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Recorded at the actual Thrivetime Show Conference, Clay Clark interviews actual guests about their experience at the 2-day in-person business conferences.


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Jason, Dr Breck, how are you guys doing? Great. Fantastic. Well I’m doing, I’m doing incredibly well here. Uh, you know, I, we’re, I’m excited cause on today’s show we ha we’re gonna, we’re going to have a podcast blasty blast. Essentially we’re going to take three people from the actual in person business conferences and bring them into the studio and we actually recorded these guys while at the conference. Sure. So in the background there’s yeah. Screaming, yelling, hysteria, conference, these sort of things. Right. I’m Dr Breck Yuba. Do a workshop like attended in person, thrive time show workshop. Super High Energy, a great time. Had a lot of fun, lots of information coming at you quick. Um, but it’s, it’s wonderful. I don’t think everybody should go. What kind of stuff can people learn at the workshops? Oh, SEO optimization, uh, management, uh, hiring and firing. Um, there’s so many things. Jason, what kind of things can people learn at the business conferences? Oh Man. So, uh, we hit them hard with sales. Sales is a huge portion of it. Uh, like Brexit, team management, but also how to plan your day. The importance of a to do list, just how to be actionable and, um, to scale being, uh, consistent, ah, systems, processes, things that work. It’s all here on the blast. The blast podcast on this edition of the thrive time show on your radio and podcast. Download it.

yes, yes, yes and yes. Eric Chupp on today’s show, we have some incredible guests here who all have lost a bet or something. I don’t know how they ended up with this, but they’re here. So now they’re, they’re stuck with us on the show today. And let’s meet our first guest. Assert. Where are you from? Uh, Los Angeles. And what is your name? Fred Marcellia. So Fred, you’re from La. How did you first hear about this business conference that you’re attending right now? Oh, it was on your podcast. Have you had fun so far and have I screwed it up and I ruined your life for her cause I knew there’s people out there that want to know what’s the business conferences actually like?

Oh No, it’s awesome. I mean, uh, meet a lot of great people and then it’s been a lot of fun.

This is not meant to be a self serving. I just want and I wanna get an objective review here. Of all the business conferences that you’ve been to, you’ve probably been to a few. Is this in the top 10, bottom 10 middle? Give us what you liked or didn’t like about it so far. Top for sure. What do you, what do you like about it?

Um, I mean it’s just real people, you know, I mean great stories, great people. I mean, uh, get to see a lot of successful people and everyone’s really humble. It’s cool. We talk about a lot. It’s like iron sharpens iron, right? Glad eat meat.

A lot of other, hopefully not eating entrepreneurs. You’re meeting entrepreneurs, but I had a client who he’s been to one about eight months ago. He came back this time and he was like, I just love seeing all the people at the conference cause they walk fast like me. [inaudible] because in our, at our conference, I think today I’m just doing some rough math based upon people I know. I know in a crowd of 125 I know of at least 25 millionaires that we’ve built who are here today. And I think it’s really cool when they come up and share their stories. I think that provides that um, texture or that, that uh, proof that the facts, I think it’s neat. When you’re, did you have anybody that spoke that spoke that, uh, maybe a guest we had or a testimonial we had or somebody who was here that maybe resonated with you the most or a specific highlight that you’ve, that you’ve learned so far?

Well, I mean Justin runs presentation. Joe, yeah. Really moved me. And um, I mean I, I have purpose in my life, you know, my family and everything that just made me just want to do more. And so Justin wren is an MMA fighter and he has a cause called fight for the forgotten or he works with the pygmies down in Africa and helps them drill water wells and it’s Kinda changed his whole life and brought him back to uh, to have this centered place that he goes to every time he’s struggling cause he knows what he’s actually fighting for it. It, uh, how we met, we met Justin and I shared at the conference, but I was listening to the Elon Musk podcast that was put out by, uh, Joe Rogan, Joe Rogan. And I listened to and I w I do, I listen to things while I’m getting ready for work.

I’m never not listening to something. So I was listening to it. But the next podcast, that auto cued, it went to the next one, right. Was the interview with Justin Rent. And so I listened to, I didn’t know who he was and I’m not really into MMA or anything and I listened to it and I got to the end of it. I’m like, wow, we’ve got to get this guy on our show. So we reached out to him. Uh, he made a poor life choice and, and agree to get on the show. He ended up here, he ended up here. And, uh, anyway, I did, we interviewed him when I interviewed him after the show, I told my wife, this is why I tell my wife never, I have a guy with like emotional thing. I like to believe. Got to go to Atwoods. So I drove to Atwoods uh, this little I would, it’s Kinda like Lowe’s but more countrified.

Yeah. And I went and I just was bawling for a couple hours cause this guy got bullied as a kid. Uh, Spokane, it became an MMA fighter and got addicted to drugs. Right. And then he decided to get kicked off of his team, got kicked off of his teeth and he, uh, decided to come back as a fighter and now he donates all of his winnings to help people in Third World countries get clean drinking water. I mean, that’s crazy. That’s crazy. The story. His testimonial to videos he showed. I had stepped off of stage for a moment at the present or at the conference. We’re presenting it and I was like, okay, get your stuff together. Clay’s going to have you come back up in a minute so you better not be crying out here. It was kind of a tear jerker look him up Justin and we’ll put a link on the, on the show notes here.

Justin rand is just absolutely a great guest and a guy. I encourage you to watch his podcast but he have on the thrive time show or listen to it. But Fred, what business question do you have today? What may be a question that we could answer for you or or maybe a tip want to give the listeners out there cause you’ve attended the workshop, you’ve, you’ve taken in a lot of stuff. Maybe you can share your, your favorite tip that you’ve learned or maybe you can ask a question. You have the floor and paint them into a corner and paint them into a corner. That’s why I like to interrogate our guests here in the thrive time show conference. Well, I mean I did have the

question about when, um, you know, you do the group interview and then the, the ones that move on to the second one, a second step to shadow a shadow phase. Um, so I have field technicians. I mean, would you handle that the same way? I mean,

I would absolutely do that and I’ll tell you why. Um, you’re looking for, you want to hire, hire character and train skill. So you want to have somebody to be made to go with you in the field a couple of times or a time and just see how do they handle themselves. How do they smell, how do they interact, how are they? Because if not, they go into someone’s home and they really create a bad reputation for you that that would be my advice for you in that area.

And you want to make sure that they’re either shadowing you or your top people, right? You don’t just let them shadow whoever they need to. They need to follow all of your culture and your values and that you put forth and make sure that they’re going to shadow that person so they don’t pick up bad habits of maybe some of the lesser quality people you have on your team at the time.

Fred, I appreciate your time more than you know my friend. I think we’re going to kick you off the Mike and another contestant on you. Lost a bet and now you’re on the threat junction stuck with us. Appreciate it from a hundred heavy here. Okay. Our next contestant to sir, can you tell us your, your name and, and what you do?

So my name is Tyler Hall blade and I own a manufacturing business.

And where are you? Uh, where are you located? Where do you, where do you live? Phoenix. Arizona. And how did you hear about the thrive time show business conferences? Uh, through the podcast. Okay. Did you find us on iTunes or Spotify or to a friend tell you about it or,

uh, the iTunes app, their podcast app. You guys were like trending. I was just looking for business ones. And you guys popped up?

Yes. Okay. Now Talk to me, uh, about, um, what you’ve learned so far or maybe just describe for people cause people who’ve never attended this workshop? Probably, you know, I, I don’t know what you’re thinking before you come here. I don’t know. I don’t know how that thought process works cause I’m not listening to some people that I’ve just met via a podcast. What kind of describe your experience so far?

Uh, it’s been great. I kinda came here not really knowing what to expect or kind of like my situation is unique so I didn’t know what I could learn. Um, cause everything I’ve heard on the podcast is relevant but not directly applicable right away. Um, and I learned that all of it can’t be.

So what has been a highlight for you so far of the conference? Like what have you gotten out of where you go? That I can, I’m gonna apply that Monday, man. That’s good stuff. It’s

tough. Um, the review stuff and the group interviews and reviews and group interviews. Yeah. So I don’t control, I’m still trying to figure out and it’s going to be my question, um, on the reviews. Um, but I just, I’m separated from the customer, I don’t touch them. Um, all my stuff is wholesaled. So it’s Kinda like buying a car. Like you don’t go to Ford and buy a car, you go to a Ford dealership, so people to these independent dealerships and they buy my product. So how do I get people to leave me a review?

Okay. Re reset that again because I think there’s some listeners out there because I want to make sure everyone out there fully understands what you do. Can you kind of explain it? Assuming that I’m a third grader from another planet? Yeah. Yeah. So we manufacture aluminum utility trailer. Okay. Got It. So just like anything, it is highly regulated in the sense that only licensed dealers can sell my product. So it’s a wholesale, but it’s a wholesale through a specific avenue. So when I make a product, I have to find a dealer to sell it locally. Yup. Here’s what you do. And I’ve done this before for people like you. So it’s good one, get all the dealers to leave your review. Obviously they like you enough to sell your trailer home. Um, too is I’d have all of their employees who sell your trailer, right.

Why they like it. So that’s probably three to four reviews now per dealer right there from real people that have really used a product. Um, then I would incentivize the dealer, I’d say, hey dealer, listen, I’m willing to give you an extra hundred dollars or $50, whatever that number is. Um, per transaction when you sell it, I’ll give you a better margin or something. If you get reviews from consumers, you know, so that way they want to get reviews. Yeah. Cause it will absolutely change your sales dramatically. And if you offered that listeners out there that don’t believe me, just look up on Amazon today. Just go to Amazon and do a search in the book section for like Business Growth and see which book comes up top or do a search for carpet cleaning quotes and see who comes up top. You’re gonna see Oxi fresh with 155,000 reviews. Oxi comes up top, you’re going to see the products and services had the most reviews on Amazon come up top cause Amazon and Google want to reward the highest review businesses with the top placement. And that’s how you would do it. Does that answer your question?

Yeah it does. And, and you gotta remember that, uh, anybody that you’re going to be reaching out to, to, to contact as a prospective dealer for you, anybody worth their salt is going to do some due diligence and they’re going to look you guys up and you want to be very intentional about your Google trail because that’s your new resume, right? Whenever they find their. And so the first thing we want them to see is a bunch of good Google reviews. [inaudible] cool. How would you describe the atmosphere of this workshop for people that haven’t attended and have you, have you been to other workshops before? Yes. Many. How does this rate versus versus all the workshops you’ve attended so far? This one’s the best one. The energy’s high. Like I like loud music. I like, I have add. So I like lots of like distraction.

If someone just stands on a stage and just talks at me, yeah, I zone out for two minutes. Maybe you need the energy. I need the energy. I need the constant like change the subject. Like I like the fast pace and I like brutal. I’m an honest person. Like I’ll tell you how it is. I don’t care. And I, it’s so refreshing like where people tiptoe around eggshells, rockets and eggshells and just like, you know, people need to know the Truth and defensive people that don’t say how it is. Do you know why people don’t say how it is scared of people’s feelings? Well, yours truly, I deal with a lot of hate. Yeah.

I’ve got a brick through my car on Thanksgiving one year. Uh, I’ve got a brick through a building before a window. A brick is a theme. I get a lot of people on reddit that write things about me that aren’t true. Drive by screamers. I dry my front lawn. This is the new thing here. I’ll be out front planting trees and someone’s like, screw you drafted by. And I’m like, oh, but that’s because you tell the truth. So I am certainly not in the category of a Jesus or a Martin Luther or Martin Luther King Jr or, uh, of Abraham Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan, but they all got shot or killed because of saying the truth. People cannot handle the truth. People hate the truth. People want the truth and that percentage of the population that wants the truth loves it. You can’t handle the truth. People can’t, I mean it’s really, it freaks people out. And so I appreciate you saying that. For anybody out there who’s listening, who is thinking about attending the workshop, what advice would you have for them? Um,

you want like genuine advice that like, just that’s at face value and I would highly recommend it. It’s the cool part I like about it is that it’s a very action biased. Yup. We’re not teaching you theories. We’re teaching you things that clay and Dr Zelner’s businesses actually do and that we implement with hundreds of clients over the past few years. And it’s, you can go home. It’s a Friday, Saturday. You can go home on Monday and start implementing certain things right away. Tell us about Louis roofing real quick. How quick could that guys grown? Yeah, so Lewis Roofing has been a client for awhile. The first year we worked together, he went from right around six to 7 million to almost 14 million. And uh, ever, he just needed systems in place that he learned at the conference too. Don’t let your entire company have access to you if you have over four people because you’re going to run out of time every day. He had 70 plus employees at the time, if I remember the number right. And everybody had direct line of access to him, so he would spend 10 hours a day doing, got a minutes.

Oh my God. I want

to, I want to tee up this idea real quick because um, this will be probably the most shameless commercial firm conference ever. Uh, I need people to get, people need to hear this. Um, I pay every month, 6,000 to 8,000 every month for ongoing education for our team. About search engines. So right now we’re paying, Gary Grant is a company called s e o Inc, right to teach our team search engines. I’ve read an insane number of books about search engine optimization, like the honest seduction, uh, the art of SEO search engine for dummies. How Google works. I mean, way too many books. I’m talking, you’ve seen the library and these are so much fun to read. I probably read maybe six to 7,000 pages, 20 books about search engines and we have distilled it into a system that we’re going to teach after lunch today.

Everyone can apply. And people have told me they’ve gone to workshops and dropped 1000, 2000, 3000, $4,000 at a workshop to learn stuff. And then at the end they go, oh, but you have to come to the next workshop to really learn it and see. I just want to make sure you guys know when you that the next session take a lot of notes, but you have all the handouts there and there’s no looming up sell. But just make sure you’re taking tons of notes because that right there is thousands of dollars of value. Thousands and shut my think I’m out there in the back there even though where I’m proud of the background noise. Andrew Andrew’s get taking the audio to the next level back there in the background here. And thank you for being on the show, my friend. Any words of wisdom for the listeners out there? Ah, no, just keep grinding. All right, we’re gonna have our next guest on the show here. Appreciate you being on the show. They my friend. All right. And so our next guest here is your name. Og. Can you introduce yourself to our listeners, sir? Yup. Great. [inaudible] state

farm agent for Claremore, Oklahoma. This is my first time and grant, I need you to admit that microphone is like a super sensitive mic. So just get as close to that mic as possible. Your name’s grant and you’re a, a a insurance agent from Oklahoma City. Claremore Oklahoma. Claremore Oklahoma. Uh, tell us my friend. How long have you been an insurance agent? Um, four and a half years at this point. So you’ve probably been to a lot of workshops. I’ve done several. I mean everything from Vegas to Dallas to several different business conferences in house within the company. Outside. I hate to ask this question but I have to, cause it could go badly, but uh, it could go bad. Um, have all the workshops you’ve been to, you’ve probably been to many of them because insurance agents typically have to go to a lot of business conferences and ongoing Ed.

How does this conference rate versus all the ones that you’ve been to so far? Really good. I think from the standpoint that, you know, in our business you’re, sometimes you’re working on your trade, which might be, you know, insurance for me or financial services. But I’m also signed up to be an entrepreneur and be a business owner. And that’s what I came here to, was to walk away with those kinds of takeaways. And I feel like that’s the kind of meat that I’m getting. And I don’t feel like it’s super high level where it’s, we’re not getting anything that we can’t walk away with. And I feel like you’re surrounded by other people. That’s Kinda been there, done that. And there’s a lot of hands also that’s been raised whenever people are saying, Hey, I’ve struggled with something before and they’re not afraid to say, hey, I struggled.

But when I listened to the coaching I came through actually on a better on entity. Awesome. So, so what question do you, do you have any questions or maybe any business question where you think, you know, hey, I’d love to have that question answered before I leave. Is there a business question that’s still floating around that hasn’t been resolved yet that you want to ask us here? Uh, yeah. One is around recruiting. Yup. In a, one takeaway I had was that the group interview, I love that concept, but is where are you locating those, those eight players mean here’s, I will tell you this, you live in Claremore so next Wednesday at six at night, if you want to come to our group interview, you’re more than welcome to, to attend. Watch it go down. Yeah. And by the way, if we find a good person there, you’re more than welcome to hire them because of right now I just got booked out. Um, we just hired our art. We’re full now and um, but usually I

have one opening or something. So last week we had a guy come to our group interview and he hired two people from it. Aaron Antis was show homes. He took two people from last week’s interview that now work at Shaw homes. So we do not have a recruiting company. That’s not my goal, but we do it well. We do it every, I don’t charge a fee and you can just come, no extra charge. You just come Wednesday at six and you can see me do it and we put spin on probably $1,000 a month on indeed craigslist, um, Facebook, uh, linkedin. Are you boosting them on those? Yeah, I go, you can do an ad on linkedin. I do an ad on linkedin. I do an ad on indeed at an ad on craigslist. And then on Facebook I’ll, I’ll boost. Okay. And I drop about my budgets.

I think it’s like 800 and something a month. I think it’s eight not 900 but 800 something. And we did every month. And then we have Chubb. How many people RSVP and say, I will be there. Oh, looking forward to it. Anywhere from 50 to 150 and I’d say fifties are low average. How many actually confirm how many, how many of those that confirm actually show a maybe eight to 28 to 20 that show up. How many of those are hire-able? A one to two. Okay. That’s why do you today? I’ll find the one or two next week for sure. Guarantee you’ll find one. You’ll find a person and you can just always be recruiting. Yes. Yeah. Every single week. And I know it’s the key. I read the book called how Google Works, where they explained these things and I thought, well, I guess I should implement that.

And then I met my friend Lee Cockrell, who leaked. I said, if you have not listened to the Lee Cockerel podcast, um, Lee, he’s just so impressive. I remember Lee Cockerel was the executive vice president of Walt Disney world for over 10 years, which means he reported directly to Michael Eisner who ran Disney. He reported to the CEO and he alone was responsible for 40,000 employees at Disneyworld, 40,000 and they have a million customers a week. It’s the world’s most visited attraction, not the White House, not the Grand Canyon, not Disney, Paris, not Niagara Falls, but Disney world, Orlando. And he managed 40,000 people there with 40,000 people. Even with an attrition rate of 3% which is good. That means every month you lose 3% of your workforce, even with an attrition rate of 3% that means they have to replace 1200 employees every week. Oh my gosh. So you have to do the group interview.

That sounds like a lot. And the group interview consists of people who in, by the way, in Orlando, we have a lot of uh, immigrants who are new to the country. A lot of people who, um, maybe are waiters waitresses or they need to, you’re the people that are hiring, they have a lot of high skilled people that have a lot of people that are need to clean the park. You know, they had a lot of, it’s a lower pay, you know what I’m saying? Like you need a lot of, it’s a Lotta, it’s a lot, a lot of lower paying. They do pay better than almost anything in Orlando with, for that skill level, but they have little, actively low. It’s not a lot of of professional certified employees. Not a lot of doctorates. Not a lot of white collar. I mean, but if you didn’t do the d group interview, imagine if you needed to fill 1200 openings this week and we know that you only find a good fit one in a 20 times.

You couldn’t do it. You just couldn’t do it. Now, I don’t want this to get lost on anybody. I don’t know if everybody realizes what clay just said, hey, we don’t have any spots open right now, but we’re doing a group interview next Wednesday at six. It’s key. It’s is so important to continue to do it when you don’t have slots. Because I, when I talked to my clients about this a lot, I relate it to sales. If you wait until you’re out of money to start doing sales, you’re screwed. Right? Like you’ve got to make doing sales. Before that, when I sold one of my businesses, I didn’t even have a company and I still did it. Oh. Cause I knew that I was going to start a company. Right. You’re going to need people and I needed people and you just need, I didn’t even have a company for a while.

I had sold one of my businesses, DJ I was without a business and I was just recruiting and I found a guy and another guy and then another client called me and said, hey, could you help me grow my real estate business? And I’m like, yeah. He’s like, do you have a team? Oh, I’ve got a team. There you go. I never don’t have a team. It’s like with a lawyer too, right? You don’t want to wait until you need a lawyer to find a lawyer. You want to have somebody right there that you know you can work with. Same thing with your team. Most people build their team based on friends they know or family or whatever. But I’m just trying to say I’ve sold multiple companies where I’ve lost the entire team and I’ve built it back real fast. Just it’s, you’re just, I know my make and model.

I know what I’m looking for. Any other questions about hiring, firing, recruiting, sales, anything else you happen to your questions right at the moment. For any of the listeners out there who have not been to a workshop, can you explain what the atmosphere has been like from your perspective? Sitting up there near the front, right at the very, very front row. He’s had to stare at me a lot, so I apologize about that. What’s it been like? It’s great. I mean, when you first walk in, I mean it’s just, it feels alive and you, you just tell other people here, are you ready to be students of the game? And Lauren, you know that I don’t feel like there’s a lot of people here that they came with saying, hey, I already know everything. I’m dude, let me take, came here to be a sponge.

Let me tell it works. Uh, Abby and Julia and Emilia and the people who answer the phone to book the tickets for the conference. I just want you to know this will secret out there. I secret we’ll keep it between us. Here’s the, if you fill out the form and you want to get tickets, I will not sell you tickets if, if I don’t like you. So we have a lot of people who will call their crazy people crazy, crazy. If you’re listening right now and you’re a crazy person, you know what I’m saying? People that will call you if you’re listening right now, you need to unsubscribe. If this is you, we had one guy who was like, I want to, um, d nuclear. I want to demilitarize nuclear submarines to create a energy source to desalinate all of the water in a, for the Palestinians so they can be liberated from the tyranny of the Israelis.

And I’m going, there’s a lot of big words. Desalinate demilitarize, Israeli Palestine and tyranny. So the girls are talking to them. This is about three years back and they’re like, what do you do now? He says, I work at Jimmy John’s and it’s like, oh, are you studying nuclear propulsion or nuclear energy? No, no, no. I just, I see a problem and I got to stop it. I got an [inaudible] solution and so I don’t, I don’t think you’re a good fit. And we refer them to Tony Robins. So if you’re out there, you go to Tony Robbins. Tony, Tony will take the money, he’ll get y’all excited. Bench beat deal, bounce the beach balls and you’ll do that and he’ll, he’ll yell. And Chubb, have you ever been to a Tony Robbins seminar? You’ve never been to a Tony. I’m going to play one for you. A Tony Robbins seminar. Okay. I’m going get it real quick. All right, cause you’re, I think this is going to blow the minds of you. Chuck, you’re going to end up wanting to go to this. I’m going to sign up right now. Okay. Let me find it. Let me find, I get this right.

He [inaudible].

You guys are talking, rob, let me find it, Tony. Come on. Give me some Tony, have you had sex with him? Whoa, Whoa, whoa. Easy there Tony.

He’s raising his giant hands. This one or this one? Let’s just do it. But she did try to, how did she try provato [inaudible] she tried to slash her wrists. I see that that’s not going to happen in our comp. Wow. Yeah. I’m not going to put a little orange on top of the microphone. The orange vogue cover or the red cover. I’m not going to run around and say yes and I’m not going to say unleash and I’m not going to, ah, I’m just, I’m just not, not gonna do it. Why me? We do is teach you literal specific systems and you’ve got to start. We start at 7:00 AM, which requires diligent doers to get up early on to get up. People here didn’t have a problem with it. They all owned businesses. Everybody, if you are looking for your tribe, I call them the one percenters. The people who are not intenders, not pretenders, but they are doers. If you are, if you’re looking for people that get you that speak your language. A lot of people have told me they’ve made lifetime friends, they’ve exchanged phone numbers with people and they talk to them on the weekly and they’re like, that’s the only person in the world I’ve ever met that understands what it feels like to own their own, own their own business.

And you know what else is cool is that it’s not, this is not a conference, like a typical conference. It’s not a bunch of employees here. There’s a bunch of business owners. Typically you go to some workshop or some conference and somebody’s boss has made them go and therefore they sleep the whole time there. They stay out late drinking the night before because they don’t want to be their true. Everybody at our conference, they’re the owners or the core team of the owner and so they’re here to learn and actually put stuff into action. So it’s super cool to be able to meet. And like clay was just saying and I kind of converse with those types of people.

No, chuck, we like to end each and every show with a boom and a, I think it’s appropriate. We should do it on this show. This is a show. So we should probably end it that way and serves that. You lost the bet and you happen to be on the mic. You have to be partake of the moon with us. Uh, I mean, so you guys are off mic but still boom with us. Okay, you ready? So typically we do a three, two, one, then we do a boom. Here we go. Chuck, you ready? I’m ready, sir. Are you ready? Sorry. Here we go. Wait, what

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