The 5 Keys to Changing Your Mindset, and Your Body Within the Next 4 Weeks

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Is it possible to change your daily actions, your habits and the direction your life is headed within just 30 days? Clay Clark interviews the co-founders of Colaw Fitness and business coaching clients (Amber and Charles Colaw) and they break down the 5 Keys to Changing Your Mindset and Your Body within the Next 30 Days

Key #1 – Imagine who you would feel if you lost 10 to 30 pounds of body fat within the next 4 weeks?

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.” – Napoleon Hill (Best-selling self-help author of all-time and the personal apprentice of the late great Andrew Carnegie)

Key #2 – You already have the tools that you need.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Start where you are, with what you have. Make something of it and never be satisfied.” – George Washington Carver (A man who was born into slavery and who became the legendary self-taught American botanist and inventor who actively promoted the alternative crops and methods that lead to the prevention of soil mineral depletion for African Americans. Before George Washington Carver, newly freed African Americans did not know how to raise crops that would not deplete their lands of vital nutrients and minerals.)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.” – Walt Disney (The founder of the Walt Disney empire of magical movies and theme parks and much  more.)

Key #3 – Success is Not Complicated

  • What if you could experience increased energy and confidence all as a result of reading a simple 60-page book and implementing the proven system for the next 4 weeks?
  • It is our prayer that this book, along with the 30-day challenge will provide you with the education, the motivation and the proven plan you’ve been looking for.


  1. Chupp – Healthworks – Jay has finally gotten the right people in the right seats on the bus. He’s growing but also decreasing stress levels and creating more time freedom to continue working ON the business.
  1. Robert – C & R Contracting – Colorado Springs – closed a $20,000 deal after following sales system we built – used to just email customers $10k-$100k estimates, now he is selling himself and the company
  2. Robert – Bodycentral – Double wins:
    1. Hiring System Wins: Onboard 4 PTs (doctors) this week and an Athletic Trainer, have 4 more PTs and a PTA starting September 4
    2. OPENING A 9TH LOCATION! (9,000 square feet)
      1. Had 2 or 3 locations before working with Thrive

Key #4 – You will experience confidence after the work has been done.

Key #5 – Motivation is not a one-time event, it is a process.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done, really believe, your mind will find the ways to do it. Believing a solution paves the way to solution.” – David J. Schwartz, The Magic of Thinking Big

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.” – Proverbs 13:20 (The Bible)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The mind is what the mind is fed.” – David J. Schwartz (The Magic of Thinking Big)

DEFINITION – Chi·a·ro·scu·rohe treatment of light and shade in drawing and painting.

An effect of contrasted light and shadow created by light falling unevenly or from a particular direction on something.


Chupp – Best Choice Auto Glass booked 16 deals and quoted another 30+ jobs at their first ever trade show last weekend.

Clay Staires – Access Optics – After entering in just one month of expenses into their analysis worksheet – “This is amazing!  I saw that we were spending money with Microsoft on email accounts for 19 employees that are no longer here and haven’t been here for years.  It’s close to $2500 a year in savings. That would never have happened if you hadn’t prompted us to look at the numbers.” Pam Hogrefe, Access Optics

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Audio Transcription

Two men, 13 multimillion dollar businesses, eight kids, one business coach radio show. It’s the thrive time business coaching radio show with Dr Zellner and Clay Clark.

All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to the conversation and on today’s show we are interviewing the founders of co La fitness. You might say to yourself, what is co La fitness? Well, through the power of the Internet, if you go to cool off, you can check out. They have three locations. They have one in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. They have one in Joplin, Missouri. They’ve got other one, Topeka, Kansas, and uh, these guys started their business years ago out of $150,000 home in Bartlesville. They started the business out of their home and they’ve really grown it incrementally and it’s sort of like a compounding interest year by year. They’re growing by one percent, two percent, three percent, 20 percent. Oh my gosh. We dabbled. Growing, growing, growing. We dabbled, delaying gratification. We doubled year three, year four, we’re doubling all the sudden. Wow. We probably need to build our own gym. We need to go ahead and rent some space. We do expand what’s open? A second one now. How many years have you guys been opened there, Charles with co La fitness at this point,

I think. When was it amber? Was it that when we opened north of 15, isn’t it? Is it right around? We opened and we started our first one to no six. Whoa. And then our second location opened in January of 2016 in our third location. January of 2018. Well, you

guys have grown this business from nothing but it started with a passion to help people. And do I want to do on today’s show is I want to focus on the five keys to changing your mindset. Now obviously you guys are into fitness. Obviously you guys are physically fit and you strive to be physically fit, but I think this is applicable for anybody listening whether you’re into fitness or not. So what I’m gonna do is I’m going to tee up the key and then I’m going to pick on Charles first and I’ll let amber one up you because we know obviously don’t. Amber has got a one up you, so you might as well just to let you go for every funder and then she can one up you. Then Steve Currington is here to ask Steve Currington dd the mortgage, the bowling ball of mortgages, but bowling ball, he’s here as a non fitness expert, but an expert of all things mortgages to ask the tough questions that maybe the listeners might have.

So Steve, I’m going to Charles. Then I’m going to ever. Then I go back to your. Your. Are you ready? Are you ready? I’m ready. Okay, here we go. Key number one, he never went for changing your mindset. Imagine how it would feel to lose 10 to 30 pounds within the next 40, within the next four weeks. Again, imagine what you would feel like if you lost 10 to 30 pounds of body fat within the next four weeks. Translate that for all the entrepreneurs out there. Imagine what it would be like to be at the top of Google. Let’s say you have an air conditioning company or a mortgage company or a entertainment company or any kind of business. Imagine what it’d be like to be top in Google. Let’s think of something we can change the next 30 days. Some that could be a 30 day, maybe a 90 day goal. Let’s go with a 30 day goals. So, Charles, I’m going to start with you. Why do we have to first imagine what it would be like to feel the way you want to feel before we start taking action. Why do we have to take the time to think about what it would feel like to achieve the goal before we start down the path of achieving it?

Well, one thing is, is when you have a goal, it, it inspires you, encourages you. So I think the first thing for me is, you know, if I, if I can think it in my mind and believe it, then that gives me the inspiration to start doing it.

So again, the goals are going to give you the inspiration, but you want to think about, you really want to get white hot, white, hot passion about those goals. Um, you really want to get excited about those goals. Um, gosh, I want to give the listeners an example of what not to do here in that way. Amber can really have some good one.

Great. A great thing that I remember like with training when people were really wanting to lose weight, they just got so tired of feeling the way they felt like they tired of pulling on their pants and it’s just too tight or too close with, they just don’t fit or they just don’t feel comfortable in their own skin and I don’t feel confident in the way they look. And so there’s a point where most of my clients would say, I’m so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, I’m going to do it and I’m in a rocket. So it’s kind of like a get to that. I’ll do whatever it takes mode.

Amber, can you talk to me from your perspective about why it is so important because you’ve seen, uh, the, the gym, the fitness team, you’ve seen how you guys have been able to transform the bodies and then the lives of thousands of members over the, over the last 15 years. I mean, you’ve seen this happen over and over again. Why does somebody out there listening who says, come on, I’m very busy. I don’t have time to visualize. I mean, why do I need to actually take the time to imagine what I would feel like to lose 10 to 30 pounds of body fat within the next four weeks? I think it’s like you said, clay, you’ve got to see it before you can do it. So when you had that desire and you can stop and visually imagine how good that would feel. It’s a drive it.

It will. It will drive you towards that goal. It will inspire you and there’s no better inspiration than your own internal inspiration. For sure. I, I have noticed this. This is something I’ve noticed is that I think people in the areas of fitness underestimate. I’ve worked with a lot of fitness companies. Okay, so I’ve worked with fitness together, a great company. I’ve worked with business coaching JC, good trainer in town, great trainer in town. I’ve worked obviously with you guys co La fitness or carvel fitness and boise have worked with a lot of great brands and I’ve noticed that the hub Jim in broken Arrow, neat, neat people and it’s interesting when I work with the, the, the gym owner, the personal trainer, uh, they know so much about fitness, they know so much about it. It’s almost like the overwhelm, the personal training client with all this information they’re talking to them about like creatine and protein and way versus, and they’re overwhelming them with these vitamins and fish oils and amino acids and the person listening is like, ah, I understand that. But you guys do a really good job of simplifying and when somebody visualizes you really do a good job of simplifying it. And it is true. The people who implement your system, do Charles actually lose 10 to 30 pounds within a month if they just follow the meal plan? Can you talk to me about just the meal plan? Give us a teaser. What’s, what’s the meal plan? Make it simple for me. I’m a simple man. I need a simple answer. Charles

meat, vegetables, protein shakes in water, so two options. Meat and vegetables, protein shakes and Water and oh, that sounds kind of strict, but if you simply do that, it will make a huge difference.

So you say Steve and I have just meet festivals. We lose weight, feel great. Why is it more complicated?

Well, it’s at the bottom line is those types of foods just force your own body, use its own fat as an energy substrate. It gets so hard to utilize a protein to turn it into glucose quickly and it’s so hard to take the vegetables that are fiber rich vegetables and turn it into glucose to basically raise your insulin and stores fat. So all that to say slow to absorb. They’re slow to absorb, the very satiating and they’re not a insulinogenic

I, I want it to be more complicated than Steve. Steve, don’t people want want it to be more complicated? That whole fitness game? Don’t we want it to be. I mean seriously don’t know. People feel like if you’re paying for personal training, the meal plan has to be like 45 pages of customized reports. We want to a BMI machine, we wanted a one or two

be sexy, they want it to look good and they want to like see it on pinterest and they want it to taste phenomenal and all that stuff and so you have to kind of spice it up to make it look like that, tastes like that.

But that’s the, just spice it up. It’s very insular. Agentic. That’s what I took from that. I don’t, I don’t know what insulinogenic means. Well, what I’m doing is trying to gain as much weight as I can so that when I do start his meal plan, I’ll be such a big success story. It’s like, oh my gosh, look how bowling ball. I want to build the faith of the listeners out there. I want to encourage you. I mean this, I want you to get this. I hope you hopefully understand this. Um, it again, I’ve worked with multiple gyms and I’m telling you what, they usually come up with a little print piece. All right? And with each gym I’ve done a little different, but it’s a print, like a postcard. And the postcard, it says eat meat, meat, vegetables, water, third fit. If someone just does that and only that, Charles, it’s going to work, right? I mean, you’re going to definitely 10 pounds of body

fat if you just have meat. You’re like, what am I doing? Again? You go the grocery store. I’m looking for a lean meat and vegetables and water. I mean, it’s not that it’s missing something. No, no. In the. The thing is is you get, the more you go for a lean meat and a stem stock leaf vegetable, you can get into details, but there’s certain ones that are a little better. But the bottom line is yes, if you eat a lean meat and a stem stock leaf vegetables, so it’s the stem, the stock of the leaf. There’s just no way for your body to get fat off of those units. So fed healthy to eat the chicken breast. I got so fat off a green beans. You’ll never hear that happen. Steve, you got a hot take. How do you get on this meal plan that you speak of?

I mean this is like a. You join our gym, we’ll give them the meal plan, we make your meals and senator. I mean, what, what’s the deal? Because I think the problem, I’m a normal person who’s busy and works and I think the hard thing for a lot of people is like you’re hungry and you’re like, you gotta to go get something and then you don’t have anything. So then you go to fat guys and you get a double cheeseburger and it’s thousand calories. A really cool thing is, is like for me, I’ve maintained under 10 percent. I used to be over 300 pounds in high school. I lost 83 pounds with the trainer. And then throughout the course of that I got to become a certified trainer. And fundamentally I’ve been all around the country. You’ve got eight certifications and training. I’ve trained over 5,000 people.

And the bottom line is most of the figure fitness competitors, anybody who’s an athlete that tries to get in shape for some title of the show, they always finish with some sort of meat and vegetable combination that really leads the body out. Um, and that keeps the muscle because there’s protein in the Diet and the fiber which is a low slow to absorb food. Um, so it all fundamentally comes down to those two components and I just tell people it’s not rocket science. You can just eat meat and vegetables. Steve, are you, I think you’re hitting on like you just want to have the food delivered to you is what you’re saying. Like how do I. So do you just go to the store and just buy a bunch of the same kind of meats and vegetables and put it in the fridge and that’s just what you eat?

Well, you can, doesn’t matter what the meat is or eight. No. Uh, well yes. I always try to say 96 percent are leaner and then I give him a punch list of stuff they can get. Eat ’em if you want to go fat. Like honestly I’ll have clients that I’ve trained and had done extremely well. Like you could still go through Mcdonald’s and order a double hamburger and just eat the meat. Now, I’m not saying that’s what you wanted to do all the time, but you still will be successful. It sounds crazy. I want and I want to to make this applicable for anyone out there who says, I don’t care about fitness, I care about growing. My business won’t. Okay, well, a couple things is if you be for physical body dies, you, your money won’t matter. Thrive nation, it is truly possible to make massive changes within the next month. But you have to start. You have to start and so to encourage you, I want to celebrate another exciting edition of all right, thrive nation. Here is an interview, a interview

with the founder of white glove auto. He Thrive Time Show business coaching client as he shares how his company’s been able to improve as a result of the business coaching system and his execution of the system.

Myron and I own white glove auto in Bixby, Oklahoma. I’ve been working with Eric and drive for the past year and a half now and ever since I’ve started working with them, I’ve noticed huge growth in our business. Uh, for example, uh, you know, year to year comparison, we’re at 97 percent growth this year. Um, and heck, even, uh, this month, over last month, we’re up 47 percent in growth. We’ve seen massive numbers increase just because of Google Seo and just the efficiency that’s been improved around the shop. They’ve helped us learn how to put things on, you know, a daily and a weekly and monthly checklist. I’ll keep things organized and efficient and save time. It’s really helped us out a lot. And uh, things are going great with thrive.

And look what he has right here.

A checklist. Oh, he’s got his to do list on a clipboard. So congratulations. White Glove, you’re doing awesome man boob.

All right. Thrive nation. When we come back from the break, we’re gonna be breaking down the five keys. How many keys? The five keys. Five keys to changing your mindset isn’t one of those expensive keys where if you lose it, it’s like $500. No, no, it was old school keys. You put the key in and it turned. You turn it. What are you talking about? A key. You can actually turn to the right or left. I’m talking about a simple key, not a super complex key, not where those expensive $500 keys or if you lose it, you have to get a home equity loan to buy another key thrive nation state, and it’s a super simplified, the five keys to changing your mindset and your body within the next four weeks. Stay, dude,

make sure you never miss a broadcast by signing up for the thrive time show podcast and back to a show that’s cooler than the other side of the pillow. It’s the thrive time business coaching show

Dr. Clinic they can sell to. All right,

thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark. I’m the former U s SBA entrepreneur of the year sent here on a mission to get you into a great financial position. So on today’s show, as we do with every show, we try to interview successful entrepreneurs to have them come on to teach you a thing or two about how they’ve been able to achieve success. And we like to break down the proven principles and strategies and systems at super successful people use to get from where they were to where they are today. So today we’re teaching you the five simple keys to changing your mindset and your body within the next four weeks. Clay, why do you always have to say body? You make it so creepy. You could’ve said changing your body. But no, I want to say changing my body because I just think it adds that overall creepiness that the show needs to really get the listeners to really, uh, to make this resonate.

So good. If you want the five keys for changing your mindset and your body within the next four weeks, you want to listen up to today’s show with where we’re interviewing amber cola and Charles Coal. All the founders of [inaudible] fitness. These guys have three locations. One in Bartlesville went into Pika, uh, one in Joplin. It’s a multimillion dollar fitness company. They’re doing very well. And they took time out of their schedule to hop onto the show to teach you the five keys. But before we get into back into the interview, I want to get Jason and wanna get your take on this. Jason is super manager with elephant in the room. He manages all three stores and with Andrew, a member of our team, he does videography photography, manages the advertisements for many of our business coaching clients, coaches, clients. So we’ll start with you. Jason. What is one thing you’re doing this year that is different from what you were doing last year that’s allowed you to achieve more success, more balanced, and more just peace.

I mean, what’s, what’s a one move you’re doing this year that’s helped you to really take your life to the next level? This year? Um, I’m waking up earlier and in doing so, given myself an hour of what you guys are referred to me as much at a time and that’s been super important for either setting up my action items for the day or some self reflection, some light meditation. Just that little hour is super refreshing and gives me focus on are. Whereas I wouldn’t have had it before. And just to clarify this for all the thrivers out there, I have yet to meet a successful entrepreneur that does not get up at least one hour before they see their first human. They, every entrepreneur I’ve ever met gets up one hour before or, or more, more but an hour before they see their first human and they think about their life in the areas of their faith, their family, their finances, their fitness, their friendship, their fun. I’m writing that down. Calm down. It’s your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship, and your fun. Every successful entrepreneur I’ve ever been around gets up an hour before they see a human at least and designed their day. And then they go out during the day and execute that system, that, that plan, that, that, that path, uh, Andrew, what’s one thing that you’re doing this year that maybe you didn’t do last year that’s allowing you to achieve more success and its overall helping you to improve your life? Yeah. So this year I’ve been here unable

to do a lot differently than yours and past whether it be things in fitness, I’ve been reading a lot more, um, but my biggest thing is actually the same as Jason’s is maritime and um, the fact that when you put things on your calendar, you get so much more done throughout the day. You can get all of your f six goals done in one day if you do your time. Um, I don’t know if it’s possible to do it without doing metta time because just having that single hour or more of time to sit down with your calendar, that’s an important part of my amount of time as sitting down with a calendar and like our blocking off every single hour throughout the day until 5:00. Even after 5:00. What are you going to do? Like what am I going to do with my wife? Where are we going for date night? I’m having that amount of time is so important and it’s changed my life. It’s been able. It’s helped me been able to accomplish a lot of my goals. Like I said, in fitness, in finance, in every aspect,

so thrive nation, you are going to love this game changing interview with Charles and Amber Cole, the five keys to changing your mindset and your body within the next four weeks. Stay too.

In 30 days there are so many things that you can do to dramatically improve your business. And I’ll give you one example of one that does Steve Currington did with total lending concepts that really changed his business. And today, um, were you doing a realtor presentation today, Steve? Is that what you’re doing? Yeah. So today you’re a manager, office manager, Casey. She told me, hey, steve will not be at the business coaching’s meeting today. So clay, I need you to lead the sales meeting. We do that often every week we do a sales meeting with your team. We’ve worked here for how long have we been together for? Almost three years now. It feels like 30, but it looks like three. Yeah, it’s a good way. I mean we have that Patina that said that we’ve developed a really good rapport. Clean. I’m clingy and annoying. So it seems like I’ve been here longer, steve is just now beginning to observe the no cell phone rule in my man cave, but know, but we’ve worked together for a long time and so to, I did not, I did not know you would not be there, but Casey told me, she said, hey, just he will not be here today.

And so because we follow the same agenda every week, we knew what we’ve already agreed on that agenda months ago. So that’s what we’ve planned on because Steve likes to travel. So we’ve planned on that happen and that flexibility. And uh, so I cued up the calls. Steve Iq, I played the recorded calls. Yeah. That you didn’t have installed at one point. Can you explain to me how within 30 days just recording your calls transformed your business? I mean, because what I mean, I thought you were very aware all of a sudden about what is actually happening.

Yeah, well we had a with your help built a script. But um, to a certain extent we had to like start with something and then test it and listened to it. And see how it worked and those are the results and all that stuff and when we weren’t recording calls, we didn’t really have any way to measure that. Furthermore, we didn’t have any way to monitor whether anybody was actually following the script because weren’t recording the call. So I would say the biggest change in 30 days was now I can literally punch in and listen to any single call that I want and I can measure whether that’s working or not. I want

to share a little story. I remember when Steve First putting call recording fighting I’m saying is not correct. You just feel free to buzz me in. Okay. There’s a young lady, she said Nice things to you. She said, Hey Steve, it’s good to see kind of. And she seemed like she was engaged and then we listened to what ever recorded calls and we noticed that it seemed like she and the color we’re having separate conversations. I’m thinking to myself, it seems like she is having a separate conversation there to perhaps the audio is being recorded. So I. and it happens again. Call three, call for call seven, nine, whatever, and I, I think to myself, there’s gotta be something wrong with the recorder. Surely. Surely it’s not. What I think is you go over to her desk. I’m not kidding. She had earbuds in her ears listening to spotify while making calls with a headset. So she had the earbuds in her ears while wearing the headset for the phone over your budget. My why am I in any way? Am I wrong? Is that is an incorrect story.

I said that we said that we didn’t notice it sooner. Closing more and more like. Yeah. So she was looking. She was like, what? What would you say? What did you say? She was like listening to like Justin Bieber, like, what do you mean? And she looked back at, what do you mean? Oh yeah. Hey, total lending. Uh, yeah, what? Oh yeah. Know what? When she had her earbuds inside her ears. Because you could hear a bit in the background. Just a little bit of the music. Yeah, we’ve had that. Doesn’t it make you smarter when you’re distracted? Like definitely we had another person, just this, this is probably what a year and a half ago when an auto mechanic in Dallas and he had a person on his phone that would actually encourage people to go down the street to get a better deal, so they would answer the phone and say, hey, thanks for calling. Yada Yada Automotive Niggle. Yeah. I’m trying to find out how much do you guys charge to replace an air conditioning unit where I’ll tell you what, right now we’re, we’re, our prices are a little bit higher, not prefer, you know, we’re backed up too, you know,

thrive nation. Stay tuned. We’re breaking down the five keys to changing your mindset and your body within the next four

weeks to claim your tickets to the thrive time show today, interactive business workshop for free. All you have to do is to subscribe to the thrive time, show on Itunes, leave an objective review, and send us confirmation and Info at thrive time. to claim your star international star registry. We can’t help you start

a bomb out. Half the listeners out there, but this is not the right show to help you register your star with National Star Registry, although I do think that that is a crappy gift and I’m amazed that people actually do that for each other. And if you did that for somebody in your life right now and I’ve offended you, I apologize that you bought them a star. So what we’re talking about today is we’re talking about the five keys to changing your mindset and your body within the next four weeks. And specifically we’re going back to this portion of the interview with Charles Cullen. Amber Cole. What we’re talking about, uh, when you, the importance of installing call recording within your business is a quick move to improve your sales right away. When you install call recording in your business, your phones are recorded. It is unbelievable how much better your team will perform, how much more accurately you can know what they’re doing.

Um, how much you can train them more effectively. In fact, you not recording the calls in your business would be like playing basketball blindfolded. It just doesn’t make any sense. I’m Jason. I want to get your take on this because it elephant in the room, it’s a men’s grooming lounge where we have very high standards and you are the super manager of have three stores. Um, why do you have to be physically present in the stores and walk around to really know what’s going on? I mean, why do we have to put the cameras are there and why do we have to record the calls and why do you as a manager you have to walk around to really get a pulse on what’s going on at the store level because unfortunately otherwise people wouldn’t bring it to your attention. Oh, see he’s, he’s always bringing the negative but they’re true. But these negative but true. Andrew, talk to me about this. Why is call recording always such a shocker for the clients we work with once they install call recording. Why is it always a game changing move? But at first it always shocks them. Why? Why does it always shocks people?

Yeah. It, it shocks people because they don’t know what the person is saying on the other line. They don’t know the crazy things that they’re, that they’re saying, whether it be turning, uh, turning away people. Um, as we talked about earlier, someone who was turning away, people from their shop to go to another shop for you.

So this is when we go back to this audio. This is actually an audio, uh, back to the interview. This is part of our interview with Cameron Charles, where I was talking about a client we’re working with here and then this is just fairly recently. He’s in Dallas and automotive repair shop and he put in call recording for the first time and he discovered that his top sales guy, quote unquote, was referring away at least half of all inbound calls to the competition because he personally felt the prices were too high. But on the tally sheet, every week he would give himself credit for being 95 percent conversion or 100 percent conversion. So I basically, he said that everyone that he talked to you, I guess that he wanted to convert, he converted and then the other half he didn’t want to convert. But either way he gave himself credit as being one of the top converting salespeople. So then he further do back to our interview with amber and Charles, the founders of co La fitness, the multimillion dollar fitness company. We were talking about the five keys to changing your mindset and your body within the next four weeks.

So they would answer the phone and say, Hey, thanks for calling Yada Yada. Automotive narrow. Yeah. I’m trying to find out how much do you guys charge to replace air conditioning unit where. I’ll tell you what right now we’re, we’re, our prices are a little bit higher. Not Prefer. You know, we’re backed up too, you know, and I’d just tell you, I’ll go down the street down there. You can say yourself $26. I think we’ll do it every call. Wow. So we didn’t put it in call recording also we put in video recording. No video recordings of fabulous thing too because we noticed that the, the, the shop, the automotive repair shop was completely empty, totally empty. And he’s saying that feeling like we’re, we’re all backed up. I tell you what, we probably got a waiting list of probably three, four weeks. We also saw a mechanic because it’s someone else’s business.

Also saw mechanics that every time they would meet with a female, they would come back and make up things they would sit on. Ma’Am, I’ll tell you what. Now you’re front manifold has been completely what I would call destroyed now if you want to drive home or you got kids, you got kids, those your kids. Well, if you want to be safe tonight, I’d tell you will probably want wander and they would get like $2,000 bills to women because we noticed like the names of it was a man’s name. It’d be like a $200 charge if it’s a woman who in 2002 they made commissioner and all of that was discovered through video and audio so you can really change your business in 30 days just by putting recorded audio and video in your business. Now, key number two in the fitness world here. Think about this for a second.

How would you feel if you knew right now you had all the tools that you need? It key to is you have the tools, you do have the tools. It’s not like, Geez, I don’t have the tools. I’m listening to this podcast and I don’t have the tools. I think a lot. A lot of people, Charles, they say, I just heard from Charles explain to me what to eat, but I don’t have a chef. I just heard Charles explaining what to eat, but I don’t have a sous chef. I really want to sue ship. I want. I don’t have a. You know, Charles, I, I can’t afford a gym membership. I’m listening to this podcast from Beirut. I live in a bunker. Guam would have you received. Have you ever seen the, the outdoor gyms in third world countries? You are seeing footage of that.

You’re like lifting like rocks and crazy stuff. It’s Venice beach, that’s an. Oh, nevermind. Coal off fitness is significantly nicer than a third world country. Barely, but I mean you guys would provide all the accoutrements, but George Washington carver, the famous American botanist who was once born a slave, this guy was born a slave, didn’t, was born a slave, didn’t know his actual birthdate. He’s the God because Africans, when the African Americans were freed from slavery, nobody taught them how to support themselves financially. People don’t realize that like they had never seen moms and dads because their mothers were being bred to produce slaves. It’s a horrible thought, but they didn’t have. They never seen like a parental family. Nuclear family. They never seen like a mom and dad. They never seen that they’d ever seen what it’s like to raise kids. They seen, they didn’t ever thought about like they never like raise their own growth, their own business.

They never supported themselves, so all of a sudden they’re free, but it’s like, I think we’ll go back to the plantation. So now they’re indentured servants. They’re not slaves, but they’d go back to what they know because they don’t have a way to support themselves. And George Washington carver says, Hey, listen, your guys. Every time we plant cotton, it depletes the soil, so we’ve got a plant, we got to plant sweet potatoes, right and and peanuts because it will oxidize the oil, thus making the soil richer and nutrients and we can raise crops year after you see, do cotton one year, the next year was two sweet potatoes and everyone’s going, how in the world do you know that? And he’s like, we’ll live deeply studied everything while you guys were complaining. I was studying. So George Washington Carver, I mean this guy, no formal education. I mean came up with the systems that changed the culture. He says, start where you are with what you have. Make something of it and never be satisfied. And I’ll repeat it again with epic music. I want Charles to break this idea down which couple? He says, let me get it going here. Here we go, Steve. I need some echoes. By the way. Steve [inaudible]. Okay, I’ll you do echos. I’ll do the. It takes the show the next time

without the echos that really getting to practice real quick. Steve, practice practice. Typically you would have echo at the end of the last state statements is we go, here we go. So start where you are, where you are with what you have. Make something of it, of it, and never be satisfied. Okay.

Charles and I do good. He was those incremental increase. You’re like the James Earl Jones and this be okay. She’ll backup Charles. So Charles, uh, I want to get your take on this. Why is it so important to understand you already have the tools that you need

right now?

Thrive nation. It’s very easy to make excuses in our culture and have the vast majority of people of validate your excuses. They’ll say it’s okay. Maybe you just didn’t have the tools. The reason why you’re chronically late is because you just didn’t have the tools needed to be successful. The reason why your business isn’t growing is because you didn’t have the tools, but thrive nation. I’m here to tell you, I’m here to empower you. That you can either become a victim or a victor. You can be a victim or a victor. You can become bitter or become better. It’s up to you, you have to decide and so we come back. We’re going to be interviewing Amber Cola and Charles Koch, the founders of the multimillion dollar fitness chain co La fitness, as they teach us the five keys to changing your mindset and your body,

and now back to the business coaching radio show that has a diary call the Guinness Book of World Records

started from the bottom at the top teacher systems to go on the books. I’ve written down the if we get some wisdom and the so if you see my wife and kids, it’s the seat and seat upon your right and now

what they do, you want to change

your life and your body within the next four weeks. Well, if you do, you want to take notes on today’s show is we’re interviewing amber cola and Charles [inaudible], the founders of [inaudible] fitness. These guys start their business out of $115,000 home in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Their training. Think about that too. Thrivers, they’re training people, physical training, personal training, out of their living room, out of their garage, out of their house, and they’ve done that for over 15 years. They’ve grown a multimillion dollar company, but they had to start somewhere. You know, the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. You’ve got to take the first step in. A lot of people feel like I don’t have the tools needed to take the first step. I can’t even take the first step because I don’t have the tools. Will Charles [inaudible] laws here to tell you that you do have the tools needed to take the first step of your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur and human on the planet earth. Now, if you were to get metaphysical and talk about how to become a successful universal citizen of other planets and galaxies and other planetary systems than I don’t know,

you know, you want to have a mindset to say, I’m going to give this a try and I’m going to give it a whirl. Uh, and so you have a brain and, and then you want to go shopping and pick up meat. And vegetables and then cook the meat and vegetables and eat the meat, vegetables. And so you have the tools to do it.

Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. I think. I think some somebody out there, um, was trying to make fused somebody out there today. Charles, they didn’t meet with somebody who had teamed up with his wife to grow a multimillion dollar fitness industry. They had met with a trainer today who specializes in making things complicated. Steve, you see that with searching to. But a search engine. Companies want to make it complicated. So I have audio. I have, and this is probably unethical Charles, but I might be one of our thrivers today without them knowing. I put a microphone on their shirt. Yup. I went in to meet with a local trainer. I just shoved it like, what are you doing? I just shove it in there. Said nothing you have. I thought you had to be on your back. So I slapped her back, shoved the microphone, and they met with a local personal trainer. And this is audio from what their personal trainer told them today, because I think people want to be more complicated. Here we go.

Lot of pressure. You’ve got to rise above it. You got a harness and the good energy. Walk out the bat, harness energy, block bad. Feel the flow happy. Feel it. It’s circular. It’s like a carousel. You pay the quarter, you get on the horse. It goes up and down and around. Circular Circle with the music. The flow. Okay, so Charles, does it happen?

Does it have to be that complicated? It does not happen. It had to

be that cup. The bottom line is most everything has to be successful in anything is a lot simpler. It’s just your emotions and you just. You actually get in front of yourself and you talk yourself out of it or you overcomplicate things you don’t plan. A lot of people don’t plan and so what we do is we give people idiot proof templates. We tell you exactly what to eat, what time to eat, how much water to drink, what vitamins and supplements they can take with it if they want. And we at given Idi approved template and they can simply go and for a very innocent inexpensively follow this program and we give those programs out for free at our program. And then we also have the challenge that we’re going to be starting here soon.

Now before we get ambers, take me up before you take on this. I want to read a little notable quotable here from Walt Disney and I. Every time that I read this quote, it gets me fired up on to the next level. Walt Disney said, whatever you do to sleep without the epic music still. Sorry about that. It just gets weird. I thought it was the echo guy. Let me get. Let me let Steve. Let me get the music ready. Here we go here. Okay. Yes.

Oh, here we go. Premature. Here’s The walt premature hechos. Here we go. Whatever you do, do, do it. We’ll do it so well so that when people see you do it to, to, to change the will. Want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others terrible and show them how well you do what you do. Amber, that’s how you guys grew columbo.

I mean, you’re helping one person. It’s like you’re your gym. This is how I would describe your gym to somebody. Co La fitness only has one member and that’s you, and if they tell you, then you’ll tell your friend and that’s what they have thousands of members, but they act as though every members, the only member. Can you explain kind of your philosophy when you guys started getting just 10 members and 20 members? I mean talk to me about this because it seems like you educated thousands of people that, hey guys, you have what it takes. You can do this and they would tell their friends and it just kept growing. Talk to you about your philosophy towards just taking care of your, your, your, your, your clients and helping them realize they do have what it takes. It was just really a loving the customer one at a time and giving them the tools they needed to be successful.

Um, it’s Kinda like, uh, the quote you said, the first word was start. They just have to start and a lot of people don’t know where to start. They don’t know where to go, where to get advice. It’s, it’s everywhere. It kind of comes at them from a bunch of different directions. They don’t know which one to follow. The follow something for a few weeks. They’ll fall off, there’ll be even more frustrated than when they started. So we just tried to love on each person, give them a good guide to follow, um, and kind of stay with them along the path and just encourage them along the way. And it’s usually word of mouth when and also a lot of people would see the results they were getting. So it’s not always as much as what you say as what you do, what they were doing. And their lifestyle was changing and they were physically changing in front of their friends eyes that they would get excited, their friends would get excited.

And that would just spread because this is a show that, uh, people, uh, can here on your. Therefore I had to be a certain level of political correctness. I cannot describe, I can’t use the words I would use in my own office to describe this next key point. But in my, in my own office, my own team, I say something I said in one of the meetings, I think Steve, you’re in the meeting this week in our coaches meeting. You heard me say this, but I feel like a lot of people who are in the fitness business or the business, you know, business consulting business or landscaping, they want to make everything complicated. They specialize in making things complicated. It’s like that’s their deal. Like because of it’s complicated that you can’t possibly understand it, therefore you’ll always need them. My Philosophy towards business coaching has always been different, which, which, which is why I’ve never had a shortage of clients. I want to explain, this is specifically what we do to get to the top of Google now. I’ve been consulting for 12 years so people will go, go. But I heard it was this and I’m like, I know because that blog guys trying to convince you that it’s more complicated, so now you need to change something and you’re always in that. So I want to get Steven to get your take on this. They don’t get Charles his take on this from a fitness perspective. Mortgages, Steve, we talked about today in one of our meetings for Sam Adams. Really, by the way, if you’re out there and you want to sell your house

and uh, you will steve, last time that you sold a house or last time, if you’re listening out there, last time you sold your house, how much commission did you pay? Was it six percent? Yep. Was it six percent? That’s what I paid. It was to a good friend. If you want to sell your house for a total of 4,000, $440, that’s it. Well, 4,444. Yes. Four thousand. Four hundred and $40. I would encourage you to go to Sam Adams, reality. Today we’re in, we’re in the Sam Adams Realty, a meeting today where we celebrate the fourth every single day by selling your home for 4,000, $444. You’ll never pay more than $4,444 to imagine you sell a $500,000 house. I mean that would be like a six, 12, 18, 24 and then a what? $30,000 in commission. $30,000. That was impressive, Steve. That was impressive.


So if you’re out and we were in her, Sam Adams been today and we were talking about some things and one of the things that got brought up was, hey, how do you tell a client, you know, how mortgages work in mortgage is really aren’t that complicated status four or five kinds of loans out there. Walk us through the loads. Let’s go with rural development loan. Steve, how does that work? Uh, income based. And uh, how much. Oh, zero down. Sorry, what part of town can I be in? You have to be in a rural area. So like wall. So up there in Bartlesville,

most of the available eastbrook narrow south of the river and bixby. Um, any, uh, yeah, it’s weird that a lawsuit was because you know, also super developed, but they just did take part of that area out. But yeah, let’s it. No doubt payments is a big thing.

There’s the veteran loan if you have a. no, definitely you have to be a veteran. What about a conventional loan, Steve? You can put three percent down. But the mortgage insurance is expensive. So there’s people do five percent at minimum. Is there another loan I missing out on Thursday? A fha loan which

requires three and a half percent now, but it’s not that complicated and you have to have a minimum credit score of five 85 80 for everything. But conventional, conventional requires a higher credit scores. How much? Six. 20. Thrivers, that’s all it is. Mortgages or aren’t that complicated? But there’s mortgage guys who want to make it complicated. Why Steve? Well, because they, they play on the fear and the misunderstanding of people like any business. It does, it does. One of the things that happens a lot is people will say, well, I don’t want to get my credit because I don’t want my score to drop because what has happened over the years is a mortgage guys and loan guys that don’t want you to shop around and find out there’s a better deal. Have created this myth that if you get your credit pulled your scores,

he doesn’t want you to pull my credit. I don’t want you to look into it because then if not affect me thing. I had a lady the other day tell me though that she almost has her credit perfect and she thinks that by having these inquires notes dropped significantly and I’m like, that doesn’t mean I’m an eight. My credit hot tub.

I think that’s what it is. It just fear and they want to put you in fear of you. I barely got you qualified, so don’t go get your credit for because it’ll drop and then so I want you to be confused. People do it. Oh, builders do it.

Success should not be complicated. Stay two, three, two, one. Boom. You are now entering the Dojo of Mojo and the thrive time show, thrive time. Show on the microphone. What is this? Top of the itunes charts in the category of business written down on business topics like we are dentists need to shift over the past that you might get. Motion sick. Grab a pen and pad to the nab in Buxom. Sobered up three, two, one. Here come the Business Ninja, thrive nation. Welcome back to the conversation. It’s the thrive time show on your radio and I am fired up for you and your success.

Why did I say it that way? Now threatening. So I want to introduce you to a new word before we get back into today’s interview with Amber Co law and Charles Co, all the founders of the multimillion dollar fitness chain co La fitness. They’re teaching us the five keys to changing your mindset and your body within the next party with changing your body within the next four weeks. Why are you always saying it that way? Saying what? What way?

What you’re saying it weird saying weird. All of it. Where do you get off?

Thrive nation? We’re talking about the five keys to changing your mindset and your body, but first I want to introduce you to a word that exempt, that exemplifies the Jack ass theory of what we’re talking about during this particular part of the interview. You see people that usually are terrible at their job, make it complicated and they make it where no one else can understand it. So usually the people who are the worst at their job make it super complicated and the people who are the best at their job can simplify it in succinctly teach it to other people. So again, most people who can’t teach something at a third grade level usually have about a third grade income. I’m just throwing it out there for you. So what you have to do is you’ve got to make things simple. And Steve’s talking about in the mortgage industry, mortgage bankers who are trying to scam you or con you, they tried to make getting a mortgage super complicated.

A credit repair. People try to teach you like it’s so complicated you can’t possibly grasp it. I remember at college when I was going to, uh, uh, Oklahoma State University in Denton, Mogie, my professor would talk about this word forever. I mean, he would talk about this word over and over and over, and we spent, at least, I’m not kidding, at least one full week talking about justice word. Let me play it for you. What’s that word? Chiaroscuro. And it stands for the treatment of law. Well, let me get some deep music because apparently this was a deep idea. So this is, this is the word.

He loved the treatment of light and shade and drawing and painting and effective contrast of light and shadow created by light falling unevenly or from a particular direction on something. And I know that the idea,

importantly, we understand the importance of lighting, but this guy would just go off for weeks about this concept. And when, what happens is, is when you start making things super complicated, you can’t scale your business. You can’t be successful, you can’t, you can’t achieve anything when everything’s super complicated, you know. So Charles Law teaches people how to lose weight and I’m going to give people his system. I’m giving you the three steps to losing 10 pounds in 30 days. These are the three steps for losing 10 pounds in 30 days. All right, quick review. For those of you just tuning in. One only eat meat. That’s one. Only eat vegetables. That’s to only drink water. Meat, vegetables, water. What kind of mate? See you’re getting complicated. What kind of mate? What? Just tell me lean meat. Okay, fine. What kind of lean meats stopped doing that to me?

So lean meat, vegetables. What kind of vegetables? I don’t want to get the fat. Vegetables. You can’t get fat having lean meat and vegetables, but what kind, what kind of brand stuff? It. Water. What guide? What kind of water? Because there’s so many kinds of water. Have you guys ever noticed how many kinds of water there are? Jason, have you noticed how many kinds of frequent water there is today? So many. There’s the water, it’s core, it’s core. That was a thing. Spring water, clearwater member, John, John, Andrew. Can you explain in one of our meetings what John we have, we have, we have team meetings once a week for all of our employees. And can you explain what John did during the meeting to dispel the myths of pour water tasting better than all other water? Right. So there was a, there’s a thing in the office were core water was the best. Everyone was

convinced at core water was the best water for you, cause I don’t know why, but John decided it would be a good idea to have everyone who thought core water’s the best water to taste core water and there was like Aquafina and then like tap water

by side by side. Double blind comparison. They had, they had no idea which type of water they were drinking.

Exactly. They didn’t. They didn’t know which one was tabbed, which one was. And so they would drink the water and they would all take a guess. And every single person that thought core water was the best, couldn’t tell which one was core water.

Shocking. Was it shocking to you there, Mr Andrew were. Was your mind blown when you, when you discovered that it wasn’t really blown? I just let us just thought it was funny. Really. Your mind wasn’t blown? Yeah, because I know people in the room. Their minds were blown that there are going, are you kidding me? I thought forever. It tasted better. No. Now, thrive nation, before we get back into our interview is now time for another edition.

It’s not like a winner.

Oh, cool.

Thrive nation. If you’re looking to begin hot streaking, you know you want to have a hot streak in your business. You want to listen to these winds of the week because these are real people out there just like you who are changing their life and their business as a result of diligently executing the proven system. Our first shout out goes to best choice auto. Great people. Best choice auto glass. These are guys a great company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They booked 16 deals this week and quoted another 30 plus jobs at their first ever trade show last weekend. All right.


clay stairs with access optics. Uh, he’s worked with a client called access off. And this is what they wrote there. They said, this is amazing. After just one month of expenses of injuring their expenses into their analysis worksheet, they’ve been able to dramatically improve their bottom line just one month after implementing our proven accounting [email protected], they’ve been able to dramatically improve their bottom line. So thrive nation, you might be out there saying, gosh, I want to change my life and I want to change my business. I want to change my body with the next four weeks. While you’re going to love today’s interview with Amber and Charles Cola. Now, then he further new backdoor exclusive interview with the Cole family.

I barely got you qualified. So don’t go get your credit for because it’ll drop. And then so I want you to be confused. People do it. Oh, builders do it. Yup. Car Salesman photographers. I remember a photographer years ago, this guy, I’m telling you what, this guy is unbelievable. One of my competitors. And did you guys spend with you guys hired a wedding photographer? Amber, for your wedding, you guys hire a wedding photographer, married. What was the total cost will be like, you guys run up to 100 bucks. I think we will see you’re living on five days. I couldn’t afford a honeymoon simple. We got married after three months and uh, we sent out a mass email and got married five days later. Really between the dress and decorations. And how many years ago was this? Fourteen years ago. I knew her for three months. Married her 14 years later.

Well, let me just tell you an example. Epic photography, the company I started, I sold years back. This was our value proposition we had on one sheet and it said the average photographer takes six months to get your wedding photos back. According to modern bride magazine, [inaudible] dot com, since it’s closer to seven, we do it in two weeks. If we’re late, you get a 10 percent off discount everyday. We’re late to to. We guarantee your satisfaction, you know, we guarantee your satisfaction. Part three on the day of your wedding. We make sure that we customized the photos to your style for we’ve won every award. There are subreddits, like, what do you mean? Go whatever style you want, we’re going to go through a book and you can choose styles, even if our competitors and you can decide what style you want so you don’t have to adapt yourself to this photographer style.

We’re going to get it done in two weeks and they’re like, well, how’s it possible? My photography people would tell us, I mean we have the sister of the bride and the wedding, W, W, we have the, the, the bridesmaid who’s the sister of the bride at the consultation. She would say, well, my sister says it took her a year and the sister would go, yeah, my photographer said it took a while to process them and to develop like no. Literally it takes our team about 15 hours, so we’re going to charge you to grant everyone else charges you five grand and we’re going to get it done. I mean literally we’re going to get it back to you within two weeks. That’s what we do and people see how does it possible? Possibly. We have a thing called a night shift, so you’d build the work all night.

We have workstations, we have workflows. I mean this is, but people want to make it complicated. These photographers will take forever. Steve, I mean, that’s the thing. That’s the other thing you guys did. That was cool. She didn’t have an hourly limit, unlimited time for everybody, but the only photographer in Tulsa that did that. Sure. Other people do it now, but I want to get your take on this Charles, so people want to make it complicated. They want to make success of any kind. Complicated, I believe largely because the person teaching is just obsessed with complicated is it makes them seem smarter than this is so complicated. Their self confidence. What I have learned with fitness is it’s honestly just consistency. You’re consistently doing a routine. You’re consistently eating a diet that’s going to be helping your body loses its own fat and build some muscle tone and your body is a reflection of your consistent habits for six months, and so what happens

is a lot of people will start off hard starter. They’re just, wow. You’re seeing in the gym working. They’re just nailing it and they’re like, workout, do weights, run over there, run the treadmill, run over there to do the boxing against. Some were just doing crazy stuff and then like three days later they’ll never show up again. And so, you know, and I’m just like, Whoa, whoa, Whoa, whoa. So it, it’s just about consistency. And so that’s what you want to. Same thing with business. You know how with us it’s been very, very, very consistent with our program.

Can I celebrate a win of the week in the world of Code La Fitness? Yes. This just in.

So you guys at [inaudible] fitness just at a thousand reviews and which location? Joplin, Missouri. Now I don’t want to Brag on you. I want to Brag on you because you guys have done the amber. How have you been able to obtain 1000 objective reviews out there in Joplin, Missouri for Co Lafayette, and she goes to the highest rated fitness company in the region. How have you been able to do it? It’s like Charles said, consistency at work as well as, you know, when your personal life. So it’s just our staff being consistent. I think it’s our customer service being consistent. I think it’s our training of staff being consistent. It, it just trickles down.

It does consistent great management, consistent great customer service, always been diligent asking him, talking to him again,

engaging with all the members in hiring for that, looking for the qualities of people that to do that and a lot of your systems have helped with that. I want to Brag on three clients are having big wins and then I want to get ambushed. Take on why it’s so important to keep things simple. I want to get her take on that. These are three clients. Want to Brag on? Um, a company called health works. A healthworks is based out there in Tennessee, longterm client. Dr Jay. This guy attended a workshop years ago, great guy, and he is finally now gotten the right people in the right seats on the bus. So He’s been able to decrease his stress levels by creating more time freedom. And how, how did he do it? He implemented the group interview. Steve, why can you never stop interviewing people at total lending concepts or any other business? Why can you never say we can turn off our ads? We’re fully staffed. Why can you never stop recruiting? Well, last week in our call center alone, we had one guy that I’m,

something happened with his car so he couldn’t come in. And then we had a call center manager. That was a great dude, but he took another job and encouraging him to. Great Dude. He’s a good dude. So then we had um, another person that called in sick and I don’t really care because I’m,

I don’t want to talk about your company. Why people have turnover. I want to talk about mine for just a second.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Thrive nation. When we return, we’re going to be teaching the importance of never stopping interviewing. You can never stop recruiting talented people. If you’re out there and you say to yourself, what else can I never stopped doing? You can never stop paying your taxes and doing your accounting. So if you want to find a proactive accountant, go to hood CPAS DOT com. That’s hood Stay tuned.

We’re now entering the Dojo of Mojo and the thrive time show

thrive nation. We’re talking today about the importance of never stopping interviewing people while you can never stop recruiting people. We have special guests on the show, Amber Cole Law and Charles Cola with fitness. They’ve grown a multimillion dollar company and one of the things that they have done to grow their business successfully, that is they’ve never stopped certain core activities. They’d never stopped their marketing. They’ve never stopped their accounting in. They’ve never stopped recruiting people. So now then he further ado back to our exclusive interview with amber and Charles colabs. We’re breaking down the importance of why you can never stop interviewing and recruiting quality people to your business. I had a lady that called in today and you tell me how you would process this, and now I want you to hear this for the first time. You tell me, Charles, when you hear this, you tell me because this is what the call was, but this is the voicemail. Yes. Hi, I’m going to call. I’m not going to make it into work. I lost 10 pounds of blood last night and I’m in the emergency room. 10 paths up.

True Story. This happened just today. How would you process that voicemail, Charles? Ten pounds. Ten pounds. Does this person understand how the human body works? Ten pounds of blood. What? Ten pounds is about? I mean like a gallon, so she would probably not be calling you at all. Did. That was her. She had low blood sugar. Then we had a person today who was who was cutting someone’s hair and apparently felt they caught her anxiety. They’re calling this down. It’s like a hair where you’re cutting someone’s hair and you’re worried about messing it up and so she just ghosts us and walks off the floor. True Story. So with like over 90 folks working.

I had two people today. I’m not kidding. You have to ask daisy tomorrow. 10 towns of blood. She says pounds of blood and her person says they experienced herring anxiety and therefore they had to walk in the wrong while. You keep interview if you’re in here because every Wednesday at five we group interview and then if I want to get super, super aggressive, I get about a hundred applications a week and I go them and if they’re, they look promising, I call them directly and I have them actually come in and shadow immediately and that’s been effective when we need it and I just don’t, you know, it’s a peace of mind thing and that’s what I think Dr it’s Jay Schroeder, Dr Jay, Dr Jay. Hey. So, and he’s been to like two or three conferences. He’s an awesome dude, but right America, I think for him, I know for me it’s just peace of mind. Like I don’t stress about it. I used to stress a lot, didn’t come into work. Tell you what today I was just like, okay, let’s replace her, move on. Boom. It happened twice. I mean today was, I usually it’s once a week, but today was kind of a heavy hitter day and it just, that’s what happens. And so my first reaction when days he told me that someone had lost 10 pounds of blood is I thought to myself,

surely you can’t be serious. I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley.

Then I thought, okay. I honestly laughed. I’m like, get her out of here. Come on. So stupid. Come on now. Here’s another win of the week. This is one of the week. This is a I, a thriver in Colorado Springs where you have an office concepts and this person closed a $20,000 deal using the sales system that we helped them build. It’s called CNR contracting and Colorado Springs. Charles, have you ever been to Colorado Springs? I don’t think so. Amber, you ever been there before? Pre Charles or, or maybe you went there and he doesn’t remember the trip. Maybe he was asleep. I mean, did you guys, have you guys ever been there? I had been there when I was a little girl right outside of Denver and Aurora. Really? That’s, you know, Colorado Springs is a second favorite towns in Colorado Springs. The demographic of of Colorado Springs is that of Tulsa. You have the big military base there, if you’ve seen the academy.

Oh yeah. There’s three military installations right there. Right in the middle of the Air Force Academy. Just awesome place the mountain, the mountain view. Nice people, great values, great Americans, a lot of military there. Love that place, but seeing our contracting big shout out to you, my friends. 20,000 dollar deal and putting the system. That right. That my friends is incredible. Third winter the way this is Arizona. This comes in from Arizona. There’s two. Steve, have you ever been in Arizona? Yes, I was actually drove through Arizona on Sunday. This Justin Charles. Have you ever been to Arizona? No. Really amber, you have an Arizona. Charles isn’t a world traveler. I trained at the last guy. Got It. Then in my room, lifting weights thinks this is how hot Arizona is.

CSL sizzles. So um, we have a body. Central is a client we’ve worked with. They are Jennifer client, Neat Lady, and there a physical therapy business and she’s been working with us for a few years and when she first started they had two locations and they just opened up their ninth location, their ninth location. Let me, and let me Brag on her. She’s got systems. Yeah, so she’s not in the trenches. She’s not how you doing? What’s going? She’s managing the system. She’s got managers managing. Is it perfect? No, but that is incredibly. Three wins, three wins of the week. That’s body central. You can verify them. Google, search them online, call them and verify it’s true. CNR contracting in Colorado Springs called them and verify it’s health works. Chiropractic. Dr Jay out there in Nashville column and you’ll verify it’s true. That’s incredible. Thrivers you can make a lot of changes, but people want to make it complicated.

That’s a problem. Now, the next, the next principle, I want to teach them. This is principle four, and just as we’re going through these principles, I don’t want anybody to get overwhelmed. I think a lot of people get overwhelmed. They say, Gosh, there’s so many things I should do. Okay, here we go. When you implement the system, Charles, for 30 days, you’re going to experience increased confidence as a result of doing, in your case the workout. So let’s focus on fitness here for a second. So if you implement, if you sign up for [inaudible] fitness or you implement your diet program, your workout strategies after you don’t get, you don’t get the confidence before baby. No, no. You get the confidence after you talk to me about why confidence comes after you implement the system and not before. Well I, I’ve, I’ve learned from myself and that’s like a lot of times even though I’m into fitness, I don’t want to go to the gym and I don’t want to work out, but once I go and I start doing it afterwards, I feel great and I feel like, Hey, I just got a huge lease on the day.

I’m excited. So I mean sometimes you have to, you have to take action first before your emotions lineup. And so a lot of my big takeaways and everything in life with business, with a diet, with working out is that you have to do before your emotions lineup, so you have to take massive action before your emotions will ever line up with it. So if you’re waiting for you to feel, feel like you want to eat right or feel like you want to work out, you just have to take massive action over and over and over. Same thing with the checklist. You don’t want to start it, but next thing you know, you start going through it and then you start getting energy index. You know you’re crossing things off and you’re just getting excited. Steve. Steve, can you do me a favor and my bed have done my brown bag on the table there.

Yeah. Do you see the elephant in the room? Franchise disclosure document there? Because I want. This is a great example. Charles has so much wisdom from years of doing this and I want to, I want to make sure we. Well, what does wisdom mean by the way? Thrivers wisdom means the soundness of action or decision with regard based upon your experience and no knowledge of the UC that ftd. Well, I found a book because you’re talking about. Yeah know there’s a book and you see all the things that are yellow there. Those are all the things I still need to fill in. I mean it’s just nasty. Pastor Charles. He can look at it. It’s just a nasty. It’s nasty. It’s nasty. But when you spend, I don’t know if I can 100 [inaudible] of thousands of dollars. You’d go to the gym. What do you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars developing a franchise, you know, when you’re going back and forth with legal work, trying to get something done.

It’s a process, uh, as the Canadians call. It’s a process and I’ve never actually wanted to do the FDD. You didn’t feel like it? No, not once. I and I, I will say that the things I do feel like doing. I like burning pinion wood, you know, one other thing. I feel like doing it, saving both time and money. So one way I say both time and money on my printer and office supplies is I’ll use our good [email protected]. That’s onyx And just for a limited time right now, if you reach out to them, they’re going to give you a free printer. What a free printer copier just by signing up for their office and printer.

Why surface took them out of onyx So make it typical motion sickness is dominate because I’ve got bad news. I don’t break. Take your talk about me. I can take that abuse either make that at the school boards to show beat the back. I wasn’t young.

All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio and podcast downloads. Now on today’s show, what we’re doing is we’re breaking down the five keys to changing your mindset and your body within the next four weeks with the founders of co La fitness, Amber Cola and Charles Cola who’ve built the coal off fitness company who built it from a startup out of their home. What they were, they officed out of $115,000 home in Bartlesville. Think about that. They started their company out of a home, $115,000 home in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and now they’ve grown it into an and an outstanding multi million dollar company as a result of implementing simple steps that have been proven to work. Now, as we go back into the audio from the interview, this is the part of the interview, what we’re talking about, the importance of doing the things you don’t want to do, such as when you want a franchise, a company, you have to create a franchise disclosure document. It’s very expensive to make one and a lot of legal fees and requires a lot of time in order to build a franchise disclosure document. So then he further do back to our exclusive interview with amber and Charles Koch.

It’s the Canadians got. It’s a process and I’ve never actually wanted to do the FDD. You didn’t feel like it? No, not once I and I, I will say the things I do feel like doing. I like burning pinion wood. Yep. I’m reading, I like reading a lot. He lecture, recording podcasts. I do like that, you know, like working a lot, but there’s lot of things I don’t feel like doing, but bringing an FDD and editing it. It’s just a brutal process but you have to do it and so. But the confidence comes after it’s done. But I have found myself in A. I, I have decked demons in my head, a deep, you know, from a spiritual sense, but there’s things that make me want to not do what I’m supposed to do. We’ll call it distractions, drifting, whatever, all have it. But I have to actually speak out loud.

So I’ve an edit. That’s what I like to work alone in my man cave. A lot of times I’m like, I’m going to focus. I got this because I get, I get to a place where I’m like, I can’t drive anymore. And I didn’t get pressure. But you’ve got to have inner dialogue. I’m amber, I want to talk about this cause this is something I think freaks people out a lot is talking to yourself. Self talk or inner dialogue. You know, when you guys were talking about you, you, the confidence comes after the work is done, but there’s got to be a time where you thought to yourself, I do not want to eat healthy today. Only I’m going to, I’m going to go on ice cream buffet. I am going to find every single I just want. I don’t want to work out. I want to sleep until noon. I want to say it. But you somehow have been able to do. Not every day, are you perfect. No. But how are you able to fight that inner urge? People have to drift and did not do what they know to do.

Well, we do, um, lots of motivational videos. Um, we encouraged each other. Just like you said, it’s constantly talking to yourself. It’s telling yourself that you’re going to do the right thing, not what you feel like doing right now. Um, and countdown thing. Yeah. I’m, Mel Robbins is great with that. She’s got a book on the five second rule at not allowing yourself your brain to take you hostage and, and override you know, what you know you need to do. Um, but you also talked about keeping life simple and so we always talk about, you know, simple, simple, we need to simplify, we need to focus only on what is in the scope and that means you eliminate all distractions out of your life and when you can eliminate those distractions, that too helps you have that healthier mindset to achieve those goals.

I have, um, uh, something that uh, uh, I did recently. Steve, can I have, can I have a confession? Steve, can I, can I share an example of Clay Clark Jackass re on display? Can I, can I share that they’re asleep. I’ll just all started. Okay. Clay, one quick thing. Good stuff. This is what happened. I got asked to speak, uh, recently for Oral Roberts University and I’ve had a rule that I made with my wife then. I’m not gonna speak. I made a rule for myself, my wife. I’m not going to do it more done. You know why you don’t want to say, I don’t know. Why do you want me to share? Yeah, it’s fine because you do not want to leave thrive or your man cave for any other reason because you’ve designed your calendar to work with the people that you want to work with and so to leave it, get you out of your schedule and what you like and it stresses you out because it’s different.

Also agree. Nobody applies what they’re learning. They just want to get excited. Yeah, so at workshops, I’m just telling you, I’ve spoken for huge crowds, spoken at Tulsa University, Reynold Center, been in Vegas at Caesar’s palace, maytag o’reilly’s United States. Small business bit. I did not. Gee, I’ve done farmers have done. I’m just big companies. Valspar and I say that to say ups and you’re speaking and it is crazy. We did a huge event years ago for a major corporation. Marshall went with me to Denver and it a very linear talk. The talk was how to optimize your website for your local franchise and Charles were teaching. You’ve seen the checklist. It’s like 20 something steps and I pass out the checklist and it says like, step one, update your permalink. Step two, this step three, it’s very. This is like building a house. It’s like a blueprint. The guys in the front, in the front row.

All right. These guys are taking notes like they’re wearing out their pins this like as their pins are on fire. And I said, does anyone have any questions? The front row guys, I have a question. Um, my permalink says this, does it matter if this next hand goes up? Guidance is, they’re all front row guys. Uh, do you have to have 550 words a page or three or 1000 and the hands are going up the front row. The front row, only. Only the front row. The hands are going up. We’re talking hundreds of people who have bought a franchise. None of them are taking notes except for the front row guys. Yeah. In the back guys. Like, ah, you know, I was on a blog and that was saying that Google is optima overall change. Did he just have like a alcohol burp? Nope. Because he’s been like sipping a cocktail hours back there.

Not Kid. Well, I asked one and I, and I also, um, I feel like your tone is a little intense today and I’m just like, wow. So then after the event we share, we say we have all the notes from today’s event. All the slides I’m going to share with anybody who wants to slides. Guess he wants to slides the front row. Row, row. Yeah. Got into front row. Comes up to me. His name is David. Uh Oh gosh. He’s the head of a ups Canada. The last name drucker. He comes up and says, Hey, I’d love to talk A. I had a few more questions. Why find out he owns like a 100 stores of this business in Canada. The guy next to him owns like 50 stores guy next to him. Thirty year. Sounds like one store. It is barely making it. Yeah. And I realized I would rather just talk to those five.

Yes. I don’t even want to talk to the, to the everybody else. Yeah. So then they’re like, we’re going to go out for drinks that I read about the guy getting up to speed. Not Kidding you. I can just speak has had some beverages. You think tonight we’re going to get on the party bus and we’re going to go downtown and we’re all going to have a good time, and so I’m going okay, and that’s one thing I won’t be doing, so we go on this party bus and the five of us, six of us, my wife and I and these five guys were huddled up there and we’re teaching them all the moves and they’re just loving it. They cannot get enough notes. They’re like, what’s that? No one else cares at all. Yeah. They only care ics extensively about what doesn’t matter, so I. If I made the rule, I’m not gonna do public speaking unless it’s at our conferences period.

All right. Thrive nation. When we return more with our exclusive interview with amber and Charles Cola with co La fitness, but before we go to the break, let me tell you about a great show sponsor, a company called Williams contracting. Do you have a, a commercial building that you need to build or maybe you need to add onto your existing building? If so, go to today. That’s This family owned a business, has been doing things the right way for multiple decades. They have a great history. You can see all their testimonials and learn everything about them at will dash [inaudible] dot com. Today they’re going to

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All right,

thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio and podcast. Download what we’re talking about, the five keys to changing your mindset and your body within the next four weeks with the founders of co La fitness, Amber Cola and Charles Koch, the founders of the multi million dollar fitness chain co La So now than any further ado, back to our interview and key number five,

key number five. I want to get your take on this. Start with you Charles, and I’ll go to amber. Motivation is not a onetime event. It is a process. And David Schwartz, the bestselling author of the magic of thinking big rights, believe it or not, there, sorry, he says, believe it can be done when you believe something can be done, really believe your mind will always find the ways to do it. Believing a solution paves the way to a solution, and in his book the magic of thinking big, he says, the mind is what? The mind is fed. The mind is what? The mind is fed. Why? Why is motivation, Charles and ongoing thing for you guys still to this day, listening to motivational podcasts, youtube videos, music. You attend life church to have a conversation with God. You read the word, you study. Why are, why do you keep pressing in? Why do you keep? Why is motivation? If somebody out there says, Gosh, motivation, just an event, man, why is it a process? Why is it a never ending process for you and amber?

Well, I think a lot of us are, you know, we uh, we will allow our emotions to kind of take us hostage and take us down a negative, a mindset. You know, as a entrepreneur, Robert Kiyosaki has a book out called Rich Dad, poor dad, and they talk about this cash flow quadrant and a lot of people have this safety security side of themselves and they want to try to do what’s safe and secure and they don’t want to take a chance. And so he always on this quadrant, you have to kind of coach yourself out of the safety security side to try to be entrepreneurial and take some risk and really, really get there. And so that left side of the quadrant is, you know, you’re never going to really get there. And the right hand side of the quadrant, you know, it’s no limit. And to really understand that nobody’s really smarter than you and they just had to take a lot of action and you got to constantly.

Like every day I have to business coaching myself to get up in the morning, I start my workout. Once the blood gets flowing, my brain starts working, the blood flow to the brain increases, my energy starts to increase. I listened to motivational stuff, some positive stuff. It’s almost all Christian. And so I put you are proverbs 13, 20 says, walk with wise men. You’d be wise. Walk with fools. You’d be destroyed. It’s what you know. What’s around you is going to influence you. What’s going in your head? Was it Romans 12? Two, do not conform to the standard of the world, but be transformed with a renewing of the mind. So if I’m washing myself in the word, listening to positive information, positive podcasts, stuff that clay tile or talks about stuff that’s in the Bible, stuff that, uh, you know, just, just everything that’s out there that’s positive motivating you become that, you believe that. And then you’ll echo that out. That big overwhelming optimistic momentum you’ve got to see every day you won’t have it, but you have to coach yourself back into it every single day. And so that’s a part of, I think some people get it a little easier than others, but every person has to do that so much.

I, uh, just for the listeners out there who are curious and we actually have a couple really neat, uh, guests coming up on the thrive time show here in recent weeks to come. Uh, Ben Shapiro, uh, the, uh, he’s probably one of the most opinionated, most well known personalities today in American politics. Ben Shapiro will be on the show here coming up. And Sharon Lechter, who is the coauthor of Rich Dad, poor dad. People don’t realize that if you read, you’ll get the cover of rich dad poor dad today. It’ll sit at the bottom with CPA Sharon Lechter. Sharon Lechter is the one who provided all the tax knowledge, a, verified all the systems and really who helped author the book. And so Sharon Lechter will be on the show here and coming day. So I’m very excited to have Sharon Lechter on the show and that Mr Ben Shapiro, that book is Great. Rich Dad, poor dad, poor dad.

And just to quote Charles One more time, proverbs 13, 20, from that controversial book called the Bible says, walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. So it’s very, very, very important that you marinate them. What does it mean? My life amber motivation is not a onetime event. It is a process. Please explain to the listeners out there. Thank Gosh I just read that motivational book now. I’m done. I’m done. I’m done. I did. Talk to me about why it is even for you now, even though you’ve had success, you’ve maintained physical fitness. Why is it still a process today? I think a part of it for self mastery, and I know some days are harder than others. Some days I can, I can kind of motivate and just

keep going. There’s other days that I feel like I kind of need a little dose throughout the day to keep me focused. Um, and it’s, it’s back to that quote, like you said, the mind is what the mind is fed and it’s focusing on what’s in the scope and eliminating all those negative things from your life. Sometimes, uh, if you allow those negative toxic people around you, if you’re hearing negative toxic things or watching really negative, toxic things, then that’s what you’re feeding yourself and it, it will be as much of a continuous cycle of negative as you can make it positive by eliminating those things, those people, those conversations as relationships. Watch what you watch, what you hear, what you see, and just continue to feed your mind.

The mind is what the mind is fed. Steve, you’re a guy who has been very honest with the listeners and very candid about your past and where you came from and what you’ve improved on. And, and you know, you are a debt collector at the age of what? Nineteen, 20, making over $100,000 a year. Oh, you got fired? Yup. Uh, you kinda had to rebound. Yup. You found yourself, you’re a guy who prides himself on, on sobriety, right? You don’t drink alcohol. Nope. And you pride yourself on listening to positive things. Um, you actually decided to get a desk in the thrive offices. You are the only business coaching client that I’ve ever worked with. Who has ever done that now after you, you’re killing a trendsetter because then dominic came in and then we had a complete carpet moved in. Can you please explain why you decided to move into the office and why? I am so careful about who I let move into our building.

That’s why I didn’t ask. I figured once I moved in, it was better to ask for permission or forgiveness. That is true. And then all my stuff was there and then it would be weird, like what, what? But I was by the boom wall, you know, but I think for me, um, I do want to surround myself with positive people and positive energy and I liked the environment and thrive like anybody who goes there that wants to get better and grow a business and wants to improve themselves. So for me it was just so that I could put myself, uh, I am a person who that if I don’t stay on a schedule or focused that I will end up in a ditch somewhere in a van down by the river.

You explain the kind of schedule because you’ve shadowed me. What kind of schedule do I keep? Two people don’t see it everyday. But you do?

Yeah. It’s um, I don’t know what days that you’re when you’re not there, but I know at thrive, um, you’re there by no later than about six every single day for the coaches meeting and you’re, you were there until 6:00 tonight because when we recorded the radio show on whatever nights. So we do it and then you’re in meetings every hour. And

why do I make my meetings every hour? Why do you think?

Well, I think because um, you want to be busy and

uh, you want to be on a schedule and everything was consistency. I do, that’s our favorite word. I just do it for me. This is what I found when I started doing consulting, I’d sold the DJ business. I mean we were 26 years old, 27. You don’t have to work anymore, you know, what do you do? So I’d like a schedule and I used to meet people to like talk to them. They would be like, hey, I’m thinking I’m interested in you helping me grow my business, and I’d go out to the coffee shop and drive out there and they’d missed the meeting. Yeah, I think this is what I thought too. I didn’t say it, but the thought to myself, you freaking idiot. I swear to God I’m to have doors and you’re worth thousands of dollars and you want my help and you’re later than I thought to myself,  Jesus.

Jesus, what would Jesus do? And then I kept doing that. I really did. I mean, I get the brace selling out, Taser. I got the whole thing trying to get it on your forehead. I’m watching td jakes or mourning going, dear God, please help me. Judy Jacobs. So anyway, so then I just thought, you know what? Here’s what I’m going to have them come to my office. Remember the first time I talked to a guy and he says, but I was told you would come up to my building. This is guy in Muskogee. I remember this conversation. I said, I don’t do that anymore if I appreciate you, but if you want me to work with you, you can come to me. And that’s how we keep our cost down. Because I used to charge $5,000 a month for me personally and I just had like 10 clients.

That was it, you know, it’s pretty sweet gig. Um, is me. And I worked with everybody and then I said I’m not going to do it. I can, you know, charge you a couple of thousand, but you have come to me now. That’s how it works. I have a whole team here. The teams, they’re just better, you know, if I can like grab somebody to help me, it’s just, it’s a better thing. It’s like Santa’s workshop, you know? And the guy’s like, well, if you want my business you will. And I’m like, wait, you’re saying I don’t want, I don’t want your business then. And so now I have that conversation at least everyday. Like, yeah, like twice we had today where it’s just not a good fit, you know? But it’s interesting how the clients we have are such great people and we have a lot of really good people because they understand, they get it, like they’ll go in the office and they see like that’s a real graphic designer on the. Wait a minute, there’s four of them. Anybody who owns a business realizes that’s like each person’s making probably 45 a year. There’s four of them plus taxes. Holy Crap, that’s probably 180 right there. You know, if people realize what wages are and they just get it, business owners get it, non business owners don’t get it.

If you want to grow your business before you’re dead, go to thrive time And without any further ado, three, two, one, boom.


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