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Learn how to fight through adversity, rejection and a world that does not open up its’ wallet with a burning desire to pay you.

FUN FACT – Steve Currington secured his first office at 45th and Sheridan after getting fired from United Recovery Systems.

FUN FACT – Clay Clark started DJ Connection out of his college dorm room while attending Oral Roberts University. He lived on the 4th Floor of the dormitory named EMR, which stood for something that Clay and no one else knew (which is why Elon Musk hates acronyms so much). Clay lived on the same floor and wing as the hit songwriter Ryan Tedder.

FUN FACT – Edwin C. Barnes landed a job working for Thomas Edison. The first job that he was given was that of a floor sweeper.

FUN FACT – Ryan Tedder lent Clay lent Clay the cash needed to park his car at the Adam’s Mark Hotel during his first paid DJ Gig (The Triple Phat Wing Banquet for ORU students).

Strength is developed through struggle –

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” – Napoleon Hill

AMPLE EXAMPLE – After you have completed a weightlifting session the human body (your body) repairs the muscle fibers that have been damaged through a cellular process that involves the body actually fusing muscle fibers together to form new muscle protein strands or these things called myofibrils. These newly repaired myofibrils grow and increase in both overall size and thickness which creates growth (known as hypertrophy).

DEFINITION – Myofibril, very fine contractile fibres, groups of which extend in parallel columns along the length of striated muscle fibres. The myofibrils are made up of thick and thin myofilaments, which help give the muscle its striped appearance. The thick filaments are composed of myosin, and the thin filaments are predominantly actin, along with two other muscle proteins, tropomyosin and troponin. Muscular contraction is caused by the interaction between actin and myosin as they temporarily bind to each other and are released.

Theodor Seuss Geisel
The famous writer of children’s books that teach powerful life lessons and character building principles was rejected by 27 different publishers before landing his first book deal. The good doctor became known as the world’s leading children’s author and he went on to sell 600 million copies of his book.
2. Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett was famously afraid of public speaking and trying to convince people to do anything. However, he invested the time needed to take the Dale Carnegie speaking and communication course that he said during a BBC interview, “changed my life.”
FUN FACT – View the BBC interview where Warren Buffett discusses how the Dale Carnegie course impacted his life –
3. Steve Jobs
1968 – FUN FACT – Age 13 – Steve Jobs cold called Bill Hewlett of Hewlett Packard out of the phone book and scored a summer job working in the HP factory.
1972 – FUN FACT – Age 17 – Steve Jobs and Wozniak create an illegal technology that allows you to make calls for free called the “blue box” and they attempted to sell them.
1974 – FUN FACT – Age 19 – Steve landed a job working as a video game maker for Atari.
1976 – FUN FACT – Age 21 – Steve and Wozniak create a computer that hooks up to a TV monitor so that average people can use it. They show it at the Homebrew Computer Club.
1976 – FUN FACT – Age 21 – Steve Jobs and Wozniak begin assembling the Apple I computers out of the Jobses’ garage and they begin to sell them to computer nerds. They sold 50 to the “Byte Shop.”
1977 – FUN FACT – Age 22 – Steve lands an angel investment from Mike Markkula after cold calling every investor in Silicon Valley and being rejected multiple times. Apple decides to hire Mike Scott as the CEO and Woz is forced to quit his job at Hewlett Packard and to join Apple full time.
It took Steve Jobs and Wozniak 5 years of working together to turn their business into a full-time job.
That is 60 months = 1,825 Days of Grinding
4. Sir James Dyson
Although Sir James Dyson is now famous for his massively successful vacuum cleaners and his continuous TV commercials, he was definitely not an overnight success story. In fact it took him 5,126 failed prototypes to develop the right vacuum for the Dyson vacuum cleaner. Dyson and his wife survived and her income for 15 years until the the vacuum company became profitable.
5. Stephen King
The famous horror author whose books are so scary I will not read them once became so frustrated with the book “Carrie” that he was working on that he threw away nearly the entire draft. However, Stephen’s wife found the “Carrie” manuscript in the trash. This book became the hit that catapulted he and his books into fame and fortune.
6. Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga was promptly released from the record label founded by Russell Simmons, just 3 months after getting the original deal. Since that time she has gone on to win multiple Grammy Awards and has become a pop music legend.
7. Walt Disney
Walt Disney managed to start and close down seven failed businesses before he achieved success with the creation of “Snow White.” When not owning his own business he was actually fired by the Kansas City Star newspaper as a cartoonish because they felt he lacked imagination and really did not have any good ideas.
8. Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg was rejected by the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts multiple times. He went on to create the first summer blockbuster with “Jaws” in 1975, has won three Academy Awards, 4 Emmys, 7 Daytime Emmys, and his 27 movies have grossed more than $9 billion.
9. Thomas Edison
The great Thomas Edison and his team created 10,000 failed experiments of the first mass-produced light-bulb before finally getting it right. Before he entered the world of business he was actually told by one of his teachers that he was “too stupid to learn anything.” He went on to earn more than 1,000 patents and to invent the game changing technology of the phonograph, the movie camera and other breakthrough technologies.


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