomenal job, as relates to living up to the expectations of their founder, and they found her who’s doing a great job running. His best business coach is roy over there with rc auto specialists, that’s rc, auto specialists, if you’re driving a ford vehicle, and you need help with your suspension alignment, your afford heat and air systems, your ford transmission, your ford lighting and wiper blades fleet service battery issues give her give her friends over there a call at rc auto specials at rc, auto specialists, roy’s phone number 918-872-8115 is 918-872-8115. If you schedule a consultation, are you schedule a repair over there with r the auto specialist I will give you a free copy of my book thrive, but you go to rc auto specialists. Com today. Anybody that today schedules your consultation or your or your visit over the rc auto specialists. Will you get award-winning high quality service and automotive repair, but you will get a free copy of my book. Thrive simply might go to rc auto specialists. Com. One thing:they also do a quick glaze if you’re into a best business coach companies that give back to the community.

You guys work with little loves. Org, and this is a organization, that’s a non-profit and they help orphans with food and clothing and shelter in education, so they’re giving good cause that got 80 years of combined experience working on those ford. Let him lay hands on your ford over there at the oil robertson automotive nice, but the phone doctors and I’m working with a lot of great clients all throughout the country, and we can’t help it. If we don’t get a chance to know you. So if you have yet to attend a workshop, I would encourage you to seize the best business coach opportunity to get your free conference tickets by sibley, going to thrive time show.Com today and then click on the podcast button. You click on that button. You subscribe to podcast, leave person, objective review and we’re going to send you two free tickets to a next in person. Drive time show workshop. Thousands of videos are available for you and we have hundreds and hundreds of archived podcast all available for you at thrive time, show.Com with a boom, and so now we have any further ado 3 2 1


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