The 5 Steps You Need to Take to Make $100,000 + Per Year with The Lamborghini Driving Mortgage Expert, Steve Currington

Show Notes

The Lamborghini driving mortgage expert Steve Currington of shares the 5 steps you need to take to make $100,000 + per year.

Step 1 – Write Down How Much Money You Want to Make

Step 2 – Write Down the Number of Deals That You Need to Hit Your Goals

Step 3 – Write Down the Number of Rejections Needed Per Day to Achieve Your Goals

  1. BUY – Go For No – Richard Fenton 

Step 4 – Write Down the Stupid Repetitive Tasks That You Must Do On a Daily Basis to Achieve Your Goals

  1. Get objective Google reviews
  2. Implement the Dream 100
  3. Call your leads

Step 5 – Create a Workflow That Wows

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