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Bad things do happen to good business owners and they happen often. On today’s show, Dr. Z and business coach Clay Clark teach how to mentally handle the daily chaos of being a business owner.

  1. It is so easy in today’s age you can sit at home behind a fake name and create so much hate.
    1. You used to have the courage to create hate but today you can create hate within seconds with no repercussions.
    2. Once you have success, you will have people reach out to tell you that it is not fair that you have success. They will do this over the phone, social media, text, and many other ways to attack your success.

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All right. Thrive nation. To do a, to record today’s show intro, I’m joined here with my son Aubrey Clark. Uh, Aubrey, can you explain to the listeners how old are you? My friend? I’m 12. And uh, you have a little DJ business going on. Tell us about your upcoming gigs that you have.

Well, this weekend I have, I’m BJ, I don’t know what you’d call it. Thanksgiving thing, but Thanksgiving party. And then I have our business conferences and two Christmas parties. Well, see you’re getting a busy schedule now on today’s show we’re talking about the chaos. Phew. Chaos theory. Whereas a business owner you have to get used to kind of good at learning how to, to sip on the haterade and you’re in your young 12-year-old mind. What does that mean from that people are, things are going to happen and it’s not just going to be sunshine stuff. Bad things are going to happen. Like what, what kind of bad things cause you, you’ve been around me enough. I know you’re listening. When you, when I think you’re, when you think I’m not listening. I know when you think that, I don’t think that you’re listening.

I know you’re listening. So what kind of bad stuff can happen in business? People are going to steal your stuff or somebody’s going to say you did something that she didn’t do and your business is going to get a bad name. What else? Bad stuff. That business stuff you’re going to have to fire employees. What else? Um, well you’re going to get sued yet. What else? That’s pretty good. So far. You’re pretty good right now. What else? Give me, give me just two more bad things that could happen. Well, people are going to mess up your staff. They’re going to make your business, you know, messed up. But what happens when you say if you give an employee a checklist to do it, uh, you give them an actual system. You tell them what to do. Do they always do it? You think? No. Why not? Because they just want to sit in the phones and check social media. And if you fire somebody, what are some people do when you fire file employment and say it’s your racist or something. That’s right. And that’s what it’s like Nina business owner. It’s called chaos theory. And on today’s business coach show, dr Zelda and I break down how to learn how to sip on the haterade and actually learn to enjoy it because through the struggle you gain strength,

grabbed the duct tape and mentally prepare yourself for yet another mind-expanding knowledge bomb from America’s number one business coach, clay Clark,

C,Z , N. Z. It is ecstasy when you are next to me. And typically I am the one who drops the knowledge bombs just to art due to our recording schedule. But on today’s show you will drop the knowledge bomb and I want to tee up the idea and the sound clip. Okay. And then I give you the runway for you and Josh Wilson moving water irrigation to pontificate. Okay. Show is called the chaos theory. Learning how to make fighting normal, the chaos theory, learning how to make fighting normal. Now TD Jakes, who is a very successful New York times bestselling author and a pastor, he could not be here on the show today because he has class in style. And he has said no. Uh, when I’ve asked him to be on the show. But eventually he will say yes, but he, I feel like he’s on the verge of saying yes. But at this point he must say, yeah, I’m going to keep the audio from his recent sermon. It’s 43 seconds. All right, here we go.

Any time you succeed, you will breathe haters. I remember years ago when Kirk Franklin did stall. You remember when Kurt Franklin did stop? It wasn’t controversial till he sold a million copies because if he’d only sold 10 copies, they were in the road. No articles about it would’ve been no issue when he sold a million copies. Now people hot talking about look at it, but for a shaking him behind Virginia haters though, always talk about you when you’re, when you have to decide who you want to be like or do you want to win?

All right, so you think about this for a second. And when you run a business of any kind, any size for any amount of time at all, once you do $1 million of revenue per year gross revenue, you will run into chaos. And you have to get to a place in your life where you learn how to sip on the haterade and somehow energizes you. The hater aid, the hater. It’s like you sip on it like it’s your favorite beverage. You have to get to a place where you actually, um, like it almost. So Z, talk to us about the crazy things that maybe you have gone through in the past or you’re going through now or that are normal. Just crazy things cause people feel like every time I meet an entrepreneur they feel like they’re the only ones going through the minefield known as entrepreneurship. They feel alone and isolated. What are some of the things you’ve gone through in the past? It would probably make a grown man cry. But you’ve made it through it and now it’s good.

Kids listened to me. Oh you have it easy to hate on each other out there. Yes sir. I tell you what, this is thanks to Al Gore, we have this thing called the internet. Yep. And you don’t even have to attach your real name on the hate. You want to spread true. Is this right or am I wrong? You are right. Back in the olden days and I’m old enough to know these, you had to physically go pick up a rock drive by the store and throw it through my window. True. And it’s happened more than once. There it is. I had a brick

through the windshield of one of my vehicles on Thanksgiving.

I hope you weren’t driving it. I hope you are driving to the park

and we were sitting down to eat and all of a sudden we hear this boom and it was like the loudest noise.

I’m like, what? What? No, but no, you could sit in your companies and your PJ’s on your laptop at three in the morning while you’re in between games of Mario brothers or whatever, whatever game is you’re playing on. Call of duty, warfare, whatever it is. Let’s go Mario brothers, Mario brothers, a couple gold schools. This is go to old school gold school and you could sit there and you can just put out bad reviews. You can hate on you can, you can social media, not like you could [inaudible] duh duh. Right Ryan, back in the older days you actually had to get up and go do something about it and I mean you had to write an email and send it. You had a certain letter in, I mean the letters you had to send a letter in. Right. If you’re going to hate on something, I’d write a letter and put it in the mailbox and require time and that’s actually using paper, which is I think still available.

I don’t even know. I know Joshua do that because it required thinking and time and in so they wouldn’t do it. But now it’s so easy. But the point is is that as as you move up the ladder of success, that’s absolutely true. Yet more and more people that are jealous, that’s a thing. They are mad. That’s a thing. And they see it as you cut some lucky break that they didn’t catch and it’s unfair that you’re having success and they’re not true story. We interviewed at a rabbi Daniel Lapin, and he pointed out to me in the Hebrew language where the Bible was originally written in the Hebrew, the old Testament, there was not a word, it’s not a Jewish word, there’s not a Hebrew word for the word fair. There’s not, they don’t believe in the word fair. So back to you, they use circus, I think under what you’re talking about together.

Fair. But people always argue for something. It’s not actually a thing, which is fair. Right? But the point is is that you could do one or two things when the hate comes at you and whether it’s old school and someone threw a brick through your window, you call the window guy, you get a broom, you clean it up, you check to see if anything got stolen or damaged you. You board it up until they get there and replace it. Right? Nowadays, it’s a little, you know, someone puts a bad review or they, they’re spreading, you know that, you know, they call a local news station. Try to Trump up some story about the horrible thing your business is doing, which is not true, but that’s doesn’t mean that people aren’t putting the energy into it. You can do one of two things. When you encounter that clay and they are, you can implode.

You can enfold into yourself. You can get in a fetal position and your favorite corner, uh, you could get your, a comfy blanket and maybe put it over you. Maybe even have it covered your head. Of course, having a, a pillow of of choice real quick. Cue up the official song of, um, what, what you do if you’re going to implode, which I’m sure you’re going to implode while I’m talking about it. I think a little kind of skip to the good part music, please feel free to lose your mind. I had a lot of day quilt. Please feel free to join in. You can take quote didn’t share with me what kind of co-hosts were you. Just mean. See that’s the kind of [inaudible] want to say

the bad thing over and over.

Things like Morris code frying where it’s music interlude, but you’re going to upload the quarter. You play that song over and over. You put it on the loop, the loop and and you, you just fetal position. Jade yourself over and over and over. I can’t believe that happened to me. I want to hop inside a couch. That’s the shape of a fetus. I want to return to my mother. That happened. Can someone suck my thumb and I’ll set my other thumb please. Listeners, I really wish y’all could have seen that on video. Just now. See that live that, that performance. I knew I should’ve stopped eating gluten. It’s mom’s fault. It’s always clued in. I know mrs froms ice cream and dairy. I want all of it. I’m thinking now hold on. Everything. Ice cream, but you could do that or, or, or you give me another music interlude for this one. This is going to be uplifting, upbeat and that is you can take that hater Ray, that’s being dished to you.

Old school window, broken new school, bad review or the source of it and why it’s happening. Look into figure it out, but a lot of times it’s just a little bit of hate. Alright, you can take that and you can let it stoke the fire. You could take that like a log of wood and throw it in your fireplace. You say to the haters, you say, I could do anything right. I can do anything right now. But the one thing I won’t do is I won’t give you my time. I’ll do anything, but I, I do anything right. Anything, but I won’t do that, but I won’t do that.

There you go.

I wondered what that is. It’s giving people your time when they complain, that’s what he’s writing and he’s talking about what he’s talking about, but he was talking about dealing with bad reviews. It was prophetic. We didn’t have to do reviews yet. He wrote the song, he released song 2009 20 years before reviews matters for many years. And he said, I’m not gonna let the trolls be in control. I’m not going to let the trolls being control so good. But here’s the deal. Here’s the deal. The first time you get slapped in the face by a wet fish, it’s shocking. It’s unnerving. It’s debilitating. One moment please. Oh yeah. Wait, times have been slapped in the face with a Leadpage. Several. Please proceed. Sorry. Separate. No. Several. Andrew, go get that wet fish out of the backyard. Everybody go right now. Buy a copy of meatloaf.

I do anything for love. Buy a copy. Go Tyler. I bind and go to your favorite grocery store and buy a wet wet fish. Okay, because yeah, but the point is, that’s metaphorically speaking there, Josh. The thing about it is, is that as you get more successful, things are going to happen. You’re going to, you’re going to have your first lawsuit. You know, odds are it’s going to happen. I mean, I hope it does. It fit kind of tight. It’s a tighter lawsuit. I hope it doesn’t, but when it does, you can’t panic. And I say that because the first time I got one, I panicked. We all do. And Colin, I’m telling you not to panic, call your attorney that you’ve already built a relationship with because that’s what we teach you. To have someone in queue, someone for those moments and deal with it handed off to them and trying not to over worry about

are winners and King before you need to hire winters, series. Got to have a great attorney that you can find somewhere. Find an attorney that you can trust before you need one.

Right? So you’re going to have that, you’re going to have a, a bad review. You’re going to have your windshield maybe broken. You’re going to have something bad happen to your business. Um, I hope it doesn’t and I hope it’s always rainbows and Skittles and unicorns and a pot of gold with the leprechaun. That’s very generous. Uh, Gore, you know, hoarding it. Oh yeah. Guarding it. I’ve tried to do guarding and hoarding the same time. It’s Gordon recording it. Um, yeah, it’s one word for two. But anyway, my point is, is that when it happens folks, and it’s going to, don’t let it get you down low. Don’t let it steal your joy. The day you let somebody dictate how you are thinking or what your emotions are, then you’ve given it over to them. And don’t do that. Don’t be strong and say, you know what, I’m going to flip this run. I’m going to show them. I’m going to not let it, I’ve got on my arm, it’s just going to bounce off me.

So let’s, let’s, let’s, let’s, let’s give the listeners an example right now. True story, true story. My wife’s during doing jury duty this week. Oh, and whenever you have cases, uh, well, you know, Z, whenever you have like, um, she, she, she wants to do her civic duty. But you know how like whenever you have an a former employee who needs to verify, uh, employments, they get a mortgage, they’re gonna reach out to you, even though they don’t work for you, you still have to do work for them sometimes because you got to prove that they worked for you for mortgage verification, whatever. So if he’s got a several of those for whatever reason coming in today, and she’s on jury duty, jury duty, and we’re planning Thanksgiving and there’s just a lot there and there’s a little bit of a, every time you, you know, you pay taxes, we have a great, uh, people in Oklahoma that makes sure businesses pay the right amount of tax, not too much, not too little.

And we’re working on some business coach compliance updates and there’s just a lot going on. Um, and is this a lot of it at one time? A lot. And we’re not going to let it steal our joy though. No. And so what we’re going to do here at a time where the Clark family today is going through probably the toughest, you know, two or three day window that did Mrs. Clark and Mr. Clark. I’ve gone through probably in the last year and it’s the toughest two day window. I’m going to have a great time right now. So I’m going to queue up a song and I want everybody to go and buy the song, download the song, get the song, it just a part of it. Um, there’s a song called Bohemian rap city. Now it broke, it broke the rule cause it’s a five minute and 59 song and we’re not, we don’t have time to get into all of it.

What I’m going to do is we’re going to take, we’re going to take us to the, to the great part, okay. And I’m going to queue it up and we’re going to have a great time. It’s going to happen and I want everybody to feel free to partake. I’m going to back up, back up from the microphone a little bit so you can just, cause I want you to sing along with me. We really, if you’re driving to work right now or you’re at the office, wherever you’re doing and you’re not singing along, you’re really, I’m from Sydney and my wife is serving her civic duty is to be a juror. I’m so proud of her. And so your civic duty right now is to sing along because you are denying a America and generations joy that they have. I mean people fought so that we can listen to Bohemian Rhapsody in a free country on YouTube right now. We’re going to cue it up.

There we go. You ready? Taking us to the climax. Orgasm in the context of marriage. I’m going to produce a child right here. Boom.

There it is. Wow. I tell you what, I always worked up a sweat. I was working on it. I almost got there. I was close. I mean, I was really, do you want to snuggle really, really close, really close to this course. You just go grab a beer. Can we do both? I mean, is that most elusive of each other? I don’t know. I know. Well, I’m going to, wow. That was intense. I’m going to go to musical interludes on the show were intense. People need to do. Those were songs that were intense, passionate songs. Yes. This is an intense, passionate subject. It really is, and so many people get their, their train leaves the track when someone puts a little stick on it, you know? Yeah, and you can’t let that happen. You can’t. You’re the leader. You’re the owner. You’re the, you’re the engine. You can’t jump the track. Just when you see a little stick on, on the train track. And so what I’m saying there is that folks steps going to happen. Haters are going to hate and you just got to shake it off. I wish someone would write a song about that. I wish someone out. Shake it off. Shit. Shit. Stop.

That’s good. Hook to it. It’s going to be okay. Let’s go to, Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Sounds so familiar. I don’t know. It seems to go to hook. Someone should do it. I don’t know if that’s a good place to start. I show right it swiftly. Custom tailor a song swiftly for starting with that hook. Yes. Okay. All right. Okay. So when it happened, smile, rejoice. There it is. Cause you know why rejoicing the hurt always cause you’re moving up the ladder of success. That’s it. Nobody hates on the losers. Nobody. Nobody’s going by the guys in the cardboard box underneath the bridge and saying, Hey, I hate the dolphins. You’re sure your socks don’t match. Oh look at that guy. What? Where’d you get that box? Goodwill.

No, but seriously, people love to hate the winners. And so you gained strength through struggle. So turn your bitterness into betterness and just understand, this right here is an exercise with you where you’re learning how to deal with a new level of stress because promotion equals problems. And somebody out there, it does. Somebody out there needed today show. Um, I, I don’t smoke. Um, I not really, I feel like I should cuddle or something. I mean it just sets up, the audio experience occurred. It was like a Z. We went, we went to an actual shit, a couple of tears. It was emotional for me. We went from a, like a level. A lot of times our show goes to a nine. Right? When I was like, we went into like a 1300 though. We hit a nine September planets started tuning into the show and I’m like, we gotta we got to hit the pause button.

We got to hit the pause button. That was hot. I was hot right in with the boom. Do we have to end? I want to end. Do we have something? Don’t you have something good and edifying, uplifting and encouraging just to, just to finish the show off with. I mean, do we have something I do. I look cow bells. I mean something that, that the folks out there just desperate for someone needs a good word. Someone needs a word of edification just to pump them up and get a little sample of, of a, a new Kanye West album. Let me do that. Okay. And everybody should go purchase the album. Jesus is King. It’s phenomenal. It is the new song called Saylah. Let me queue it up here.

John [inaudible].

[inaudible] if you go to wake up with Judah’s kissing makeup, you can with the bitter cup. The gay, my brother’s a drank cup, did everything but gape up, stab my Becker, Cape truck. Still we, when we prayed up, even when we die, we raised up. Ain’t no rock, no needed pads. The beat have been greeting. We need off by this evening. No white flag and no treaty. We get the product, we got the tools, we get the minds, we get the [inaudible], we own the loosen people. This land, we are the big bows and that becomes, Oh, Billy’s a big green bear in the fruit, love God and our neighbor [inaudible] and we are the man

is a man on fire. That is a man on fire. It’s unbelievable. Everybody’s got to have you if you have not yet purchased the album. Um, if you go to Kanye I want to explain everybody how radio works for a second. Then we’ll wrap up today’s show. If you buy a copy of the album, it shows up on sound scanned and the billboard charts as a sale, as a verified purchase. That then puts the song on the top 100 and the top 100 lists than influences what the radio stations play. So if you buy the album, it basically forces the conversation and forces the song to be played on top 40 radio. And I’ve been a DJ forever. I’ve never, they’ve never seen an album. It’s been number one on the Christian charts and the pop charts with seven songs in the top 100 at the same time.

It’s never happened. So if you like Kanye West, what he’s talking about right now, the best thing you can do is buy one album. You could buy a commemorative vinyl. It’s really cool. It gets a blue vinyl. You can buy it for like 25 bucks and it is, it is a game-changer. Or go right now into YouTube and listen to his most recent a Sunday service that he performed live at Joel Osteen’s church at Lakewood. It is phenomenal. Phenomenal. The cinematography, the production, the choir. It is game-changing stuff. Check it out. Z, are you prepared to deal with the boom? I am. I, you know it’s, I’m almost sad to end the show because I feel like it’s been so fun. It’s been such a great message. But you know what, it’s sometimes it’s time to go. Okay, we’ll have to say goodbye. Here we go. I’m so glad we had this time. Three, two, one boom.


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