The Big 180 | Client Case Studies – It’s Time to Make a Profound Turnaround | 9 Super Moves You Can Use

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Do you find yourself going the wrong direction in life? Clay teaches you 9 super moves that you can use to PROACTIVELY grow your business and to improve your life RIGHT NOW. 


9:30 AM – GUTS Church – 










NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “When an individual realizes the simple but profoundly vital fact that aiming toward a specific goal is the best insurance of hitting the bull’s eye, then he or she is ready to move toward more complex conclusions. Anyone may climb!” – Napoleon Hill 


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Vision without execution is hallucination.” – Thomas Edison (The inventor behind the first practical lightbulb, recorded audio, recorded video, the founder of General Electric, etc.)

  • Proactively Ask for Google Reviews
  • Group Interviewing
  • Dream 100 Marketing


  1. Create a No-Brainer
  2. Analyze Your Numbers
  3. Write Down for Fixed Expenses
  4. Write Down Your Variable Expenses
  5. Install a Tracking Sheet
  6. Without a VISM your digital dominance will perish
  7. Video reviews
  8. Images 
  9. Search content
  10. More Google reviews
  11. Implement Seth Godin’s Purple Cow to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace 
  12. Implement Sales Scripts
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