The Adventures of “Mr. I Did My Best”, “Mr. I Forgot,” “Mr. Something Came Up” and “Mr. I Don’t Give a Crap About What I’ve Promised”

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In the world of business doing what you say you are going to do, show up for meetings and being on time are the trinity of building the kind of reputation that will dramatically increase your compensation.

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  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A man has no right to occupy another man’s time unnecessarily.” – John D. Rockefeller
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.” – William Shakespeare
  4. FUN FACT – “If you’re late for a meeting with an entrepreneur, you pay a fine, $10 a minute,” Ben Horowitz told Business Insider Today – 

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Facebook Post The Adventures Of “Mr. I Did My Best”, “Mr. I Forgot,” “Mr. Something Came Up” And “Mr. I Don’t Give A Crap About What I’ve Promised” Knowledge Bomb Thrivetime Show Slides

In our world where trust, dependability and doing what you say you’re going to do matters most. Some people deliver and some people don’t. On today’s show, we witness the adventures of mr. I did my best. Mr, I forgot, mr something came up and mr I don’t give a what I said I’m going to do, nor do I care what agreements I’ve signed. I’m going to do whatever it takes to get whatever I want at your expense, but I do appreciate you.

All right Carlos, it’s good to see you. Youtube. Awesome. Grab a seat, please. Absolutely. As this awesome office, as you know, we have a daily meeting where we meet and go over the things that need to be done. It’s almost like a daily huddle, you know, make sure the team isn’t drifting in it. Right. If you have any questions that can be answered, I can answer any questions, that kind of thing, you know? And it seems like every other meeting you missed the meeting on March and I just talked, I know you miss every other meeting because I’m there. You’re not there. So I just would like if you could commit to the meetings every day. Yeah, absolutely. Please. Absolutely. I’ll, I’ll be at the meetings. I don’t understand why you’re on me about you’re the leader. I don’t understand for sure. I’ll buy a hundred percent promise.

I’ll be there every day. Okay. I’m starting tomorrow. Okay. We promise. Great. Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow morning guys. It’s 1214 where’s Carl? Yeah. I had made a phone call to him, but I have not heard back at this point. Goes, you have something to say back down. I’m sir. With all due respect, speak up back there. We have no respect for Carl, sir. He’s probably at a bar somewhere. Are you kidding me? He shows up to this meeting once every three weeks. That’s what happens. That’s what he feels about the group. He gives us all a middle finger. Every time he comes in, he reschedules every meeting cruiser. He can’t hide behind the title that, sorry.

Yes, yes. And yes. It is ecstasy when Z is next to me, sir.

Oh, feel so good. Can you talk about, I missed you guys so much. I just wanted to sidebar. Are we able to, this, this particular show is not going to come out the day that we recorded the show. Are we allowed to talk about the thing or we still can’t talk about the thing? Oh no, we can talk about the thing. I moved into my new home, my dream home, and I’m just so excited. So still have a few more boxes to impact, but it’s fine. It’s not as big as Paul’s hoods, but it’s, nobody told me as big as Paul, this is not about the size. Z size, size doesn’t matter. On today’s show, what we’re going to do gonna we’re going to be talking about

A, a miracle that occurred for a member of the thrive business coach nation. Mergel Boone, the guy who was once always not on time, is now always on time. Wow. Changing his game. But before we get into that testimonial, we’re going to play the great game of one upsmanship. So we’re going to do is I’m going to tell the business coach listeners out there a fact. Okay? And then then we’ll, we’ll go back and forth in one up each other because this is the kind of conversation you shouldn’t have. Okay. So here we go. Oh, perfect. All right. So Paul, you have a house? I am a house. Z. You have a house? Yes I do. So we’ll go with Z first. What is one thing Z that is in your house that is not in Paul’s house that is more impressive than anything you could possibly find at his house?

Because Paul has a 25,000 square foot house. It’s a big house. Yes it is. But I think, and again, we’ll go on the record. I don’t know that Paul Hood has a room in the house with alligator skin. A wallpaper. I don’t think he does. Do you have alligator skin wallpaper? Yes. So that is a mega point for dr Z. Give me a week. I got that wallpaper. Paul, what is something that you are confident that you have in your house that Z does not have his house? Because, and by the way, don’t don’t mention that whole birthday thing. I thought it was a drinking fountain back to you Paul.

Yeah. Yeah. Cause don’t keep your mouth away from that. Now I have a 2000 square foot gym in my house with a purple wall that I am contemplating having a full body picture of Z painted right there for motivational. Oh wow. You know, most people have mirrors that would be appropriate because a purple’s, you know, a very kingly color. I’m surprised you didn’t paint that bright orange cause you are such the diehard OSU cowboy fan. Well because you’re not, Oh then am I going to put your picture on the bird instead of the red for the Sooners or the orange that you did? Kind of a compromise purple. I appreciate that Jill. Right. I do not have a 2000 square foot exercise gym. It really, a gym in my

Jersey is impressive by way. Listen, right now gentlemen, we have to, we have to stay. This is a very tightly controlled, very regulated game of what else? Oh, sorry. So let’s continue. Sorry. So you have a 2000 square foot a gym in your house. Correct. That’s a point for you and Z does not have one of his in his life, which is why right now if all the business coach listeners will go to, if you’ll email me right now, info at thrive time, we have created a GoFund me for dr Z and we’re saying for as little as, I think it’s like 17,000 a month. You too could fund dr Zellner. And so we started a go fund me and it’s for right now we’re trying to get a 2000 square foot. Me. Could we kind of go fund Z? There it is. Go fuzzy. You’ve got to always enhance it. Okay. So right now saying, give me back a Megaport. You have a mega point so far for [inaudible] because it is because it is your show Z. You have two points and Paul has one point. So Z, what is, what is something else you have

In your house? Beautiful new feature in the new house that you would say in your face, Paul, you don’t have that. I think, I forget what the exact term is, but it’s a, the main staircase when you come in the door is a spiral. A floating staircase. Oh, you can move? No, no, it doesn’t flood, but it looks like it floats. It’s just a floating staircase cause there’s no, you know, it just looks like it’s all. Do you have a floating spiral staircase? I do not have Paulo. Zero and Z. Now you gained a pump, so now it’s four to zero. Oh, [inaudible] name is rigged. Now we’re going to go into a new category and the category is elevators for 5,000 megabytes. I got this Paul talking about elevators. A D do you have elevators? What are you about? Elevators? Yeah, so I have an elevator Z that goes up six stories.

So that means I have a six story home. Yes. Well, that’s impressive. My elevator only goes up. The two stories at my house is so do you have an elevator in your house? Yeah. No you don’t. This is T this right here now, six to nothing. Come on. You got a point to, this is why you go to go fund to Z. This is a thing Devin, see we could buy that domain real quick. Go fund Z and we’ll get, I’m not kidding. Let’s get a little website going here. Go fund Z and I get my elevator to go higher and I have a few, I’ve had a few, a few needs at a Devin. If you could put on the show notes that I know we need to get doctors owner a one you love lag of and what is lag of who and how much does lack of lack of Boolean is a single malt scotch whisky.

Yup. And it hails from the region of iLet Scotland, little Island on the West side of Scotland. Yup. And it is they, it comes in either 12, 16 year, 12 or 16 years. They have some other kind of, you know, specialty ones, but those are the main two in the 16 is my favorite is actually less expensive than the 12, which doesn’t make sense. How much does it cost if you think about it? Oh, usually in the 70 to $80 range. $80 somebody could fund you. And how much, how long will that last you? I mean, is that like, Oh, sometimes I, it’ll last a long time. Sometimes it depends. If I have some buddies over it, give him, you know, we knock one of those out now in one night. If I’ve got enough friends over, wait, I’ve got experience here.

Yes. So I had a, a very fun and large Christmas party at my house. Yes. And I intentionally bought a bottle of this particular lack of lack of boon. Yeah. Thinking I would get a taste. Hmm. Mr Zellner showed up at my house. I didn’t get even a taste of this alcohol. I don’t know what happened. Well, once they brought it out and, and started pouring mine, I mean everybody else in line was like, what’s that? What’s that? And I was like, that’s my favorite scotch. And so I think the next six dudes hammered on that too. So I just want to make sure we hadn’t really, a little bit of dry. I need to get another one cause I have two men here on the show who are struggling financially and if you want to fund Z you just go to go fund let’s register that domain.

Is it available Devin? It is not available. No way. Somebody is trying to spell it out. Say like Z E that one. That one is available. Let’s do that. Go fund Z and let’s put that on the show. You seem to one ease available and that way it’s kind of like me but Z O go fund Z but like me, that’s, that’s fine. We got it. Yeah, we got it. We can get it. Okay, so I’ll put that on the show notes and let, let’s get that domain and then we’ll make it that way people can go up there and buy you buy bottles of lag of three. One is what is that? Thank you. That’s again, really helpful for me. Now, the reason why you guys have had success in all sincerity is that you both started with nothing but decided to take the tools that you had, which was your work ethic and to build something.

You started off washing dishes at Chiquita O’Brien’s. Yes. When I was 13 years old, daytime dishwasher. And Paul, what was your first job? I was a dishwasher at Egbert’s. Egbert’s. Really? I didn’t know how old were you? I was 1314. Wow. Yeah. So you both started though with nothing and it built something. And I think the American narrative of rich people somehow scheming their way into success. It needs to be changed. And so we try to have guys like you guys on the show who started with nothing, who built something. You started from the bottom, you grew to the top. And, and on your way to the top, you had to learn some certain basic principles. And, and one principle that you had to learn was that a man has no right to occupy another man’s time unnecessarily. John D Rockefeller, right? This is correct. A man has no right to occupy another man’s time unnecessarily.

William Shakespeare wrote better three hours too soon than a minute too late. You had to learn these things. So I want to talk about your unique relationship that you have with time doctors. Your, your time because you are a guy who does not suffer fools and you will not allow your time to be wasted. And you also won’t allow other people’s time to be wasted if possible. You hate a mindless, pointless meetings. You hate driving to things you don’t need to go to. And talk to me about the things that you avoid to to, to optimize your time. What are the, what are the things that you just categorically avoid and why do you have to be a punctual person to get to the top? Well, yeah, that’s a, that’s a real meaty question. We’ll start, we’ll start with why you need to be on time.

And then what, what do you do to create, because one of the things that I hear the most from young entrepreneurs or people that want to start a business, you know, Forbes, which is our business Bible, tells us that in their survey, 67% of the people out there listening right now want to work for themselves, want to start their own business. And then when you ask them about it and they say, yes, that’s me, that’s me, that’s me. And you say, well, why aren’t you doing it? And half the time their answer is, I just can’t find the time. I just can’t find the time I want to. And so, so to break down your question, clay, there’s several parts of it. One is I just almost religiously, when someone asked me for some of my time, it’s almost an automatic no, unless it’s just absolutely necessary.

Then I’ll change it to a maybe and then I’ll go yes. So I think a lot of people think that in order to be polite, if someone says, Hey, can you do lunch this week? You’re like, yeah, I guess so. Yeah, sure. Okay. Okay, well, what day is good for you? Wednesday. All right, let’s do Wednesday. And then you, next thing you know you, you’re, you’re letting other people fill up your schedule because you have the inability to say no. It’s not rude to say no. You should be in control of your time. Okay, now, then being on time, there’s nothing worse than sitting in a meeting with someone. And here’s what I do is I say, somebody, I’ve asked me for my time, I’ll say, how long do you need? There you go. And they’ll say 15 minutes or 30 minutes and I’ll say, okay, well then I have you from one to one 30 and you’re booked.

I’ve watched to do it. If they show up at one 10 or one 15 guess what? Now they have 15 minutes and I’ll tell them that when they show up. I’m saying, I had you booked till one 30. So yeah, my divided attention get after it and they get there, their spill, whatever. They’re there to sell me or try to think that I’m going to be on their team about or talk to me about. Then that’s the time that they have. Okay. So that it’s kind of a little schooling on them, but it also, it’s fair, you know, you told them you had it, you get in the time if they want to take part of that time and drive around town or stop and get gas or wash their car or whatever they did that’s on them. And then what I tried to do the same thing whenever someone, when I want somebody time or I set up a meeting with somebody or I need to be somewhere at a certain amount of time, you have to really be cognizant of it and you want to get there early because there’s always going to be a traffic accident.

There’s always going to be a police officer pulling someone over in front of you. There’s going to be road construction along the way that you didn’t know about or forgot about. These things are just happening. So to say, well I’m late because just means that you didn’t, you didn’t factor in that extra little bit of time you needed to to get there because there’s always something going on. If you live in a big city, I live in Dallas one time for a year and I mean it literally, it could be a 10 minute ride or it could be an hour and a half ride. Depends on when you go in the traffic. I mean crazy. Some of those big cities aren’t like that. So you need to give yourself plenty of time and adjust for it. And if you need to, I tell some guys that I know that are always late.

Is that your clock’s up? Just take your clock. It said 1530 minutes up. It’ll be one 30 you’ll think it’s one. Guess what? You want to start getting there on time. In fact, I have a brother of mine, I won’t mention his name, Chuck. Oh wow. But I didn’t mention his name. I know, I try, I check off. I’m just chuckling. It was coffee cup, that man a cough drop. And so what I do is I say, I say we’re on that time and what I’ll do is I’ll tell everybody else, they’ll say, what time is dinner? I’ll say six. And I’ll tell him it’s five 30, because I know you just know how to, I go, I know how it’s going to go. And he’s going to show up about five 50. Right? Maybe even six, maybe six, 15. And it’d be like, I’d be like, Hey, everybody else would be there. And I’d be like, don’t say anything about it. Just roll on with it. You don’t have a  business coach listener out there. I want to tell this. This is a great story here and we just have one more. We’re gonna interview the the senior editor for Forbes,

Zack O’Malley, Greenburg. So, but I just want to make sure we get this in. This particular guy Paul, he said he has always been late forever and he’s built a very successful company and it’s kinda stuck because if you’re the owner and you’re always not there on time, he’s made a change. And Paul, you made changes with fitness. I mean, you’ve made it, I mean, how much weight did you lose when you first got serious about fitness? I mean, cause you hadn’t made a dramatic body transformation, I believe, right?

Yeah. Well, we, you know, I’ve always been in fairly good shape, but I did that bodybuilding show about a year and a half ago and we draw, I dropped 29 pounds in 16 weeks, got to 2% body fat. So, but it’s all changing. You know, it’s the same thing whatZ was saying about time, about time, what, what broke people, I’m sorry, are people that aren’t as successful, don’t understand as the most valuable asset you have is time. And there are so many things, Z, like, you know, as you get going and you’re a little more successful in life. So many things that you can feel every minute of every day with. And so you have to be very controlling because every, literally every minute could be, you know, $15,000 that you’re making. And so when you, it’s very disrespectful to be late or, or to whether you’re the one being late or somebody else’s being late. So the same thing with the, the bodybuilding and, and the transformation is, is that I had to be very intentional, very specific,uwith what went in my body and what movements I made

The specific moves for you. If you’re out there today and you’re struggling, being laid all the time, do a dark disease said, set your alarm ahead if you need to. I know it seems stupid. I know you’re an adult. I know it seems obvious, but I’m telling you, I know 40 year old men that are totally not respected because they’re labeled as that guy who’s always late. So I would encourage you to block out time. Like even to record this show. I know it takes me 15 minutes to get to the show from the office to get here to the man-cave from the office. So I always will block out 30 minutes. Why? Because there’s always something that comes up. Andz , this is a great tip for your staff and we’ll, we’ll kind of end it here. Ben Horowitz started a company called Opsware, which he sold for one point $6 billion.

I bless him. And to Hewlett Packard and he’s, he then started Andreessen Horowitz. It’s the number one venture capital fund in the world, Andreessen Horowitz. And he has a rule that for every minute you’re late, you pay a $10 per minute, fine if you’re an employee of his. Wow. Okay. So if you’re late, it’s $10 per minute. This is the biggest venture capital fund. And what happens is you pay it to the person that you made weight or you pay it to. So if you’re late 60 minutes on a project, that’s going to be a massive fine $600 right? Or late 10 minutes. I mean, it’s 100 bucks. It’s a lot. So again, if you’re out there today and being late is a problem for you or your company, come up with a system that you’ve got to quit telling your customers that you don’t care could be [inaudible] the person who’s chronically late, we’re all late.

Occasionally I’ll make mistakes, I get it, but I just wanted to celebrate this particular thriver. I won’t mention his name, but this is a guy in his forties who’s been late all the time. He’s always been labeled as that guy, that guy. But now he’s on time all the time. What was his move? What’d you do? He just said he got tired of tired of us talking about him on the show. We shaved him into it. I never mentioned him on the show, but he’s like, I got tired. And I think that’s what Jason has said. He’s tired of it. He told Jason the story, so I believe that. I believe that that was the story was he got tired of us banging on him on the, on the show here for being late all the time. But I didn’t mention him at all, nor did I know he struggled with being late. But congratulations. Welcome to the on time team and not further ado. We’re going to call Zack O’Malley. Greenburg, the senior editor over there at de Forbes. Zack, he looks in the show with the boat. It’s fine. Here we go. Three, two.


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