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Matt Kline, the “award-winning” Brand Developer for Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning breaks down 3 powerful aspects of franchise coaching and why he and Oxi Fresh have just received the award as “The Big Kahuna” from The Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise.

Franchising Coaching 101

  1. Seekers
    1. These are people who are actively searching out a business opportunity.
    2. MYSTIC STATISTIC – “67% Desire More Ownership Of Their Success”
    3. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 70% Of Your Employees Hate Their Jobs
  2. Coaching
    2. Oxi Fresh has been working with Entrepreneur’s Source for years and the coaches actually know about Oxi Fresh and how the company operates.
    3. The coach talks to the Seekers and pre-qualifies them by finding out what their goals are and what they want to accomplish with their business.
  3. Placement
    1. The coach’s job is to set up the engagement with the candidate and the franchise company. They have interviewed and educated the candidate about what franchising is and what benefits Oxi Fresh can offer the franchisee

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Audio Transcription

On today’s show, Matt Kline the award winning brand developer for oxi fresh carpet cleaning bricks down. Three powerful aspects of franchise coaching and why he and Oxi fresh have just received an award for being the Big Kahuna from the entrepreneur’s source friendship.

There’s some shows. Don’t need a celebrity and a writer to introduce the show, but the show to make eight kids, Koch, created by two different women. 13 mode time million dollar businesses. Gentlemen, welcome to the thrive time.


Oh yes. Thrive nation. Welcome back to another exciting initiative that thrive time show on your radio

podcast download and Eric Trump, Dr. Z. on today’s show, we are interviewing the big Kahuna, the big Kahuna, the rich hand, the origin of the word big Kahuna comes from the nickname for a gang of surfers and the film gidget 1959 from a Hawaiian Kahuna priest. The experts have long story short, there’s, there’s, there’s a big reason that name caught on in 1959. And now here we are in 2018. We have met Klein with Oxi fresh. He is the man. What is your official title with oxy? Fresh, right now

I am the director of franchise development

and I saw a picture today, I believe, of your desk and I believe that you have received an award known as the Big Kahuna from the entrepreneur’s source. So please explain what this award means to the always curious thrive nation.

Um, I don’t know how you got that picture

from the entrepreneur’s source source is a great partner to oxy fresh and many, many franchises out there. Um, they’re basically a coaching platform for people that want to get into business for themselves, but don’t really know where to start. Right? So go through, you know, you as an individual and who you are and what you’re looking to accomplish and what your budgeted and they’ll place you with the appropriate group of franchise companies that may be a good fit for you. So we’ve really been to building that relationship for them for just about five years. I’m very fortunate to have that because they bring this very qualified individuals looking to get into the franchise space. This last year we, um, we brought on over 20 different franchisees through that platform and through that coaching program and that was the most inside of their system, um, for the, for the years. So I’m very privileged to have that. Um, they bring great individuals, but you know, it’s kind of a step before they get to me. They kind of already been evaluated and, and, and all that sort of stuff, so they get to me a little bit further down the line than someone that just comes off the internet or something like that. So a big Kahuna award. Very lucky we sold the most, um, franchise awards, most franchises in that year.

Nice. Now, as the big Kahuna, I’d like for you to break down the three powerful aspects of franchise coaching and I want Dr Z to be able to attend to interrogate you. So I’m going to break down this. Hold on one second. One second. Got To realize that clay has cameras everywhere in the world. True. Even I has learning that has microphones. He picks up, but he could actually put a microphone. I mean, this is crazy, is what he says inside of guys brain. He could actually record what to do, thinking he can actually record the past where he had him there. Then he has it all stored on a, on a drive right now, which you store them on a drive or the cloud to cloud as an example, as an example is these are really positive individual pod that. But in his early thirties there was one day where he got upset and he was asked to go speak to a group of kids and and he said, guys, this isn’t probably the best day to have to. No, no, we need you to. I’m an optometrist. I’m not a motivational speaker in this was miked. I put a mic underneath a desk and this would’ve been. I would’ve been like, what? I would have been like 12 at the time. Amazing. I had the technology, the motivation resources, and Matt Kline Matt, this is what Dr c said to a group of doctors. He said to a group of young kids, allegedly around the time that I was in third grade,

probably seen yourselves, hey, I’m going to go out and I’m going to get the world by the tail and wrap it around and put it in my pocket. Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re going to find out as you go out there that you’re not going to do Jack Squat.

We can’t verify. It sounds a little different than day one day to just that one day it was a bad one, bad day, and he happened to have a micro. Who knew it was under the desk. I usually do a sweep of the room now, right? Yeah, no, he did. He has everything. Ms Dot log into my email. We’ll, we’ll put a picture of the WHO. We’ll put a picture of the big Kahuna award on today’s show notes. I got it. And so matt, we’re breaking down the three powerful aspects of Franchising, coaching and what makes Oxi fresh. The Big Kahuna. So coaching aspect. Number One, franchise coaching. There’s these people called seekers. Who can you explain for listeners out there in the world of Franchising Lingo and nomenclature, what is a seeker?

For instance, you gotta start somewhere, so they’re trying to accumulate people that are looking into franchises. They’re not just going out and introduce themselves to people on the street and say, Hey, are you interested in franchising? You know, they’re trying to look for individuals that are seeking new opportunities, whether it’s c level employees that have left their company, whether it is, um, individuals that have owned, other companies need to look at other opportunities when they go through the secret process. They’re just trying to combine a coach with an actual person interested in learning more or looking at other options as to entrepreneurship.

So Z, according to Forbes, this just did 67 percent of people say they want to be their own boss. I’m not saying that they should or they could be, but Z, is it shocking to you that there are people out there who want to buy a franchise but are currently employed somewhere else?

Oh, absolutely. I mean that’s. And that is the move. I mean, we’ve talked about that before is that you know, you don’t just quit everything day one and go buy a franchise and then obviously that franchise has to immediately replaced all your income. So that is, that is the case and I think how much you think that correlates with the other number. We have about seven. What is it? Seventy four percent of the people out there don’t like their job.

Well, I mean if that’s what Gallup says, 70 percent of people hate their jobs and the data shows from Gallup that 67 percent of people want to become their own boss. And so I think a Z, this justin, there appears to be a match

that it’s like that DNA and you are the father.

Hey, so seekers. So what happens is with the entrepreneur’s source and mad if I’m getting something wrong, please correct me. What they’ll do is they will talk to seekers who are saying no, what I might be interested in owning my own business. I might not be sort of qualifying them. They learn about them, find out their goals, their aspirations, and they say, you know, based upon what we’re talking about, you know, you might be more inclined for a brick and mortar service or a service based business or a right, I mean don’t they help of talk to the seekers and just feel them out to see what may be the best kind of businesses for them.

Definitely there’s people out there that have run their own restaurant for 20 years, but you know what, I want to still own a restaurant. That’s what I feel comfortable in my space. But I don’t want to have to do every single thing. Right. I want to be able, if I need more cheese for my pizza, nowhere to get it to be the person going out and searching for vendors that give you the best cheese futures.

Right. So

you know, certain people that you know don’t want to deal with food at all and they want a little bit more automation. And so some people, when I’ve told this before on the show, some people want to answer their own phone. So for oxy fresh, that’s not a great fit because we take care of that aspect for them. So through discussion, through evaluation, through, um, you know, uh, family situations, location and the tear in the area of the country, all those things will basically put them in a funnel, right? You start at the top of the funnel, you start to get down to simpson narrowing out to say, okay, these are some businesses that really kind of aligned with what your time commitment can be, what’s your investment will industry brick and mortar compared to home based business, right? All these types of things. And then you get to a certain amount of, of franchise companies that fit that mold and then you start to discuss that and now you know, everyone’s Kinda discussing their own business. But then you learn a lot about not only franchise and you learn a lot about, you know, the specific types of business owners styles. And that doesn’t mean that one of those will be perfect. That my actually does mean that you realize that what you thought you need, you don’t. Right? So it basically, through process you just eliminate the things you don’t know you don’t want and then you eventually get with companies that you feel like it could be a good good for you.

The origin of the name of Zilner is that German, but you have a lot of strong heritage on the. On the Italian side, don’t you? But yet I had a microphone. I might have a family get together a reunion

and you had some seekers and your family on your mother’s side twice removed where the tree doesn’t fit. This is what I heard. I can get a tutor to try to conquer that owned the cheese future marketplace. I want to answer. That’s number one. I don’t want to tell the kid I want to be totally cheats futures good as mine and I’m going to be better and I don’t like what this franchise coach has to tell me because I don’t want to do with. I don’t want to deal with an Oxi fresh. I don’t want someone else to answer my phones for me because I get upset. People in the world would come through Turkey. Turkey sees is Jesus, so that’s the kind of

thing that Terry Powell and the entrepreneur’s source people doing. They sift through people to find out whether you know, if you’re interested in cheese futures and running our own call center, you probably don’t want an Oxi fresh, Greg. You probably don’t.

Yeah. Those are two things.

Now, the next part is the coaching. Once they kind of figure out, okay, now we figured out that you definitely want to own a brick and mortar restaurant or you want to own a service based business like oxy fresh. Talk to me about the kind of coaching that people receive before you meet them from the entrepreneur’s source. I mean, how much do they know about oxy fresh before you talk to them?

Well, there’s a big disparity between a good coach and a bad coach just like any other industry should know. I mean, if you don’t know about the actual franchise that you’re talking about, then it’s kind of defeating the purpose.

You don’t know what’s going on, but you have the title continue.

I. You don’t know what our investment level is. You’re going to have a pretty hard time putting that person in a budget where you know that company. So knowing the differences, I mean most of my stuff that I do with the entrepreneurship courses, educational, probably giving them the tools and the resources to when they go into those conversations, oh actually I see that you want to send my absentee model. That flexibility and the ability to answer the phones for you, I think I’m supposed to be great. Right. But if they don’t know that those are some of the value adds that we have, they’re not going to put them with her. So that does come through years. I’ve experienced and having conversations and going to their conference and when new, because they’re a franchise system themselves, there are coaching franchise system. So you know for them it’s, you know, they’ve got to whoever’s the new franchise with the entrepreneur’s source and become a coach.

That’s their first goal is to know everything they need to know about these companies that they’re presenting. So that doesn’t actually present them in a light that seems like a value to that person. If they don’t know anything, then it’s, you know, those guys can just go right online and just search it out themselves. So they need to be resourceful than needed to be knowledgeable. They need to be able to understand, you know, hot button. Some people might like something and some people might hate or another and you didn’t know that about your clients so that you can understand, you know, how that’s going to help them with what their goals are.

So again, franchise coaching one, one, one on one. If you’re doing a google search today for buy a franchise, Matt Kline, so I’m gonna just type it in here. Buy a franchise. I don’t know what kind of French has I want to buy hypothetically. I just want to type it in. So Z, I type it in. I’m pulling up on the big screen here. I searched. You might see franchises for or franchise opportunities or franchise direct or something like the entrepreneur’s source. And then you fill out the form. Next thing you know, you have a franchise coach who gives you a call. They talk to the secret. They Kinda prequalify the person, find the right niche or industry for them. Then they sort of coach you up. They talk about the financial requirements, the trade offs, the winds, that kind of thing. Then step three is placement. I want you to talk about placement and where does that handoff occur? Windows, the entrepreneur’s source. Uh, give the prospect to you. When did they introduce you guys to do it? Kelly at night and they say, look, here, go see snakes going to the dual toys. I mean, how does that, how does that transition work

from the very beginning? We don’t have any communication with that candidate or client that’s looking to buy a franchise until they say, yes, I’d like to look at that option. Will companies yet the first step, the coach getting that candidate in a spot where they are, you know, engaging with the franchisees. So there’s a three way relationship happening here where the coach is presenting a candidate and letting them know the background and budget and what’s really important to them. So that when I had that initial conversation, I know these things, it just speeds up the process to where, you know, when uh, uh, coaching candidate comes to me, they’re no longer trying to understand franchise. They knew what franchising is by that point. They see the structure of franchise and they’re trying to figure out specifics about my business that may help them whereas someone off the street or something, it goes through like an Internet portal.

I’m explaining everything about franchising first and then about the business in some respects. So the handoff goes through variety of conversations that I will have. And then they’ll go back to the coach and say, these are the things I liked about the business, these things I didn’t like. And then they compare those to the other companies that they’re also speaking with. And then eventually through a variety of phone conversations and mapping, you know, conversation, the document sharing and franchise disclosure review. They’ll get to a point where they pick the franchise that they want and then they’ll basically come out to that franchise headquarters for training. And then when they actually place them in there, that is considered to be a successful transaction between coach and franchise and candidate. Everybody wins. And in getting that person to the franchise that they wanted to get with.

I’m putting up on the big screen here now. I see an award as the paper copy. I have the trophy I saw earlier today. This is the actual paper certificate. What made you an Oxi fresh? The Big Kahuna. There’s so many kinds of franchises out there. This justin. See there are many different kinds of franchises. How many thousands? There are thousands. So why would the entrepreneur’s source a refer so many people to you and what makes you the big Kahuna?

Yeah. It just goes exactly back to what we talked about in terms of education and knowledge. I think our approach to the coaching program is we want to give them as much knowledge about our franchise because if they’re having an initial conversation and they can’t get that individual excited about what the value is, the oxy fresh and they’re never going to even get to me. And we realized that very early in that relationship, so you know, another leads up to the actual candidate, what they want to learn. And not everyone likes ox freshman. That’s okay. But they shouldn’t not like a business because the information they’re getting is not enough. Right? It’s not good enough to, to make them excited. So, you know, my goal is to, when they’re speaking to that canyon for the first time, they should be a reflection of myself. And I like because I’m an expert,

Hey, I want to make sure that shows rightly divided Z, z you hate when people have a bias. They go, oh, here’s the deal. It’s all one sided. You don’t get both sides of the story. You don’t get to hear the facts. You just hear hyperbole opinions. And so Z, I’m Matt Kline just said, not everyone loves oxi fresh. So when I’m going to do is I’m now going to what the car looks like, Super Wet for long times. They want a carpet company. I have a list to the environment. I have a list of people that, uh, we’ve done research that definitely do not like oxy fresh. I think it’s fair for the listeners to know that we haven’t talked about this. I’m sure it’s not going to go over. We’ll get to hear the people that don’t like Oxi fresh and it’s a fact. I mean, it’s not a, it’s a hard cold stone. It’s a stone cold lead pipe locked fact. Wow.

Come in strong with that. Music. China, the People’s Republic of China. They do not like all billion oxy for wow. Everybody. Cuba. Cuba does not like Oxi fresh Laos people. Democratic Republic does not like oxy fresh. Wow. You’ve interviewed. Every single person allows. Each person is answer phones. Every one by one moment, by moment, hour by hour. I scanned their brains using the cutting edge microphone. Technology, the only I have access to. Wow. Because it’s protected by the communist regimes. Have these countries, North Korea, otherwise known as the DP, Rko North Korea wouldn’t. I mean, come on, give me on. I prefer to call them the DPRK because I’m in the. I’m in the note. Oh, you’re in the note a country number five. It definitely does not like oxy fresh at all. These people hate Oxi fresh Vietnam. What? The Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Oh, they’re good. They’re not into it. Got to give them a second chance. This is. These are just things. Now we have rumors that other planets do not like oxy fresh, but currently

in order to take those countries and in and review that and kind of say, how does that list? What do all those countries have in common? What do all those countries I’ve listed off having common. It would appear that all the communists do not like oxy fresh. Oh, there you go, Matt Kline. You want to refute this? Where do you want to accept this?

So it makes sense.

Okay, so if you. If you hate money, if you hate money, freedom. If you hate the ability to earn copious amounts of cash and time freedom, you would hate oxi fresh. Now, if you are, what I would call it, Z and American American, a capitalist by God, somebody who loves your family, you love oxy fresh, and that’s just what we know. What did you just sort of what have you just sort of like your family or like put up with them if you put them with your families? Still live data shows irrefutably based upon the microphone technology. The only the communists have access to the data printouts which are very accurate. Right. You definitely still like oxy fresh. That’s what I was thinking. How can you live in the continental contiguous United States or even the parts of United States like where you go Puerto Rico, it’s a territory, right? The Philippines a territory. They still have oxi fresh with a passion. Canada. Mexico loves Oxi fresh. Now Matt Kline, what countries is Oxi fresh and currently are you? Are you in Vietnam? I mean are you, are you dealing with all the hate there? What country?

Vietnam. US and Canada. So individually you can buy individual multiple territories in the US and Canada. Any areas outside of the US and Canada would be treated as a master franchise or you would actually be the Oxi fresh corporate headquarters in that country and we will support you. So eventually down the road we’ll get to that point. But right now we’re really focused on, you know, the US and Canada, when that comes along will be ready for it. Um, it takes a special type of person or, or corporation to want to do that.

Justin Bieber, you know, a lot of people up there up north, you know, the mounties mounties are interested in Oxi fresh from a men, of course. And in all sincerity, as we wrap up the today show about the Big Kahuna Award, the entrepreneur’s source works with hundreds of other franchises. Why do they love Oxi fresh? So much? Say in all sincerity, why? Why do they love? Why does the entrepreneur’s source refer you so much more than everybody else? What’s the deal? Are you, are you, are they attracted to your beauty, to the world’s green carpet cleaning to call center? What’s the deal?

A few things. One, I do think that our actual franchise in itself stands out in terms of being a true actual green, eco friendly, low moisture water conservation company. But when you couple that with our resources and our automation, we talked about that a lot, but it can’t be lost. National Scheduling Center allows for a lot of flexibility in what you’re doing in your day. Uh, but then also in terms of just our interactions were very responsive to all their candidates were quick to the punch and we stay on top of it. I mean, you know, if somebody is, if I have a call at 9:00 on Monday, I’m going to be on that call at 9:00 on Monday. So it’s just, you know, seeing those people as potential partners the best down the road. And I think that’s a good approach for us.

Alright man, if somebody is out there and wanting to learn more about oxy fresh, uh, I would highly recommend they go to thrive time forward slash oxi fresh. That’s thrive time show Ford Slash Oxi fresh. They can fill out the form request information and when they call you, what is the next step?

Yep. So let’s just get in contact with each other. Fill out that form. Um, we will not only text but email you and call you to set up our first call. Um, some people like we’re living in a world where some people like and some people like on some people, so we’ll do all of those, connect with each other and find out a good time to spend 15, 20 minutes, learn about each other, go through that evaluation process and really just get into the details and see if this would be a good fit for them.

Alright, there you have it there. Thrive nation. Go to thrive time,, forward slash oxi fresh. Fill out the form to learn more about buying and Oxi fresh franchise or if you want to make it tough to track, just go to oxy That makes it more difficult to track. Thank you for not doing that, but some of you do that and I respect either way because this is America and this is not a communist shows that you can go to whatever website you want. You can fill out the form, but you should go to oxy fresh or thrive time forward slash oxy freshmen. We like to end every show with a boom. And so here we go. Three, two, one.

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