The Chip Gaines Story | Breaking down Capital Gaines – Smart Things I Learned Doing Stupid Stuff by Chip Gaines

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Clay breaks down the best-selling book Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines while teaching the importance of fighting through fear, how to effectively manage people and the difference between being a technician and a business owner.

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The Story of Roy (Founder of RC Auto Specialists):

  2. Roy worked as mechanic for 23 years and started working professionally at 19.
  3. Roy was 47 years old when he started his own business.
  4. Roy had a gentleman call and pitch him on changing his business model and how to make his shop for efficient.
  5. Roy heard about Clay Clark through a friend and has seen massive growth in his business since implementing the systems Clay taught him.

MYSTIC STATISTIC – 85 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Resumes. Here’s How to Spot a Dishonest Candidate


MYSTIC STATISTIC – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.


BOOK – Capital Gaines: Smart Things I Learned Doing Stupid Stuff

Page 26 – “It quickly became clear to Joanna why my parents had been a bit opposed to my going to Mexico in the first place. They understood the amount of juggling it took for me to run my businesses, they knew Joanna wasn’t prepared to handle all of these assignments in my absence without months of preparation. On top of that, she was finally coming to understand the inner workings of my businesses weren’t all they were cracked up to be.” – Chip Gaines (Best-selling author Capital Gaines)

Page 81 – “Nobody remembers if you cross the finish line bruised and bloody. They just remember that you stayed the course. Don’t get hung up on how ugly the race may have looked. In the end, all that matter is that you finish.” – Chip Gaines (Best-selling author Capital Gaines)

Page 102 – “Along time ago Jo and I built a foundation of betting on ourselves, and we weren’t about to stop just because the stakes got higher. Suddenly, with the silos, we were faced with putting our money where our mouths were.” – Chip Gaines (Best-selling author Capital Gaines)

Page 113 – “If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be handsome. But if you had to pick another word, it would be scrappy…You picking up what I’m putting down? The knee-jerk reaction to the scrappy is usually something along the lines of “do whatever it takes to get a leg up,” no matter who you may hurt along the way.” – Chip Gaines (Best-selling author Capital Gaines)


  1. Install cameras with audio
  2. Install call recording
  3. Spot check the audio and video recording to hold people accountable

AMPLE EXAMPLES – People who had to grind to get to the finish line and winner’s circle:

  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. A.P. Giannini
  3. Andrew Carnegie
  4. Benjamin Franklin
  5. Bill Gates
  6. Colonel Sanders
  7. Dave Thomas
  8. David Oreck
  9. Debbie Fields
  10. Frank LLoyd Wright
  11. Henry Ford
  12. Walt Disney
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Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the best business coaching program universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot and I still see the sea and the sea that was teaching mrs. Fields trucks like to know more. Alright, drive nation won’t get back to the conversation, because my time show on your radio and today we are going to break it down the new york times best-selling book capital gains by chip gaines. Have you ever watched, show ever watch the show fixer-upper yeah. Of course, I’m been married for 10 years, nice nice on the best business coaching program show today, with rc auto specialists. There give a ford automobile I need to have that thing repaired. The great company also the garage where you guys do. How would you describe what the garage does there roy? The garage does general auto repair. We also do accessories, so we can lift your truck and put big giant tires on them and things like that trick it out for you and your wife ever watch the picks her up or if you ever seen, the fixer-upper with chip and joanna I have seen it one time right now, just to kind of give the thrivers an idea of who you are cuz on today show were talking about the chip gaines story and how he and his wife joanna really built the the big magnolia company that snow today in waco texas we’re going to get into the next couple, shows and break it down, but I want to bring a real entreprenuer real entreprenuers onto the show to cut a give it some tapestry to give it some texture.

So somebody entrepreneurs reach out to us and say cash. How do I get started? How do I start a best business coaching program business and chip gaines explains in a very almost unnervingly candid way in his book, all the mistakes he made and he did it because he wanted people to learn from it. Someone ask you:how long have you been self-employed? It was kind of your your path to becoming self-employed. Well, I was a technician at a ford dealership for 23 years straight and then started on my own and didn’t know anything except how to fix a car didn’t know anything about running the business. So don’t have to be perfect. There’s a couple things that I think carried me through that process of not knowing anything. What number one was it you just don’t quit? You cannot quit. Let’s do this. Chipmunk puts on the show notes. Cuz I want to come to track some things here. You said you were where you worked as a mechanic for 23 years. So how old were you when you started as a mechanic may I started before i? Could legally legally drive the cars but professionally I started at 19, so 19 I just saw the drivers understand this I’m 37 and I’ve been busy self-employed for 21 years, so it’s amazing how fast time flies by. But how old were you when you started your own business at that point? I was 47 47 and what made you make the jump I mean. Did you hit your head on the toilet seat?

Did you have a vision? Did your wife say you should start your own business me? What what happened? I actually had always increase my whole best business coaching program life and the last three years, I’ve plateaued, so I’m new to the next check. Markdown was less and I Said:i’m not going to go backwards, and that’s up to me so that gave me the courage to go. I need to change something. Cuz I’m I worked hard. Hundred percent commission did well, but I’m not getting stronger, so I wanted that something that was relying on my brain. That was getting stronger, not my braun. That was not in so that help me make that jump. Chip gaines just to get the listeners backstory. He played baseball at baylor university in waco texas, where my dad grew up and he was actually a very good but not good enough to play professionally. So he decided you know what I’m going to go. Mow lawns, who started the best business coaching program landscaping company and the company did fairly well, and this is where it got kind of weird joe. He has dating a girl named joanna and he says joanna I’ve decided I want to move to mexico for the summer to learn spanish, because I feel like that, be essential for me.

I’m in the home building industry, remodeling I think if I could learn to speak, spanish I could communicate better with my team immersion. Here’s the deal. Could you manage my company’s while I’m gone that was like 25 year cuz? She didn’t realize the chaos that he was dealing with on a daily basis of his book. Again, capital gains by chip gaines. He writes what I didn’t know. Of course. Was it back in texas my master plan was starting to unravel with joanna for me collecting, rent checks from last and responsible college students. It becomes nature. He was a landlord also a landscaper but I had not prepared joanna for the amount of begging and pleading that the process required. Although her talent for best business coaching program bookkeeping was unmatched, I had swirly under-prepared her for the events that were about to unfold when the rent check when the rent checks didn’t come in my subcontractors check started, bouncing vendors started, calling and one by one of my subs started tracking joe down at her dad’s tire shop. It quickly became clear to joanna when my parents had been a bit opposed to my going to mexico in the first place they understood it took for me to run my businesses and they knew joanna wasn’t prepared as my girlfriend to handle all these alignments.

In my absence without months of preparation. On top of that, she was finally coming to understand the inner workings of my businesses. Weren’t they were cracked up to be I haven’t been feeling her per se. She just never would have guessed and not being able to collect the deposit. One month’s worth of worth of rent would have caused this much chaos. It never crossed your mind that I had no backup no reserve, not that’s spanish, for nothing. The money I had taken with me to mexico was all the money I had in the world, not surprising joanna’s father was furious back then, while we were dating I referred to joe’s. Dad is mr. Stevens, though he’s jerry’s to me, who is jerry to me now. This story will still scares me so much that I’d like to revert to calling him mr. Stevens the remainder of this chapter. For as long as I had known him. Mr. Stevens have been questioning whether I had a legitimate job where all these people standing in the lobby of his tire shop demanding the money I owed them, they were making a scene at his place of business and joanna was mortified to say that mr. Stevens had an impeccable business. Reputation in town was an best business coaching program understatement. Here. I was compromised in that thank god. The scent of a woman is quick to her feet. She realize exactly what was going on and called my dad in a hurry.

Joe actually described his wife joanna his girl. The time joanne actually describes this as the first time she really got to connect to my parents. Even the whole connection was basically the three of them realizing that I was delusional. I almost have dinner with my mom and dad into work. The whole thing out of my behalf. They were able to access my bank account and temporarily lend me the money to pay my hardworking crew until I got home to collect the missing rent. I’m, really I’m, really playing it cool here and gloss to go over some of the emotions that were basically, they were all mad. I deeply deeply disappointed all of them and I’m mostly disrespect and in all the people that I respected most joanna, my parents, her parents, I’d really screwed this up. So the point is he’s running a company in for him, it’s normal to be chasing people around for checks, he’s used to the dysfunction it is normal., just, normal. I would love to start. A best business coaching program company may I see rc auto specialists of a lot of our listeners. Let me know, say:gosh I have a ford I took my car in the other day. To get repaired, did a great job I’ve been to the garage in broken arrow I mean this. Is resonating with a lot of people? What was the remember? What was the first thing that happened to your one of the first things happening once you started the business where you thought I was not prepared for this. The part where you thought man this was was a managing people. Was it was a collecting money. I mean what was the hardest part where it’s a bigger issue than you thought it would just be about.

You know that you thought it might might might be well. I was a mechanic trying to run a business. That was a problem, and so the transition from businessman run the business to mechanic running the business took about 3 years and it almost imploded on me. Thank god. I knew enough to get some help with that. What was the hardest part? Was it? Was it mention people? Was it doing sales? Is it collections with all of them? It was the part where you go. Cuz, that’s been the hardest part for me for people dealing with the public coming in and they’re their perceptions and hey, that’s too high, and so I really I told her one of the managers that I used to work with I said I need to go back to every best business coaching program service advisor that I’ve ever worked with and apologize to them, because I thought their job was very easy. All you gotta do is pick up the phone call somebody right it was not easy, and so that was the hardest part to transition through at the beginning, and we were looking at your numbers. Kind of year-over-year and I’ve had the pleasure of working with you, since it was cold outside I think maybe but november december, something like that and your friend and my friend iron antis had kind of connected us together. Could you kindly explain me some things that you’ve learned in the last 6 months?

We were together or some things that were big needle movers, for you, yeah thanks to aaron I was stuck, I was going to spot, i, didn’t know how to get out of, and then threw my coaching with with right, I’m going to lead numbers numbers numbers measure,  measure I have never been a best business coaching program numbers guy, but the answers were there and to start seeing what was working by measuring was a huge, a move for me and then, of course, the marketing I had to have people in there. But as far as me, working on the business making myself collect those numbers every week and measuring was a huge jump for me. You know for me my wife and I before my wife, to help out with accounting I rent a dj business. I can say honestly I’m at easier for me to be consistent. The not so my natural default easier for me to look at the numbers than to not but like today. This is an example. My wife said:hey, we have date night tonight and we might not be able to go because this other event is going on. In other something with the kids a band, and they would like to do this instead, could we not do date night tonight, and could we do this instead or this paper due date night or that’s, because this other new event has been introduced into other end of the calendar? For me, my natural default is to just do the same thing.

Honestly I get anxiety with the idea of not doing a best business coaching program date night because there’s like a momentum to do it and that’s what we do every wednesday, and so the numbers have always been easier for me. The part that’s been hard for me too, but you probably seen that is managing people because I don’t understand most people-and you know jeff I almost have a universal interest in everything that best business coaching program people are not interested in cent penny would rap lyrics whatever and I read too and represent us, maybe starting a fire inside my house control completely controlled. That didn’t happen, but the point is the point is, though, is it like? I have a harder time with the people somebody else there might have a harder time with numbers and everybody think you’re up here. People guy write a minute, bro you’re, going to have heard that you and smoking at churches before they hear you’re. Just a gifted communicator-and you seem like is the people part easier for you or the number numbers part 2 hardester, what’s the hardest for you, shop I was just very fortunate to have great people that didn’t require management with this new one. It’s it’s just been different, so that has been difficult and I assumed. Ii will be just like the first one that was not it, but I did learn a whole lot. The. First, three years of this second one.

Absolutely, the break I want to talk specifically about finding people that don’t require a lot of emotional best business coaching program management, because what you just said, you said, thankfully the first shot by a lot of great people and therefore it was easier and I want you to listen to know all my businesses are fairly easy to run now, because we have really good people and the people that are difficult to work with man. They make everything impossible. But before we before we before we come back and talk about managing people, would you be okay? If I talk about my good friends at class of janitorial I prefer, if you do that, let me take a story. I saw him today by the way good. Today he walked in the door office. I said hi how you doing what am I left I go to the bathroom, because I felt like I needed to go there. I, don’t want us to feel like we get some or am I or am I in a porcelain. Palace I mean I know that the guys who do the best business coaching program bathroom cleaning for us at work at dupont, with with with google with new star felony, what they’re doing to our bathroom while they are making them so clean you might want to drink out of the urinals. They are the classic clean.Com 671-2046. Again, that’s 918-671-2046 v classic claim.Com 3 2 1 boom. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show time show on the microphone east stop at itunes charts in the category of business, dentist social class that you might get motion sickness patch of the bab. All I got these books back to the drive time show on your radio and podcast download and everybody out there who is not familiar with our podcast.

We’ve been doing this for probably two and a half getting closer to 3 years. My background, my name is chloe clark on the former ussba entrepreneur of the year started. My first business out of my parents, basement at the age of 16, I’ve been self-employed for 21 years. What I like to do is to invite people onto the show who actually fought the fight or fighting the fight who actually are living the dd dream. Cortical actually live through the nightmare. You see in the breakdown a book today by chip gaines chip gaines from the fixer upper show fame from waco texas or break it down his book. But he talks about this in his book. How, like this dream to start a business, can quickly become a nightmare team. What are so many things that can go wrong when you’re running a business, and so we talked to your on page 31 of his book. He says my intentions and going mexico to learn spanish or sincerely at admirable, but to be honest, I was also excited about taking a few months off at the beach I cared about my businesses and my big time and my crew big time, but I was still acting like a child. Look like a kid.

They deserve better than that for the first time, while driving that truck home with shiner by my side at the vets, a dog and while fueling this year, humiliation of being found out I began to sense the gravity, what it takes to run a business to glimpse what the life of an on the life of an entrepreneur actually requires, and it dawned on me that up until then I’ve been pretending and owner of a young business or my case. 3 businesses simply can’t be on a beach to thousand miles away. If you came very clear to me that I had to grow up and become the leader these businesses needed or I thought, maybe it was time for me to cash out and just count the whole thing as a learning experience. So I want to ask you this because chips explaining that he has a best business coacing program business. He grew these three companies. He starts dating a girl by the name of joanna I’m, going to mexico to learn to speak spanish I’ll be gone for 3 weeks. I’ll come back. She says great cuz. He wanted to learn how to communicate with his team. Many of which you spoke spanish because they’re home remodelers in the business imploded while he’s gone, it collapsed. While he was gone, there was so much more, he was barely making payroll, he was overwhelmed or no systems.

Nothing was written down. There were no processes. The whole thing was in his head, so I always tell people I say if your. If you got abducted by an alien for one week, your business should not be impacted negatively. If you, if you’re, if you’re doing it right, because all the system should be in place if you’ve been abducted by an alien you disappear for a week. You come back. Your business should not implode and chip explain. He was gone for like 3 days and whole thing fell apart. So no process is no system and tone. Ask you destroy because over the last, how long have you been self-employed? Now cuz? You are a mechanic and how many years before starting your company I had 23 years tenure at the dealer, I worked at 23 years, decided. I love maintain vehicles, I’m good at it. Every year, I’m making a raise I’m going to make the gym I’m going to start my own business after 23 years in the trenches talk to me about some of the best business coaching program systems or processes that you look back now and say:gosh I wish I would have known that day, one where I was at what I called a micromanager. The business is eating me stage, are literally walk in and not know where to start and and I can feel the pressure cause any health problems, and this this guy called me and in and I said, is it’s a sales call cuz I don’t have time. He said, give me 30 seconds.

While he was a guy that worked on shops and help that you know any any said that give me 30 seconds. He asked me a few questions and then he described my life, and he said now, if you don’t fix this 2 years from now. This is what your life looks like. So he’s the one that taught me that to implement some processes in my business and helped a lot more, some of the process or processes that you were taught from this gentleman that allowed you to to grow well. First of all, I paid him a lot of money, and so that caused me to actually implement them. That was the key. Okay and nonverbal communication through the shop with with the ticket flow is a huge thing because we were screaming across the shop. I need this and corn on the phone ring. Two customers come in for the third time. I didn’t get him as parts, so we implemented nonverbal processes. Verbal process is so what you’re saying that just having things written down and documented really helped absolutely now I’m going to say this right here, listening I can’t believe this actually built dj connection to a place where we were doing 25 weddings a weekend, 25 okay, that would be like a thousand a year and I drove all the way down to houston roy. For a wedding with my wife, big wedding, huge wedding, I was asked. I said your. You are such a phenomenal dj. We like to hire you for my daughter’s wedding. We live in houston this at the summit club in tulsa. They invite me to drive down there. It’s a massive weight or standard rate is 750. Boom boom will pay three times three times the nicest hotel you’re the best dj. This is the date we’re looking to have the wedding on this day or that day, whatever your charges wouldn’t whatever day you’re available, will choose some like okay and I got to that level. Skill.

Why probably, how you are as mechanic I can just knock it out. I drive down to dallas and down to houston. I, never forget this. We’re setting up the gear and vanessa my wife I’m on my way my wife always would come with me:hey babe, where’s, the amplifier to factory amplifier I said no I bet they don’t have to you. Don’t have the amplifier the thing needed to make the speaker’s be heard by the people? You don’t have it wedding, 3 hours early and took me about an hour to set up sweet drive through houston traffic. We go to guitar center i, buy a by the napa fire, come back, they’re all set up she’s as big where’s. Your microphone so used to use the 1955 hit song up there in the studio, 1955 chrome plated elvis mike & mike right there are you kidding me so she drives through the shoulder snow in traffic. Guitar center comes back and I wish. That happened like one time it was like every shout eventually my uncle clint I’m talking about the clinton clinton. How many best business coaching program weddings are we can do you do as a man peak season, 15 slow season, 6 were rock for the largest company in oklahoma for entertainment. He says why can’t you grow at ten times larger nice? It’s not possible. It’s like it so complicated 2 years to train a dj, and he says you need to build a checklist for everything. A process for everything and I fought him so hard on it. Then I go downstairs and it’s thanksgiving beat me over the head about systems and checklist. What the crap is. He know and she says he’s built several multimillion-dollar companies and he really doesn’t work at all. It’s all like turn-key, you know like he might be in the kind of things I wish. I would have known the kind of things that did chip gaines talks about his book, capital gaines, because if you want to own a business, there’s so much more than just being able to deliver the product or the service, we work with the delivery service. Imaging chuck tell us about your business supply ink cartridges, printer supply, printer service, one-stop business shop. Anything you need to keep your office up and running they’re actually going to offer you a free printer copier it for new clients that come in at a certain level, so get ahold of these guys at onyx, imaging.Com

onyx, imaging.Com, 918-627-6611 918-627-6611 attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coaching program for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com hydrogenation. Welcome back to the conversation. It is the drive time show on your radio. My name is clay clark I am a former ussba entrepreneur of the year of the father of five incredible humans and today we’re breaking down the words of wisdom from capital gains, the new york times best-selling book by chip gaines, and we have roy with rc auto specialists on the show. Today we have steve with total lending concepts on the show, and we have lawrence the, incredible lawrence, so he’s actually a former division, 2 basketball player, who was a shadow today we some help sequestered and brought into the studio hair salon page 38 of chip gaines’s book capital gaines. He writes i, get that a lot of couples couldn’t work together. It’s not for everyone, people just figure, they bring their spouses neck or something, and if we were to choose to zero in on art on all of our differences, joe, that’s his wife and I could easily drive each other crazy too. But when you recognize what lane you should be operating in and you stay there be implicated dangers of working together at a best business coaching program start to fail chart to follow away. It’s when you merge lanes and start telling each other what to do that. This whole lifestyle we’ve chosen can start to get complicated.

So I’m going to start with my take here. Cuz I don’t want to get in trouble if you guys doing on this fine work together since I was 18 years old, I started dj connection out of my dorm room, and my wife would come with me to the show somebody set up you knowing I paid her like nothing. Actually I did not pay her no, and that was a great deal for me. Cuz I didn’t have to pay somebody and she always showed up on time and we had a lot of fun. At least I thought she did do you know and she helped me out of then. She helped me out with my account thing, and then we had 5 kids and turns out of it. I did my part, but she birth to babies, and then she’s got that mother instinct to take care of the kids and always be there for the kids and she’s faithfully done that accounting am I found for me as we have. These two circles, I talked about on the wall, the shots with two circles. Okay, you got its called the vesica pisces and I’ll put this up on the big screen. So steve you can look at this. Okay, so steve you’ll be able to see the vesica pisces here. So this is the the vesica pisces I’ll pull up on the screen. The two best business coaching program circles up there on the screen behind you for the two circles there, so you got to circle circle circle, no, no,, that would be the vesica pisces. The intersection of the two circles and I just have found it for us. As long as we stay in that intersection with russ is accounting.

That’s such a safe circle date nights are a safe, circle budgeting, that’s a safe circle! It’s great I can’t go in marketing. Is my world sales? Is my world building systems? That’s my world vision starting a company. That’s my world! My wife’s circle is I filed the people, my wife likes to fight other people. Don’t know my wife, though she has no issue with filing firing people at all, because she doesn’t really know who they are. Yes, she’s, like I’m vanessa nice to meet you and it’s never fun everyday, but you see that steve, but you do not see the intensity. It’s just you know. It really is that person I know that you’re like oh, she is so sweet of her cross. Her! That’s exactly why I don’t ever cross her, but we work together. It’s a great relationship, 18 years to get I’m just telling you you want to get yourself in trouble. You want to get crazy. My office, you can put a see it. What you do is you disrespect her, because what I will attack you, but if I don’t see it happen, I mean it is just. It is like. Let me know what it’s like without hitting it’s just look at you with those eyes of integrity and she did she steal something from our best business coaching program office and grown. Men are right that we need to get that cleared by the boss, runway totally and I’m at bryant vanessa. Would it be okay when we were together for a long time, I’m just telling you for everybody? That’s not! That’s, not the system that everybody should do. That’s just what we do, but chipped ox run the book as long as he’s taking the in their lanes and they’re all is well and the intersections really work together. Roy you and your wife work together, I’m sure, I’m sure gel to some things in your business in the company. What role do you play in the business? Is she? Is she that the leader did she go down there and tell you do this? Do that boo, boo boo? Is she the sales person? Is she behind the seed? What what role does joel of drill play? Jill is my recharge zone. She is a huge part of my success, but not directly in the business right, okay, yeah, and so we me and annie work together greater person at the symbol that your daughter exactly what we did great jill and I in the office setting when it’s not have done.

Another flow now I’m, not at all, not at all, but she’s, your recharge, zone, absolute 31 years, I’d be dead or worse. If it wasn’t for her and I mean that literally so, so your wife-it’s like you guys-have a great relationship, but you know that we’re going to go to my office is not the move, exactly know. What is your role in your business? I mean? Are you what would what all do you do there at the rc, auto specialists or at the garage broken? Is oil changes? Tell cuz you? You got everything but you’ve. Obviously, change coils you’ve maintain vehicles, but don’t don’t let steve pigeonhole you in to see you only change oil change, the oil still I believe it was a personal time. I enjoy working and help me not be the the fireman running around trying to solve every problem. So it is a stretch for me to stay up and work on my business, not in my business. So that is a discipline that I am in the middle of developing, but no I’ll do anything. Help diagnose cars I’ll do a rotate all the help of the line that are, they got a problem. You can’t fix I’ll, be in the middle of it, helping with that and then running around like a chicken with head cut off i. Think one thing you do it for your business that I’ve watched you do and it’s an honor to work with you and our coaching program, but I’ve seen you do. Is you set the tone by being fearless and you might not think of that, but you’re creating jobs for a lot of people and you had to add some point face to fear. We come back and I want to get the weed eater take on just how you face to the fear. Some people want to start a company but you’re so afraid, and then, once you start it’s almost like it’s not so much that I’m, ambitious or fearless I can’t stop, and so I want you to talk about that. That fearlessness meets the.

How much is a how much of it is is being scared how much of its being fearless that you really do set the pace. Center for your company. We come back. I want to I want to get your take on that, but steve before we before we go to the break. I wanted to tell you what I want to talk about I’m ready. What is a ride? We have a proud show sponsor, and somebody might say that the only reason that you got to talk about them because they paying you that’s right, that’s exactly why we’re talking about and we do indoors commit to it and tell me what you need in a proactive account to look at your books to help you minimize your taxes to make sure that you’re doing things properly. So you don’t get in trouble with the irs call our good friend, paul hood, with hood cpa. She has a show on saturdays here and talk radio 1170 he’s a client of ours. He’s a friend of mine, that’s paul, hood, with hood cpas. If you schedule your consultation today, free copy of warren buffett’s only authorized biography book by the name of the snowball at tootsie ph.Com. What do you attend? The legendary drive time show business workshop for free, subscribe on itunes leave. It objected review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com, to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our best business coaching program riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. Alright, rebelution, boca back to the front of time show on your radio for those of you just tuning in we’re breaking down the words of wisdom in a written in the book. Capital gaines, a new york, times, best-selling book capital gaines by chip, gaines and i. Don’t know if anybody out there his watch the show fixer-upper before.

If you’re into that my wife and I know we have 5 kids at one of those. Few shows that we can watch that watches the family, that we don’t feel bad about. It I want to pull it up on the big screen, so they did. The other guys in the box can see this but I know they’re, probably not 35, reviews right and if you click on their the images on google map, you can see what they did is they bought. They started off doing the show the fixer-upper. They have been flipping houses for like 15 years together, remodeling that kind of think they get a call and they ended up turning a show into a does. It is a top reality. Tv show out there and they ended up becoming great prophet. They took that revenue and they bought these abandoned silos in downtown waco, and they built this. It’s almost like a disneyland, it’s like hobby lobby meets disneyland and their business is done really really well. Now they have a line of products you can buy in a lot of major retail stores. You could have a real estate company they’re just doing great, but my wife and I went there. It’s like hobby lobby on steroids, and it’s all nick-nacks and homegoods in that kind of thing. But chip gaines is the the husband he’s married to joanna gaines and they start on the show fixer-upper together. They recently have decided to stop doing the show and up to focus on growing their companies. They have over 450 employees. Now that work with them. It’s on page 61 of chips, book capital gaines. He writes life has never been particularly scary to me between joe and meet us is why we’ve learned a lot of lessons. The hard way riding up a turbulent, even living through a few nosedives, has allowed us to see that fear isn’t part of how we’re living our willing to live our lives.

We experienced some of what people deem as the worst possible scenarios together. We’ve come out on the other side for as long as we’ve been married, joe and I have had the habit of trying just trying things out and hoping for the best, because we’re not afraid to fail fear has lost its power over us. So when you decided to start rc, auto specialists or start the garage working for somebody for 23 years that right correct. Yes, it’s a 23 years. What was going through your mind the day you open your business. Well, it was such an best business coaching program adrenaline rush that hey I actually did it. I’m, open and car started coming so early and have a lot of time to think about it, which business did you open a purse rc okay, auto in car, started coming in right away right. The hardest part was it that the decision to do it, that’s the no man’s land where you’re fighting fear off and when you’re trying to get faith in you to do it and they. Finally I just said you know what it’s not fatal. If I fail I’m going to go for it and go for it and tell her it’s kind of a reckless person, I have always had any way in that kind of help me with that. If you think too much you’ll think you’re, just yourself out of it. I would just say this for anybody out there whenever I make a decision. I’ll just give you the example:i decided to start thrive what the heck is. Thrive, basically, I have been coaching clients personally for 12 years, and this was like 7 years ago, I thought I can only coach, a certain number of clients and I’d like to find a way to coach more people, because people come in all types of my buddies business as if I’m just blowing up. Could you help me like i, didn’t know, but I knew I needed to find people like erik, who could teach business owner the systems because I work, the 15 clients, all of them group all of them?

Look at your numbers this this year. Have you guys not grown significantly this year, I mean platinum past that we talked to them. They were a business as a percentage. Could you say:you’re grown more than 10% yeah. Then we both platinum, pass they’re growing, 300% and i. Every client grows it’s harder to grow. An existing company like yours, it’s a certain size but like tip, top k-9 is like double triple threat. You went from no business to her as a person. It just got to go from no business to a hundred and $10,000 a month of revenue and making 40 $50,000 a month of profit in in two years. So it’s like lawrence, you know score basketball, score basketball into a deal with. It would have been through basketball college level. You play college basketball play two and a half years at the university of arkansas at fort smith and then another three and a half at missouri southern state up in joplin missouri of all time. But when you, when you were in your shadowing today, you came in to thrive and you had never been there before what was going through your mind when you walked in the door where you describe usually what you saw him, what was going through your best business coaching program mind and what these mike’s already sent to eat that microphone first, which is right up my alley. It’s. You know I’m going to i, think I’m going to have a little allergic to the white walls and the typical office, and then so everything in there. You know from michael jackson open at 7 in the morning. It was just felt right at home. You know what I’m saying so, just really the whole atmosphere.

The mismatch desk chair that don’t belong everything. Everything has a story by the way. So that’s also another key point. That attracted me is that you know wow. You can put a lot of things together, random things, there’s a different detail when somebody take their time and there’s actually meaning behind it. So I was very quickly able to. You know tell that everything from the 48 laws of power rats on the walls and someone took their time. Writing quotes all over the entire building right, and so you know that always means more and I can you can actually I think you could take more when people give you instructions and stuff like that? Cuz this example I interviewed a guy. Today we just interview the guy, who is not a donald trump supporter right? Okay, so it should be able to get out there. Some people like trump some people, don’t but fear, is where you avoid the conversation, and we had a very sincere conversation. It doesn’t mean that I hate him or like a more or less because it’s political views, but beer is where you you don’t sincerely, engage and subjects. You don’t go for it. You don’t start the business, you don’t have the best business coaching program conversation and I can just say you are probably one of the most fearless people I’ve ever met, and what I want to do with her in this shows. I want to try to give you a healthy dose of fear. It go yeah because you actually recently went on a date with exotic car tour across the country. Yeah. How fast were you driving on this trip? Average speeds are top top speed. What did the hit 202 somewhere in kansas? Are you in serious yeah I got it on video I’ll see that’s where you were when you went to 02 I was in my dad’s lamborghini huracan. So true story, though this to you with your mortgage company that is allowed you to sell I mean how many mortgages did you think you close throughout your career, my friend, what we added this up one day and it’s thousands, and if anybody that one of us in this room right now was looking to get a mortgage, but we already talked to somebody by 16, the musical I hear you’re looking to get a mortgage and you go yeah I know you said hey, but I’ve already talked to somebody.

What would you say? How would you feel this mindset? Prostavar told you already talk to somebody? Why? Because you know I just need somebody to work., it or whatever they’re doing I’m. Sure they’re, great and she’ll do great job I’m, just better. So when you’re ready. If you want me to look at what they’re offering I’ll just beat, it will be easy, they will close it fast, but that’s what he does all the time. You’re, just fearless I think a lot of you are so afraid of having that conversation. Why are you not afraid of it, because I think a little bit of fears, healthy I mean you should probably drive 202 miles an hour. This is not the format for me to give you life tips, but if it were the format, I would say things like you. Probably shouldn’t drive 202 miles an hour, but because it’s not that show I’m not going to say that. Oh you know if they didn’t want you to drive the festival, to make cars that go that fast. That’s why I say:hey real quick when you were on your trip there, whose car, whose cars, where is your cars faster than some cars sponsors, my dogs and your car faster than any other cars? My car is faster than paul’s mclaren when paul’s driving it, and it gives me a run for my best business coaching program money when james is driving. It cuz he’s our other friend that drove falls mclaren at it. It is somewhat the driver because there are cars that will do something out. The right driver by mosquitoes get stung by bee gees write a bit if you don’t want to have a snake by your lake like that. Anaconda just gets up on you and eat you. If you want to be engulfed by insects and snakes want to call platinum pest & lawn platinum pass them on these guys. These guys will absolutely come out to your property. Remove all the bugs. Will the insects, their great clients, great show sponsors, wonderful people, jared and jennifer.

Give them call today or visit them online. At platinum, – pest control.Com, platinum pest control.Com is 918-376-0857. 918-376-0857. Give him a call today at the platinum dash pest control.Com 21 boom. You are now entering the dojo of mojo and the thrive time show prop time show on the microphone. What is this tablet in the category of business class that you might get motion sickness patch? All I tried to look back to the drive time show on your radio. My name is clay clark clay, tiberius clark on the founder of the front of time, show I am the father of five human kids. I have taken my act three times. I took algebra 3 times, I have no pigmentation at payless, the mail and the world, and that’s impressive wow. Thanks for sharing we’re breaking down capital gains. Chip gaines is new york times best-selling book, which is a great book I like the book, because they’ve had a lot of success, but the guy talks about the things that didn’t go well in route to the success. I love it when people are honest. I can’t stand it when you have these speakers that get up there. If he’s chamber of nc’s local events and where the key to success, what you want to do, would you you want to focus on value knotting value to the marketplace? If you want to do a swot analysis left the campus at the university of who gives a crap. If you ever do, then you could become a professor, because you’ll be a pro, but right now you’re a bro fessor business at oklahoma, state, university right. That is correct. That is correct. What kind of things did you learn in college that you use that your business is going to be a lot of it? Absolutely nothing to best business coaching program marketing and management. What time all the beer specials in stillwater on the main strip of time for the majority of people really is all I had to show up advice for my older cousin, who had made it through college and show up, and that’s literally, first I’m, going to put it up on the big screen. Ships are going to get to cisco’s in the book.

Capital gaines chip gaines talks about this, and when he does it’s like kind of unsettling, but it’s true. He talks about being repeatedly rob and how he was so naive. As a new business owner, 85 per-cent of employees lie on resumes. That’s a fact that this is why I don’t ever read read resume until someone shadows me:i have never read a resume until someone shadows may have you ever seen me. I have in fact roy and I were talking about this in between segments I thought whenever I made it to the group interview, the response I got from marshall think he read my resume because he wants to talk to me in the office today. I met her for about 2 minutes. Good or a good energy shadow daisy today, and we shared a broken arrow today to do a demo haircut coupe in the thing is i:don’t care but 85% of employees to apply on resumes according to ink magazine, that’s true, and if you’re blocking out in one hour at a time to meet with all these people, because you saw their resume you’re, just wasting a bunch of time. This is the part that’s worse. Assuming that you did hire somebody 75% of employees according to the cbs news and us chamber, report 75% of employees steal from the workplace and see both do so repeatedly that they don’t. So this is what chip gaines age 62. He writes in college. My roommate riley and I used to leave our front door unlocked all the time we didn’t live in a great area of town, but it just wasn’t our style to give that much..

I guess we believe we had more important things to worry ourselves with. We left for thanksgiving, break and i. Think each of us. That are the other locked up. We came back from that week out of town to fight or apartment, wiped clean everything is gone, gone down to the fruity pebbles cereal in the pantry. We probably would have been a lot more upset about it if we have lost anything of sentimental value. But honestly it was just a bunch of junk college. Kids seem to acquire. We got some insurance money. We bought all this cool stuff. He wanted a big tv at our pool, cds a great surround system. Our place became a 20 year olds, paradise, okay for christmas break. He did and you guessed it they cleaned us out again and all that do stuff less than a month old was gone kind of laughable. Now you think we would have learned her lesson, but apparently not because some years after that, my truck was stolen out of my best business coaching program driveway, because I left the keys in the ignition. So all I’m going to say is that was I ran into that as a business owner antydas I hired guys in my dorm room at oral, roberts university to dj. For me, okay and ryan tedder did a show for me. The guy’s not a pop artist for any write, songs for beyonce and adele and big names like that he did a show for me. We’ve had all these guys. I’m on my couch floor did dishes for me:i found that when you see how people work you see their character to ryan went out. The schoenbrunn, like a laser, show laurie dj for lori bunce i. Don’t think lori bunce realize that ain’t that a future grammy winner just did her party, but she tipped him and he was so into it. He rocked the other guys would just jacked up wedding, so they would show up late and a lot of them stole headphones. Cuz I bought nice headphones with pioneer headphones. A lawrence you saw through those are nice ones that years flip around, so you can dj. You can beat my ass and so it’s awesome. So the djs were just biding my own dj, my own friends, mountain college roommates would steal my headphones jbl speakers with nice. Subwoofers is still dust. Did somebody stole my speakers? Someone stole your speakers.

Man with the exact speaker with the same scuff marks the spot. So I started writing on the back of the speakers. Little things like to be in the bottom, so you couldn’t see it and then I would say hate. This speaker is what you get. This I look like you, son of a, and they haven’t a lot. It will that’s what you up to oral roberts university with thirtysomething guys on my floor and have all the guys that dj for me i, had probably 15 or used to dj for me I think, probably 8 still stuff. For me it’s over of the 15th and then I thought $5,000 of gear in it from an employee, and this guy I called the police. We went to his house in the trailer. Was there no because I couldn’t prove the serial number of where I bought I bought it from amish people I should have bought and they said they couldn’t give me the equipment back until I can prove the serial number. So I finally got the serial number they’ve taken all the equipment. I got my trailer back, no equipment, true story and implant. Active employee, I’ve had and I had another guy dj’d for 106.9 the dj, and he used to pass out his own personal cards at weddings and tell people that I had drug addictions have course he’s going through some drug drug problems. I popped up he’s got somebody to work with me and I had a guy just last year, not to say that he and I were starting a business as a way for him to fund missions, and so he started a haircut business, the computer directly with ours until our members that he was starting. This company cuz he and I started the second brand to raise money just to missions.

All the money goes to missions and he took about 25 members, and then my friends called me and told me and people to this day, even though they know the whole situation to where I thought were. My friends still go to his business because they said he was in a tough spot. I’ve been screwed and screwed roy. When you ran your phone, you started your business. When was the first time that you just got taken advantage of a customer was an employee? Was it from what was the first time you thought man yo actually play I had a great best business coaching program experience at my first business. And I said:i have not had that person really old, my second one that started heavy record conversation, so maybe I just never call you never know who to trust everybody I do that now and I still get great people and I keep saying that yes, I got great people to. Let me let me let me I’m going to help all the listeners out there how I’m emotionally process what happens, and maybe this is helpful for somebody can i, throw one more stealing isn’t just doing his class at it. One thing that I found was running. The concrete company was that you have key members of the team and we had equipment had to go out until he had credit cards buying things that are not company related on a company card that is not your card is also stealing. If you do not want those receipts. In those credit card statements you will get taken to the cleaners every single time, sometimes literally take me to the gas station, taking the best buy, take it to whatever hey.

What’s that new 47 inch tv on the green, country concrete account, so that is stealing to so pay attention to time. The credit card statements, all the equipment they’re going to get their hands on it. I would just say this. This is something I’ve had to learn in I i. Just I hope that this is this is something I can help you guys. Jesus christ had 12 apostles 12 security spark. There was lumincare the 212 directly denied the existence of the even knew christ, that’s one at 12, and then you had judas to turn them in for some money right, so jesus was I mean. Maybe people disagree about that he’s an effective leader me. People still talk about him today, right some people, jesus christ himself, was betrayed by two best business coaching program people, but yet he still died for the sins of other people and I know that I would absolutely be burning in hell. For eternity is my world you. If I did not have the grace of god to forgive me, so what I do is I I had to so phrase I put on the wall behind you roy and out there. It is right there. You seem to bury the hatchet, but make sure you remember, but make sure you can find it again. You see the hatchet there so bury the hatchet and make sure it, but make sure you can find it again, because I found that I’ll say you’re, fired i, forgive you. We move on and I bury the hatchet, but I remember where I found you might where I put it, though, because what happens is a lot of times these people try to come back after you get to bury the hatchet, but you want to make sure that you can find it again cuz these people try to come back and I won’t.

Let it happen again and that’s how I do it? If you’re not recording your calls right there and you’re a business owner installed cameras and what it what happened to the client and she has some silent partners with the business and they they were kind of hesitant. Pushing I can’t put cameras up now. Target does it, but there an african, silly targets on an elite walmart. Does the culture of mystery decided. You know what you guys are doing this anyways and she did it and what she found out was that immediately after she left or the manager left, the employees stop working at me. Haley stop tending to the customers that were in the store and started talking trash about her right there in the job seems that astral, so I’m just going to say this right now. If you run a business, you have an action item, install cameras and audio recording chip for the elephant. The room sales meeting was it. Was it interesting for you to watch me play the cause of people in front of the people and see whether or not getting sale when you sell a car entire meeting was based on recording calls absolutely videos of our people cutting hair, and we ask what can we do better and if we didn’t have that job, it wouldn’t be possible to get better. We come back here, though, I want to get lauren to take him to see play basketball in high level and I’m sure you guys watch game film and I want to hear how you guys use game film to get better to think of you. If you don’t watch yourself, there’s just no way to improve in a way to do. It is to go get an x-ray of your spine.

If you want to get better pictures find as a minor, you need to go see dr. John silver check him out at dr, john sibley. Com, dr. John, sibley. Com, you going to get a free, chiropractic assessment, free x-ray and a free first adjustment. If you mention the guys over to thrive time, salt lake, clark sencha, dr. John, sibley. Com right over there at 51st and harvard super good guy chiropractor for the great one wayne gretzky john sibley, dial 918-749-5741 918-749-5741 attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime show.Com all right trap. Nation! Welcome back to the conversation is the drive time show on your radio and podcast download were talking about today or breakdown. Today, chip gaines book called capital gains in new, york times best-selling book. You could probably buy it on until you find out for sure on amazon you can buy at target. You can buy to barnes & noble at the rainbow from the best business coaching program creators of the fixer upper show, and it’s just a great great, read great book and he talks about delia 450 employees are doing great. The magnolia enterprises taken off that he real estate or cut like a hobby lobby on steroids and, if I had that employees right that’s awesome, no I would just say is that the he wrote a book but he’s very self-deprecating and he’s telling you things he wishes. He would have known and i. Think that’s where the brill lessons are learned. One of the things he talks about is it. You know when you run a business you’re going to get taken advantage of, so you got to be aware of it, but you can’t become cynical and so my action item I would encourage everybody to do out there. Just install video cameras in your office. Do it target? Does it walmart? Does it best buy doesn’t apple? Does everybody knows you got to put cameras out there to record the calls get those going pre spot check it, the police, do it here’s the speed limit? You should drive this fast.

All I want to drive faster. Okay, if you don’t pull people over, occasionally no one’s going to respect the speed limit, but you gotta use video. If you were to go to school to become an actor at the carnegie institute, you want to study act. You want to study broadway performance. You wanted to study how to become a voice, actor and actress a ballet. You would be performing for the mirror, because you need to get comfortable with what you look like and not just what you sound like what you think you look like, and so we have it I jumped on the show today, lawrence ross, a junior and a lawrence ross. Is he shadow and today might come work with us, maybe that maybe he doesn’t but he’s a great guy, your your 6 foot 8, your great! Are you play division, 2 basketball, where to play basketball at missouri southern talk to me about the role that recording the film the game film played in your development as a player hot. How did the coach use game film to help you guys develop on a personal level as a player? I think game film. You know. Obviously everybody gets in the gym and puts up a lot of work by themselves. You know so I think that part too easy for i. Think. Sometimes, though, when your net team atmosphere, you have to record it. So you know what you look like in relation to everybody else. You know. Sometimes we get blindsided on perspective. For me, a good example would be when I actually first transferred there. You know, as you get tired in your playing a sport, you may think you’re doing one thing and your body is actually doing something else.

So you know they say defensive stance, i, don’t know how many guys would know what I’m talking about, but actually being at 90°. You know sitting down that’s good in, like the first 10 minutes of the game you know is that starts going on no last 20, you start to slowly stand up. You know if you will, and so sometimes you can legitimately believe like I’m sitting down. This is, as far as you know, my legs feel like I’m in a seated position. You put that thing on film and you go back and watch it and you start learning. Oh okay, you know that that was a I wasn’t. Actually, it’s not you’re doing something, that’s deep down in the stand. Sometimes it may be on a jump, shot guy I think they’re more open than they were. You know it can be as a whole. Lot closer for sales training with people on calls. There’s a lot of people that aren’t nefarious. They just need to hear that I really did go off the script right. There are, you know, I missed the end of that line and when you coach them and you train them-and you show them that they did that when they’re coachable they can learn from it, and so people aren’t always breaking rules on purpose and they need that. Just like lawrence was saying now. This is something about the book that chip gaines explains. This is why they decided to stop filming the show is he wants to focus on running his companies and people. Think what how could you not have time for a reality?

Tv show they just fill me. It’s like a half hour show, whatever they open explains, is that you have to do. 25 takes I’ve ever seen, so it’s like the same line. 25 * shoot me and he’s like you have to keep doing it, and then you have somebody who tells you what you should wear and where to stand in the lighting and what’s wait till it gets darker to the lighting will be better and he put the date. They watch the foot and they say we should do it better. Let’s do it again, let’s do it again, but the one thing about chip gaines is that they were willing to go through the best business coaching program pain needed to get the game to receive the game they won, and he writes here on his book. He says on page 81 of his book and roy. You talked about this earlier. He says nobody remembers if you cross the finish line, bruised and bloody. They just remember that you stayed the course. Don’t get hung up on how ugly the race may have looked in the end. All that matters is that you finish. Could you talk about finishing strong right because you’ve worked very very hard in his book, chip gaines describe. They were financially struggling until he was 36, so they were not doing well until he was 36 years old, that’s one year under me, but they just grinded the entire time. Can you talk about staying the course yeah? There’s a there’s, a real key to success, and it’s it’s! It’s simple! It’s not easy! It’s just do not ever quit doing what you know to do and some of the books that you recommended talks about going through the doubt and the fear and the and everything that looks like you’re, going best business coaching program the wrong direction or not going to make it and then one day you break through and I can’t explain it, but you just got through this giant test that you were in the middle of, but if you quit in the middle of it the you retake it so when I’m really not liking, where I’m going I’m said, I’m finishing this one, cuz I’m not really taking this test so in business. Sometimes it’s just getting to the next day and the next week in the next month and thanks to start breaking loose, but you just got to give it time and don’t quit. I think I think that the quitting part chop is natural for people and that’s why 9 they’re 10 businesses fail it’s easy to like for you to brag on.

Your client has not quit going to stay the course and is putting up huge wind as a result of one they have encountered. The information is now been taught specifically the, proven path right, but to dave execute the system diligently. They didn’t try something for a month and quit they’ve been consistent. Talk about somebody when your client is really dominating I will talk about healthworks chiropractic, dr. Jay schroeder come on in a year and a half, or so he had to clinics and annie was working with somebody in end up having to get rid of him. So it’s really struggling to keep both clinics at the optimal level implemented the group hiring system. We got his three legged best business coaching program marketing still going we’re tracking the numbers like crazy, and now we know exactly how much it cost to get a lead, how much it cost to turn them into a patient and how long those typical patients last so he’s just like speeding towards his goals. Now now all we have to do is increase the amount we spend on advertising, because it’s an equation this much in this much out. It’s a system, eyes business. Both locations are doing way way better. He wasn’t doing that in the first place, but he’s doing really really good right now and it’s because of his diligent, because he can stick to the course and get done with amy doesn’t quit more money they put in one of our show sponsors, i, I care. So much about these guys, I’ve been practicing saying their name too difficult when we got so if you’re out there one day, expand your best business coaching program commercial building, your you want to add on to your church out onto your commercial real estate. You want to do an addition on your building. You want you want to just use a professional contracting,. That’s why we recommend williams contracting william, william, will, i, am’s, williams, cutouts I will I am right, contracting.Com will dash khan.Com or call him at 918-682-5511 918-682-5511 agenda world’s best business workshop led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did it and your contact information to invoice drivetime show.Com trap. Nation!

Welcome back to the drive time show on your radio. My name is clay clark I am a man bear pig on the former ussba entrepreneur of the year and the father of five kids, I’m afraid of heights speed water bees, traveling snakes, vs snakes, has always been easy. I just i, think i, love, case studies, I love applying when I learn and so I’m, not great at a lot of other things. But this is the one thing:i really know how to do and what my passion is dude make it easier for you to help. You learn from mentors instead of mistakes, and so what are things I like to do? I like to read all the time, I was reading case, never done reading books, I’m, always reading books on my desk I’m the last week, I’ve been blessed like 6 weeks, I’ve finished like 6 bucks or something and someone goes well. What’s your best business coaching program goal for the year? I don’t have a goal:i, don’t do it i, just I’m, never done reading i, don’t i, don’t know. I just might take some reading this book here. So I went to the beach in st. Pete beach in florida, so I brought three books with me:i brought soaring by td jakes great book feeling up by leslie odom, jr, jr and capital gains by chip. Gaines chip gaines is powerful because he talks about the real life of running a business with his wife. Guys are flipping houses when they’re doing okay, they’re barely making it there 35 years old or 34 years old, the media, the reality tv people they call them just because reality, tv people always looking for a new shell and they said hey we’re looking to do a show about a couple that work together.

Fixing up houses and I would like to do a show on you and they’re going:okay, okay, they never been on tv before and the tv producer show up the camera people show up and they said they told him guys. This is really not going well, like we’ve been here for 2 or 3 days, i, don’t think it’s going to work and to the right opportunity to be on a tv show where I doing it right. So it’s not going well and they pretty much the cruise decide it’s not going to work. The producer feels like it’s wasted his time. No negative best business coaching program atmosphere knows about this, for chip doesn’t know, and chip is random and hilarious right, so he bought a houseboat previous to them film and he didn’t know when they were filming, but he bought a houseboat unseen, smart house on the final day of taping. It just worked out randomly so the camera crews they’re, filming and joanna’s like chip. What did you do? Cuz always buying things like this babe I bought I bought a house boat and she goes. How did you get the money that I sold her house when you sold her house and bought a houseboat? He was yeah, it’s going to live in the water chip. Let me go see it so that he she walks in it and it’s got fungus everywhere and there hasn’t been a rough hunted for years. It’s growing, mold and she’s trying to fight back wanting to kill him. He says end of the best business coaching program semester, guys like no. You had to fix your guys, like the actual a camera. People are like. Oh my gosh. This is gold, so they’re coming this this tension and that’s the pilot they turned into the first did they sent to the network’s and they got a biter and lens for a long story.

Short the fixer uppers, with the most popular reality, tv show for the passport. Five seasons and the show’s been taken off doing great and they’re from waco texas and they’re, loyal to waco to waco, really struggled financially for a long time, and they wanted to bring waco back to life play bobby’s abandoned silo right in downtown waco. They turned it into like a disneyland of chip and joanna, so it’s like hobby lobby meets disneyland. You can go see a thousands of tourists to visit every single week and so on page 102 of his book capital gaines. He explains that he says a long time ago when I built a foundation of betting on ourselves and we weren’t about to stop just because the steaks got higher suddenly with owning the silos. We were faced with putting our money. Where are mouth, where amounts were. This was our moment with a good dose of fear and trembling, never have any success until they were 36 years old. Now here they are age 40, so the good dose of fear and trembling. Once again, we better than ourselves and hindsight, of course our decision was a good one and we ended up looking pretty smart. The best business coaching program renovations took way longer and cost far more money than we budgeted and also cause for more stress than the show was able to capture on television, but magnolia market at the silos was a massive hit from day one. What joe saw on her mind that day, as we peered through the chain-link fence, is the very thing people now come from all over to experience. We know that this could have turned out much differently. This whole thing could have been gone, busted been a gigantic financial mess, and yet I’m, confident, joe and I would have found our way through it. We might have landed on our sorry broke, but said we may have had to take a moment to lick our wounds, but we would have helped each other back up and eventually gone on to chase in their dream. That’s just what we do gaines’s, never quit. We look at the long game and consider the final score needed when the decks are stacked against us. We keep betting on us, talk to about the importance of betting on yourself as a business owner and just not quitting until you get there.

This is something I was fortunate enough to a see with my own eyes growing up as a kid both of my parents. My mom was talking to the other day about this. She works 3 jobs and with her dad who had his own business while my parents were starting the concrete company 35 years ago, and that was their mindset, it didn’t matter who the funny story is my dad started the business with his for best friend and within 3 months. Oh, where we need to buy equipment. We owe some money, they’re gone he’s on his own, so the whole deal was if it’s winter time we don’t have any concrete to pour we’re out he’s out shopping. Would you take his first piece of equipment on the front end loader he’s out clearance, no knocking on doors, doing whatever you can do to cover the hard cost of the business month to month, even if you’re, not making income, and so I was really fortunate to to grow up with a best business coaching program mentor, a father who would never quit it didn’t matter, didn’t matter what this thing, what they find, the funding don’t make payroll they’re not going to quit, and that’s one of the biggest things that I see in successful business owners. Bull run. How long did you run? Rc auto specialists now opened it in 2007, so this is going to be 11 years. That company you guys specialize in ford automotive repair. Why haven’t you quit 9 to 10 business owners fail and the majority of the report just quitting it just take you to get to a place of stress and they’re, going to I’m I can’t handle it I quit. Why have you quit when so many other competitors have somehow it’s just got put into me by my parents?

Different people can come across my life that you never quit in the middle of a fight. Cuz, something pushed you out, so I will wait till it smooth and easy and then, if it still seems good to do something different, then I chose to nothing forced me out, so it’s always been in may of somebody push it out, dig in not give in and who, if it’s always pushing back or we could dig in before you give in a man that sounds great and it’s hard to keep up with all bills. Are so many people calling you guys you’re looking to hire somebody right now who you looking to hire? What what position? What kind of position are you looking to hire right now? Absolutely we just always need experience technicians at rcl. We have to increase capacity, we’ve got more cars and we can get out until they have long waiting line. So looking for an experienced technician that fits our culture, we have a very friendly good culture with my guys and that you need to put that culture also be a good mechanic of that. You give us a call 918-872-8115 and we will interview you and see if you work and if you’re out there driving around the ford automobile on a tablet. Some problems you want to get it repaired today go to rc, auto specialists. Com, that’s rc, auto specialists.,. What was that rc auto specialists. Com sounded no complaining. No excuses started from the bottom. Now we here. Yes, yes and yes, and that’s the demo version, not the final version, but colton dixon, the son-in-law of mr. Roy. Here with the garage, he is a christian pop singer, he’s had songs in the christian top 40 charts, so hot right now, working on the started from the bottom on the bus start for the bottom.

Shout out me call me, is talented:that’s that’s a fact. The capital gains by chip gaines he’s talking about how you just simply cannot be successful unless you’re scrappy 113 of capital gains by chip gaines, the best-selling book capital gaines by chip gaines from the hit show the fixer-upper, and he writes here you picking up what I’m putting down the knee-jerk reaction to the word. Scrappy is usually something along the lines of do whatever it takes to get a leg up, no matter who you may hurt along the way forget all that. That’s not the way, I understand the word at all. I take the word to mean to have grit to never get up to be willing to take a guess. Even if you don’t have all of the information we use the word scrappy so often to magnolia and whether you perceive it in a humorous or endearing way. It’s a rallying call for all of us to us. It looks a whole lot different than elbowing and roughhousing I found this definition on urban dictionary.Com i, like it someone or something that appears dwarf, buy a challenge, but more than compensates for simeon adequacies through will persistence and heart i, don’t know, I’m super well getting no more overtime, but the guy is screaming the guy’s, a grinder and I’m, not rebuking. Your compliment. You up I’m, just saying he’s talented:where does talent talent start as a seed given to you by god and it’s the mastery that only comes as a result of persistent effort, 2726 yeah, if you’re that good at something by that 85 grinder? That’s what I mean this is all the time all the time and be able to send over a demo version.

I was talking to him about I want to make an intro for the front. I’m sure that allow him to get his voice heard by the hundreds of thousands of wizard out there. In addition to the people who buy his records, colton dixon by the way is his name is white staffing plan on spotify. Item on youtube song, started from, the bottom, here somewhat concepts, and he sent it back and it’s just a band that overnight so I just wanted your buddy out there. You got to have your grinder. You can’t just think that your best business coaching program idea is so awesome that the markets going to we actually the market I was going to call you because I want yep about that. You can pay me I just been sitting around today with my talent just waiting for the phone to ring, because I just want to pray. You go just give you gas, nevermind i, just woke up its 2 p.M. Right now, but I just go through that with my talent years now. People always talk about that, though they put a bias on. What must be nice must be. Nice must be nice to be self employed, self-employed and happiness needed to grow. Your company’s sure everybody’s got a story that that I know that successful, and that story was a lot of times. I’ll see i. Don’t know what what to do but I know what I’m not going to do. I’m not going to quit in that put me through a lot of stuff, but there’s always a I was set up planning a sewing it at the front, which is not fun. It’s just wet it’s just work and eventually used I’m getting somewhere, and you start getting some momentum, but there’s always a just a bunch of work at always, and so, if you’re not willing to do that, then stay at your job stay at your job, I’m, going to give the listeners out there. Some examples of some people have gone through some serious grinding chips.

Are you okay? If I do that? Are you are you, okay, with this hoagies in this world, play in their grinders in this world, so on? To tell us about a few of the grinder? You know what’s right there at some of the things you say when I produce the podcast later, that’s what I really experienced the humor, like you say, you’re, welcome to it. I laughed all the way home to see play it’s a seed in the movie listings. Why drake? Why is my lap? It’s because I can’t multi-task be good. It’s good that again and the respect of his best business coaching program peers by obtaining a college degree. He went on to become a lawyer in the president of the united states who wore so many elections. It’s crazy, ap giannini without a degree started. The bank of america started the steel industry, despite not having a degree, really benjamin franklin the bifocals, lightning rod, franklin stove negotiated with the french to help us win the war, founding father, no degree bill gates invented software that we use today. The software we use windows no degree but I think he was microsoft certified know the first thing about this colonel sanders, this guy dropped out of elementary school and all he knew was about going to his new about chicken sure he made million principal life time before he was respected. Dave thomas, wendy’s, no degree david, oreck, the vacuum guy. Yet again that sucks debbie fields this lady. She never knew the pride of having a degree. But yet you went on to go to sensational sensational debbi, fields, cookies, no degree, henry, ford, no degree, henry ford failed 5 times walt disney failed. Two times you took espn over 10 years, make a profit espn over 10 years, did fedex over 10 years to make a profit amazon 9 years to make a profit took nine years for 9 years 10 years. What we talked about or talk about, espn fedex, big companies, tesla 10 years, seems like it should be easier, but it’s not every time.

I read a success story. There’s always that adversity they had to go through first always right now, today is. If you want business coaching, you want to grow successful company reach out to us schedule. 101 consultation will help you every week, absolutely an hour of strategy, but there’s a ton of work for you to do in a ton of work for us to do every week. Absolutely the accountability has helped me so much cuz. You know I’m busy right now. I just don’t have time, but I don’t want to come and look like the goof in the meeting. So I move the needle. It’s like I’m going to workout buddy right. You don’t want to leave him stranded there by himself out there who says i, okay, okay, I am thinking about the best business coaching program. Could you share with anybody out there listening? Why you feel like the business coaching program for thrive is a good fit for you has an actual company and who’s willing to be diligent yeah. It’s been huge for me, most business start-ups or technicians, whether it be a mechanic or a cookie, bake or whatever, and it’s very arrogant, I thought about this was very arrogant for me to think that I’d be good at something number one I’ve never done number to have never been trying to do, and I didn’t even read a book that is running a business, so the systems in the process is what I was missing, and this is what thrive has given me and so I can see the needle moving and taking the stress off of me because of the processes keep things from phone to the cracks. It’s been a huge win for me and the coaching and I was stuck. I was stuck to know what to do tried.

Everything I know to do, and now I’ve got a road map out and all I have to do is execute the map that they handed me. I, love hearing that so huge think I asked you this to conference itself the workshop. Why do you haven’t been to this money, but people who are not from tulsa to or from guam from florida from canada from from las vegas sure the folks listening on the radio why everyone should come to the workshop at least one time yeah? You know there’s so much from that workshop and you can get ideas that you didn’t have before that again give you a pass out and I’m sure there’s many people that will where I was at I was in micromanager, crazy, disaster mode and I needed some help and there’s a best business coaching program skill set that I didn’t have and I didn’t have time to go to college and get her or wait, and so they helped me so much and I can see my me moving at 20, 30, 40, per-cent and two years. Just because I got somebody helping me showing me the way you know thrive nation. We are excited to help you, but we can’t help you if you don’t get the chance to know you. Com, to learn more about the podcasts, the one on one business coaching. The conference is in the thousands of videos we have archive for you. My name is chloe clark on the least intelligent person you’re going to hear from today. Trust me the rest of your day till now it will get better and if you want to get free tickets to the conference, so I just grabbed an itunes and leave as an objective review as always to what


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