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What are the best business podcasts available today? During this podcast, Clay Clark breaks down the power of properly feeding your mind.


Clay Clark

Founder and Chief Operating Officer of the Business Coach Program and the co-host of the Thrive Time Radio Show


“70% of employees hate their jobs.” – Forbes –

Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.” – Proverbs 13:20

“The average American does not have $400 saved.” – Forbes –

The late great success author David J. Schwartz once wrote in his best-selling self-help book, The Magic of Thinking Big, “The mind is what the mind is fed” and I couldn’t agree with him more. Having grown up in an environment where I was not surrounded by successful entrepreneurs I often times found myself frustrated that I didn’t even know what I didn’t know. I was feeding my mind a steady stream of negative quotes, lyrics, movies and data and it wasn’t until around the age of 18 while reading Napoleon Hill’s legendary book, Think and Grow Rich, that it occurred to me that my network was going to ultimately determine my net worth. It became apparent to me that I was not ever going to achieve success in the world of business if I was not intentional about surrounding myself with people who had already built their multi-million dollar business empires. I knew I needed to surround myself with people that could teach me what they actually did to become successful and not just theories about how to become successful.

In order to surround myself with multi-millionaires, billionaires and everyday success stories I literally cold-called, emailed, mailed, and struggled for years just to get an appointment with many of these top performers. These people were all so intentional about where they spent both their time and money that they were nearly impossible to get ahold of and to schedule an appointment with. However, when I finally did get an opportunity to meet billionaires and millionaires such as the The founder Skyy Vodka, the founder of Hobby Lobby, George Foreman, David Robinson and the president of QuikTrip, I found that these successful people all oozed with wisdom that just seemed to seep out of their pours. I felt myself learning through osmosis just by being in their presence. Their first hand-experience and specific tips on how to run a successful and scalable business seemed to be almost instinctual. Their mastery of marketing, management, sales and accounting blew my mind.

However, now you and I find ourselves living in a world of technology where best business podcasts are able to bridge the gap between you and the guru. You can now sit down and with the click of a button find yourself listening to billionaires like Reid Hoffman (the co-founder of LinkedIn) on his podcast who take the time to break down their sage advice into palatable doses. But, yet despite this unprecedented access to sage-like free wisdom many entrepreneurs I have personally coached have explained to me that they have struggled to find the time to listen to these income-increasing and mind-expanding podcasts because they “ran out of time.”

And so as your unofficial business coach, I am going to now recommend three ways to save time and three best business podcasts that every entrepreneur should be listening to:

  1. Stop Watching TV – “The average American spends 5 hours per day watching TV.” –
  2. Put Your Smart Phone Down – “The average American devotes nearly 10 hours per day to screen time.” –

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I don’t think modern science has good answers here. I think that modern world is actually really bad. The modern world is full of distractions. Things like Twitter and Facebook are not making you happy. They are making you unhappy. You are essentially playing a game that’s created by the creators of those systems, and yes, it can be a useful game once in a blue moon. You are engaging in the dispute, and resentment, comparison, jealousy, anger about things that frankly just don’t matter.” – Naval Ravikant (Naval Ravikant is the CEO and a co-founder of AngelList. He previously co-founded Epinions (which went public as part of and He is an active Angel investor, and have invested in dozens of companies, including Twitter, Uber, Yammer, Stack Overflow and Wanelo.)

  1. Stop Engaging in Debates with Idiots – “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.” –

Although, I am proud of The Thrive Time Show Podcast that we produce and the daily 2 hour business coach radio show we produce with Scripps radio, to avoid sounding too self-serving I would I highly recommend that you check out the following entrepreneur focused podcasts:

  1. The Four Hour Work Week with Tim Ferriss – This award-winning podcast is hosted by New York Times best-selling author, Tim Ferriss and he focuses on providing you with long-form style interviews with the Titans of business.


  1. Maters of Scale with Reid Hoffman – This podcast is focused on teaching you how to grow your business from zero dollars in revenue to millions and even billions.


  1. Entrepreneurs On Fire with John Lee Dumas – This podcast was awarded “Best of Itunes” and he’s actually interviewed over 1,700 guests including Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, and other top entrepreneurs.

My friend, it is very important that you guard what you put in your mind and that you recognize the profundity of David J. Schwartz when he wrote, “Your mind is what the mind is fed.” Turn your drive time into podcast/learning time and your level of wisdom will increase. Remember the more practical education you are learning, the more you are growing.


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Audio Transcription

If you started from the bottom and you are still at the bottom, that is not a move.

However, I have some really terrible statistics that I thought I would demotivate everybody with. So according to Forbes right now, 70 percent of people, 70 percent of US employees hate their jobs. Now, I know that we have people who listen to this best business podcasts from all over the world recently as we’ve moved into the top 20 of all podcasts in the world on the itunes charts recently. As more and more people found the podcast on spotify, uh, we’ve now reached a. We actually brought a, b. This would be two fridays ago. We reached the number one ranking in the world out of all podcasts. And so we have a lot of people listening from other countries, but to my knowledge, we don’t have people from other planets currently listening to the show. So if you’re on the planet earth, 70 percent of people hate their jobs in America.

Like I realize if you’re not in America, maybe like if you’re in South Korea, maybe right now, in 90 percent of people love their jobs, however, I doubt that. Now, another stat here for you is the average American, the average American does not have $400 saved regardless of income or age. The average American does not have $400 saved. That’s the average American does not have $400 saved. Did that with doctors, is that with that? With Law Dude I’ve worked with, I worked with every industry and I’m telling you it’s the same regardless of income, regardless of regardless of industry, it’s just, it’s just the normal is dysfunction. And so today’s show is all about the best business podcasts and the power of properly feeding your mind, again, the best business podcast and the power of properly feeding your mind. So I’m gonna read a notable quotable, a Robert from David j Dot Schwartz, the bestselling author of the book called the magic of thinking big. They made a big impact in my life. That book really did make a big impact in my life. And so I’m going to read the notable quotable from the book, the magic of thinking big. And Robert, I want for you to break it down for the members of the thrive nation. All right.

The mind is what the mind is fit. Robert, can you had some echo please? I want some more regular. The mine is what the mind is. What about the. Mine is fair, Gary. I’m hungry. I don’t even care about.

I’m on it. I just looking for deals. You have those sweet potato fries. Those are excellent. No, but I couldn’t agree with him more. I mean, having grown up in an environment where I was not surrounded by successful entrepreneurs, I often times found myself frustrated that I didn’t even know what I didn’t know I was. I was feeding my mind is steady stream of negative quotes, lyrics, movies and data. And it wasn’t until the age of 18, while reading Napoleon Hill’s legendary book think and grow rich, that it occurred to me that my network was going to ultimately determine my net worth. It became apparent to me at that age I was not ever going to achieve success in the world of best business podcasts if I was not intentional about surrounding myself with people who had already built their multimillion dollar business empires. I discovered it. I knew I needed to surround myself with people that could teach me what they actually did to become successful, not just theories about how to become successful, my friend in order to surround myself with multimillionaires, billionaires, and everyday success stories.

I literally cold, cold, emailed, mailed and struggled for years to get an appointment with many of these top performers. These people were all so intentional about both their time and their money that they weren’t making themselves accessible. For guys like me. It was nearly impossible to get ahold of these people. However, I finally did get an appointment with the founder of Hobby Lobby, George Foreman, David Robinson, the founder of skyy vodka and the president of quick trip, and I found that these successful people all oozed with words of wisdom that just seem to seep out of their pores. I felt myself learning through Osmosis osmosis just by learning in their presence, their firsthand experience in specific tips on how to run a successful and scalable, scalable business seemed to be almost instinctual at this point. I mean their their mastery of marketing, management and sales and accounting blew my mind.

However, now you and I find ourselves living in a world of technology where people can use podcasts. This just in you and I can use podcasts to bridge the gap between you and the guru. You wouldn’t meet with the guru. You can now through podcast. I mean you now can sit down with by the click of a button and listen to Reid Hoffman, the Co founder of Linkedin, the guy who hosts the masters of scale podcast, who will take the time to break down their sage advice into palatable doses. But yet, despite this unprecedented access to sage, like free wisdom, many entrepreneurs, not, not you. No, no, no, not, not you, not talking about you. I know you felt offended for a second. I’m not talking about you other people, despite having accessed unprecedented access to this free free. Are you freaking kidding me? Free. I had to pay Michael Levine 25 grand to pick his brain. It’s free. Free. You don’t have access to free sage wisdom. Many entrepreneurs still say, you know, I ran into a time I didn’t get a chance to listen to the podcast or the show because I was so busy. Uh, I ran out of time. So as your unofficial defacto business coach, I’m going to recommend there’s three ways you can save time to free up time to listen to the podcasts that can change your life. There’s three ways. And Robert, I’m going to break these down one by one. I want to get your take on the first one. I want to get mats.

Take on the second one, and I want to get Sean’s take on the third one. Now Robert Redmond is a business coach. Matt works with the thrive time show and Sean is a business coach. So here we go, one by one, tip number one to free up time to listen to things that will change your life, to learn the things that will change your life. Stop watching TV. The average American right now, according to the New York Times in Nielsen, did a survey. The average American is now spinning five hours per day watching TV. Robert, bring us the good news. How can we possibly stop watching TV? You can get real clear on the type of life you want to live and what it’s going to take to live that life. And then the, uh, appeal. I’ve found that the appeal to TV will be less because you have something greater and more meaningful that you want to reach.

But typically people don’t do that. They drift. And so what did they do after they get home or whenever they spend five hours watching TV? Oh, you got to watch five hours of TV. I mean, if you want to be unsuccessful, you have to commit yourself to watching five hours of TV a day. I mean, if you want to be unsuccessful, I mean, it’s a commitment made some big commitment. You’ve got to commit five hours in. There’s some consistency you’ve got. I mean, it’s like 35 hours a week, bro. I mean, you got to put in the time. Now the next move is you got to put your smartphone down. You’ve got to put your cell phone down. You got to stop allowing yourself to be interrupted all of the time. Now, Matt, the average American devotes nearly 10 hours of screen time per day.

The average American is spending 10 hours per day on that smartphone. Could you help us? How can we possibly free up the time needed to learn from successful people? If we’re on the smartphone 10 hours a day? Well, the first step is to, uh, we’ll obviously put the cell phone down. Um, what I’ve had to do in order to make that happen for me is actually had to go a friend say, Hey, I want you to get on my phone and block all social media block any form of access to our. I can’t physically have access to these so that there’s no way for me to access them. And then over time I just grew to where I didn’t need them anymore. I didn’t have that best business podcasts addiction. I agree. I agree. When you delete the Apps, the addiction or the need will disappear. Uh, because you, you talked about how a lot of these apps on these social media apps or are designed in the same way a gambling machines are, are designed.

Yes, in that, yes, they are actually designed to get you hooked. So you keep looking at it. So you check that notification and I found like what Matt is saying is when you just delete it, you’ll forget about it, you know, and that temptation becomes so easy just to click the button and to go to the places and wasted a lot of time. But if it’s there, the temptation’s not there, then you’ll be able to save time and you won’t even have that temptation to pick the phone up. I’m gonna read a notable quotable to you guys from a naval ravikant. But before I read the notable quotable, I want to give you kind of a background into who naval ravikant is. Novel Ramakant is the CEO and Co founder of Angel List. He previously cofounded opinions. He’s one of the early stage investors in Uber, twitter, facebook.

I’m a stack overflow and this is what he has to say. This is, this is powerful. Um, Robert, have you ever looked up? I’m a naval ravikant. You ever spent any time looking them up? You kind of have an idea of who he is. Do you know if you looked up? I’ve heard you talk about him a lot. Uh, I’m, I’m not real familiar with who he is, but I’ve heard you talk about him. Okay. I’m going to pull them up on the big screen. Just you guys can have an idea of who he is and kind of get a better look at them. There doesn’t involve favicon, there he is. Wow. And naval ravikant started a company called Angel List. Now Angel List Bridge the gap between venture capitalists and startups, looking for the funding. Okay, where the world meets startups. This is how it works here.

And you can see who each venture capitalist has invested in so you could see like you can pull up the company and then it would show that, hey, Tim Ferriss has invested in this company or this company, this person invested in and you can, you can, and it’s serves a great purpose. And um, it, it also provides a way for you to go get a job at a startup if you want. So let’s say I’m an investor and I’m looking to fund a certain kind of deal. I’m wanting to invest in certain kinds of things. Novel. Ravi has set that up in. It’s a, it’s a powerful deal, but he also invested in a lot of social media companies. Again, twitter, Uber, facebook, and this is what he has to say about social media. He says, I don’t think modern science has good answers here. I think that the modern world that we’ve created is actually really bad. The modern world is full of distractions. Things like twitter and facebook are not

making you happy. They’re actually making you unhappy. You are essentially playing a game that’s created by the creators of those systems and yes, it can be a useful game. Once in a blue moon you are really doing is you are engaging in the dispute and resentment, comparison, jealousy, anger about things that frankly just don’t matter

of all. Robert Conte who helped create these things is saying that facebook can create resentment, comparison, jealousy and anger. So Sean, I’m going to ask you this. Have you ever seen facebook create either resentment, comparison, jealousy, or anger in your life? Have you ever seen that happen? Oh, the trolls are everywhere online. I quit looking at social media a couple years ago. Like I just quit caring about it at all, even though everyone typically everyone my age at the time that I was around was doing it, but I just, I got sick of it, man. Trolls, the best business podcasts trolls. They’re everywhere. How’s that? Faith where you can’t get away from it and you see people all the time just staring at their phones, scrolling through the screens as they’re sitting at dinner with their family. It’s like so weird that this is like a thing, but it is so weird.

I mean, go ahead. It’s so fun. When you go out to dinner and you watch people that are controlled by social media, you’re taking a photo of their food. They post it. Then they. Someone likes it. Someone comments. Let’s go on facebook real quick guys. Let’s go on facebook for just for a second. Let’s just pull it up here. What’s going on there? Let’s. Let’s see. Let’s see. The big appeal. Let’s figure it out real quick. Okay, so we have somebody who’s posting a picture of of their family and they’re playing their coach, their people comment, you’re awesome. Way to go. Good job. There’s an ad for sem rush or somebody posting about their son doing well on a sport or people commenting.

There’s a people posting about wow. Happy Saturdays with your car window. Yeah, happy Saturday. Broken car window. Right? People are so great. Right? I mean, that’s how it is. Um, then you have, um, somebody else posted your anniversary, somebody else posting, I’m about key west, somebody else posting about homelessness, somebody. And it’s just endless forever with the blanket cocoon ever. It’s endless though and it never ends. There’s always notifications like, hey, we click over here and we asked me should we should respond to this because there’s that little red dot that pops up and so we should respond here. The messages, because he can’t have those red dots. Every time you click that red dot, that activates the same part of the brain. I just don’t go on there at all. I just don’t. I don’t go in there at all, but I, I can’t imagine what it would be like to be controlled by that because you really couldn’t get anything done mad.

I mean, who you met, you probably could not get anything done if you spend your day on social media. No, that’s absolutely right. And actually I was talking to a friend about this, trying to say, hey, you need to drop this crap. It’s not helping you. And he came back with something along the lines of not wanting to be culturally irrelevant. I am culturally or irrelevant. That’s what I’ve seen is like all the successful people real quick, I don’t know who your friend is and this is not an attack on your friend, but most people are financially relevant and so they enter their time. Freedom of relevant. Most people are irrelevant. They spend their whole day wanting to be relevant. Right? So I mean I could I guess go on CNN and Fox News and watch all that stuff. But let me ask you this. Let’s say that we get really, really politically involved.

I mean we are on fire. Let’s just say that you get super into the politics. What can you actually do on election day, Robert? What could you actually do? What’s the one action step you could do that actually moved the needle vote, right? Of which you get one one vote. And I guess if you buy a ton of billboards and brutally really put a lot of energy into it, you can help other people cast a vote, but you only get one life. Your kids get one dad, you get one life, one lifetime, so you could waste a lot of your time focusing on things that don’t matter. Now, the next, the next thing you can do to free up time, if you don’t have time to listen to podcasts, that will help you change your life. If you want to stop engaging in debates with idiots [inaudible] now this is big.

The US Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75 percent of employees steal from the workplace based upon their most recent research. I have found that most people really, really are not happy with their life, but yet they’re happy to tell you how you should live yours. So I want to get into this here. I have you guys. Robert, I’ll start with you. Have you ever found yourself? My bright years ago, not now. Have you ever found yourself on social media debating with somebody and losing your happiness as a result of this debate? I studied theology that was raised in a very, uh, a very Christian bubble environment. And so back in college, uh, I consider that one of my hobbies, but nothing meaningful every ever came from it. And sorry, I totally stopped doing it. However, I recently fell victim to doing this again.

Can I think anybody out there, if you’re listening, you could absolutely fall victim to this because if you’re not careful that remember social media has been created to make you want to use it. It’s like candy. I mean it’s, it’s like skittles. I mean, if you’re out there, you’ve been honest. If you. Have you ever had a skittle or a candy bar? I mean, unless you’re being, you know, dishonest with yourself and the world, you probably gonna like the way it tastes. I mean, most people like the way candy taze was designed to be something you want.

Nope. Raw Broccoli. That’s, that’s what I liked. Really. Everyone. Yeah. Everyone. Is that not normal?

I think you’re saying is like the reason why looking at like sexual images is something that guys are like, wow. I, I, I tell you what, I don’t find the female body a tractor. So I know everybody does. I mean, every guy does, right? The thing about like eating bad food is someone might say, well, I don’t like sweets at all. Of course you do, because that’s what it was created. The you like it. I don’t like ice cream at all. There are very few people and say, I will tell you this. I do not enjoy the flavor of ice cream. I don’t enjoy the feeling of sex and I don’t enjoy. I don’t enjoy it. I don’t enjoy candy. I mean to me a lot. I. Well, one of the things I enjoy the most is a things that tastes bitter, right? Things we have no flavor at all.

Like I really enjoy Kale. Kale to me is awesome and abstinence to me is the best and I’ll tell you, sitting down, sit, abstinence and Kale. Those are my third. Also, I enjoy pain whenever I’m physically exerting myself. I enjoy sacrifice. I also enjoy delaying gratification. Are you a Buddhist monk? Um, I enjoy all these things and I, I learned that I enjoyed denying myself. And so that’s why I get offended when anytime I have joy. No. The thing is, these are all things you want, but if you engage in these things, it will absolutely lead you down the wrong path. So Robert, tell us your story about engaging in social media and getting into an online debate with a human. I don’t want to go too much into detail. Yeah, just keep it vague.

Yeah. So, so I generally have done a good job of staying away from social media primarily through updating the apps in that I recently found a did a game where I wanted to see how many of how, how many notifications could I get, you know, I wanted to see. I wanted to get up into like triple digit numbers of notifications as a way to abstain from using social media, but recently I was on there. I’m in the middle planning a wedding and I’m having to use facebook as a tool to get the details, get people’s addresses to send out invitations and all that. And I come across this person who’s being real critical of a friend of mine who’s starting a podcast of their own right. And so this a friend and somewhat of a mentor figure, you know, uh, uh, is, is being real critical.

And um, you know, it was the type of deal, clay, where I hear you talk about, hey, you want to pay attention to the type of people that um, you know, have, have grown real businesses of their own. Right, right. And this person was being real critical and I don’t believe has done that, has grown real businesses of their own. So I don’t like it when people throw rocks at what, you know, people are working hard to build. Um, and so I went at it with this guy on social media and I mean, nothing good comes from it. It’s like what Dale Carnegie talks about when and how to win friends and influence people that you should just stay away from arguments, uh, because what’s gonna happen is that person is going to become more entrenched and more committed to their view, uh, rather than a, you know, actually see your point of view.

It’s Kinda like I was telling you back when I studied a lot of theology, you know, I’d get into these debates with people over religion and over different stupid minor aspects of theology and what always, the reason why I gave it up is because, uh, I, I began to realize that, hey, every time I engage in this, it’s just me feeding my own ego and it’s not actually me trying to have a healthy conversation and work something out with someone else. And what always happens is that person goes and does even more research to support their view becomes even more entrenched in their view. And so it’s just nothing good comes. Let me share this with the thrive nation. I want Matt to Chime in. Here I am a Judeo Christian, which means I believe that the Bible was inspired and it is the literal word of God. Okay? I do believe in heaven and hell, which means that if you don’t believe in Christ, that you go to hell. And if you do, you go to heaven. Put. You don’t have to believe them. Furthermore, I’m going to show up at your house yelling at you as a result of this. I’m not going to beat you down with it. I would just say, if you’re happy with the fruits of my life and my life could be ample example that you’re. You could say, you know what? I am interested in what keeps you being so joyful and happy. How do you do it? I would always point to Christ.

That’s how I do it, but I can’t yell at you and debate with you. I’m not going to debate with you because I really do feel I’ve met some really, really happy Buddhist, slightly some really happy Buddhists. I mean some people I know who are very happy, who are Buddhists and you’ve sincerely believe in Buddhism because you were raised that way and that’s cool. No problem with that. Om says, I disagree with you. I don’t agree with you and your religious views, but I’m not going to like go on social media. Debate it with you because you’ve got so much time you’ve invested into justifying your religion and I have time. I’ve justified into my best business podcasts religion, but does engaging in endless debates will absolutely waste your time. You got a hot tech? I do. Um, first off, just kind of branching off of what you were saying first, nobody cares about unsolicited advice.

If you are going up and you’re saying, Hey, let me tell you about this person. Nobody gives a crap. They just aren’t interested in this. Justin. Nobody cares about unsolicited advice. This Justin, Matt just went back to you. And then on that same token, if you’re somebody out there who is stuck in this social media doom loop, the steps that I took and you know, it was a process. It wasn’t just cold Turkey. Some people are able to do it cold Turkey, but a lot of people aren’t. So first I turned off all the notifications. I weren’t, wasn’t getting those little bubbles on my phone anymore. Then after I went for a while with not getting those notifications actually started going into the apps and on those screens out unfollow and unfollow, unfollow. And that too. Yeah, it takes them off your page without insulting the other person because then you’re going to get people saying, why did you unfriend me? Well, I’m trying to become better and they get insulted by that, so you just unfollow them so you don’t see them and then after awhile you realize I just don’t need it anymore, but you still go on out of habit and that’s when you get your friend to block it for. Here’s what’s crazy, man. Here’s what’s crazy. This is an idea that blow someone’s mind.

Being present is a present. Being present is a present. Every single moment you’ll present is a precedent. I’m here with you, Robin. I’m here with you. I’m not someone else, but a lot of people, you see them at dinner, they’re having dinner with other people where they’re presently with them, but they’re not mentally present day so bad. I challenge you to go to a restaurant and Nazi this happening. Take out your phone and take pictures because it’s hilarious. People are stuck and they’re like on a date trying to engage with the opposite sex or you know, if you’re that way, same sex and they’re on their phone the entire time and it’s crazy. It was like, how are you going to get to know them if you’re not even talking to them, but what? Wait, wait, but we need to debate theories of atonement because that’s what I did.

We needed to bait. Okay, is it, is it, is penal substitutionary atonement the right way to view the death of Jesus Christ or, or is a predestination of thing. Oh Man, Oh let’s go into that for a minute. Oh man, you are pulling me in. But this is seriously that kind of stuff that I would spend a lot of time in and you know, what I was having while, while this debate that I had to go to dinner tonight and watch people just go there saying go to a local bar, go to a local restaurant and watch people and, and watch how they’re not engaged in watch people debating stuff that doesn’t matter at all. Back to you Robert know. And, um, I, I, uh, the, the voice of God was speaking to me through really through my fiance, blah, while, while this debate recently I got sucked back into, is happening, you know, I was so passionate, I get, need to prove my point and Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah. And my fiance is like, Robert, I haven’t seen you all day. Please give this up. Waba, Waba, Waba, Waba Mava, we need to know why are you, why are you arguing with someone on social media that don’t? And the problem is, every time you write a rebuttal, he ran a repo and he actually is a hope.

You have a thought about that. Who writes a rebuttal? He writes, he actually is a butthole. And I become. I know, I know. I write his story and I know the person who giving tips on how to run a business. I’ve never run a business right? And he is a black hole, which is right here, write books about how business, but I never run business. His mind not function, cannot run business, therefore teaches how run business. But Karen Business, I mean, just that’s it. End of the day, I mean, it’s like, did what business are you running? That’s right. Yeah. You’re not focused on anything when you’re engaged in multiple of these different discussions and troll fests online troll fest, and as we’re talking about the best business podcast in the world, we’re going to wrap it up here with a three business podcast that I would recommend for all of our listeners to listen to at least once because David j dot Schwartz, the best selling author of the magic of thinking big rights.

Your mind is what the mind is fed through here. Or here are three podcasts that I can recommend for our listeners to listen to at least once, but each one of them I have a disclaimer for. Okay, so we’ll go with a podcast number one, the four hour workweek with Tim Ferriss. So I can say I disagree with 35 to 55 percent of what he says. He is a guy who has never been married. He talks about the reason why he doesn’t get married is because he believes that statistically it’s not probable to have a successful marriage. He endorses the, uh, using hallucinogenic drugs as a way to free up your mind, but when he’s not doing that, he interviews Ray Dalio. That was an awesome podcast. Who was one of the top venture capitalist of all time. He interviews Jurvetson with the top venture capitalists. He interviews everybody from a Nigga.

Oh, Glenn Beck versus Tim Ferriss is a powerful because the best business podcasts host Glenn Beck is totally right up center libertarian and a Tim Ferriss has left of center and they have Glenn Beck versus Tim Ferriss. A great interview. Neither one of them loses their mind. It’s great. So I’d encourage you to start with listening to Glenn Beck versus Tim Ferriss. That’s a, that’s a top three for me. The one that you liked. That one. The one with naval ravikant is really good as well. If your topic here about stem cell phones, we’re going to put it on the show notes. So just go. I just encourage you though to look it up. Naval Ravikant, he explains to you why, although he helped create social media, he encourages everyone not to use it. Yeah, I mean it’s, it’s the same reason the guys who created cigarettes don’t smoke. I mean, again, if we, I’ve talked on previous shows, but it wasn’t like when Philip Morrison was being held accountable and in Congress and they were being asked about, did you know that uh, these cigarettes caused cancer. The people that we’re interviewing weren’t like, I didn’t had no idea at all. I, I, I smoked every single day of my life. It’s never affected me. No. None of these guys smoke. Yup. It. But they sell cigarettes. It’s not like the guys who own casinos are addicted to gambling, right? Yeah. Jay Z talks about this a lot, but if you’re selling drugs, don’t use drugs. Don’t get high off your own supply. Right? So that’s. Tim Ferriss has a great podcast to listen to. Sean, you had a hot take.

Yeah. No, I was just going to mention again, most people think of i-phones they think of Steve Jobs. I’ve heard you talk about this on many different places. The man didn’t even allow people to have cell phones in the room with them and he invented them.

Yeah. Steve Jobs was all about focus, maniacal focus, and he was annoyed with distractions, but yet he created the iphone because he knew that’s what people want. People want distractions. They want to be notified, they want to feel like, oh man, someone just liked your post. Someone. I mean, here’s the deal. Feel good for thrive. We do social media posts as a way to grow the business. Um, but my, my, this is my ultimate loop. I would hope our listeners, I hope, I hope our listeners find us on social media and then never use it again because it’s. So if someone was like, dude, you, you made a post on social media. Only one person liked it. I don’t care. My perfect post would be one that no one likes because they’ve all converted to not using things that waste their time. Now, masters of scale by Reid Hoffman.

This podcast is focused on teaching you how to grow your business from $0 in revenue to millions and even billions. And this is the egg we’re talking about. The best business podcast in the world. Reid Hoffman was one of the original founders of one of the original founding members of paypal. He went onto grow linkedin and then he bought a company called Lynda Dot com. He’s done very, very well and my only disclaimer with Reid Hoffman is that if you don’t want to grow a billion dollar business, you probably won’t like his podcast at all. Like if you just want to get time freedom, you’ll probably say to yourself, who cares? But if you do want to grow a billion dollar business, and Robert, why is it important for the listeners to mentally resolve whether you do want to grow a billion dollar business or not? Because what typically ends up happening when people do not make the decision of how big do I want my business is they begin to pursue frivolous things just for the sake of it to a take away from sometimes the most important real things of their lives.

That’s why you place the importance on the f six goals and you say, hey, the business, it doesn’t matter. It’s just a vehicle that needs to serve you so that you can live out your f six goals, and my wife is the one who pointed that out to me, so when we were going to have a show here up, we’re going to be recording it in just a few minutes. I don’t know when it will air, but to my wife, Vanessa Clark is sort of my sort of. She is my irrefutable life coach. She’s the one who points the bowling ball in the right direction. She repeatedly points out there are no pins there. Furthermore, you’re throwing the ball up a hill and it’s gonna. Come back at you. I’m like, what in the world? So anyway, Vanessa Clark, my incredible wife of 17 years. She’s the one that keeps me focused on the right path.

The next podcast I’d recommend is entrepreneurs on fire by John Lee Dumas. Now John Lee Dumas is going to be on our podcast. I don’t know if you’re going to hear this podcast after we have John Lee Dumas on or before we have John Lee Dumas on. I’m not sure, but John Lee Dumas is a confirmed guest on the thrive time show on this podcast, was awarded best of itunes. He’s actually interviewed over 1700 guests, including Tony, including Tony Robbins, Seth Goden, including you, Gary Vaynerchuk, including me. I’ve been on the show, but, uh, uh, John Lee Dumas is a top podcaster, but the one thing you can get from John Lee Dumas is he is a master of consistency. The guy actually don’t if you guys know this, but when he got out of the military, did you guys know how he started his podcast? Matt, do you know about this story? No, I don’t. Don’t. You told me at the other day, John Lee Dumas got out of the military and decided I’m going to devote all my time all my time.

I have my downtime now that I’m out to record a podcast. The dude recorded seven podcasts a week every week for years, and nobody listened. Nobody listened, nobody cared. Nobody was into it, but he just kept grinding and grinding and grinding. And now today, I’ll put it on the big screen here. Now John Lee Dumas today generates every single month, approximately $150,000 a month of revenue from advertising his podcast, and he and his wife, they live in Puerto Rico, I believe he lived. He has a house that looks over the Caribbean ocean and all he does is record records podcast, so he literally has a house that looks out over the Caribbean ocean and all he does is it records best business podcasts. You’re talking about a guy grinding nigger. I grinded for years and now he’s one of the top podcasts in the world, so if you want to look for a source of inspiration, somebody who grinded and and really did act before they were inspired.

Look up Eo Matt, you had a hot take. Yeah. One of the biggest critiques that I’ve gotten from people I know, whether it be friends or family, when I started down this pathway to growing and filling my mind with positivity and cutting out all the crap is like you just. You just so extreme. You just doing everything like it’s unnecessary and I’m just like, sometimes that’s what needs to happen. You need to go to those extreme lengths in order to get to the next level. Clay, what are your thoughts on that? Well, okay, I’m again, I’m just giving you and you can argue with me, but you’d be wrong. So here we go. I’m Forbes shows that 70 percent of people today hate their jobs. Seventy percent of people hate their jobs. Psychology today showed that over half of Americans, approximately half of Americans get divorced, but of those that actually stay married, less than nine percent are actually happily married. So if you want to have a successful marriage, we’re a successful company. You must be ecentric centric means the middle. We’re measured. We’re very,

you know, I, I’m very average fit in the middle. I get along with him. I go along to get along. I don’t take any hard stances on anything. I’m just in the middle. I’m an average guy. I’m, I’m average. I’m an average. Oh, I want to do is to kill. And if that’s what you want.

Seventy percent of Americans hate their jobs. The average American has less than 44. They have less than $400 saved. The average American has less than $400 saved, the average American, less than 10 percent of Americans, less than 10 percent of Americans don’t hate their spouse. So if you want to have a happy marriage, bed centric, you want to be successful financially, be centric, but centric being centric is the worst possible thing you could do. So, uh, but most people are centric. Therefore you should not get advice for most people. So I would encourage you, matt, with his final Little Bible verse I give you from proverbs, and because Matt, you probably know more about the Bible than I do and it isn’t as big. I mean this stuff because I never, I give a Bible verse. I worry about like somebody going, well, I read your Bible verse, you got it out of context.

So read the Bible verse and assume that I’m a charlatan and I’m wrong. But proverbs 13, 20 zero. Robert, are you used it in the Bible for how many years of college? Four years. Four years. Where do you go to college? Oral Roberts University. Do you remember the book proverbs? Have you read that book? I’ve read the book. Robert, do you remember offhand? But proverbs 13, 20 is about, if you don’t, I’m not calling you, I’m not trying to equate your intelligence with memorization, but you remember that person. Uh, I did not remember it offhand, but I did just look it up. 13 reads, walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm and most people are fools. So any further ado, let’s wrap up today’s best business podcasts. We always end with a boom, and we typically don’t insult 70 percent of the listening, but I just did. So here we go. We’re getting with the boom three, two, one, boom.


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